Friday, June 01, 2018

Orange Apocalypse: Color Me Entrained

Here we go, kids; Orange is in the air. The all-purpose color is bustin' out all over, but especially so with the gun control movement this weekend. The air's gone quite a bit out of the Parkland Pearlies' tires, probably because the Broward County Sheriff's department has proven itself to be an utter shitshow of mind-numbing corruption and incompetence. Messes with the narrative a bit.

But there's an awful lot of money behind this movement so the show must go on regardless.

Orange entrainment is being aimed at kids especially, most often under the rubric of reducing gun violence (note the shift away from "gun control"), a cause every sensible person supports. 

But since Orange seems to be attached to pretty much every other cause on the planet, you do have to wonder what the actual goal is here; reducing gun violence or conditioning people to wear Orange.

You know my answer.
Yes, you should wear Orange. You really should. Why? Because we're making a list of the people who wear Orange and the people who aren't down with the program. Which program? 

Whatever program we fucking tell you. Shut your piehole and go put your Orange on.

You know what? I'm putting your name on the list anyway. 

Just because you pissed me off.

Wait, you got a problem with that or something? You don't support- what's it called again?- something-something Douglas High? You like dead kids, you sick fuck? You some kind of NRA terrorist?

Hey everybody, this sick Nazi perv won't wear Orange! And he just said he faps it to snuff movies! Yeah, that's right; snuff movies of kittens! 

Check it out, this fashy fuck lives at 1435 Sparrowfield Terrace in Martinsburg Township! He works for LawnGrow and his gun-nut wife works for General Accounting Ltd on Powder Mill Parkway in Garden Grove!

Go @ LawnGrow and General Accounting on Twitter and ask them why they employ kitten-killing, snuff-porn-fapping NRA Nazis!

No. You can't wear Orange now. Too late. 

Go die.
You can tell the movement is a bit becalmed since they don't really seem to be attracting the A-list Millennial talent they'd probably like to and have to settle for some MILFtastic GenX holdovers.

But do note that these women have not only enjoyed fantastically-sucessful careers on their own, the lovely Ms. Milano is married to an exec at the powerhouse Creative Artists Agency, whose ambitions span far beyond show business. And Ms Sedgewick is not only married to Kevin Bacon but comes from a very old Blueblood line.

So maybe not the populists the Orange folks might prefer.

Well, there's a new wrinkle... 

And of course Orange is not only taking over politics and show business but professional sports. I have to say a little Orange goes a very, very long way. Those are some butt-ugly uniforms.
And this Dutch sports franchise combines Orange with the OA.

Seattle was lit up in Orange a few weeks back. For gun violence? No, for cancer awareness. You don't support cancer, do you?

Better not.

This is hot off the presses, Google (a division of Alphabet Agency) is joining forces with Euro powerhouse Orange. 

Ah, you can practically smell your civil liberties melting away.
A FB member pointed me to this harrowing short story about post-partum depression, the Devil, Orange and the All-Important 44. Check it out.

Here's another piece of fiction in which a British chat-show host "accidentally" wore an Orange outfit that "just happened" to match the carpet. Her name is Charlotte Hawkins, which translates to Secret-Sunnish as "All for That Went to Charlotte Horus-Kin."

You'll get the hang of Secret-Sunnish sooner than you think.
Ambien Orange. It's hot this season.
GQ shows you how to wear it.

And Orange eyeshadow is all the rave with your favorite celebrities. 

Like, um, Solange. 

Which almost rhymes with Orange.
The Aussies are rocking the Orange to honor emergency workers. Or were rocking it. Don't know what they're wearing Orange for this week.
And we're wearing the Orange for road safety here in the States. 

There's pretty much no cause that we're not wearing the Orange for these days.
And Heaven or Las Vegas is flying the Orange to keep citizens up to date with the latest doings in road construction...
...while San Francisco is using the Orange to block roads to protest SiliCylon Valley's endless depredations. About bloody time, I must add.

