Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Apocalypse Tonight: Third Temple Pilots

Is that supposed to look like an apron?

I don't know, do we owe folks like Hal Lindsey and Harold Camping an apology?

I mean, we have a situation in which a game-show host is actually President, high-ranking Catholic clergy are cavorting with mind-controlled degenerates celebrities dressed as Scarlet Women under the watchful gaze of an alien demon, and now the Third Temple US Embassy has been moved so as to straddle the border between the divided halves of Jerusalem.

Oh, plus the whole event was expedited by a scion of the family that owns the notorious 666 Fifth Ave building.

I mean, remember the days when we saw all these self-anointed prophets as hucksters and lunatics instead of insightful analysts with an unfortunate tendency to jump before the snap?

Good times.

Today, during the opening of the Embassy (and Israel's 70th birthday), protests (or riots, depending on who you ask) by Gazans were met with the IDF's patented insanely-disproportionate overreaction, leading to the deaths of 55 58 Palestinians and hundreds more injured. 

Turkey and South Africa soon pulled their own ambassadors, which was probably not as effective a protest as they might have intended, given their own impeachable human-rights records these days.

Even so, the optics were so awful on this that even The New York Times took notice, but only probably since they intend to use all this against Trump.

Fox News then accused the Times of "vicious anti-Israel bias." CIANN has predictably buried the story and MSNBC seems to be interested solely for its Trump-bashing value. Even so, the story was pushed down their homepage so they could continue to pimp the Russia hoax.

You can set your watch to this stuff.

Twittards were ranting on about Pence (who seems to genuinely scare the Left, in contrast to Trump, who they only pretend to fear) and some Fundie preacher chosen to speak at the ceremony, desperately straining to make believe he had somehow ordered the massacre.

Because taking shots at Baptist ministers is always easy, fun, and absolutely consequence-free.

Well, plus c'est la même chose, right? Business as usual.

You see, the reason I'm writing about this is not only because of the crystal-clear Apocalyptic implications of all this, it's because of this coin minted by some private group hailing Trump as the new Cyrus.

Or Koresh, in the Hebrew. Speaking of massacres.

Because as fate would have it, not only do we have the kitsch-value of Trump overshadowing the genuinely-heroic (if not actually superhuman) Cyrus the Great we also have that strangely-familiar symbology for Leo (including the Sickle in the form of a scimitar) and Lyra (in its Eagle version).

I mean, I already pegged the Embassy as the de facto Third Temple but seeing these old friends from the Heavens is too much. 

In case you forget, this is basically Regulus and Vega. And if you really want to be clever you could argue that Trump is occulting Cyrus.

Don't forget the British penny, which by a sheer glitch in the probability continuum, encodes the same asterisms.

Gee, think there's a hidden meaning there or something?

It's possible, if not probable, that the Persian Imperial flag encodes the same combination in the form of the Griffin. As some of you may remember the Griffin stands at the gates of the Luxor Las Vegas. As well as the Buddhist temple in which Monty Python-reject Boris Johnson recited Kipling's Road to Mandalay. 

Speaking of massacres.

In any event, the Third Temple US Embassy was designed by the Israeli architects Amir Mann and Ami Shinar. Some of you might remember that Shinar is the Hebrew spelling of Sumer and that the Bible was all about the Shinar at a time when archaeologists had no idea such a place actually existed. 

Yeah, old Babylon had some bitchin' libraries. I hear you could get some good ideas for stories there.

And is it just me or do those three random slashes in the wall of the Temple Embassy look like they represent the number three? 

Maybe it's pareidolia.

Speaking of Sumer and Apocalypse, Iraq's skies turned ruddy during a recent sandstorm. Timing is kind of interesting sometimes, don't you think?

And in case you're wondering why there hasn't been a jihad (or even a fatwa) declared against Israel over the massacre it's probably because the Saudis and the Israels are BFFs now, joined at the hip with the Syria demolition project. 

Also because everyone's all looking the other way while the Sauds smash Yemen to fuck.

"If the world knows, they'll stop the war." God, it breaks your heart.

