Sunday, March 04, 2018

90th Annual Osiris Awards: Pregame

Well, it's that time of year again: time to marvel at the increasingly-obsessive and progressively explicit symbolism of the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars, aka the Ausurs, aka the Osiris Awards. 

Hey; I have really bad OCD, too. I get it. Mine's more focused on semi-obscure Scottish divas than on blowing up the world and rebuilding it according to a millennia-old master plan drawn up in the throne-rooms of Babylon during the Third Dynasty of Ur, but who am I to judge, right? Can't we all be broth...sorry, unfortunate choice of words there.

I can say that given all the new emergent archetypal dominants we've been discovering, this stuff seems kind of quaint and corny and old-fashioned. But seeing that Hollywood is increasingly the Audio-Visual department of the MIC, it still gives an idea of where their heads are at these days and where things might be going.

In case you're new to the blog, this is what Oscar is based on; depictions of Ptah and/or Osiris in a ceremonial pose. Some cults had it that Ptah was an incarnation of Osiris (and others equated him with Amun/Jupiter Ammon) so it's really a distinction without a difference.

Ptah was pretty much the god of masons and other craftsmen back in the day so do the math.

In case you missed the correlation, the nice folks now enclose Ausur in a triangle, suggesting a pyramid shape. Always willing to help, those nice Academy folks are. Wait- don't forget your goody bag!

I also kind of like how they designed the logo for tonight's rituals to emphasize the 9, correlating to the Ennead of which Osiris is a part. I always liked those kind of high-heels too. No no no no, don't take them off, leave them on. 

Bonus OCDery: That O also gives off an eclipsey kind of vibe.

The 9 in turn recalls the mysterious Council of Nine, no strangers to Tinseltown and its ancillaries either. Bear in mind there's a new Star Trek series these days and my money is on the Nine coming back in a big, bad way by way of it.

The big pregame fluff pieces are all taking about the fancy-schmancy crystals being incorporated into the stage design. Personally, I hate that kind of shit and think the proscenium looks one of those hasty salt circles Sam or Dean would throw around a weepy brunette coed with a hellhound on her trail, but nobody asked me. Nobody ever asks me about these things. I'm used to it.

At first I was thinking those shiteous chandeliers were supposed to be falling angels, but that was on account of I was looking at a low-rez jpg. I'm not necessarily opposed to the idea, either.

However, I am more inclined to see them as compass and arch-type designs, in keeping with the overall theme of the night.

I mean, we are talking about the Ausurs here.

And per usual, we see the customary Saturn/Black Sun symbolism.

And keep the old peepers peeled for the traditional Nuit symbolism as well. This is a religious ceremony, even if most of the people involved may be obvious to that fact.

There are some, uh, interesting variations on this particular icon out there but this is a family blog.

And in case you didn't know already, the Dolby Theater (aka the Kodak Theatre) was built on the site of the old Hollywood Masonic Lodge. Where else would it be?

With its crimson and gold and circular ceilings, I must admit the Dolby Theater vaguely calls to mind this particular auditorium. Go ahead, call me crazy. It's just a vibe, is all.

And I must say that very Politburo-looking coat-of-arms over the stage of the Dolby (not sure of the exact occasion) doesn't exactly throw me off the scent. 

Neither do the chandeliers. 
But hey, all that was once hidden is being unveiled. Expect nothing less.

Just how Masonic are the Ausurs? So Masonic that their host actually films his late-night talkshow inside an actual Masonic Temple. There's that red and gold again, too.

Like Eminem, Howard Stern and Quentin Tarantino, Jimmy Kimmel is going for broke with the Woke these days. It's a very effective way to getting other Woke-folk to forget what flaming douches they all were back in the 90s. 

Y'know, back when they were talented.

Oh golly, there are so many choices in this category. You gotta feel for the Academy voters; so hard to narrow it down to one rapist. Roman Polanski is Shorteyes Emeritus, so he wasn't eligible.

And in case you forgot, the cemetery where Chris Cornell was interred also features its own Masonic Lodge. Can't say offhand I've seen an awful lot of boneyards that do. Can't imagine the dead have much use for one.