Kids are being encouraged to don the Orange for leukemia awareness...

...and for pretty much everything else in the annals of time and space as well. I think this Orange event was for precisely that.

You can wear orange socks to raise awareness of alcohol abuse... the same time breweries are appropriating Orange all over the place for their new products.

Orange is flexible like that.
And sure enough, all sorts of folks in the UK will be donning the Orange, as the quasi-Masonic Orange Order kicks off marching season to celebrate some 300 year-old victory over their cousins. The narcissism of minor differences, Freud called it. Something like that.

The Orangemen are named in honor of William of Orange, AKA Bonnie Prince Billy. Orange in this case traces its name back to a Celtic water god who was pretty much Oannes.

Small world, isn't it?
And remember that Santa Fe was also associated with Orange.

As were the ancient Sibyls.
I wasn't familiar with this artist (he's got a interesting kind of 70s Al Stewart-Gerry Rafferty vibe going) but I did make note that he's rocking the Orange with the Masonic Tracing Board imagery. As one does.

But speaking of the Orangemen (which members of Our Lady's family belonged to) and the Sibyl, do note this chap is on Bella Union, the record label started by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde. 

The plot thickens.


  1. So, uh, I'm just gonna leave this here...

    "Woman, 23, born without a vagina has become the first in the world to have one made out of FISH SKIN and she can finally have sex with her boyfriend

    What does the procedure involve?

    Dr Bezerra said: 'To make the "new vagina" we insert a vagina shaped acrylic mould, lined with the skin of tilapia, into the space created between the bladder and the rectum.

    'The device remains there for 10 days to prevent the walls from closing.

    'During this period the skin of the tilapia is absorbed, and the cells and growth factors released by the membrane transforms, like stem cells, into the patient's tissue cells.

    'Finally, the patient's body completely incorporates the tilapia skin becoming biocompatible with it.

    'The fish skin stimulates cellular growth and the formation of blood vessels and creates a new canal equal to that of an actual vagina.'"

  2. Lordy. Every Goodwill rack across the nation will be drowning in orange for the next 15 years. :)

    I love your blog so much Chris. Fuels my imagination and keeps wonder alive in such drab days. Your gift of discernment is strong. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  3. The sun invariably travels westward and so the vampires of this realm move in its shadow. The orange is the representation of our universe. when one peels an orange, the thumb pierces the navel which is the sun and in usual fashion gives motion and introduces the saturnine trickle of time to the world. The peel is flattened and becomes the surface of the earth upon which we walk. The orange has 12 cells encircling the inner seed. The old 12 around 1 bit.
    From east to west, the sun transfers knowledge of days past--the original satellite of technology transfer. From the tech innovators of Sunnyvale and Orange, CA back over for the delivery into the hands of the original gangsters of the Orient.

    Footnote: International Orange is the ASTM color specification (specifically ASTM D 2244)used in the aerospace industry. This exact color tone was used to paint the Golden [star] Gate Bridge.

    And San Fran's best day spa is titled International Orange (IO) and is located on 2044 Fillmore St.

    How do you like them oranges?

    Yours Truly,

    Jacques Payens

    1. 12 around 1 indeed, the basis for the geometry of nature so spake the great shaman R. Buckminster Fuller.

      orange Is herb's fav color... what are the odds that Gibil *liked* it two

      (CK, have you requested that free book, #onWhatis, from newfalcon yet? they are expecting your email.)

  4. Say it after me: Ik ben een Nederlander!Ik ben een Nederlander!
    Once you have convinced yourself of the fact, you'll find it perfectly normal and admirable to wear orange.
    'Oranjegekte' is a good thing ya know.

  5. Off topic... July 4th Òran Mór, Glasgow. A band called Start To End are performing JB's 'Grace' album in it's entirety. Also on July 4th, in 1927 the maiden flight of the Lockheed Vega... Loving the blog CLK ✌

    1. Vega flew and Star To End on July 4, but Buckley was found on June 4, 1997. Tim Buckley overdosed on June 29, 1975. There's some ritual dance of numbers here for sure, sadly have no idea what exactly. Also, Scotland.. strikes again.

