Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sirius Star: As Seen From Space (Updated)


 Here's an odd little twist to the Sirius Star drama- an inexplicable article in the Guardian showing the tanker as seen from a space satellite. First the Dubai ritual, now this. 

It's funny, I was just researching the Dubai Ports World controversy, and reading how the consortium continues to buy up port operations around the world. Now comes news that DPW is making another move on American port operations, and is confident that the economic downturn will help convince reluctant US lawmakers to sign off on the deal. 

 Is anyone else thinking that Dubai has been tapped to become the world's capital city in the coming years? 

UPDATE: Immortel linked to a few Dubai vids in the comments, but I thought this one was especially interesting. Anyone into sacred geometry may have their minds blown. Absolutely stunning, in-your-face stuff here. Make note of all the satellite-view footage and CGI.