Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sirius Star: As Seen From Space (Updated)

Here's an odd little twist to the Sirius Star drama- an inexplicable article in the Guardian showing the tanker as seen from a space satellite. First the Dubai ritual, now this. It's funny, I was just researching the Dubai Ports World controversy, and reading how the consortium continues to buy up port operations around the world. Now comes news that DPW is making another move on American port operations, and is confident that the economic downturn will help convince reluctant US lawmakers to sign off on the deal.

Is anyone else thinking that Dubai has been tapped to become the world's capital city in the coming years?

UPDATE: Immortel linked to a few Dubai vids in the comments, but I thought this one was especially interesting. Anyone into sacred geometry may have their minds blown. Absolutely stunning, in-your-face stuff here. Make note of all the satellite-view footage and CGI.


  1. Im pretty sure it will... some day..

    Zero One, right in the center of the world, lots of oil around, lots of countries around.

    So THAT's where all the money is going....

    Well, at least they're keeping it green:

    That one reminded me of sim-city.
    Welcome to the club Abu Dhabi

    Or this lil' garden of eden:

    But how will dubai gain the political image needed to become the world capital?

    Will we see it (more) in upcoming movies? media?
    More ship hijackings?

    Dubai is siriusly gaining momentum

  2. I am going to have to come back to this one also! Dubai is indeed -I think anyway-going to become a very imporant place in the world-soon!-Best to you and hope you enjoy the holiday (if it is a holiday for you) be well whatever the case may be-Devin

  3. yes, also stood out to me . . . cant remember a MSM article starting with a lat/long cite before

    the N lat sums to 23

    wonder if an archeoastronomer looking at that lat/long might find cognates with sirius?

  4. -Hey there,
    I've was thinking about Dubai last summer too. I though "they" were going destroy New York before the election. Here is a letter that I wrote to Jake Kotze last summer. You don't have to post it, but I wanted to share it with you. I appreciate your work even if I don't agree with the literal nature of it.

    On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 2:23 PM, Eunus Noe wrote:
    Hey Jake,
    I want to thank you for your great work. My discovery of you happened as I was moving from the fear based world of "crazy town"-the world of conspiracy, to one of a more "spiritual" journey or quest. My conclusion following that exit was that, a) there is a god and he is an absolute fucker, b) there is a conspiratorial group that runs everything, but must have god-like powers, c) we are doing this to ourselves.
    Why was 911 so symbolic? So we could get the message? Maybe. I don't know.

    Anyway, my path and your path are quite similar. And I think our chronologies are concurrent. We've been to similar places about the same time I think. I'm ten years older than you and have kids so I don't have as much time to invest in this pursuit however. I caught the kubrick/20001/hotel wink too. I geeked out on the Hotel for a long time. My path is more literary though. The truth is same its just that our sources differ. I get much of my truth from fiction-much literary fiction. Mass popular culture is a perfect place to decode the language of the collective unconscious. Great work!

    New York is the key place. One sees this in so much media. It is the garden. I've been spending a lot of time in the garden metaphorically lately. The snake is good, bad or do those words even make sense. The apple is in the garden. The garden is the apple and the world eats from it every year in its fall.
    Anyway, have you thought about Dubai? I've thought on this a bit, that perhaps it is the new world center. That New York's time is up. And that makes me nervous because there is an apocalyptic wind in the air lately. I can't help but feel that we have another big American event that is to happen. I applied for a job in Austria and was hopeful to be out of the country this year. I'm not as concerned now, but I'm still not convinced that something BIG is yet to come. Something shocking.
    Dubai may supercede NY.

    The themes I've been detecting are ones of alien invasion. Boston. collapse. over cooling. Genesis/Revelation. Your 8: August, Octavian.

    One thought. One major source on my path has been Joseph Campbell. One thing to consider regarding the new consciousness is that it may have a flavor that you are missing. I'm thinking that the coming cosmic consciousness is goddess consciousness. One of the big things ending is the patriarchy. That is the new world order. Who is arising from Neo's crown chakra? The goddess. She of a 1000 names.

    -I need to talk about statehouses sometime. They are renovating ours and I can't help but think that it is symbolic, that perhaps the religion of our age is Politics. Sarah Vowell points to this. She went from Catholicism to an acute obsession with The Godfather in college to her current obsession with US political history, basically our mythology. It showed me when I leaned this, that they are all the same.
    Oh that is actually my favorite wink.

    Marlon Brando was the Godfather and then later he played Superman's father. He is literally the God's father--our Jesus, Superman,(America's jesus who is actually a Canadian Jew!) who naturally has his opposite in Batman making that combination of their two symbols in the Will Smith film so potent. Is Will Smith the union of opposites? Is he the superman and the batman together. I need to see Hancock, and what does it mean that his name is the same as the founding father's whose name is the most prominent on the declaration of Independence?


  5. I think Dubai represents the western money influence on the middle east and thus a move to centralization to a governing body in and around Dubai or UAE. It's geographically located just past the straights of hormuz. But note that Iran is also very close. Also note that New York City initially was that as well for many coming from Europe. NYC was a town built with then modern day monstrosities of architecture. It's all very cyclical. Personally I like Dubai! Minus all of it's maddening rules that are in place, it has potential. If you've never been over there in the middle east you should go visit. Chris will like the numbers they've chose for highways, they are easier to remember. If you have the means you should go visit Egypt, Bahrain and UAE.

  6. Well things can always change (and always will) but at this point there isn't a doubt in my intuitive mind that Dubai (do buy) is to be the new capital of the world.

  7. Great minds think alike! No gowatch that Atlantis video again!

    BTW just watched Hancock last night- loved it. XF guy Vince Gilligan co-wrote it. I'll be posting on it in the days to come.

  8. Chris-
    Glad you liked Hancock -
    Anyway, the Dubai video was awesome. Yeah, they've got a major handle on the geometry, but they apply it to city centers in a way that puts the western nations to shame. Or *will*. As for being top of the heap, time's just about up for our Good Ol' US of A. The economy's tapped, our industries have been shipped away, and our people are stupefied from decades of mind-numbing miseducation in public and private schooling. It was fun while it lasted. Thing is, While US of A is on the decline, about the only ones who don't realize it are her citizens. Once they put down the beer and pizza and wake up from their Viagra induced haze, boy, are they going to be pissed!

  9. To comment along what I take to be one of the themes of The Secret Sun: throw enough money at the architecture and landscape until suddenly it no longer matters what Babel or Atlantis actually looked like - they have a 'versamillitude' of geometry visible from space?

    Chris, don't forget to tell us what the hell was walking across the street in Hancock, I know you saw it!

  10. AIG bought the ports from Dubai when the "flack" went down about them owning US ports:

  11. The GARDEN, that's what we're back in..albeit a DUBAI garden. Garden of Eden or Garden of Humanity. Praps they rounded us up and put us in a walled place when we'd stopped serving of a night and it was called EDEN...or DUBAI.
    Whatevvah....I don't see any people!
    I think it is for REAL ESTATE FROM SPACE. Everyone else seems to want to get off this lovely planet.
    Wot's actually going on?
    Loss of Floss.
    Yours x

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