Friday, May 17, 2019

Super-Sync Tsunami: Liquid Sky, UFOs and...Donald Trump?


Sometimes you just innocently fall upon an interesting synchronicity, which inspires you to poke around a bit and see where it might go. Next thing you know, you're deluged with a tidal wave of highly-potent syncs that kick open a door you've been scratching at for a while. 

Case in point: 1982's Liquid Sky is kind of a personal Rocky Horror Picture Show for my wife and I.

We've watched it more times than I care to admit to and it's always good for a larf-fest. I essentially see the film as a comedy, whether that was the filmmaker's intention or not. It's funnier than most comedies out there today, purposefully or otherwise. 

Even the music-- an obnoxiously dissonant and arrhthymic heap of synth farts and squeals--- is hilarious.

And of course, nearly everyone onscreen is so mind-bogglingly hateful and teeth-grindingly stupid that you can't help but laugh, because if you don't you may never stop weeping at the fallen state of this world.

But that laughter surrenders to tears anyway as soon as you realize that the self-destructive and dehumanizing subculture the film depicts is not only creeping into the mainstream, it's becoming the mainstream, such as it is.

The plot is pretty simple; a tiny UFO lands atop the roof of a model's penthouse apartment, attracted by the waft of smack (the model's girlfriend is a dope dealer) and fucking. It then systematically zaps asshole junkies and scumbag rapists as soon as their brains flood with all those delicious, euphoric neurochemicals. 

The aesthetic is very East Village 80s, but the movie was filmed in the area around Madison Park (the building where the model lives is on 28th Street). The Empire State Building looms over the action like a malevolent monolith, in fact the UFO appears to emerge from the ESB in the opening credits.

It also first premiered in the midst of E.T. mania (meaning the movie) and at the same time New York was haunted by a major UFO flap, just up the Hudson.

I couldn't help but be reminded of some of the esoteric UFOlogy I've consumed in the years since I last watched the film. I was thinking about very strange theories from people like Wilhelm Reich and Jim Brandon, who argued that UFOs were attracted to sexual energy.

I was also thinking about this weird paper some college professor whose name I forget published in the 80s or 90s, which argues that UFOs are agents of cultural and political subversion, in that the very presence (however elusive) of a superior and unknown intelligence has an incalculable effect of the human psyche.

This presence-- possibly similar to theories put forth by Charles Fort-- is like how a criminal would feel under surveillance, or even how a dissident would feel in a prison colony. After a while, the psyche would begin to break down and shit would get weird. 

So anyway, I was thinking all these lofty and high-falutin thoughts when a reference I'd mysteriously forgotten about burst onto the screen...


See, now you had to go and do it, Liquid Sky. 
And if that itself wasn't enough...

...then you had to Twin the Cocteau... a movie about Twins (give or take)... of whom is named Margaret...

...AKA "Pearl." And, of course, because all that's not enough... had to make the alien-controlled New Wave celebrity's doomed lover a Sheppard.

Meaning the stars of this fucking movie are INANNA ("Anne") AND HER SHEPPARD. 

Why do they do this to me?

Now the levee is broke, and the whole concept of a film of an 80s New Wave ingenue controlled by an alien intelligence-- an alien intelligence which consumes her lovers, among others-- is going to take on a whole new light.

But back to the doomed Sheppard...

Paula Sheppard appeared in exactly two films, but, boy; what twin films to appear in.

Aside from Liquid Sky, Sheppard played the titular "Alice" in Alice, Sweet, Alice, a New Jersey-based 1976 cult-classic that anticipated the post-Halloween slasher craze by a few years. 

Oh, we're just getting started...

As you can see from the trailer, one of the three titles Alice, Sweet Alice was released under was Holy Terror, which --BECAUSE REALITY IS FUCKING BROKEN FOREVER-- is the original English title of the Jean Cocteau book in which a certain set of Twins ultimately derived their name from.

Yeah, there it is. Sorry, I know you were hoping for something else.

Oh well.

