Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blowing Up the Outside World

Consider this.

Sheesh,  so much is going on I'm really falling behind. And tomorrow is the anniversary of Chris Cornell's death. So I think I'm going have to pick up the pace a bit for the next couple of weeks just because there's so much information we need to wrap our heads around, so as to get a handle on exactly what's going on all around us in these very, very strange times.

I've got a Soundgarden mix running as I write here, only because I'm not existentially depressed enough already. Just in case you want to play along at home.

Lovecraft fans surely got a charge out of this story, seeing as how it essentially confirms the entire Cthulhu mythos (well, more or less). 

Either way, octopi are truly amazing creatures, possessed of extraordinary intelligence and sentience and pretty much regarded as essentially alien to everything else in the ocean. Or at least so we've been told, increasingly so over the past few years.

So don't eat them.

So is The Arrival part of this whole "soft disclosure" business you hear so much about from the Disclosure and Exopolitics crowd? My answer for now is no, but it's a soft no. But it's a very interesting film regardless and if you haven't watched it yet, you may want to. 

And it stars Amy Adams, who's certainly a very interesting individual indeed. I'm sure some of you out there agree.

"EAGLE." I love those tortured acronyms. Love them.

Funny that this story popped up, given my research into the supervoids (in Boötes and Eridanus, specifically) and the theories they might be caused parallel universes bumping up against our own. Because the Sibyl. No, seriously. 

You'll see why soon. Or soonish. Current events keep messing up the queue.

Which reminds me; a supervoid in Boötes? "Dying shepherd-boy," anybody? 

Think on it. 

Then think on how the Sumerians could possibly make that connection.

This caught my eye as well, on account of my research into cosmic rays, especially antimatter-rich cosmic rays from supernovas, being the cause of lightning on our own planet. 

Plus, Lucifer. Binding to our souls and all.

Yeah, the Sibyl. No, seriously. 

Let go of your silly resistance already. It's holding you back. She suffered her passions for you

I mean, remember how sick you got of seeing that image and hearing about that weird old cartoonist  and that stupid comic book starting over ten years ago? Well, not only does that mythology absolutely dominate the box office today via the Marvel Universe (and then some), it looks like The Eternals are getting their own feature film. 

Because I am in coma. Could someone ask the nurse to change my catheter? I'd appreciate it. 


Well, you've thrilled to Fireball Season and swooned to the Supermoon, now here's a fresh natural phenomenon no one ever heard of before,"meteotsunami." 

Weird. I was just thinking we haven't had enough Apocalypticism here in the great Garden State. My prayers have been answered.

And on the left coast of this great land of ours the surf is glowing electric blue every night. 

Why? Because of red tide. Which creates a blue glow. 

Or because none of these idiots has a clue what the hell is going on and are just making shit up at random to mess with our heads.

Similarly, a Blue Moon caused the skies over Iraq to glow a deep blood-red. 

See, I can make shit up too. I missed my calling as a meteorologist.

And the sunny south of France got hit with a blizzard the other day. Yes, in the middle of May. When else? 

Global warming, innit? The "end of snow." Now give the nice UN Blue Helmets your house and your car. Oh, plus your salary. We're setting up a tent for you right now. 

Take this bucket. It's your new toilet. Don't lose it.

And if that wasn't apocalyptic enough for you, there's apparently an amphibian apocalypse going on and millions of frogs are being killed by a deadly fungus. 

Or are they developing a resistance to it? Or are deadly cannibal frogs on the rampage? 

Or is the mainstream media trolling 4Chan? It's a toss-up.

Boy, is this straight out of Livy or what? I'm sure this is more common than people might think (plus, CRISPR) but maybe you should light candles and incense to the Queen of Heaven anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.

And near the Mississippi River and the Twin Cities? Man, this coma is really something. Never a dull moment.

And while you're at it, make some offerings to Pele. No, not those kinds of offerings, you sicko barbarian. Flowers and wine will do nicely.  

But listen, having lived through the Great Blizzard and the Superstorm-- one of which no one expected and the other of which folks scoffed at until their cars were pancaked-- I can say that Our Wicked Stepmother really loves to whip out the old wire hangers when she thinks you might be sleeping. 

