Thursday, January 02, 2020

Kevin Must Be Missing an Angel

Wow, Kevin Spacey just races from triumph to triumph, doesn't he? Man, what I'd give to have a peek at that man's blackmail file. He probably had to buy himself an old missile silo just to store it all.

If this keeps up, I can see him becoming a studio head before the New Year is out. Real-life Lex Luthor, indeed.

See, Kevin Spacey is what happens when you have a stone-cold sociopath embedded in your system for, oh, three decades or so. 

A conscience-less conniver going to all your parties, all your premieres, all your board meetings and all your orgies. Watching, recording, filming whatever twisted things these people get themselves up too.

I'd bet that not only does the man have a blackmail file even Donald Trump would envy, I'm betting he's got a system of dead man's switches so elaborate and Byzantine that it would make the most paranoid, um, Byzantine emperor green with envy.

The question is are there more out there like him? I'd have thought Harvey the Hutt would have his ducks in a row but that's what happens when unchecked power makes you fat and complacent. 

Our ruling cliques have enjoyed so little challenge to their dominance for such a long time that I'd bet there's a legion of people like ol' Harv, but are there more super-villains like Lex Fowler traveling in those lofty circles? I'm thinking just three or four more Lex Fowler-level sociopaths could bring the entire system to its knees. 

Keep your fingers crossed: we could all use a little more schadenfreude in our lives. Plus, larfs.

Speaking of Aleister Crowley, I didn't have room for this bit of hilarity in the previous Lex Fowler post so I'd thought I'd drop it here, since it speaks to weird ol' Al being a piker in comparison to his spiritual godson. 

This story was published when the Great Beast666 was enjoying quite a revival among the post-Aquarian occult crowd, especially in New York City. Think The Magical Childe, The Simon Necronomicon, Son of Sam and all the rest of the good-time Charlie's.

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