Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Skies Are Still Speaking

So a new movie popped up on Netflix, one I'd actually been waiting to see. It's called The Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs and it's a documentary about a California-based filmmaker and musician named Christo Rappolo who's been taking videos of strange objects in the sky in his hometown of Monterey.

From Motherboard:
He was at home with his younger brother when a creature that looked like Bullwinkle emerged from a glowing ambulance and pressed itself against the window of his bedroom...  
"[The alien] told me it was going to give me a little bite on the nose, but when I woke up everything would be okay," Roppolo told Motherboard. "For a long time after that, I didn't even want to go to sleep, but as a kid I didn't place too much significance on what had happened. As I got older, I started to realize that it wasn't just a dream."
 Although thousands of miles and five decades separate Roppolo from his childhood home in the suburbs of Cleveland, the extraterrestrial encounters never stopped...Roppolo did what any filmmaker would do—he grabbed his video camera and started shooting his encounters.
Rappolo linked up with a young filmmaker named Justin Gaar in the hopes of shaping the stacks of videos he'd taken into some kind of workable documentary. At first blush, Gaar wasn't terribly impressed with the source material:
"I honestly watched maybe an hour's worth [of Roppolo's footage] and was like what is this?" Garr told Motherboard. "It's really just hours and hours of him going 'what the fuck is that fucking shit?' and pointing at blinking dots in the sky. My mind wasn't entirely open to what it was."

Rappolo, boasting a strange charisma and seemingly endless reserves of energy, got to work on Gaar, sending tapes to him until a meeting was finally arranged:
"We went to dinner and the whole time [Roppolo] is looking up at the sky for stuff," said Garr. "He'd keep talking about UFOs and aliens as if they're right there with us in the room. The he told me about his family and I knew there was a narrative here." 
Roppolo's troubled past really began when his dad was killed in a drunk driving accident while Roppolo was working his way through culinary school.  
After the accident, Roppolo and his brother came into a significant sum of money as a result of the settlement…Roppolo spent a portion of his money on filmmaking equipment and with $10,000 produced his first major film, a remake of the classic 1964 gore film, The Flesh Eaters.
Rappolo began working the horror convention circuit with his movie and started making friends and connections. The sun seemed to be shining and Hollywood seemed ripe for the plucking. Horror was experiencing a boom and Rappolo was primed and ready to surf the wave. And then real-life horror intruded on the success story:
Shortly after its release Roppolo learned that his brother had stolen $129,000 from his bank account... this would soon turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg on Roppolo's downward slide.
And so Rappolo was initiated into the life of the prophet, with all that portends. Life got out its meat-hammer and got to work on the talented young filmmaker and musician, who'd thought he'd been living the American Dream. But strangely enough some old friends came back into his life during his hour of need:
"Whenever [Roppolo] was having emotional trauma in his life, it was always reflected in his ability to find the UFOs," Gaar said. "I sort of hypothesized that maybe some of this is psychological, but then also I don't know what the fuck that stuff is that he's videotaping. Some of it you can immediately write off and some of it is really hard to reason through."
And there's the UFO conundrum in a nutshell. It shouldn't make any sense, you should be able to write it all off. And just when you're about to, it jumps out of nowhere and bites you in the ass. 

And after a while it can wear down the resolve of even the most hardened skeptics (though not the most delusional debunkers, of course):

Although Gaar was only able to find breaks from work to visit Roppolo on occasion during the two years it took to film Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs, he was still treated to a few UFO sightings himself. The strangest sighting, which is detailed in the film, is still inexplicable to Gaar and he has little interest in trying to get to the bottom of it.
Given how jam-packed our skies are with technological junk it only makes sense that we look for other explanations for the massive amount of sightings that Rappolo has documented, especially in light of the extremely spooky Northern California neighborhood in which he lives:
"I didn't end up pursuing this, but I had a theory about a couple of the sightings," said Gaar. "There are military installations near [Roppolo] and Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks—a pretty secret experimental aviation place—is located only so far south of Monterey. So I was going to get kind of scientific with it, but decided not to. The film was never about that."
Which is a very good theory. But in light of some of the objects that have been captured on film, a really disturbing one. We're way past the point of fixed-wing stealth aircraft here. 

But there's another possibility as well- the military installations are attracting, shall we say, more exotic kinds of attention from parties unknown. It could very well be a two-way street. 

