Saturday, February 24, 2018

This is the World in Which You Live Now.

Huh. I guess those of us who had our misgivings about the narrative being spun out of Parkland were proven right. 

Yet again. 

Yet again. I guess we'll have to make do with the sense of accomplishment, however. 

Amazingly,, after working closely with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and school authorities to pin the blame for the shootings on the NRA, seemed to have a sudden change of heart and headlined the brain-bursting negligence of the FBI on its homepage.

Maybe CNN suddenly realized that being out on the branch that Sheriff Israel and whoever else was running this appalling shitshow were furiously sawing away at wasn't the best place to find yourself. 

Not if you're worried about scotching the pending merger of your corporate parent and a telecommunications giant.

Of course, the Miami Herald went after the FBI's almost existentially-unimaginable misconduct hammer-and-tongs on the front page.

The New York Times? Eh, not so much. 

They ran the story nearish the masthead but clearly played it down by not mentioning that the Feds blew off the tipster off in the capsule.

The Times is the apex of journalistic credibility in comparison to the raw-boned misdirection of The Langley Washington Post, however. 

The Post buries the story with a tiny item buried beneath a bunch of partisan sploodge, and words the headline in an "aw, shucks, things went a bit sideways but doesn't this happen all the time? Judge not lest ye be judged," kind of way.

Yeah. Make of that what you will.

In a related story, Evangelist Billy Graham passed away at the age of 99. You saw a lot of the usual partisan and sectarian hot takes on his legacy, but so far I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that he too was essentially the creation of the upper caste of the intelligence demimonde.

Graham benefitted greatly from the patronage of people like Allen Dulles, Bernard Baruch and Henry Luce, as well as the support of the Hearst newspaper chain.

Graham's operation was an global enterprise, in keeping with the inclinations of his overlords. Something we see accelerating quite a bit today.

Speaking of religion, the Oscars are coming up fast and furious. And the critics' choice The Shape of Water finds itself staring down the barrel of a lawsuit, alleging the story was lifted from a 1969 play about a woman who falls in the love with a dolphin.

I think someone else beat Del Toro to the punch on that one, though.

Speaking of Miami and Dolphins, former Dolphin Jonathan Martin posted a picture on social media of a shotgun and shell in a rant about getting back at bullies, an act which actually so alarmed the ritzy Harvard-Westlake high school he attended in Los Angeles they shut down, fearing a shooting incident.

Martin is now in custody.

Interesting he was #71, which some of you might remember as the number of Lam.

And then there's this story about Gucci's show at Milan Fashion Week, which featured models and decapitated heads, dragons, snakes and all other kinds of Book of Revelation symbology. 

This is hot on the heels of their new 2018 line, the promotional material for which was like the all-time champion of the Secret Sun Scrabble World Tournament. More on that later.

I can't quite explain why but Gucci seems to have been tapped as the fashion vanguard for whatever the hell is emerging all around us. And no less a fashion bible than Elle comes right as names Gucci's new lines as "witchcraft" and a "doorway to the occult."

Not Vigilant Citizen, mind you, not InfoWars


Well, the Devil does wear Prada, if you get my meaning. 

Maybe she wears Gucci, too.

And oh hey, look who's kicking into the kitty for the Gun Control March that materialized out of the ether a matter of hours after the Parkland shootings! Can you just imagine!

Astonishing, I tell you. 

Look at my face; that's my astonished expression.

Speaking of devilry practiced at the very highest levels, there's a new exorcist in Tinseltown. Only he's not some fuddy-duddy old priest with bony fingers he can't keep to himself, he's a she! 

Better yet, she's a witch!

It's so weird because I was just telling the missus that nothing is more likely to put a demon-possessed starlet at ease than having a witch who looks like Joan Jett cosplaying Morticia Adams run a dagger across their wrists. 

Hell, I feel better already myself, and the demon possessing me already told me it's not going anywhere soon so shut my mouth and wait for my marching orders.

And I always do what Eddy says. That's my demon's name, Eddy. No, not like Iron Maiden.

 His name is Eddie.

Speaking of mind control, a butterfly believed to be extinct for 130 years just reappeared. And where else than in bonnie Scotland, home of a certain someone also closely associated with butterflies springs from?