Not to be Donnie Downer or everything but if you live anywhere the Ring of Fire, take precautions. I know, I know, it's all just hype and fear-mongering. Until it's not. 

Remember Mexico City in 1985, which just happened to coincide with Hurricane Gloria?

Which reminds me- let me tell you a story. 

I actually remember the night Gloria made landfall. Why? Because that night my rocket-scientist roommates decided it would be a good idea to desecrate a grave. A child's grave. And then they thought to themselves, "you know would be even more excellent? If we brought the headstone back to the house and kept it under the stairs."

I think they spent the rest of the evening sticking their schwangs in light sockets. I don't know, I'll have to check my diary.

No one knew anything about magic or the Spirit world. But they might as well have burned down the place anyway, because everything got really weird, really dark and really ugly immediately and stayed that way until the landlord showed up one fine day with some goon and a Rottweiler and chased everyone home at the time out.

We had a chat with the woman next door as we left for good. She said she had the FBI up on the second floor since they were allegedly running surveillance on the house down the street. Which not only couldn't they actually see from that location, but the entire time we lived there I never saw a single soul go in or out of that house. 

However we did have a guy in and out of our house who had some loose affiliation with the Grateful Dead organization and at one point (1984?) had spent a week up at Hunter S. Thompson's place in Woody Creek. (He said Thompson didn't sleep the entire week and spent most of the time screaming and hollering at everyone and shooting at trees).

I think you get my meaning. 

Hey, for some random reason all that brings me back to NXIVM. 

I just wanted to touch on this charming organization and their Parallax View-ass torture sessions. We haven't heard much news coming out of this mishegas but that only makes me wonder if there's not some serious horsetrading going on in the Deep State boardrooms.

This thing is truly sick and insane and really speaks to the suspicion many researchers have had that all of these MK programs were just private-sectored. This kind of thing is pretty meat and potatoes, sure, but if something works you stick with it, right?

There's a much bigger and more horrible and disturbing phenomenon at work here. Raniere and Mack feel very much like patsies in all of this, and their massive egos might have been stoked all this time for just this eventuality.  

And it's not exactly rocket science to suss out that this clownshoe's downfall is entirely related to this whole disgusting mess, seeing as how he seems to have been NXIVM's firewall at the state level (Schneiderman 86'd an investigation into the MK complaints). 

There are no accidents in politics and it feels to me like this mook was shivved in order to keep anyone from sniffing any higher up the totem pole. 

And not only was this operation running Manchurian Candidate tests on aspiring starlets, it seems to have been trying to recruit kids. Forget if they served pizza at these events.

If the whole kiddie-recruiting business wasn't disturbing enough it seems as if they were running some germ warfare tests on the tykes as well. 

I can't help but think of Sheela's little germ-lab here --or think about the nightmares that Aum Shinrikyo had been planning to unleash on the world. Money like Bronfman-money and messianic extremism are not generally a very happy mix for the rest of us.

And given the whole political context of the series and the connections to the Nine (which brings us back to the Bronfman Syndicate), I should note that Battlestar Galactica seems to be popping up in connection to this cult.

Since timing is everything, do note that the Aum bunch are back in the news after an extended silence. And in this case it's because Japan is planning to execute an unlucky 13 of them for their role in the 1995 Sarin gas attack in Tokyo.

Bon voyage, sickos.

And speaking of Rajneeshpuram, I can't help but get a weird culty vibe off this story, not only because this big group-grope is set to, um, go down in Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas. 

Call it a hunch, but I don't know. Something off here. Besides it being the Apocalypse and all.


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  2. "Eat the Fruit and Kiss the Snake Goodnight!"

    "You're just looking for a boy Bathed in infrared and sunlight"

    "The Moon is glued to a picture of heaven and all the little pigs have god."

    "I might feel the serpent's kiss."

    Do they kill themselves or become sacrificed so we might not have to??

  3. When we talk about adjacent parallel universes the good old ministry of truth here in the UK recently produced a dramatisation of the China Miéville novel City & the City. It's perfectly watchable, which is something. Miéville also went on to write a novel called Kraken which was a good weird story about a giant squid missing from a museum and a strange cult.

