Friday, June 22, 2018

Serpents, Sirens, Solstices and Supernovas

Well, Happy Belated Summer Solstice to all you Northern Hemishere Secret Sunners out there. Hope you enjoyed it, if that's your particular bag. If not, well hey; buy yourself something nice today.

And whether the Solstice is your bag or not, I hope everyone had a lovely day and enjoyed the remaining time we have left before Solstice celebrations become mandatory.

You see, this Solstice happened to take place against a fascinating backdrop of a world that is re-paganizing at a rate than even Jack Chick could scarcely have imagined in his worst fever-dreams. 

And as I've said in the past, public art projects, mass rituals (at sporting events and so on), arts festivals and most importantly the coercive power of intersectionalism are the foundations upon which this new world is being built.

Oh hey, look. Case in point...

It's the London Mastaba! On Serpentine Lake, no less! Boy, there's some jackhammer-to-the face symbolism for you, eh? For those of you who might not get the reference here, the Mastaba is derived from the Babylonian Ziggurat and is the origin of the Egyptian step pyramid design.

Interesting way to celebrate the Solstice.

The Egyptians defined it as the House of Eternity, not all that dissimilar to "Temple of the Foundation of Heaven and Earth" or even "Gate of the Gods." All pretty much the same thing really. A monument to the union of man and god, on Earth as it is in Heaven, so to speak.

And it's been erected atop Serpentine Lake? Oh man, you can say a lot of things about the British oligarchy but never let it be said they're meek or subtle. Absolutely precious. 

Those of you paying attention may want to note the close proximity to Royal Albert Hall. As well as the fact this edifice was unveiled on the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

And of course, it's 66 feet tall. And composed of 7506 barrels, a number which sounds vaguely significant to me.

I'm not sure if Serpentine Lake is a reference to Hydrus, but it will make do nonetheless. Do note the proximity to (Ruby Star) Dorado and Reticulum, made famous by the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

Note also that Mensa was once symbolized by the Mastaba-like Table Mountain.

So yeah, interesting neighborhood there. 

Oh, before I forget--Reticulum means "the Net."

And speaking of intersectional coercion, you just gotta love this mind-bogglingly deceptive headline, in which the erection of an Assyrian Lamassu is meant to symbolize a protest of British war crimes in Iraq. After all, what could symbolize war crimes against Muslims better than an ancient pagan chimera? 

Never mind that the Assyrian Empire were the absolute world champions of war crimes in their time. Hell, maybe of all time.

Anyhow, I bet you dollars to donuts that story came straight out of this building...

...MI6 headquarters, openly and intentionally based on a Babylonian palace. Think on the implications of that for a spell.

And Christo made the Secret Sun a few months back in reference to his Oranged Apple installation in New York.

And if you're so inclined you can celebrate the Solstice in Masonic Manhattan next year. It will be fun. 

Well, at least it will be fun until making the Solstice pilgrimage at least once becomes a requirement for getting a decent job and a roof over your head.

And hey, the London Eye (or as I like to call it, the London OA) opened at sunrise, especially for the Solstice. Do note that these this year's big Solstice events in London just happen to fall near landmarks significant in the Great Secret Sun Psychodrama.

Surely a coincidence.

And if you're Down Under, you may want to check out Dark Mofo, before that too becomes obligatory. 

Do note this exercise in Knowles' First Law; a controversy over a giant, illuminated inverted cross. There seems to be some upset over the possible Satanic implications here but I'm betting this is good, old-fashioned star magic aligning the festival with the Southern Cross in Crux, which has special significance for our Oz chums.

A more troubling sync is the brutal rape and murder of a female comedian in Princes Park in nearbyish Melbourne. Especially since the victim was named after the legendary doomed lover of Orpheus. 

Keeping in mind the deadly Siren Song ritual at last year's Dark Mofo we should remember the syncs with Orpheus to both Jeff Buckley and the constellation of Lyra.

A candlelight vigil for Eurydice is set to coincide with the Dark Mofo Fest.

A lot of folks have been asking me to check out the new album by EDM producer Sophie, who apparently hails from Bonnie Scotland. Well, I was already on it like Blue Bonnet, especially after I noticed this particular headline....

Oh, does it ever. 

The "Pearl" business is self-explanatory but the "Oil of..." bit leads me to believe that Sophie here is a closet Fraserfarian, since there happens to be a deep cut on Four Calendar Cafe called "Oil of Angels." 

A song which, as best I can tell, is about having sex with an angel. 

Which is kind of odd seeing as how much of Cafe is filled with gut-carving confessionals about Our Lady's childhood history of sexual trauma. 

True religion is complicated.

Even stranger, Sophie seems to covering Our Lady's circa 1990 hairdo. At least in the video for "It's Okay to Cry," a catchy little ditty that wouldn't sound a bit out of place on Four Calendar Cafe, come to think of it. 

In fact, I'm tempted to wonder if Sophie weren't writing a response to that album's almost unbearably desolate opener, "Know Who You Are at Every Age," a gut-ripper which could make Genghis Khan blubber like a baby. Jesus, just the title alone.

Speaking of Heaven, Sophie here looks rather angelic, don't you think?

Secret Sun readers understand.

And, oh hey, look: Mandalay Bay got in on the watery hijinks on Solstice Eve when a water main broke.

Get the quicker-picker-uppers out!  

Which brings us back --circuitously-- to the death of Chris Cornell. It seems that the members of Pearly Jam wore shirts in his honor at a recent concert.

Pearly Jam dew-drummer-- and former Soundgarden member-- Matt Cameron wore this eye-catching design of Chris Cornell as the Starbucks Siren.


Don't believe me? How about this news item of Chris Cornell duetting posthumously with his daughter on a song written by (Fraserfarian Worshipful Master) Prince and recorded by (Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit Sister) Sinead O'Connor? 

