Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dubai Gets Pearly for New Nephilim Genesis

How y'all doing today? Feeling good? Yeah?


Well, I don't know about you but I sure as hell am in a coma. So either you're all just figments of my imagination or you're all in comas too and we're communicating via unconscious telepathy, what they euphemistically call the "Coma Internet."

So let's get into it.

The World Government Summit just wrapped up in Dubai (AKA Splashdown City, AKA Babylon Prime) and boy, these Globalist chappies sure seem like they're in a hurry, alright.

I'm not sure why, but there seems to be a sense of urgency among the OWG set, almost as if the timetables have been moved up. 

Maybe 'OuMuaMua (meaning,"Scout in Advance of an Invasion") wasn't just a phallic hunk of rock after all.

If you aren't clued into the recent history and extremely high weirdness connected to Splashdown City here, please click the Dubai tag at the bottom of this post and prepare to be very, very unsettled.

As we saw before, no less a luminary than Neil DeGrasse Tyson declared Dubai to be the "City of the Future." Now I know he can say some awful stupid stuff now and then, but in this instance the T-man is right on the money.  

Whether or not it's a future any of us care to live in is another matter entirely.

I'm not sure if he knows exactly why he's right on the money, however. 

Is Neil DeMike Tyson familiar with Oannes, the OG merman who did his civilizing business along the Persian Gulf here? I would think someone must have brought it up with him at some point in his career. 

Maybe at a lodge meeting.

You can't help but wonder if the "massive dome" planned for Dubai's 2020 Expo is part of the future Tyson is referring to here. 

Interesting that they would plan to control the environment in such a fashion, particularly since all that glass would surely magnify the relentless sun pounding down on the city, making the interior a challenge to cool. 

For now, I'll keep this little exchange from Torchwood: Children of Earth out of my mind. I know, I know; call me crazy but that's just where my mind goes when I think of glassed-in environments like the Dubai Dome there. 

That's Scottish actor Peter Capaldi there, best known these days as the 12th Doctor, the pre-transition Doctor. 

Just think, you can tell your grand-mermaids one day, "and Doctor Who used to be a male.  A human male! Can you believe that?"

And because size definitely matters in Dubai, the world's tallest hotel just opened there. I can't help but wonder why. Expecting a lot of visitors in the near future, are we? 

And do you suppose it's just a coincidence the Gevora is designed to look like an Egyptian obelisk? If so, what do you make of the Masonic blue and gold interior color scheme? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. 

Let me know what you think "Gevora" actually refers to as well.

And just as a reminder it was at the World Government Summit that Ian Pearson recommended we merge with AI in order to escape obsolescence. In other words, we need to bind the Pearly to our souls.

With (the lucky, lucky, penny) Penny. 

Y'know; the lucky Penny that binds the Pearly to our souls. When the Ruby stars are ruddy. 

Now, I know I'm batshit crazy and all but I told you all a while back that one of the emerging archetypal dominants we'll be seeing in the days to come is the Pearl, and sure enough it's already being rolled out in the customary fashion, starting with the rarified worlds of high fashion (see Gucci's 2018 line and the Heidi Klum Venus photoshoot). 

We'll be looking into this rollout soon enough so you have something to look forward to.

And now, right on schedule, our friends in Dubai take up the pearly cudgel. 
From the mind of legendary Artistic Director Franco Dragone, the Al Habtoor Group brings you La Perle, Dubai’s new live entertainment masterpiece. Located in the heart of Al Habtoor City, the show is a one-of-a-kind experience with breath-taking aqua and aerial feats in the tailor-made, state of the art, intimate 1,300 seat theatre.
Now, I haven't really studied the video of the event too closely yet but the cover-story that La Perle is supposed to be some kind of grand historical allegory on the history of Dubai makes about as much sense to me as the Millennium Dome Show being an allegory about the history of Great Britain. 

And by "as much," I mean "fuck-all."

Franco Dragone is one of the original Cirque du Soleil producers, which you can clearly tell by the video of the performance. But when I hear "Dragone" and "Pearl" you know the first thing I think of....
"And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born."

Gucci, always eager to help, gave us an eyeful of this young, um, model at their Milan presentation, holding a baby dragon. More on that display soon as well.

Interesting top there. You could interpret those white dots as Pearls or a Third of the Stars of Heaven, depending on your preference.

It doesn't matter because they're both the same thing anyway. Which is why you're going to be seeing a lot of Pearls in the future.

Anyhow, the theatre at La Perle is not only an "aqua-aerial" venue, we also see some of the expected numerology on full display. Meaning 13 and 9+9+9.

And the show itself has the requisite Masonic symbology. And by Masonic I mean that in the traditional Sumero-Akkadian-Babylonian sense, the royal cult of the King as "Great Architect of Heaven."