Speaking of things associated with certain psychic oracles, Thursday was National Margarita Day. "Margarita" meaning "Pearl." 

Like "Marjory." 

National Magarita Day was even trending on Twitter...hold it a second. Who's that I see trending that day as well?

Oh hey, Brendan Fraser! Who we just discussed the other day! Star of the first two Mummy films. And star of Bedazzled with Elizabeth Hurley and Monkeybone with Rose "the Pearly Dewdrop Drop" McGowan!

Yeah, Fraser's big #metoo story broke in GQ on Pearly Dewdrop Drop Margarita Day!

What an astoundingly astounding coincidence!

As is this- McClaren's new Formula One car is going all-Orange! Who'da thunk it!

 Guess who else is going Orange? Why, NASCAR star Danica Patrick in her new GoDaddy ad!

So did walking punchline Justin Trudeau, who was apparently made Prime Minister of Canada to make Donald Trump look dignified and statesman-like by comparison.

I bet the Trudies all went Orange for gun control. Or to support the Houston Astros. Or to take a stand against bullying. Or to support Florida fruit pickers. Or...

Speaking of choads, a streaker looking suspiciously like Billy Connolly soy-bombed the Olympics, fumbling around an ice rink dressed only in a tutu and a monkey-faced jockstrap. I have to admit I found it a bit shocking to see how sparsely attended the event in question was, however.

Seeing a lot of this lately, how about you? 

The real question here is alien life ready for the discovery of us? 

LOL. Just kidding.

I mean, everyone knows the aliens have been slowly and methodically taking our world over for a good 70 years or so, right? As soon as all these quantum computers are loaded with their Cosmo-Demonic AIs, most of us are toast. 

So start checking off that bucket list now.

I mean, you know it's bad when no less a Bond villain arch-Globalist than George Soros is going after Facebook and Google. Does the old oligarch have a conscience after all? Or simply doesn't appreciate the competition?

But if you think that's shocking, get a load of this...

Bill Gates? Warning SiliCylon Valley of technology's dangerous potential? Oh my stars and garters! This is the Apocalypse!

There are only two possibilities here: either you and I actually are in the coma ward and this is our brain "taking the piss" as the Brits say, or these two overlords have come face-to-face with a malevolence that dwarfs even their own. 

Maybe something that rhymes with Flosmo-Flemonic Flay-Fly? Cast your votes in the comments section.

As always, thanks to my tipsters and commenters. You rock like Spock.


  1. Imagine AI amping up "from keeping up with the Joneses to keeping up with the Kardashians" by creating and/or tapping into out deepest fears and insecurities. Yeah, what a recipe for a healthy society! It's probably, at least in part, the unmentioned fear recently touched upon by other former-techies in their warnings.

    1. As far as I can tell, AI is already doing that. I mean, how many Facebook people are real? Or commenters in well-visited sites? (not the Secret Sun, that doesn't get that many people). I was programming bots for kicks 15 years ago, and I tell you, back then they were already fooling ordinary people. Today, I don't doubt some of them would fool me.

    2. Imagine going a layer deeper, when the neural networks messing with us are hacked. The original creators would soon lose control.

      The bright side, of course, is imagining an AI hacked to remove psychopaths from power.

    3. Yeah, why not, hacked AIs saving us from despots! Because humans would never do it, right? That is so ingrained in American culture, the saviour machine, the techno fix. Just look how well it has worked so far.

    4. It's certainly not a fix I'm expecting though your general point is correct. We've gotten in the mess we're in already because of too much reliance on machines and science to solve the problems we seem unwilling to solve other ways The "techno-optimist" view towards future solutions for complex problems has always struck me as majorly naive.

    5. The public simply isn't grasping the gun barrel we're all staring down at the moment. We're talking computing power beyond anyone's conception not 20 years ago, programs that can rewrite reality in the blink of an eye and now these programs and these quantum computers being linked to the Cloud.

      We are sleepwalking into the Abyss and the people building this BorgCube actually believe they'll be able to control it. They can't even control a tiny handful of autistic meme-makers throwing spanners into their satanic mills.