That enough proof for you, Amazing Randi? Now change my catheter already, will ya? Jesus.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Keep an eye out for that girl there. I think certain parties have big plans for her.

I don't know her status in the Bene Gesserit but I have heard tell that the new Queen Mermaid is a fan of Our Lady. And given The Sandman et al, I'd be very, very surprised if the King here didn't wear out a copy or two of Treasure in his day.

But kudos to the Scribe for slyly sussing out where all this ritualism is actually headed. 

I've discussed this issue with a number of friends and the general consensus seems to be we're no more than a decade away from balls-out, no pussyfootin' ritual human sacrifice and I don't mean the crypto-stuff. I'm talking the real deal. 

In fact, I heard that Ryan Seacrest is set to host the premiere episode of America's Top Tophet. Allegedly.

So I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the other shoe is dropping and the blood-thirsty nature of Merfolk is beginning to seep into the public's consciousness. Note Twins. Plus, fisting. 

And remember that Mer'ing isn't just for maids anymore. I mean, the Future is Mermale. Well, if the Nephilim have anything to say about it. 

It's all about transformation, after all.

Kind of like the entire planet is being transformed, even the skies. Which I guess explains all these new clouds people are seeing for the first time in the history of everything ever. 

Yeah, new clouds. Haven't you heard of them? No? I bet you never heard of Fireball Season either. What, were you raised under a rock or something?

Anyhow, I should note that Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood-- Dolores the Deathbringer herself-- was rocking the mer-wear in a recent Instagram photo, citing she was channeling her inner Siren, "Lorelei." 

Houston, we don't have a problem; we have another Sister in the Orthodox Fraserfarian Bene Gesserit. An aspiring Fraserling, even. She even gets the lyrics to the bridge right. Hmm, she must be inner-circle Gesserit.

I guess that "pearl" business wasn't a coincidence after all.

Let's not forget Dolores isn't the first killbot Fraserfarian, though. She's not even the first Dolores.

Speaking of transformation and Fraserlings, this 2016 Teen Vogue cover with Grimes reminded me of the dragonfly business, what with Chester and Victorialand and the rest of it. 

Keep an eye out for dragonflies, y'hear? They may be the new Monarch butterfly stand-ins. Not sure yet.

Not sure what's the Fraserfarian status with Shakira but there's been a bit of a kerfuffle over her using a very Thule Society-looking black sunwheel for her El Dorado tour. Huh. Weird.

However, the "El Dorado" business makes my one-track mind zoom straight to the Dorado constellation, AKA the Ruby Star Dorade constellation AKA the home of the Pearly Dew-Pernova1987A, whose cosmic rays may well be "transforming" our DNA as we all sit here with our thumbs in our asses. 

Maybe all this Merbusiness is about the "Gold Fish" neutrinos and nanoparticles merging with our poor hapless genome and transforming us into whatever the hell we're ultimately destined to become. 

Do note that 1987A has still not morphed into a neutron star, leaving scientists baffled.

I'm just going to throw this out there but maybe that's because 1987A is not a natural cosmic event. 

Don't hit me!

But seriously-- that thing look natural to you? Really? 

Ah, you're just fucking with me.


PS: A very special thanks to all my spies, moles and agents provocateur out there. You help make the magic happen. Anyone who wants a special shout-out, drop me a line.


  1. I´m sure you have also noticed the striking similarity of the mermaid on the History Today cover with the "your perfect body"-model from your June 17 post:

    1. Well, sure. That's the land model. The other is the amphibious edition.

  2. Notice that Evan Rachel Wood's Instagram is liked by RUBYrose (AKA Stella Carlin of 'Orange is the New Black') and 56,277 others?-)
    Ruby Rose is from Melbourne, Australia, the city where Eurydice Dixon was murdered.
    Just sayin'.
    And Ruby was dating one of 'The Veronica's' twin sisters from QUEENSland for a while, too, but I think that might be over now.
    'The Veronica's' were famous for performing naked (or topless), but covered in sparkling red glitter at some Australian award ceremony a few year's back when one of the sisters were dating Ruby Rose.
    Just thought I would throw this into the ring (pun intended).

    1. Around here she's known as Ruby Stars Are Ruddy Rose the Pearly Dewdrops, um, Rose. From the hit show "Orange Appled is the New Black."

      Have any info on her Fraser Factor status, Dazza?

    2. Well Ruby is starring in a movie called 'The Meg' as a character named Jaxx Herd which is about a prehistoric giant shark and I think Cthulhu even makes a cameo, as well -

      "After escaping an attack by what he claims was a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible."

      You might want to check out that "ring of pearls" looking bite mark that the shark leaves on the window of the underwater whatever it is they are in?

      Funny thing though after you mentioning a national sacrificial holiday in the post above, right after 'The Meg' preview on the IMDB site a trailer followed for a movie called "The First Purge' which is being released on July 4th -

    3. Hmm. Fraser Factor- VERY LOW.

      There's still time to redeem herself.

    4. What about her Dolores factor then? -

      Published on Jan 6, 2018 on You Tube and Dolores O'Riordan dies 15 January 2018.

    5. This post might explain the "Dolores/Fraser factor" better involving the Rose and the Siren combined -

      ...or not?

  3. Maybe the real apocalypse was your fellow man all along. And you too, of course.


      So you're half-right.

  4. Last time I’m gonna tell you Knowles — Leave Grimes Out Of This!!!

    Okay okay, good stuff yet again.

    1. Oh, Grimes was already in this long before I came along, David. In it all the way.

  5. Love this start to Mars in retrograde, and looking forward to the lead up to and lunar eclipse next month!

    But no worries, I guess I can drink myself silly at the bar at the new flagship Starbucks that's opening up in Hong Kong this weekend. Even mermaids need a few cocktails too.

