Wednesday, January 29, 2020

That Time I Went to Aleister Crowley's Burial Site...

Seven-plus-seven years ago, I took it upon myself to journey in search of the site hosting Aleister Crowley's earthly remains. 

Did I travel to the misty moors of the Scottish Highlands? Sadly, no. 

Did I travel to the ancient, sun-baked shores of Sicily? Not quite. 

Did I travel to the gloomy ports of Salem, or as many now know it, Arkham? Not this time. 

Did I descend into the dank, corpse-lined catacombs beneath the Eternal City of Rome?

Monday, January 27, 2020

Kill or Be Kilt

Strange and unsettling times we live in. But understanding the present-- and the future-- requires us to understand the past. Which is probably why there's such a massive, worldwide effort to erase the past and to stigmatize anyone trying to learn its lessons...