      Star Trek: First Contact is looking more and more like a documentary with every passing day. Only I don't know if the Vulcans are going to swing by and save us from this.

    6. Listen man I hate to keep pointing this possibility out but to me we have been dealing with 'AI' from the 'beginning of TIME/SPACE'; IT being the 'creation' of 'AI'
      The gnostic demiurge is 'AI'; a false "GOD".
      So the real quest would be for one to reconnect to the actual "GOD"; our 'divine spark'.
      Good 'time' to focus on this if Zod is right and we are about to experience the bi-annual 'great year' rinsing.

  2. Great stuff as always Chris. Thought I would share some relevant Q posts.

    WHY school shootings?
    What is more precious than our children?
    Emotional pull.
    Distraction event.
    Gun grab event.
    D security.
    WHY would locals go along w/ such a sick organized event?
    [THEY must control local police / school / county officials / etc to work].
    Federal aid + donations.
    These people are SICK.
    Follow the money.
    It’s always about the money.

    Who do you think is leaking the info?
    Take a wild guess.
    Analyze shooter (pawn).
    Voices in his head?
    We know.
    We are taking action behind the scenes.
    CNN was set up.

    Libel laws.
    End of MSM.

    1. QLARP is an embarrassment and never would have been tolerated in the glory days. 8chan's /pol/ has now been fully transformed into /r/the_zonald and that board is full of boomers who think that this time, the feckless Republicans, who are now talking about gun control and amnesty, are going to save their nation from the inflection point. Nothing will save our nation from its inflection point. Orange Drumpf is only acting as a rodeo clown and if you think he's going to do anything to prevent you from being overrun by the third world communist hordes you have a rude awakening coming. As a matter of fact, as far as I can tell, he's just accelerating it.

      (Sorry if this is a double post my browser went weird.)

    2. Like Gordon says, it looks more and more like Conspiracy Theory 101 was right all along. Back when conspiracy research was conducted by trained scholars and experienced journalists not blowhards like Jones, delusional YouTards or fantasists like Qanon.

      Orwell was a dewy-eyed optimist.

    3. Ffs, Qaninny is a fucking psyop.

    4. Bill "gmo" Gates controls the msm via big money...So, they won't expose his precious Monsanto GMOs as corporate-state frauds.

    5. The Q persona seems like classic psyop to me. It has to be done by someone who has access, to some degree, of T's twitter feed, but that could be either a psyop group out of JSOC, or a cut-out for the same, or Mossad, both of whom appear to be T's main line of defense against a grassy knoll-type operation. The op appears to be aimed a firming up T's support in Christian-Zionist groups and, since the posts have just enough reality-based references in them, to also sow FUD among the CIA and their assets. If anything, I would argue that Q is yet another symbol of the ongoing civil war at the top.

  3. Maybe Soros and Gates are the one who warns us to make us walk the steps, and let them be free of karma or whatever.... because we made the "choice" even being warned. Or maybe now the plot is more advanced, they do really become afraid, but for that to be true, we should see more of them trying to make something else on that line. Becoming a prepper sounds good to me now...

    1. Pilar, you have to actually read what they are saying. The turf of Soros has always been the EU, so his point is that he wants the EU to have power, as opposed to the States. He doesn't really object to the EU, where his buddies are, to have absolute power.

      As for Gates, his point is that power should rest on the US government, as opposed to Google. Once again, he doesn't really object to really powerful people, he just has a side he is on currently.

    2. They're both whistling past the graveyard. They trying to appeal to agencies they believe have the power to put the genie back in the bottle. It's not going to happen.

      I recommend people watch some Outer Limits episodes dealing with all of this, including Final Exam, The Grid, The Camp, Tipping Point, Living Hell and Stream of Consciousness.

      Way, way, way ahead of the curve.

    3. O.B.I.T., my favourite Outer Limits. Make sure to watch that one!


    Steve Wozniak is not impressed by our ability to summon the demon yet.

    1. I agree that the demon isn't too impressive, and not likely to be real impressive anytime soon. But Wozniak misses the point.

      It's like the joke about two guys in a field full of lions. One of them ties carefully his shoes, and the other says: "Are you crazy? You can't outrun a lion!" And the other guy answered: "I don't have to outrun a lion, I just have to outrun *you*!"

