Friday, May 18, 2018

Sync OD: Born to Kill

All right, this bullshit again. 

I was planning to do a post about the anniversary of Chris Cornell's death but here we are. I don't have a lot to say about this that isn't being said already, mind you. The only thing that caught my eye about this latest tophet-party was how it speaks to the total confusion of symbolism and semiotics we're all drowning in as the entire planet tiptoes towards the ultimate psychotic break.

Plus, the syncs. Or variously, the "syncs." 

Plus, the witchcraft.

In case you're a very smart and wise person and have been avoiding the media and the Internet all day, there was another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas. There's been an arrest and as per usual, multiple reports of an accomplice and/or second shooter have been flushed down the memory hole.

The accused shooter (or patsy, if you roll that way) is one Dimitrios Pagourtzis. 

Dimitrios is the Greek masculine variant of Demeter, literally meaning "Earth Mother." If you choose to bust out your Downard after we're done here I won't think any less of you.

On Walpurgisnicht, or the Witches' Sabbath, young Dimitrios showed off his black duster which was sprinkled with a riot of potent but incoherent symbolism, declaring his ostensible allegiance to International Communism, Japanese Imperialism, Satanism or Templarism, German Militarism and purple prose.

He also wore a Bi-Pride pin and was said by a classmate to have confessed to a belief in evil (note how Buzzfeed chose to conflate the two).

Quite a confused young lad, our Dimitrios.

This also happened today- a crate of ammo dropped from a military chopper and crashed into Parkland Elementary School. 

That's Parkland, Texas not Parkland, Florida. But I understand your confusion.

Speaking of confusion, a FB member spotted this little sync here- the apparent similarity and/or resemblance of Dimitrious to a character in the new Deadpool movie that opened today.

Here's the skinny:
Recovering at the X-Mansion, Wilson agrees to join the X-Men as a form of healing. He, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead respond to a standoff between authorities and the unstable young mutant Russell Collins / Firefist at an orphanage, labeled a "Mutant Reeducation Center". Wilson realizes that Collins has been abused by the orphanage staff, and kills one of the staff members. Colossus stops him from killing anyone else, and both Wilson and Collins are arrested. Restrained with collars that negate their powers, they are taken to the "Icebox", an isolated prison for mutant criminals. Meanwhile, the cybernetic soldier Cable finds his family murdered by Collins in the future, and travels back in time to kill the boy before he ever becomes a murderer.
Such is the world in which we live. Firefist is an avatar of sorts, don't you think?

Not having seen the film I can't say exactly why our Wade is floating there in a swan-boat, but even so it got me to thinking of Cygnus and the Love Goddess, which is to say Vega and the Siren.

Perhaps some other time.

If you're not familiar with Santa Fe, it's a suburb of Houston (being a city we've discussed quite a bit of late). It's also just south of Pearland.

So school shootings and Pearls again. Huh.

Santa Fe is named in honor of Saint Faith, herself part of a trinity of sorts with Saints Hope and Charity. Their mother is Saint Sophia, and don't worry, I won't say a word about you-know-who and you-know-what.

Do note that Santa Fe is associated with Orange, though. Just like Venus.

Note that Santa Fe's feast day was Sept. 30, or October First Eve. 

Well, I just made that holiday up but you get the point.

For my money, I'd say Faith, Hope and Charity were simply Christianizations of the Charities, better known today as the Three Graces. 

Speaking of Demeter, the Charities were strongly connected to Mystery cult centers like Eleusis and during Bacchanalia. They were said to dance to Apollo's sacred music, meaning his lyre meaning, well, you know.

The Charities were often associated with death and the Underworld and so sacrifices would be made to them during rituals to the Earth Mother.

Speaking of Apollo's Lyre and the Underworld, it appears there's a musical based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice called Hadestown. Its original cast features Eff-Jay Uckley-Bay lookalike/soundalike Reeve Carney, who is ultimately responsible for getting me fixated on all this  Elizabeth Fraser business in the first place.

Because. It. Never. Ends.

Oddly enough, Santa Fe and her sisters are also revered by Freemasons, which is unusual for Catholic saints.

Do also note that Santa Fe is customarily pictured with a frond or sheaf, much like our friend Virgo.

Do also note that Santa Fe and her family are often represented by a Y form, which some of you might find familiar.

