Sunday, January 28, 2018

Katy Perry: High Priestess of the Secret Siren Cult?


Katy Perry, who sitteth upon many waters, is like a thermometer. 

If I want to know what the social-engineering/media mind-control climate is as the moment, I just see what our friend Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson's up to lately and it gives me a pretty good read.

And knock me down with a feather if Katy isn't just gaga over Mermaids. Has been for years. 

Even before Mermaids became mandatory.

Even back in the dim, dark ages of 2009, Katy was plugging the Mermaid Apocalypse. Either that or she was paying tribute to the 'Bluebeard' music video. 

Or both! Everyone gets a trophy!

And "Katy Perry Planks as a Mermaid" is the most 2011 headline ever. I think PopCrush actually won a Pulitzer for it.

And, of course, now Katy is transforming women everywhere into Mermaids.

Whether they like it or not. 

No, Katy hasn't been dabbling with her CRISPR DNA editing kit (she hasn't even taken it out of the box yet), she's launched her own Mermaid makeup line.* 

It's a modest effort but if she can leverage her celebrity into brainwashing 'tween girls into believing they can actually be transformed into Mermaids, then it's all worth it. 

Anyway, Katy Perryfarrell is now taking the Mermaid meme to the next level with 'Tsunami'. 

So it's a memetic combo platter, the Mermaid Apocalypse plus the Ring of Fire Apocalypse. It's off the same album as "Bon Appetit," which is pushing along the Cannibal Apocalypse.

She's such a multi-tasker. Diverse, our Katy Perrywinkle is. 

Here's the actual track. Do make note of the Frasereye icon in Katy's mouth. Been seeing a lot of those lately.
So the lyrics are pretty much what you'd expect. Lots of ripe sexual innuendo couched in aquatic double entendres.

But there are all kinds of little, um, pearls here.

Please don't tip-toe
Come close, let's flow
Anchor in me, and get lost at sea
The world's your oyster and I am the pearl
Open waters
Sink into me slowly

She is the Pearl. Because our world is your oyster. "You," meaning the Pearly Dew-Drops.

Or as Lady Gaga sang in Houston last year, this land is their land.

Now, listening to Katy Perry music is usually about as enjoyable for me as chewing on a roll of aluminum foil, but I actually kind of like this song. Katy HudsonRiver actually makes for a half-decent Fraserling when she's not getting all histrionic on you.

Of course, I liked 'Tsunami' better when it was called 'Watchlar' and was the third track on 1990s Iceblink Luck EP. 

Yes, that's the song where you don't even notice the Sibyl is repeating a childhood psychic driving session the same verse over and over for 3:17. 

And over some more.

As you can tell, both 'Tsunami' and 'Watchlar' share the same basic structure:

• prominent synth bass riff/loop
• chill tempo
• barebones arrangement
• heavily reverbed and delayed "ethereal" vocals. 

In fact, 'Tsunami' actually quotes the second measure of the 'Watchlar' loop on its choruses (compare 'Tsunami' 01:30 with 'Watchlar' 00:22, et al). 

No shame in it, given that 'Watchlar' probably inspired the entire Trip-Hop movement, if my calculations are correct.

So you're in good company, Katy HudsonValleyUFOFlap.

Add that into the lyrics and it's pretty clear we have another possible Cocteau cultist in the wind. 

Because the second track on Iceblink Luck is 'Mizake the Mizan', which is a little toe-tapper about a Mermaid and being forcibly drowned ('Hoist and thrown me down in the water/Drowning') in a lagoon. 

It also features the portentous verse, "So until the hour/My coeur cheri paiaa/ Honey/ Grey water, hoist and throw me down in the water..." "My coeur cheri paiaa" being a Fraserism for "my sweetheart boy."

But wait-- there's more!

Bonghit of Frasereye from Katy Perry's new stage set 

The lyrics to 'Tsunami' are tantalizingly congruent with the lyrics to 'Flock of Soul', a song we looked at on The Solar Satellite in a post that thrilled dozens of readers.

For instance, here's the chorus to 'Tsunami': 

So baby, come and take a swim with me
Make me ripple 'til I'm wavy
Don't be scared to dive in deep
And start a tsunami

And here is the chorus to 'Flock of Soul':

So find me, come into me
Come feel the deep, it's my little friend
Come feel the deep
It's love in a flood

You only get two coincidences, Ka-Hathor-Ty Perry; Mermaidery, the 'Watchlar' rip and lyric lifts like that and you've been outed as an Orthodox Fraserite. 

Sorry, but all your Satanist friends know the truth now, Katy Perrymason. 