  6. Why is there a Vesica Piscis (two interlocking circles) in the background of 1987A?

    It is of course a little clue that the dance of The Sun with the secret sun is the answer to the questions you should be asking by now, such as "Why are the clouds so funky?" "Why is there an increase in <1LD meteor(ite)s?"

    As Khadir points out, many people think it's Sirius, e.g.

    But it is of course astrophysically impossible for two stars like The Sun to orbit at a distance of 8.6LY in a 24,000 year period, especially given several other nearer stars.

    NASA can be relied upon to give you the correct understanding of the cosmos.

    1. Well, we're going to be moving away from little old suns and moving into things hundreds of millions of times more powerful. Adjust accordingly.

    2. In addition to the Earth changes you have already observed (clouds, fireballs), consider adding geysers, e.g. Steamboat:

      I look forward to your exposition of these "things hundreds of millions of times more powerful" - in a gentle manner though, to avoid worrying your more delicate readers.

    3. Cygnus X-1?

    4. "things hundreds of millions of times more powerful"

      Chris - All ears. What are you alluding to?

    5. Oh, just a little something "caught up in the landside."

      Are you with me? Are you with me, brother!

    6. @CLK: I'm with you! I've said for *years* that 90s alt-rock was hundreds of millions of times more powerful than the sun! (Man oh man, I am so sorry: I simply couldn't help myself.)

    7. Certainly more powerful than the crap out there today, my friend.

    8. So the connection being established is between panspermia and Freemasonry?

      Will the normie term be xenobiological warfare or something similar in order for the R&D complex to claim ownership, following a wave of mutations?

      Did the Gallagher boys' father open up a musical portal in the lads by brutalizing their mother in whiskey-drunk Irish tradition?

      Thanks for another secretly 'sunny' night, oh Illuminaut.

  7. The Dark Mofo nude swim was on today down in Hobart and I was trying to see if I could spot any mermaids, butt all I could see were 1,537 arseholes floating around in the river.
    Minus two if Gordon and his partner were taking a dip of course;-)

    It was too cold to swim in Brisbane today, never mind Hobart.
    I was actually meant to be down there this week (not to swim though), but decided to spend the money on my home instead.
    Pity though, because I have a ticket to see Chrysta Bell sing down there on Sunday night, which I bought months ago.
    So if Gordo wants the ticket I'll e-mail it to him for free if he wants to hear the Bell sing Sunday night at the Avalon Theatre in Hobart.

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't always too cold to swim in Hobart? Isnt it like across the straits from Antarctica?

      Quite a lot of Fraserlings this year, no? I know Zola Jesus and Alice Glass were there.

    2. In that ABC news article it mentioned the river temperature for the swim being 14°C, which converts to 57.2°F, which is the warmest I've ever heard the water being for that swim this time of the year.
      It's usually around the 6°C (42.8°F) mark or colder from what I recall reading of past swims in that river in June.
      With my Jewish roots there is something that disturbs me about mass bathing rituals...if you get my drift, so you won't get me participating in this event.
      I was going to take a look at it in 2016 when I was down there for Dark Mofo, but it was held on the day I had to head off to Port Arthur, so I missed seeing a mass of naked bodies freezing their bits off.
      I did get to see snow for the first time in my life on top of Hobart's highest peak, but oddly enough the capital city of Australia, Canberra, on the mainland is consistently colder than Hobart in the winter months and the town of Armidale closer towards the tropics than Canberra is colder still, often below the freezing temperature of water.
      And yes, quite a lot of Fraserlings this year like you say.
      I was planning on seeing St.Vincent and Chrysta Bell, but their shows were spaced too many days apart for me so I had settled on going down for events around Chrysta Bell's show.
      A lot of the shows I wanted to go to had already sold out when I was planning my trip, so I was amazed to get a ticket to Chrysta Bell's show.
      In the end, after buying a ticket to her show, I decided to spend the money on home renovations instead and not go to Tassie this year.
      Maybe next year I'll go down there again depending on my time and money availability.

  8. A little research on 1987A says that it has an unusual amount of titanium-44... maybe that's what all those 44 numbers are about.

    Two titanium things that stand out for me: The monument of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, is a statue made of titanium. And the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in Bilbao is entirely covered in titanium, and it also features heavily on Dan Brown's latest book, for whatever that's worth.

    Also, the Heaven's Gate cult committed mass suicide exactly 10 years and 1 month after the supernova was seen to explode from here on Earth... not that they ever said it was related to that, but who knows?

    1. Oh, don't you worry-- we'll be paying the Away Team another visit.

      And Maria I probably don't have to remind you we're due for another major supernova soon.

    2. I don't suppose it could be one we know by name, right? People have been saying that Betelgeuse could go nova anytime, but surely that would be way too exciting.

      By the way, the penny just dropped on what supernovas have to do with aliens. Kind of obvious, really. I guess I'll really have to re-read "Contact" now.

  9. Chris,

    Concerning the erection of an Assyrian Lamassu in London... don't they do such things as a celebration of conquest? Lookee, I stole your stuff and you can't do anything about it! Of course, appropriation of the conquered land's religious or mythical totems is a practice as old as the beard of Moses. Very common in the Roman Empire, as we know. One wonders if a new, open-air Pantheon is in the works. This thing anywhere close to that Egyptian obelisk they nicked way back when? Then again, isn't the British Museum already something of a Pantheon, I wonder.

    1. Oh no, my dear sir, I think the message is "LONDON IS BABYLON 9.0, BITCHES. SUCK ON IT."

      I do believe this supposition of mine is well borne out by the available evidence. I mean, scroll back up to that MI6 HQ again. England is a country built around a military intelligence operation which is built around a bank, so...

      Hmm, come to think of it that describes a devil of a lot of countries.

  10. Eurydice Dixon. You've got to be kidding me...but she was a comedian after all.

    I've now lost the will to live.