Don't forget that the film adaption of said novel featured an actual Rothschild-- a Baroness de Rothschild, even-- in the role of Elizabeth. Because why wouldn't it?

Speaking of shields...

...Alice, Sweet Alice didn't only mark the debut of Paula Sheppard, it was the screen debut of no less an icon than Brooke Shields.

And since OF COURSE THEY ARE, Sheppard and Shields are repeatedly Twinned throughout the picture, even though Sheppard was ten years Shields' senior 
(!) at the time.

But those UFOs again... of the other titles for the film was Communion. Yes, that's right...

...same title as the Hudson Valley-based account of Whitley Streiber's close encounters that made alien abduction a hot topic for several years, culminating in The X-Files.

Communion --the shitastic movie-- starred Christopher Walken, who starred in both The Dead Zone and Brainstorm back when Liquid Sky was packin' em in at midnight showings.

And here's where it starts to get weird.

The same week Heaven or Las Vegas was released, the neo-noir classic King of New York --also starring Christopher Walken-- hit theaters (I still perceive the two as inseparably linked, because everything was fucking awesome back then).

Many scenes were filmed at the Plaza Hotel, with the blessing of one Donald John Trump...

...whose paths crossed in interesting ways with none other than Brooke Shields over the years.

In fact, both Shields and Trump were noted fixtures at Studio 54 in the late 1970s. Trump often hit all the hotspots with his mentor Roy Cohn ("Priest-King"), who like 54 cofounder Steve Rubell ("Garlands of Ruby") would be an early casualty of the AIDS epidemic.

In fact, Shields would later claim that Trump tried to date her in the late 90s, when he split with Ivana.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. Variety is the spice of life. YOLO.

Trump would even appear as himself on Shields' 90s sitcom Suddenly, Susan. Alongside--insanely enough-- Kathy Griffin. Note "Our Next President."

As a sidenote, Trump would also appear as himself on another 90s sitcom, The Nanny, starring...

...another celebrity abductee, fellow Queens native Fran Drescher.

Which brings us back to Liquid Sky. Our doomed-lover Sheppard is a downtown NYC singer, BECAUSE THERE'S NOTHING ELSE SHE POSSIBLY COULD HAVE BEEN.

That's right, the Sheppard knocks 'em dead with the all-time synthcore classic, "Me and My Rhythm Box." And the performance was filmed at 80s New Wave hotspot Danceteria.

Care to guess who made their US debut at Danceteria?

You were expecting someone else, perhaps? Where have you been these past two years? 

But it gets much, much, much stranger.

That's the very same neighborhood where Event Horizon-- which may or may not be a crypto-ritual to the Watchers-- was held back in 2010.

However, Event Horizon may not be a ritual to the Angels Who Watch. It could be a kinky tribute to that 1969 tale-told-out-of-school, The Monitors.

Note intensely annoying synth soundtrack. Ahead of its time.

It should also be remembered that an event horizon is a theoretical aspect of a black hole. Especially today.

But you should also keep in mind that that very same neighborhood hosted the Pearly Dewdrops back in late 2017.

Huh, why the interest in that area, you think? It's a real head-scratcher.


I can't say, but I can say that that parcel of real estate directly links two separate Eighties underground phenomenons, both of which stormed onto the scene in the summer of 1982.

And just because you can never, ever push all this business too far, "Me and My Rhythm Box" is vaguely reminiscent of the unsettling closer to Garlands (again, released within days of Liquid Sky), with its weird beatbox synopation, sparse arrangement and rumbling bassline.

"Grail Overfloweth" isn't funny though. Not even close.

And just because I've never met a lily I didn't want to gild, note the cinematic New Wave diva wants to leave the US and go to Berlin, where her real-life New Wave diva counterpart played weeks after leaving the US herself.

The real-life diva played Berlin on Valentine's Day. They loved them both in Germany, I guess. 


Liquid Sky was originally meant to involve Andy Warhol, as it was inspired by his aptly-named film Trash. There was apparently a lot of contact with the producers and Warhol...