And of course, the courtyard to the Dolby Theater features the Babylon Gate, ostensibly borrowed from DW Griffith's epic flop Intolerance for some obscure and absolutely nonsensical reason or other. 

And hey, look- there are two of the Apkallu, or Seven Sages. Or Shamash and Nisroch, if you prefer.

Or perhaps you prefer the "Angels Who Watch." Or "Vegas," even.

Personally, I call them "Azazarini" and "Semjo." Yeah, me and those Watchers, we go way back. Kickin' back, crankin' the tunes, sparkin' some skunk and doin' up some GTA, that's what we're all about. My peeps.

Now, don't forget to keep an eye on the Secret Sunny nominees tonight, Beauty and the Beast Risen from the Sea foremost among them.

And of course, Lady Siren. But the real question of the night will be is how did I never notice all those pearly dewdrops' drops Saoirse is wearing there? Or the Orange?

D::Wave! Get your ass over here right now, Mister!

And as a couple readers pointed out, Lady Bird writer-director Greta Gerwig also played a Mermaid on Portlandia. She'd better hope no one in Hollywood saw her unloading that AR15, though. She'll find herself pumping out straight-to-Redbox fodder before she can say "Diablo Cody."

There's also Get Out, which is essentially a mind-control epic. Writer-director Jordan Peele, formerly of Comedy Central's Key & Peele, seems like he's down with the "Sacred Feminine," so keep your eyes "Peeled" for that one as well.

Speaking of mind control, Get Out costars Allison Williams, offspring of controversial NBC anchorman Brian Williams. Bonus factoid: Williams also played Peter Pan, speaking of traumatized children and alternate reality narratives.

Allison Williams, I mean, not Brian. I understand the confusion, though. 

Extra bonus factoid: the only childhood/pre-stardom picture I could find online also had Williams dressed as Peter Pan. 

Allison Williams, I mean, not Brian. I understand the confusion, though.  

Buzzfeed has your back, too 
Add caption
Speaking of Peter Pan, keep an eye out for male attendees rocking the Pearlies for tonight's ritual invocations. Pay special attention to any of these Pearly chaps milling around the courtyard, gazing with reverence at Azazarini and Semjo.

And don't forget the Orange. Not if you want to keep on working in this town, I mean. 

And just to show I am literally right about everything all the time, Beyonce is going Vega for 44 days.

Well, I'm literally right about everything except when I'm literally wrong. Only I'm not actually wrong when I'm wrong, I'm just right-nonconforming. Right-fluid, if you will.

See y'all later on.


If you're in the neighborhood around the end of April, do drop in the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever to check out The Secret Society of the Sisterhood. Very curious to see what that's all about.

Particularly because their logo reminds me of the sigil for this early 90s Killing Joke side-project, only snakier. 


  1. Good one, can't wait for the post-show exegesis.

    Incidentally, you are doubtless aware Ausurs ~= Asuras (the Indian demon forms), based on Ahura (the Lord of Light from Persia), tracing back to Sumer, of course

    1. Some scholars would state that 'demons' are just 'fallen' Angels; those whom fell from their 'first estate' as has been stated on this blog.
      Interesting how these so called 'races' have a common denominator; LIGHT.
      Water, Air, Light, Sound, ALL 'related'.
      Different 'expressions' of SAME 'stuff'.
      But then there is 'MIND'.

  2. Ahhhh "Red & Gold" if I recall correctly those are the same colors of one of the Hogwart's Houses in The Harry Potter book & film series specifically Gryffindor.

    House information
    Founder - Godric Gryffindor

    House colours - Scarlet and gold

    Animal - Lion

    Element - Fire

    Traits - Bravery, Nerve, Chivalry,Courage, Daring

    Well, well, well House Gryffindor is actually a shade of red specifically Scarlet. Well that's sounding kinda familiar now.

    Oh course that's all just a co-winky-dink right? It's not like J.K. Rowling a witch or something.

    1. No, I'm sure JK decided to write a whole seven books on the subject of teaching magic because she didn't know the first thing about it.

      Actually, there's a special place in my heart for her. Just when I was about to give up on making any sense of all this esoteric stuff, I came across the first Harry Potter book in a second-hand book stand, and I thought "why not?", and I'm glad I did. She really explains things pretty clearly, while pretending to write a funny book for kids.