Just putting that out there.

So what good does all this UFO obsessing do Christos Rappolo? Well, look at this way- this obsession got him a starring role in a major documentary, one that's been very well-received and is currently front-paged on Netflix. 

For a guy trying to get back on the horse in the movie business that's a very big boost indeed, believe it. So if he sees the Space Brothers as his family, they seem to be helping him out more than his blood relations ever did.

Click to enlarge- note UFO IS IN CLOUD CEILING 
(2500 feet that night)

I was thinking about Monterey, its history and its place in the San Francisco-Big Sur axis and how that all plays into the overarching dramas of both The Nine and Lucifer's Technologies, stories we've talked so much about here. If there's a place I'd expect to see aliens interested in, that area ranks pretty high on the list.

I was thinking about this quite a bit after I finished watching the movie and took the dogs out. And just when I was about to go back in, I looked to the west and saw a plane come up over the clouds. It seemed a bit large and I hadn't yet heard its engines, but that's nothing unusual. Hundreds of planes fly over the house, morning, noon and night, every day of the year, no big deal.

But then it stopped

Planes don't stop. When planes stop they fall out of the sky.

Helicopter? No. The lights were in a linear pattern, like on a wingspan. So it couldn't have been a drone either.

And why wasn't it moving? Optical illusion? The cloud cover was low (the ceiling was 2500 feet), dense and dark so I don't think I was looking at an object in the distance (or a star or planet, obviously). And after a few minutes the optical illusion theory doesn't really wash.

And then the lights started pulsing, red to green to white. Not like navigation lights, more like a weird pulse. Then it would seem to rise straight up to the ceiling or recede, but this could well have been a function of the cloud cover shifting. All I know is that it looked off.

Preview in camera

I was just about to get my wife when she came out on the porch. "Get your camera," I said.

She had her iPhone and took burst shots of the object. Unfortunately my son moved out and took his telephoto-lens camera with him, the one he bought shortly after filming three UFOs with his crappy old iPhone. 

Which is par for the course when it comes to the UFO phenomenon. "Get the worst camera you own," as the skeptics sneer, means "get out the perfectly decent camera you use for ordinary, everyday photography." Most people don't have 6-inch telephoto lenses kicking around the house and don't know much about taking photos of objects in the distant night sky. 

Which is to say that my wife got her digital camera, which is good, but is meant for taking closeups in bright light. Most of the photos didn't pick out anything at all.

I got my iPad and began fumbling to describe what we were seeing, which was a highly unusual structured craft hovering in the west, seeming to move at odd intervals in lateral patterns- like a L-shape- but then return to its original hovering position without you even realizing it had returned. I recorded four videos but couldn't only get the first to upload. UFOs, innit?

I also PM'd a friend while it was all going down, which is helpful here in order to timestamp it all for you:††

[2/24/17 12:24:56 AM] Chris Knowles:  We have a serious flying saucer over our neighborhood
[2/24/17 12:25:08 AM] Chris Knowles: It's been hovering
[2/24/17 12:25:22 AM] Chris Knowles: 15 minutes at least
[2/24/17 12:25:38 AM] Chris Knowles: Now it's gone again
[2/24/17 12:25:52 AM] Chris Knowles: My wife got pictures
[2/24/17 12:26:01 AM] Chris Knowles: But the light is crap
[2/24/17 12:26:18 AM] Chris Knowles: Definitely a structured craft
[2/24/17 12:26:33 AM] Chris Knowles: Line of lights changing red green white

Having researched drones I can say that this didn't resemble any of the commercially available models. In fact its profile doesn't seem feasible for hover-capable drone technology at all.* 

There was no sound or evidence of propellers. It also- contrary to the photos taken with camera lens designed for selfies and snapshots- looked big-- like, airplane big-- and high from the ground (you can see that it was up at the cloud ceiling and a commercial drone would be totally invisible at that height). When I first saw it it looked like a saucer, but that may have been because I was viewing it full face, with the light profile forming a linear pattern.

When we looked at the photos- such as they are-- the object definitely appeared to be chevron-shaped, a well-known type of UFO that has been reported for a number of years, including during the Phoenix Lights flap. In fact, the Kenneth Arnold sighting was actually of chevrons and not saucers.

