Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Space/Gods: Bennu and the Jets

Lots of activity up in space this week, allegedly. And right on time we have some NASA guy talking about aliens and UFOs, which in turn will be followed by the usual walkbacks and denials. We all know the drill, we've heard it a hundred times before. It's how the NASA nerds get their little jollies.

I mean, I think it's kind of tired but the government doesn't give me tens of billions of dollars to piss away every year, do they?

Ironically, it struck me tonight that I have far more compelling evidence that UFOs are real than I do that NASA has ever sent a single scrap of steel out past the troposphere. I mean, I've gotten very good looks at flying objects (see masthead) I couldn't identify. Can you say the same about NASA?

OK, I thought not.

It's funny, I was thinking about Tom "Flopsweat" DeLonge and his To the Stars Academy boondoggle. And I was kind of wondering if our pal Tom and his entourage of lifelong intelligence agents and assets weren't in fact tasked to throw a nice wet blanket over the UFO thing, since it was starting to heat up again before Blinkyboy came along with his Third Phase of the Moon reject videos.

Given who's involved and who they ultimately seem to answer to, I wouldn't expect anything but shenanigans and tomfoolery. Then again, there's been an endless parade of suckers thinking they could get rich off UFOs.

But then again, most of those didn't rub elbows with Deep State power-players like Chris Mellon, Peter Levenda, Hal Putoff and Jim Semivan. So I'll stick with tonight's realization for the time being, if you don't mind.

Of course, Lockheed seems to have its little paws good and deep in Tommy D's cookie jar, which you'd kind of expect of this unimaginably powerful firm. And as it happens Lockheed are the real poobahs behind the OSIRIS-REX mission to Bennu-- I can't even type those words without breaking out into laughter, it's just so audacious-- which had a big day today. 

Is two billion kilometers still officially in our solar system? And how exactly did they spot this little thing, given the fact that's it not exactly what you might call large?

I can't say but I can say when they did allegedly spot it: On September 11, 1999.

No, I'm not kidding.

So now that that alleged ritual was allegedly completed, the CHEOPS space telescope can go about finding super-earths and, presumably, super-humans. Which super-humans might those be, you ask? 

Oh, I don't know; maybe the super-earths with the super-humans who may or may not have built the Great Pyramid.

You know, the one credited to Cheops. 

Bonus algebra equation: 12 x 3 = 2.0 x 18.

And just in case you didn't get enough Egyptian death-cult symbolism today, we find that Elon's rocket shop have a new sideline; launching the ashes of the dead into orbit.

Because space is an altar. But we've discussed that fact already, haven't we?

Hey, I've got what is either a great screenplay idea or a great conspiracy theory for you; what if OSIRIS-REX wasn't sent out to intercept Bennu but it's out there rendezvousing with some of these interstellar "objects?"

Like-- oh, I don't know-- delivering Earth's declaration of surrender or something? Or maybe picking up some fresh code for D::Wave. Or some cryogenically-frozen genetic material or whatever.

Hey, just spitballing here. What's your big theory already, Stephen Hawking?

Oddly enough I just rewatched Close Encounters of the Third Kind again and realized what it's actually about-- aside from humans being telepathically directed by aliens-- is aliens using music to communicate with humans.

What an interesting idea, when you think about it, since if the aliens thought our math and science were primitive then they might enjoy some of our record albums and such. Maybe some Margaret Keane paintings or Rod McKuen poems, too. An old Tim Conway comedy special, if the aliens still use VHS.

But I guess this "using music to communicate with aliens" thing isn't all that novel an idea, given the LP sent along with little V'Ger, the ones with the Brandenberg Concertos or whatever the fuck they sent. Because aliens have really sweet turntables. Bose, I think.

In fact, our friends at Forbes seem to believe that if the aliens ever come knocking on our doors it will be on account of them being major culture-vultures looking to enslave us all and eat us alive appreciate new and exotic forms of music and art.

So if there are any music-loving aliens reading this, I'd like to recommend you fellows check out a lovely little dream-pop combo from Sco...

...oh, you've heard of them already? Never mind, then.

Speaking of using music to communicate with aliens, I mentioned before that the fine little burg of Ipswich held their own Siren Song ritual only they called it "Clarion Call," on account of I think the cat might be out of the bag on the "Siren" thing and pretending it had something to do with commemorating the end of World War One was a clever way of getting the government to front the dosh.

However, as you can faintly hear in this clip, a local chap wasn't convinced by the cover story and stood on his balcony blowing a shofar (?) and claiming it was all the work of witches carrying on with their pagan idolatry to the sun god and the like. Wicker Man-type stuff, you see.

Apparently, the irate burgher carried on like that all week, garnering outrage from the witches in question festival organizers. Two of the featured singers in the performance are pictured here. The one of the left looks vaguely familiar.

Of course, there's the possibility that this was all a bit of Knowles' First Law in motion here, seeing how it's always best to hire some cranky old religious fanatics to protest your mass occultic rituals so you can hurl some guilt-by-association at any normies who might notice your mass ritual actually is, y'know, kind of blatantly occultic. 

So if you're planning a mass occultic ritual in your city, remember to get some cranky old religious types to protest it so you can get all the right-thinking folk on your side. Don't forget what a stunning success the whole Westboro psyop was.

I mean, even the fellows who dreamed up that gag had no idea what a smasheroo it would eventually become.

But maybe the Knowles' First Law thing is pointing to Clarion Call not in fact being a pagan sun god invocation, but maybe an invocation to someone a little closer to home, like--oh, I don't know-- up there in geosynchronous orbit or whatever. 

Given the timing and everything.

I only bring it up seeing as how Ipswich is the closest city to a little grove called Rendlesham Forest, which some of you may have heard a whisper or two about in days gone by. I'm not exactly sure how the ritual was oriented (I've heard westerly) but you know how it goes; people are fucking liars.

Bonus factoid: seeing as how Clarion Call took place every evening at sunset I should mention that Osiris was seen to represent the setting sun as well. His underworld domain was where the sun was said to travel at night.

Bonus math equation: 488 is 244 Twinned. Or should I say the "All-Important 244" Twinned?

Anyway, you all remember cinema legend Francois Traffaut portraying our old pal Jacques Vallee in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but you may not have known that the great director/OK-ish actor directed an interesting movie in 1969 with Oannes-Apollo Ba'almondo and screen-goddess Ka-Hathor-Ein Of the Nine called...

...Mississippi Mermaid.

What are the odds, my good friends?

Moreover, the climax of Mississippi Mermaid takes place at the Hotel Monorail.

Monorail? Now that sounds vaguely familiar. Where have we seen monorails before? I can't remember. The old bean ain't what it used to be.  

We also see this scene in Mississippi Mermaid in the Phoenix Club-- or Bennu Club, if that's how you roll-- of Mme Deneuve doing the watusi with a giant glitter strawberry on her back.

No, seriously. Une fraise à paillettes géantes.

Or maybe it's a glitter ladybird-beetle, as a Twitter friend offered. Cast your vote in the comments.

Hey, remember when that Irish actress from Ladybird starred in that movie about space aliens that take possession of folks' bodies and you can tell on account the space aliens change the colors of their hosts' irises? Good times.

I think that girl was in another interesting movie. I'll have to look it up 'cuz I think there might have been a Siren connection there too. 

Anyway, the Falkirk Triangle might claim it's the UFO Capital of Britain, but if you want to go to the UFO capital of America, don't go to Roswell this summer; go to beautiful downtown Hooper, Colorado. 

You can't miss it; it's off Route 17, because why wouldn't it be? Just bear right after you pass Fort Garlands Evergreen and the Sangre de Cristo Cornell Ranch.

On second thought, if that grim spectacle is the big attraction in Hooper you might want to keep driving-- assuming you haven't hurled yourself from a cliff at the utter futility of it all-- until you get to Devil's Triangle in Wyoming, where the big climax of Close Encounters of the First Kind was filmed.

You know, the part where humans and aliens learn to communicate using music as their language.

Here's a handy driving map for you. I think this would be the best route north. This way you can avoid the Denver-Aurora traffic.

Especially around Buckley Air Force Base. Yeah, I definitely recommend you avoid that route. The other way is slightly less snarled, I suppose.

Always doing our best to serve you here at The Secret Sun.