Well, anyway.

10 died in Santa Fe today but 110 were involved in a deadly plane crash in Cuba as well. Last I heard three people had survived but were grievously injured.

UPDATE: OK, reader JJ alerts us to the fact that the plane went down in the town of Santiago de las Vegas.

Speaking of sacrifices, some news outlets are floating some ridiculous theory that 64 year-old millionaire Stephen Paddock mowed down a bunch of people at a Country music festival because he was a right-wing gun-nut. 

This is all based on anecdotes that literally don't even rise to the level of hearsay. A lot of news outlets chose not to run with the story, which I find very telling.

Things must be getting desperate out there in Sin City. Maybe it's because of the SWAT video and new reports that an officer discharged a gun in Paddock's hotel room.

I'm thinking maybe the gun was actually discharged into Paddock. 

What's more, there were reports of a masked gunman parading around a Las Vegas mall last night. The offender was arrested and the gun turned out to be fake.

But do note the mall is surrounded by schools.

And then this report about some gym-rat storming into one of Trump's resorts and getting into a gun battle with police. We seem to hearing a lot of these stories, in which random gun battles are taking place at pivotal locations and not arousing anything more but mild interest from the media.

Let's just see if we can tie Santa Fe into our meta-narrative for a moment, shall we?

UPDATE: This fellow was a stripper? 

You all know about Chris Cornell's death, its links to MGM and the Siren and so on and so forth, and you've seen my little decoding as to the last track on Heaven or Las Vegas, which follows another two tracks connected to Cornell's bestie, Jeff Buckley.

Oddly enough, Santa Fe's saint day in the Eastern-- or Greek church-- is September 17th, the day in which Stephen Paddock rolled into Las Vegas for the very last time and the day in which Heaven or Las Vegas was released 9+9+9 years prior.

And we've discussed how Cornell's restaurant was across the street from the Four Seasons in a kind of reversal of Four Seasons Las Vegas' proximity to Mandalay Bay.

Now, I generally don't like to lapse into this kind of thing but "Frou" can be rendered as an anagram for Four, hence Frou Frou reading as Four-Four, giving us another connection between Cornell's death and Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas. 

Namely Four Seasons Paris and Four Seasons Las Vegas.

Plus, the All-Important 44. 

Of course.

UPDATE: Reader J alerts us to the new Fox Theatre marquee and logo, which by dint of utterly acausal serendipity now incorporate griffins (aka Lyra and Leo, yet again). 

You know, like at Luxor Las Vegas.

POSTSCRIPT: A reader turned me onto this interesting connection- the similarity between the NXIVM brandings and Masonic marks, a practice that dates back thousands of years. It's an interesting theory, one that only adds to the mystery of that creepy mind-control/sex cult. 

There's a lot more to that story than meets the eye even at this point. I'm certain of it.


  1. I live in Pearland and I was totally oblivious to the "pearl" in it until you pointed it out. Pearland is supposed to be pronounced "Pear-land" but there are plenty who get it wrong and say "Pearl-and".

  2. The "Russian" shooter, the Cuban plane crash, the 32 injured in the Lincoln bus crash, it all connects. The rebirth of the USSR and Cold War part 2?

    1. Hi John -- just listened to you recently on the higherside and grimamerica. Awesome stuff! And I'm surprised it wasn't 33 injured...

  3. Chris you nailed it all again. Few resonating items popping out in my minds eye after reading your post. Faith Hope Charity is totally ringing out Orions Belt "or the Three Sisters" LOUDLY to me. two, saint faith 9/17 via greek church - the shooter is greek, not sure if thats a known value for what have you, and finally 3), looking at the map of Detroit's MGM where our beloved CC (RIP) took his life, or was sacrificed as part of a ritual, not convinced yet either way... Elizabeth street actually runs THROUGH the MGM, look on the other side of the highway, small quirky sync I thought you'd might like. over and out

  4. Too many syncs.

    1. Okay, but here's another (2 actually, about Greek)...Cornell's wife -well *publicized* - was Greek Orthodox, to which he converted and subsequent creation of "the promise' about Armenian Christian martyrs. Also, royal new bride, Meghan/Rachel was only in couple/few films, one of which was 'Get him to the Greek'.