Plus it has all kinds of people dropping from the sky and all the rest of it. Regular readers expect nothing else at this point.

Just in case you've never seen it, do watch this mind-boggling even from 2008 at the Atlantis Palm, on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.  Bear in mind this is an Islamic city-state governed under Sharia law. And that the firework display could be seen from space. 

Do watch the first part as well. I mean, you have plenty of time, being in a coma and everything.

And set your calendars because there's another one of those coming up next year. 

Now, here's the deal: I've heard all the theories and theologies about the Nephilim and Genesis 6:4 and the Book of Enoch and so on and so forth for a very long time. 

I didn't really pay it all too much mind until I looked into the Millennium Dome Show, an event hardly anyone has heard of and no one seems to actually remember.

Then I started paying the Nephilim a lot of mind. 

This was Great Britain's big to-do for the new millennium and went along with the London Eye (or the London OA) and all the rest of that jolly rot. The project was started by John Major's government and then finished by noted war criminal, Tony "Baloney" Blair.

So this wasn't just some lark by some theatrical troup. This all meant something to someone.

The production was supervised by the late Mark Fisher-- the grand-daddy of the mass public rituals we're all so familiar with these days-- and the music was composed by none other than Mr. Globalism himself, Peter "Blofeld" Gabriel. 

Who, as some of you may remember, rose to fame as the lead singer of Genesis.

Here's some major bullshit for you from the BBC:

"The message at the show is that our social and technical experiences of life come in cycles and the millennium marks the moment to be optimistic about the future," said (Mark) Fisher.

Dome organisers, the New Millennium Experience Company, added: "Fisher and Gabriel have created a timeless piece of visual story-telling, a contemporary fable."This is the story of a family in transition, each generation struggling with the coming and the passing of their own time."
From Gabriel's site:
Created by Mark Fisher and Peter Gabriel, OVO - The Millennium Show, was universally acclaimed as the most successful entertainment in the Dome. 160 performers and 60 technicians staged the show three times every day during the year 2000; a total of 999 performances. The show was seen by 6.5 million people.  
The show sketched a parable of man's relationship with the earth - innocence, corruption and enlightenment - in three spectacular technical and acrobatic tableaux.
What was it all about you may ask? 
The Romeo-and-Juliet-like story told of a feud between the earth-people and the sky-people. A young boy from the sky and a young girl from the earth fell in love, but the feud between their people made it difficult for them to meet.
Eventually the earth-people suffered a crushing defeat, which ultimately led them to unite with their sky enemies. At the end of the show, the lovers flew together into a better future.
All of which adds up to the Sons of Heaven come to Earth and find the Daughters of Men quite comely. The Earth folk steal the Sky-People's technology or some shit and then a war starts and then Elizabeth Fraser blows up the Tower of Babel. The end.


The Tower(s) that get blown up were consciously modeled on the Tower of Babel or the Etemenanki. It/they were blown up 999 times through the entirety of y2K. Then this:
The Millennium Show is steeped in the imagery of William Blake's great epic poem, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, and features fire-breathing Mad Max-style contraptions doing battle with with the "earth people" and their huge dragonflies.
Yes, quite literally the Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Since as the official comic book of the Millennium Dome Show unambiguously portrays the Sons of Heaven/Sky-People as demons of the air.

Demons of the air, Sons of Heaven, Angels who watch. Pick your favorite.

BOOK OF ENOCH, CHAPTER VI. 1-4 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. 
And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.'  
And Semjâzâ, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' 
And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.'
That'll do. Doubling back to the BBC report:
In the end, said Ms Page, "a child is born symbolising hope. We think it is a modern, timeless story with a subversive edge. It's also a story where the girl gets the boy..."
Bear in mind all of this was supposed to have something to do with Great Britain-- especially London-- standing at the threshold of the new millennium. And here's the lucky couple with their little Nephilim hybrid, Ovo. Ain't he cute?

"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown."-Genesis 6:4
Pretty much.

Check out the video (you may have to watch it at YouTube) and you'll see a lot of the very same kind of acrobatics you see in La Perle. 

Wait. Hold on a sec...

I'm receiving signals to my Reynolds Wrap beret that that may in fact not be a random coincidence. The message isn't entirely clear...demons of the air, weird symbolism, shrill sopranos singing....

Let me try to get back to you on that.

Through some bizarre new kind of acausal happenstance, the Super Bowl Halftime Show that ran concurrently with the Millennium Dome Show took on some of the same flavor. The ostensible theme was The Lion King (meaning "Regulus") or Tomorrowland or whatever,  but the stage set featured a cruciform giant for some inexplicable reason. 