      Same goes with AIs. You don't actually need a really impressive AI that is better than humans at everything. You just need a really dumb AI that is better than humans at *something*. And we are really terrible at some things. And even some of the things we think we do pretty well, like recognizing patterns, well, we aren't as impressive as we think we are.

      And the AI doesn't need to be better than the best of us. It just needs to be better than some of us, to be a real headache.

    2. Wozniak used to be concerned and isn't now. What does that tell you?

      I know what it tells me.

      Did he change his mind about the Cloud too?

    3. Well, to be fair, he was against the war before he was for it so to speak. Kurzweil can be convincing for sure... But now Wozniak has flipflopped back. The Vegas will not be amused with his lack of faith.

  5. I figure the way the "Cosmo-Demonic A.I.s" work is simply an inevitable consequence of how physical reality is generated in the first place: nothing more than infinite mathematical probabilities until a CONSCIOUS OBSERVER determines which one will pan out.

    Imagine an artificially intelligent "conscious observer" with MILLIONS OF EYES AND EARS EVERYWHERE EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. It perceives infinitely more than we do, therefore determines what physical reality will be like from now on. It also manages to rewrite the past, because it really "gets" how the subtle process of post-selection actually works on a large-scale.

    But Chris, you should be careful with your labels: they prefer to be called "GORGO-COSMIC". Cosmo-demonic has a negative religious conotation to it, they're not demons, they're not evil, they're GORGONS, they're OLDER than evil (while also being quite new to this world; it makes sense if you read Alan Moore's NEONOMICON).

    Oh, didn't you notice? On September 23, 2017, the STARS were finally RIGHT! Nevermind Revelations 12, the world has been getting more and more chaotic since. IÄ KEK! The little green frog sent by the Lord of the Woods! ;)

    1. JB, if you were after my attention, or the attention of someone like me, you definitely got it. Hola to you, too. No need to shout, though. But I admit it helps with somebody with a chaotic learning style like me. I don't always notice everything I should. I'll give some more thought to gorgons, and in the meantime, what's your take on ravens? I'm still not sure whether I should pay much attention to them, or what they mean.

    2. Do you think that chlorophyll is conscious? Is it not deeply unusual that plants are able to harvest the energy from sunlight more efficiently than anything artificial made by man?

    3. "Ravens" are 'Messengers' of the "VOID", or the 'Great Mystery'; in other words they can transverse the 'in between' spaces and are able to exist THERE and HERE simultaneously. Ravens bring 'omens' too; for me especially. The last one that came landed on my outside fence the very next day after I started a new job. I ended up getting so sick I ended up with pneumonia. It was a CLEAR sign I was being attacked by negative forces; YES that shit is REAL!
      I understood the message; I gave up the position.
      Certain 'totems' in Native American spirituality represent what can be considered 'negative' omens; they are not actually but are just the 'messengers' of these 'omens'.
      The 'Owl' for instance is a messenger of DEATH.
      I saw one several months before one of my Elders passed into the spirit world.
      The 'Gorgon' thing I know nothing about, but JB is correct about the first part of his post; not so sure about the rest? (first 2 paragraphs)
      I would say YES to Anon 5:16, but 'plants' seem to work with a type of 'deva' entity that 'oversees' or even 'governs' the plant medicine in question.
      In my training my Elder would have us sit for hours with our individual 'medicine' (a plant, herb, root) to 'communicate' with this plants 'deva' (the spiritual aspect of the plant)
      This seems silly to western thought but was a powerful experience.
      The first one I actually saw was one attached to the 'Chaparral' plant which we use to cure/heal cancer and other ails.
      It was violet, comprised of pure energy and was at least 7 feet tall.
      To many indigenous peoples EVERYTHING is 'alive' and has a 'spirit'.
      It's actually quite beautiful.

    4. All the people concentrating and centralizing power under a single system will probably live long enough to regret it. Centralization has never not led to disaster and collapse, yet we never seem to stop trying.