  1. My addiction to this blog is so... meta. #ritualdelohabitual

  2. Hi Chris I just want to post this for your consideration [and others] in light of the above:


    In the last days of Vincent Bridges we were discussing how higher dimensional entities use ''pentatopes'' to write on this reality as if it were parchment, similar to something you yourself alluded too long ago [I think you were talking about the pearls of truth in the ravings of a madman you knew :-)]. The above post details the ways in which it is possible to ''write'' from the perspective of more sophisticated ''magic''. The first steps on the path are to understand that this world is a dream and obeys dream logic more than ''material'' logic. Then you have to learn the symbols of the dream so you can understand the nature of the dream. Then you deploy the symbols in order to alter the dream - this is the equivalent of initiating to ''Hod'' or the ''Grade'' of Practicus - at which point you can ''do'' Qabalistic magic, although you are far from mastering it.

    Or at least feel like you do, feel like you are ''writing'' on reality...

    So we do need to question our agency in all this. If such things are ''above'' us, writing down here, are we any freer than a character in a play or novel and is my ''writing'' or the ''writing'' of any magician simply the entity above writing a magician character into their story i.e. the magician might feel like they write but actually their writing is being written. I might feel like I wrote a big M, but was it me that wrote it or my writer through me so my character could make a discovery and move the plot on?

    How much room for movement [free will] is there? Throughout my work with Raziel he has provided his take on that question, effectively saying our individual moment to moment decisions may vary but they aggregate towards the same end i.e. its the freedom of someone playing an RPG you might move left or right, look up or down or whatever but are still pretty moving along the path towards the goal as any one driving from Elizabeth to the Devils' Tower would be. Its not hard to butt up against the perimeter and realise that you are not free to go off the path and if you do you'll die [he pointed me towards essential routines here]. Only at certain moments are we truly free to change between the only possible realisable storylines or ''get out'' in the Gnostic sense.

    ''A character, sir, may always ask a man who he is. Because a character has really a life of his own, marked with his especial characteristics; for which reason he is always "somebody." But a man—I'm not speaking of you now—may very well be "nobody." - Six Characters in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello

    1. Note the rise of the NPC meme.

    2. Great thoughts, put me in mind of something I posted to a magical forum somewhere else earlier in the year:

      I do work when I remember to, with parts of myself that I give names (that can change) and that have qualities (that can shift with time). But they are somewhat amorphous, and seem to subsume into a larger sense of self if things are in flow.

      The feeling comes of strands, fingers flexing. A way that I'm coming to conceptualise these other parts of self (greater or smaller) is as fingers: digits often dimly aware of the others of their kind, and even less so of the hand. But slowly coming to a deeper knowing of their
      connectedness and the beauty and power therin, the sheer dexterity! Then, wow! Other hands doing other work. Lets get together! Make some fancy sign language, and start lifting some heavy shit. Lets manipulate, construct, tease, tickle... Play! etc.

      Also this relates to the shadow, and 'on the other hand', different fingers, other approaches...

      If you don't even see it, then it's likely to slap you in the face. If only to get some attention.

      Parts of the hand get crippled or damaged, under or over used. It takes practice to learn to flex it skillfully. And to understand the language of others doing the same.

      Do hands only have to have 4 fingers and a thumb? Maybe these things keep dividing and extending.

      Being in this world is kind of like poking your arms through holes in a black box, donning some of those thick protective lead gloves and trying to reattach individual neurons in gods radioactive brain. We're tools, extruded into matter, trying to remember how to use ourselves, without breaking too much in the process.

      Perhaps I'm only a glove, worn(out) by something else, that is in turn put on. And on.

      Hands put me in mind of spiders, trees and tendrils, cephalopods, filaments, puppets...

      It makes me laugh because this has been coming through outrageously loud and clear in my life and art for ages but I never noticed explicitly, or verbalised it (semi) coherently 'till right now.

      You're putting me on?! Surely.

    3. Wonderful text from Luigi Pirandello, thanks Blogos.
      Puts me in mind of the 'Mr Nobody' meme mentioned in the comments of this blog a few posts ago (and fairly obscure on the wider 'net now).
      Perhaps a good thing to aspire toward, being a nobody. All body. Is there a difference? Level the playing field a little. Like the Khoisan practice of insulting the meat - the best hunters ridiculed, self-effaced.
      It's a good way for god to hide, stick the light under a bushel (or a slab of giraffe shank) or share it with every-body. All us know-bodies should be dancing!

    4. Ah, so Blogos, you were living right near https://spacecentre.co.uk when you had that poor, dehydrated 'swan dive experience, after contemplation of mem and M (Fritz Lang film)... Your work continues to intrigue me; I'll note that the Space Center's webpage mentions both St. Nick and Osiris Rex.

    5. "get out" of "the sunken place"?

    6. Nobody [no-self] is what Buddhists and [hard] Gnostics aspire towards although I don't know if it is auomatically the same as being Everybody. Buddhists might say ''the dew drop slips into the shining sea'' and in so doing the dew drop takes on the stature of the sea but if the sea is a sea of nothing..?

      Everybody [every-self] calls to mind a line I put in the mouth of Azathoth in my latest Lovecraft musical: ''Every time you desire to know more, this eye rips a little more, rip rip rip, you know, you know all...? and finally you are ripped to pieces. See what I see, see through all their eyes, God is mad for she sees all. Life is a sleeping sickness.'' i.e. implying that total manifestation, maximum finitude is tantamount to an insane confusing nightmare as opposed to cosmic peace.

      But we're running up against the trans-finite here, which is probably the paradox powering all this in the first place. The infinite that Buddhists/Gnostics strive towards in order to ''get out'' can't have any quality including space or time, so in that sense there is no out to get to. That's one of the reasons, paradoxical though it may be, that we are all immortal. There is no end. Total manifestation, in the sense of what I had Azathoth talk about, is more like the transfinite, - i.e. maximum finity. You don't ''get out'', you become the whole wheel of suffering - like Jesus perhaps.

      This is what I think Shabbatai Tzvi was talking about in his metaphysics which logically produces a kind of ''reverse Gnosticism'' i.e. that the Infinite God can't have any meaning by nature of its Infinity therefore the only place you can find meaning is in the Transfinite God which he identified as YHVH. With Shabbataen Metaphysics we are entering into peak conspiracy however if you don't understand the paradox that is fundamentally driving all this how can you understand any of it at all?

      So what chance do we have to ''get out'' if the mathematics will only allow us to butt up against the glass separating the ''sunken place'' of consciousness from the infinity of reality, like someone trapped under ice in the lake? But is it really any ''better'' to sink into the darkness of the transfinite? Do you see the problem?

    7. Yes, the space centre was very close to my old flat. Leicester is an odd, old place and as my friend pointed out during the depths of a psychotic break that 'eee' in Leicester is 666 on the astral plane. David Icke is from there too, although across town, in S. Wigston if I remember correctly.

      One of my first systematic workings was with Archangels and it took place in Leicester about 3 years before the M story. Myself and a group of friends conjured the Archangels in order of the classical association with the Sefirot (Sandalphon - Malkuth, etc) again each conjuration and associated study being a month's work. One of the main results of that work was my ongoing association with Raziel (now 17 years) which lead me to study the SY but I wanted to mention Uriel at this point.

      Uriel guards Eden from ''demons'' and spending a long time at that portal meant he spent a long time staring into Hell - like a cop spending all their time around criminals you end up knowing the criminal mind better than you know that of the people you are protecting. You begin to relate to them, perhaps even feel the temptation to join them, to break the law yourself. In one vision he appeared to me as Shaft (or my brain interpreted the info like that) but his true appearance was much more like Mothman. As Mothman, after completing a kind of ''test'' (?) involving ratios of planetary orbit speeds and spins he took me through a ''portal'' (?) in my fireplace and showed me my ''anti-self'' on the other side - briefly. It was a thick black liquid void and that anti-self was entirely composed of thick viscous oil like substance within that same substance, separate but not. Maybe like an oily version of the Doppleganger from the end of Annihilation.

      For a long time I misunderstood that vision, thinking he was protecting the Earth from evil, but now I remember and know that he was not facing out towards hell when I encountered/saw him, he was facing *in*. He didn't turn around to greet me, he saw me coming.

      Or to quote Kip Marlowe:

      "Where are you damned?'' Dr Faustus
      "In Hell." Mephistopheles
      "How comes it then that thou art out of hell?" Dr Faustus
      "Why this is Hell, nor am I out of it.'' Mephistopheles

      Those demons, that Uriel is keeping locked in the present and protecting the glorious future from, that's us. Now its a little more complicated than this [we're more like exiles than prisoners and we are a mixed bunch] but its worth your time dwelling on that for a while.