Speaking of timing being everything, there's also this wave of anti-Christian massacres in Indonesia ("inspired" by ISIS, reportedly) and the allegedly new-but-actually-not-new murder-suicide theory being floated about the Muslim pilot of the disappeared MH370.

Well, anyway. Life is weird like that sometimes.

I'm old. I'm so old that I remember not only when Breakfast in America was released but I remember when a local Boston station played Crime of the Century in its entirety. Sure I was just a wee wane at the time, but hey, it made an impression. 

Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you know about the 9/11 syncs with the record cover. It might be why they redesigned for this recent-ish picture-disk re-release.

If so, back to the drawing board, folks. Maybe grapefruit juice would work better, too.

Speaking of album cover symbolism, yesterday was also the 36th anniversary of the Clash's Top 10 album Combat Rock (sic), which included classics like "Know Your Rights" (more relevant than ever), "Should I Stay or Should I Go?," "Rock the Casbah," and "Straight to Hell." It also included a lot of somnolent filler that packs all the punk-rockin' firepower of a baby's burp. 

But hey, I loved it when I was a stoner. Sounded great on headphones- very cinematic. The vinyl that is. The CD masters are atrocious. Plus, there's the whole Allen Ginsberg thing, but whatever.

Anyhow, I couldn't help but notice that our Joe is doing the old one-eye trick, which must be the earliest example of that in a pop context I can think of at the moment, though I'm sure the Beatles or someone like that flashed it at some point or other.

The Clash were a great myth to get lost in. Only problem is that they were straight out of a Dave McGowan nightmare. 

Strummer's father was a proper spy, Mick Jones' dad was Special Branch, Paul Simonon's dad was a "Communist" who seemed to vanish from the family's life at odd times (cough, M16, cough) and Topper Headon was well-known for his sweet tooth. If you get my meaning.

Anyhow, even if Combat Rock was the sound of The Clash desperately trying to get played on American Top 40 radio so they could pay off their record company and all their various dope dealers, they went back-to-basics on the 1982 tour. They even put on a legendary series of concerts at New York's Pier 84, rockin' the Big Apple in the pouring rain (it rained pretty much every day that summer).

So this story caught my attention- a concert venue called Pier 17 (of course) opening up in the Seaport, speaking of Trans-Mithras and One World Religion Tower.

And since everything everywhere has to be ritualistic all the time now, a fellow named "Jon Batiste" is playing the first show there. I hope he doesn't lose his head over the honor.

Speaking of Masonic Manhattan, David Rockefeller's estate auctioned off his considerable art collection. And speaking of sweet teeth, it happens that the big prize of the day was a Pablo Picasso portrait of a very young girl, au naturel. Because of course it was.

It seems ol' Rocky was a bit gaga over the painting, which probably explains a lot. Might explain the past 60 years or so, even. 


Hey, anchovies rot from the head, or so I've been told.


  1. The Clash: This one doesn't even need connecting the dots. Any band signed on to Sony and Epic is about as anti-establishment as Ivanka Trump. Use your heads, people.

    1. Who exactly are you addressing here? And with whom am I speaking?

  2. Glad to see you back commenting, Chris. *waves*

  3. Yep, it's a sick sad world when evil degenerate sicko freaks can rule this planet so openly. When they can lie so blatantly and casually, yet the masses still perform the staggering mental gymnastics needed to ignore or deny the horrifying lunacy of it all. It's like most folks are unpaid Public Relations agents for the murderers and abusers who rule them. Ye gods, what a sad, awful clusterfuck that passes for human society. Don't stop what you're doing, Chris. These posts are all excellent. You're doing God's work in my opinion. Keep fighting for the truth, my man.

    1. Here's where the story ends.As an American activist during 1990's who sought a ban on Gmos zombie phood,ending the widespread use of chemical Neurotoxins pesticides such as Monsatano Roundup,Artificial Fluoridation insanity and Toxic brain killing Big Pharma vaccines...at some point I had to face the truth that USA People are truly EVIL and were happy chemically dumbing-down and causing a Autism epidemic in their own children.One might argue that they also were dumbed-down or are simply MSM News mind controlled mk ultra - monarch programming slaves of the Dark Cabal,so you can't blame them for their crimes against humanity and Earth.WhIle a tiny fraction of Americans has been rudely awakened to the Corporate-Gov run Nightmare...the candle is burning low for all.Feel like i was trying to save a World that had long gone bye.Just as we find the bones and relics of previous civilizations,the great wheel is about to turn again...burying us all under the water, dirt and sands of time.

