Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Space/Gods: Eleven to Heaven

We continue our inexorable voyage into a brave new world, where ancient myths and futuristic technology walk hand in hand. A world where the last secular pretenses of the 20th Century give way to a restoration of the oldest world order imaginable.

Last week we saw the 10th Anniversary of the International Space Station, launched from the Russian Zurya ("Dawn") staging ground. Fast on its heels is "news" that a "private" company is planning trips to ISiS. Of course, the "private" part is pure pretense, since ISiS and the rest of the extraplanetary infrastructure we will see fall into place almost overnight falls under the aegis of the most sensitive military and intelligence components of the emerging world order:
A private firm has test-fired a rocket that could soon be flying cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).
The SpaceX company fired the engines of its Falcon 9 rocket for three minutes - the length of time taken for the launcher to climb towards orbit.
The politically correct American eagle place-holds for his Egyptian cousin

The Falcon 9- isn't that beautiful? Isn't that perfect? Of course, this is the clock being turned back from the quaint, collegiate Hellenism of the Apollo Program to its original model with the falcon-headed Horus. Let's remember who History teaches us preceded the Pharaohs on the Eternal Throne:
Before these men, they said, the rulers of Egypt were gods, but none had been contemporary with the human priests. Of these gods one or another had in succession been supreme; the last of them to rule the country was Osiris' son Horus, whom the Greeks call Apollo; he deposed Typhon, and was the last divine king of Egypt. Osiris is, in the Greek language, Dionysus. - Herodotus, Book 2, Chapter 144
But it gets better. Aside from being the most phallic rocket ever built, the Falcon 9 is carrying an interesting payload:
The company wants Falcon 9 to make its maiden flight by the first quarter of 2009. Initially, it will just loft satellites, including the British-built-and-operated Hylas broadband and TV spacecraft.
Hylas spacecraft, wonderful! For those of you who didn't see Jason and the Argonauts, Hylas was the name of the young man whom Hercules took as his lover. So having Horus- the god who ultimately gave Hercules his name- lift Hylas to Heaven is only fitting, and reminscent of Zeus-in the form of an eagle- taking his own young lover, Ganymede, into outer space. Ganymede then became the water-carrier, who is the archetype of our emerging Age of Aquarius. And Zeus became the Budweiser eagle, as we looked at back in June when Anheuser-Busch was absorbed into the Global Economic Singularity.

Hercules & Hylas and Zeus & Ganymede remind us of yet another god/man pair, Castor and Pollux, who lent their name to the Gemini Space Program, which immediately preceded the Apollo Program. We see the Pillars of Hercules butching up the Gemini mission patch, more appropriate for the macho, Freemasonic daredevils who pioneered space travel, but also eerily reminiscent of a more recent trauma where those Pillars fell to Earth.

The Eleven in the Gemini patch and of the Apollo II patch remind us that the father of modern space travel, John Marvel Whiteside Parsons, was an initate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, whose blasphemous 11th Degree has echoes of these ancient myths. Back to the "news" story:
But SpaceX aims to use the vehicle to launch its Dragon capsule soon afterwards. The capsule is being designed to carry both supplies and people to the space station.
Dragon! Parsons would have loved that one! He'd also have loved the fact that despite the Worldwide Financial Crisis, everyone and their grandmother seems hell-bent on getting into the Heavens. The European Space Agency just met in The Hague to set their agenda for their own appointment with the gods. Things are coming so fast and furious one would almost think that...

UPDATE: Read about NAZCA NASA's latest mission and try not to think about this post while looking at the photos.


  1. A beautiful post! I am glad I noticed this before laying down for the night/morning now. You synchromystic folks amaze me. One thing kind of off-topic again about your post is that to me it seems history is constantly repeating itself-only the tech is more sophisticated! I just did a post about ancient Rome and some of the things in it could have happened in a palace revolution from feudal times to the Kremlin in the Soviet era!
    Best to you and I will come back to this post-Devin

  2. Great stuff!

    My new favorite phrase is "Global Economic Singularity".

    Oh, and to continue the McCartney theme from my previous comment...


  3. Thanks, kids. Unfortunately right after posting this my computer died!

    Which is my way of saying an update might be a few days....

  4. i had to giggle at the Falcon 9. our entire planet is the schoolboy jokes of a fraternity. so, is the current fiscal meltdown the planet getting it the hard way--our XI initiation?

  5. Fantastic. One might take the planes that brought down the twins to be symbolic hawks.

    It was the ill-starred JKF who initiated the race to the moon, it will be interesting to see what space initiatives JFKII will bring forth.

    As it was in the Days of Noah, roll em!!


  6. I'll bet you have a wager on the Atlanta Falcons winning the Superbowl at some 'illuminated' and auspicious time...

  7. Nice!

    Mythtory repeats

    Phall-con (be)nign, makes its virgin flight

    from that 11th degree page:

    "I am inclined to believe that the (Gemini) XIth degree is better than the (Falcon) IXth degree…
    Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of ISiS! "

    Eye of horus:

  8. Man, that Falcon 9 Overview page reads almost like techno-porn. Every other word is thrust, friction, release. And I think even Parsons may have blushed at naming the engines Merlin.

  9. Yeah, the Merlin rockets. I guess the "Hermes Trismestigus" rocket was already in use.

  10. Nice one Chris,

    Hellbent on getting into the Heavens, wonder what for? Perhaps the ISiS is a jump-gate/point to the Moon-bases being setup? I still have that damn Doomsday Seed Vault in the back of my mind, but hey, its all good right?

    Great weave bro, I mean good old Occult N.A.S.A is like Yahoo, they never cease to disappoint!

    Have a great Turkey Day!

  11. Hey, have you ever seached for sirius on google sky?
    Well, it's not... really there...
    Just look for yourself, it's... censored?

  12. Hmm someone kindof fixed it:

    It's a very odd looking star

  13. Immortie, I couldn't load your URL. Try again?

    Skaggsie, whatever's going on there's one thing you can bet on- there is an extremely compelling reason for it, at least in the minds of the folks making it all happen. They're getting ready for something big and all we get is the scraps from the table to try to read.

  14. And here's my bit (I'm signing in with anonymous, don't have a blog, but my name is Bryce) that I immediately thought of, long before I encountered this bit of strangeness: I'd read of the SpaceX launch of Falcon9 a few days ago, and the very first thing that hit me, aside from the X for 'unknown', was the not so subliminal bit in the name of the company itself-'space-sex'.
    And then, of course, I find this bit, and check out the space-sex site, and whoa, there it is, that phallic rocket, the wee birdy, the whole shebang. Bit of a head scratcher, that.