    8. In the Jean le Flambeur series by Hannu Rajaniemi he created a variation of Maxwell's demon in the form of an artificial intelligence called the "all defector". There is a place called the "Dilemma Prison" that is run by the Archons. It is based on the crude "prisoners dilemma" from game theory.

      The "all defector" appears to prisoners as a copy of themselves except it doesn't act like it has the same information as them. In the simplistic prisoners dilemma game it always plays the worst "defecting" move. That is not to say that the all-defector is simplistic but that the game is simplistic. The thing is that it's not unusual to meet actual copies of yourself in that prison and it makes sense to "cooperate" with yourself, right?

      Anyway, there is this image meme. Trust nobody, not even yourself. Where does it all come from?

    9. "Trust No One" = Trust The Non-archon/demiurge?

    10. Yes, Blogos, people who partake in the excesses of black magic are the problem, and I'm glad to hear someone is in charge. The Nobody (I knew him well) was actually a person who suffered much to reinstate righteousness in the world.. and the Anomaly (his disciple, and much else), continues that line, excluded from power, from the narrative, one would even suspect, from relevance, except it is not at all so. The people who sustain the world operate in secret and wisdom alone is their mark. Re: Borges and the Circular Ruins, or Douglas Adams and the Man in the Island Shack (Chapter 28 of Restaurant at the End of the Universe). The universe is not cryptic at all, one can simply choose to read it wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3Xca_aFTEo

    11. “Monks, that dimension should be experienced where the eye [vision] ceases and the perception [mental label] of form fades. That dimension should be experienced where the ear ceases and the perception of sound fades… where the nose ceases and the perception of aroma fades… where the tongue ceases and the perception of flavor fades… where the body ceases and the perception of tactile sensation fades… where the intellect ceases and the perception of idea fades: That dimension should be experienced.” – SN 35:114

    12. Mr Nobody was Odysseus when captured by the Cyclops but who is Mr Self? William Burroughs said that anyone who always looked the same in every photo wasn't a person but person impersonator. There are plenty of people out there pretending to be a self and today the self is what is worshiped above all other.

      What can be more damning than to say that someone has self hatred or self doubt. That they do not trust the self or are not true to the self. More and more often I hear meaningless platitudes like "become the best version of yourself" or the occulted variant "live your best life". In fact this made me look that variant up and the source is none other than Oprah Winfrey.

    13. Winfrey has a bit role as the school teacher in "I, Pet Goat II".She was most responsible for selling a then unknown Illinois Community Organizer - Senator BHO to the American Public.

    14. & color purple spielberg buddy, the childless, oprah's production company is called "Harpo", her own TV network "OWN".

      "the world is a global village"

      "it takes a village to raise a child"

  3. Thank you ! Did you see the last advertising from "Costa Croisière" with Penelope Cruz ? Another mermaid ... Take care !

  4. Hey Chris. On the subject of Vegan Overlords, a few months ago i had the news on and on came the Bionic Woman. I went to turn it off when, as i had my finger on the button i saw the episode name: "The Vega Influence".
    I decided to (kinda) watch it. The lead and some guy were investigating a military base where nobody was responding and everybody had disappeared, leaving everything on. They entered the communication room (108, the "number of god") and were wondering why they couldn't get a signal out. There were (promptly dismissed) mentions of solar flares and i think emp knocking out equipment.
    It turned out that they had found a meteorite, presumably from Vega, but i don't think they explicitly mentioned it. It was apparently dormant in the 'cold of space' but as it warmed up it started to turn people into zombies, controlling their minds.
    I have been meaning to mention this for a while, and your mention of Vegan Overlords in your last post prompted me. I was just about to comment there when this was posted, but synchronicity.. It was apparently using SOUND to control people, as the only ones unaffected were the bionic woman and a deaf girl.. Plus alien meteorite.

    1. vegans use the sound of their holier than thou judgements in an attempt to "control people".

    2. There's already official Vegan Mondays in Berkley so the vegan overlords are already moving, one city and one day at time.


  5. your blog is so great, read it when I can, never mention that to you. you should be winning awards for all this stuff. you are seriously chronicling the end of everything.

  6. Catherine Deneuve, The Hunger, Whitley Strieber.

    1. & in Polanski's aptly titled "Repulsion" as "Carol", meaning "man".

      & on a related sleazy & confused note, though not dissonant from the song I heard, Deneuve, who's not unknown to sing in water related flics, also sang on the Serge Gainsbourg written & produced album "Souviens-toi de m'oublier" ("Remember to Forget Me", of all titles & the final track, No. 11, is titled "Alice Helas" ("Alice Alas")), so she's done her bit of Siren Song.


    2. Catherine Deneuve in the 1967 film 'Les demoiselles de Rochefort', she sings: "Nous sommes les soeurs jumelles nées sous le signe de Jumeaux".
      I remember it by heart as I couldn't get it out of my head when I first watched this musical some years ago. It translates to: "We are the twin sisters, born under the sign of Gemini."

    3. Deneuve co-starred in the Lars von Trier directed musical "Dancer in The Dark", as "Kathy", with Björk in the lead role who also provided a number of songs for the soundtrack, Deveuve singing on her "Cvalda" composition "Look who's dancing, Faster than a shooting star."

      The song "I've Seen It All" was nominated for an "Academy Award for Best Original Song" at the 2001 Oscars, Björk attended the ceremony in a "swan dress" regarding which she stated:

      "...I thought my input should really be about fertility, and I thought I'd bring some eggs ... Most Hollywood films that I watch are Busby Berkeley musicals and ... what's that movie called with all the swimming?"

      Björk later went on to accuse von Trier of sexual abuse, Deneuve silent on the matter was one of the co-signatures on a letter addressing #metoo in January stating:

      "Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone's knee or try to steal a kiss. ... "Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or clumsily, is not - and nor is men being gentlemanly a chauvinist attack." ... "As women we do not recognise ourselves in this feminism, which beyond denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a hatred of men and of sexuality."

      Due to the controversy she provided a personal response which read:

      "I fraternally salute all the victims of these hideous acts who might have felt assaulted by the letter published in Le Monde. It is to them and them alone that I offer my apologies,"

      Murky waters that even the technicolor "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" would drown in.


    4. Anon 4:47 AM here, and I have to bring up 'Les demoiselles de Rochefort' again, as I only discovered now that Catherine's twin sister in the film is actually Françoise Dorléac, Catherine's real sister (Deneuve is their mother's name). Françoise died in June, 1967, same year 'Les demoiselles de Rochefort' came out. She was killed when her rental car crashed and burned in Nice, France.

      During a search this afternoon I came across this video posted by Downbythewater73:
      And look who is mentioned in the description box.. !!

  7. This makes me think of Philip K. Dick's unpublished novel, The Owl In Daylight. K.W.Jeter, the inspiration for Kevin in Valis, mentions the story would have had references to Beethoven's life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K._W._Jeter http://www.philipkdickfans.com/mirror/websites/pkdweb/THE%20OWL%20IN%20DAYLIGHT.htm
    In the last interview PKD conducted in his life with Gwen Lee and which was published in Starlog in 1982 shortly after his death, PKD talks more of The Owl In Daylight:
    (PKD:) This is the book I'm allegedly writing, The Owl In Daylight. Its a folk expression from the South -- an owl being blind in the daylight. It simply means a person whose judgement is clouded over. The book is about the inability to understand. I can't even put it into words.
    (Starlog): And you have a new outline for this novel?
    (PKD:)Within a short period of time. It has jelled quite a bit. I talked to my agent. He said, "Are you sure you can do it?" Because the novel would be from the viewpoint of an entity that was not human but from presumably another star system. Its view of us and our culture. It would begin on another star system on a planet with a civilization quite different from ours -- a civilization where there's no atmosphere such as we have and as a result, speech is never developed; they're mute and deaf. And because of the failure to utilize sound, they have no art predicated on sound. Now, our art predicated on sound is, of course, music, and we take music for granted. But for them, since they do not employ sound, there is no analog that will correlate in their world for music. And what I want to do is, you know, the way we have in our world mystical visions of heaven, like at the end of Dante's Divine Comedy, and these visions are generally that heaven is light -- the concept of light is almost always associated with the next world to us. Now, this planet, not having sound, utilizes colour for language. Just as we use different audio frequencies, they use different colour frequencies. Their world is one that employs vision and visual things entirely and no sound whatsoever. Their normal world would be the way we envision the next world to be.{...}.