    2. Maria Rigel please don't get me wrong because I actually a fan of the Harry Potter series. I read up to the fourth book and still have to read the last three. I don't even count anymore how many times I seen the eight films.

      The only other movie series I definitely watch more in the the Matrix Trilogy with emphasis on the first film in the series. However, I digress on that point.

      However, J.K. Rowling is definitely a European Witch despite her protests otherwise. Little giveaways like Draco Malfoy having a hand of glory and of course the Philosopher Stone. Among other real occult subject matter woven into the books.

      Perhaps that onion joke article was right; “Harry Potter Books Spark Rise in Satanism Among Children”

      Now here we are almost twenty years from that article and we have a reassurance in witchcraft, tarot reading, and occultism among millennials; "Where Witches Dance in Bushwick"

      Those Bushwick/Hipster witches actually get quite a bit of press in faux-Liberal nose in the air The New York Times

      Long story short I say the Harry Potter series of books and movies combined with the 2012 New Age push laid the fertilizer for the hipster witches now engaging in Battle-Magick against KEK/PEPE/Trump; "The witches of Bushwick casting spells on Donald Trump definitely don't want him to die"

      ^^^^Yeah willing I get the whole "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" jive that doesn't mean I agree or think those Bushwick witches are will succeed. Oh well some gotta learn the hard way.

  3. Addendum to previous comment. I won't be watching that snorefest.

    Please let me know if either Harry Potter author J.K. Rowland or one of the actors portraying the characters within House Gryffindor: Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliff, Ronald Weasley/Rupert Glint, Hermione Granger/Emma Watson shows up to make a award presentation.

    That would certainly max out the Reddish & Gold theme of this year's 90 Scars since Gryffindor's color are Scarlet & Gold.

    1. Here you go:

    2. Right on cue. Yeah Emma Watson is the millennial go-to for every kind of social justice warrior campaign so no shock there.

  4. Honestly, I never watch award shows anymore. The non-stop politicized/polarized (same thing) nature of it all now, including the requisite "this is what all right-thinking folks believe" indoctrination really turns me off. I get my buttons pushed enough as it is.

    Plus better things are on, like "Counterpart". Seriously, you should check that show out sometime, it feels like something Philip K. Dick would have written (encountering a parallel world, an alternate timeline, a different version of one's self & family, plus a neo-noir spy thriller plotline on top of it all).

  5. Red and Gold = Orange-ish... js

    Excellent post! Damn... big picture crack, for my mental consumption.

  6. Mr. Christophoros Knowles, le ringrazio per interesuyu iformatsiyu.

    1. I know someone fluent in Esperanto. This all sounds very familiar...

  7. I always liked those kind of high-heels too. No no no no, don't take them off, leave them on." Everybody wants some, Chris, did you want some too? Better Call Saul, er, Roth! :-P

    I'm glad you're watching the Awards to give an analysis afterwards as I stopped watching these crapfests. Yes, I know there are occultic meanings to them but I just hate left-wing S.J.A.s - and you know what the 'A' means.

    The Secret Society of the Sisterhood seems to signify the Triple Vav which is a 666 - the same as Eve translates to. Safe to say with all the feminine emphasis and pearls and such that we are definitely in that Luciferian last stage of the 'end of days' as it were. It seems all we can do is fill the popcorn bucket and watch from here on in.

  8. Definitely NOT a family blog:) so just give us the tits please.

  9. Ancient Aliens has a good episode on the Council of 9.

  10. "I must admit the Dolby Theater vaguely calls to mind this particular auditorium."


  11. Re.THE NINE ( I just finished reading your fascinating series of articles about Star Trek. What an eye-opener!!! Servus aus Wien, Peter

  12. Is Set in a Coma? Boule / gangster wannabe Rapper Rick Ross reported to be on life support.On February 2 2018,Rick Ross released the song "Florida Boy" lyrics chorus "Home of niggas killing with no remorse"

    1. The 'pendulum' swinging the OTHER 'way'; YANG gives way to YIN and vice versa.
      Set runs the outside 'set' from his 'cell'.
      Looks like he may finally get his 'pardon'.