Enrique Iglesias and Cristina Aguilera warbled that "we can touch tomorrow today," which reminded me quite a bit of "make tomorrow today" at the Millennium Dome. Must be pareidolia of the ears or something.

Edward James Olmos pops up now and then to assure us that Sages of Time have returned to unite the nations of the world because the Gateway of Time has opened. 

Huh. I don't remember that from The Lion King. Is my memory shot?

And Phil Collins pops up and sings some shitty soundtrack song. Phil Collins, who replaced Peter Gabriel as lead singer in Genesis.

And the whole thing kicks off with a Sorcerer's Apprentice. Believe it or not.

Incidentally, the St. Louis Jupiter-Amonns beat the Tennessee Mighty Men of Old (formerly the Houston Purity Controls).

I don't know for sure if the Millennium Dome crowd was involved in Super Bowl 34's halftime but it wouldn't surprise me if they were. 

We do know they were involved in the closing ceremony at the London Olympics in 2012. And should expect nothing else.

Compare and contrast the imagery seen there with the imagery at Super Bowl's 49 and 51.

Just as with the Millennium Dome Show, someone seemed to want to rub the Our Lady all over their magical working for good luck. She performed her only solo concerts ever in the shadow of the OA Eye three days before the Olympic closing ceremonies, wearing the haircut and white-pearl jacket-skirt combo Pink Opaque seemed to be sampling at the recent Super Bloody Blue Moon Bowl.

Our Lady's guitarist for those 2012 shows?

Steve Hackett. 

Formerly of Genesis.

Similarly, Our Lady appeared-- looking quite adorable in a white three-piece suit, I might add-- at Royal Albert Hall to talk about Blue Bell Knoll for some completely unknown reason on July 23, the first day of Leo (or the Lion King). She's a Virgo, of course. 

This was exactly two months before the 9/23 Virgo-Leo alignment and ten weeks before Heaven turned upside down in Las Vegas. As regular readers know, the knoll of a bluebell is a death omen in Scottish witchcraft. 

In fact, bluebells are also called "Dead Man's Bells" up there.

But I think something else happened at Royal Albert Hall not too long after...

Oh, that's right. On Halloween. Even though the Masons' tercentennial was actually June 24th. Go figure.

But that was 100 days after Royal Albert was consecrated by Our Lady's presence.

Playing at Royal Albert Hall now is OVO, the new show by Cirque Du Soleil about bugs or something.

Not to be confused with this OVO, the soundtrack album to the Millennium Dome Show.

Of course, OVO means "egg."

Around 1917, in New York, Crowley drew the image of this ‘praeter-human intelligence’, after performing a ritual now known as the ‘Alamantrah’ working.  
During this experiment, a discarnate entity urged Crowley to “find the egg”, and it seems, at some point, Crowley experienced contact with this large headed entity we have come to know as LAM. 

And just in case you may not hang on my every word, let me remind you/inform you that we've seen two recent Aussie tributes to Our Lady, one at the Sydney Festival and one here in Perth.

Why on flat earth would they do such a thing, you may ask?

Because "the Voice of God." That's why enough for anyone.

...that working was performed here, a little corner of Perth framed by Elizabeth Quay, David Carr Park and Fraser Avenue. As in "Elizabeth Davidson Fraser." That's what we call a FLAP, or Fraser Locality Alignment Pattern.

Hey man, stop giving me the stink-eye. I'm just telling you like it is.


Some of you might of seen this photo of accused Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's ladylove Marilou Danner posing on Jumeira Beach in front a famous Dubai landmark.

So, I'm sure some of you are relieved. We're in the United Arab Emirates, safely away from any kind of weird, impossible connections to that obscure and rather-odd singer Chris keeps droning on about like an escaped mental patient. 

No crazy syncs or alignment patterns here, right? I mean this is halfway around the world from London. 

We're safe here. Phew.


Sorry, but there is no safe space on the planet from the #FraserEffect. 

Two blocks over from that beach we get this somewhat low-intensity but tantalizing "Elizabeth Davidson Fraser" FLAP, out of order but all in a row. 

In Dubai. Not London, not Falkirk, not even New York. 

DUBAI. Was not expecting that, even though I should have done.

As you can see here, that world-famous Palm Jameirah--and Atlantis-- is neatly framed by Elizabeth Spa and Fraser Suites. 

In Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates. In the Persian Gulf. 

Not exactly earth-shaking, mind you. But still-- it doesn't rightly belong there.

And all you OG Sunners remember the date palm- meaning the predominant type of palm in that part of the world- is scientifically called the Phoenix.

Like this Phoenix from the 2012 London Olympics. 

Oh, but hold on your tinfoil...