    1. That's interesting Karin. This talk of music being a language to communicate with the alien reminded me of an idea for a short story that I had years ago. I think even before the mayan apocalypse when we all died.

      Aliens openly visited earth for sort of "cultural" reasons and found that the only form of human art that they could find any value in was the firework display. The aliens ended up going home with a few hand picked earth "Ambassadors" who were people who wouldn't appear especially qualified or important in any way. Maybe one policeman noticed a pattern of missing people related to the fireworks industry and investigated, to no end.

      The whole thing annoyed people in the arts and culture industry. They tried blasting signals at the unresponsive alien ships. Beethoven, 3d models of signed urinals, paintings of sunflowers, black and white movies about dead fictional rich people, anything they could think of. Even elegant mathematical solutions. In the end, after they left, it led to all sorts of theories about the inherent inferiority of this alien species. Naturally the military just thought that they could copy their technology and take over the planet that hosted these backwards lifeforms. For their own good, naturally.

    2. Pssssssssttt!!! Hey! Remember(?) when the tantalising prospect of being able to listen to every bit of music ever recorded anytime you like anywhere you may find yourself to be was touted as rapidly approaching "Celestial Jukebox"? How's that for a union of This Mortal Coil with the unearthly?

      "huffpo" states the related "Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act of 1995" "was a remarkable piece of bipartisan foresight" ...was It indeed.

      & on a related rights/restrictions(/pearly) note "All You Need to Know About The Music Business" by Donald S. Passman ought to be required reading for anyone seeking a "star-birthing" of "their own", in any pop-cultural (sub-)sphere, this would include the (would-be) "Ariana Grande's" of the world as much as the "Chris Cornell's".


  8. Awesome post Chris!

    'A tub of cookie dough and two films by Francois Truffaut'...I heard this somewhere but cannot remember where...

    Tres cool UFO sighting in Quebec:

    No doubt you already are familiar with this, but for those who aren't, we have Shakespeare, strawberries, Mussolini, and the mystery of Caligula's two huge mysterious ships built on a lake:

  9. Bennu looks 8 sided, 2 pyramids on a space journey- if anything about that isn't simply slapped up for our entertrainment

  10. Tiny and super intelligent? Dangerous contamination originating from the stars?That reminds me of the Franco-Belgian comic series "Les Petits Hommes" (https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Petits_Hommes)

  11. JB at http://metalogiccafe.blogspot.com/10:22 AM, December 04, 2018

    Any input on the Adonis/Adonis synch? In the movie "Creed II", which came out recently, the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Creed, is surprisingly beaten to near-death by a huge Russian boxer. In REAL-LIFE boxing, just this week-end, Adonis Stevenson also got surprisingly beat to near-death, by a huge Ukrainian boxer, he's in a deep coma.

    Other synchs? They both have a wife and newborn son, the actor playing Creed is supposedly up next to play a black version of Superman in the movies, while Stevenson was reknown as a "black Superman" in the ring...

    In ancient myth, Adonis was the ill-fated handsome young lover of the Goddess from the sea.

    1. The Annie (Blannie) remake was a pile of shite.

  12. Just for keeping track.. I’m sure you have seen grimes’ new video.

  13. didn't the egyptians call their gods' "sky chariots" by the name of 'ben-ben'?

  14. A major question here.....looking at those maps... WTF is going on, people?!

    1. "A map is not the territory", so what is it?

      A graft as plan of action?

      A perception alterer & filter?

      A "roadmap" for something "not of this Earth"?

      "If you build it they will come"? (Actually "he" not "they", curious though that It's been Mandela'd as "they" especiall given the above "Close Encounters" reference.)



    2. Why stop at Fraser in the West though? Say 'Tabernac!' one last time before concluding your final journey at the Hot Sulphur Springs.

    3. Decided to zoom in; -
      first part zoomed to,
      ffs it really does never end.


  15. The thought has occurred to me from time to time, and does so again now: Are we sure there are not multiple (groups of) entities involved? There's a tendency here and, well, everywhere, to speak as if there were a single observer watching us, a single voice speaking to us. That may in fact be the case. I sure as shit don't know.

    But, in decades past, the "Saucer Cult" folks would as often as not speak of multiple groups with widely varying origins. This more or less boiled down to the Nordics vs. Reptilians for a while, then in the 90s the game board got a good shake and all we seemed to have were Greys. That might be changing again.

    I'm reminded of the ol' Cosmic Consciousness group, one of those great first-gen combos of Saucers and Spiritualism that seemingly was founded right about the same time as The Nine were presenting themselves. The trance mediums for CC would channel a kind of overmind that referred to itself as "This Consciousness" and spoke of both the Reptilians and Nordics as third parties. Meaning, there were at least three players in the game. I'll not be surprised to hear there are more.

    I only bring this up because I wonder, if NASA, Deep State actors and/or Secret Space Program types are trying to communicate, parley or surrender to someone, who is it? Dealer's choice? Might as well be Shaver's Teros for all I know.

    1. All good questions.
      I sometimes wonder if the synchs relate to our connection to past lives. If re-incarnation is a thing, we may be bound to the people around to us, and by this I mean we re-incarnate as groups, so our experiences unconsciously play out over and over again, hence, the synchs. It's likely this is just part of the story

    2. The super intelligent miniature aliens are just another page in the large volume titled Preparing for Disclosure IMHO. As for multiple types of aliens, I have believed for some time that there are so many different species coming to look at earth that there must be some Really Big Event coming up on schedule. Look at how many different types of UFOs there are. Everyone is vying for good seats or at least a good place from which to take pictures. They may be having traffic jams and parking issues.
      "...if NASA, Deep State actors and/or Secret Space Program types are trying to communicate, parley or surrender to someone, who is it?" I don't know who, but I suspect I know why: someone important, maybe many someones want off this rock for awhile. Musk is just a symptom, not a cause. Interplanetary hitchhikers? I think they're here. And they're some of ours.

    3. "Elon"... "Elton"... a "Rocketman" both & vessels touched by an angel/muse "Inspiration", "herself".


    4. can you feel the love tonight?

      "when the heart of this star-crossed wanderer beats in time with yours"

      These are some strange lyrics from the apocryphal lion king soundtrack. Arrival and Interstellar are simply reworking Close Encounters. It's just the same old song.

    5. The "photorealistic" remake of "The Lion King" is due for assault on Humanit 'July 19, 2019, which marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the original film', & "Elton"?

      'On November 1, 2017, it was announced that Hans Zimmer would return to score the film, having previously scored the 1994 animated version. On November 28, 2017, it was reported that Elton John had signed onto the project to rework his musical compositions from the original film before his retirement. The following day it was reported that Beyoncé would be assisting John in the reworking of the soundtrack. On February 9, 2018, John reported that he, Tim Rice and Beyoncé would create a new song for the end credits of the film. Later that month, it was revealed that four songs from the original film would be included in the film: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", "Hakuna Matata", "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", and "Circle of Life".'

      The "teaser poster" evokes that which heralded "The Phantom Menace", not a good augery for a variety of reasons.

      "Hakuna Matata"? It means "no worries"!


  16. Gus Grissom's Uglier Brother Neruda Grissom11:59 AM, December 04, 2018

    Did you ever read Mary Roach's book, Packing For Mars? Granted, it's probably PR, but there were some interesting stories. The Russian cosmonauts who were tasked with growing onions in space, yet they became so desperate for actual food they just ate all the onions then lied about their growth progress. Another Russian cosmonaut stopped following orders & just sang strange Russian folk songs primarily of his own creation. The US space flight where one astronaut's evacuation bag broke open forcing the astronauts to spend the rest of the flight in what was essentially a toilet. And my favorite, the special floor at NASA where they keep tiny refrigerators that contain every astronaut's frozen shit & piss.

  17. The other singer in the Clarion Call photo. Is that Beth Gibbons from Portishead? A stranger to magic and withcraft she is not.

  18. Hooper, Colorado? Dreyfus played the icthyologist Hooper in “Jaws”. FFS...

    1. & a "Hooper" "took in" & "saved" "Eleven" from the MKUltra clutches of further abusive initiation & elevation in "Stranger Things".


    2. It's "Hopper" not "Hooper", this "Mandela Effect"!, anyways whether "Hopper" did indeed "save" "Eleven" from MKUltra etc. or who knows what will be further revealed in "Stranger Things 3: Urbanity The Demogorgon".


