Monday, March 05, 2018

Oscar Recap: Yeah, Yeah, Osiris. We Get It.

Well, another year, another Academy Awards. And another pile of clunky, ham-fisted symbolism dropped on our heads.

Jimmy Kimmel, who used to run around asking random women to reach around in his pants pockets on a show that usually went to credits running footage of buxom young girls jumping on a trampoline, is a "woke" intersectionalist all of a sudden and shot up some fish in a barrel with his obligatory yet bloodless Harvey Weinstein jokes.

Jimmy, it would have been edgy to tell Harvey Weinstein jokes last year. This year it's just cringey.

Even so, headline writers went with that as their lede. And why not? Using shockwords like "penis" is always good for a few clicks. But seeing as you were all primed by my Oscars pregame post, you probably sussed out what Worshipful Master Kimmel was really getting at here...

"According to the form of the myth reported by the Greek author Plutarch, Osiris was slain or drowned by Seth, who tore the corpse into 14 pieces and flung them over Egypt. Eventually, Isis and her sister Nephthys found and buried all the pieces, except the phallus, thereby giving new life to Osiris, who thenceforth remained in the underworld as ruler and judge."
So Brother Kimmel's lame, stupid joke -- and the attention-grabbing "penis" insert -- actually points us to who and what "Oscar" actually is-- Oscar is Ausur or Wsr, the great god of the Egyptian builder cults that played such a pivotal role in the formation of the esoteric craft guilds that would later be reborn as Freemasonry.

Plus, there were quite a lot of penises at the Oscars last night. 

There were some expected gun-control calls, like rapper Common addressing the people of Parkland with an enigmatic "we say Ase."

There was speculation he was referring to a principle in Yoruba religions, but my guess is that he was referring to ASE Ltd., which stands for "Allied Security Enterprises." They provided all the heavily-armed thugs with AR15s that kept Common and his cohorts safe and snug.

Apparently, ASE was fresh off some heavy death-squad duty in Yemen and appreciated the change of pace.

"Diversity" was the theme of the ceremony and there were quite a diversity of penises on offer. For example, transgenic chimera penises in the case of this year's Best Picture, The Shape of Water. Which all goes to show that this clutch of symbols we've been sorting through is nowhere near done with us. 

And like I've said before, this film manages to combine a gender-swapped Siren with the old Beauty and the Beast routine, creating maximum memetic (and Fraserian) impact.

Hell yeah, G. You tell 'em.

Christopher Nolan missed all the major awards but his film Drownkirk Dunkirk racked up a few technical-type awards. 

And since there's not enough being done already to ensure that the entire West Coast will be vaporized in a nuclear conflagration, the Academy took a few more whacks at the Russian hornets' nest by granting Icarus an Oscar as well. 

You see the symbolism here, right? Icarus went out in a blaze of glory when he flew too close to the sun and melted his wings. 

So if all you Hollywood types want to do the same, go crash your private jets into Mount Tamalpais. Don't take the rest of us out with you.

Coco - a Pixar film set in Mexico and featuring a Day of the Dead theme-- won best animated feature. One of the producers stepped up and dropped some choice intersectional buzzwords on the crowd, such as "representation matters."

Indeed it does, so how about having more than one Chicano involved at the production level in the sequel? Seeing it's a film about Mexican culture and all. 

Hey, don't get all Tumblrista on me. Just a suggestion. Chill.

Oh man, is that those Antifa punks at my door again? Jesus, you can't say anything these days.

Coco also racked up an Ausur for Best Original Song, beating out this ick-orgy of narcissistic self-validation from what looks like a movie I'd sooner eat a tub of OxyClean than ever watch another second of. This music video was painful enough. 

Yeah, yeah, Bill- you didn't fit in at school. None of us did either. But the rest of us didn't become Hollywood zillionaires so save us the pity party, OK?

And even if it got shut out on the other noms, Jordan Peele won a writing Ausur for his breakthrough horror flick, Get Out. Peele attended with his wife, comedian Chelsea Paretti, who I heard doubles as Peele's bodyguard. Forget where exactly. 

I also thought I heard she got her start as a bouncer at The Laugh Factory. Don't quote me on that, though.

I heard Get Out co-star Allison Williams was tapped to play Bruce Dickinson in The Iron Maiden Story, but don't quote me on that either.

Not a whole lot of Orange on display, surprisingly. Which is fine because we're about to get hit with an Orange tsunami. Gird your loins.

And hey- Margot Emma Robbie Stone paid tribute to Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, with her hand-sewn Garlands.

Then there were tacky-as-motherfuck stage sets. The usual grab-bag of Masonic kitsch,of course,  but I couldn't help but notice this backdrop looked like some kind of demonic entity opening its eye and scanning the crowd.

Don't see it? Squint.

Then there were the usual columns and arches and domes and Blue-and-Gold and Mother-of-fuck will you people just get over it, already? 

Does everything have to look like an effin' Tracing Board? Gah. 

Freemasonry, yeah yeah. We get it.

Then we saw Emma Stone or Margot Robbie (whatever) standing in front of this little tableau, which I couldn't decide was supposed to suggest a Stargate, a Wormhole, Hyperspace or a colonoscopy. 

What do you think? Vote in the comments section.