  13. Chris,

    Someone - it might have been you, but honestly, I can't remember - posted in the last week or so an online article, about the "rediscovery" of a portion of DW Griffith's giant stage for Intolerance. Interesting timing for interesting times. Not sure why it was news, since according to (ahem) Kenneth Anger in his Hollywood Babylon, the damned thing was left to rot for well over a decade, visible to one and all. Perhaps it was to get a concept into the news - "intolerance" would be a good candidate, "Babylon" another. Digging up old elephants?

    1. 'Holly Wood Babylon' is doing what it always has done; the 'bidding' of it's 'masters'.
      SAME 'GODS', different EPOCH.
      Chris hit the proverbial 'nail' on the HEAD when he talked about ACTUAL 'PAGANISM'; the kind that has 'public displays' of such.
      NO more HIDING!
      Conquer and control by FORCE, straight up! (those whom wish to sacrifice their first born to MOLOCH please stand forth and DIRECTLY toss your offering into the fire. THANK YOU!)
      But the idea of a possible celestial invader, sentient or NOT is of primary focus here.
      2044 may bring the 'VEGAns', but I think we will see global cataclysm before this 'arrival'.
      Zod's separation of the 'wheat' from the 'chaff' PRIOR to 'Splashdown'.

  14. Chris I haven't commented much here in quite a while - but I am really, really enjoying your posts for the last few months. I'm learning a heck of a lot and I really appreciate your insights as all these weird patterns start to reveal themselves. Great work sir. Thanks for all the effort -T

  15. Have you heard of Alphaville ( It's controlled by a D Wave.

    Has a place called (Grand Omega Minus, from where brainwashed people are sent out to the other "galaxies" to start strikes, revolutions, family rows and student revolts.) Must be where the kids from Parkland are from.

    The director was inspired by Jean Cocteau.

    The music video for the song Linger by the Irish rock band The Cranberries was influenced by it.

    Also are aware of the plot line for SHIELD on TV with aliens from Cygnus.

    In the book Contact the first message from Vega (is a retransmission of Adolf Hitler's opening speech at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin; the first television signal powerful enough to escape Earth's ionosphere. - Wiki)

    And the Vega's mission is (to alter the properties of the universe by accumulating enough mass in Cygnus A to counter the effects of entropy.)

    Bonus fact the 1936 Olympics also featured transexuals.

    And if you haven't seen it yet you need to put American Gods the TV series on your OCD Watch List.

    Also have you seen the TV series People of Earth? The X-Files with the Mandella Effect has some inside jokes referring to the series.

    Orange and White are the colors of the Army Signal Corps. probably the ones in charge of contacting the Vega.

  16. Sam Rockwell from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy won an Oscar. The guide that's on the Tesla roadster. And of course the Oscar is coated with the same process NASA uses:

  17. Bowie who played Tesla, his son Duncan directed Sam Rockwell in Moon. Bowie was also in Twin Peaks of course. The band Alphaville with lead singer wearing an orange jumpsuit opens a Stargate to the Red Room in the video Forever Young: Also the alien signal in Twin Peaks about Cooper and the 25 years delay is echoed in Contact with 26 year delay.

    NASA engineer Manuel Vega can see one of the Olympic ski jump towers from the rooftop of the South Korean weather office where he is stationed:

    Louis Vega (from Socorro), 47, works in Australia for a Fortune 500 company (DOW) that’s a U.S. corporate sponsor of the Olympics. That’s how the Socorro High School and New Mexico State University alum came across this unique opportunity to carry the torch (for the second time) along a stretch of the 2,000-kilometer relay, his aunt said:

  18. I like Bjork but this video gives me bad vibes to be honest. I don't think I like what's coming through the Star Gate. Is it creepy or just me? :

  19. Hi Chris, long time lurker. Your commentary on Get Out was a little thin, so let me fill in some blanks and connect them back to the running theme of the blog.

    The thing with the mermaids, fish men, transgenics, trans people, androgynous people, even globalism itself, is that the overarching theme is *amalgamation*. Nothing can stay as it is. Everything must be mixed up.