    2. Deliberately allowing their own people to get sick is what nice governments of prosperous countries do. Truly bad governments are far, far worse. For example, they don't give people access to safe drinking water, and then kill them if they protest. Not naming any names here.

  4. Thanks for giving me something beyond the cultural void to engage with today. Do you think everything is a ritual *now*, or kind of always has been and we're just getting better and better at noticing it? (And They are getting better and better at including us. (Via increasingly centralized and omnipresent forms of media, etc.))

    I wonder if hindsight would demonstrate the latter if applied to, for example, past decades (even centuries).

    I keep up with Blacklisted News, Cryptogon, Activist Post, etc., but your blog is what's left that's stimulating.

    1. Everything has always been a ritual, and I don't think people in general are getting better at noticing it, but maybe you are. This said, I'm fairly sure that the rituals have been changing visibly since last year, which is what Chris has been following up.

  5. Cyrus and the Donald? From tragedy to farce indeed.

    1. A bit of homework...

      In the first year of King Cyrus, Cyrus the king issued a decree: "Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the temple, the place where sacrifices are offered, be rebuilt and let its foundations be retained, its height being 60 cubits and its width 60 cubits."

      60 cubits is 27.4 metres, so keep an eye on that in case that happens to be the size of the front of the final building. The pictures circulating are of the consulate annex where they're putting the embassy while they build the definitive one.

  6. Libel is never a good idea. Topper Headon's only attested vice is/was heroin (long since overcome)
    And incidentally if you take a closer look at Picasso's piece, the girl is visibly a year or two older than, say, the UFO-treasurer on the cover of Blind Faith (so the only charge you can level at either the artist or DR is that youth-hating right-winger's favorite, epheb-, not ped-)

  7. Another awesome article. Looking forward to your next podcast interview. You and Jay Dyer would make for an interesting conversation.

    Did you ever catch the animated short film IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey? It is a very powerful work?


  8. Ah yes, three slashes on the new embassy A.K.A. three vavs which mean 666 according to the Hebrew alphabet - vav being the sixth letter.

    They also do this one a lot in movies where someone gets 3 scratch marks down the face - almost always on the left cheek.

    Looking at the Clash cover, Chris, it looks like a subliminal 'all-seeing eye in the pyramid' pose. Joe Strummer is just a little off-center to the left so as to make it not so obvious.

    The more we go, the more we understand, and the more we remember the days when we weren't enlightened and then the phrase "Ignorance is bliss" becomes an understatement. But, unlike Joe Pantoliano's Matrix character, there's no going back.

  9. Jo(h)n (the) Ba(p)tiste is Colbert's bandleader and not Salome's pet project:-)


  10. your reference to 666 Fifth Avenue reminds of the movie 666 Park Avenue that went to sh*t at the end of Season 1, never to be renewed... upset a sensitive soul or two I guess... The thing is, the Park Ave was not bad, while thousands of tons of gutter waste in form of all sorts of series is thrown directly into our faces every day.
    Jon Batiste, isn't he Steven Colbert's faithful sidekick?...

  11. Mr. Bones' Wild Ride has a surprise around every corner, but you can never, ever get off once you're on.

  12. 58 Dead...where have I seen that number before? Oh yeah when I was staying at Mandalay Bay last October 1st...

  13. I find it amazing no one mentioned that the embassy/"Third Temple" opening in Jerusalem coincided with the start of Ramadan. Of course there was going to be bloodshed, it was as deliberate a provocation as one could get, planned on a timetable for fuck's sake. But then again, can't get anything real done in the region without a proper sacrifice. Historical precedents and all.

  14. From what I understand, Israel is ruled by the sign of Taurus. Today is the New Moon in Taurus, conjunct Capulus (the Sword) and Caput Algol. Makes perfect sense to dedicate a contentious (to say the least) ambassy on this day. Massacre & all.