Deal with it. And stay out of the Chappaqua area.

Katy HudsonNews feels the Derp

'Flock of Soul' was included on the EP officially known as Tishbite (Orange), which was released in March 1996 (oh Christ, give me a fucking time machine already), mere days after Jeff Buckley and his new ladylove Joan Wasser nearly drowned during a midnight swim at a beach on Australia's Gold Coast. 

Which gives us our very first look at the now-familiar Fraser Locality-Alignment Pattern (FLAP).

Now, it's my belief that this episode left quite a mark on young Scott Moorhead, better known to the world as Jeff Buckley. 

Drowning themes seemed to pop up in his lyrics quite a bit after that, including one song he may have wrote because he believed that the event was brought about through the power of witchcraft.

A brief glance at the lyrics for "Nightmares by the Sea" might give you an idea whose witchcraft he might have suspected that may have been:

Beware the bottle thoughts of angry young men.
Secret compartments hide all of the skeletons.
Little girl wants to make her home with him,
In the middle of the shore, she wonders,
"Don't know what you asked for."
"Don't know what you asked for."

All young lovers know why
Nightmares blind their mind's eye.
Your rube is young and handsome,
So new to your bedroom floor,
You know damn well where you'll go.
Stay with me under these waves, tonight.

Or in other words, "come feel the deep."

No? Still not getting it? Here-- maybe this poetry reading here will give you a clue:

Oh. My. God. 

Her speaking voice is almost as intoxicating as her singing. It's like having your ear licked while taking a warm milkbath. Plus, while having warm honey and melted butter poured over your head. Plus...other stuff... 

Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there. 

Now, I'm not sure when "Graveyard by the Sea" was recorded (I'm thinking it was before Blue Bell Knoll but I'm also kind of considering the possibility it was Mandela-Effected into this reality) but there's a line in it that might-- just might-- give us a clue as to where "Flock of Soul" gets its title from:

Keep off the idolaters, bright watch-dog, while --
A solitary with the shepherd's smile --
I pasture long my sheep, my mysteries,
My snow-white flock of undisturbed graves

Yeah. Wow.

I'm thinking "Flock of Soul" might have run a bell somewhere with our young Shepherd-Boy and hastened a careful listen to the heavily-treated vocals. Where he may well have picked out the immortal couplet, "Come feel the deep/It's love in a flood." 

Then maybe thought about the timing here.

Then he might have remembered he was messing around with a woman who used to steal snakes out of pet shops and wear chicken-bone jewelry while walkin' a-roun the greater Falkirk area.

Dear Diary, met this really wild chick singer! I think she's possessed! LOL jk
 Anyway, I think I'll mess with her head for 18 months or so & then 
dump her ass. What could possibly go wrong? Yours 4ever, Jeff  

Then maybe he watched the 'Tishbite' video (Tishbite being the nickname of Elijah the Prophet, whom many today might see as a powerful wizard) with someone who knew a thing or two about spells and noticed that Fraser might be interpreted by some as practicing Rune Yoga in it. 

Which I had no idea existed until our Gordon picked it out. 

Like here, where she takes on the "Gebo" pose... you can see here. That red X is the "Gebo" rune.

And we see the X form all over the place in 'Tishbite.'

We also see the X in Fraser's tortured, post-breakup love-letter to Buckley, Rilkean Dreams, aka the Sizzle Reel of Death Omens.

We see her hold a red X up to the sky in the short montage preceding "Half Gifts." Which is a nut-tay coinkydink because the X rune means...

...Gift. "Sacrifice, sacred marriage." Huh.

Let's take another look at the Gebo-like pose-- what does that legend read there?

Oh. "You end."

"You end" again. Huh. 

Who's "you?" I guess we'll never know.

OK, here's another shot of the Gebo pose, which is immediately followed by a shot of...

...something being submerged underwater. 

Again with the underwater.

Now, I don't know how much involvement the band had in the making of the video (it was produced by an outfit called Tomato) and all this rune business is way above my pay-grade, but those are some downright scintillating 'syncs' for you there, eh?

This shot seems to have been taken during the 'Tishbite' sessions of an Elizabeth Fraser who looks as if she saw something really, really terrible just happen. 

Maybe clairvoyantly. Maybe someone witchy, who can really say.

Bonus factoid: Believe it or not, this was released as a publicity photo. 

No, I'm not kidding.

Anyway, it may or may not be germane to our discussion that Jeff Buckley opened his very last concert with a performance of "Nightmares by the Sea." Followed by 'Witches' Rave.'

Ha-ha, I'm mentally ill.