For the big climax they dropped a set that looked like an AI went crazy with a 3D printer's cut-and-paste function after some disgruntled programmer asked it to try to make sense of Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and fried its logarithms.

Yeah, kind of like that.

And of course a Vega took the stage; trans-actor Daniela Vega from the Chilean film, A Fantastic Woman. Some headlines claimed she was the first transwoman to present an award at the Oscars but that is almost-certainly not true. I can't even say for certain she was the first transwoman to present an award last night.

First openly-trans Vega? Sure, that tracks.

I'm not sure what the inference is here, though. She doesn't look an Oscar to me. I don't get out much these days, though. 

And I gotta say that those Academy hair and makeup people do really amazing work. I never would have guessed that was Margot Robbie. 

Maybe they should have worked on this film.

And maybe this Oscar ad for Twitter as well. Just sayin'. 

And look out- because in keeping with the river and drowning motifs we've been spotting these past several months, there seems to be a new Antinous in town. 

And just like the old version he seems to have been deified out there in Tinseltown. 

For those of you who don't remember, the original Antinous was deified by the Emperor Hadrian as an incarnation of Osiris, Dionysus, Osiris-Dionysus and very possibly Dionysus-Osiris when he drowned in the Nile at the age of 18 or so.

And just because symbolism, the new 'Nous is identified with Roman icons pulled out of rivers in a kind of not-so-oblique connection back to the old 'Nous. 

Of course, I'm talking about the young actor Timothee Chalamet, co-star of Call Me by Your Name. Chalamet plays a very young-looking 17 year-old boy involved with a 24-year-old archaeologist, who in turn is played by a 31 year-old actor who looks 40. 

Got all that?

And just to drive the point home, James Ivory (of Merchant and Ivory fame) had a portrait of young Timothee painted on his dress-shirt in a very Hadrianesque fashion. Only thing is that our Tim here is still alive and well. 

Mr. Ivory, if you're out there reading let me just say this to you, with the deepest respect for you as a writer and producer of several legendary and award-winning films over the years...

...dude, that's just fucking creepy

You're old enough to be his great-grandfather, FFS. And correct me if I'm wrong but this just isn't the kind of thing you customarily do to someone who is still alive. 

I mean, James Dean, Jean Marais, the young Elvis or Brando? Sure, go to town. But generally that's the kind of tribute you see schoolgirls pay their favorite J-Pop stars before getting sent home to change into something appropriate. 

Just trying to help protect the legacy, sir.  

Oh Jesus; Timothee's character is surnamed "Perl-man." 

That does it; someone ring up Chalamet's agent and tell him to make damn sure that poor kid stays out of any oceans, rivers, swimming pools, tidal pools, lakes, ponds, streams, or large puddles.

Hell, tell them to keep this kid's ass out of any bathtubs, for Pete's sake. 

Refer them to the Siren series if they don't get the message. Hate to see this kid get River Phoenixed.


  1. Osiris & Isis: These are surely the ancient Egyptian names of The Sun and the secret sun.
    However, it's still a bit vague as to where the others fit in...
    Seth is Saturn?

    Trouble is, the Egyptian builder cults were just as cryptic as the Freemasons...

    1. I think that it's more than possible that Isis was more generally associated with stars that you could sail by or track the time of year by than a specific star. Like she was associated with Sirius. The dog days were important for seasonal agriculture as well as the star being used for navigation. The importance of Sirius doesn't have to mean that she wasn't associated with the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Vega, or whatever else was useful or misunderstood.

      She is a magical cosmic goddess. Not something that you spot in one of the high powered telescopes that they didn't have.

      Osiris and Seth matches up with the myth of Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus. The "builder of civilisation" either kills or is killed by his brother. Apparently times were tough back then and a lot of brothers had to shank each other in order to lay down those foundation stones of the world we live in. You could say that some of the myth makers ran themselves in circles trying to explain how it wasn't the rapists and murderers who were the forefathers. Say what you like about the Romans but they at least told it straight.

      An interesting thing is the green colour of Osiris. Is he meant to represent the planet Earth since they didn't really understand that Earth is mostly blue? Was there some "green" phenomena that tinted the day or night sky for them to observe?

      Anyway, not having watched it, the shape of water is apparently loaded with green colour symbology. One of the characters even says that green is the colour of the future.

    2. You don't need a telescope to be able to identify constellations. Plus, how do you know the Egyptians didn't have them? I don't mean anything high-powered, but mirrors weren't beyond their abilities.

      My guess about green a green phenomenon that might inspire Osiris is called "grass". Obviously Osiris is the god of the soil, and anything else that the Egyptians associated with that, that probably went all the way to the deepest deeps of the Earth and maybe beyond.

      Horus is supposedly the sky, and Isis... well, Isis is interesting. Isis is the throne of Horus. To me, that makes it look like she's the goddess of time, since the Egyptians used the sky to measure time.

    3. Of course, then there's that carving at Philae that has Osiris and Horus tooling around in a UFO while Isis levitates over the salt marshes. Whenever anyone tries to say it's this or that it's usually something else besides. Egyptian civilization was around for thousands of years- I doubt there's any one explanation for their very complex and convoluted mythology.

    4. Isis appears to be a sort of time & space goddess but Microsoft helpfully set my login wallpaper to an Ibis. Let's not forget about Thoth and that there is a lot of overlap in domains for these gods. He was the god of the people who wrote things down and kept the calendar.