What's even weirder is that the lights seem to gradate, meaning the color seems to going through a prism effect with the lamps themselves. That could be an artifact of the low-rez imagery or some kind of LED technology, since it looked from a distance like it was cycling red-green-white. But it was weird.

All in all the object was visible for at least 20 minutes. Strangely enough my daughter woke up while we were outside and came out to see it herself. This is now her second UFO sighting. We didn't record her first sighting, but as it happens we didn't have to.

What were we looking at? Gordon seems to think it was some kind of breakaway tech being taken out for a joyride.  All I can say is that if "They" have that kind of technology then we're in a hell of a lot more trouble than you dared think.


I keep checking to see if this thing has been reported online- and have even been in contact with the head of the state MUFON chapter (he's very interested in the sighting)- but it was awful late and the area it was seen over is mostly wooded.

But I go on instinct as a general rule. 

I think the unconscious mind is constantly collating information that our puny conscious mind can't possibly hope to and feeds signals to the rest of our brain-- such as our HPA axis-- in order to ensure our biological survival-- the fight or flight mechanism, among others. It's able to process data our conscious attention can't hope to.

Low-rez, but you can clearly see the chevron shape
and prismatic lights

And I have to say that this object-- whatever it was-- deeply unsettled me. I can't really call it fear, something much more complex and layered than that. More like a deep sense of dislocation.

I've had a handful of sightings but this the first actual structured craft I've seen that I couldn't assign a mundane explanation to.  It wasn't some passing will-o-the-wisp; it sat there for at least twenty minutes, easily visible- and recorded- from my god-damned front porch. If we only had that damn telephoto lens it would have been the scoop of the year.

I checked last night but the object didn't seem to return. I didn't really expect it to. If it had I'd be more likely to assign a mundane explanation to it.  

It could be some secret technology from some Air Force hangar somewhere**, but what the hell was it doing over this area? And why did it seem to appear at the stroke of midnight, aka "the Witching Hour?"º That gave the whole event a ritualistic polish, from my vantage point at least.

And weirdest of all, why did it appear not five minutes after I finished watching a documentary on a man-- with whom I could definitely identify-- who records impossible objects in the sky on a regular basis?†

This is the enigma of the UFO phenomenon. It has every reason in the world not to persist and yet it does. Why? Because people keep seeing- and recording- things that can't be explained. 

You have every good reason in the world to ignore it-- "UFOlogy," first and foremost among them-- but enter into its deeper mysteries and it will leave you questioning almost everything around you. And as researchers have noticed for almost 50 years now, it seems to reach straight into your life and rearrange space and time in ways that seem to tell you larger, deeper stories.

Just ask Christo Rappolo.

UPDATE: Another of my Rendlesham-style reports.

NOTES: I should also add that this happened just a little over a year after the X-Files finale, when another extremely odd event was recorded on these premises. Extremely odd events are getting a little too familiar around these parts.

I wrote about chevrons a number of years back, in relation to my own childhood issues:
I've talked at length about my feverish leprechaun hallucination, which I remember most clearly because it came late in the game. The hallucinations began when I started getting bad ear infections, probably around 8 or 9 years-old. But there is one hallucination from that period that I remember quite well- too well- but have never talked about because it frankly sounds pretty stupid. It was summer, probably around July '74 and I was very sick. I had an hallucination that I was being attacked by a giant chevron. 
Right- attacked by a giant upside down V. Yeah, I know, believe me. 

†† I kept saying over the neighborhood but it was actually in the west, maybe a half-mile away.

* I know about the Facebook drone, but that is a propeller driven unmanned airplane, one which performed rather badly on its testflight in December.

º When it appeared to recede into due west, it would have overflew Aleister Crowley's final resting place.

**McGuire AFB is about 2 hours away by car but is an operations base, not a testing facility.

† And I'd been thinking about UFOs and High Weirdness in general this past week in the context of its relevance in a society straining towards civil war.