So, yeah; that's some song Katy Pearshaped's small army of producers fixed up for her, eh? Lots of "deep background" for a little throwaway slice of AutoTune, huh? Who knew?

Sorry you asked?

Say, maybe Katy TylerPerry's producers even left a couple clues in there intentionally for OCD casualties Synchromystics like yours truly. 

Or maybe it's just their religion and they don't give a shit what anyone else thinks about it.

Hearing that The Weeknd is involved in this thing doesn't exactly dissuade me of that.

Now a lot of people have speculated that in cases like this that producers are reading my blog and nicking themes for their own work. 

If they are, they must have really bitchin' time-machines because all this stuff was made before I got onto this particular sick, all-consuming obsession investigation.

Interesting to note however that 'Tsunami' is off the album Witness and the Wall of Frase in the Fraser Dungeon is seen in the French noir series, The Witnesses

Witnesses to what?

Maybe the Two Witnesses. 


And as pure, dumb happenstance would have it, it looks as if a new pressure campaign is afoot designed to intimidate encourage male actors/directors/producers/etc into wearing pearl lapel pins (no, seriously) to the Oscars. 

Oh, they don't have to wear them. And they don't have to continue working in this business either, hehe. LOL JK. ;-)

Not actually kidding; put that fucking Pearly Dew-Drop on your fucking lapel, bitch. 

It's for a beautiful reason. 

See? It looks nice on you. Now everyone's happy.

And wouldn't you just know it-- Jason Al'Din of Harvest 91 Festival fame and his wife are celebrating the birth of their son, Memphis.

You know Memphis; the other city with a tacky fake pyramid?

Don't know if Jason Aladdin is a Jeff Buckley fan. 

As always, special thanks to my research partners and moles.

* Someone told me Perry has a streaming deal with the bone-grafting clinics, so the test subjects can bop along to chart-toppers like "I Kissed a Girl" and "Last Friday Night" while their severed torsos are being sewn onto swordfish tails. 

Don't quote me on that, though.


  1. I can't help but notice that the funky font of Katy Perry's "witness" might also read WARN-E-snake. Which also synchs well with the line: "Beware the bottle thoughts of angry young men." But I'm sure you noticed that, too.

    I have some more synchs to chase up and some more thinking to do, and if I come up with anything interesting, I'll let you know.

    1. Katy is an object lesson on what a shitty deal selling your soul always turns out to be.

  2. Those 90s Cocteau Twins songs remind me why in the late 80s I turned my back on them and got onto more sedate and sober music artists like Slayer and Naked City.

  3. That Buckley guy sure had a death wish going (Gotta wonder if he used heroin, junkies usually have a very bad death wish). Which made him a perfect human sacrifice subject.

    1. His fate seemed sealed long before his great-grandparents were born. All the world's a stage and so on...

  4. Sometime ago a weird internet rumor claimed that K. Perry was Joan Bennet Ramsey, who had not died in 1995 but had been abducted by some cabal and suddenly returned as a pop singer. There were even videos with comparisons of their singing voice graphs. It seemed so absurd back then, almost grotesque. Maybe the rumor was garbage but it was zeroing in in that there was something very disturbing about her, I thought back then. But isnt it weird how suddenly she has dyed her hair blonde and looks more unhinged than ever?

    1. It's really unsettling. I dont really go for the Jon Benet theory in reality but it has a certain poetic truth.

  5. German(e) to our discussion is that Wasser (Joan) means water.

    Weeknd also has a ditty called False Alarm. Lost Hawaii, Lost Vegas, they have it all covered.

    1. And that Joan comes from Ioannes aka Oannes aka the Sumerian half-man half-fish (!) god who lived in the sea... yep. But I'm pretty sure Chris has pointed this out in an earlier post.

    2. Yes indeed. Here's a recent picture:

  6. In the last few weeks, I've been looking up singers who say they were influenced by Elizabeth Fraser & the Cocteau Twins. I kept seeing one name that came up up constantly even in relation to Twin Peaks. Ray Wise was in one of the early videos. Victoria Legrand of Beach House is on several lists that include Elizabeth, Lisa Gerrard & Kate Bush. She even played at the 2008 Siren Festival at Coney Island that ended in 2010.
    Legrand’s ethereal voice takes center stage, much as Elizabeth Fraser’s did for the similarly evocative Cocteau Twins, while her electric organs mind-meld with Scally’s hypnotic guitar to form a lush background of spacetronica — and not much else. Devotion is as understated as it is brilliant
    Okay, you’re playing the Siren Festival. What kind of grades did you make in Greek mythology?
    I never studied Greek mythology but I was obsessed with it in high school.
    Have you ever read Homer’s Odyssey? Yes.
    So you know that the term “siren song” refers to something alluring yet potentially dangerous. When you look in the mirror, do you see anything like that? Yes.
    Would you care to expand? No. Is that okay? Simon mentions Victoria.