    5. Well, what we know for certain is that The Sun and the secret sun are twins, if not identical.

      So perhaps fables that feature twin brothers, such as Romulus & Remus, connote the two suns/sons?

      It would also seem appealing that the names have a degree of similarity by way of indicating twinning/brotherliness.

      And this is why Osiris and Isis appeal to me as signifying a fraternal pair - because Osiris and Isis seem closely phonically related...

      The secret sun was known to the builders of the pyramid, and it was known to the ancient Egyptians, as it is also raised upon a pedestal in Freemason symbology.

      Further reading:

    6. The names Isis and Osiris are our interpretations of the Greek names for them. How they were pronounced in ancient Egypt is less clear. The founding myth of "Man and Twin" with twin dying seems to be a reconstructed idea what might have been told by the Indo-European tribes that survived the ice age.

  2. Chris,

    You have my deepest sympathies and condolences for having watched this toxic tripe. Still, it goes to solidify my belief that Hollywood is the A-Hole of the planet and there's not even enough T.P. on Earth to attempt to clean it up! Building on this I would vote the Stone/Robbie tableau as a colonoscopy as being all pure 100% A-Holes they might be trying to understand themselves a little better.

    On another note, going with the water theme, what do you make of the fall of 'Sea'crest? Symbolic of a water level dropping or a tide about to crash down?

    Lastly, check out the insanity of the once glorious and symbolic comics world we all knew and once enjoyed. It seems everything in our "civilization" (if we can even call it that anymore) has to be completely torn to shreds now.

    1. Comic books were always mostly junk, tripe. For every Jack Kirby there was a Stan Lee. Do not let nostalgia cloud your mind. Besides, comics died as a viable medium with the advent of the direct market in the early 80s so there is not much to mourn about by now. Let those comic con morons have their fun, they do not have much of a life besides their second hand fantasy lives. Just look at Kevin Smith and you will see how messed up those people are.

    2. "Lastly, check out the insanity of the once glorious and symbolic comics world we all knew and once enjoyed. It seems everything in our "civilization" (if we can even call it that anymore) has to be completely torn to shreds now."

      I checked it out. (I have to assume you were hoping no one actually would.) Are you really THAT threatened by a couple of mixers held by/for demographics not traditionally represented in the industry? Is it the idea that there are enough LGBTQ people or non-white people working in the industry now to *have* a mixer that is supposed to be the horrifying bit?

    3. As a comic vet from the late '60s into the early '90s I totally agree with you. I just can't believe from that link how far the genre has deteriorated!

    4. "Comics" is not a genre or a dead medium. Unless it's all Captain America to ya. Saying otherwise is like seeing the hole the dog dug in the garden and proclaiming a worldwide food shortage and that all animals are evil!
      - Samuel

    5. If you could read any DC/Marvel book after 1975 you deserve a medal and a full pension.

    6. Comics are what they are- a low-level artform and culture extremely vulnerable to infiltration by extremely small and insane sects who can push or pull the culture in one direction or the other. I think we're nearing the end of the culture's natural life and as the people who built that culture die off and as the fans who supported drift away you're going to see the kinds of things you see with Red Guards at cons and such. The same thing happened in the 80s with the so-called mainline churches- they began to wither and the Red Guards saw it as an opportunity. They crashed the whole thing down around their heads in the end but probably made a good living for a while off those fat endowments.

  3. Chris -

    Have you considered there might be a connection with the numerous suspicious deaths of young men found in water and the Siren meme?

    1. Yes! Ritualistic murders, but by whom and why?

  4. For my twelfth birthday my dad gave me a Schwinn orange krate bicycle. I quickly outgrew it however, and my dad sold it back the same bike dealer he bought it from. Ever since then (1968) I have been obsessed with the color orange. Not just any orange, but the exact shade of orange of my beloved orange krate bike. I dream of owning a cool car painted that exact color. When I see a similar shade of orange I always think of that bike, and how much I miss it.

    1. I remember your bike, which means you may also remember Pontiac's screaming orange GTO, aka The Judge from the same era.

    2. Orange is a great color. We had an orange Dodge Neon. The issue --as with everything these days-- is it being appropriated to advance certain agendas.

    3. Point being, the US may have gotten the orange treatment already in history. Orange was big in the late 60s, including furniture. This was right before the dark 70s no one seems to have a handle on so there are parallels here worth watching, imo.

      We seem headed for another Watergate type event, or at least Church Commission type hearings. Neither really ended well the first time and some very sketchy things happened then. There may well be a link between then and now.

    4. Digging further, probably starting with orange Tang and Orange Sunshine, orange stayed a main color through much of the 70s. Here's a fascinating reddit item that also brough back memories of the hideous avocado green that was so common then.

      BTW, if you ever wanna check slices of culture, this collection of catologues may be useful.

      Note the featured orange sweaters in JCP '67. It's almost like people were being trained to look like Home Depot employees decades before they'd spend their retirements working there.

  5. The Vega trip was way over the top. The pedophile movie is whack. The ending was whack. Overall the asures were everything the Secret Sun predicted- ritual working. I could of been watching channel 13 and the rubber tug.(FZ) Shine forth brave souls. 87

    1. Hey listen- rituals ruled human society since day one. We had a brief window where we didn't recognize them as such but that window is closing. Cheers, D.