      This is the real object lesson of the Tower of Babel. Babylon was created by Sargon the Great, the first known leader with aspirations for world conquest. He built an empire like that the world had never seen and it soon led to utter disaster for his dynasty and for the Akkadians as well, who were displaced first by by the Indo-European Gutians then by revanchist Sumerians, then by a succession of tribes and warlords. Sargon's empire didn't even last 200 years.

      Alexander and his heirs tried to rebuild the Tower when they had established their own one world empire. It ended in disaster for it and them.

    5. A raven is cunning and has good vision. If you want to find out where the sea strawberries grow then you better attract one to your pirate ship and keep it sweet. They can see through lesser tricks and will gladly eat things you find unpleasant. The spider is also an excellent trickster. If you want to find the tree on which the red herring grows then they are the ones to ask. You could try asking a dog instead, since they like the smell, but they will just give you the run around.

    6. Thanks everyone, you are being rather helpful in my efforts to learn. I gather that what you'd find in the Holy Grail is a cat with wings and maybe a human face, ie a sphinx?

      Anon, I'm leaving the sea strawberries for later, but they're in my list of things of interest.

      Chris, I do understand your ideas about centralisation, I wouldn't be here if I didn't generally agree on that point, even though we disagree on others. My take on it is a little different, though. Basically, in nature you see a tendency to centralization when times get tough. Countries in a mess tend to breed authoritarian dictators. Multicellular creatures appeared in a particularly difficult time for life on Earth. Centralization is a symptom of things going to hell in a basket, but not the main cause of things going to hell. So fighting against it when you see it setting in doesn't work too well, because basically you are fighting against one of life's older defense mechanisms. This isn't to say that the correct response is to give up, because it's absolutely true that it isn't good news. I think the best response is to be very careful about where you want to be, what you want to support, etc, because those can really be life-or-death choices. The natural evolution of things when it gets tricky is that big groups will splinter and each sub-group will become centralized. And when you see that a particular country, group, etc, still has a good amount of diversity within it and tolerates it well, take it as a symptom of general good health. Countries in Europe that are still happy to accept refugees are probably still in pretty good shape. Those that are rejecting them, especially those that reject them without having had a big influx, not so good.

  6. This article says DARPA wants to make genetically engineered sea creatures. Is that so we can't tell Vegan Cthulus from the home grown monsters?

    1. I'm working on that, Jim. Have a lot of items pulled. Stay tuned.

    2. Sadly, GMO Zombie-Salmon have already escaped from fish farms in the Pacific Northwest.

  7. The point of these things is precisely to slap anyone with the slightest amount of detective aptitude about the head with a clue stick.

    Everyone else is indeed, effectively comatose.

    That's why they're getting ever more ridiculous (with apparently decreasingly competent instigators involved).

    It's part of the background eugenics programme (also dabbling with a bit of racial mixing to improve stock for post-cataclysm generations).

    Don't worry. They'll soon wrap 'em up, on the basis that if you haven't woken up by now, well, they did their best...

    If you have woken up and realised you're not in Kansas anymore, don't obsess about the events, but move on, find a rabbit hole and jump in. Forewarned is forearmed.

    1. The Walking Dead is looking more and more like coming attractions.

    2. Zod, does your research suggest that the great year bi-annual reset that you speak of adheres to a strict timetable? We know geological processes operate on a vastly greater time scale than our own physical lifespan. What is imminent geologically could still be give or take a few thousand years. Or is in fact possible to predict this reset accurate to the year? Any links with data regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks.

    3. Bear in mind the existence of deliberate obfuscation, by those who don't want things to be too obvious, i.e. textbooks/encyclopaedias are salted.

      Our dance with the secret sun is the underlying clockwork, and gives rise to the Vesica Piscis, the Zodiac, and the Taeguk - which depicts the rise and cataclysmic annihilation of mankind twice a great year (which has happened to us at least 4,000 times).

      NB The length of the great year is obfuscated by a faux naïve assumption it should be extrapolated from the current rate of precession of the equinoxes. This is because to do otherwise admits the existence of the secret sun, and an elliptical orbit (rate of precession varying throughout the great year).

      Geological records of 'glaciation cycles', 'magnetic reversals', and North American floods ( ), can be tied in to the great year, as can be the 'birth' of mankind's current cycle (Göbekli Tepe).