  11. Dragonflies have been my messengers all my life. The gorgeous little redhead I loved to death many years ago (LITERALLY loved to death, since if you remember I commited suicide after she turned down my marriage proposal on Christmas Eve, I'm talking the kind of love that drives a man insane, I needed to see her more than I needed to eat or drink), every time she was about to drop by my place or where I worked for a surprise visit, an unusually large black dragonfly would land on the window or right besides me an hour earlier or so. This lasted without fail for YEARS.

    The dragonflies (ancient symbosl of immortality, since they devour flies, symbols of death and pestilence) pay us a visit whenever the GODDESS (or whatever "goddess" we passionately worship) is about to pay us a visit herself.

    1. "I committed suicide"

    2. I like dragonflies and butterflies, but it makes me laugh when I see them placed together in new age art like they are best friends, because dragonflies eat butterflies (symbol of transformation) in real life, so it would be like having cats and mice pictured together in new age art.
      You just know that pairing isn't going to end well for one of them...and no guesses for which one either...barring a choking incident:-)

    3. Well, if the lion can lie down with the lamb then can't all flying insects be brothers?

    4. "If" is the word to highlight in that sentence and I would be nervous "if" I was the lamb in that particular scenario...or even a human near a lion for that matter.
      Probably would make a nice Vegan dream though.

    5. I don't know if this bit of info is particularly wanted or tasteful, but I'll never get out of my mind a story I read as a kid: If you catch a dragonfly and gently bend it in a circle so its far end is next to its mouth, the dragonfly will go for it and happily start munching itself. Disgusting, I know.

  12. How about that article about Eddie Vedder losing his voice in England? Had to drop a show from the tour. Pearly drop? Lol

    1. Did I ever mention I used to call him Beddie Wetter? True story.

      Not to his face of course.

      I saw Pearly Jam in 1992. They were jolly good!

  13. Jesus H. Christ, Chris, like you say - it never ends! I just watched last night the final episode of Six Million Dollar Man's season 4 from 1977. It was called The Ghostly Teletype where twins or Gemini (a brother and sister - her name was Margaret, of course) telepathically stole research notes on experiments to rewire human cell structure to enable humans to live for another 150 - 200 years. Lee Majors follows their henchman's car because his license plate says 'Purle'. While he's searching for them in the background on a painted outdoor wall mural is a boy and girl (alluding to the twins) playing on a sunny beach with a dog (obviously allusions to Sirius and Orion) and a crab so we have the Gemini/Cancer bit you were just discussing. As well, a truck behind him in one shot has a three-lettered company logo that forms a capstone-less pyramid or ziggurat as you also just mentioned. An episode from 40 years ago with all the ticked boxes. I couldn't make this up if I tried!

    Even better, an episode called The Prisoner from 1968's The Invaders guest starred Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman of - again - Six Million Dollar Man). Anderson plays an alien whose ship crashes into the rocks in the desert or 'an ocean of sand'. As he crawls to a small cliff base he looks up to see a woman standing above before he passes out. Siren and crashed sailor, anybody? Turns out she's a nurse just returned from Vietnam. Her name? Gayle Frazer now living at the Frazer family ranch. She tries to save him and in the end (spoiler for what it's worth) she turns on him holding out the medicine vial he needs to survive. She drops it on the floor causing it to smash and he dies. The female mermaid has killed the male voyager. Oh yeah, and on the wall in her living room in this ranch in the middle of the Utah desert? Two giant seahorses for no apparent reason.

    The messages were being broadcast 40 and 50 years ago (not counting the Cocteau music of the '80s and '90s) and we're only getting them now. It's becoming very spooky.

    1. Well, look at this way, 1118ey- Supernova1987A exploded 170000 years ago, according to astrophysicists. So 1978 isn't even earlier this afternoon in comparison. It might even be lunchtime tomorrow on a quantum level.

      PS INVADERS FUCK YEAH. Invaders namedrops are not only welcome they're actively encouraged.

    2. 'David Vincent', another architect like his buddy from another one-eyed-monster-mother 'Brady'.

      I'd say how he kept his practice afloat whilst he had alien adventures is beyond me then I recall the very many moments from the show in which he leaves all manner of evidence behind (only to be 'cleaned-up' by 'The Invaders'), evidence that could have served disclosure well if not for scripted demands.


    Here's some stuff on how 1987A and other such things form. I'll look for a good specific article but there's several so here's the search page.

  15. Here's a good write up specifically on 1987a.

  16. Dragonflies are the faery familiars of the Siren as she ascends the throne to become the Dominant Archetype of the Age of Aquarius-

    Born as Aquatic larvae (the scientific term is actually Nymph!), they spend several months to years underwater, before transforming into Creatures of the Air, who emerge around the Summer Solstice, mate, lay eggs, and die some time between Lammas and the September Equinox. So there's your Millennium Dome sync, symbolized by the frog/insect chimera that crawled into young Sarah Palmer's mouth while the Woodsmen played "War of the Worlds" on the radio.

    I have a tip for you, Chris.

    Have you investigated Fast Radio Bursts yet?

    There's a video embedded here, in which the phenomenon is explained by a man from Vancouver named FRASER CAIN.

    As an aside, there's been some theoretical chatter about Black Holes firing dark matter lasers out into space.

    I'm reminded of the Milky Way symbolized as a great mill wheel, and of Tao Te Ching #11: "Thirty spokes share the wheel's hub, but it is the center hole that makes it useful."

    1. Saucy linkage, JB. I'll be digging in- collapsed stars are my jam these days. Cheers

  17. Chris, perhaps I missed it, but no mention of Trump's Space Directive 3 declaring our return to the moon and the formation of the "Space Force"?

    1. I was going to mention it but then I died of boredom.

      Then I got better.