    1. Yes, I'm familiar with this band. The stuff I've heard is more rocky and traditional that I'd expect. My current favorite Fraserling is Zola Jesus but there are a lot of them out there.

  7. On Friday I was speaking to my adorable four year old niece and told her how cute I think she is. She replied " I'm a beautiful mermaid." I immediately thought "what would Knowles think of that?"

    1. He'd think it was cute just as long as she didn't actually start to believe she was a mermaid.

  8. In case you missed the post in another item some folks announced the building of an underwater restaurant using a sunk shipping container. Perhaps this trend can lead to Mermaid Dinner Theater and more employment opportunities for the "alternatively-appendaged"!

    1. Yes, I did see that. What's the big obsession with water lately?

  9. Please provide more insight into Ms. Gabbard, is she pro- or anti- the war drums? Bit confusing messages out of HI these days

    1. Who the hell knows, really. I get the feeling she's a total oppurtunist.

    2. Speakin of opportunists, We don't get many good images of Hitler in color. the old Agfa process they were using for color didn't yield really crisp images. But he famously had the same penetrating grey eyes as Elizabeth, Our Lady of Faerie. No surprises there. Also he identified with the wolfxx- which is what the name ADolf means. Truly an avatar of Fenris, the wolf who devours the sun(and odin) at the last bsttle. ALo today, January30th is the anniversary of the inauguration of the Nazi government.

  10. Katy Perry's album Tsunami seems to have it all. A mermaid with the sun to the left and a faint crescent moon to the right. More Saturn symbolism, but whatever...

    Tsunami the word is interesting in itself in that it has 'sun' and 'ami' in it. Sun represents light and ami in French means 'friend'. It can then be perceived as the 'friendly light' (although I think anyone who lived through an actual tsunami would take exception to the 'friendly' bit). The T can be looked at as a Tao cross which is a symbol of protection and preservation.

    It's a meaning to consider when looking at her album cover concept. Does she offer protection of the Friendly Light or is she and that light what protection is needed from?

    Something else struck me, Chris, in something you mentioned about "everyone gets a trophy." We all know of the practice now in rewarding everyone equally across the board in things like kids' sports leagues because no one is allowed to excel above others or inadvertently deflate others' self-esteem, etc. The strategy of everyone getting a trophy could actually mean 'everyone gets atrophied'! The practice of equal rewarding across the spectrum dulls down, stagnates, then destroys the human spirit's instinctive capacity to strive and achieve. Again, helping to enforce society's dead-end loop. Man, THX-1138 LIVES!!!!

    There is so much revelation in simple words, names, etc. Unfortunately, no one stops to take time to "smell the roses" as it were because they're forever late for their kids' soccer practice.

    1. That's actually rather brilliant- everyone gets atrophied. I think I may have to steal that.

      As to Kate, who the hell knows what's going on there. She seems to be a blank slate all kinds of reprobates can throw paint at.

  11. Maybe we have reached the point in which mentally ill people are the majority so that the control system has to work through pathological messages. I have noticed in the last 20 years or so that most major Hollywood films make no sense at all plot wise and are instead composed of barely connected sequences designed to maximize emotional responses from the audience. This operates in all kinds of films, from the most serious prestige dramas to the most basic low budget exploitation movies. It is as if all films are structured as only porn movies used to be. This becomes more apparent when watching foreign films because for the most cases they are not structured like that, at least not yet. Maybe that is why foreign films have all but vanished from American theaters. Most theaters showing foreign films have been closed and a myth has been created about how "Americans fo not like to watch foreign movies", which is a lie, of course. Just ask the people who made millions back in the 70s and 80s from Asian action movies released in the USA.

    1. Well, there is a school of thought that argues the real purpose of MKULTRA was to drive society insane. But maybe this is what happens when you're able to insulate yourself from reality.

  12. I may be drifting down a different siren stream but I can't seem to get this connection off my mind.

    Jeff Buckley, drowned in 5/29/97. Earlier that month on 5/5, Fox aired "King of the Hill" Season 3, Episode 23. (Yep, episode 23.)

    The plot revolved around the character Buckley's death and his return as an angel, called "Buckley's Angel". Ten years later, actress Brittany Murphy, who voiced Luann, died under shady-shady circumstances.