    And that's the whole point behind Get Out when you think about it. Interracial dating, white brains in black bodies, Jordan Peele himself is biracial and married to a white woman. The actual process of the brain switching could also be classed under 'topics germane to this blog' in the sense of science gone mad.

    Amalgamation. Of species, of nations, of genders, of races. And science we don't have the morality to restrain. Awesome.

    source: I'm black. ;)


    1. There are lots of things out there that are disgusting to our instincts. Some of them are bad for us. Some of them were bad for us back when people lived in tribes, but that time passed long time ago.

      Amalgamation may or may not be a good idea, but don't just use your gut instinct to judge it.

      Disclosure: I have close relatives that are mixed race. And I've spent my entire life being seen as a foreigner, because I didn't spend long enough in most places to be "one of us", whatever that meant. So I'm definitely on the receiving end of all that disgust, and it's not a pretty place to be.

    2. Maria, are you seriously lecturing a black person on not feeling like 'one of us'?? HA! I don't come here to have my thoughts policed, but thanks for your concern.

      My point stands (since you didn't address it at all, instead choosing to psychoanalyze ME).

      Chris, I just got a taste of your life. lol


  20. PG speaks
    05/03 2:22 AM - by throwing in her lot with the neo-fascist sex-fearing man-hating female supremacists, Bjork has renounced her status as a human, and revealed herself as an existential threat to all-and-sundry, and should be dealt with accordingly. Along with every female-supremacist and male-apologist-thereto pictured at the US and UK award ceremony.
    To the author of this blog: re Polanski and the like, if you cannot tell the difference between a paedophile and a haebophile, and cannot accept the latter is both "normal" and necessary for the health of the species (it is "natural selection" taking its course), then you are as dangerous as the former - because your attitude to young people is exactly the same.

  21. Im reading/hearing chatter that two stars (twins) are going to collide together in Cygnus (technically already did) and we will see it on July 26 2022. And this big white ball spacecraft (pearl) is supposed to come out of the sky and land on the temple mount and "god" will be in the craft.

    Not saying Im buying it, but interesting, aint it,

  22. Here's a good interview of Gary Oldman on the JFK film (he played Lee Oswald). Notice how at 1.20 he seems to get prodded in his back when talking about the conspiracy and how he now believes in the official story.

    And there was this from 2014 where Oldman had to make a grovelling apology to the Hollywood elite.

    "British actor in antisemitism row 'deeply remorseful' over distress to Jewish people after comments in magazine about Mel Gibson arrest rant"

    Looks like he's been rewarded now playing a scumbag war criminal.

    A shitbag playing the role of Ol' Shithouse - WC

  23. Hey Chris,

    I'm assuming Secret Society of the Sisterhood or whatever is a band since they put on concerts at the Masonic Temple at Hollywood Forever all the time (and not just for musical acts with vaguely esoteric-sounding band names). It's actually a pretty decent space to hear music in and as Freemasonry's popularity is in decline a lot of these old spaces in LA are being rented out for other purposes or refurbished entirely (the huge Scottish Rite HQ on Wilshire was just turned into an art museum). A lot of interesting events get put on at Hollywood Forever and the inclusion of a Masonic Temple on site isn't that strange considering how many people from Old Hollywood are buried there; taking a walk around the graveyard you can see how many of them were masons as there will usually be a square and a compass somewhere. For example, if I remember correctly, DW Griffith is buried there and he was a mason and was also one of the founders of the Academy -- go fig, right?


  24. I used to be quite sure that O-Siris was connected to Sirius and Isis to the other blue star, Rigel. But I'm not so sure now. Any experts on astro-theology want to comment on that one?

    The Oscar statue may well be Osiris, but I wouldn't be surprised if they unveil a new version that is much more gender neutral or even feminine. Eve is the new fashion, heavenly ribs and all that. And anyone that read Dan Brown knows that pyramids go with the sacred feminine, as well as with some mysterious portal in Washington DC, that happens to be at the end of a ley line starting in Rome, or there-abouts. And the pyramid came all the way from the Temple of Solomon, or something like that. There's probably a constellation that doesn't even exist mixed up in there somewhere.