    1. There's a lot of interesting astrology going on, especially with Uranus, planet of change, which perhaps not-so-coincidently entered Taurus yesterday. Uranus also goes retro (back to Aries) right around Election Day, then completes the jump forward into Taurus March 2019.

      Mars, planet of activity, action and war, also is in a similar dance having just moved to Aquarius then going retro August 12 before it makes another jump forward into Aquarius for another couple months starting September 10. Both planets are in active "cusp" areas (along with some other planets as well) right now.

      Some astrologers with broad perspectives have already noted the ties between these astral events and the mad rapid flow of insane info and change on earth over the last couple years.

    2. Yes. That's the first thing I thought too. Uranus in Taurus literally symbolized a shake up of land, kingdoms, economies, etc. Not to mention the Bull symbolism of Taurus, which some say represents the Old Testament God. Or Baal. Depending on whom you ask. Both figure well in the Exodus story. And of course Mithras. But anyhow, just even the date with the conjunction of the New Moon and Uranus entering Taurus as the same date for the UNVEILING of the Embassy is not a coincidence.

    3. Yes, Uranus in Taurus too, and the Mars thing. Altogether quite the shakeup we're in for.

    4. Algol- now there is an ill famed star.

    5. Cyrus is sort of the founding father of Iran. Which is ironic since Israel and Trump hate Iran so much.
      As an adherent to the Atwill view of Christianity, I have a hard time taking 'fulfillment of biblical prophecy' type stuff at all seriously, as I don't give the slightest credence to the foundational mythology. I believe many here share this perspective.
      But what if Flavius Josephus was not being simply poetic in his invention, but channeling something dark. Atwills theory shows that the Flavians delved deep into the typology of the "Old Testament, which is a deeply sorcerous document, replete with Sumerian myth. In some regards, the OT is really the first edition of the Simonomicon.

  15. Here we go again, “13 dismembered foot found on British Columbia shore”...some, including foot #7 were found in none other than Fraser River.....

  16. Sorry if this is a repeat, unsure if first post went through properly.
    It was regarding the here we go again mention of article regarding dismembered feet found on the BC shore...including one such shoe found in the Fraser River....actually several...someone has quite the large appetite!!!

  17. Just Apocalypting here ...Israel will hit the (often fatal) 72 years mark in 2020.

  18. Or sexting the apocalypse...maybe that's what Chris does...in my view, Chris hits the nail on the head especially when his writings agree with my perceptions...typical of us humans...there is, of course of course, the opposing view of said apocalyptical possibilities and sundry activities, ritualistically speaking, that seem to conveniently coincide with that.

    Very simply, what we're seeing is merely the goings on, elite wise, that have been going on for millennia. Dressed up a bit, to be sure. And why does it seem that ritual is being pushed relentlesly everywhere? These are psychopathic inbreeds we're talking about here. Like the Super Christian, they need constant and escalating validation. And constantly increasing control measures. They are paranoid as all hell.

    Same principle applies to ritualistic human sacrifice. It aint the 'dark lords' who insist on greater and greater offerings. It's the twisted and paranoid elites..."gotta kill off a few more kids to make sure my voice is heard."

    look past the symbolic and ritual aspects, and look at the psyche behind all this. Chris gets real close when he mentions the timetable on these things - "Hey Bill, what the hell is on the secret masonic calendar thingy? I know we did, uh, what was that constellation again? Shit, it's sirens this time? I friggin hate amphibians. Oh well."

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    1. is the cosmo-demonic AI leaving comments now?

  20. Considering 9/11 was a symbolic temple destruction (twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin of Solomon's first temple) then naturally Trump (as in 16, the tower trump) would rebuild it. I just never figured it would be so literal, or Hal Lindsey-ish, as you point out. The murdered Palestinians marking the "resumption of ritual offerings".

    1. So have we seen the abomination yet? "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Matthew 24:15. Or maybe that was the Gala.