  1. Yeah, it's the timing of these things that fascinates me. I mean, either it knew you were coming or you knew it was coming. Either way the implications are pretty spectacular. There's obviously some reality - psyche alignment occurring here that goes beyond conventional linear notions of time and space. This reminds me in an odd way of an experience I had after I wrote my latest blog post - A Work of Fire; a short story featuring Crowley and the theme of fire from heaven. After I posted it I was standing at my lounge window and said a thank you out loud to my muses for helping me write the story. In the next instant a shooting star came streaking across the sky over the roof of my house and seemed to burn up before it touched the Earth. I know it wasn't a firework because it was too fast and fell from far too high. It was definitely a shooting star/meteor. I was utterly floored, needless to say. Not UFOS but definitely that flavour of somehow being navigated into the exact right place at the exact right time. Of all the synchs and Weirdness that occurred around that story that was the most explicit and unbelievable. So I wonder, what forces aligned to turn your evening into such a spectacular work of "fiction"? I mean, if you put that in a screenplay they'd tell you it was too cheesy, too on the nose. Yet it happened. Weirdness abounds.

    1. I agree, not seeking to diminish the experience, probably the opposite of that in fact. Its like a demonstration of power by the subconscious mind. You turn off your conscious mind well enough; ( chris has practiced this in various ways i would contest; and given it near continuous thought) and you may find yourself in the Intersection Zone of more than one reality.your physical cells are like, 'we're not supposed to be hear, and you experience dread and awe and any number of other emotions and feelings. Super Duper interesting particularly in light of 'The O.A' which I enjoyed thoroughly. I put the link to my blog post about these types of events at the facebook page if anyone thinks they are on the same page with my 'Maybes'. Good for you Chris.

    2. Timing is everything, as they say. I don't know why this particular documentary might have triggered an event but at the same time there's no objective reason to believe it did. There may be a number of other factors that could play into the synchronicity factor as well. In the end it's entirely subjective but if you get the results you're after then mission accomplished. Thanks for weighing in with this, guys.

  2. Re: "And weirdest of all, why did it appear not five minutes after I finished watching a documentary on a man-- with whom I could definitely identify-- who records impossible objects in the sky on a regular basis?"
    Synchronicity would be my answer.
    The synchronicity phenomena is probably weirder than the UFO phenomena and just as mind-boggling when it comes to this world we live in.

    1. It is indeed. I was originally going to preface the title with "Sync Log" but thought it was a bit too lengthy to warrant that. Thanks, Darren.

  3. Great article, Chris, and very timely. Now, the rationalist Occam's Razor side would say that this was some local kid with a gee-whiz drone who hooked up some groovy lights to it and is flying it around, freaking out the neighbors and probably recording it for Youtube. The Jungian mystic side would say some thing very different: that your consciousness is affecting your reality through the quantum psychophysical. You're thinking about the movie alot, often in the back of your mind, and lo and behold, a honest to goodness UFO appears in a massive synchronicity. This is not to explain away the UFO or de-legitimize it in any way, quite the opposite. You literally manifested a dream image, by affecting the noosphere of your reality at the quantum level. Within the Ufology circle, this is becoming increasingly common--not just people misinterpreting lights that are clearly identifiable aircraft, not all the kids who are doing wonders with Photoshop, but legitimate manifestations of energy and matter that, in ages past, would have been regarded as spiritual visions. This is the key. How would we perceive extradimensional entities intersecting with our 4D reality, not the least of which is the superpositional realm of consciousness?

    1. Wow, I'm liking the explanations people are coming up with. What it all says is that in this, the 70th year of the modern UFO era, that people are still engaging with the phenomena even though there's really every reason in the world not to at by now. I can tell you that this experience resonated on some levels I hadn't been previously aware even existed, or at least had forgotten about. It pinged off some very deep associations that I'm still trying to collate. I guess this is what people mean when they talk about the consciousness aspect of this business. How do we interact with extradimensional entities? That's a question I think people have been asking for a very, very long time. I think it's a question governments have spent a lot of money trying to answer.

      But still- I have to admit that the timing of this was absolutely uncanny. I was thinking about Monterey and why it seemed to be such a hotspot then thought about the area I lived in and boom. Instant Karma.

      But since you brought it up let me just dispense with this drone idea completely. The only drones (or more accurately, drone- I only know of one) in the chevron shape are propeller-driven planes. This thing was at the cloud ceiling, which means it was at least 2500 feet in the air, which means any commercial drone (and again, none exist in this profile) would be invisible from the ground. This thing was big. It was also after midnight on a school night so the schoolboy prank idea is even more unlikely. Drones also can't hover the way this thing did.