    Far superior to Annihilation, for me, was the recentish novel The Thing Itself by Adam Roberts. You could guess from the title that it's a riff on "The Thing". I can't imagine why it wouldn't be anything other than essential reading for people interested in the topics that this blog covers. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the movie version.

  4. A Michigan tsunami in the same place reported by Fort about a century ago.

    Having walked the water-covered breakwall to the lighthouse in the second pic, with normal lake levels, there is about a four foot drop to were the lake meets the wall. So that's a lot of water to rise that high all at once.

    On the subject of NVIXM's MK work, articles like these about increased bio-monitoring via phone apps are freaky (though I guess certifying the money shots is one way to ensure the quality of a sex slave).

    According to PT "there is now an emerging group of small devices that can track every heartbeat, electrical impulse through your skin, blood pressure oscillation, muscle contraction and brainwave that you have - and alert you when they are irregular or pass a certain threshold. There use can extend to nearly any behavior change goal as they offer a glimpse into previously unconscious signals in your body."

    And speaking of monitoriing, PDK would probably have a thought or two on where Minority Report first manifested in all its tained glory.

    Musk's take on AI:

    Slightly lighter, David Lynch nudes:

    And much lighter, some well needed laughs at the expense of mermaids:

    1. anon you forgot this

    2. Following up on the lighthouse pic, here's what it normally looks like:

    3. Okay ... this is seriously, fucking weird. I know that lighthouse all too well. I helped save a woman on the breakwall who fell in the lake in 2005 - and got a vicious bacterial infection from the water as a result. And today I heard "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot on the radio today. I was explaining to a French friend of mine about the background of that tale, which went down in Nov. 1975, when I had a serious UFO encounter, right around the same time Travis Walton was having his out in Arizona. I'm getting chills!

  5. Amy Adams seems to be the current go-to for alien encounters and inter-dimensional travel as evident in films such as the already mentioned The Arrival and also Enchanted not to mention DC Films' current Lois Lane (and a piss-poor one at that which fits in well with their atrocious movies, I guess).

    Speaking of tiring and tedious comic movies (I was a long-time comic fan but am so sick of the superhero films) such as alluded to with the upcoming Eternals, I can only say it seems that comics and their film versions have gone from being a fun past-time or hobby to becoming an all-out, full-fledged religion! The comic stores are now the small churches and the theaters are the super-cathedrals. "Hail the caped wonders while singing 'Praise the Jedi and Pass the Light Sabre!"

    That Vegas f**kfest almost seems to be fulfilling a symbolical requirement for Vegas or the U.S. becoming a full-fledged Sodom and Gomorrah. Is there anything to follow considering the Ring of Fire activity?

    1. I thought that superheros becoming the new gods was exactly the plan all along. I mean, the Thor movies aren't exactly subtle about it.

    2. The plan was one thing. Watching it being executed in real time all around us is another.

  6. Not to get off-subject, but in my personal, life-long search for the "siren", the synchs are now becoming overwhelming and quite disturbing.

    Just last night, I was re-reading for the countless time the original book that initiated me to her story, Robert Charroux's 1963 "100,000 years of man's unknown history", only to notice, for the VERY FIRST TIME in the 27 YEARS I've been treating it as gospel, that the Inca story of Orejona (their very ancient aliens/Lovecraftian version of the siren) was passed down through the centuries since the Spanish conquest by none other than famed historian Garcilaso de la Vega, and his half-Inca descendants.

    Garcilaso de la VEGA. Again, f***ing Vega. I've been familiar with his name since I was 10, but only now does it make greater "sense".

    1. Thanks for that one on Garcilaso. I'll check it out.


    one leader, one empire, one people

    E pluribus unum

    111 = ALP

    A = pulse of energy/food
    L = goad,being driven
    P = mouth of Empress

    You could call this "Cornell University"

  8. Bang-up job, Chris!

    It's frankly shocking how much of your work crosses over into mine. I arrived at the Eridanus Supervoid via my Big Ex, so... Yeah.