  21. I love Combat Rock! Its a great album IMO, and it does have that glossy, 80s Top-40 production sound that puts "Rock the Casbah" in the same mix with Murray Head's "One Night in Bangkok" and Toto's "Africa". I remember listening to all of these FM staples while going for high scores on Chopper Command and Pitfall on my Atari 2600. Lately some commenters are seeming to take issue with Chris writing about Pop-diva wardrobe choices and sport team uniforms, but pop culture sync-analysis is one of CLK's strengths. I hope Chris as well as the regular commenters here will continue to revisit past Secret Sun themes like the Lovecraft/Alice Bailey connection, the entheogen threads running through the X-Files, and whatever it was that Jack Kirby was plugged into. All of these themes are deep and complex, while also being rooted in popular culture.

  22. 9/11 Conspiracy? WTF? You are crazy if you do not trust the corporate media and government.Be a good Sheeple like the average Cowardly American tv watching Zombie and do not question the War Crimes committed by usa republican / democrat false-world leaders.Do not question the Patriot Act and loss of liberty.Don't think about all the dead aryan and arab Middle-Eastern children slaughtered,raped and maimed by the NWO-Mil Industrial Complex.Simply put, do not question authority.

  23. That's clever! I like the photo title: 3rd Temple Pilots! We are in the end times! Either Revelation or Disclosure all will be revealed!!

  24. With 378,000 videos the ritual Blood over Intent is a 'thing' on YouTube: https://gizmodo.com/the-blood-ritual-that-lives-on-youtube-1825726446

    Words fail me. I should be surprised, but as a Secret Sun reader that's become impossible.

  25. As to The Clash as McGowan-nightmare, the obscure (and under-appreciated) "Sean Flynn" from Combat Rock was based on Canyonite (spell check insists "Canaanite"!) Errol Flynn's son, a Time-Life photographer who disappeared in 1970 somewhere near the Cambodian-Vietnam border, later portrayed by Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

    McGowan wrote:

    "In 1941, swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn had purchased an eleven-and-a-half-acre chunk of the Hollywood Hills just off Mulholland Drive and had a sprawling home built to his specifications. According to Laurie Jacobson and Marc Wanamaker, writing in Haunted Hollywood, the mansion featured “several mysterious secret passageways, and more than a few peepholes.” The home appeared to have been designed to allow for surreptitious observation of guests in the home’s numerous bedrooms. It is claimed that Flynn incorporated the unusual design features so that he could satisfy his own voyeuristic impulses. Researcher/writer Charles Higham, however, has cast Flynn as a Western intelligence asset, and if true, then it is far more likely that the home was built not so much for Flynn’s personal pleasure but rather as a means of compromising prominent public figures.

    After [the death of Ricky Nelson, who had bought the property from Flynn], the palatial home stood vacant until a curious incident took place; referring once again to Jacobson and Wanamaker, we find that “A gang broke in and murdered a girl in the living room. Then a mysterious fire burned half the house. The ruins were torn down.” Like I said, shit happens. "



    In the 90s, if you believe it, Sean Flynn's Paris apartment was unlocked, tomb-like, for the first time in over twenty years.


  26. & suspicious explosion at Viejo Medical Building in CA (Orange County, of course) yesterday. Possible package bomb involved:


  27. Gearing up for the next phase? A more Balkanized Mideast most likely...

  28. Did someone say sacrifices were back? Hopefully your kids won't be among them:

  29. I had this dream where the different life forms interacted and got that whole radical chic. The weird part was when the gods grew tired of said boorish and predictable behavior, and decided the new hotness was going to be uplifting voles and such.

    I guess everything gets a turn. We probably gain value after rarity, like comic books and baseball cards.

  30. In order for USA to be as it presently is, ie all about sending cash and weapons to the Ashkenazi. It needed a doctrine adjustment.

    The view before the end times prophecy crowd came along, which includes its major tenant The Rapture, was that history was prophecy since JC went back to the heavens.

    Isaac Newton expounded the historicist view in his work "Observations on Daniel". The famous H. Gratten Guinness, beer family then pastor, also was a very renowned historicist. The idea is basically 21 to 22 chapters to Revelation and 21 centuries to unfold. See here.

    And what is it that ALL historicists agree on ? That the Papacy and the Maritime Chuch are the WHORE sitting on the many waters. You know collecting cups of fornication to drink in sex rituals that keep captive mighty men for use. Like Knights Templars, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of whatever money and secret covenants can buy or leverage.

