Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blowing Up the Outside World

Consider this.

Sheesh,  so much is going on I'm really falling behind. And tomorrow is the anniversary of Chris Cornell's death. 

So I think I'm going have to pick up the pace a bit for the next couple of weeks just because there's so much information we need to wrap our heads around, so as to get a handle on exactly what's going on all around us in these very, very strange times.

I've got a Soundgarden mix running as I write here, only because I'm not existentially depressed enough already. Just in case you want to play along at home.

Lovecraft fans surely got a charge out of this story, seeing as how it essentially confirms the entire Cthulhu mythos (well, more or less). 

Either way, octopi are truly amazing creatures, possessed of extraordinary intelligence and sentience and pretty much regarded as essentially alien to everything else in the ocean. Or at least so we've been told, increasingly so over the past few years.

So don't eat them.

So is The Arrival part of this whole "soft disclosure" business you hear so much about from the Disclosure and Exopolitics crowd? My answer for now is no, but it's a soft no. But it's a very interesting film regardless and if you haven't watched it yet, you may want to. 

And it stars Amy Adams, who's certainly a very interesting individual indeed. I'm sure some of you out there agree.

"EAGLE." I love those tortured acronyms. Love them.

Funny that this story popped up, given my research into the supervoids (in Boötes and Eridanus, specifically) and the theories they might be caused parallel universes bumping up against our own. Because the Sibyl. No, seriously. 

You'll see why soon. Or soonish. Current events keep messing up the queue.

Which reminds me; a supervoid in Boötes? "Dying shepherd-boy," anybody? 

Think on it. Then think on how the Sumerians could possibly make that connection.

This caught my eye as well, on account of my research into cosmic rays, especially antimatter-rich cosmic rays from supernovas, being the cause of lightning on our own planet. 

Plus, Lucifer. Binding to our souls and all.

Yeah, the Sibyl. No, seriously. 

Let go of your silly resistance already. It's holding you back. She suffered her passions for you

I mean, remember how sick you got of seeing that image and hearing about that weird old cartoonist  and that stupid comic book starting over ten years ago? Well, not only does that mythology absolutely dominate the box office today via the Marvel Universe (and then some), it looks like The Eternals are getting their own feature film. 

Because I am in coma. Could someone ask the nurse to change my catheter? I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

Well, you've thrilled to Fireball Season and swooned to the Supermoon, now here's a fresh natural phenomenon no one ever heard of before,"meteotsunami." 

Weird. I was just thinking we haven't had enough Apocalypticism here in the great Garden State. My prayers have been answered.

And on the left coast of this great land of ours the surf is glowing electric blue every night. 

Why? Because of red tide. Which creates a blue glow. 

Or because none of these idiots has a clue what the hell is going on and are just making shit up at random to mess with our heads.

Similarly, a Blue Moon caused the skies over Iraq to glow a deep blood-red. 

See, I can make shit up too. I missed my calling as a meteorologist.

And the sunny south of France got hit with a blizzard the other day. Yes, in the middle of May. When else? 

Global warming, innit? The "end of snow." Now give the nice UN Blue Helmets your house and your car. Oh, plus your salary. We're setting up a tent for you right now. 

Take this bucket. It's your new toilet. Don't lose it.

And if that wasn't apocalyptic enough for you, there's apparently an amphibian apocalypse going on and millions of frogs are being killed by a deadly fungus. 

Or are they developing a resistance to it? Or are deadly cannibal frogs on the rampage? 

Or is the mainstream media trolling 4Chan? It's a toss-up.

Boy, is this straight out of Livy or what? I'm sure this is more common than people might think (plus, CRISPR) but maybe you should light candles and incense to the Queen of Heaven anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.

And near the Mississippi River and the Twin Cities? Man, this coma is really something. Never a dull moment.

And while you're at it, make some offerings to Pele. No, not those kinds of offerings, you sicko barbarian. Flowers and wine will do nicely.  

But listen, having lived through the Great Blizzard and the Superstorm-- one of which no one expected and the other of which folks scoffed at until their cars were pancaked-- I can say that Our Wicked Stepmother really loves to whip out the old wire hangers when she thinks you might be sleeping. 

Not to be Donnie Downer or everything but if you live anywhere the Ring of Fire, take precautions. I know, I know, it's all just hype and fear-mongering. Until it's not. 

Remember Mexico City in 1985, which just happened to coincide with Hurricane Gloria?

Hey, for some random reason all that brings me back to NXIVM. 

I just wanted to touch on this charming organization and their Parallax View-ass torture sessions. We haven't heard much news coming out of this mishegas but that only makes me wonder if there's not some serious horsetrading going on in the Deep State boardrooms.

This thing is truly sick and insane and really speaks to the suspicion many researchers have had that all of these MK programs were just private-sectored. This kind of thing is pretty meat and potatoes, sure, but if something works you stick with it, right?

There's a much bigger and more horrible and disturbing phenomenon at work here. Raniere and Mack feel very much like patsies in all of this, and their massive egos might have been stoked all this time for just this eventuality.  

And it's not exactly rocket science to suss out that this clownshoe's downfall is entirely related to this whole disgusting mess, seeing as how he seems to have been NXIVM's firewall at the state level (Schneiderman 86'd an investigation into the MK complaints). 

There are no accidents in politics and it feels to me like this mook was shivved in order to keep anyone from sniffing any higher up the totem pole. 

And not only was this operation running Manchurian Candidate tests on aspiring starlets, it seems to have been trying to recruit kids. Forget if they served pizza at these events.

If the whole kiddie-recruiting business wasn't disturbing enough it seems as if they were running some germ warfare tests on the tykes as well. 

I can't help but think of Sheela's little germ-lab here --or think about the nightmares that Aum Shinrikyo had been planning to unleash on the world. Money like Bronfman-money and messianic extremism are not generally a very happy mix for the rest of us.

And given the whole political context of the series and the connections to the Nine (which brings us back to the Bronfman Syndicate), I should note that Battlestar Galactica seems to be popping up in connection to this cult.

Since timing is everything, do note that the Aum bunch are back in the news after an extended silence. And in this case it's because Japan is planning to execute an unlucky 13 of them for their role in the 1995 Sarin gas attack in Tokyo.

Bon voyage, sickos.

And speaking of Rajneeshpuram, I can't help but get a weird culty vibe off this story, not only because this big group-grope is set to, um, go down in Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas. 

Call it a hunch, but I don't know. Something off here. Besides it being the Apocalypse and all.