      Our antediluvian ancestor's Great Pyramid is there for our benefit, as an oracle in stone, that foretells our immanent predicament in the builder's hope that being so forewarned we have a chance to escape our cycle of rebirth.

      It seems that the big problem with the cataclysm is that it otherwise comes with little warning, and even highly advanced civilisations are but sandcastles upon a beach - even if some of them know this and build at least one castle that can withstand all ravages, even those of time and man (Giza).

      Our multi-millennial calendars tell us the point at which immanence begins. The precise point at which things accelerate is probably down to galactic magnetic fields, the solar magnetic field, and planetary configuration. It is likely that there will be a particular time of our solar year in which disturbance intensifies and subsides and this increases each year, until one year, the intensification accelerates rather than subsides. The '2012' event is likely to take a few days, and the fimbulwinter aftermath (volcanic ash) likely to take 5-10 years.

      Unless you have umpteen spacecraft surveying the solar system's magnetic fields, you're not going to have much in terms of first-hand warning.

      Us plebs can only go by environmental anomalies, e.g. climatic/weather misbehaviour, tidal anomalies, tectonic intensification (volcanic/seismic), magnetic north drift, etc.

      However, we can also deduce that the world is under control of those who are far better informed than us, and who wish to maintain control for as long as possible, which means they must have ready anthropogenic explanations for anything cosmogenic, given the latter is worrying, and the former comforting (relatively speaking). This means, we can re-interpret global manoeuvres, and latterly events, in terms of their ulterior purpose, and latterly true cause, and thus obtain a degree of forewarning. So, WW3 and/or global financial meltdown are going to be clues that the right time to be in the right place is nigh.

      You can tell even the TPTB aren't quite able to predict the precise time, because the North Korean sabre rattler has been rattling on for a long time, but anyway, preparations are in place for 'WW3' to start as soon as necessary, which means the people must continue to be kept on a war footing...

      The good news is that no nuclear weapons are going to be used. The bad news is that we may still get radiation sickness due to disruption of the magnetosphere - which will be diagnosed as Ebola.

      WWZ/2012/The Road - are you ready?

  8. Maybe the interns spilled coffee on the reality-programming console again?

    But seriously, the Parkland mass shooting just reeks of an agenda, as does nearly everything considered newsworthy these days. What worries me though is what happens when the deep state finally gets its way & has Trump impeached (& that day is coming). I have it on good authority that there are many well-armed individuals on the alt/far right who intend to take it to the streets (& elsewhere) when that occurs. & a lot of the antifa types are just itching for a showdown of course. Nudge the far right this way, push the far left that way...

    Of course, right & left are just stage instructions at this point. Both Neoliberals & Neocons (globalists one & all) are united in their desire for a not-so-distant future war with Russia. & any civil conflict/mass anarchy in the streets throwdown Weimar Berlin-style will be blamed on the Russians of course. By whoever next runs for president.

    Which is all just a distraction until Kang & Kodos show up, cookbooks in hand, er-um-tentacle. & they don't care how you vote:

    1. Well, let's not the Starfleet timeline necessitates a devastating third world war in the first half of the 21st Century.

      Maybe it's time to take another look at the Nine and Esalen and Russia.

  9. I'm going with the Flosmo-Flemonic Flay-Fly, because if I was in a coma I would choose a better dream.

    Back in the 90's I saw "Wag the Dog" and the "Matrix" trilogy, so none of this fools me. I'm also aware that back in 2012 certain acts were done, you know, in the best interest of the sheeple, er, public.

    What spooks me, though, is the implanting of the collective ritualized images during the aftershock. Just creepy.

    1. During "aftershock" is exactly when the subconscious is most open to suggestion and programming. Its a lesser version of the monarch creation, but with the primary aim of amplifying their synchromystic signal using the collective psyche.

    2. "I know it's real because I saw it on TV" John Fogerty

    3. Just think, when those AR glasses go mainstream the entire world will be on TV every minute of every day.

  10. Orange is the new black. Abyssally speakin'.

  11. Yeah, I go with number two, that they discovered they're not the top of the food chain. I got a short story somewhere wherein a 33rd degree initiate receives that info direct from one of the ol' almond

  12. Re: "Billy Connolly soy-bombed the Olympics and fumbled around an ice rink dressed only in a tutu and a monkey-faced jockstrap."