  4. // lights started pulsing, red to green to white. Not like navigation lights, more like a weird pulse. Then it would seem to rise straight up to the ceiling or recede, but this could well have been a function of the cloud cover shifting. All I know is that it looked off. //

    I saw something similar in Poughkeepsie on July, 2015 (or was it 14?). Reported it on Mufon. They replied privately with a contact number -- someone with a voicemail at a major brokerage firm. I didn't follow up. Funny thing was, just before the fireworks, down by the Hudson River and next to the bridge, I had just told my companions to expect a UFO -- I said, only half jokingly, that they were very common on July 4 and that I had spotted them on previous Independence Days, late at night, after fireworks. You know, dim large red balls of light floatin around the Catskills and other unremarkable UAP's. Ho Hum. Anyway this one was red-yellow-green but also a blue or some kind of irregular pattern, not blinking but fading to color, which made it possible to see the jerky motion of the object, a zigzag pattern. It was a few minutes after the finale, there were floodlights over the crowd, and except for my companions, nobody seemed to notice, especially with the psychedelic pattern of LED's flashing on the suspension bridge , from behind which the curiously lit craft emerged and headed northeast across the river and across town.

    1. Yeah, I talked to a guy at MUFON- he told me to file a report. The thing is the last time I went through that I got a very weird vibe off the form, there was all this language about copyright and all the rest of it. I suppose I should but I'm a bit leery of organizations.

      And, oh yeah, the Hudson Valley region - the playground of the ultras. So much traffic in the skies up there the locals seem to take it for granted by now. I think that's the story of the UFO phenomenon- it's almost become too ubiquitous. A lot of people tune it out because there seems to be nothing to be done about it. I'm certain that drones are being marketed just to add to the static in the skies and to give people an easy escape hatch if something intrudes on their reality paradigm.

    2. //And weirdest of all, why did it appear not five minutes after I finished watching a documentary on a man-- with whom I could definitely identify-- who records impossible objects in the sky on a regular basis?//

      Cf. Matthew 7:7. Magical number/truth there. In shamanic terms: "Notice and ye shall notice they noticed you were noticing" .

      And for what it's worth:

      I need someone to talk to in a new hiding place
      Feel like I´m looking at heaven´s door...

  5. I recently mentioned to a Tibetan friend -- a hard-drinking sh*t-talking carpet salesman -- that I had seen an ultra-high altitude, very large tubular craft in November. He dismissed it with a contemptuous wave of the hand and said, "You are incarnation. That is why you see s*it like that motherf&*er!" In other words, we see these things because it is sort of, for want of a better thing, what we do. The Tibetan view is that most (but not all) UFOs are actual sentient beings -- not fancy cans of meat. But those exist too, and every single ancient clan (especially the TIbetan kings) traces their ancestry to extraterrestrial beings, who would "beam down" on a mu-tAG or light cord, work their human business including making lots of babies, and then beam back up. At some point they stopped beaming back up, and so the Tibetan tribal clans (and possibly some contemporary cultural figures) were born.

    1. I often wonder if orbs aren't sentient beings. Having seen two of them in action they kind of give you that feeling. They don't seem like random earth-lights but they don't seem mechanical either. Some twilight zone in between.

    2. After 25+ years in the Hudson Valley, I'm convinced that at least a few of the craft-like lights -- i.e., running lights on an airplane executing an impossible maneuver overhead, while I am driving -- are nothing more than some kind of wierd magic. Playful, and if not benign, then at least neutral. I.e., funny beings making funny lights for funny little meatballs in their metal cans on four wheels. Who wouldn't want to mess with such odd beings, driving around in smelly, fire-powered, barely maneuverable metal cans buzzing along windy strips of petroleum mixed with crushed stone leading to still more strips full of buzzing, meat-filled cans.

  6. Chris,

    "And then the lights started pulsing, red to green to white.... the lights seem to gradate, meaning the color seems to going through a prism effect with the lamps themselves."

    This calls to mind John Keel's observations of UFOs seeming to appear out of nowhere, changing colors through the spectrum and disappearing again. As I recall, he theorized they were there all the time but out of the visible spectrum of light, entering our vision range for a period then becoming undetectable on the other end. A shield? A power source side-effect? Don't know.

    The chevron shape seems lit on its edges - might it really be an arrowhead or triangle shape, lit on its leading edges and so appearing as a chevron?

    As I mentioned on the Facebook page, I'm wondering if you are on or near some ley line path or nexus. Are these things riding an energy path, pausing on a sort of ley line crossroads? You meet the Devil at the crossroads...