  5. The woman killed with the bomb in Aliso Viejo California in May 16 was named Ildiko = Hilda = Valkyrie = Warrior.

    There is also another shooter in Mt. Zion High School in Clayton County, Georgia as we speak.
    Something is coming over...


  6. According to the Guardian the Cuban plane crashed near the town of Santiago de las Vegas after taking off from Jose Martí international airport.

    "At the scene of the crash near the town of Santiago de las Vegas, thick black smoke plumed out of the torn wreckage which was scattered across a field of cassava."


  7. indeed, too many syncs.


  8. "Nothing Lasts Forever" Anyway... as far as a mass psychotic break goes,it is time,enjoy.Americans are a lying mass of putrid evil batteries of the pedo-NWO and

    MSN, who choose to poison their own children with mind erasing gmos and other state-sponsored nuerotoxins.This kind of evil does not stop on it's own! The "Sorrows" are just beginning... Legends of the "End Times" tell us that when evil rules the World,
    at the very last possible
    moment before all good is vanquished,a Man riding a white horse appears and destroys all evil! No fear. Good Times ahead.

    1. Exactly. The displays become more obvious in the psychotic desperation to keep "the batteries" charged. They've noted the "charge" doesn't last as long and what that indicates. They'll begin to turn on themselves soon.

    2. A man riding a white horse? You mean, like the one that appeared on the "This is America" video clip?

    3. That clip/song is 'gospel', gos-pel "good spell".
      "Yeah this is guerilla", gorilla

  9. Regarding Chris Cornell, it appears the opening band for his last performance was The Pretty Reckless and, owing to the anniversary, their lead singer is sharing her grief on Instagram. A few things caught my attention:

    1) It looks like the Fox Theatre features two griffins prominently

    2) Apparently Gibson had a limited release of guitars signed by Chris Cornell, under the brand "Gibson Memphis."

    3) The logo for Gibson Memphis looks rather curious (in link above). Not claiming any connection to it, but looks curiously like the NXIVM branding.

    Best wishes, man

    1. Looking at some of the Chris Cornell MGM 'crime scene' photos again, there's one of a violently torn apart plane ticket from JFK airport dated 5/17/17 (pic taken of the ticket sitting on top of the Gibson guitar).

      Looking back at the tour schedule, the Detroit show was the first after an extended break of three days (Kansas City 5/14) what was CC doing in NYC leading up to his D-day? Sorry if it's obvious as I can't find any info now, and then why the F was he so pissed off at that plane ticket? Did something happen in NY that was so bad...

  10. What's the opposite of an iconoclast? A fetishist? Magical amulets and the like are some of the oldest and most persistent forms of magic. What magical symbols today have enough mojo left enough to protect a young man who feels vulnerable? The McDonalds arch? A Satanist I knew when I was a teenager opened up to me about how he built up some muscles and became a Satanist because he was scared about how rough his neighbourhood was. The priest couldn't help him.

    1. "The priest couldn't help him."

      All hierophants are Satanists, every organized Christian (or whatever) organization is Satanist when you get to the top.

      Some folks at the bottom of the pyramid can be powerful forces of good. But many more of them are just useless.

      That's why the priest couldn't help him.

    2. Anon, I'd like to know what your definition of "Satanist" is.

      As for what sort of symbols have enough mojo left, it really depends on the neighborhood.

    3. It doesn't really matter so much what my definition of Satanism is in this case as it's self declared rather than me trying to "out" public figures as secret Satanists. A lot of the Bible is literally true but they have it the wrong way round and Satan was the good guy, and so on. Into LaVey and metal but not especially imaginative or burying the nose in esoteric books.

  11. I'm thinking that a large part of this is your standard issue Manchurian candidate, or maybe random kid with media running wild with their favourite narrative. Once again, gun control being hollered in the hallowed halls of Washington.

    I dunno, could be the syncs are breadcrumbs.

    1. I am/was a Manchurian candidate. They MK Ultra me atleast twice, rebranded and framed me and then "they" all got caught. Now they're trying to do a cover up.

  12. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:54 AM, May 19, 2018

    Q Anon called this one.

    1. Ted Danson symbols goFar. And the Fraser River rises.

    2. Really? Q Anon called it? I sometime read posts in the great awakening subreddit, but the Trump fanfare is a bit much.