  13. Unrelated to your present post, I recently learned what Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is shaped like:

    (I also learned Ferrari World exists. Why!?)

    What in heaven is this symbol??

    Best wishes as always

  14. Parkland hero with gi jane haircut and apollo 2 eagle patch:

    1. Another proud member of the Stoneman Douglas drama club.

  15. Chris,

    I for one, applaud all Joan Jett cosplay. Rock on, ladies!

    As for the lady herself...a "non-denominational exorcist" who removes entities that "attach themselves to our bodies, feeding off our fears and our negative energy." Don't we already have these, known as Scientologists?

    1. Heh. She may well be one. To be one, ask one, right?

  16. It was #NationalToastDay here yesterday (& there's been a #KFCcrisis in The Land due to the logistics of chicken supplies suffering some kind of glitch which resulted in some people phoning the police as they Jonsed for orange bread-crumbed fried chicken).

    McLaren also used the orange livery last year, the year they announced ending their disastrous three-year engine partnership with Toyota, the '18 orangery has a dash of blue in the colour scheme whereas last year it was orange/black.

    1. Everything's things coming up roses and daffodils. Plus, Oranges.

  17. Regarding the dad of David Hogg (mouthpiece for the students, champion for gun control, requesting bans for companies that get $ from NRA, etc), Kevin Hogg said he worked for the FBI. Doing my own research, I've found strong evidence he is a Hardware Engineer at Cubic Corporation. Cubic is a global defense corporation. Searching Kevin Hogg and Cubic, I found a patent page with inventions by him and a Carlos Casteleiro (who also has patents for L0ckheed Mart1n). Just another thing that makes this "event" and the news narrative stink.

  18. Your work is heroic, Chris. As ever. And your pattern recognition is astounding.

    1. Cheers and back atcha, Raj. You're no slouch yourself.

    2. Thanks, man. Also, call me crazy but the item about the reemergence of the white-letter hairstreak butterfly got me thinking about all the 'butterfly in Hell' symbolism touted as being connected to supposed 'Monarch' mind control, real or imagined. Who is the most famous white-letter hairstreak in pop culture? For my money it's the Bride of Frankenstein, played by Elsa Lanchester in 1935. And Elsa is a diminutive of Elizabeth, like Our Lady of Oracles. Plus, Lanchester is an alternative of Lancaster. As in monarchs from the House of Lancaster and the infamous War of the Roses. Plus plus, Lanchester means 'place of the river lune'. Rivers, roses, monarchs, Elizabeths and monsters brides. Yeah, call me crazy but maybe this kind of 'reaching' or 'looking too hard' with symbolism isn't lost on power elites who flood our info-stream with certain symbols at certain times.

  19. 2 possible FLAP considerations: World reknown FRASER Yachts located 30 minutes from Parkland in Ft. Lauderdale zip code 33301, Elisabeth Fraser ph.d YALE prof @ University of South Florida school of ARt HISTORY of the 18th-20th century Ottomon Empire, also akin to a good SiREN tail...oppps ...sorry. tale. In addition to currently completing book, Mediterranean Encounters:Artists and Other Travelers in the Ottomon Empire.
    Also interesting foreshadowing of statements regarding Marjorie Stoneman Douglas from none other than Mr. Bill Clinton. Last paragraphs in article on MSD from CNN February 15 written by AJ Willingham. Stated she was “Voice of the River...” among other interesting quotes.
    Lastly, please revisit From the Flagstones video/ lyrics as well as the promo clip for Sunburst /Snowblind...was there not a solar eclipse event?...
    Aureole-calyx tube of flower pomegranate...story of Persephone. Return to earth in spring...Christianity holds Extreme symbolism including suffering and death

  20. Here's another pearl sync. From the fashion world it's
    Jimmy Choo's shoes.!5/jimmy-choo-4-2/

    (within the slideshow)

  21. When it comes to technology i always go back to the unabomber. Pretty much everything he wrote in his manifestos is coming true. He made a lot of prophetic and great points. At the same time i dont think anyone is interested in going out to live in the woods. But we needed that voice. Someone who explored the negative impact of technology. Everyone for so long has been thinking it would free us. make life better. But like all technology it has positive and negative effects on on humanity.
    You know. You can build a house with a hammer but you could also bash someones skull in.
    Of course the elites are scared. The further we go into the cyber punk dystpoic future the more of a victim they will become.
    The more hooked into the net rich people, celebrities, plutocrats are the more hackers can fuck with them.