    1. The problem with the photos is that they are hypermagnifications of images taken in the dark of the night sky. You know very well how that goes. When I first got a good look at the object I thought it was a saucer, since I didn't see the angles. And it's weird how the photos read the lights as prismatic when they looked red-green-white from the ground. As to Keel's theories, they're looking more and more to be valid, with the availability of infrared and nightvision photography to UFO hunters.

      The leyline theory is a good one. I'll have to look into it. There's a lot of weird around here, that's all I can say for sure.

    2. Theories of sentience, that whatever we're seeing here and elsewhere might have consciousness, suggest the usual organic drives apply. Energy, warmth, sustenance, stimulation. (Mating?) Clusters of appearance suggest the possibility of at least the temporary presence of something that satisfies one or more such drives. It might be periodic, seasonal, like berries on a bush.

      Keel also said something about UFOs appearing more one one day of the week (Wednesday?) than others. A clue to this periodic attraction?

  7. Fascinating how the experience seems to mirror what the witnesses were thinking about at the time in a psychic sense (long history of this in sighting lit.) & I keep thinking about Jung's contention that UFOs are tied to our longing for wholeness/individuation. Also, I wonder sometimes, given the above comments, if military bases are built on or adjacent to ley lines, or previously sacred sites similar to cathedrals in Europe. One wonders! It might explain a few things. There's a large Airforce base not far from where I live & this area once had a thriving Native tribal population (mostly wiped out by late 1600s)

    Also, I have noticed that my UFO sighting has something in common with my other experiences of the paranormal in that all of them took place in the morning hours. Not sure what that means if anything but just a pattern I've noticed, from early childhood to present. Any other patterns going on with regards to your sightings/experiences that come to mind?

    1. For whatever reason last part of 1st paragraph erased. It should have ended by saying:

      There's a large Airforce base not far from where I live & this area once had a thriving Native tribal population (mostly wiped out by late 1600s)that left behind a very large burial mound on the edge of the city that was later built upon. A large charity hospital once stood there that housed TB patients & Irish potato famine refugees in 1800s, later torn down & rebuilt as a state mental hospital that was eventually shut down in the 1980s. Long history of paranormal activity up there as one might well imagine. Hauntings & some UFO activity though what I saw was nowhere near that area.

  8. Had this happen to me last week, too. I think it was Monday or Tuesday morning, in Bethesda, Maryland, at an apartment with 180 degree unobstructed view for miles. Woke up about 5:30 for an unknown reason and went out on balcony for a cig. Thing flew over head and I felt immediately that it was one of the "exceptional" aircraft I've seen so often in the last few years. Quiet, different light pattern than most planes, seem to move effortlessly, without drag. Anyway, I watched it move from west to east above me, right over the Bethesda Naval Hospital till it got more or less to Silver Spring, the skyline of which is at my horizon about 5 miles away. And it just stops moving, suspended in mid-air, and the lights on it went blinking blue-green-red around and around on it. I watched for a few minutes then went inside, back to bed. Have the same view in the bedroom and the shades were up so I just lay there on my side for half an hour watching it. Finally woke up my girlfriend and showed her and she said yeah it's just floating there. I said it's been there for almost an hour now. She went back to sleep. I continued to watch as the sun came up. Finally my eyes closed, at around 6:30-7ish, and and I woke up again at 8:15 it was gone.

    As I have said I've see a a lot of these, but I don't bother with filming anymore.

    Here's some footage I shot a few years back:

    This is facing NE, over the DC-Maryland border at Chevy Chase. Watch at 1:18 where the craft seems to meet up with something, call it a "plasma-ball" for now. And at 2:40 you can now see the delta-shape.

    And here (at around 1:10 is good)you can get a sense of the very subtle quiet, low-frequency rumble it makes. Almost un-detectable but it's there, kinda like Hunt for Red October. Very un-jet-like.

    1. I'll add that last week's was the first I saw of these go from moving to stationary so clearly. Seen many moving and seen many hovering. Seen some that seem to hover for awhile but the hovering seemed to have been part of a slow-turn. very slow. But never so-clearly have I seen it go from one to the other and for so-long and unambiguously remain stationary. At least not so close as this one was. Have seen lights seemingly at star-level dance around and fly up to stationary "stars" and then pulse once and then "go-into" or merge with stars. Last week was also the first I saw of the pulsing tri-colored lights going around and around. By the way, the sun was well-up by the time I passed out again. In other words it was now day-light and this thing was still hovering.