  18. Supposedly the next big supernova will happen in 2022, in the constellation of Cygnus:

    1. I suspect they've finally realised that the 'reflective mylar space mirror' artwork has been over-used, given it's been re-invented several times in the last decade, and so must now be abandoned and replaced by an 'imminent supernova event' - that may or may not occur on schedule.

      Or perhaps the mirror gambit was there to explain the supernova?

      Seems more likely to me that this is just another 'watch the birdie' distraction.

      Then again, perhaps they're hoping that the 'supernova' can be used to explain something else that they expect in 2022, e.g. "Oh my god! The supernova has radiated gravity waves, and they're affecting Earth tectonically!"

      For reference, consider the comet ISON hoax/psyop (2013). What was the point of that?

    2. 2 2 2 Twin

      Sensing a pattern here?

  19. As usual, I have no syncs to offer. Either I am not paying attention or I live in a bubble universe of my own. Or maybe someone else's creation. I do wonder who they've chosen to be Ma'ud Dib (sic. Been awhile since I've read Dune)though.Will the new religious transinhuman leader be male, female or other? An amphibious antitrust perhaps.

    Mind you, I don't mind missing out on all the 'fun' being had by sync watchers and enjoy the comments which are frequently more interesting than what Chris writes.


      Hey, ever read about the "Golden Age?" Ever read Hesiod?


    2. A friend let me know there is a strong sub culture of gay men obsessed with Mermen, they even have a book series written...

  20. Okay, I do have one, others already knew this, and Chris would... entomology of Chris, from the Greek Christophoros, to bear, carry or carry Christ in the heart.

    1. WRONG. It actually means "to carry the Ka of Horus."

      Sheesh. Where you been hanging out lately, CondoleezaBryce?

  21. My research into Arthur Stilwell took me to his namesake city of Port Arthur, Texas this week. The sync was heavy, my friends. This is Janis "27 Club" Joplin's hometown and it has seen better days. However the city's Museum of the Gulf Coast is dynamite and features a swell Joplin display, including the poster, LP and 8-track tape of "Pearl,"her posthumous, 1971 album produced by The Doors' producer Paul Rothchild. Of course Jim Morrison would be dead some 9 or so months after Joplin, also joining the infamous 27 Club. And what song should play - quite mysteriously, I might add, on the museum jukebox? "Waiting for the Sun," of course.

    1. Port Arthur in Tasmania is a shortish drive from the Tasmanian state capital city of Hobart and was the site of the Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996.
      A mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded.
      I was in Port Arthur for two days in 2016 and remember standing in a ruin with only a frame a fireplace left and wondering just what the significance was of the building I was in.
      Turns out I later realized that it was the remains of the 'Broad-arrow Cafe' where about 20 people were gunned down in 1996.
      I wrote a post about a ship that lost its anchor in Port Arthur, plus my travels to Port Arthur at this link here -

      It's a spooky place Port Arthur and lived up to all of its hype for my visit, that's for sure.

    2. Bonus factoid: Evan Rachel Dolores also covered the Pearl in that same set.

  22. Janis Joplin, at her August 1970 Port Arthur HS reunion was also called a "Babylonian whore" by classmates because of all the jewelry she wore.

  23. Hi,

    I don't know if this will be of any interest, but I wanted to pass it along.

    BTW, the collective coma's going great!


    1. In all seriousness I spun my car on the highway going 71 MPH with a tractor trailer behind me sometime around 2011. A couple of weird things:
      - I didn’t die. I spun around exactly 360 degrees and pulled off to the side of the road and said holy shit that was close.
      - after it happened I kept trying to pinpoint where it happened when I drove by. I could never figure out exactly where it happen.
      - I also have no idea of when it actually happened. I can’t place it relation to major events in my life.
      - I do know though that shit got weird after that though. I “woke up” in 2012/2013 so, my life got really weird.
      - then 2016+ happened and the whole world got really weird.

      So ya I’m fully onboard with the coma theory. Or Anthony Peak / PKD are right and we never really die - just get thrown back in to try again.

    2. Indeed. I just hope our bedsores are being tended to.


    Chicks with dicks er wings .. aka the two women of the Babylonian ephod.

    1. Or Babylonian chicks with wings shaped like dicks.

      They're the most dangerous.

  25. Unrelated (as much as anything is):

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom post credit scene
    "In the post-credits scene, we get the sense that dinosaurs roaming the planet is going to continue to be a major problem for humans. The short scene finds finds flying Pteranodons circling, and then landing on, the Eiffel Tower. Except, as the camera pulls back, it becomes apparent it isn’t the real Eiffel Tower — it’s the replica in Las Vegas. That suggests the next movie might take place in Sin City, where there would be plenty of hapless humans to get chomped."

  26. Now flabby-but-perpetually-exhibitionist-can't-sing Amanda Palmer is a Fraser heir? If everyone is, no one is.

    1. Oh, by no means, sir. She's just a congregant.

  27. Weird synch for any soccer fans - I've noticed in this world cup the english speaking commentators keep referring to the leading goal scorers as 'Talisman' and it got me thinking about how tarot numbers relate to the player/squad numbers. Each team has a starting 11 and a traditional number system that always bothered me

    At one end of the pitch you have the goalkeeper #1.
    #2 to #5 are the defenders... ok sounds logical.
    Then the most advanced attacker is #9 (should it not be #11?) #9 is the hermit and this player is often all alone in attack while the rest of the team defends.
    #10 is the most famous number given to the most gifted player (Fortune) like Pele, Maradona, Messi.
    #7 is the right winger who runs a whole lot up and down the pitch, ie the Chariot - CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo!
    could also claim the goalie #1 is the Magician as he has the power to touch the ball with his hands but cannot stray from his boxed area
    #6 the Lovers is the crucial position linking defense to attack
    the other numbers are more loosely related but I'm going with that for now
    Remind me to get a life!

