Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Behold, Atlantis Rising!" (UPDATED 11/22)

I am absolutely speechless: "Dubai has thrown a spectacular light show to celebrate a new $1.5bn marine-themed resort built off the Gulf coast on an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. Organisers claimed that the fireworks display for the $20m party could be seen from space," the BBC says.

Seen from space? For whose benefit? Watch the entire show here, and remind yourself as your brain overheats that Dubai is nominally Islamic. I like the part when the high priestess tells the crowd to watch as Atlantis "illuminates."

For some strange reason, an army of Horus Kings accompany the High Priestess during the ceremony (what the hell do Hawkmen have to do with Atlantis?). Given what we've been looking at the past few weeks we should expect all of this, but I still can't believe my eyes.

Let me remind you all what I wrote just a week ago:
Why is so much money being taken from places like Louisiana and sent to places like Dubai and Qatar? Why are these astonishing metropolises being built in these ancient lands, but not in other oil-producing countries? Are these new science fiction metropolises being prepared for someone?

According to Zechariah Sitchin, the Persian Gulf was of particular interest to Ea, aka Enki. Oannes made his home beneath the waves there. One can almost imagine a lineage- an office, perhaps- established by Ea that included figures like Oannes, Dagon, and Osiris, and later John the Baptist.
UPDATE: The Gulf States move to create single currency, see America as Third World country...

UPDATE II: Masonic landmarks projected onto Atlantis. See article on illuminated obelisks worldwide here.

UPDATE III: All of you Goro/Etemenanki fans are probably thinking "Stargate" when you see this octagon shape from the big Atlantis show (heh, Stargate: Atlantis, get it?) Maybe these folks in Dubai spent 20 million dollars for a half-hour opening ceremony and however many billions of dollars on this resort because they're all really big sci-fi geeks.

UPDATE IV: Speaking of pop cult symbolism, the Mermaid/High Priestess at Atlantis reminds me a combination of Uxia from Stuart Gordon's 2001 Lovecraft adaptation Dagon, and Jack Kirby's "Witch Queen of Ancient Sumeria" (particularly in the headdress).

Dagon is another name for Oannes, and "Sumeria" (Sumer, properly) was under the rule of the space-born Annunaki. It's worth noting that both Jack Kirby and H.P. Lovecraft both fixated on the mythos of ancient space gods coming to reclaim Earth as their own...

UPDATE V: Eagle-eyed Joe Linsner pointed out that not only could this ritual be seen from space, it would make no visual sense at all to anyone on the ground. You'd have to be a good height in the sky above to see the island being "illuminated." This picture was taken some distance from the hotel and it looks like nothing but a giant mess of flame and smoke.


  1. What gets me about all these spectacles (besides the angels and serpents and Atlas and all...) is the overbearing, religious/Wagnerian soundtrack. Have you seen the trailer for Justice League of America?

    Same idea. These gods are "coming out", so to speak.

  2. Or coming down, Michael. This is insane. I can't believe the scale of this or just how explicit the symbolism is. Or how it all ties into the Oannes and Horus symbolism we've been looking at in the past few weeks.

    By the way, that JLA trailer is a fan job.

  3. Chris!

    Wow man, that is unbelievable! So overt and obvious!! They just don't care now, right out in the open. Knew it would come to this.

    Guess they fleeced America enough to get this going huh? Don't know if this is just insanity, a "greetings your imminence" welcome mat, or wtf is going on?

    Thanks for the heads up man!
    Be well.

  4. from the Atlantis - Aquaventure "rules" section on their website,
    is this the place that has been advetising in the ny times, etc. for ( it seems like ) years?

    At the heart of Aquaventure is the Ziggurat, an immense monument over thirty metres tall that launches the bold and brave down the near vertical Leap of Faith, then through a shark-filled lagoon. Find out more if you dare!

    Aquaventure has its own magnificent 700-metre beach, allowing visitors to combine a day at the water park with time by the sea. Within the park itself, pool deck areas provide space to relax before setting out on the next heart-stopping aquatic adventure.

    Follow the 2.3 kilometre path of a tidal river through high intensity rapids, wave surges and waterfalls that circumnavigate a lush tropical landscape.

    Please wear appropriate swimwear at all times. Inappropriate swimwear includes but is not limited to the following:

    * Thongs
    * Underwear on its own
    * Street clothes
    * Clothing with rivets, buckles or exposed metal
    * Long, loose-fitting clothing
    * Any garments deemed inappropriate by Atlantis Management

    We request that Aquaventure guests observe and respect cultural sensitivities which relate to this part of the world.