  6. I'm wearing green, though I will EAT an orange

    1. Peace, brother. Great peace. Thanks for making clear your thoughts on oranges. Though I still have a question: does it depend on which country you live in, like the Dutch guy said?

    2. Orange!! After all, we're all in this together!!

  7. Skipping the fish-vagina jokes that practically write themselves, there is perhaps a still-funny Alainis-y irony in Hogg's most recent commupance (is anyone counting anymore?), which we can only hope takes all the rest of the "orange juice" swirling down the drain along with Hogg's fake movements.

    One ironic aspect is that as Hogg was trying to play Junior Bad-Ass, he screwed his own supporters at PP, who themselves have behaved almost as poorly as he has.

    On a personal note, I'd just like to wish David the best during his summer vacation and hope he has a long string of continued successes like this.

  8. Cinimod_ofCarthach10:02 AM, June 01, 2018

    Looks like I’ll be wearing blue tomorrow.

    1. presents possibilities for subliminally induced opponent-process crypsis.

  9. Cinimod_ofCarthach10:05 AM, June 01, 2018

    Oh and also 4:44 was the title of Jay-Z aka Hova aka J Hov last album.

  10. Mr. Knowles,

    Just had a personal revelation of sorts. I'm a comic/cartoon writer/artist and have been working on an expansive universe for some years. Have to say I was experiencing some Grant Morrison like "Hypersigil" (as Gordon calls it) effects long before finding out about the high strangeness of the world. For example I have created characters who spontaneously appear in my life as coworkers or social acquaintances possesing near exact personalities/features of what I drew. Even certain situations befall friends I base characters off of. Art drawing its influence from the creators life and whatnot.

    Anyways. The central plot deals heavily with parallel realities called "Currents" and an event where all the Currents merge thus streamlining or creating places/people in or out of existence. My goal was to talk about these phenomenon and deceptions via story from a world disimilar yet eerily familiar to our own. So many of the logos or businesses of our world are mirrored in the parallel Currents.

    Years ago. Apple Computers in the world of my comic was going to be called Orange. Disimilar yet familiar. Kind of lazy I know but I wanted it to be a blatant shoutout to Apple. Drew a bunch of logos and tech products with varying degrees of orange included in their design. Essentially everything was orange. The products were always planned to be important in the overall story considering how prevalent technology (Apple) are in our lives. So the orange would be everywhere. I eventually decided to veer away from the in your face "Hey this is my alternate reality version of Apple hyuck hyuck*" and chaned the name from Orange to PULP Products.

    This post may be of little consequence. It was just a shock to my system when I realized a personal tie in to this and how obvious it should have been to me.

    But it begs to regards to the endless feedback loop of creativity and anomaly, have you ever experienced any reality altering effects (Hypersigil) in your life due to your endeavor with the Secret Sun? I would be very interested to know.


    1. Magic, much like the laws of nature, doesn't need you to believe it or understand it in order to work. That's the beauty and the horror of it.

  11. You know, I just realized I don't own ANY orange clothing at all and never have. Guess I'll need to keep that on the down low from now on.......

    Also, "show business and professional sports"? Aren't you repeating yourself with that one?

    1. You'll be probably fine if you don't have a customer-facing job. If you do... well, the absence of an orange touch in your attire may reflect badly in the impression you give to customers.

  12. In the last days as per the bible ... parents will wish they never had children. The New Yorker piece ... orange to red is descent to mudalhara chakra ... or root of fire. Asar as Ace of fire or asshole. The fruit of the womb made same as fruit of as. Malkooter.

    Kill children as love service to Molech ... tophet tophet tophet..

  13. "BOB wears orange. Don't hit BOB. We need him."


    Being a hunter, I have a closet full of orange clothes.
    I also have a closet full of camo.