    3. Yes Q did predict this staged black ops.May 18 was a day of great chaos and certainly not a slow news day...but how much of it was "real"? Which leads us to question our deceitful reality called "Maya" by eastern belief systems.It seems the World may of have ended in 2017 (or long before) and we are just stuck in a temporal time loop ala Ground Hogg Day.2018 does not feel real at all,more like a bad dream that keeps repeating itself.Remember when Barbra Crowley Bush died and the WH sent out a tweet dated from 2017? the tweet caused a howl from corporate media and twittertards.Maybe Trump does have some unknown Telsa tech ala Back to the Future? ....As for may 18 New teen shooter,"it's all Greek to me" or as the chans say "My big fat Greek shooting".And yes,the Houston Greece festival is held may 17 - 20.And yes,Chris Cornell Died on may 18 (2017).He also converted to Greek Orthodox church due to his second wife and was 'blessed In' by Chester (podesta) Bennington.Chris Cornell seemed to be obsessed with all things Greek as was Bennington.Chis Cornell's last tweets #Detroit finally back to Rock City! and #nomorebullshit.Were these tweets a stab at "Detroit King - Enimen" ? considering that rap musicians fear a resurgence of rock music and that intel agencies / judaea- Masonic corporate music biz is the primary source of American sociological / mass mind control system.The Quote of Kurt Cobain seems to apply to the ritual based death of Chris Cornell,Chester Bennington and many others..."Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you"

    4. Thanks for that info... 2018 has been insane. I've been interested in the Eminem mention by Q. I saw an interesting Q break down, I'll see if I can find it an link it mentioning Eminem. I tried looking into his paternal side and there isn't much I can find. Any thoughts?

    5. Here is the link:

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  14. When I saw that Cthulhu pin on this kid's coat I immediately flashed back to just yesterday and that curious news article that seemed to get a lot of play about how 33 scientists (33, not 30 or 35) "suggest" that octopuses are basically from outer space. Just seemed like a very odd news piece, and a very seemingly out of place pin among the other symbols on the coat... well, you know. Nothing to see here, just drawing connections where there clearly aren't any, is all.

    1. Mark, this is clearly a veiled communication.

      Retired scientist here. It is virtually impossible to get major news outlets to report a half-baked hypothesis: the layers of peer-review, university PR apparatus, MSM editorial staff, etc. would prevent anything but the most vetted research from reaching the masses.

      33 scientists and octopi from outer space, indeed...

    2. I think I've heard Gordon White say the octopus are the result of a virus from space? Amazing creatures.

    3. It's almost impossible to get major news outlets to report a half-baked hypothesis? Oh, really?

      Look, I know this is true because I was there. A guy with no science credentials at all decided to put together a "scientific group" looking at methane releases in the Arctic. He managed to get a couple of bona fide scientists (who soon ran away when they noticed who everyone else was), a bunch of climate change activists, a couple of engineers interested in the idea of geoengineering, and some totally random people including a guy who collected legends from indigenous peoples around the Arctic and a journo who used to work at the Ecologist magazine. I was one of the climate change activists, but I have enough of a science background to tell straight away what a sorry mess that was and how few people knew any real climate science there, including the organizer.

      Because the group had a journo, he knew the ropes. Well, the group got exposure to their pet theory in major media in the UK, including the BBC. In spite that it was supported by nothing but the opinion of the organizer. But hey, news must have been slow at that particular time, and the journo knew who was receptive to climate change stories, and that was all that was needed.

      Peer review and university apparatus? There wasn't any. Editorial staff? Don't make me laugh. If you had any idea of how few people actually work on major media outlets, you would have a healthy mistrust of mainstream media. Of course, alternative media is even worse. "Alternative media" is usually just one guy with a pet project, that more often than not is some sort of scam.

      If there was ever a reasonable expectation of fact in media, that must have died around the time I was a kid. Assume everything called "news" is actually some sort of gossip from somebody who certainly has an agenda, and that most likely hasn't been verified to any degree. Journos don't have the time to verify almost anything today, they're just a few people trying to churn out masses of material. If the journos that ran the piece had bothered to simply search on the Internet the name of that organizer, it would have dawned on them instantly how dodgy his credentials were.

    4. Protip for Maria: when you start a sentence with "look," your condescending intention is clear and it warrants little interest to read further.