  19. Lots of interesting tidbits of information swirl around the making of Close Encounters, incidentally:


    "Composer John Williams worked with Spielberg to come up with the movie’s distinct five-note musical method of communication between humans and aliens—which Spielberg partly based on the Solfège system of musical education—a year before shooting began.

    Williams initially wanted a seven-note sequence, but it was too long for the simple musical “greeting” Spielberg wanted. The composer enlisted a mathematician to calculate the number of five-note combinations they could potentially make from a 12-note scale. When that number proved to be somewhere upwards of 134,000 combinations, Williams created 100 distinct versions, and they simply whittled the combinations down one by one until they had a winner."

    But not all of John Williams' scores achieved commercial success. Anyone remember "Heartbeeps"?


    "In 1981, he composed a score for Allan Arkush’s Heartbeeps starring Andy Kaufman. The film, which centres on two robots who fall in love and attempt to start a family together, was a commercial and critical flop, but Williams’ score is an experimental delight, featuring electronic keyboards combined with a traditional orchestra."


    Love the post BTW!

    1. So what happened when "they" played through all 100 versions?

      Did the mathematician hear all 134,000 possibilities as the numbers crunched?

      Was the movie starring sequence chosen because It had a specific effect?


    2. & how was the effect iterated & feed-back via silver-screening?

    3. Personally, when I listen to that famous 5-note combination that was settled on for the movie, it sounds to me almost like a soft voice asking a rhetorical question, followed by a declarative statement in a louder voice. Maybe that's why it was chosen, because it "almost" sounds like a language, it has that cadence. It implies an attempt at communication, as opposed to randomness.

    4. So what question/answer did WilliamsBerg encode in the 5 note call & Its response & what has been the effect of Its repeatedly being played back on silver/black screens for those "taking it all in"?


  20. Venus in the shell.


  21. Definitely, une fraise. This pic might be clearer


    So, I start out reading your post enjoying you're exquisite rapier take on the current space shenanigans and then got chills up my spine with the Fraser sync up to Hooper, CO and the Devil's Tower.

    I naively keep expecting it to, but it never ends!

  22. I’d assume your family with Christopher O’Brien’s writings on the San Luis Valley? Truly one of the strangest places I’ve explored. On your route up to Devil’s Tower do note that you pass by one of the largest stockpiles of minuteman missiles in the country. They have been known to get knocked off line from time to time by UFOs. Spending significant time in the wilderness of both states I can attest to the frequency of strange sightings here.

    1. If you ever want to tell us your adventures you have my full attention.

    2. I was raised and homeschooled on a (at the time, 80s) very remote bison ranch on the CO/WY border. Fantastic experience. My home was nestled in a high mountain valley that was regular flyover for the jets from F.E. Warren FB, would Wow us kiddos with sonic booms overhead. Our home was 100+ year homestead and there was never any lack of historic artifacts and spiritual ephemeral left behind. I saw many strange things in the sky, as it was basically a hobby to observe.
      As I’ve grown older I’ve become a regular camper and backpacker and hunter, and you DO see and experience weird shit out there! Two most notable experiences... I was with a boyfriend at a notable viewing point for the Leonid meteor showers, lounging in his truck bed while he played guitar. This was a trailhead we were very familiar with and an area that we spent numerous times camping. While there phantom lights appeared, ground level. The mountainside was behind us and we were facing a plain. The lights appeared on the plain and started to circle us... difficult to explain. They would flash on and off and started to encircle our peripheral. We attempted to figure it out logically, lost hikers.... dumb hicks in ATVs?... silent but the lights relentlessly encircled us. It was about midnight. Mountain ravens started to land around our vehicle and kaw at us, particularly unusual, and my partner lost his wits and made us run for it and drove out of there like a bat out of hell... a very skeptical and condescending man at that.

      My other (referenced) instance I was alone, lived in a house just outside of my town and on the edge of a wide expanding plain just before it juts up against the Rockies. I noticed a bright orange light on a January winter night. Sometimes, the frozen atmosphere can change how close things look, but I knew the closest gas station, store or street lamp was at least ten miles away. As I watched it, it quickly moved overhead but I estimate an acres field away stopped and morphed... so bizarre! It morphed from a dim orange light into a diamond of bright white light, I’ve never seen anything act that way, and the closest description I can think of is how an arc welder can transform a bead quickly. It was so disconcerting that I actually ran inside and hid just before it passed over my head. Honestly, I thought it would fry me if I stayed.

      Drop in the bucket, but an honest response since you asked.

    3. Mary Lee, reading your 2nd description I immediately thought of "The Mandela Effect", specifically how It's supposed impossibility is summed up in It's celebrated manifestation through, mainly, pop-cult trivialities, & to most folk whether It's Berenstein/Berenstain "whatever" etc. is an absurdity, but like "Close Encounters" such as yours details are few, far between & fleeting especially in an "empirical" sense (a soul just has to "be there"), & what is really the greatest conspiracy besides the claim of "Mandela Effect" & UFO phenonmena pooh-poohers to consider & present themselves as rational beings wholly devoid of anything akin to (being prone to) "tin foil hattery" such as even having been visited by odd lights in the sky - let alone wanting to discuss such things (besides mocking them of course)?

      That 1st of your notable experiences though would shatter those rigidly ritualising that which they believe is rational (but isn't at all), perhaps such a possibilt occurs subconciously & reinforces the grip on "reason".


    4. Dang it, I have typed you my story twice to have it disappear! Thanks for yours, nd I will try later.

    5. Any way when I was around 8 and living in a ghost town in the UP of Michigan 50 miles from KI Sawyer getting boomed regularly, my friend and I saw a glowing orange 2 layer cake shaped object that dimmed to nothing when a car came by and then zipped off like a star, a point of light. Similar in color and behavior to yours. Unexplainable.

    6. Maybe "They Live!" (1988) is a documentary and the Reptilians who run everything are The Deep State.This would explain much about how the Intel-Mic run our mainstrean media culture,switch to digital,5G,Spirit Cooking and the 100s of thousands of missing children each year in USA.And why the average American acts pretty much like a corporate mind controlled Zombie.

  23. @ Moses H: You forgot the Blue Space Chickens, our benevolent avian space overlords come to save us from ourselves. Just ask Corey Goode and David Wilcox.

    1. No doubt they are blue from eating all that moss the comet left in the Hellmouth hole. Gas music from Jupiter, indeed!

  24. Another notable legend of the San Luis Valley is the “lady in blue”, a Franciscan nun from Spain that possibly bi-located to the valley in the 1600s. The communities have many murals to her. I’m sure you can find some synchs to this mystery.


  25. The immediate body of water Our Lady and Company were in-canting to:
    The River "Orwell" which meets the ocean only after conjoining with the River Stour (Old English for: Dust forming a cloud.) In my minds eye the voices of the Clarion Call singing rolling chords of tritones are perfectly described in those two words.

    1. Ipswich is a ditch & "A River Runs Through It", (wiki:) 'In the name Orwell, Or- comes from an ancient river-name — probably pre-Celtic; but -well probably indicates an Anglo-Saxon naming. In A tour through England and Wales written in 1722, Daniel Defoe calls the river "Orwel" (though does this inconsistently). He also mentions that "a traveller will hardly understand me, especially a seaman, when I speak of the River Stour and the River Orwell at Harwich, for they know them by no other names than those of Maningtre-Water, and Ipswich-Water". The writer Eric Blair chose the pen name under which he would later become famous, "George Orwell", because of his love for the river.'

      It's flowing 'into the North Sea at Felixstowe the UK's largest container port' emphasises water as trade, enrichment, exploration & experimentation enabler.

      Considering the ever alien demographics of Ipswich these days (as with the rest of the English island) the riverside dwelling "loud speaking" protestor, likely not a "local", could be forgiven for having trouble understanding commemorations to the dead, not withstanding the recontextualised use "Clarion" serves in offering to something else "other".


    2. & To get to Rendlesham, via Ipswich, a soul has to drive through Woodbridge, Brian Eno's spawning town, a river, The Deben (wiki: 'Both the river-name and the name of the village of Debenham are of uncertain origin and relationship, but one theory (of several on offer) is that the river's name was originally Dēope meaning 'the deep one''), runs through It.

      Woodbridge is located next to the greatest ever find of an Anglo-Saxon burial site in the entirety of the land, which includes a buried ship. The British Library is currently running an exhibition titled: "Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms Art, Word, War" until February 19th 2019 which includes jewellery of a kind to have been buried with the Sutton Hoo dead.