  5. Big metropolises in the middle east always remind me of city zero one, the machine city. In the animatrix it's right in the center of Saudi-Arabia.

    While Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, Emir = prince/commander also Emir was of the titles of the islamic prohet muhammad.

    Hotel Atlantis keeps popping up with its mushroom gate.

  6. It is ALL very much being waved in our faces now, even more so since the bailout was passed.

    People have NO idea what we are in store for while the elites will be heading for places like Dubai to start new lives.

    The restrictions on sex and coupling there seem quite publicized too...which I find that will likely be part of the agenda as well. Genetic matching and selection of those deemed "sex" worthy will become the norm.

  7. Alright, I've been reading Secret Sun for the past couple of months and I've had my mind blown plenty, but this just leaves me speechless. A mega-ritual if ever there was. Funny, I just heard about this 'resort' a day or two ago for the first time. The name and architecture struck me as interesting. Without a doubt, something is unfolding...

  8. Kids, I am so glad you see how extraordinary this is. I was literally shocked when I saw those video clips. I'm really at a loss for words. It's so strange because on Wednesday night I'd gotten the 2001 post ready and I got this very strong hunch that something huge was going to happen yesterday. I decided not to post it at midnight as I often do but wait until the next morning and see what the headlines are. I guess I was off by a few hours.

    But the space-oriented posts I put up yesterday- believe me it is absolutely no accident that this ritual took place on the tenth anniversary of the launch of the ISS-really helped set the tone for this unprecedented event. The thing that stuns me is the whole tagline about this being "seen from space."

    I think that tells you all you need to know.

  9. Maybe they are signaling a little wink wink to the moon, wonder if it could be seen from there.

    I think FilmNoir23 has a good point, strict laws and a chance for their Eugenic/Transhumanist views to have a society to test the waters with. Those "sex" worthy will be the ones breeding, while mechanical body parts and implants will also be widely accepted. Makes me think of A.C. Clarke's The City and the Stars.

    Maybe Christ will be coming down in his "Crystal Cube" space ship for X-Mas huh? LOL

    Peace man.

  10. Skaggsie, all I can say is that this is exactly what I was trying to explain on Vyz's show last week. The symbolism of the ancient order and the Horus Kings, the restoration, the reversal- all being "seen from space."

    This is exactly what I was talking about, or trying to since I had a million thoughts going through my head and wasn't articulating very well. Kind of freaking me out in that regard, actually.

  11. Chris,

    A personal revelation it sounds like, I can relate to the feeling, when I stumbled across the Eugenics book Cafe Flesh: The Second Wave, it totally freaked me out seeing how society was setup, engineered to their liking, and I understood that the suppression of technology was also due to Eugenics structure, ala Nikola Tesla's works, etc. Totally freaked me out.

    I agree with you, this is beginning to feel really odd and freaky, Dubai also has one of the tallest structures in the world with a skyscraper that can see the curvature of the Earth from the top! Glad your keeping an eye on things bro.

  12. "As above, so below" wonder the earth based ritual would reach ISS.

  13. I don't say this enough but Im glad you're around Chris. signs and wonders indeed. with any luck these ugly hotel-builders will get their wish and their intergalactic slavemasters will soon drop down in their space-caddy and take these losers the hell off our planet.

  14. Watching this I couldn't help but think of or feel a 'money stargate' - as it progressed I thought about just how much money was being 'blown' - somehow it felt like a mega-amplification of the huge divide we have now of have/have not - could part of the message be as a a visual reminder that money is our god & as they have money to burn they rule by 'divine right'?

  15. Sol put on a spectacle eerily reminiscent of "Shock N Awe"

    (Shechinah - the femine aspect of God - The Goddess)

    Live long and prosper my friends.

  16. Great work as always! I hope you do not mind if I linked The Secret Sun to my RSS feed. My blog isn't along synchromystic lines and I don't even know if it will go anywhere yet-maybe I should have asked first? I have always enjoyed the Secret Sun and need to get caught up here.
    Take care of yourself and thanks for all of your hard work!-Devin

  17. i just love your blog!! thank you so much for being here :)
    i have decided that rather than being in a state of fear (which i could easily slip into) i am just sitting back and enjoying the show.
    and what a show it is!! omg!! :)
    i, too, would like permission to post your blog link on my sites...

  18. I was reading some Tezcatlipoca stories today, and one tells of Tata & Nene--flood survivors the god cares for, but while the waters are still receding they catch a fish to cook though Tez told them just to eat corn. Well, the star gods smelled the smoke and got pissed so Tez was sent to create the first dogs out of Tata & Nene by chopping their heads off and attaching them to their behinds. How that makes a dog is um, just beyond my understanding, but i thought the story fits nicely with the themes here lately. Cheers :D

  19. Just watched Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull for the first time and I think I realized something about AAT. We all pay tribute to the great beyond in our own way. And as parts of the whole, the differences in those ways are expected. Or the compass points us all in the same direction no matter what path we should choose to take.