...who, like Donald Trump, was a fixture on the Manhattan club scene at the time.

In fact, a lot of Warhol-connected personalities hung out at Danceteria at the time.

And that same circle of self-made celebrities apparently hung out at Trump Tower, for reasons I can't begin to guess at. 


Danceteria also brought us some less-amusing personages as well, such as convicted killer-dismemberer Michael Alig.
 Alig soon dropped out of school and began working at Danceteria as a bus boy. 
While working at Danceteria, Alig studied the nightclub business and soon became a party promoter. His ability to stage memorable parties helped him rise in New York's party scene. During this time, Alig and other regular clubgoers began creating flamboyant personas, and later became known as "Club Kids". -- Wikipedia
Alig's crew were clearly inspired by Liquid Sky, on account of being horrible human beings.

In fact, the first thing I thought when I saw that magazine cover was, "Wait, isn't it 1988? The fuck are these clowns dressing up like a movie from 1982 for?" It was confusing.

Before embarking on a zesty career of bloody murder, Alig glommed onto the real King of New York, aspiring Bond-villain Peter Gatien. Alig would bring his own brood of pathologically-narcissistic drug abusers to Gatien's clubs and later became a promoter for them.

Gatien, who was good friends with none other than our current President of the United States of America.

But Trump couldn't help Gatien when all the other real estate barons decided all these dens of iniquity were bad for business. In fact, those same barons deputized Super Cop Rudy Giuliani to clean up the city (it was getting pretty grim in the Dinkins era). 

Giuliani being both a noted drag enthusiast and a top confidante to the present President.

Oh, and hey-- guess which dream-pop troubadours pulled into town just as the big hammer was coming down on Gatien and Alig et al?

LOL just kidding; there's no need to guess. 

Note the use of the term "revelation." That's what it's all about after all, isn't it?

Oh hey; guess which day Alig and his accomplice decided to kill and dismember their friend Angel all "Osiris" style? March 17, 1996. 

Yes, that's right: 3/17. I trust you all realize the significance of that right? Especially considering they eventually dumped poor Angel's body in the Hudson River.

And guess whose final album came out just four days before the impromptu Osirian ritual sacrifice? The one whose title just happens to describe exactly how Hathor comforted the newly-dead? 

Good guess! You win a prize!

A movie was made of the whole mess. I saw it, but I don't remember much of it. Though check out the parapolitically-charged cast: Macaualy Culkin, Seth Green and Coct-jacent provocateur Marilyn Manson. Plus, Dylan McDermott, who starred in the American Horror Stories that aren't fiftieth-rate Charles Busch rejects.

Culkin fell into Michael Jackson's orbit at some point and made an appearance in the Twisted Sister-ripoff prelude to "Black or White."

Including aliens.

Jacko and more aliens. 1982 aliens, even.

Oh, hey: there's Donald Trump again, in a cameo from Home Alone 2. That's back when Tinseltown loved the Donald. Where did it all go wrong?

And POTUS looking somewhat nonplussed somewhere with a pre-meltdown Jacko.

I'm sure he does now. 

Bonus factoid: author Paul Morley was the man who gave us Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Speaking of aliens, Seth Green was not only in the Michael Alig movie, he was in the first episode proper of The X-Files, "Deep Throat.

Reminder: That's the ep that's not even close to being fictional.

Green unfortunately became newsworthy more recently, for less happy reasons. Such is the price of celebrity in this 21st Century.

SIDENOTE: The accounts of Issac Kappy's alleged suicide are unique, I will say that. Quite remarkably so, in fact. Did anyone happen to spot an elderly Canadian gentleman smoking clove cigarettes in the area?

Alig served a shockingly-brief term for his crimes, because the world is ruled over by demonic spirits. And now he's palling around with aspiring Drew Barrymore and future cautionary tale, "Desmond is Amazing." Because what parent wouldn't let their autistic preteen yuk it up with a brutal and remorseless murderer? 