  6. How about calling for a boycott of hollywood movies? And TV networks? I have been doing it for more than 20 years. Because it would be good if we started doing something about all this, a boycott would be very good for all of us. I know it has been great for me. I feel better since I quit mainstream media, anxiety, depression, insomnia gone plus I have time to read or just relax. Today when I happen to find a tv on it looks so weird, especially the ads. Like a transmission from another planet.

    1. For everyone one of you (us) that boycotts something there are now 1,000 marching morons ready to take your place in front of the TV, at McDonald's, or in line to the gas chambers if they can get a selfie before they turn the knob...

    2. Well, that is their problem, let them deal with it. What the hell can I do? Send them to re-education camp? I say to call for a boycott, whoever wants to join will be better off. As of all the ones who do not join let them alone. Good riddance.

    3. Who cares about everybody else's sanity? Just take care of your own.

    4. I rarely go to the movies anymore simply because I've watch so many I know how the sausage is made by now. It's a limited, formulaic and rapidly-receding art form. Movies will be like kinetoscopes and pulp magazines ten years from now.

    5. Maybe American movies will become obsolete soon but in the rest of the world there are plenty of good films being made. If only Americans could watch films with subtitles they would enjoy them but they are not interested. When Hollywood and American Cinema finally bite the dust few will care. Like who the hell cared when Jazz passed away? NPR late night deejays? And beyond that how about the USA itself? All these morbid musings about a falling empire may be very important to Americans but I doubt even Canadians give a hoot about the end of the USA. Good riddance.

  7. Colonoscopy, for sure.

    How pearly is that All Seeing Eye! Mother-of-Pearl, single and strand, shell shape, etc.

    Since they have dismembered Oscar/Horus, is this part of the ritual over? Syncra

  8. I hate to quibble, but I must. Common raps,” to
    Parkland ASHAY” or PEACE.( although online it’s translated as amen the griot who taught me said it means peace)
    Here’s Babatunde’s version of the traditional call and response song of welcome FANGA ALAFIA
    Please note the response is ASHAY

  9. I guess only SecretSunners got the penis-free reference as soon as it was used:)

    Incidentally, did you catch the news about the aging siren who drowned in a bathtub in Dubai? Lots of deep analysis here if you follow the dots.

    1. Yeah, I'll get into that story when we go back to Dubai. Soon.

  10. Wow - even a lighthearted YouTube comedian noticed the heavy-handedness of mythological themes, though I suspect she is not a reader:

  11. Holy crap. When you mentioned that the actor for Call Me by Your Name was 31 my first thought was "what, there's no way Michael Fassbender is my age". Turns out it's not Fassbender but Arnie Hammer, whom I'd never heard of before last night. Go figure. Either way, I'm a bit creeped out at how now one is creeped out by the story. I mean can you imagine if this was about a teen girl and an older dude?

    That penisless statue gag, by the way, seemed to be one of those "I know you know I know you know..." kind of deals.

    - Bruno

    1. Frankly I was extremely creeped out by “Call Me by Your Name.” Of course if you critique it then you’ll be accused of homophobia (as I was) but a quick question posed about the dynamic if it was heterosexual stopped that. The ending is simply sadistic. Sick movie.

      Armand Hammer called himself “Armie” so you won’t notice his grandpa is Armand Hammer (look him up for kicks). Also fascinated piece recently in the Hollywood Reporter about the many attempts to try and make this guy a star despite his lack of star power.

    2. You saw that movie even when you knew quite well it was a crock of junk? Why? I mean, you gave 12 dollars to those morons to make them able to make more junk in the future. Gee, thank you very much.

    3. Well, listen-- if you look back in history the whole notion that it's not OK for 41 year olds to have relationships with 14 years of either gender is fairly novel, relatively recent and geographically sporadic. And unfortunately the social conditions that prohibited that kind of behavior are rapidly receding. Relationships like we see in this movie were considered to be ideal by people like Plato and existed on the DL in monasteries and knighthoods during the Middle Ages. Not saying that's OK but unfortunately that's how the world works. The thing that worries me is the movie we'll inevitably be seeing in a few years where a 50 year old tech mogul falls in love with an 10 year old math prodigy. Adjust your arguments accordingly.

      I'm also worried about how this actor will cope when he no longer looks 14 and the phone stops ringing. We've heard that song before.

    4. To Anon 8:13 - I am in a movie group with friends and that got the vote. Of note was I was the encouragement by my two 24 year-old co-workers that it was a great movie. This morning it was quite an experience for them to have me point out all that is wrong with movie and how they are being played. They made some feeble attempts to say I couldn't relate because it was a "gay-thing" but they knew that wasn't the case.

      To CK - yes. To watch it was the experience of seeing the envelope visibly pushed.


  12. The Oscars statue doesn't need a penis, since the whole thing is a phallic symbol.

    And if you're looking for fish-dildos:

    1. I'll have to see if an Oscar has been used in an, uh, indiscreet way. Surely it must have.

  13. While people have pondered the esoteric meaning of the name Hollywood for years (assuming there is one) I keep coming back to Hollywood/Holyrood, the temporary Edinburgh palace for the UK royalty and, as wiki says, "a setting for state occasions and official entertaining."

    Certain Scottish masonic groups were formed in Edinburgh which makes this stretch somewhat more plausible.