  20. Chris!

    WOW love the updates! So Masonic and Illuminated structures? No surprise there I am sure!

    [I also noticed I wrote the wrong name of the book in one of my comments earlier, it was Flesh Machine not Cafe Flesh, the Eugenics book that pretty much spells out the damage they've done to society, sorry for that!]

    Wow, that pic just under the Gulf States quote looks like a huge phallic skyline, penis head and all! Ouch. And the Giant Octagon what is up with that? Geesh!

    Good comparison and catch on the High Priestess of Atlantis.

    On the last comment, maybe it was a ceremonial "guised" signal perhaps something was passing close by and the PTB wanted to say "HI" but without raising the planets suspicions? Perhaps it was not aimed at the moon entirely. Weirder and weirder.

    Be well bro.

  21. @Skaggs - I wonder there's a good reason to play down and suppress Tesla's work - IIRC he came close to demolishing the building housing his lab a few times, and triggered an earthquake.

    I can only imagine the havoc that people not as smart or responsible (snicker) could wreak. By accident or by design.

    I remember back to the spring '07 videoclip of Prez. Bush trying to plug an electric cord into the hydrogen tank of some demonstration car on the White House lawn, and how the Ford exec hustled to stop him from what we're told was a 'perfectly safe' maneuver.

    So I end up thinking it's about more than just a pile of money in the right hands or the enslavement of the populace. Perhaps the technology Tesla was developing is just not safe, and we really need to look out for the slowest among us.

  22. I don't know if this is of interest, but the people behind the fireworks display of Atlatis Resort are the same people who did the display for the Olympics.

    Does anybody here knows the exact time the ceremony started? I would like to erect a chart for this event to see what stars were rising at the time.

    Thank you Chris for this wonderful blog!



  23. even Dubai's already-established and prominent telecom organization has a skyscraper that looks mighty Egyptian if you ask me... (try Djed pillar + pharoahnic headdress)

    I'm tellin' ya... they're going to fabricate the "second coming" and people worldwide are going to trip the hell out. remember Rockefeller's "Project Radio" with War of the Worlds being its primary CIA-cooperative MKULTRA directive? They wanted to know what people would do... they know now... and, currently, the technology to blow our minds out of the water is quite fringe and esoteric to where perhaps 99% of the industrialized populous everywhere will shit their pants when they pull the stage curtains.

    The Tesla comments were right on, by the by. "Never Forget" Tunguska (err - how the Wardenclyffe Tower made it go boom).


    Brendan Bombaci

  24. ooh -- astronomically?

    Venus and Jupiter have been right upon eachother... they were both rising, just 15 degrees in altitude, in Saggitarius. The Moon, not visible at the time, was in Sextans (the good old *compass*), which is an old zodiac sign (like Ophiuchus) that isn't much known about anymore... annnnnnd... Sirius would not have been visible until nearly midnight, whilst Virgo was in the "underworld" completely opposite the zenith demarcation there.

    surely a death of the old ways and march of the new.

    read this:;col1

    So it's not an impregnation ceremony, like the birth of the US capitol, this time around... it's more like the inauguration of the divine feminine (the "priestess of Atlantis") with the God of Osiris (Jupiter).

    Where's Osiris, I wonder? Nobody dressed up like dear Zeus at that party; Vesper, to the contrary, made herself quite clear (in acted representation, anyhow).

    I'm sure I could go off some more, but hey.

  25. Bryce here again-the postings and comments made some odd thoughts run through my head-thethird being "tallest tower/babel" kind of a connection...the other ones, in no particular order are, I rarely try to predict events based on seeing symbolism or ritual-not that such don't exist, but that I feel the scarier reality is that THEY think it's real-I don't think Moloch at Bohemian grove is real, but again, a fanatic doesn't need proof...what I do, is attempt to get a look into the mindset, currently, of the ritual practicioners, which yields interesting results, very interesting indeed.
    That, and for some reason I haven't yet figured out, while reading the post, my mind coughed up one of my favourite rants ever, from an otherwise not great movie-Meatballs "It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter, cause you know the rich kids are gonna get all the girls and cars anyways." It contained a nugget of truth about a too long state of the world.
    That being said, something kinda weirded me out while watching that. Have to think on that.

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  27. all very explicit and blatant. im just wondering how the 2012 election will tie into the olympics and the mayan december baktun (spelling?) change

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