    I'd recommend blending in with the foliage.
    Let the sore thumbs stick out.
    Embrace the Green Man.
    Robin Hood.

  14. Always checkin for you, love your work.

    I'm not sayin you don't know what you're talkin about, im juss saying i don't(sometimes). I learned that line from a guy named Rog. I asked him if it was short for Roger and he said, "nah, juss Rog, mvthvfvcka."

    This orange bit made me think if it isn't conditioning us to wear orange jail/prison jumpsuits.

    Reading the Sun is one of my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad.

    Thanks again

    1. Travis, spot on with the prison jumpsuit conditioning!

  15. Now I'm looking at those fashion magazine "such and such is the hot color for this season." in a slightly different way...A thought that occurs to me, there's a few books in the local library that are all about ancient symbols and what they mean. It might occur to me to check those out.

    I get two kinds of syncs these days - there's the media syncs, film, tv, music (nostalgic non-sequitor - me and friends, way way back in the eighties, stayed up all night, coffeine, youth and drugs will do that to you, and in the eerie false dawn, found a sesame street clip, which we dubbed in some Stockhausen, which turned it into a bit of a horror fest. No sync, just a fond memory) and then there's the syncs that happen daily in the real world - a bit of overheard conversation, that matches up with some esoteric literature I am reading.

    Naturally I prefer the natural syncs, as they are more informative, richer, far more levels of meaning, and don't have that obsessive push that media syncs have - because very little in media happens without concious direction. And also, because where life just plays, they think we're stupid, and they have to pound this crap into our thick heads, which is truly annoying.

  16. I heard on the interwebs that PEARL Jam's song ORANGE man from their upcoming album has been leaked. My oh my...

    - Jacques P.

  17. I had a dream of 44 last night - shit

  18. I work at a movie studio. There really *is* a lot of ORANGE this weekend. Every weekend we look at a variety of projects and consider developing them. We call it the "weekend read".

    This weekend: we are looking at next week's New Yorker story called ORANGE WORLD, about a breast-feeding demon. Also we're looking at a manuscript called THE SYBIL JOINES VOCATIONAL SCHOOL. Geez. She's everywhere.

  19. It was refreshing reading this right after hearing the latest Skeptico interview. Man, he wouldn't let CK talk. Hopefully, Mr.Knowles, you do another interview soon where you get to manifest your magic. Cheers!!

  20. Keep it low key and do stay sane. And if you encounter any wild animals, throw them an orange and tell us how that worked.

    * *

    And if you don't hit them, it could be a fluke. Or it could be Parkinsons. Maybe you should run. Maybe not. If you're a young 17-year-old, your chances are probably better.

  21. Also, right after looking at this article I saw a magazine in the mail showing local school kids wearing math champion shirts that are safety orange. So you are doing good, you are on the right track, but you gotta stop with that cheesy shit, dude.

    1. Hey, listen. When you produce the quality in quantity that Chris has;

      When you provide valuable syncformation like Chris has to even the palest shard of a degree;

      When you have something of value to offer even remotely near what Chris does...

      Then maybe you would have the right to tell him what to do.

      Step off.

      Also have a good night/day.

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  23. People also ask
    Is Venus Orange?
    From space, Venus is bright white because it is covered with clouds that reflect and scatter sunlight. At the surface, the rocks are different shades of grey, like rocks on Earth, but the thick atmosphere filters the sunlight so that everything would look orange if you were standing on Venus.May 3, 2018

    rising on a half shell

    1. This ties in with the theory that, from space, the Earth is orange, i.e. blue light is easily absorbed (passes through the sky, and not reflected/scattered), whilst red and green light are somewhat reflected/scattered upon encountering the atmosphere. Which, if you know your colour theory, means it's enough to colour the Earth orange.

      Obviously, the reason why there are no photos of Earth from space (or they're artificial) is because the Earth is flat, which is of course crazy, ipso facto, by perverse induction, the photos are real, and they correctly show that The Earth is blue.