    3. "Deben"... "Deep One"... "Demon".

  26. On the subject of being "spaced-out" & "up to something", my weekend visit to London, which included a trip to the "London Mithraeum" at the "Bloomberg Space" (more on this at a later date), was spooked by the occasional apparition of the "Rocketman*" himself, "Elton John", covering one eye on the capital's rag "The Evening Standard" promoting their "Christmas" fund raising appeal in aid of those suffering the effects of hiv, hiv+, aids & related phenomena.

    Not all those who cum to be afflicted so are so because of "lifestyle choices", & not all are of the demographic that has a tendency to behave in such a way as to significantly increase their risk of being infected due to their "hedonistic imperative", but as with the subject of "Bohemian Rhapsody" the deletrious & life extinguishing effects & consequences of behaviours prone to resulting in hiv infection was little if not entirely absent from the appeal for assistance, sympathy & donation. No worries now though eh when we can all be "gene therapy" cured of/protected (at conception & before) from such infections, at the very least such a possibility will give anyone receiving a blood transfusion in flaming California grounds for something akin to optimism.

    "Rocketman" is the title of next year's to-be released biopic of "John", the rendering of the title features 2 pentagrams, in the "O" & the "A" no less & the trailer a levitating audience as "Rocketman" sings the title-song*.

    Regarding silver-screened delusions of space-fairing experimentation & would-be star-making grandeur the new poster for "Captain Fantastic", I mean "Captain Marvel", (on which "Brie Larson", still not smiling, looks more "Angelic" than ever) is a full on blue / orange/red assault on the eyes. An invite to one of "John's" bashes must surely be on her cards, if "Larson's" not already made her way to that level of initiation, but if this is the case, as with her Marvel-made role played, would she remember her pre-star-made life?

    (*Kate Bush coveed "Rocketman" on her "The Red Shoes" album, a direct reference to the film of the same name celebrating the trials, tribulations & celebrations of the performing of dance & the making of art. Prince was also featured on "TRS", the track "Why Should I Love You?", according to a commentor on the prince dot org site "The Purple One" thanks Bush on the liner notes to his "Diamonds & Pearls" album.)


    1. & brainwash as star-making ritual is the not so sub(merged)-text that "Captain Marvel" celebrates.

      Why does Hollywood keep on remaking "A Star is Born" in hybrid form? My guess? It's the only tail "dreamland" is familiar with & the box-office blockbusting bonus of It's insight is that It's constant retelling profits the continual star-(re)birthing as a star-birth in & of Itself - the star of stars even in this eon of fakery, dress-up & make-believe presented, via pop-cult bootcamp, & taken as fated destiny/at the very worst just a bit of fun & escapism to any "cynics" & "killjoys" out-there.


  27. Come with me and you'll be
    In a world of pure imagination

    under the silver lake

  28. Any other Secret Sun readers reading this live in Denver?

  29. "Brightest Comet of the Year" 2018 Comet 46P/Wirtanen will be closest to the Sun on Dec.12th and closest to the Earth on Dec.16th."Night of the Comet" (1984) http://rottentomatoes.com/m/night_of_the_comet 80s cult classic: Night of the Comet is getting redone by Orion Pictures.

  30. Hi Chris,
    Speaking of Space, what are your thoughts about the return of Area 51 leaker Bob Lazar after all this time? It sorta feels like old home week.

  31. Hi Chris,
    Speaking of Space, what are your thoughts about the return of Area 51 leaker Bob Lazar after all this time? It sorta feels like old home week.

  32. According to Westborians "GOD HATES FAGS" does this mean "GOD HATES THOSE THAT ALLOW FAGS TO BE FAGS" leaving them untreated & free to spread? (& by spread I mean in the sense of the state & corporate attempt at propagandising the manifestation of the rainbow-warriorisation of Humanity into meatspace, & the actual medical experimentation to physically do so.)

    Considering "GODS" "Angels" It may not be so fussy as to what floats It's boat & gets to have a go blasting about & shooting through the ether & the firmament as things that could be mistaken for being a "Rocketman".


    1. God hates everyone. So while they are technically correct they are not as accurate as a stopped clock. What corporations and governments do is no different than what they do with any other part of culture. They coopt any trend with legs in order to advance their own agenda. Don't worry, they will just as happily get back in line behind the next genocidal maniac, sponsor "purity" marches and sell gas chamber themed breakfast cereal. Just as soon as the demand rises.

    2. Yeah "GODS" love is certainly of the tough variety even "Amen" doesn't work as a "safe word", #godtoo.

      But get this what if the gayfrogisation of Humanity is the "genocidal" "gas chamber"? Bonus is some "breakfast" comes in liquidised form "these days".


    3. Perhaps we are heading towards some sort of collapse or genocide. There is no way of knowing or predicting the form of something like that.

      The point is that a lot of what is worried about is provoked by people who just manipulate any fear or emotional response for personal gain in the callous "false gnosis" that none of what they do really makes any difference. Because daddy will clean everything up for them whether daddy is the capital g dude or the small g dude paid to pretend to run a country.

      What lies post post-truth? Reality is what you can get away with and the only way to work out what you can't get away with is to do it and find out. Put those traditional values in your pipe and smoke them.

    4. The only "post-truth" notion is the notion of "post-truth".

    5. Truth was never something available for us. Least of all in the occult truths which are just untruths that fewer people have bothered to find fault with. So in that case the idea of post-truth is just as false as anything else and not at all an "only" example of anything. Perhaps what they mean is that many people no longer even pretend to care about whether something is true or not. It means basically nothing to them if words represent anything other than their own emotional state. I stubbed my toe on the chair and feel angry therefore we must invade Poland to liberate the woodlice and so on.

    6. Silent Spring = Big Chem

  33. Here is url of recent posting from another blogger; citing recent Bush family affairs; possible rituals; and events in space. Definitely has a flavor and tone reminiscent of your work, Chris:


  34. I got a funny feeling Sully the Dog (the unfortunate companion of the not-nearly-long-enough-since-departed George HW Bush) is referring to something important, given the amount that the media is pushing him. It's not the dog's fault of course, he's the only good Bush there is.

    1. http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2018/12/bush41-was-excremental-planetoid-roiled.html

  35. "Ironically, it struck me tonight that I have far more compelling evidence that UFOs are real than I do that NASA has ever sent a single scrap of steel out past the troposphere. I mean, I've gotten very good looks at flying objects (see masthead) I couldn't identify. Can you say the same about NASA?"


    Your comment betrays sheer ignorance, on multiple levels. Or else a practiced conceit against information that is readily checkable, as well as obeying common sense, physics, logic, and rationality.

    The average height of the troposhere ranges from about 6 km to 18 km up, depending on where you are on Earth, and what season it is.

    The V-2 rockets created in WWII reached a peak altitude of 88km. And they did this in the 1940s, years before NASA even existed as an organization. Many early NASA rockets flew much higher than 18km, all throughout the 1950s.

    Much later, the crew of Apollo 13 were at apocynthion 254 km from the lunar surface, on the far side of the Moon, and 400,171 km from Earth, the farthest any humans have been away from the planet.

    The troposphere has not been any sort of barrier to NASA rockets Chris.

    Rockets are not gnerally constructed out of steel! This is because mass is important to rocket performance, and lighter metals exist which are sufficiently strong for the task. Here is a detailed report on the materials used in the Saturn V rocket:

    Which reminds me to mention again to you that humans landed on the Moon, and returned to Earth. Here is a foto showing a Lunar Module descent stage that brought humans to the Moon within 300m of a man-made object that had landed on the Moon earlier. The foto was taken later by a third man-made objext that orbited the Moon. These are no small feats, since the average distance to the Moon is 384,400 km.

    Let's do the math Chris:
    384,400 km > 18 km.

    So, NASA rockets which traveled to the Moon went an enormously farther distance than the highest average height of Earth's troposphere, and these rockets were made of lightweight metals like aluminum alloys.

  36. Speaking of the ashes of the dead.


    And when it comes to a C-DAI, you kinda have to wonder where this fancy website/yoga program came from, seeing as how on one level it almost seems to be a parody, and OTOH also a system to prepare all our pliant vegans to assume the position for their upcoming "exploitation." Might as well get 'em conditioned to having Baphomet riding them, right?!?



    Intersectionality meets robotics in this suspiciously politically toned look at what may nevertheless reflect important cultural truths (or not). Still, change the country name "Japan" to another less-favored nation and this would almost be a hit piece.