    Boötes contains Arcturus, the fourth-brightest star in the night sky (and an orange giant to boot), just edging out Vega and Capella. In "Uranometria", Johann Bayer used the Greek letters Alpha through Omega (and then A through k) to label the most prominent stars in Boötes. Alpha and Omega, OA...

    Boötes is also known to North American cultures. In Yup'ik (an Alaskan Iñupiat tribe), the constellation is known as "Taluyaq", literally "fish trap". (Reference number 17 on the Wikipedia page, by the way.)

    3200 Phaethon (an Apollo asteroid, provisional designation 1983 TB) orbits closer to the Sun than any other named asteroid. 3200 Phaethon is the parent body of the Geminid meteor shower of mid-December. (The Wikipedia entry is displays a radar image of 3200 Phaethon taken from Arecibo on December 17, 2017.)

    3200 Phaethon is the parent of the mid-December Geminid meteor shower. The Geminids and the Quadrantids are the only major meteor showers that don't originate from comets. The Geminid's radiant lies along the northern edge of the constellation Boötes, not far from Ursa Major and the quadrilateral of stars that marki the head of Draco.

    Phaëthon, son of Helios, crashed his father's solar chariot into the Earth, setting the world ablaze. Enraged, Zeus blasted Phaëthon with a lightning bolt and sent his body hurtling into the Eridanus ("amber") River.

    The constellation Eridanus (and by association, the Eridanus Supervoid), is connected to the myth of Phaëthon. The Eridanus, a mythological river in Greece, originated as the tears of the Heliades shed during the fall of Phaethon. Their tears were encased in poplar resin by dryads as they fell, thus forming the "amber" river. The Greek "Eridanus" possibly derives from the ancient Sumerian city of Eridu, meaning "mighty palace" or "guidance place". Eridu is thought to be the oldest city in the world.


    1. Galloi drink from the river equaled madness and riverside orgies. Rivers of sleep for some or for the few remembering past lives, ie lessening of veils.

    2. The YouTube channel Chiron last has a video called "the ether" that goes in depth into the etymological and symbolic significance of the "fall of phaeton". Check it out

  9. Folks on reddit are talking about how the re-release version of 2001 has incorrect color-timing. I don't know what that means, but apparently it renders many of the "blues" in the movie as ORANGE.

  10. The vibes just keep getting heavier & weirder. Can't believe its already been a year since Chris Cornell died, sigh. The kind of voice that only comes along once in a generation. & yeah, the world is getting downright...mythical. No wait, it goes beyond that. Maybe mytho-poetic terrorism is a better way of saying it?

  11. What end game is this all driving toward? Letting the Vegas into this dimension to rule humanity? If the goal is limited to in-the-know human elite escaping a repeating world destruction cycle via technology, why the "off-world being worship" and (otherwise) bizarre ritual? Why MK Ultra on such a large scale? Etc.

    Where does it all come together?

    1. I think it's about letting the Vegans into this dimension. Or rather, planet. Or timeline. As for the bizarre ritual, the in-the-know human elite has had for a long time the issue that their kids are not always up to the job of running the show. They have always needed an influx of new upstarts. The new upstarts need to get up to scratch in some way.

  12. If this is any indication, the Breakaway Civilization has been very busy of late:

    Damn that Death Star is expensive!

  13. Excellent as usual. I know what you mean about keeping up with the daily apocalypse reports. It’s like drowning to the call of the siren. Speaking of which, I saw today there is a terrible trailer of a “retake” of The Little Mermaid. It bad but I think the use of symbolism in the trailer will not surprise you.

    :side note

    Old Jack’s tv show ‘Strange Angels’ is being released on the 14th three days before the anniversary of his death. I was like “hmmm why not release it on the day, being to obvious maybe?” But I know the day before it’s a new moon (aka witche’s moon) 22 degrees 44 Gemini. And to top it off Venus enters Leo.
    I don’t know if that even seems significant but really watch that trailer if you haven’t already. You’ll get a kick out of it!

  14. Hmn...well, first, weather wars...and that tide, well, that's a helluva lot of phosphorent teeny animals, which itself is weird cause the whole coast.