  24. Johnny Marr has just released a single 'Walk Into The Sea'.., Marr is old norse meaning the ocean/sea apparently.

  25. I read the story, Orange World.
    I wouldn't say it is about postpartum depression, it's not about women-with-a-diagnosis, that's way too easy, too convenient a way of putting it.

    The Orange World is characterized by internalized foreign fears, fears of all that 'could go wrong', and that according to "society" should be controlled and are "(y)our responsibility". It's a world in which morbid fantasies reign supreme, the imagination gone awry. And why are especially life-giving women the target of such nasty attacks? Because around childbirth women are completely 'naked', it is such a confrontation with all that is in fact real and true and UN"civilized"... and that's a threat to the made-up world, the matrix, society, "progress"...

    [>>The love winging around the room scares her with its annihilating force. It’s loosening the corset strings of her history, the incarcerated fat of “personality.” She and the baby are one body again, nourishing itself.

    For perhaps the first time in her life, she knows what to do, and she does it.>>]

    Imagine that, no oversight needed.... no masks....

    At the beginning of the story she asks "the devil": what/who are you? Of course, the devil replies that that's the wrong, forbidden question. Because it's the key question. Once properly answered, the entire cardhouse would fall apart.

    What can I do for you, she should be asking, according to the cruel and deceptive devil.
    The devil does: 'problem-reaction-solution', that's what the devil does.

    [>>“Look,” Marie says. “This approach, I’m glad it worked for you. But I’m not ready to wean yet. I’m afraid of it! I don’t want my family to suffer.”

    “Uh, hello? None of us want our families to suffer.”

    “It speaks with great authority about many calamitous possibilities. Then it promises me that if I feed it, these bad things will not come to pass.”>>]

    Sounds familiar?

  26. June 2nd is also the anniversary of the West Cumbria shootings, when decent guy Derrick Bird inexplicably went crazy and killed 13 people and wounded 11 others.


  27. Here's a link for this:

    1. Sorry, this was meant as a response to jeezloueez's 01:47 post...

  28. Not so much about 'orange' but Mandy here is DEFINITELY not supposed to resemble a mermaid ...

    For those unaware, she's a Y-list sleb who presides over junk karaoke contests and dancing dogs.

  29. On vacation this week, I was reading secretsun about mermaids and dolphins and water and pearls and transhumanism and all the other stuff. Then I took my coffee and a copy of Moby Dick I've been re-reading for the first time in 40 years down to the pool. In the water, a young girl of about 3 was playing with her brother. She suddenly shouted out, "I'm a mermaid, a dolphin, and a person all in one!" I thought it quite interesting.

  30. As a photographer I'd like to just drop this in here: In cinematography the color scheme "teal and orange" has been all the rage for a while now: https://theabyssgazes. blogspot. com/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html?m=1

  31. As a photographer I just wanted to drop this here: In cinematography the color scheme "Teal and Orange" has been all the rage for a while now: https://theabyssgazes. blogspot. com/2010/03/teal-and-orange-hollywood-please-stop.html?m=1

  32. So the woman with the tilapia made vagina is a horror to your readers but it's probably the first time the poor woman felt whole in her entire life.
    Maybe she should have prayed to Jesus. I'm sure it would have done wonders. Or maybe a little vagina inducing ritual magic.
    We all know that it works, right?
    You apparently spend your life online in some metrosexual fashionista wooland and see orange everywhere. I spend most of time in meat space and I don't see orange anywhere unless it's hunting season.
    Maybe hunters have been part of the conspiracy also. Along with highway workers & night riding bicyclists.
    Although highway workers are more on the bright yellow side these days.
    My advice, tool around a Wal-Mart and make an orange hunt. Doubt that you'll find much. You will find oodles of body fat, over sized scooter riders with their ass cheeks hanging down like Dumbo ears and conversations that will make your IQ drop just by the act of overhearing them.
    If there is an apocalypse coming I'm fairly sure that humanity richly deserves it.