  28. oh, and I forgot the reserve/substitute goalkeeper who often is brought on to face a dreaded penalty when the starting goalie has been red carded (sent off the pitch) for giving away a foul is given the number #12 the Hanged Man, or sometimes #13 Death...yikes!

  29. Go Into The Water, Dethklok (Brendan Small):

    "We call out to the beasts of the sea to come forth and join us, this night is yours
    Because, one day we will all be with you in the black and deep
    One day we will all go into the water

    Go into the water
    live there die there
    live there die

    We reject our earthly fires
    Gone are days of land empires
    Lungs transform to take in water
    Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on

    We are alive, and we'll metamorphasize
    And we'll sink as we devolve back to beasts
    Our home is down here, and we've known this for years
    We must conquer from the sea, we build an army with water steeds

    We'll rise, from our depths down below
    Release yourselves, drown with me
    We will conquer land with water

    Gone are days of land empires
    Lungs transform to take in water
    Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on
    We swim on
    We swim on"

    1. I've said it before I'll say it again: artists are our prophets. Real artists, I mean.

      Just natural facts.

  30. Off-topic, but if you ever wondered about Planet X or Planet 9, it appears that this is being used to hide or distract from the secret sun.

    "Now, let’s be clear about the state of Planet Nine as it currently stands. There is now strong evidence, via the strange behaviours of seven known KBOs, that something huge is lurking in the far reaches of our Solar System."

    "the hypothetical 'Planet Nine' appears to be circling the Sun on a super-elongated orbit that takes an incredible 10,000 to 20,000 years to complete"

    "this seventh KBO appears to have been pushed into a strange orbit by some great force nearby, about 149 billion km from the Sun, which is where Planet Nine is expected to be located"

    That's about 1,000 AU.

    So what is actually gravitational evidence of the secret sun (at 2-6,000 AU on a 24,000 year orbit) is neatly hidden by a hypothetical dark/invisible body (that will never be found, because it doesn't exist).

    1. I thought Planet 9 was a sun. A brown dwarf.

    2. I guess it depends on which Nibiru/Planet 9/ Planet X camp you subscribe to. Or whatever BS flavor of the week Youtubers are selling for subscribers.

    3. Well, there was 'planet X' as in an unknown massive body in the direction of Orion (first publicised in 1983), and then there was the (Illuminati instigated) Sitchin Nemesis/Nibiru shaggy dog story (with copy-cats ever after).

      The implication is that in the seventies the secret of the secret sun was beginning to appear a tad precarious (as it had even in the 19th century), so Sitchin was brought in to suggest an alternative explanation - propitiously resurrected come 2012.

      Although the secret sun may well have planets about it, the closest it gets is about 2,000AU (and it's currently just past aphelion of about 6,000AU), so talk of a secondary solar system passing through our own is sort of true, but couched in an astrophysically unlikely manner (to put it mildly). It's a bit like saying that Canada passes through America every summer (well, it does, because it's in America - North America).

      The 'brown dwarf' bit is just 'emperor's new clothes' crap, i.e. only NASA and the Vatican with their infrared telescopes can see it.

      The secret sun, is of course a fucking sun, and if it wasn't so far away, it would give you a sun tan. As an aside, the film 'She' gives a clue as to the fabled properties of secret sunlight.

      So, as telescopes and astrophysical analysis tools become more prevalent, NASA has to give more away, but without going so far as to reveal the common knowledge that died out with the ancient Egyptians (that subsequently moved from common to esoteric knowledge).

      So, today, Pluto is no longer a planet, and Planet 9 is an as yet unidentified celestial body that can be used to explain the secret sun's influence on trans-Neptunian objects. There is not much difference (gravitationally) between a mystery body's assumed super-elongated solar orbit and a barycentric orbit between Sun and secret sun. Either way, a massive body appears to visit the outer reaches of the solar system on a multi-millennial cycle (between 6,000 and 2,000 AU over 24,000 years).

      But, understanding we have a second sun, means many questions are answered - with very disturbing conclusions (Talk to Plato about the Platonic year).

      Fortunately, we can rest easy, because there is absolutely no evidence. There is only one Sun. And his name is Allah!

    4. Just as the Apollo boondoggle has become widely recognised, so the secret sun deception will become widely recognised.

      But, to put this eventuality off for as long as possible, there will be spoilers to ridicule the idea of another solar system in our back yard as it were.

      Predictably, they have to keep developing the cock & bull story. Here it is in its latest incarnation:

      "THE Nibiru or Planet X apocalypse conspiracy alleges a rogue planetary system crosses paths with Earth every 3,600 years or so. Despite being debunked years ago, scientists have just discovered a wandering star system which has passed Earth in the past."


      So, you won't be surprised at just how difficult it would be to persuade someone that, yes, there is indeed a solar system, probably much like our own only a few thousand AU away.

      Discernment is the key skill in these times.

    5. @Zod: Bismallah, ar-Raheem, ar-Rahman. In the name of Allah, I ask you to explain this: if your hidden sun is at its farthest from us, how is it going to effect the catastrophes you have been telling us of? Shouldn't that happen when it's at its closest? You've written that the catastrophes could be mere months away, after all.

      Also: you've written that it's soon to brighten rapidly in Earth 's sky. But if it's at aphelion, Kepler's Laws would indicate that it would brighten slowly, as it approaches us on a thousands-of-years long orbit. Please explain the discrepancy.

      Also: you *do* know that NASA is not the only entity on Earth doing astronomy right now, don't you? I could put you in touch with several others, from government supported bodies, to those affiliated with universities, to private individuals. Why have*none* of them noticed your hidden sun? Or are they *all* sworn to secrecy? Or all in the pocket of NASA?

      Insha'allah, you will have the courage to give me a straight answer; which you have never done before.

      Unnumbered Suffiyah eagerly await your response.