    I take it that the Third Temple exists already through the person of Hairy iS Trueman. He is the 33rd lie in the Book of Lies, being Baphomet the Double Headed Phoenix.

    Heres why. The Temple in its parts: court of gentiles and women, 12 tribes and accessing priests at inner court, and innermost court where ark/Shekinah glory with its once a year high priest.

    Outer Court = United Nations
    Inner Court = Israel
    Innermost Court, ark, pillar of flame = Atom Bomb

    Hairy as the 33, ie the builder of the temple in Crowleys 33 lie is the builder who did all these things.

    He fiat created Israel by letter.
    He created the United Nations.
    He uncorked the Christy bomb at Trinity Site.

    The world has been entirely ruled in this trifold nexus temple ever since. The gentiles and outer court is constantly tessalated with east/west, US/USSR, red/blue, coke/pepsi, black/white, racist/progressive, slave/free, victim/privilege, etc.

    44 was Mass of the Phoenix, ie Lightning Obama.
    45 is Chinese Music, ie Trump.
    22, 24 was Grover Cleveland, the Skidoo jumper
    JFK was Venus de Milo .. in spades.

  31. Any rational person would assume that the plan of putting the US Embassy in Jerusalem at a especially symbolic time and in the current political situation over there, was definitely planning for a bloodbath and wanted it all to be some sort of blood sacrifice.

    But in a way, it's far scarier to think that it might not have been the plan at all. The sort of person that organizes a blood sacrifice by accident, meaning, arranging for a ritual that didn't mean to have blood in it, and then gets blood all over it, well... I think that the Roman emperor that made some serious mistakes in Judea that eventually led to Christianity may have now a serious competitor. Not for this particular mistake, but because if Trump's mistakes are of this caliber, and may potentially include nukes... it's kind of obvious where it could all be heading, right?

  32. RIP, actress Margot Kidder, age 69. Known for playing Lois Lane in 1978 film "Superman".
    B 17.10.1948 D 13.5.2018

    Margot means pearl. Kidder; colloquial for joker, prankster.

    Superman; the ET that fell to Earth with super powers.

    Pearls and falling angels from heaven. (Coincidence just does not stop!)

    1. "Coincidence" no longer applies.

    2. And that is the whole point of this blog right?
      Agenda's are being played out here, regardless of whether or not you believe in supernatural forces or not.
      'Dark Lords' do not exist??
      I wish!
      Look man 'lines' are being drawn in the sand.
      Just KNOW just what your standing behind.

  33. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money http://CorbettReport.com/episode-308-911-trillions-follow-the-money/ Perp #1 "Lucky Larry" Silverstein / Silverstein Properties http://wikispooks.com/wiki/Larry_Silverstein

  34. I'm from around Dismembered Foot, er, BC...and the numbers change. I've seen 19, 14 and 13. Which is why I don't trust when police say they've traced the dna of some to suicides and missing people. The claim is that scavengers eat most of the body, but the feet aren't marred by trauma, and float up in the shoe - which are runners or hiking boots. And some without socks.

    Okay, did scavengers eat only one foot? And why, in some cases, are there no socks? I don't recall without looking, but for awhile they were all left feet - that's off the top of my head, so I might be wrong on that.

    Not a huge mystery, but hey.

  35. Gotta wonder if the buyer of that Picasso got a discount for the cost of cleaning the dried jazz off it.

  36. The Third Temple was the body of Jesus Christ:


  37. The "fellow" named Jon Batiste who's playing at Pier 17 is Stephen Colbert's band leader. Which I'm sure you'll conflate into something dreadful. He calls his band "Stay Human". Oh my lord, he must be some kind of Satanic secular humanist or something!

    And you calling the Russia scandal a "hoax" at this point in the investigation just completely shoots your last tiny shred of credibility all to shit. To believe at this stage that there's nothing there can only mean that you are deliberately ignoring the huge piles and piles and piles of evidence. Trump is so far up Putin's ass he can see the back of his teeth. Why are you twisting yourself into knots denying it?

    1. No, you're the one who twists himself into knots all day every day to increasingly vanishing effect. I don't care, hence a two-word dismissal. As to the rest of it, just stop. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  38. I expected to see this here: