Friday, June 22, 2018

Serpents, Sirens, Solstices and Supernovas

Well, Happy Belated Summer Solstice to all you Northern Hemishere Secret Sunners out there. Hope you enjoyed it, if that's your particular bag. If not, well hey; buy yourself something nice today.

And whether the Solstice is your bag or not, I hope everyone had a lovely day and enjoyed the remaining time we have left before Solstice celebrations become mandatory.

You see, this Solstice happened to take place against a fascinating backdrop of a world that is re-paganizing at a rate than even Jack Chick could scarcely have imagined in his worst fever-dreams. 

And as I've said in the past, public art projects, mass rituals (at sporting events and so on), arts festivals and most importantly the coercive power of intersectionalism are the foundations upon which this new world is being built.

Oh hey, look. Case in point...

It's the London Mastaba! On Serpentine Lake, no less! Boy, there's some jackhammer-to-the face symbolism for you, eh? For those of you who might not get the reference here, the Mastaba is derived from the Babylonian Ziggurat and is the origin of the Egyptian step pyramid design.

Interesting way to celebrate the Solstice.

The Egyptians defined it as the House of Eternity, not all that dissimilar to "Temple of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth" or even "Gate of the Gods." All pretty much the same thing really. A monument to the union of man and god, on Earth as it is in Heaven, so to speak.

And it's been erected atop Serpentine Lake? Oh man, you can say a lot of things about the British oligarchy but never let it be said they're meek or subtle. Absolutely precious. 

Those of you paying attention may want to note the close proximity to Royal Albert Hall. As well as the fact this edifice was unveiled on the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

And of course, it's 66 feet tall. And composed of 7506 barrels, a number which sounds vaguely significant to me.

I'm not sure if Serpentine Lake is a reference to Hydrus, but it will make do nonetheless. Do note the proximity to (Ruby Star) Dorado and Reticulum, made famous by the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Note also that Mensa was once symbolized by the Mastaba-like Table Mountain.

So yeah, interesting neighborhood there. 

Oh, before I forget--Reticulum means "the Net."

And speaking of intersectional coercion, you just gotta love this mind-bogglingly deceptive headline, in which the erection of an Assyrian Lamassu is meant to symbolize a protest of British war crimes in Iraq. After all, what could symbolize war crimes against Muslims better than an ancient pagan chimera? 

Never mind that the Assyrian Empire were the absolute world champions of war crimes in their time. Hell, maybe of all time.

Anyhow, I bet you dollars to donuts that story came straight out of this building...

...MI6 headquarters, openly and intentionally based on a Babylonian palace. Think on the implications of that for a spell.

And Christo made the Secret Sun a few months back in reference to his Oranged Apple installation in New York.

And if you're so inclined you can celebrate the Solstice in Masonic Manhattan next year. It will be fun. 

Well, at least it will be fun until making the Solstice pilgrimage at least once becomes a requirement for getting a decent job and a roof over your head.

And hey, the London Eye (or as I like to call it, the London OA) opened at sunrise, especially for the Solstice. Do note that these this year's big Solstice events in London just happen to fall near landmarks significant in the Great Secret Sun Psychodrama.

Surely a coincidence.

And if you're Down Under, you may want to check out Dark Mofo, before that too becomes obligatory. 

Do note this exercise in Knowles' First Law; a controversy over a giant, illuminated inverted cross. There seems to be some upset over the possible Satanic implications here but I'm betting this is good, old-fashioned star magic aligning the festival with the Southern Cross in Crux, which has special significance for our Oz chums.

A more troubling sync is the brutal rape and murder of a female comedian in Princes Park in nearbyish Melbourne. Especially since the victim was named after the legendary doomed lover of Orpheus. 

Keeping in mind the deadly Siren Song ritual at last year's Dark Mofo we should remember the syncs with Orpheus to both Jeff Buckley and the constellation of Lyra.

A candlelight vigil for Eurydice is set to coincide with the Dark Mofo Fest.

A lot of folks have been asking me to check out the new album by EDM producer Sophie, who apparently hails from Bonnie Scotland. Well, I was already on it like Blue Bonnet, especially after I noticed this particular headline....

Oh, does it ever. 

The "Pearl" business is self-explanatory but the "Oil of..." bit leads me to believe that Sophie here is a closet Fraserfarian, since there happens to be a deep cut on Four Calendar Cafe called "Oil of Angels." 

A song which, as best I can tell, is about having sex with an angel. 