    2. So ... this morning, I'm poking around on the web on what I thought was an un-related topic, my other shake-me-to-my-core local phenomenon, pizzagate, and I stumble into a reddit discussion purportedly linking the vile goings-on at this "pizzeria" to the oldy-but-goody project blue beam/fake alien invasion/Antarctica nazi bases bit.

      What intrigued me first was the connection made there between UFOs and the New Age groups -- just what this Secret Sun post has. But this reddit discussion relates to a memo by a PR agency in DC that had some interesting polling questions and data centered around Clinton, Trump and the possible disruption of the election by an alien invasion.

      I looked up the memo and pretty quickly felt it was a fake. Didn't smell right to me: low-res and out-of-date logos on the stationary and generally too fanciful for a real working document. Others evidently have come to the same conclusion.

      Anyway I wouldn't have bothered to post this here until I went to the PR firm's website, There you can see their real, current logo:

      Hmmm ... a pixelated blue chevron? You don't say.

      Go into their website and on the front page under a section titled "when to call us" you see a spot-light shining a blue-beam into the night sky ...

      It's all too much ...

    3. Oh yeah John Podesta tweets about aliens, a lot.

      And chevrons and more chevrons:

    4. On Esalen, CIA Doctors and MK-ULTRA:

  9. Back in the day (a really long time ago) there was an understanding that human constructions of technology without the buffering entanglement of older animal powers would just invite certain entities without proper vetting. That just overcomes the weak neutrality of the construct and pisses off those that work in the process.

    That is like inviting the curious to participate and become more constructed into an ideation than is prudent.

    Everything gets more damned in the process.

    Space brothers my arse. More like trauma for the builders of very small things, entangled with coersive and uncontrolled deranged primate behavior.

    No god wants to be a fookin airplane. Thunderbirds OK.

    If humans would at least draw a face or some teeth on the tech, then at least that would provide some pause for those that can bind with and go where most anything is possible. Not really too much to ask for.

  10. It was only recently that I discovered it is a common occurrence in UFO lore for UFO's to suddenly morph into normal, recognizable craft like airplanes and helicopters, as well as vice versa--which just adds to the overall nebulous nature of the whole thing.

    I apologize if this is going too off topic, but in light of the discussion of strange phenomena appearing to interact specifically with the individual, I had a weird situation occur just this last Wednesday. I was home from work sick that day and my wife was with me helping to take care of me. Anyway, I had been meaning to watch The VVitch and decided that this was a perfect time to do it as I suddenly had the time and the kids were at school. So my wife and I watch the movie, which I really enjoyed, especially the last scene which I thought was really well done. However, that particular scene did give me an uneasy, spooky feeling . . . something about the look of both terror and ecstasy on the main character's face.

    As soon as the movie ends my wife has to leave to go pick up our kids at school. As soon as she walks out the door I go into the kitchen to start with dinner prep. I notice that the wind has suddenly picked up and is gusting through the trees pretty violently--enough for branches on bushes near the house to start banging against the windows. I could swear that up until the point my wife left the house there was no real wind to speak of, and now it is suddenly gusting out. That's weird I thought to myself. However, after about five minutes (no more than ten), the wind stops as fast as it had started. Just stops. It went from close to roaring through the trees to almost entirely still in the space of five to ten minutes. Now, while strange, this is entirely within the realm of naturally occurring phenomena, but I couldn't shake the feeling it had something to do with me watching the movie--and that final scene in particular.

    The next day I was home from work again and decided to watch the special features. In the director's Q and A he mentions that the language the witches are chanting during the final scene is Dr. John Dee's Enochian, which he mentions he chose "for personal reasons" that he does not explain further. I think back to the strange wind event the day before and feel even more weirded out.

    Then I am reading responses to a post on the Secret Sun Facebook page discussing feedback regarding the Trump binding ritual. Several people note strange winds that seemed to coincide with their participation in the event.

    Again, maybe it all means nothing, but I felt like mentioning it.