    Creator Mike Judge may or may not have been involved, and if not, coincidence can build a life of it's own.

    Fraser's reading of Paul Valéry's poem was very moving and syncs with my current life. Syncra

    1. Three more syncs with this episode will bring us to Our Lady of the Lake.

      Within that episode is the song "Life in a Northern Town", by The Dream Academy, written to honor, singer-songwriter, Nick Drake, who ODed in 11/25/74.

      The episode also features Willie Nelson's "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground", which is about a fallen angel.

      The episode also includes the telling of the Buddhist story of "The Tiger and the Strawberry".

      Buckley + death + singer-songwriter death + fallen angel + Strawberry (Fraser).

      For me, this is where the usual political suspects fade and something else rises to the surface.

    2. Yeah, once you start poking around in there you run out of rational explanations rather quickly. Thanks for the tip on the KOTH.

  13. the youtube channel 'rare and unfamiliar music hunt' is a fun one and recently an album from 1981 with a strange cover from showed up with a track sounding really odd I thought you might glean something from. here is the link to the album starting at the song 'Space Face' that has a sound of the siren if I ever heard it, plus look at that album cover, pearly drops from space over a flood and sharp rocks. The album is by Eric Vann, better known as Joel Vandroogenbroeck who has other works about water worlds and ancient civilizations but 'Space Face', the sound and cover, really made me think of this thread!

    1. Yeah, there's a signal always broadcasting. Some pick up on it more than others. It's the way of the world.

    2. I'm thinking being a child of the 80s and not remembering the Cocteau twins at all is a good sign i'm tuned out. Even my mom didn't remember and we watched a lot of MTV. Though now i'm noticing my parents house always have leaky pipes and father answers to blaring firetrucks with 'yes dear?' so I'm a little on edge...haha.

  14. Her parents are evangelical (Pentecostal) pastors.

    Speaking of evangelicals, where is the home base of televangelist Joel Osteen and his Lakewood megachurch? That's right: Houston, TX. In fact, Houston is considered the world capital of the entire evangelical movement, which has seen explosive growth since the 1970s.

    Who else sits in Houston, I wonder: Oh yes... NASA. Coincidence? Possibly.

    Did I mention that the father of Joel Osteen's wife and co-pastor Victoria Osteen was a close member of Wernher von Braun's team at NASA? And that the Osteens' sermons are broadcast 24 hours a day on Sirius XM Satellite Radio?

    I don't think this even needs "connecting the dots"...

    1. There are many secrets in Houston as you note. It is also the energy capital of world (at least to hear the locals), which to them means it's the secret capital of the world. Seriously, Sugar Land, home of the infamously "disgraced" (and not really if you connect the dots), and probable Dennis Hastert pedo-mailer, Tom Delay was based there and it proudly welcomes Halliburton's corporate headquarters.

      Houston is also a libertarian's wet dream, with virtually no zoning regs whatsoever. It sprawls over more land than LA now, iirc. In some ways it will end up being more like Bladerunner than LA will given how already strip clubs can pop up next to churches next to convenience stores next to brewpubs next to meat packing plants.

      Around the moon landing Houson had one highway belt and a second nearing completion "squaring" the city center. Now there are now wrapping up three full belts squaring the city and, again iirc, a fourth is being planned. It's kind of mind-boggling.

      There are also huge swathes of convenient dark lonely flood plains where bodies can regularly be disposed of without fear by perps of all types, including serial killers. It makes the East River look quaint.

      If hell on earth has a US zip code, it may well turn out to be a Houston-area one. Sugar Land at least seems like a portal.

    2. Johnathan E. (E for energy) played for Houston in Rollerball. That movie may be the closest dystopia ever made. Too close.

    3. "Houston is a cruel, crazy town on a filthy river in east Texas with no zoning laws and a culture of sex, money and violence. It's a shabby, sprawling metropolis ruled by brazen women, crooked cops and super-rich pansexual cowboys who live by the code of the west—which can mean just about anything you need it to mean, in a pinch."- Hunter S Thompson

    4. Thank you friends for these great descriptions of Houston. They are creepy yet poetic - and that ain't no mean feat to write so evocatively.

    5. Oh, we're not done with Houston. Not by a long shot. Lots of tales to tell there.

    6. Nothing like a nice biblical rain of fish:

      No word on whether Osteen came through with any loaves to complete the meal, though.