...because Fraser Suites is located in the Flamingo Villas section of Dubai...

...which brings us to yet another Phoenix.

And in yet another fluke in the space-time continuum we see Precogs Agatha, Dashiell and Arthur the Cocteau Twins standing beneath the front entrance to the Flamingo in 1990...

Directly to the right of what I believe is the very first reference to Jeff Buckley in a major media venue (he's not even called by name) and certainly the first mention of him in relation to Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls.

Don't ask me why but this relationship seems to have some cosmic importance. I hope you realize that by now. And if not, click on the "The Siren" tag and start reading.

And just because we are all either in a coma or D::Wave is fucking with us again, we see this FLAP of (Song to the) Siren Palace, (Heaven or Las) Vegas Nightclub and Pearl (Dewdrops' Drop) Jumeirah, all within a couple blocks of each other.

In Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates. In the Persian Gulf. 

Back to La Perle, there's a waterfall in the show for some reason...

...which may be a reference to these very pearly Dewdroppers at the Dubai Waterfall...

...or maybe to the "fallen angel" visual cue at the beginning of the "Pearly Dewdrops' Drops" video. I'm not sure.

There are also these human seahorses...

...reminding us yet again of the discovery of seahorse colonies in the stretch of the Thames between where Our Lady peformed during the 2012 Olympics and where her Voice of God brought down the towers during the Millennium Dome Show.

There's also this pearl-drop prop in which acrobats perform...

...and this here Nephilim.

La Perle is currently the #1 attraction in Dubai. But something tells me it's about Dubai's future, not its past.


  1. Gevora could be a reference to one of the Sephira and positions of the Qabalistic Cross, ve-Geburah (or Geborah), which means Power, as in 'power and glory, forever & ever, amen)

  2. Can we call it the comanet? Rolls right off the tongue. And for maybe the one person that didnt unscramble Gevora... Gevora = Or(ange) Vega.

    So, do you think the pearls are representing spaceships that will arrive? Maybe the aliens on the way are aquatic? What will the greys think about sharing their test subjects?

    Its a bit of a mind**** seeing how much more malleable reality has become in the last few years, but Im rather enjoying the ride thusfar. Its like a grand puzzle. At least until they warp humans into another dimension like a PKD mousetrap. Remove the vermin from their new home. I dont know. Maybe theyll be super into PTA meetings and bake sales.

  3. Stephen Paddock's ladylove Marilou Danner used to live on Australia's Gold Coast about 20 years ago.
    The same Gold Coast Buckley nearly drowned.


    daughters of men, archangels, pearly drops in the sky all make me think of this painting.....

  5. If you are talking about aliens separated by glass the obvious reference is the movie Arrival. A more terrifying version of the Tralfamadorians who intervene to try to save the human race because they will need them later when they are not such retarded animals. Interestingly it has a version of the child sacrifice theme that is very heavily sweetened with saccharine to suit the modern Christian. Oh, but the brief time the mother and child spent together was so poignant and shows us what it really means to be human. She didn't even have to see her grow up and deal with substance abuse and idiot violent partners. Much more humane to have children who you know are going to be taken from you. Even Slajov Zizek approved. Obviously, in Slaughterhouse 5, the glass was for safely observing the humans.

    In terms of giant brained humans it was Olaf Stapledon who in 1930 used Hegelian methods to predict several different successors to the "human" species in the future. Some vastly more intelligent and others less so. It's weird, in a way, how rarely Olaf Stapledon is referenced compared to people who saw through the scanner less clearly. Not to knock old Enoch unjustly, with his amazing reputation and his five billion angelic wings, or whatever, but his book is quite a grim and unsatisfying read.

  6. Earliest evidence of H.Sapiens being 50Myrs ago, and received wisdom that the stone age ended 10k BC (,000_BC_(film) ), coincidentally about the time that Göbekli Tepe ( ) was established, should lead one to understand why the symbol for mankind is the phoenix (cf yin/yang).

    If you are illuminated by the Vesica Piscis (fish...) then you will understand our dance with the secret sun, and the great year period of the dance.

    The technologically advanced survivors of each antediluvian civilisation are understandably perceived by the neophyte denizens as gods, or at least, being obviously mortal, as magicians of the gods. Which brings us to Hancock's explanation of Oannes - look for the piccie:

    So, all we're doing now is preparing for the cataclysm ( ) AND celebrating extreme confidence that THIS TIME (as per Groundhog Day) a technologically advanced civilisation will be preserved across it, and lead to a long deserved technocratic future and interstellar (re-)diaspora.


    1. Now THIS makes sense. It's stupid because civilization is by nature not worth preserving (see Spengler) but it makes sense.