A good example of the demimonde mindset of Liquid Sky going mainstream. There are countless others.


Hey, wait a minute: that publicity photo of Andre "Osiris" Melendez looks vaguely familiar. 

Huh. Can't put my finger on it.

Help me out here, folks.

Maybe this pic of the current Treasury Secretary is what I'm thinking of.

Hey, did you know the Secretary's wife is Scottish?

She is.

So is Mama Trump, nee MacLeod. No relation to Duncan, at least that I'm aware of. But at this point, nothing can surprise me anymore.

The Secretary is a major player in Hollywood as of late. And guess who that links him--and by extension, 45-- to, however tangentially?

Yep, another wee Scottish lassie you might have heard a thing or two about, here or there.

They're also linked by Charlize "Great Therion" Theron, co-star of the most recent Mad Max picture.

Let's pull at some threads, shall we?

Therion Theron had been kicking around for a little while but really made her bones in 1997-- there's that year again-- with The Devil's Advocate.

Which is a weird film in that it centers of the murder committed by a pretty blatant (and borderline-libelous) Trump stand-in. How blatant?

So blatant that Trump let the producers use his own Trump Plaza penthouse as the home of the stabby Trump stand-in. 

I know, it's confusing. The world apparently has been batshit crazy for a while.

Consider that Liquid Sky star Anne ("Inanna") Carlisle did her 1984 Playboy magazine spread in an joint that looks very similar to Trump's digs as well.

Back to Bonnie Scotland: we may be able to get a grip on this Synchrostorm by remembering Our Blessed Lady hails from a tiny slab of real estate that some consider the top UFO hotspot in the world. 

Now, the sync-links between the Sibyl's dolorous sorrows and Liquid Sky could be explained rather simply by chalking it all up to the Saucerians, who by some accounts exist outside time and place as we understand them. Being from another dimensional or some shit or whatever.

I realize angels and fairies are more fun to believe in, but you know; Occam's Razor.

Saucers over Grangemouth

That might explain why so many face-punchingly blatant rituals-- including Event Horizon and the Madison Square Dewdrops-- seem to trace her footsteps like a lost puppy. 

Did I mention the Kelpies? I didn't? Thanks for reminding me.

And since DJT and Our Lady are linked through various and sundry syncs, it should be note that Scottish UFOs link the two of them as well.

Let's also not forget that the saucer-wave that ploughed the fields for Liquid Sky was kicked off by Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which suggested that the UFO entities use music to communicate with us.

I said, "use music to communicate with us."


Left: In Grangemouth, 2013. Right: From Grangemouth, 1983

Did you hear me in the back there?

I said, 
"suggested that the UFO entities use music to communicate with us."

Plus, exist outside of time and space as we know them.

Note: for a bombardment of Close Encounters insane-o-syncs, click here.

In any event, Anne Carlisle didn't really bowl them over in Tinseltown but we do have this connection: she appeared in 1984 in Larry Cohen's B-thriller Perfect Strangers. I haven't seen it and can't find it. Let me know if you have or can.

Cohen is a stalwart in the Secret Sun Hall of Justice, for 1976's scorching God Told Me To, if nothing else. A very unsettlingly prescient mass-shooting kicks off the proceedings...

...but it soon joined by unsettlingly prescient alien abductions...

...and a secret society of kings of New York ruled over by a hermaphroditic human-alien hybrid.

A textbook Nephilim, more precisely. 
Yeah, for real. 43 years ago, even.

Cohen also originally conceived The Invaders (from which The X-Files plundered from with utter, gleeful abandon), though the producers took it away from him and futzed with the concept.

Either way, Cohen's perch in the pantheon is further cemented by The Invaders having cast Secret Sun Siren Susan Oliver not once, but a lovely, luminous, luscious twice.

Aside from being the only Trek-Chick who will (or could) ever possibly matter, Oliver also starred in ---wait for it-- The Monitors.

POSTSCRIPT: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be extremely afraid. I know I am.