  15. Geordie Rose: "Tsunami of demons is coming". More on YouTube

    1. Yes I would agree with that; it has been my main point for years.
      Demons are angels whom fell; lost their grace.
      Or, if you prefer they 'fell' in frequency to a lower vibratory 'realm' (ours) perhaps cast from a 'higher' heaven downward.
      NASA is NAZI all the way; project paperclip to thank for that.
      And where do you think MKULTRA comes from?
      There has long been a 'christian' movement that is convinced that 'Christ' was 'anglo/saxon' and that he came to represent/free the 'white(master??)race'.
      And of course fundamental extremists see the 'inferior' Jews as the murderer of this 'Saviour'.
      It's all a crock of shit to me, as is 'religion' in general.
      Religion exists to control the masses.
      As for Fraser?
      She was possessed PERIOD!
      When her 'demon' (siren) vacated her she fell apart.
      Possession can always been seen in the eyes of those who have 'company'.
      What honestly concerns me is the obvious symbolism of water and a LOT OF IT; like DELUGE.
      A Tsunami can be 'seen' as a major force/RUSH of extreme ENERGY; whether that is supernatural in nature or literal it's hard to know.
      It is apparent that 'doorways' have been opened that were never meant to be opened, and that whatever is coming thru these 'doors' might just see us as LUNCH!
      Bon Appetit!

    2. M.Co: "As you know, I don't believe a word of this siren-possession bull - but, as I wondered on some other site, it's possible that there's a psychosomatic reason for the evident deterioration in her eyesight post-Buckley and post-post-natal-depression. (Exacerbating that cruel cosmic joke that all big-eyed people are short-sighted). She's almost always been seen wearing glasses since the turn of the century (vs. only-rarely prior to that).
      Of course [puts his nutty-stalky-fan hat back on] she may have chosen a persona to semi-retire into, in which case the glasses could be half-visual-aid and half-the-self-defensive-equivalent-of-a-hijab."

    3. I'll let you two hash this out then. Good luck.

  16. RE: Elizabeth Fraser's speaking voice. I met her a couple of times when she was recording here in Glasgow in the mid '90s and can confirm her voice is indeed hypnotic even just in conversation. That's if you could get a word out of her: she came across as a very shy, delicate woman. Not unfriendly exactly but certainly reserved.

    Oh, and the name of the band she was working with? It was, of course, The Bathers. Here's links to a couple of the songs they collaborated on:

    (Not to be a name-dropper, but I also met Robin Guthrie earlier in the '90s when he was working with the Cocteaus-lite/shoegaze band Lush. He was with his brother and, man, they couldn't have been any less 'ethereal': drunken boors the pair of them.)

    1. Yes, Fraser is well-known for being very shy, which is why she never pursued the stardom route, even though she was more than talented enough for it. You can see little hints here and there that she could dance, probably had training.

      The voice- yeah. That radio show where she talks about the lyrics-- her speaking voice is like an angel's. I could listen to her read an old C++ manual.

      Robin was a boor but that's how genius often works. Bonus factoid: I met Miki Berenyi back in the day- she had charisma to burn. Plus gorgeous.

  17. Seeing this Katy Perry stuff reminds me to mention this new "deepfake" thing. Have you heard, Chris? Neural network-machine learning celebrity porn face swaps! Just a month or so in, and limited (maybe) to a few hundred people with decent video cards, have managed to make some pretty realistic looking gifs and vids. I'm sure only positives will come of this!

    1. Deepfake is an attempt to provide plausible deniability for elites who are about to be exposed for unimaginable sex crimes via leaked videos soon.

    2. Oh, I've been saving the deepfake story for a later post. Reality is under assault and seems to be losing.

  18. Watching Tim Burton’s Batman last night and in the Wayne murder flashback scene, Bruce Wayne’s mother’s pearl necklace broke with the individual pearls dropping into a puddle like Pearly Dew Drops dropping.

    Yeah, sure seems like it’s everywhere once tuned in.

    1. You might want to watch 'Batman Forever' starring Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian, not that Burton directed it, but it is part of the same franchise and she is married and has kids to Keith Urban (see my comment below) and Nic (nothing personal, because I like her as a person) just wrapped up filming 'Aquaman' on Queensland's Gold Coast...yeah the stretch of beach that Jeff Buckley nearly drowned on the first time.

    2. I don't know Nicole Kidman as a person, but I find the allegations by Fiona Barnett about her father, Australian psychologist, Anthony Kidman, being a pedophile and his suspicious death strange. Kidman has a strange past.

    3. Yes, Anthony Kidman "slipped on a hotel room carpet" and died. (?!*%$#) And this happened in Singapore of all places, an Orwellian city-state with virtually zero crime rate or hazards or negligence of any kind. The circumstances just scream "intel op".