    6. Khadir, you appear to be confusing the Nemesis story with the secret sun. You also appear to be confusing the news items indicating something bright may soon appear in the sky with the secret sun.

      Indeed, your continued misattribution makes me suspect you are a shill. It is rampant in your comments here:

      The Sun is in orbit about the secret sun, and thus moving - moving Earth into a differently polarised magnetic field (from the one it has been in for the last 12,000 years). As the field strength increases, so The Earth's magnetic poles are effectively repelled away from their normal axial alignment. There are animations of this occurring and accelerating over the last few decades (the latest data no longer being published). Eventually, this becomes enough to induce a minor axial wobble in Earth's rotation, that is then accelerated into destabilisation and rapid inversion as the Earth's magnetic poles are attracted to align with the ambient field, where stability resumes for another 12,000 years.

      Predictably, the poleshift has repercussions - tectonic/volcanic/seismic/tidal/climatic.

      As to how the secret can be so well maintained, well, given your admission that you recognise the moon landings were staged, you should be able to answer this question yourself.

    7. @Zod: It is amazing to me how little astronomy you seem to know. I mean, why pick an astronomical shtick to run with when you know almost no astronomy to start with (and what you do know has been very poorly digested). If you are not a troll, then your ignorance truly is invincible. If the sun were in an orbit around your hidden sun, or if your hidden sun and Sol were both in orbit around their barycenter (both of which you have maintained; though they are not at all the same thing; how is it you don't know that?), we would know it from the Sun's apparent motion against the fixed stars. It would be a very plain thing, and no one would be able to hide it. So why has no one noticed it before?

      Same with even minor variations in the orientations of the earth 's axis: it wouldn't matter if these variations were published, or kept from publication; it would not matter if the data was published, or kept from publication; it would be apparent to everyone, the orientation of earths axis controls things like the time and direction of sunset, and the height the Sun reaches in the sky. No one would be able to hide it.

      For the sake of anyone who might chance across this and wonder about the Apollo hoax: to keep the true nature of the Apollo missions secret would require the cooperation of a bare handful of people out of a vast space program, several of whom would have their fortunes made for life by agreeing to go along, and no of whom would need to be read in on the whole script, just their small part in it. And even then, observers were saying from day one: that wasn't real.

      In comparison, Zod's little theory would require armies of astronomers (both professional and amateur), geologists, and physicists to be in on the hoax (as well as for no everyday person to notice what was going on in the sky in front of them). The two don't compare.

      I'll also point out, Zod; to answer a question with a question is universally considered cowardice.

    8. Khadir, because The Sun does indeed exhibit orbital behaviour, to keep the secret sun secret it was necessary to come up with a convoluted alternative explanation for this, which you can read here:

      The band of stars on the ecliptic, the Zodiac, is thus our calendar for The Sun's 24,000 year orbit with the secret sun.

      But, yes, you are probably right to observe that should the Earth's axis begin to wobble, it would cause considerable concern:

      When the wobble becomes so severe that the laity notice it, we will no longer be commenting on this blog.

      But, in your role as a shill, has the comment section of this obscure blog, concerned with esoterica appealing to a minuscule audience (typically already wise to shill antics), really hit the radar so significantly that you have been assigned to neutralise it? Why not simply ask Google to stop indexing it?

    9. Axial precession isn't a "convoluted alternative explanation": *all* rapidly spinning objects experience precession. It's one thing that you don't know the astronomy you claim to, but have you seriously never taken a middle-school science class? Or seen a gyroscope with your own eyes? So no, the precession of the equinoxes is in no way evidence for your little theory.

      As for me being a shill: I want to thank you, for making me laugh out loud for the first time today.I've been reading this blog for nearly a decade now, and ZERO percent of that time was spent waiting for little Zod to show up with his little theory. That time was spent learning about the subjects CLK writes about: something you should try, if you have the intellectual capacity.

      But it's doubly hilarious that someone like *you* would call me a shill; since, unlike you, I do not defend the behavior of the archons.

      And if you think this blog is so obscure, and its audience so miniscule, why are you here, trying to ride CLK's coattails?

    10. Khadir, for those interested in the secret sun, I can provide pointers as to where to do further research. The revelation that we have a second sun is such a paradigm shift, that it has to be discovered for oneself.

      For those looking for reassurance that there is no such thing as a secret sun, I can recommend you, as you are evidently extremely enthusiastic to provide all that they need in that respect.

    11. @Zod: Please do recommend me in that respect. What I am extremely enthusiastic for is to find out, and believe, what is true; and to help other seekers after truth to do the same (just as others have helped me in my quest for knowledge).

      That's the long and the short of it. I'm happy to be proven wrong twelve times a day, so long as I'm closer to the truth at nightfall than I was at dawn.

  31. You don't have to worry about re-paganization or human sacrifices.

    Recall my comment on another page, a week or so ago:

    December 2019, polar flip completes (partly due to cosmic waves reaching Earth), earth's crust slides - bye bye to most of North America, Europe, Eurasia, the UK.

    I notice you haven't had your way with that subject yet.

    But meanwhile, while you're still wasting time on the siren/mermaid thing -
    looking back through your old posts of nine or ten years ago (when you were a little saner), it surprises me that during your "Scottish Sunday" era you never dissected the film "Local Hero". Tropes: Scotland, an "oil town" in the making (or not?), the 1980s, globalisation, and...Jenny Seagrove with her webbed feet and her blink-and-you'll-miss-it diving-costume-with-fins).

  32. Hmm, my bad. Well, it was a quick Google check, and didn't dig further. I like your spin on my name. Never thought of that one. Don't know if this is a sync, but back in the day kids used to tease me with Bryceroni, from that old commercial. No, I'm not triggered. Thought was cool. Also used to be called Vanilla Bryce. They stopped when I relentlessly sung "Bryce Bryce baby" at them.