  11. You're onto something with the observations about the wind....I wouldn't let it wow you too much though.

  12. "I think the unconscious mind is constantly collating information that our puny conscious mind can't possibly hope to and feeds signals to the rest of our brain"

    and your afterwords, about 8 or 9 -

    backwards first - 8 to 9 is an interval of huge significance to me personally, and I have more of a personal note to add - as might be expected (just ask Gordon) - but you mention prophets again.

    I want to make clear that I have just as much clue about what is going on (time stood still - nobody knew) was just sung by Todd Rundgren vis a vis my CD-i --- he sung 'I' as I typed 'i'...


    Nathan is a prophet in the old testament.
    I go by Nathan Lee (just watch some TARLs!) but this is getting fucking out of hand!

    I think I am starting to get a 'download' about what is going on - I mentioned this on Greg's most recent (well, till he released the newest one a few hours ago) but on the Jay Dyer comments section - I'd cut/paste but - basically everything is frequencies - I'm getting ready to do the Lucifer/Devil at the Crossroads from G's 'TCP' and I realized - these are entities, yes, interdimensional phenomena, and as Gordon says, this is a declined tech a la Dr. F, but that means axiomatically that

    I) everything is energy
    II) everything is a frequency
    III) RV, psi, spells... even thoughts, tones and words ... (The (s)Word in the (s)Tone)... it's all a matter of tuning in to the right frequency -
    which gets real weird thinking of what 'static tech' (vid cameras, voice recorders) etc have to mean about this...

    but like - don't we know the nine were and Maine and Bell et al were part of getting the transistor to come to mankind? And the cathode ray re Golden Dawn?

    And like ... plz listen to (tack control of the machinery ... so we can meditate all day - hear the voice of the spirit by night - build heaven by day) Todd sings - this is all happening in real time my man, and you KNOW IT (Knowles it!) - I'm going to finish by saying plz listen to Faaip De Oiad by Tool and look at the lyrics as it goes (try not to skip ahead) and also

    I thought this was a movie, not a doc... it's real... why the fuck shouldn't it be... but it took me til the credits to realize this. I thought it was a movie.

    SO what is life, then?

    And this prophet thing... it's connected to Twin Peaks too - please, read The Secret History of Twin Peaks - If you don't see why or don't enjoy it after, I swear publicly here I will pay for your copy of the book.

    This is all so real. I think... oh man... I just had the silly idea that we're like.. forming a sort of ... outsider X-Men somehow.

    But like, I'm just some crazy musician/artist/poet/shaman (proto) from Boston. SO, 'blind to the world I'm talking'...

    The Original Angels... we don't even know.

  13. "I can tell you that this experience resonated on some levels I hadn't been previously aware even existed, or at least had forgotten about. It pinged off some very deep associations that I'm still trying to collate. I guess this is what people mean when they talk about the consciousness aspect of this business. How do we interact with extradimensional entities? That's a question I think people have been asking for a very, very long time."

    Well I came into this post of yours from looking into Stranger Things... and then Montauk... and from Montauk to here and then I watched the whole 'strange thing' - The Curse etc. - on Netflix last night... it was worth the time. Quite unusual and its hard not to like Christos. And I find the name itself interesting ...'the curse'... I know to many of us the phenomenon seems to partake of ... well I think I will leave the dots.

    Jeepers Chris... the personal side of this for anybody that has had the patience and... fill in the blank... anyway this is the core of the whole deal.

    Most of us in this field have - or at least think we have - a personal connection. I know I feel like that... obviously you have a very personal one... and Christos does too...

    Recognition of this weird link goes back at least to Keel and probably before... but its meaning... I don't know what is... and if we are talking another dimension... I suspect we are... that is probably it and at the same time why we cant get our minds around it and why it seems to be so many different things but none of them... anyway thanks again for a very insightful, fascinating, and really incredible post...

  14. oh I meant to add... the whole chevron thing is simply astounding... and the fact that the Arnold sightings so long ago now... were indeed chevrons and not what they were often made out to be in so many places... quite interesting. Still beyond that I cant go... to come back to 'the curse' ... I found his music and then his using spectrograms from some of these ufo images to help him generate his music quite curious... Christos has some layers himself.

    The Enigma is quite layered... to anybody not knowledgeable about this the 'strata' of the Enigma are one of the primary characteristics if not the primary one... that it touches our world in many places at once and individual human beings the same way... Rocky and Bulwinkle was one of my faves... thanks...