    1. According to Jordan Maxwell, druid magic wands were made from the wood of the holly tree (holly wood), I haven't researched it myself.

    2. Holy Rood just means Holy Cross as in they claimed to have a relic fragment of the "True Cross". Naturally the cross would have been wood. I wonder if they hung anyone on that sign in order to give it that special Jesus juice. These Christian death cults terrify me.

  14. Colonoscopy. Polyp included.

  15. You deserve a Golden Shovel for sitting through that! Glad I refrained. Your description of it all seems to have been more or less what I expected it to be, though the Osiris/Mason connections were interesting.

    Its the social programming agendas that I'm wary (& tired) of though. So much of what I thought was on the margins of academia back in the late 80s (when I was in college) has now occupied center stage in our society, figuratively & literally. & of course that's by design. Lots of research has already been done linking our present toxic climate of culture wars & identity politics to the Frankfurt School & Tavistock. This for example is worth checking out--"Rockefeller Frankfurt School Tavistock Degeneracy - Jay Dyer / Tim Kelly":

    & its worthwhile to note that the same intelligence agency crowd who helped bring over all those Project Paperclip Nazis also brought over, a few years earlier, all those Frankfurt School professors who wound up teaching at the New School for Social Research & elsewhere. Clearly they understood the propaganda value of cultural marxism/critical theory's "weaponization of culture" & how that could help shape academia & society to their liking (& this was all happening around the same time that the Macy Foundation's Cybernetics Group conferences were being organized. The first ones were all about hypnosis & trance states, incidentally). As I've pointed out before, "Left" & "Right" are just stage directions now.

    1. Your mention of the cybernetics conferences reminds me that the Doctor Who story 'The Tenth Planet' (the 29th story, broadcast October 1966 & co-written by a 'Kit Pedler' of all named souls) not only introduced the notion of 'regeneration', originally referred to as 'renewal', to the programme but was also the first story to feature The Cybermen, the trans-humanoid populace of Earth's twin planet 'Mondas'.

      To tie a bow on top of these conspirasyncs, episode 4, of this 4 part tale is 'lost' & wiki states:

      'In fact, it is included in a list of the twenty most wanted missing programmes, drawn up by the British National Film Theatre alongside the BBC studio footage from the Apollo 11 landings (which is currently held only in soundtrack form).'

    2. & 'Kit' is a 'Diminutive of CHRISTOPHER or KATHERINE.' so there's that trans-aspect to add to the chimeric mix.

    3. There's been a long, slow and methodical campaign to reorder society over what some see as "scientific" principles, going back at least to the mid 19th Century. The Frankfurt School and the Paperclip crowd are part of this process since it was created to operate according the Hegelian dialectic. The funny thing is that people here never question who all these postmodernists actually were, who they worked for or what their goals actually were. Both the hard left and the far right in mid-century Europe shared the same ultimate goals and methods, they only differed on who would get to sit atop the pyramid. And sometimes not even then.

    4. The Nazis and the F. School were very much modernists. Matter of fact they were born in the same High Modernist moment of early 20 th century Germany. Modernism was very much influenced by Hegel and dialectics, it posits that History has a final, ultimate goal. Post Modernism, on the other hand does not posit history as a living force and does not believe in Grand Narratives to justify anything. Modernists like Adorno and Benjamin, who founded the F. School would had been horrified to read Lyotard or Focoault or any of the founding thinkers of post modern thought. For example, something that united the Nazis and the Franfurt school was their hatred and fear of popular culture, like Jazz and motion pictures. Just read what Adorno wrote about music to see what a prig he was as much as the nazis were with their decadent art expositions. Post Modernists, on the other hand, do not have any problem with pop art or mass culture. Hell, some of them have even compared Maddona to Mozart! But that was Camille Paglia who is an American so we have to be merciful to her, right? There are several online sources about the difference between the Modern movement and the post modern that may be helpful to you.

    5. A query is raised in 'The Tenth Planet' as to whether 'Mondas' was one of the 'ancient names for Earth' to seed the horror deeper, this tale was revisited & expanded upon in the 'Christmas Special' episode of Doctor Who titled 'Twice Upon A Time' which introduced a ladylord as embodiment of the title role.

    6. When Russell Davies updated the Cybermen origin he relocated them to Earth.

  16. I told some friends that the male siren would win best picture. They disagreed. I told them to lay down some money because I was sure. They asked me how I knew. "Well, because I read Chris Knowles." (Plus Moonlight won last year and films made by African Americans aren't allowed to win two years in a fact up until last year, they weren't allowed to win at all).

    1. Well, Moonlight incorporates a lot of the same water and immersion symbolism as Shape of Water, at least judging from the promo material, so maybe it's all part of the same continuum.

  17. Bonsoir.

    What do you think about that, "le couple Sirenus", in La Baule in France ?:

    Like in "Titanic" (the one with Leo), the "beast" in SOTW is unchained by a women; the bad guy says about it/him "as ugly as the seven peaches".

    1. I think Sirenus is a prophecy. Or a threat. Still working on that.

  18. Osiris = Pineal Gland + Isis = Pituitary Gland + Horus = Medulla Oblongata + RA = Thalamus = All Seeing Eye

    PTAH = Peter also.

  19. "I couldn't decide was supposed to suggest a Stargate, a Wormhole, Hyperspace or a colonoscopy." The Creator's anatomy.