Which is kind of odd seeing as how much of Cafe is filled with gut-carving confessionals about Our Lady's childhood history of sexual trauma. 

True religion is complicated.

Even stranger, Sophie seems to covering Our Lady's circa 1990 hairdo. At least in the video for "It's Okay to Cry," a catchy little ditty that wouldn't sound a bit out of place on Four Calendar Cafe, come to think of it. 

In fact, I'm tempted to wonder if Sophie weren't writing a response to that album's almost unbearably desolate opener, "Know Who You Are at Every Age," a gut-ripper which could make Genghis Khan blubber like a baby. Jesus, just the title alone.

Speaking of Heaven, Sophie here looks rather angelic, don't you think?

Secret Sun readers understand.

And, oh hey, look: Mandalay Bay got in on the watery hijinks on Solstice Eve when a water main broke.

Get the quicker-picker-uppers out!  

Which brings us back --circuitously-- to the death of Chris Cornell. It seems that the members of Pearly Jam wore shirts in his honor at a recent concert.

Pearly Jam dew-drummer-- and former Soundgarden member-- Matt Cameron wore this eye-catching design of Chris Cornell as the Starbucks Siren.


Don't believe me? How about this news item of Chris Cornell duetting posthumously with his daughter on a song written by (Fraserfarian Worshipful Master) Prince and recorded by (Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit Sister) Sinead O'Connor? 

That enough proof for you, Amazing Randi? Now change my catheter already, will ya? Jesus.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Keep an eye out for that girl there. I think certain parties have big plans for her.

I don't know her status in the Bene Gesserit but I have heard tell that the new Queen Mermaid is a fan of Our Lady. And given The Sandman et al, I'd be very, very surprised if the King here didn't wear out a copy or two of Treasure in his day.

But kudos to the Scribe for slyly sussing out where all this ritualism is actually headed. 

I've discussed this issue with a number of friends and the general consensus seems to be we're no more than a decade away from balls-out, no pussyfootin' ritual human sacrifice and I don't mean the crypto-stuff. I'm talking the real deal. 

In fact, I heard that Ryan Seacrest is set to host the premiere episode of America's Top Tophet. Allegedly.

So I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the other shoe is dropping and the blood-thirsty nature of Merfolk is beginning to seep into the public's consciousness. Note Twins. Plus, fisting. 

And remember that Mer'ing isn't just for maids anymore. I mean, the Future is Mermale. Well, if the Nephilim have anything to say about it. 

It's all about transformation, after all.

Kind of like the entire planet is being transformed, even the skies. Which I guess explains all these new clouds people are seeing for the first time in the history of everything ever. 

Yeah, new clouds. Haven't you heard of them? No? I bet you never heard of Fireball Season either. What, were you raised under a rock or something?

Anyhow, I should note that Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood-- Dolores the Deathbringer herself-- was rocking the mer-wear in a recent Instagram photo, citing she was channeling her inner Siren, "Lorelei." 

Houston, we don't have a problem; we have another Sister in the Orthodox Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit! I guess that "pearl" business wasn't a coincidence after all.

Let's not forget Dolores isn't the first killbot Fraserfarian, though. She's not even the first Dolores.

Speaking of transformation and Fraserlings, this 2016 Teen Vogue cover with Grimes reminded me of the dragonfly business, what with Chester and Victorialand and the rest of it. 

Keep an eye out for dragonflies, y'hear? They may be the new Monarch butterfly stand-ins. Not sure yet.

Not sure what's the Fraserfarian status with Shakira but there's been a bit of a kerfuffle over her using a very Thule Society-looking black sunwheel for her El Dorado tour. Huh. Weird.

However, the "El Dorado" business makes my one-track mind zoom straight to the Dorado constellation, AKA the Ruby Star Dorade constellation AKA the home of the Pearly Dew-Pernova1987A, whose cosmic rays may well be "transforming" our DNA as we all sit here with our thumbs in our asses. 

Maybe all this Merbusiness is about the "Gold Fish" neutrinos and nanoparticles merging with our poor hapless genome and transforming us into whatever the hell we're ultimately destined to become. 

Do note that 1987A has still not morphed into a neutron star, leaving scientists baffled.

I'm just going to throw this out there but maybe that's because 1987A is not a natural cosmic event. 

Don't hit me!

But seriously-- that thing look natural to you? Really? 

Ah, you're just fucking with me.


PS: A very special thanks to all my spies, moles and agents provocateur out there. You help make the magic happen. Anyone who wants a special shout-out, drop me a line.