  37. Dude....!

    ... Not only was there no quake, the signal lasted for 20 minutes and was dominated by a single incredibly low frequency that repeated every 17 seconds. Quakes normally have a range of different waves of different frequencies....

    it.(every) never. (17) ends.(seconds)

  38. I thought it was cute this year when CNN quietly walked this article out on the afternoon of 9/10/18 so that social media could hail the King of Hell all the next day long...


  39. "The only rational chess move is to triple-down on artificial intelligence and all of its enabling technologies."


    Stated like a true computer, Earth, though, is The Ultimate Luddite.


    Promoted with a snap of "Rocketman" Musk's "Space Oddity" Tesla/astronaut ("slide" 12/107).


    Mentions "cubesats" (Saturn's Cubes?) & Trevor Paglen:

    'The Nevada Museum of Art sent up a sculpture called "Orbital Reflector" by artist Trevor Paglen ... The reflective, inflatable sculpture is designed to eject from its satellite and orbit the earth "for several weeks before disintegrating upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere," the museum said.'


    'As well as the audacious landing on the planet, it will carry a range of scientific experiments. Perhaps most intriguingly of them all is a big container that includes seeds and insect eggs and hence create living things that will have been born on the Moon.'

    & regarding the emergence of "Deep Ones":


    'Experts have suggested that the cave might have been covered with snow all year round, until as recently as the 1990s, and thus lain undiscovered for thousands of years ... Rising temperatures caused by climate change could be to blame for its eventual emergence ... When a team tried to climb down inside the huge chamber in September, they descended 80m before being stopped by the flow of an underground river ... The exact location of the cave has not been revealed in order to protect the undisturbed site while officials prepare for a formal exploration and survey in 2020 ... But even if the public knew where to find the unspoiled marvel of nature, Mr Pollack said it is almost inaccessible ... “This cave is truly in the middle of nowhere. It’s out there in mountainous terrain, surrounded by glaciers and at the bottom of a 45-degree avalanche slope that rises 2,000 to 2,500ft [600-750m] above it, meaning you can’t go to it in winter. This is a wild place.” ... Ms Hickson said it was inspiring to know there was still much left of the world to discover ... “Even in this day and age, when we think we know everything and we’ve explored every place, we can be surprised.”'


  40. Some choice quotes from the ozy dot com article:

    'Human activity will almost certainly push global temperatures more than 2 degrees beyond pre-industrial levels. Even with aggressive action, some climate scientists are already suggesting it may be too late to reverse course.'

    'We need a backup plan like never before.'

    'It’s time for humanity to get serious about getting out of Dodge.'

    'Without AI, humanity’s colonization hopes do not pass “Go.”'

    'Sadly, the essential role that AI plays in our long-term survival is obfuscated by a roaring debate about automation killing jobs in the next five years.'

    'The Chinese government seems to understand this better than the rest of the world. Its AI plan is so bold, so ambitious and so well-funded that most experts acknowledge it has the potential to reshape the geopolitical landscape for generations. Perhaps they understand what many do not: AI won’t just save humanity in the future; it’s doing it now, and it has been doing it for a while.'

    'Last year, Google’s machine learning discovered a new planet using NASA’s archived Kepler data. Consider that we’ve been sitting on this data for years, but a neural network was able to discover a planet in mere minutes.'

    'Imagine that — AI had just massively reduced the time it takes to discover planets, to unravel the mysteries of the universe around us and light a path to a potential future home for our species...'

    'If you’re holding out hope that we can turn things around on Earth, the answer is pretty simple: We need more, and better, AI.'

    'If you’re less optimistic about Earth’s prospects, AI is already playing a role in microbiome research, which might hold answers to the most daunting block to long-term human space travel: human physiology ...it’s going to come down to AI to accelerate this research.'

    'It’s increasingly evident: Whether on Earth or in space, any solution to climate change, fight or flight, begins with AI.'

    & on that last quote in particular I bet that's what all the previous hosts said.


    1. China's AI is fed nearly-extinct Tiger's Penis,African Rhino and Elephant tusks to maintain an erection.

    2. Artificial Intelligence : "AI" is just a 'Codeword' for "Archon Demonic Possession".

    3. https://news.sky.com/story/china-hopes-to-grow-potatoes-on-far-side-of-the-moon-in-space-mission-11574593

      'The Chang'e-4 lunar probe was launched on a Long March 3B rocket from the southwestern Xichang launch centre, and is expected to reach its destination sometime around the turn of the year.' ... 'Ten experiments - six from China and four from abroad - include planting potatoes and other seeds.'

      "Long March" / "potatoes and other seeds", moonshot as escape & retreat that comes to serve as base of operations, victory & expansion?


      'The moon's far side is also known as the dark side because it faces away from Earth and remains comparatively unknown, with a different composition from sites on the near side, where previous missions have landed.' ... 'It will also perform radio-astronomical studies that, because the far side always faces away from Earth, will be “free from interference from our planet's ionosphere, human-made radio frequencies and auroral radiation noise,”'

      What do they want to signal to & what lurks in the deep cast shadow of the moon?


      ''Elon and I had a beautiful relationship, and we have a beautiful friendship now, one that was based on our core values. Intellectual curiosity, ideas and conversation, a shared love for science.' ... ''We just bonded on a lot of things that speak to who I am on the inside. I have so much respect for him.'' ... 'The Aquaman star said: 'I've had an amazing life, and I've had the good fortune to have some amazing people come into my life.'

      Amber Heard Grimes Musk, Heard's hair's dyed an unnaturally luminescent shade of red for her role as "Mera", the siren/consort of "Aquaman" in the film of the same name currently "torpedoing" the Chinese box-office.


      A would-be surrealist masterpiece is linking (via clickbait headline (is It really clickbait though?)) Beyoncé (a global superstar & as global meaning all over the globe, Bey being the embodiment of globalism even) with notions of their being such a thing as a "racist society" - especially one, such as say Britain for example - that was used as stepping stone to globalise the very world the likes of Bey predicate themselves on, unless of course what's being gaslit here is the hint that globalism is racist in the sense of Its being antiHuman. Bonus points for the inclusion of a photo of "the P-Funk Mothership" having landed in LA 1977 at least that doesn't look "faked" & no need for cgi reconstructions to explain "light sources" etc. ..."whitey on the moon"?


  41. Hey Chris, a little off topic but I wanted to know if the title of the blog has anything to do with Saturn?

    1. I came across some research about Saturn being worshiped as the sun in ancient times. The story goes that the planets in our solar system only settled in their current positions recently and Saturn use to be closer to the earth. So all the sun worshipping religions from ancient times were actually were actually worshipping saturn. So I kinda thought the title of the blog was hinting at that.

    2. Oh yeah, I get it. Some people believe that Saturn was *the* planetary body called "The Sun" at some point in the furthest flung human history when this belief is supposedly cited in ancient texts and writings. This apparent 'confusion' with our forebears assertions about what shines brightly in the sky and warms us seems kind of absurd on the surface, but then again who knows? Maybe there was something to it before the cosmos was turned on its ear when planets where destroyed and orbits were changed as a result? Something weird must have happened but possibly in a time we can't even imagine in a past we haven't considered as real.

      I've always wondered why there has been so much interest in things in the sky that we can barely see with the unaided eye aside from making up figures and attributing mythological images to the grouping of the little shiny dots. The only motivation that makes any sense to me is that something really bad came from that direction that traumatized our species so hard that it remains an obsession to this very day.

      So, for someone looking in on your blog for the first time, 'The Secret Sun' could, for them, be a reference to that ancient description of Saturn as our actual Sun.

      This is the secret of the Secret-Secret-Secret Sun.

    3. The Saturn Myth


  42. Interesting take on Bush, Shrub (Bush Jr.) and Osiris Rex:
    "Three days later, on 3 December 2018, NASA's OSIRIS-REx craft (literally "King Osiris") arrived at asteroid 101955 Bennu - I shit you not. The asteroid is almost perfectly cube-shaped and it stretches credulity that this object is natural. The craft is currently preparing to perform several touch-and-go maneuvers to sample the object's surface and return the material to Earth. Curiously, the OSIRIS-REx will wait until 4 July 2020, to begin sampling the surface of Bennu. Note the date and year."