    And with the trvial things out of the occurs to me that what might be happening as regards NXIVM and other sex cults mind control things that are being rolled out, well, their mind control methods are just so 70's. Primitive. Methinks the big dogs have moved on to more esoteric and soft invasive control methods - 7 nanometer microchips, whatever's in chemtrails, a little HAARP electromagnetic fun. Don't like getting their hands dirty. Mainly, they're cleaning up what the limited hangout barbarians are doing, because after all, people might start getting the idea that not only is this crap real, but the methods that are used to do it. Snuff films and torture are gateways to the good stuff - electromagnetic mind control, weird twisted dark Other stuff, brained to order sex slaves like Beyonce, that you can program to whatever gets you off - make them to order.

    Makes me wonder what Biden orders up of an evening...

    Essentially, I view any of this alleged clean up, swamp draining, etc. as the evilest elite cleaning up old loose ends, getting rid of business competition, anything but cleaning up for moral reasons. Nothing personal, you know.

    So now they're saying Octopi come from outer space. Hmn.

    1. Weed came from outer space as well. Little shop of triffids they say.

    2. Stoned octopuses came from space. Sounds like Sleep will have a great new record soon. And this will make for a great segment on my next episode lol!

  15. Actually no matter if someone doesn't know then its up to
    other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.

  16. Seeing Bronfmans photo juxtaposed with the news about Aum made me naturally wonder if the Japanese still conduct their executions Kempei Tai style. That would be a fitting end for a booze heiress. And my money is that Mack will get fed to the wolves and wear the Orange, while Rainier will be found dead.

    1. They use the long drop, so functionally the same.

  17. I just checked the Super Torch Ritual site to see if they had some more public articles. There is a good one about the death of the actress that played Lois Lane. But even better, this is the beginning of the latest premium article:

    Has America been thoroughly mind controlled into walking straight into hell? Is it too late to wake up from the sunken place? Is something big about to happen that will more outwardly express the “end of America”?

    Glad to know I'm not the only one wondering those things. Just wish I knew a little better how to answer those questions.

    1. I refuse to pay money for premium articles. That being said goro is usually "money"

  18. "A SET of three-fingered "mummies" recently discovered in Peru are NOT human and could be aliens, a scientist has claimed."

    1. The old "Scientists claim" gag.

    2. Anon 10:29 - right, but it's further proof of the normalization of aliens as part of the "disclosure" propaganda.

  19. Chris,

    Concerning the upcoming Las Vegas orgy: I don't know the dates, location or details, but it seems a counterpoint to the death-orgy at Mandalay Bay. Intentional? And, if so, for what reason(s)?

    It also strikes me as an excellent opportunity to spread disease. Or, designer synthetic drugs with unstated side effects. Or, both.

  20. Actually when someone doesn't understand afterward its up to other people that they will help, so here it occurs.


  22. Christoper, maybe it's offtop here, but I thought this could be of interest. Actually, in his "Blue Melody" bio book Lee Underwood speaks in details about the creation of Song to the Siren, starting from the day Larry Becket brought Tim the lyrics of the song in the morning. Secretly, I always believed that Jeff reminds me of a Siren too.

  23. Pollice Verso. Beware The curse of the red right hand and the vestial virgins and holy preistesses made wHore of babylon by denial and abuse of creation. The holy trinity and poseidons revenge of the holy waters hide in the Trident shadow. u really do see the shadow on the mountain you've been living under, don't you? Thank you. Ftwnd.

  24. Great little subtle sync on the final Episode of Gotham as the now leader of the League of Shadows declares that all the problems in Gotham stem from men, and proceeds to kill them all and commit to a gender war. Cut to outside the building where there are headquartered and you see the banner: "Siren's Turf" No Men!. Can't miss that opportunity to propagate the Siren Meme I suppose. The "overkill" of meme warfare in service of the Siren continues... To turn a phrase if you will.

  25. Looks like at least some hackers are having a bit of fun with this "Vega Stealer" malware. WTF, someone's scooping up the fallen stars now?