    2. Is this area a safe place during an upheaval? Is that why it's considered holy? Thanks.

    3. In view of Chris' comment about the great greenhouse in the desert seeming a bit out of place, consider that it may be the ideal survival home during significantly colder times. Perhaps it's a survival pod for an Ice Age some foresee. This might also explain the rushed aspect to many of these latest unimpressive rituals. They truly are running out of time and their global warming scam is unraveling.

    4. There is no 'safe place', but some places are likely to be safer than others, whether man-made or not.

      Even TPTB are ensuring that there's redundancy, such that if one continental facility is scuppered, there'll be others.

      The Shiva/Apollyon/Apollo symbology should give you a clue that CERN has a related ulterior purpose to the Apollo moon landings - preparation for destruction (cosmological, not anthropological).

      If you're a Parisian/Londoner/Jackson Holer, then China's geographically elevated replica should make you feel right at home, soon getting over recent trauma ( ).

      Nasca lines are pretty untouched, so that's likely to be relatively tranquil. It's not too far from Cusco, which, with a fair bit of hand waving, is deduced from the Great Cross at Hendaye ( ).

      But yes, the middle east is looking strategic (Göbekli Tepe not too far away). A big clue is that smack bang in the middle of it is the edifice built to last over a great year. World War Z suggests that Israel is a redoubt.

      Alternatively, there's luck, i.e. being in the right place at the right time - just like the Basques.

      As to the US, there are ample clues this went through the rinse cycle. Even so, it appears that preparations for a super-resilient troglodytic civilisation are nigh on complete.

  7. That one got trippy.....

    I've been analyzing all the different types of relationships between different life forms and intelligences which I can actually perceive on earth. Relationships between beings of vastly different consciousness. And also looking at it as a bit fractal and as if the bible and other scriptures are a distillations of the story board for how the archetypes are always acting in this moment, in us and in fallen history rather than as events which happen at some other time.

    The reason these relationships we can perceive are important is because we know that they exist for real. Once we know something is real, it could be declared 'earth', and then we can know something similar is happening in "heaven" or the imaginal and archetypical realms. Each is like 1 half the strand of DNA wrapped together. When they separate, it is a war between heaven and earth, the DNA opens and something "fallen" or historical is expressed. RNA would be the men of renowned of old. Proteins being the normal cogs and clogs we see today.

    So this whole thing is happening at your level of analysis but it is also our molecular understructure.

    An oracle is someone who sings from this place, and her songs are timeless. Only women can do this because their gonads/reproductive DNA is inside their body rather than outside(don't ask).

    External trauma forces an individual to look to this internal timeless place of DNA and archetypes.

    The FLAPs are created as soon as someone sings this song because they sing truth and you can see truth everywhere.

    Its not because its correct, its just because it is what is happening and we have nothing else to look at except our denial that this is not all random.

    Riding Ontop of all that double stranded heaven and earth timeless genetic dance is all the crazy shit you see people are capable of doing during any historical epoch.

    So interesting relationships we can see.

    Very old and very young people.
    Initiated and uninitiated.
    Low IQ and high IQ.
    Low perception and High perception.
    Slaves and Free beings.
    Humans and animals - Pets, slaves, food, products, etc
    Humans and Humans - Pets, slaves, food, products, etc
    Humans and Ideals or archetypes - Worship, possession, contemplation, etc
    Human and solar or geological consciousness.
    Humans and EMF - Radio, etc.
    Humans and Technology/solidified archetypes/idols/alters made hand held.
    (e.g. every computer chip does what an entire aztec temple complex, with its structure, Gods, priests, etc, did and then some and a bit less as well)
    Human Ego or self and Human body/organ systems.
    Nervous system and muscular system.
    Electrical and energetic currents and magnetic fields which induce, change, or alter those currents.
    Humans and Plants.
    Humans and DNA(which I think is the inner temple, when Christ was crucified, the curtain ripped, giving everyone the ability to tinker with their gene expression through prayer and will).

    So all that is happening around us, and each relationship we are doing, we know it is being done back to us. Eg if we are farming, we are being farmed by an intelligence that is as beyond us as we are beyond cows. If we are making technology, we are being made into technology.


    1. Being banal about it all, there's just homo sapiens.

      You can get white morons or black chess grand masters (qv ), but there is no other super-intelligent species/lifeform/entity controlling us.

      Sometimes the word 'intelligence' is used to connote 'knowledge obtained with effort' as opposed to a high degree of cognitive faculty.

      However, subtle clues that may lead one to suspect we are being farmed by a higher intelligence, are eventually understood as clues that we are being farmed by secret societies - not necessarily more cognitively advanced, but more informed than the laity.

      A terrible knowledge, and a terrible responsibility/mission.