  43. Speaking of NASA & space exploration, anyone been watching George RR Martin's "Nightflyers" on Syfy? I think the 3rd ep. just aired...Its an adaptation of a novella Martin wrote years ago. Science-Fiction/Horror story about exploration & alien contact with lots of transhumanist subtext:



    George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers asks whether humanity deserves to be saved

    "In the first episode of Syfy’s new series Nightflyers, Karl D’Branin (Eoin Macken), head of a scientific expedition meant to intercept an alien spaceship and establish first contact, talks with xenobiologist Rowan (Angus Sampson) about the mission. Karl views the incredible energy given off by the ship as mankind’s salvation, but Rowan expects the aliens haven’t responded to repeated messages from Earth because they don’t want to talk.

    “Any beings that intelligent would see the human race for what we are,” he says. “We’re a virus that has killed its host and is looking for a new host to infect… They’re probably going to exterminate us.”

    Science fiction typically portrays aliens either as evil forces looking to conquer Earth or as benevolent beings helping humans along the path to enlightenment. Nightflyers stands apart because it asks which form of extraterrestrial contact humanity deserves. Loosely based on George R.R. Martin’s 40-year-old novella of the same name, Nightflyers is set in 2093, as humanity looks to colonize the stars to escape their plague-ravaged home..."

    1. Is Humanity a "virus" or is Humanity susceptible to some kind of "alien" influence, akin to a virus, that turns Its host against Itself & Its Home?

      Do all Humans "deserve" to be wiped out? What of those who haven't, as yet, succumbed to the antiHuman/Life virus?

      This toxic notion of Humanity being unworthy of existing, so regularly celebrated by pop-culture (& not just by sci-fi dystopia, the likes of "Law & Order" for starters also act as ennervation) is a symptom of the antiHuman machination.

      "Trust No One" states the "Nightflyers" trailer, howabout Trust No pop-culture?


    2. Indeed. & you got right to the core of what I meant when I said "transhumanist subtext". I.e. humanity as it exists is treated like a problem to be managed. Or solved. Or eliminated. Or transcended. Usually with technological assistance.

      A very good argument against transhumanism from an economist:


      "Being an economist, I am fortunately believing to some extent in the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith that he predicted to reign markets in the end. That is, I am pretty sure that all the exaggerated tech-promises of Transhumanists will be disillusioned at some point. There is no more security with a chip and no true protection against death or illness. Consumers will realize this and turn away. Already now, the number of people who Transhumanists contemptuously call “bio-conservatives” are raising; as does the number of people who bring some spirituality into their lives (i.e. through yoga, meditation, religion, etc.) or recognize for themselves what counts and what doesn’t. "


      "Just consider this one example: Start-uppers and even IEEE Spectrum now promote a technology called “Transcranial Direct Stimulation” coming in the form of caps you can put on your head to stimulate your brain. They sell it as a way to get rid of depression; perhaps increase your mental capabilities. A typical transhumanistic technology. In truth, 39 scientists have been warning of this technology in the Annals of Neurology (Vol. 80, Issue 1, 2016) saying that there is little evidence on the effects of this technology that can be detrimental for users and lead to unpredictable emotional or intellectual outcomes. I think there is no doubt about who to believe is right here. The money-makers or the scientists? But not everyone is reading the Annals of Neurolgy and so many innocent and perhaps desperate people riding the wave of tech-craze will fall prey to false promises of this kind. It is the unpredictably large number of human victims of Transhumanism that I am concerned about; the vulnerability of our species that we should not play around with."

    3. The movie 'Upgrade', released earlier this year & which could have been titled 'Demon Seed 2: I Know Kung Fu', had It's "entertaining" moments.


  44. On a side note; 2019 color of the year was just revealed....

    1. "The Yellow Vest" leads Paris Fashion Trends for Winter/Spring 2019.

    2. "color intelligence"

      "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge"

      "Vibrant, yet mellow PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment."

      So "color" as conduit & the "parent company" of "Pantone" calls Itself "X-Rite", "Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan", the owner, a "Danahar Corporation", has its probing fingers in a number of "environmental/applied solutions", "life sciences", "diagnostics" & "dental" ("pearly whites") pies.


  45. And so we begin. Get ready for the Butlerian Jihad.

    "DeepMind's AlphaZero now showing human-like intuition in historical 'turning point' for AI

    eepMind’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as ‘turning point’ in history.

    The computer system amazed the world last year when it mastered the game of chess from scratch within just four hours, despite not being programmed how to win.

    But now, after a year of testing and analysis by chess grandmasters, the machine has developed a new style of play unlike anything ever seen before, suggesting the programme is now improvising like a human."


    1. Just as humans have elites, so to will AI, with the chess player AIs their own "best and brightest" seeking to advance their minds exponentially, while the grunt work is left to what I call Artificial Stupidity. My first encounter with AS was a financial company that tried to automate every document it received via OCR and got stumped repeatedly on handwriting recognition. Our chess-playing AIs will never stoop to fixing such problems, unless of course sufficient cash, credits, processing power or whatever it is AI values, is exchanged. Cos you just know they're original programming includes some sort of greed/efficiency/optimization outcomes.

      Like botched OCR, no one died at Amazon from this stupid robot so it may not get an upgrade any time soon. Unless maybe the AI lawyers step in.


      "an automated machine accidentally punctured a 9-ounce bear repellent can, releasing concentrated Capsaican,"

      And now plant-robots are a thing.


      More on the CRISPR baby controversy.


    2. What "improvovisations" will gynoids come up with?


      'A new study found that sex with robots is morally fine … if you’re single.' ... 'This study comes after news that sex doll brothels are popping up around the world, and perhaps soon, the US. In October, Houston authorities blocked an attempt to open the first brothels featuring sex dolls.'

      "Houston, we have a problem"

      I'd say Katy Pearly's new album will be a "celebration" of gynoid-liberation & Humanity extermination but isn't that what her entire oeuvre's about?


  46. Hybrid signals = the baddest of bad omens:


    'The romantic drama faces tough competition from a slew of big hitters'

    "dominates" / "tough competition", so which is It?

    "The film rounded off its nominations haul with Original Song for Shallow"

    "Shallow" is the reeling "hook" of "ASiB2018", does the title elude, splicingly, to the "shallows" of the emptying bottles of booze Cooper's role drowns in only to later commit suicide by hanging thus resulting in Gaga's final star-birthed form? (Gaga has stated that "Ally" only becomes a star at the end of "ASiB2018" & that she channeled the death of a friend into her final song performance, the friend dying the day the final scene of "ASiB2018" was scheduled to shoot, a song sung to commemmorate her fallen star deceased movie husband.)

    More orb glow:

    "Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama', 'Glenn Close - The Wife, Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born, Nicole Kidman - Destroyer, Melissa McCarthy - Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Rosamund Pike - A Private War"

    "Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama, Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born, Willem Dafoe - At Eternity’s Gate, Lucas Hedges - Boy Erased, Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody ..."

    The juxtaposition of these titles is a star-birthing tail in & of Itself.


  47. Chariots of The Gods / Stargate Theme Park in Blackpool UK - https://www.visitblackpool.com/latest-news/%C2%A3300m-leisure-development-revealed-for-blackpool-c/

  48. I have nothing to add. I just need an occational dip in the comments section of this marvellous piece of work. I wish I had the time and energy to help spread these readings to a wider audience but where do you even begin? How do you popularize synchromystic interpretation of pop? I want more people to look into this than into their screens but I all do is screen this blog every so often. Oh sweet irony. Tnx CK.

  49. That Illinois Capitol rotunda outrage though. #Democracyatwork

  50. "The magical moment a photographer spotted a rare white reindeer in the snow"


    I think you could fill another entire blog post with all of these recent "rare white animal" sightings and what it is supposed to mean.

  51. Seems Unknown frequencies are being misidentified as Earthquakes by usgs.The "USBS" agency just deleted all memory of a large 6+ Earthquake near Northfolk Island Australia.The "phantom quake" was said to of been registered at a depth of 6.2 miles.Maybe,this was similar to the Mayotte frequency. http://www.thebigwobble.org/2018/12/a-major-quake-that-never-was-or-was-but.html

  52. The December edition of New Scientist juxtaposes "Special Report: First Gene-Edited Babies" & "Welcome to a New Age of Humanity" with "Alan Moore The Watchman Author Talks Science and Eternity", "Plus Celestial Satnav/Spidermilk/Asteroid Rendevouz".

  53. How is Peter Lavenda a deep state player? Not criticizing. I love your work. I'm just curious and have never heard that one before.