Sunday, January 28, 2018

Katy Perry: High Priestess of the Secret Siren Cult?


Katy Perry, who sitteth upon many waters, is like a thermometer. 

If I want to know what the social-engineering/media mind-control climate is as the moment, I just see what our friend Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson's up to lately and it gives me a pretty good read.

And knock me down with a feather if Katy isn't just gaga over Mermaids. Has been for years. 

Even before Mermaids became mandatory.

Even back in the dim, dark ages of 2009, Katy was plugging the Mermaid Apocalypse. Either that or she was paying tribute to the 'Bluebeard' music video. 

Or both! Everyone gets a trophy!

And "Katy Perry Planks as a Mermaid" is the most 2011 headline ever. I think PopCrush actually won a Pulitzer for it.

And, of course, now Katy is transforming women everywhere into Mermaids.

Whether they like it or not. 

No, Katy hasn't been dabbling with her CRISPR DNA editing kit (she hasn't even taken it out of the box yet), she's launched her own Mermaid makeup line.* 

It's a modest effort but if she can leverage her celebrity into brainwashing 'tween girls into believing they can actually be transformed into Mermaids, then it's all worth it. 

Anyway, Katy Perryfarrell is now taking the Mermaid meme to the next level with 'Tsunami'. 

So it's a memetic combo platter, the Mermaid Apocalypse plus the Ring of Fire Apocalypse. It's off the same album as "Bon Appetit," which is pushing along the Cannibal Apocalypse.

She's such a multi-tasker. Diverse, our Katy Perrywinkle is. 

Here's the actual track. Do make note of the Frasereye icon in Katy's mouth. Been seeing a lot of those lately.
So the lyrics are pretty much what you'd expect. Lots of ripe sexual innuendo couched in aquatic double entendres.

But there are all kinds of little, um, pearls here.

Please don't tip-toe
Come close, let's flow
Anchor in me, and get lost at sea
The world's your oyster and I am the pearl
Open waters
Sink into me slowly

She is the Pearl. Because our world is your oyster. "You," meaning the Pearly Dew-Drops.

Or as Lady Gaga sang in Houston last year, this land is their land.

Now, listening to Katy Perry music is usually about as enjoyable for me as chewing on a roll of aluminum foil, but I actually kind of like this song. Katy HudsonRiver actually makes for a half-decent Fraserling when she's not getting all histrionic on you.

Of course, I liked 'Tsunami' better when it was called 'Watchlar' and was the third track on 1990s Iceblink Luck EP. 

Yes, that's the song where you don't even notice the Sibyl is repeating a childhood psychic driving session the same verse over and over for 3:17. 

And over some more.

As you can tell, both 'Tsunami' and 'Watchlar' share the same basic structure:

• prominent synth bass riff/loop
• chill tempo
• barebones arrangement
• heavily reverbed and delayed "ethereal" vocals. 

In fact, 'Tsunami' actually quotes the second measure of the 'Watchlar' loop on its choruses (compare 'Tsunami' 01:30 with 'Watchlar' 00:22, et al). 

No shame in it, given that 'Watchlar' probably inspired the entire Trip-Hop movement, if my calculations are correct.

So you're in good company, Katy HudsonValleyUFOFlap.

Add that into the lyrics and it's pretty clear we have another possible Cocteau cultist in the wind. 

Because the second track on Iceblink Luck is 'Mizake the Mizan', which is a little toe-tapper about a Mermaid and being forcibly drowned ('Hoist and thrown me down in the water/Drowning') in a lagoon. 

It also features the portentous verse, "So until the hour/My coeur cheri paiaa/ Honey/ Grey water, hoist and throw me down in the water..." "My coeur cheri paiaa" being a Fraserism for "my sweetheart boy."

But wait-- there's more!

Bonghit of Frasereye from Katy Perry's new stage set 

The lyrics to 'Tsunami' are tantalizingly congruent with the lyrics to 'Flock of Soul', a song we looked at on The Solar Satellite in a post that thrilled dozens of readers.

For instance, here's the chorus to 'Tsunami': 

So baby, come and take a swim with me
Make me ripple 'til I'm wavy
Don't be scared to dive in deep
And start a tsunami

And here is the chorus to 'Flock of Soul':

So find me, come into me
Come feel the deep, it's my little friend
Come feel the deep
It's love in a flood

You only get two coincidences, Ka-Hathor-Ty Perry; Mermaidery, the 'Watchlar' rip and lyric lifts like that and you've been outed as an Orthodox Fraserite. 

Sorry, but all your Satanist friends know the truth now, Katy Perrymason. 

Deal with it. And stay out of the Chappaqua area.

Katy HudsonNews feels the Derp

'Flock of Soul' was included on the EP officially known as Tishbite (Orange), which was released in March 1996 (oh Christ, give me a fucking time machine already), mere days after Jeff Buckley and his new ladylove Joan Wasser nearly drowned during a midnight swim at a beach on Australia's Gold Coast. 

Which gives us our very first look at the now-familiar Fraser Locality-Alignment Pattern (FLAP).

Now, it's my belief that this episode left quite a mark on young Scott Moorhead, better known to the world as Jeff Buckley. 

Drowning themes seemed to pop up in his lyrics quite a bit after that, including one song he may have wrote because he believed that the event was brought about through the power of witchcraft.

A brief glance at the lyrics for "Nightmares by the Sea" might give you an idea whose witchcraft he might have suspected that may have been:

Beware the bottle thoughts of angry young men.
Secret compartments hide all of the skeletons.
Little girl wants to make her home with him,
In the middle of the shore, she wonders,
"Don't know what you asked for."
"Don't know what you asked for."