    My vote is all of the above. It's meant to represent all of those things. There was a very prominent time travel theme presented throughout the show. I've also notice a lot of Dandelion's around lately which showed up in the Samsung Galaxy S9 commercials and in the Olympic closing ceremonies. Big focus on slow motion (time dilation) camera capabilities of the S9 as well.

    1. I also noticed that Jimmy Kimmel and his gang of self aggrandizing Hollywood elitists visited the movie theater across the street they just so happened to be watching "A Wrinkle in Time" with our next President, Harpo...oops I mean Oprah.

  20. Did you notice THIS IS ME has a subliminal ISIS:


    No. Good. Good. Then it wouldn't be subliminal would it?
    Oh. You did notice. Well then point this shit out for me. I'm a bit slow. That's why I read your blog to keep up to date. Also is just me or do those three Gucci witches look like they're carrying a used condom on a stick instead of a net? Just me? Oh, O.K. must be my sick imagination not perverted subliminal advertising!

    1. I once had a similar reaction to a holiday light display, wondering if the "Christian" homeowner knew his poorly strung reference to the "WISEMEN" was visually blaring the word "semen" to all who drove by or had to see it out their window for a month.

  21. So ol' Oscar/Ausur went from that hideously tacky giant penis/sword he was eternally jacking with, to a dickless dude who looks like he's holding himself in a submissive "don't hurt me" pose (also kinda looks like the pose they put people in when they're in a coffin. Just being a tad obvious.).Ugh. Yeah, when I saw The Shape Of Wet Dreams trailer (homely mute or deaf girl, big powerful albeit somewhat Lovecraftian fish guy who is maybe standing in for Del Toro) I figured "Yeah. Oscar contender."

    It also seems a tad gender swapped Little Mermaid with a touch of Splash. Water sports, anyone? No no, not in denial of ye olde, and I do mean old, symbolism BS the powers that wannabe seem in lust with these days. I just love to bring it all down to a basic level. I don't do it as well as Chris, but hey, that's my two million euros worth.

    1. Splash. Yeah, there's one we need to revisit, given all the fresh data.

    2. Maybe also look at M. Night Shyamalan's flop from twelve years ago, Lady in the Water. Released the same year as Guillermo del Toro's critically acclaimed Pan's Labyrinth.

      Lady in the Water of course costarred Splash director Ron Howard's daughter. In terms of similarities to The Shape of Water, it has a communication challenged janitorial character via a stuttering apartment custodian played by Paul Giamatti. Then of course the similar mermaid stuck in a modern urban environment setup as well.

      Going back to Guillermo del Toro, he seems to have a few interesting filmic syncs to all this current pop culture mystic symbolism or whatever this all is that's being weaved into current era cinema, television, and advertising. His debut film Cronos is very alchemy themed as far as I recall. Then there is Mimic, which reminds me of that "bug that clones itself" thing you mentioned in a previous article. Mimic of course deals with genetically engineered insects and all sorts of plague imagery as well as chimerical humanoid-bug themes. The majority of the film plays out in a watery locale, the sewers underneath NYC. There is also an Aliens-esque motherhood theme imbedded in the film.

      Blade 2 also plays with themes of mutations and genetic engineering, plus nearly the entire movie is bathed in gold/orange light. He's got another more recent oceanic themed film in Pacific Rim, featuring giant beasts coming to wreak havoc on our world via an interdimensional portal located deep below the depths of the sea. Much like the iconic Godzilla rises out of the ocean.

      Hellboy had Lovecraftian stuff and I vaguely remember a giant multi-tentacled interdimensional octopus-squid thingy boss fight battle at the end of the film. The Abe Sapien character seems extremely similar to this merman in his latest Oscar winning film. Possible inspiration for that came from this Abe Sapien character?

      So for years now it seems that Del Toro's films have been swimming in a froth of this type of symbolism you've been uncovering in modern pop culture. Maybe his work is worth a deeper look in relation to all of this?

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. "Peele attended with his wife, comedian Chelsea Paretti, who I heard doubles as Peele's bodyguard. Forget where exactly.

    I also thought I heard she got her start as a bouncer at The Laugh Factory. Don't quote me on that, though."

    Am I missing a joke, or an implication? What's the problem with Chelsea Peretti?

    1. I’m guessing the implication is “That’s a MAN, baby!”

    2. Yeah, because all American women look like Callista Flockhart. Or they should. Thin, small and childish. I once worked with a guy who would not date women over 95 pounds. We called him Ken, as in that doll boyfriend. He had more issues than a comic book store. Last I heard he was selling cocaine in Atlanta.

    3. Maybe we should have mandatory chromosome testing every year and carry id with the results printed on them for the authorities and any conerned party to check on demand. I mean, if you do not have anything to worry about then you have nothing to be afraid of, right? It would make life easier and better for all.

    4. Weimerican Days like these leave many a soul longing to 'Goosestep to work in the morning'.

    5. Hey, careful what you wish for. Soon you'll be carrying around your chromosome profile in your cellphone and it will be scanned everywhere you go. You may not like that all that much.

      As for the goosestepping, oh, that's coming. Only they'll be wearing Orange and not brown. And they'll come looking for counter-revolutionaries not "untermenschen."