    4. Sounds like a load of BS to me about Kidman's father and I don't see how an old guy having a heart attack is weird.
      Makes for great campfire stories I guess.
      I wrote about another famous Australian who tripped on a pot plant and broke his neck and is now a quadraphonic, so shit happens.

    5. The pearl visual comes from The Dark Knight Returns, the seminal Frank Miller graphic novel.

      There's something off about Nicole Kidman. I can't put my finger on it.

      The Aquaman thing-- I mean, how many thousands of miles of coastline does Australia have and they have to shoot in on the Gold Coast?

      I feel like Cassandra quite often.

  19. It was the Australia Day Weekend over in this part of the world and we had a spate of drownings and near drownings, including this one -
    "A 3-year-old boy has drowned at a Currumbin estuary.
    Witnesses say he was underwater for 10 minutes before he was spotted by another swimmer."

    If you key up a map of Currumbin estuary you will see that it runs off Coolangatta beach.

    And three people fell off a boat yesterday and had to tread water for three hours off the coast of Perth -
    "Three people saved after falling from boat in Swanbourne"

    That trip was nearly their life's swansong, so they were lucky rescuers came along.
    Two people drowned in a dam at the top of Queensland with the 23 year old woman coming from Keith Urban's hometown of Caboolture in Queensland, which is along the Fraser Locality-Alignment Pattern, too.

    1. Ugh. Horrible. His parents must be ruined. This fucking world.

  20. Gebo X and my immediate thought:

    Gen X = Gift. Sacrifice. Sacred Marriage.



    1. Yeah, I keep waiting for this whole story to stop spitting up insanity like a drunken prom queen but it refuses to accommodate me.

  21. I note that Wasser is the German word for “water,” so that Jeff Buckley was in love with Joan Water.

    Also, when rock stars die prematurely and unnaturally, they are supposed to die at age 27. Father Tim Buckley died from heroin overdose with alcohol in 1975 at age 28 while son Jeff Buckley almost died at age 29 in Australia, and finally did die in Memphis at age 30.

    1. Margot Robbie is 27 right now and she is really swimming in some dangerous archetypal waters.
      Playing sirens (Harley Quinn/Gotham sirens), Sharon Tate in Tarantino's next movie in the year of the 50th anniversary of 'Rosemary's Baby' as well as Queen Elizabeth the first in a movie about Mary Queen of Scots opposite Saoirse Ronan from 'Lovely Bones' (Song to the Siren) is just screaming at Fate and saying I dare you to take me before my 28th birthday.
      I admire Margot, because she has more balls than I do, but that may be more through ignorance than foresight.
      I hope she makes it to her 28th birthday, because I really admire her, but I don't think she really knows what are swimming in the waters she is in right now.
      Plus she is from the Queensland Gold Coast.

    2. All this Aussie death business reminds me I need to watch Season Two of Glitch. What the hell are you people putting in the water down there? Nearly everyone on that show looks like a successful breeding experiment.


    The tracks Fraser sings all relate to the above.

  23. Chris, I remember that you mentioned in the past there is a Facebook group, I presume associated with your blog. I searched Secret Sun on FB and I didn't come up with anything that looked like you. So I presume it's a closed group. If I'm right, what does one have to do to join? Become a devotee of Our Lady Of Oracles? Sacrifice a mermaid?

    1. I wouldn't recommend sacrificing a mermaid. They leave their scent on you, kind of like getting stung by a hornet.

      I'll be getting to the FB thing soon. Just been very busy.

  24. (MC rolls his eyes:)
    1. Do the fkn research! Graveyard By The Sea was recorded [in haste, hence the recycling of Lazy Calm as background music] as one of the BBC’s contribution to National Poetry Day in 1995 (at the same time as the interview where she “recited” a bit of Whales Tails).
    2. Flock Of Soul gets its title from Plato’s Republic – and there’s no connection that I can detect between that doorstop-of-dreck and Paul Valery’s poem .
    3. Here and on January 27th, you’re still repeating those lyric “transcriptions” which are either noticeably wrong (Watchlar, P.D.D) or impossible to verify (that gated-reverb on Flock Of Soul). If you need reminding of my interpretations...well, I’m sure you know my YouTube name by now.
    4. The positioning of the subtitles in that video and those others of the era is almost certainly just another bout of self-protective obscurantism on Elizabeth’s part. “You end” as in “don’t know where you end and I begin”...nothing more, nothing less. (BTW: what’s scarier, that Tishbite publicity photo, or the 1987 “did-she-age-twenty-years-overnight?” photo)

    1. 1. If you have a source, cite it. But if it was read in 1995—meaning during Fraser and Buckley’s relationship, then that only makes my case all that much stronger here! So thanks for that, mate- you finally made yourself useful. Your next haloperidol is on me.