All young lovers know why
Nightmares blind their mind's eye.
Your rube is young and handsome,
So new to your bedroom floor,
You know damn well where you'll go.
Stay with me under these waves, tonight.

Or in other words, "come feel the deep."

No? Still not getting it? Here-- maybe this poetry reading here will give you a clue:

Oh. My. God. 

Her speaking voice is almost as intoxicating as her singing. It's like having your ear licked while taking a warm milkbath. Plus, while having warm honey and melted butter poured over your head. Plus...other stuff... 

Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there. 

Now, I'm not sure when "Graveyard by the Sea" was recorded (I'm thinking it was before Blue Bell Knoll but I'm also kind of considering the possibility it was Mandela-Effected into this reality) but there's a line in it that might-- just might-- give us a clue as to where "Flock of Soul" gets its title from:

Keep off the idolaters, bright watch-dog, while --
A solitary with the shepherd's smile --
I pasture long my sheep, my mysteries,
My snow-white flock of undisturbed graves

Yeah. Wow.

I'm thinking "Flock of Soul" might have run a bell somewhere with our young Shepherd-Boy and hastened a careful listen to the heavily-treated vocals. Where he may well have picked out the immortal couplet, "Come feel the deep/It's love in a flood." 

Then maybe thought about the timing here.

Then he might have remembered he was messing around with a woman who used to steal snakes out of pet shops and wear chicken-bone jewelry while walkin' a-roun the greater Falkirk area.

Dear Diary, met this really wild chick singer! I think she's possessed! LOL jk
 Anyway, I think I'll mess with her head for 18 months or so & then 
dump her ass. What could possibly go wrong? Yours 4ever, Jeff  

Then maybe he watched the 'Tishbite' video (Tishbite being the nickname of Elijah the Prophet, whom many today might see as a powerful wizard) with someone who knew a thing or two about spells and noticed that Fraser might be interpreted by some as practicing Rune Yoga in it. 

Which I had no idea existed until our Gordon picked it out. 

Like here, where she takes on the "Gebo" pose... you can see here. That red X is the "Gebo" rune.

And we see the X form all over the place in 'Tishbite.'

We also see the X in Fraser's tortured, post-breakup love-letter to Buckley, Rilkean Dreams, aka the Sizzle Reel of Death Omens.

We see her hold a red X up to the sky in the short montage preceding "Half Gifts." Which is a nut-tay coinkydink because the X rune means...

...Gift. "Sacrifice, sacred marriage." Huh.

Let's take another look at the Gebo-like pose-- what does that legend read there?

Oh. "You end."

"You end" again. Huh. 

Who's "you?" I guess we'll never know.

OK, here's another shot of the Gebo pose, which is immediately followed by a shot of...

...something being submerged underwater. 

Again with the underwater.

Now, I don't know how much involvement the band had in the making of the video (it was produced by an outfit called Tomato) and all this rune business is way above my pay-grade, but those are some downright scintillating 'syncs' for you there, eh?

This shot seems to have been taken during the 'Tishbite' sessions of an Elizabeth Fraser who looks as if she saw something really, really terrible just happen. 

Maybe clairvoyantly. Maybe someone witchy, who can really say.

Bonus factoid: Believe it or not, this was released as a publicity photo. 

No, I'm not kidding.

Anyway, it may or may not be germane to our discussion that Jeff Buckley opened his very last concert with a performance of "Nightmares by the Sea." Followed by 'Witches' Rave.'

Ha-ha, I'm mentally ill.

So, yeah; that's some song Katy Pearshaped's small army of producers fixed up for her, eh? Lots of "deep background" for a little throwaway slice of AutoTune, huh? Who knew?

Sorry you asked?

Say, maybe Katy TylerPerry's producers even left a couple clues in there intentionally for OCD casualties Synchromystics like yours truly. 

Or maybe it's just their religion and they don't give a shit what anyone else thinks about it.

Hearing that The Weeknd is involved in this thing doesn't exactly dissuade me of that.

Now a lot of people have speculated that in cases like this that producers are reading my blog and nicking themes for their own work. 

If they are, they must have really bitchin' time-machines because all this stuff was made before I got onto this particular sick, all-consuming obsession investigation.

Interesting to note however that 'Tsunami' is off the album Witness and the Wall of Frase in the Fraser Dungeon is seen in the French noir series, The Witnesses

Witnesses to what?

Maybe the Two Witnesses. 


And as pure, dumb happenstance would have it, it looks as if a new pressure campaign is afoot designed to intimidate encourage male actors/directors/producers/etc into wearing pearl lapel pins (no, seriously) to the Oscars. 

Oh, they don't have to wear them. And they don't have to continue working in this business either, hehe. LOL JK. ;-)

Not actually kidding; put that fucking Pearly Dew-Drop on your fucking lapel, bitch. 

It's for a beautiful reason. 

See? It looks nice on you. Now everyone's happy.

And wouldn't you just know it-- Jason Al'Din of Harvest 91 Festival fame and his wife are celebrating the birth of their son, Memphis.

You know Memphis; the other city with a tacky fake pyramid?

Don't know if Jason Aladdin is a Jeff Buckley fan. 

As always, special thanks to my research partners and moles.

* Someone told me Perry has a streaming deal with the bone-grafting clinics, so the test subjects can bop along to chart-toppers like "I Kissed a Girl" and "Last Friday Night" while their severed torsos are being sewn onto swordfish tails. 

Don't quote me on that, though.