      So, yes, we have been farmed ( ), but at least we're free range rather than factory farmed a la matrix. However, our farmers aren't aliens, but h sapiens (who have been co-opted, wittingly or unwittingly). Never underestimate the intelligence of h sapiens...

    2. Yes Zod that is a very distinct possibility, but these 'homo sapiens' would be utilizing 'technology' that allows them to 'farm' us. (?)
      And NO that does not make them intellectually superior; just looking at the state of this 'reality' should raise an eyebrow or two.
      And those that seek 'godhood' are just fucking ignorant; perhaps that is only achievable by the 'self'.
      But there are those that seek to RULE!
      And YES they may be just like US; BE us actually.
      But the current understanding of quantum 'states' indicates MANY 'possibles'; ours being 'one' of 'many'.
      So look dude these 'richard craniums' may want to rule 'LA LA LAND' but that is NOT for me!

  8. Some day we'll need to figure out what this all means.

    But for now, a curious bit of phrasing from Variety:

    "What movie can dislodge Disney-Marvel’s blockbuster “Black Panther” from the top spot at the box office? It’s looking like another Disney movie, time-travel fantasy “A Wrinkle in Time,” is the logical candidate to do so in three weeks, during the March 9-11 weekend."

    Who ever phrases a weekend that way?

  9. I saw this weird fish oil commercial last evening. Features a 'Red Woman' underwater, as well as a 'string of 3 pearls' near the end...that transform into fish:

  10. Chris,

    the Dubai Mall Waterfall, with its diving figures, reminded me of the special effects for the transporters in Star Trek. There, they would fill a glass cylinder with water, add some sparkly stuff, and get it moving in a particular direction. The action was filmed, and overlayed onto the transporter pad in varying layers of opacity.

    I mention this here as the sculpture is seeming to use the water as a stand-in for some other event. Or, is this obvious?

  11. This is a revolution of the Mind. It's actually kind of a rush.
    I'm pickin' up good vibrations. That's a new one: Blue Sky on Mars.

  12. my boy LAM!I prefer to stare at the negative of the known image.

  13. The battle of Gevora was one of the important battles in the war of independence of Spain (to get rid of Napoleon, when he invaded). Not too sure what that may have to do with a hotel in Dubai, but there's that.

    That baby dragon is cute. I'd like to know what you may have to say about it. The dragon of revelations isn't precisely a baby, though there is a baby boy/antichrist there. Maybe the same thing?

  14. Connecting thoughts:

    Both of those "OVO" logos really look like OWLS to me (the "O"s being the big, round eyes, the "V" being the small beak in the middle). In the Chris Carter show Millennium, the Owls were obsessed with an extraterrestrial apocalypse supposed to reach Earth decades after the year 2000, 2044 maybe?

    All-is-star Crowley's little grey man was supposed to be one of the "Fallen Watchers", was he not? According to UFO lore, the reproductive experiments/hybrid program lasted 49 years, from 1948 (one year after Roswell, two years after Crowley summoned them in the middle of the desert) to 1997, when new cases of alien abductions suddenly stopped being reported.

    That was 21 years ago. The final products of human/fallen watcher cross-breeding are finally "legal" and old enough to drink.

    1. As one of the "Chosen Ones" I can assure you abductions still happen to this day, however these events cannot be re-called anymore (I'm going to try regressive hypnosis and see how far I am allowed to dig into the past/future). I can no longer re-call (as if the memories are completely gone - the "me" is no longer allowed to spectate) if I get visitors (be it an actual physical encounter or just a shift of consciousness). Only echoes of the traumas the body and mind experiences. I'm going to be 28 soon.


    Opens with how to emascualte = Coreybanter .. says order for the man = Tophet. Children as food.

    Communism has two initial tools, followed by of course gun banning, being no fault divorce and abortion on demand.

    Lets see kill the children in the womb as female choice = good, celebrate, dont you dare say no. Killing outside the womb = bad, you bad men and your guns, you bad men and your strength. You bad men not wanting to be overrun by paedo elite, Marlborough and Francis Dashwood kind of tyrrany, you know Satanic Hellfire orgies for Yahoos.

    Far and Wide =

    Has all the players of intrigue, the game still being afoot. Who will subjugate who?

    Width of hips = pentagram down V. width of shoulders = pentagram up. Both are fat width, one is transmuted above the heart. This is soap as Baphometis.

    Rub a dub dub its off the Coreybant tub.
    Ive sinned and need some sodomy to make my sins go away.
    Down under the pines with the grim meal.
    LAM is MAL is LAM is MAL. Bad is good, good is evil.
    Woman as man, man as child, child as food.
    And a little child shall lead them .. by the nose ring.