      So please fetch that citation. Especially since there’s no mention of Graveyard by the Sea in the interview recording with Simon Armitage.

      2.There’s no connection between Plato’s Republic and “flocks of soul” either. That utter non-fact in the glossary refers not to Plato’s Republic but to an essay on it that published AFTER Flock of Souls was released. It’s the essayist’s interpretation, which is completely extra-textual.

      3. I don’t need reminding of your interpretations because they’re rubbish. But thanks anyway.

      4. Yes, I know the lyrics, Matt. That’s not the point. You really don’t understand how this all works, do you?

      I didn’t realize you were on a first-name basis with the Sibyl. Care to elucidate?

  25. Great news! The people have spoken! We're ready for a different flavor of crazy.

    Katy's latest LP has only sold 5% as much as her previous LP and her label is PISSED:

  26. Chris, I recently watched Alice in Chains' music video for their song "Would?" from the Singles soundtrack, the soundtrack that was put together by director Cameron Crowe and our friend of the siren Chris Cornell. The song "Would?" is actually a play on words about the band's dearly departed friend Andrew Wood of Mudhoney who died (sacrificed?) at the very birth (Birth Ritual?) of the grunge scene. At 29 seconds into the music video, I just about jumped out of my chair as either Elizabeth Fraser is in this video or someone who looks a hell of a lot like her. I don't know, but the resemblance is freaky in combination with the subject matter of the song and the involvement of Chris Cornell on the soundtrack.

    1. That's Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, actually. And before that the far superior Malfunkshun. I'll check that vid out.

    2. I believe that's Layne Staley's girlfriend Demri, who was a major Cocteau freak. She's dead now, too.

      Because fuck this world.

    3. Yes Mother Love Bone. Temple of the Dog. How could I Sirius-ly miss that...

  27. It appears that singer Hollie Cook is in on the mermaid meme. Includes seahorse, for good measure!

  28. The Tomato design collective (who apparantly did those 90s´Cocteaux videos) consits of -among others- members of the band Underworld and the late musician who was recording under the name Black.

    1. Thanks for that. Good to know. Never really got Underworld.

  29. Artist Karin Ferrari "emulates"
    youtube conspiracy theory videos

    Her Katy Perry's Dark Horse analysis
    series has some strong research synchs.

  30. Dear CK. I hope this gets to you. You maybe saw the "Mark salling" news. On Drudge it says "dead, found in river" I cant confirm that from other sources. But, suicide by hanging, found in river? and south of frazier park ca, though that may be reaching, as it's 61.1 miles north. I don't know how else to contact you, so delete this if you care to, because its not about Katherine. Ps dude's birthday is 8/17/82 if that means anything.

    1. Selling recently pled guilty to child porn and was about to go to prison for 4-7 years. Reports say he hung himself by a creek near a baseball field. Seems like a there is motive to commit suicide, but are you thinking there is something more sinister?

  31. I always thought that with MaCultra (shit, that didn't work. I was going for a knd of acme thing and blew it) one thing that really happened, and probably why all the messing around with oh so sexy forbidden dark stuff, was that they dosed themselves with plenty of ye olde aceed. And the pure stuff. Kinda went off the rails there, and, well, now we're here. As far as I can tell, the various mind control methods are akin to stripping the brain of someone down to whatever bare essentials you need for that tool to do what it do. And, in this planned obsolescence world, a one use tool aint no big deal, just throw it away. Well, something like that anyways.

  32. All young lovers know why
    Nightmares blind their mind's eye.
    Your rube is young and handsome

    - some lyrics sites can't be trusted: he actually sings "your Bluebeard's young and handsome".
    Just discovered your Blog. Kudos on the excellent publications. I am truly amazed.

  33. You might know this one already, but Manchester Art Gallery removed a painting, ostensibly because it's 'too sexist'...or whatever...but the painting in question was a by Waterhouse, the famous one with all the....sirens!

    From the article:
    Clare Gannaway, the gallery’s curator of contemporary art, said the aim of the removal was to provoke debate, not to censor. “It wasn’t about denying the existence of particular artworks.”

    Maybe for once, they're telling the truth with their excuse...i.e. to promote discussion?

  34. Make me your Aphrodite
    Make me your one and only
    But don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy (Eurynome)

    So, I'm confused.. she wants to be Aphrodite but not Eurynome? Because her work says otherwise.. Or is this just an excuse to chant Eurynome's name a few times?