    6. Or maybe looking for big boned women.

    7. Hey, Jordan Peele is a towering 5'9', so in heels, she's a whopping... what, 5'6,' 5'7"? A veritable giantess. Must be a dude... or one of those Nephilim. It's not like real human women get that tall.


  25. Chris, apologies for my flippant comment. I get so tired of all the negative shit these days. Sorry...

  26. Katy Pearly performed at one of the after parties for this 'least-watched Oscars to date' (Variety), the accompanying photo (Variety again) showed her laying/kneeling on the floor with legs spread open whilst wearing some glittery pink sequined ensemble, & who knows maybe a pair of her own branded heels, at the earlier viewing party she turned out in a shiny 'sheer gown'.

    Jennifer Lawrence, who's spent the past week 'getting her tits out' to promote 'Red Sparrow' was slightly more modestly attired in Dior for the ceremony, she's said that her nude scenes in 'RS' 'Empowered Her After Photo Leaks' & that 'on Harvey Weinstein: “He was never inappropriate with me.' (Jezebel), she & Meryl ('bright sea') Streep shared a conversation pre-awardings, the mother-hen must ensure the chicks are kept in line.

    Jennifer Garner, prized with something greater than a statue these days - the meme-moment of the night, suffered some kind of on-camera glitch mid-applause, the response in the rags was to joke about it because of course the horror she's involved with could not possibly have (re)occurred to her (perhaps the sight of Williams took her back to their clone vat), 'Jennifer Garner Became the Viral Oscars Meme You Didn't Know You Needed' according to 'People', no doubt any lingering whiff of possibility will be glossed over & re-emphasised on an 'Ellen/Kimmel/Corden/Whoever' appearance.

    & post bash, what with TSOW win the drum continues to be beaten for sex with fish people, afterall if It's good enough for those of the firmament It's surely something to aspire for for those in the gutter.

    1. & there was an odd back & forth between Lawrence & a crutch wielding Jodie Foster regarding Streep's having caused the injury & tripping Lawrence up in the past:

      “But you know, I prefer not to discuss it,” Foster added after the camera showed Streep laughing in disbelief.

      “No, it’s cool, you know she tripped me once,” Lawrence added, before saying that Streep “was always nice at the luncheons.”

      “Eh, she’s acting,” Foster responded to laughs.

      'Time' calls this a 'roast'.

      & there was a distinctly orange moment at the ceremony for the winner of the jet-ski for shortest acceptance speech was brought on stage, accompanied by that pearly queen Helen Mirren, aboard his newly-gifted Kawasaki* (possible meaning 'river cape') wearing an orange life-preserver round his neck, Mirren naturally didn't require one, & the speech? 'approximately 36 second-long' & the jet-ski? 'costs almost $18,000' ('Time', again).

      *The city of Kawasaki happens to be the ninth most populous in Japan.

    2. Garner's reasons for her meme of the moment:

      “Congrats to Shape of Water! Maybe I should date a fish?”

      “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what’s in your wallet? Wait where’s my wallet?”


      “Can’t wait to work with Lena Dunham! Wait did I sign a nudity waiver?”

      She had a distinctly 'bronzed/baked bean' look to her skin, Oompa Loompas is how such artificially tanned souls are referred to here.

  27. Just saw this and it made me laugh

  28. "Racin' her bike"

    Look for the orange.

  29. Have you ever read the Wes Penre papers? It feels like you have, as many things you connect here reminds me of the connections he's made. He shows how there seems to be a cast of 3 major characters who are playing out the same story throughout history... Enki, Marduk, and Ishtar... but they've gone by many names and labels.

    This document has helped me so so much in seeing the bigger picture of what the fuck is going on in this crazy world.

    1. Bishop His LoP thought it was Nimrod, Semiramis and their son.

      We are moving from water to air. Carbonated water 1770."Wireless linking of digital devices? I thought of that in 85." Radio, TV...

      Already the Prince of Air works through the sons of disobedience. Might have said the same of Jesus. Already the Prince of Water works through the sons of disobedience. The beast comes from the sea though, and the heavenly city descends from the sky. The chosen are caught up in the air...

      New order of ages.

      Faith no more - Epic.

      On the E at Delphi.

    2. Crazy world...

      I thank the Father for the Name I have been given.

      He who can't be named.

      Given a name only he knows.


    I think sometimes that missing snake germinated and bore fruit. That whole crook of shite, staffs of power and such.

    There is an old teaching that the snake charming can part the seas, and split the ground and sky wide open.

    This is why the Siren gets a bit upset.
    I guess whatever compromise is being worked out will seem rather Byzantine and Dystopian.

    That original penis/snake stick probably justs seems like lightning.
    The green stuff is how the old navigation worked. Stars and trade routes, on the waters. They used to go most anyplace. Shortcuts.

  31. Is this my imagination, or the runner in the Icarus poster seems to be wearing only one shoe? And isn't that some sort of Masonic initiation thing?

    1. "no she doesn't really see me cause she sees her own reflection.
      And I try not to notice her hitching up her skirt, and as she straightens up her stockings her hair is getting wet."
      Tom's Diner

      Take My Breathe Away - I Berlin

  32. Katy Pearly made a splash on 'Kimmel' last night, continuing the basking in reflected Oscars glory wearing an orange (almost Osirian statuette gold)/black leopard skin print dress-suit & leggings, so as to play 'Blast from The Past' 'where she attempts to identify someone from her past in a group of people' asking if she "made out with any of these people?" & if she would have "remembered?", the skit continued "Oh I definitely have made out with no. 5", a man who must have been in his sixties (at least), "I never forget that moustache", the Oddity is further reinforced when she asks "Is no. 5 like my therapist?".