    5. Anon 1:19 here. Maria, you miss my point. *Real* research has trouble getting through the filters. "Research" that serves a particular agenda has no problem at all.

  15. I'm sure this is just a reminder...
    F = 6 = 6
    O = 15. 1+5 = 6
    X = 24. 2+4 = 6

    1. "You are watching Fox"

      The Simpsons The Joy of Sect Part 07

  16. WTC Twin Towers had 110 floors each


    Tessalated voodoo doll, a standin for uncle samael, sealed with an obscene kiss.

  18. I saw a whole list of businesses connected to NXIVM on el channos and it is some seriously worrying shit. Rainbow daycare this and save the children's fund that, you know, perfectly safe and respectable places just looking after the well-being of kids.

    History's predators masquerading as martyrs.
    History's perpetrators masquerading as victims.

  19. That brand looks a lot more like cuneiform to me.

    1. The brand is 'just' the initials of Raniere and Mack.

    2. Nice link. This one is less so because, while including many juicy Hollywood tidbits, it totally ignores the political angle.

      The slave contract story, on the other hand, shows a perfect tool for political control, especially if it can be enforced as it apparently was from time to time.


    I find the blatant nature of this headline, and the fact they're using the Royal Wedding as a parallel (!?!) to be entirely bizarre. Of, you know, not.

    Also, I know you're more interested in fixed star correlations, but it's interesting to note that not only did Mars move into Aquarius the two days before the wedding (not too terribly unusual, though he is also going retrograde mid-June) but Uranus moved into Taurus, where it will stay for the next eight years. The outer planets are the ones that influence whole generations.

    Just static noise? Maybe si, maybe no.

  21. Chris -
    There are some interesting blind items regarding Cornell's widow on the website. The "blinds" here are verified pretty quickly as the "nobodys" in Hollywood (valets, nannies, housekeepers, receptionists) are on it pretty quickly. The compiles it all.

    Anyway the widow. She seems a bit shifty.

  22. Not trying to change the subject but there's so much going on at once now that its hard to stay on top of it all. Have you heard about this recent case of child abuse?

    It seems to validate what CK has posted before about what happens when satanism trickles down from the art galleries to the streets. Unreal what people justify doing to children.

  23. On the plus side, the school year is almost over. Unless, like Xmas, there's a mad shopping/shooting rush as the number of shopping/shooting days diminish. It does make one wonder what the well heeled school shooter does in the off season. Summer job to stock up on ammo. Lurking in used book stores hunting for those 3 issues of Guns & Ammo Sniper needed to complete one's collection. Creating enough social media presence to keep the media & intrepid Internet truth seeking bloggers busy for a post or two. At least enough data to occupy rubber neckers until the next spree shooter steps right up for his/her Internet infamy. BTW, you ladies are definitely slacking. If y'all want to be taken seriously with this equality shit, y'all better learn the fine art of mass murder.

    I'm thinking that mass murder is becoming the new career choice for so many awkward 21st century fame junkies. Maybe we need to address this with classes. Or maybe a specifically designed tech school to empower the little bullet spewing nubbins so they achieve the success that they're capable of achieving. It's obvious that the microwave beamed instructions given by the government leave a lot to be desired.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised some shootings on movie theaters and concerts that is were all the kids go during the off season. Maybe we will see some summer camps shootings this year too. Is not like anyone cares anymore mass shootings are the American way now.

    2. Some shootings are "kill or be killed". They have no choice.


    One giant pearly dew drop!

    Mono sodium glutamate.

    Like a synthetic salt for temple sacrifices.

    You know that the ashes of the red heifer must be what cleanses the relics before they work again the new temple?

    These have been found. Betcha there's some salt in those ashes.

    Tophet's taste is an acquired one. Roma amor! Msg is addictive. The chef demiurgos must have a parasite like from cat feces.

    Programming from within.

    Hail the Exo bubble!

  25. I haven't looked at all into this latest episode of Natural Born Killers. And honestly, I don't think I can stand to anymore. It disgusts me that, even if one was to assume that all these shootings were just as the MSM paints them, (cough) that the boogeyman is always portrayed as either the NRA, right wing nut jobs, "mental health", or even fucking video games. Yet at the very same time, what is on Drudge right now? A picture of our latest evil villain with the teaser click bait as "America's Latest Teen Killer". You mean like, "America's Next Top Model", "America's Next Great Pop Star", or "America's Latest Pastime". I mean why don't you just put the next mass killer on the cover of the Rolling Stone and buy 5 copies for your mother? Oh wait.