    Watched a bunch of John Wick 2 last night. Jeebus, that things loaded with deliberate symbolic crap. You've fallen ruined movies, tv and other rituals for me. As I said, I have little background in ancient history and such, but I know repetitive symbolic ritual crap when I see it.

    The transinhumanist future is mermale? Like Coldskin you say? Ugh. Cue the next movie: as the sun suddenly changes and puts out too much radiation, the human races only choice is to go back to the sea. Conflict arises when (toss in here whatever symbolic junk is trendy at the time.).

    1. The only Bryce I've heard of was Lynch in Max Headroom:

  33. Dear god, our Lord Cthulhu is rising.
    Ia Ia
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

  34. Similar thoughts:

  35. If you like old school syncs look at this one from Mexican Group Mana. Mutant mermaid on the cover.


  36. Any clue what sign/degree 1987a is within the tropical zodiac? It'd be interesting to know what the symbolism would suggest. Makes me think of the late eighties as that "cosmic" period of indigo children being born, berlin wall coming down, summer of love 2.0 acid house stuff, new age harmonic convergence, etc. -from a special snowflake born in 1987

  37. Chris, you gart me listen to Elizabeth Fraser. In old Scottish tongue to gar is to make, force compel someone or something. Here is a garland worth consideration - Scottish stonemason flown to US for tribute to Scots who helped build the White House - Mail uk. Read this article. Its a masonic hoot. The carving above the door includes roses and a stylized garland of American white oak leaves and acorns, a theme repeated in the transom, along with more conventional acanthus leaves, griffins, and classical flowers. - The White House Historical Association - founded in 1961 by First Lady Jackie Kennedy . The Rose, The doorway, the arch of the sun, (fire) divided into seven from the torus revolving point, sub rosa, Charles, the White House of ancient Egypt etc. The Spangle Maker - Makar - is a term from Scottish literature for a poet or bard, often thought of as a royal court poet. -Wikepedia. Also, just for fun - CADASTRAL AND GARDEN SHRINES TO ELIZABETH FRASER IN NORTHERN SIAM - SIAMESE ROSE – blog. This entry was posted in Cults, Elizabeth Fraser, Shrines.
    Andrew Jackson built the first White House greenhouse, an orangery, in 1833. Oh, those Families, ( familiars?) Mafias. If there is an orangerie there will be a rosarie for it is the garden of Venus.
    Check this - 'Robbie Williams is the neighbour from hell': Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page reveals the treasures and works of art which he claims are being put at risk by the pop star's construction aspirations. The sea contained within stone. About three or four days before this – Glasgow School of Art fire - I said to my son that something was going to happen in Glasgow. If there was a Scottish rose symbology it was the love between Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret. He considered her his equal and more. This has torn the heart out of Glasgow. I might buy one of these dewdrops to get away from it all. - The futuristic water ball, also called Aqua Bubble or Pearl Bubble. Got to go as I’ve a bathtub full of washing waiting for me. All the best, Chris.

  38. Cloud Oddities?

    "Space Force" will deal with It's 'Project Blue Beam' 'Stranger Things' machination.

    1. Another cloud oddity, hot off the press:

      NB Looks a bit HDR to me.

  39. I was surprised to learn today there is a country that reserves seats for women and permit transish men to seek office as women under that quota system. Being that country is Mexico though, this is corrupted further in their own special way. Weird story; I had no idea we are so close to trans-quotas.

  40. Final episode of “Parts Unknown” had Bourdain participating in a Bhutanese death ceremony.

    The episode featured none other than Darron Aronofsky himself.

  41. On the 22nd the band gang gang dance came out with a new record. And the cover could not be more orange... and I hadn’t put it together before but the imusic review kindly did for me “...while the lead single “Lotus” floats over sheer, delicate textures that recall fellow 4AD band..... Cocteau Twins.” Duh.

  42. Hey Chris, as you assault your brain with everything supernovae… I assume you’ve come across Nikolai Kozyrev and a host of others that lead over eventually in one direction to the ole’ Electric Universe Theory. That link above from K H that gets into 1987a lays out loads of plasma physics imagery. Do any of the plasma filament images remind you of, say, reconstructed maps of Neolithic Henges?

    …Let’s say Avebury in specific as it’s recounted in Children of the Stones.

    Much as all sorts now assume pinched plasma explicates Ninurta’s thunderbolts…. Are “Pearls” pinched plasma effects?

    “Quod non est simulo dissimuloque quod est.”

  43. Don't have a cow about our latest space explosion du jour!

    And nothing symbolizes a welcoming life in sea world quite like stinging jellyfish!

    And, as we all probably expected, robo-sex gets even weirder, with a sexbot that give the cold shoulder. Seems to defeat the purpose though it certainly raises the novel issue of whether a sexbot could be date-raped. Perhaps this is the designed way to create "rights for robots." Sexbot no means sexbot no!

  44. Couldn't agree more: "the general consensus seems to be we're no more than a decade away from balls-out, no pussyfootin' ritual human sacrifice." Interesting that the novel "Tomorrow after Tomorrow" which is set partly in a Pittsburgh ten years after it has been "accidentally" nuked by a "terrorist" features a former porn star as US president who engages in televised public executions. Interesting book. But I agree that were less than ten years out from a real-life Survivor-type show where the winner's big prize is continued life.

  45. Songs about sex with angels you say?

  46. Nephilim comes from 'nephesh' which is just the word for the "soul". And a 'soul' is factually a living being, it denotes someone's actual life and body. (we still very much recognize this fact, despite all attempts by the fiction-pushers to crush that awareness, f.e. think about SOS, save our souls, we mean the living body including all its functions, a SOMEONE).

    All this crazy talk about 'the fallen' should be understood as ... well, just crazy talk. Plus an indication of the very great hatred against the body, natural reality and its principles, and life itself the crazy fictionpushers, realitymanipulators, and "creators" have.