    On discovering the 'blast the past', another woman, the conversation turns to revolve around Pearly's 'boobs', all manner of innuendo & suggestion is made including mention of "your" body being "a temple & you should protect it" to which Kimmel states "or leave it unprotected".

    Kimmel even threw a Yeats 'centre cannot hold' reference into the chimeric mix.

    Other statements of intent from the interview:

    "We've sung it over 10,000 times"

    "You really kind of have to light yourself on fire on instagram these days to get a like these days"

    "It's so funny that new stars are born everyday... & they keep getting younger" (followed by a weird pretence at wiping tears from her eyes)

    "Don't try to outparty madonna... she ALWAYS wins" (Kimmel)

    After blowing Kimmel's ego for the good job he made of hosting the '90th', her appearance ends with Guillermo, not Del Toro (who did appear on the same edition), firing 'hot dogs' at her, "I would love a hot dog ... this is not the first time I've been hit with a hot dog ... aim down! aim down! aim down!"

    Apparently she's off on tour in Santiago, Chile, one of the possible origins of the country's name is "the deepest point of the Earth", performing at the Pista Atl├ętica Estadio Nacional which 'was notoriously used as a prison camp and torture facility by the military regime following the 1973 Chilean coup d'├ętat'.


    'A small, parasitic plant that is basically the IRL version of the Facehugger from Alien—or, more charitably, a “fairy lantern”—has been rediscovered in a rainforest in Borneo—151 years after its first and only sighting. Michal Sochor, a botanist at the Crop Research Institute in Olomouc, Czech Republic who led the discovery, called it a “fantastic surprise.” “[We] had spent two days in the same forest and found almost no other mycoheterotrophic plants—a bad sign,” Sochor told Earther in an email. “Moreover, one must be very lucky to do such a discovery.”'

    The accompanying photo of 'Thismia neptunis' shows a six 'leaved' plant with a largely pearlescent-hued body highlighted with orange, three of the leaves, as in a three pointed star orientation, have an orange growth pointing straight up into the sky.

  34. And the point is you're more moving into the next age so why are you sulking about it? The harvest is ready but the harvesters are few. This negativity is counter productive. There will be quakes in divers places, wars and rumors of wars. Relax. Either you're stuck in the old world or excited for the new. The past is holding on, slavery, usury, hatred all these things. You have been permitted to see things, trust in the good. It is not far away.

  35. This is mockery of Osiris (The Green Man) an Immortal Being with many names who appears throughout human history.

  36. Use of the p- word immediately marks the speaker as West of the Atlantic. :) Here on the Little Green Island next to France we have a thousand euphemisms. In fact it's a recognised drinking game to come up with 'em in turn...

    Going back a few decades, I never understood what The Abyss was all about. I mean, Alien delivered something I could vaguely grok, but what was all that living water stuff about?

  37. Ed Opperman had Journalist Mark Ebner on his show a couple of weeks ago. Ebner made the comment that Mel Gibson told him at a party a few years ago that H Weinstein had so many bouts with veneral disease and it resulted in his penis basically shriveling up and being non-existent.So maybe Oscar and Harvey have more than just movies in common.

  38. I just remembered, the Oscar statuettes are made in Orange County, NY. There are a lot of very strange metal sculptures on display around the foundry.

  39. Kimmel and Alexa made a 'joke' the other night:


  40. "Jimmy Kimmel, who used to run around asking random women to reach around in his pants pockets on a show that usually went to credits running footage of buxom young girls jumping on a trampoline, is a "woke" intersectionalist all of a sudden..."

    All of a sudden? You mean, like, over the course of the last 20 years. Yeah, weird. Imagine that. A person growing and changing over a couple of decades. Foreign concept to some, I know. But it happens to most of us.

    Penis is a "shockword"? OK, Beavis. "Huh-huh, huh-huh. You said penis. Huh-huh."

    "you probably sussed out what Worshipful Master Kimmel was really getting at here..."

    Oh yeah, of course. Professional dumb comic who loves boobs is actually very well aware that, "Oscar is Ausur or Wsr, the great god of the Egyptian builder cults that played such a pivotal role in the formation of the esoteric craft guilds that would later be reborn as Freemasonry."

    Yeah, that makes all of the sense. Do you bother to re-read this stuff before posting?

    Sure. Fine. Whatever.

    Lastly, the unnecessary knock on James Ivory. Wow, man. The shirt was very sweet. Only someone who's predisposed to inherently creepy thinking would read creepiness into it.
    Chalamet has been the talk of the town for the last year. Ivory said it was his way of paying tribute to this kid who is just pure magic in this movie he wrote that finally landed him the award he'd spent his whole career building toward.

    1. Yes, Osiris is such a deep and forbidden secret, only spoken of in whispers by high initiates in underground bunkers.

      Who would imagine a Hollywood celebrity who tapes his show in a Masonic lodge to be clued in on such a secret?

      Don't forget to post under your real name next time-- I want to set a news alert to it.

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