  26. End game? No, there is no end game. The end game is to keep the game going. And for these twisted idiots, it's the only game in town. For centuries, taboos of various levels of severity, all involving sex, murder and belief have been used as methods of control, with the controllers enjoying what the slaves are not allowed to.

    As far as all this media stuff, doesn't matter what the topical hot button is this month, what matters are the dirty deeds done in back rooms. And in my arrogant opinion, unfounded and sloppily researched, much of this claptrap is far too designed to be from Other. Although it's entirely possible that the nasty types think they're responding to Other. This is not to say Other don't exist. The patterns are different. When humans signal, one can divine or discover a few levels, and find that most of the meanings and themes connect up nicely. With Other, which is a nice way of saying 'all the stuff beyond external consensus reality that we rarely and barely perceive' one encounters an pure inexplicability, a puzzle that goes beyond meaning, laws of nature, physics and such.

    However, if there is a purpose behind what we humans are doing - well, some of us, the elites and their sick little fun times, it's to find out who one's sick wee like minded buddies are - "That guy is as willing as I am to draw blood, do weird brutal sex games, etc." The mind capable of performing certain rituals, and attendant nasty party action, which ranges from diddling what's taboo to diddle, or straight up murder, or that Maria Abramovic crap, is capable of engaging in just about any sociopathic and worse, activity.

    The darker side of the apocalypse will be, and is being, televised as we speak. Chris Knowles happens to have an angle some of us hadn't thought of: how do these galas and all the obvious symbolic trappings match up against what the ancients did? Kind of like finding the playbook and guide for some human sacrifice ritual. "Oh, that's who they're worshipping now. Last year it was Mithra. Now it seems to be so and so."

    It doesn't make for light reading and it aint no summer book, more than a little disturbing, and those are the parts when he's joking. I don't about the Fraserian stuff...I hope he's joking?

    Okay, enough with the flattery, we're all adults here.

    1. That evil you are describing is not necessarily to discover the evil a random is capable of, though, even if it may simply seem be latent nature in many or all. You're right about purpose though, blood is shed for a purpose, children are abused for a purpose and rituals are held for a purpose. When those things seem to converge on the same purpose you should be wary.

      First we have Thiel and has vampiric new version of blood-drinking that may be quite old. Now we have another datapoint (apologies in advance for the possibly NSF article) which puts our "pearly dew drops" double-entrendres to shame with the latest new Hollywood craze, "Penis Facials". Foreskin harvesting has been in the news before and now it's getting a new shot of PR fuel.

      The hidden question goes to an apparently ancient connection between the old seeking to vampirically preserve their lives at the expense of the young. Everything old is new again. Except when it isn't.

  27. Ooooh, NXIVM showed people movie clips...

    " clips of an African-American man being stomped by a Nazi (yeah, that's American History X), a conscious male being forced to eat his own brain matter (and that's Hannibal)".

    How torturous! Next thing you know these chicks will be shooting up Vegas, amirite?

    And the anvil most likely fell on creepy loser, Schneiderman because he was Mueller's fallback if Trump pisses icewater on the Russia investigation. With him gone, ol' Dirty Donnie can breathe a little easier. Hmmm, maybe you'll actually give a shit about what a perverted criminal Trump is when it can be proven that he's fucked little kids. Maybe? No? Not even then? Figures.

    1. If lesbian child Rapist
      / Torturer and former New York Senator of the most corrupted evil cesspool state in America... Hillary Clinton, who protected Keith Raniere for decades was elected Prez, none of this DOS-Nxivm mk ultra human slavery branding / child sex trafficking biz would of ever came out for Public viewing.NY state and NYC are the big cheese homelands behind Pizzagate.

  28. And right on cue... another school shooting by another disaffected young man in the suburbs.
    It's almost like there's a twisted rhythm to these shootings and their regularity.
    And we will see the predictable responses... the handwringing editorials and angry marches and incessant virtue signaling from grown ups who should know better.
    Maybe this time they'll take away all the guns so we can be just like Mexico and Brazil and other countries with almost total gun control, but dizzyingly high rates of violent crime and murder.
    They keep turning up the heat and pushing their agenda, bit by bit, step by step, until we stumble over the precipice.