  16. When you mentioned 'the late Mark Fisher' being involved in the Millennium Dome show I got a real shudder down my spine. I thought you were referring to *another* recently deceased Mark Fisher, the great cultural theorist who sadly died last year:

    I meant to mention him in response to commenters in an earlier post who were discussing the Dark Enlightenment and related ideas of the new feudalism. One of the original proponents of this idea was Nick Land, a British philosopher, who also formed the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit at Warwick University in the '90s. (This) Fisher was one of the original members, but later rejected a lot of their ideas and returned to socialist views. (Incidentally, Fisher also edited an excellent book of essays, 'The Resisitble Demise of Michael Jackson' (2009) in which Marcello Carlin claims MJ's 'Dangerous' was influenced bythe Cocteau Twins.)

    Nick Land also developed ideas of 'accelerationism': the belief that capitalism has to be pushed to its fullest logical limits in order for it to be overthrown. And then members of the elite like Land can take over. Perhaps significantly, he's now based in China.

    Some of Land's anti-democratic ideas are similar to those of the late William Rees-Mogg as outlined in his libertarian text The Sovereign Individual (1997) which influenced Peter Thiel:

    Rees-Mogg called for a new 'cognitive elite' to take over the world. His son the conservative MP Jacob, who shares many of his extreme right wing beliefs, and who is referred to in the UK as 'the honourable member for the 18th century', is hotly tipped to be the next British Prime Minister...

  17. As someone who now hangs on your every word obsessively so, I feel like I can finally connect the dots to my own life experiences...aka synchs. I was captivated by CTwins from the moment I heard them played in a dorm room at U of M and never looked back...until I did. Haunted. Recently, revisited, curious. you. Always told I have abilities and sensitivities..I get it now. Also thanks to your posts which embarrassingly, I now live for....I digress, I have so many....TOO many synchs to list here. These are both personal and relatable to your posts, entailing our lovely Scottish Siren! One, quickly as a sampling, from PANDORAS BOX music station last Saturday. I have it set as a CT station. Synch after Synch came through, in particular, From the Flagstones. Watch video. Listen to lyrics in reference to last weeks tragedy. Again. This is just a start to all I have to say....thank you for all that you have brought to those that feel it. Your work is brilliant. Jz

  18. Can't recall if you mentioned this, Chris, but I'm rereading the good old Wikipedia article on Dubai and it's very name arguably means "baby locusts". It spent the first part of the 20th century as leading pearl exporters.

    I've tried to stay somewhat skeptical here but these themes are prevalent enough that one can fall backwards into them. Revelation indeed.


    And then this! AI as feminist dragon cyborg. Dude, your draw a circle mumble some jumbo and presto .. it appears.

  20. This should be coming right up anytime ,,,,And the Lord said unto Michael: "Go, bind Semjâzâ and his associates who have united themselves with women so as to have defiled themselves with them in all their uncleanness. And when their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for seventy generations in the valleys of the earth, till the day of their judgement and of their consummation

  21. It's not the same but that picture from the Millennium Dome Show reminded me of this opening.
    Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Live At Earls Court)
    Bowie memorable joined Arcade Fire for a rendition of “Wake Up” at New York’s Fashion Rocks event in 2005, before collaborating with the Canadian indie rockers again for their 2013 album Reflektor.
    Primary lyricist Win Butler notes that the 1959 film Black Orpheus inspired his lyrics on the album, in particular its themes of isolation and death: "Black Orpheus is one of my favorite films of all time, which is set in Carnival in Brazil. The Orpheus myth is the original love triangle, Romeo and Juliet kind of story.

  22. garlic girls curling team and pearly-haired 'drunk girl' from famous but not famous band HAIM video bombing ... twitter moments tab is full of this shit literally everyday

  23. There's also a Dubai-Sumeria connection, because hey, its not complete without one:


    "Five thousand years ago developments in the Hajar Mountains east of Dubai changed the world. After millennia of supporting only a meagre hunter-gatherer existence, the area near the present-day border with Oman was found to be a rare source of copper. Pretty soon men learned to mine it, extract the metal, and mix it with tin to produce bronze.

    The ‘Land of Magan’ as it was known rapidly became the major supplier of bronze for tools and weapons to the entire Middle East region, and in particular to the world’s first cities which were emerging in Sumeria at that time, cities such as Ur and Uruk. Bronze helped make farming more efficient and civilization possible in these places.

    Numerous build­ings, tombs and sections of falaj water­courses dating from this time have been excavated over an area of about fifty acres at Hili just north of Al Ain, the UAE’s third largest city, and are the centerpiece of the UAE’s only UNESCO World Heritage site. The highlight is a beautifully restored circular tomb roughly ten metres in diameter with a decorated entrance­way with two oryx carved above it, stone blocks cut so precisely that you couldn’t get a piece of dental floss between them...They’re like a smaller ver­sion of the great Inca stone walls at Machu Picchu, except that those are relatively recent constructions at a mere 500 years old, whereas the stonework on the Hili tomb is 4,700 years old."

