Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Behold, Atlantis Rising!"

I am absolutely speechless: "Dubai has thrown a spectacular light show to celebrate a new $1.5bn marine-themed resort built off the Gulf coast on an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. Organisers claimed that the fireworks display for the $20m party could be seen from space," the BBC says.

Seen from space? For whose benefit? Watch the entire show here, and remind yourself as your brain overheats that Dubai is nominally Islamic. I like the part when the high priestess tells the crowd to watch as Atlantis "illuminates."

For some strange reason, an army of Horus Kings accompany the High Priestess during the ceremony (what the hell do Hawkmen have to do with Atlantis?). Given what we've been looking at the past few weeks we should expect all of this, but I still can't believe my eyes.

Let me remind you all what I wrote just a week ago:
Why is so much money being taken from places like Louisiana and sent to places like Dubai and Qatar? Why are these astonishing metropolises being built in these ancient lands, but not in other oil-producing countries? Are these new science fiction metropolises being prepared for someone?

According to Zechariah Sitchin, the Persian Gulf was of particular interest to Ea, aka Enki. Oannes made his home beneath the waves there. One can almost imagine a lineage- an office, perhaps- established by Ea that included figures like Oannes, Dagon, and Osiris, and later John the Baptist.
UPDATE: The Gulf States move to create single currency, see America as Third World country...

UPDATE II: Masonic landmarks projected onto Atlantis. See article on illuminated obelisks worldwide here.

UPDATE III: All of you Goro/Etemenanki fans are probably thinking "Stargate" when you see this octagon shape from the big Atlantis show (heh, Stargate: Atlantis, get it?) Maybe these folks in Dubai spent 20 million dollars for a half-hour opening ceremony and however many billions of dollars on this resort because they're all really big sci-fi geeks.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of pop cult symbolism, the Mermaid/High Priestess at Atlantis reminds me a combination of Uxia from Stuart Gordon's 2001 Lovecraft adaptation Dagon, and Jack Kirby's "Witch Queen of Ancient Sumeria" (particularly in the headdress).

Dagon is another name for Oannes, and "Sumeria" (Sumer, properly) was under the rule of the space-born Annunaki. It's worth noting that both Jack Kirby and H.P. Lovecraft both fixated on the mythos of ancient space gods coming to reclaim Earth as their own...

UPDATE V: Eagle-eyed Joe Linsner pointed out that not only could this ritual be seen from space, it would make no visual sense at all to anyone on the ground. You'd have to be a good height in the sky above to see the island being "illuminated." This picture was taken some distance from the hotel and it looks like nothing but a giant mess of flame and smoke.