  26. I know you follow some celebrities for syncs had you checked on Kristen Stewart? She was donning pearls in her eyelids and a siren like white dress during Cannes a few days ago.
    She also has been sporting that eye tattoo on her arm for a while and she was also wearing a very interesting bracelet with an interesting logo. just wondering if you think there is something else going on there too.

    1. The eye tattoo is from the Picasso painting "Guernica". It represents an Eye, a light bulb, and a bomb exploding, which is killing the Horse below it, and no doubt the human figures as well.
      Why Kristen has it is anyone's guess, but it's pretty cool. Jeff.

    2. The eye tattoo us from Picasso's painting called Guernica. It represents an eye, a light bulb, and a bomb explosion. Jeff.

  27. That glyph is a rune. Its Isa Kenaz Raido. Runes are combined to create specific meanings and enchantments. In this case I would translate it as "Journey of the Illuminated Individual"

  28. Did you know also, Chris, that May has been for a few years now designated as "MerMay" online? It's a month where graphic artists take mermaid related prompts and post their finished art pieces on various social media sights (Tumblr, Instagram, Deviant Art et.) Sort of like InkTober except more creepy according to everything you have now catalogued about the Siren.

    I have seen so much of this cartoony, dumb artwork showing up on my Tumblr.

  29. Please help me understand this:
    I work 2 minutes from Great Mills High School and was involved in other school lockdowns and traffic snarls on the day of the event. I took notes on everything I heard, read, and observed, waiting for some blogger to say it was a hoax. Friends at work say they knew the family, but being in Steny Hoyer’s district, lots of things to be suspicious of. I have been waiting for someone to post something that I could compare my notes to, but no one has said anything.
    Does that mean most people believe it was legit? Do you believe it was legit or was it too small to be worth challenging?

  30. That moment when SpookTube 'gangstalks you' with this gem "The Truman Show Deleted Scene - Growing Suspicious (1998)"

  31. Hello Chris,

    I put this comment up on Loren Coelman’s blog,
    but it can also go here:

    As I type this comment, the royal wedding is taking place and leads to my first observation about the latest HS massacre compared to the previous one at Parkland.

    The Parkland shooting took place on Feb 14, St. Valentine’s Day, when innocent young love is celebrated. The Santa Fe shooting took place less than a full day before the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, another celebration of young innocent love.

    The day before the Santa Fe shooting, I had prepared a comment about the synchro-mystical history of David Hogg’s name, looking back to its origin 7 or 8 centuries ago ago in the Scottish clan called Hog, also spelled Hogg. I wasn’t sure where exactly to place it as a comment so I let it sit. Now I realize it is to go right here.

    A webpage that shows the Hog/Hogg crest

    Notice the Hog clan motto in Latin: “Dat Gloria Vires” = “Fame gives strength”

    In Church Latin, “Gloria” is usually translated as “glory” a positive attribute given to God. But in secular classical Latin, besides the positive meanings of “glory, fame, renown”, GLORIA can also go negative and mean “ambition, vainglory, boasting.”

    So today, David Hogg, whose fame — be it positive renown or negative narcissism — was based entirely on being a Parkland shooting survivor, faces another HS shooting. How will his “glory” now give strength to a new group of student survivors? Or must his glory fade according to another Latin motto that drops like the proverbial “other shoe” here:

    “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” = “So passes the glory of the world” or more tersely: “Fame is fleeting.”

    1. Sic Transit Gloria -- On the 19th, during a church work project, one of the members relayed to us something his daughter, who was home from college on Spring break, told him. "When my peers are asked, what do you want to be?, the answer most given is "To be famous." To which the 50ish dad added, "In my generation, it was, To be rich."

      As a Boomer who just turned 69, my only recollection is that, whatever we did, we were going to do it better. Sic Novitas Mundi

      Is it 2012 yet?

  32. News reporting today that the Santa Fe shooter was using the phrase "another one bites the dust" as he was killing people. This seems like a pretty obvious sync to the soon-to-be-released Freddy Mercury/Queen biopic that was originally supposed to be directed by Bryan Singer.