    & maybe a Sinbad connection as well?

    "One of the most famous lost cities of Arabia – tantalizingly so because historians have known it existed from written records but simply could not find it – is the medieval city of Julfar. Home to the legendary Arabian seafarer Ahmed ibn Majid, as well as allegedly to the fictional Sindbad the Sailor, Julfar thrived for a thousand years before falling into ruin and disappearing from human memory for almost two centuries. Unlike the desert cities above, Julfar was a thriving port, in fact the hub of southern Gulf Arabic trade in the Middle Ages."

    Fascinating region.

    1. A New "Xanadu"

  24. Two quick but relevant updates from the winter olympics:

    - Award-winning Czech pavilion:

    - British pavilion, billed as "darkest building on earth", a.k.a. "black hole waiting to suck you in":


  25. Lord, here comes the flood
    We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
    If again the seas are silent
    In any still alive
    It'll be those who gave their island to survive
    Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry.

    1. I was wondering when that song would be mentioned. I totally got the Gabriel connection from the title before I even started reading, and was hoping Here Comes the Flood might be mentioned. And I've been waiting for someone to mention the elephant in the living room, which is Gabriel's song apparently about and evoking MK (bonus pearl reference too!):

      Wheels keep turning
      Something's burning
      Don't like it but I guess I'm learning

      Shock! - watch the monkey get hurt, monkey

      Cover me, when I sleep
      Cover me, when I breathe
      You throw your pearls before the swine
      Make the monkey blind
      Cover me, darling please
      Monkey, monkey, monkey
      Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey

      Too much at stake
      Ground beneath me shake
      And the news is breaking

      Shock! - watch the monkey get hurt, monkey

    2. Following up, the weird excerpt is for relevance and brevity and fewer "shock" lines. The main point is, as Chris has pointed out, Gabriel has a way of being involved in these odd events. SO much so that it suggests either he's part of the team "handling" Fraser or they are both being handled by the same people.

      And for the younger readers, Gabriel has been on a semi-religious trip long before Bono, plus he writes more interesting lyrics ripe with symbolism and evoking various religious/mythical themes (the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway being the most obvious). He's been plugged into this for a long, long while it seems. One of his solo tours he walked out onto his audience (who held him up) like someone walking on water. Can't remember the name of that dude he was imitating....

      I was once quite a fan and much of the Genesis non-Collins pop catalogue ages fairly well. Seeing Hackett out in public is a bit of a shock, though.

    3. Note the orange (life)vests:

    4. Hackett has been our touring early Genesis material for several years now. He's never actually stopped touring, but the Genesis revival shows have been increasing his profile somewhat (and certainly the sizes of venues he play at).

  26. Super Bowl 34 Half Time Show, narrator:
    "Rejoice! A tapestry of magic! Endless possibilities await!"
    "Two worlds. One planet. We're not alone on this earth. Let us celebrate all the creatures who make this their home!"
    "Go now, and celebrate your dreams, as the magic of the millennium continues to bring us together!"

    Transdimensional diplomacy? After all, what symbolically appears to descent from the skies, might be actually reaching out from the Other Side, again. (And the Other Side might actually be our future, the undiscovered country of our glass block universe. Just saying.)

    Concerning Elizabeth Fraser, she seems to be a kind of movable portal. So, if you want to be heard, bring her in. And since she has become a pop cultural icon of what an actual medium looks (and sounds) like, even tokens related to her will do.

    1. And this is the face of Helen. One guys adultery becomes all men at war... horns following tail. Hello. Then Helen appears in multiple locals an ad image meant to invoke the division. See mask of God blog.

  27. So... Var has taken up fish-keeping and tomorrow we are expecting 8 baby angel fish to arrive. The spawn of hell.

  28. Have you seen Noah (the 2014 film)? I haven't, but considering the important role of Noah in the books of Genesis and Enoch - might be worth a viewing.

  29. Haven't seen it, but long YouTube review here (spoilers):

  30. For no good suggests everyone search for "Brendan Fraser" today.

    1. Just read an article about how he is "making a comeback" in films and Hollywood after kind of disappearing for a long time. Part of the reason he disappeared was an alleged (by him) sexual assault he was a victim of. So his own little bit of trauma, and now he's back in the public eye. Interesting.

  31. Here is a video I think youll find rather interesting about an experiment that indicates retrocausality and quantum erasing of the past via quantum entanglement.