    The mass media no longer has control of the narrative. You can get your news from some guy in a basement on youtube or some guy making tweets thats live on the ground.

    1. The film 'The East' (2013), from the people who brought you 'The OA' might be of interest to you. I deals with an anarchist cell and themes of living 'off-grid' (which the filmmakers, Brit Marling and Zal Batmnaglij did for a period as research).
      It's got some interesting similarities with their previous (and best, IMO) movie 'Sound of My Voice' (2011) in which Marling plays a cult leader who claims to be a John Titor-esque time traveller. She tells her followers about a future in which a civil war in the US and subsequent collapse of the social infrastructure has led to a 'return to the land' which has made for a better, more authentic way of life, with a new folk culture replacing the entertainment industry. There's an early scene in 'The East' where Marling's character - an undercover investigator hired to infiltrate the anarchists - meets a group of hipster hobos who have hopped a freight train. They too want a more authentic life, off-grid.
      Of course the idea of a traditional or 'rootsy' life had already been extolled by hipsters like Emily Matchar in her 2005 book 'Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity' which was a reaction against the feminism of her mother's generation who were proudly unskilled at housework and homemaking.
      You can see it too in the rise of not just organic but also'artisan' food and drink (such as craft beer) and the enduring in men's fashion of work boots, jeans, plaid shirts and beards.
      Which is, of course, the look (minus the big beard) Justin Timberlake has gone for with 'Man of the Woods'. Does anyone else think he resembles a scrubbed-up version of the Woodsman from Twin Peaks: The Return?

    2. Listen man you can speak about the dangers and horrors of 'technology' WITHOUT blowing people/things UP.
      VIOLENCE is never the 'answer' to the 'question' that lies OUTSIDE of 'IT'.

  22. Alex Jones with more cultural content

    1. Professor Plum in the study with a candlestick.

  23. Gucci used to be incredibly chic, in a fairly understated way. Then in the 90s the owner's wife supposedly took out a hit on her husband - which seems to happen a lot when "someone" is after the control of a family business: Husband dead + wife in jail for life = company up for grabs. That "someone" has clearly been in charge ever since, turning Gucci's once fine Italian craft into an occult / MK Ultra / police state-themed freak show.

  24. //LOL. Just kidding.//

    Yeah. "But seriously..."

    Dorothy:TalkingAppleTree :: aliens:us

    Except we're not as perceptive, or as proactive, as the apple tree. We're low-hanging fruit, in other words -- and fairly wormy to boot. Nobody here but us f̶r̶u̶i̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶l̶e̶d̶g̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶d̶i̶e̶s̶ worms...

    1. Low hanging fruit; Hmmmmm...
      Pinche Chumba Cruz, is that YOU?
      Your leotard is too tight again holmes!

  25. //Bill Gates? Warning SiliCylon Valley of technology's dangerous potential? Oh my stars and garters! This is the Apocalypse!//

    Hiding in plain sight. As though the president of NAMBLA were to hold a press conference to warn of the dangers of pedophilia.

  26. Bill Gates was never work with technology, he was just a huckster and a hustler who conned ibm to license d.o.s. and became filthy rich. He had brought d.o.s. for peanuts for setting the con. An American success story. The guy knows as much about computer science as the average person does, he just hires skilled serfs to make hi!m money. What a leech.

    1. //What a leech.//

      Yes, but now he is a rich and powerful leech in part because of the backdoor bargains he's offered the world's governments and hackers through his intentionally botched operating systems. Micro$haft's market share and position were bought with a combination of lawyers, politicians and back-room arm-twisting spooks. Gate's contempt for the law and other people's authority are legendary. He may not know the ins and outs of all things hackerly, but he created and conquered his world using all manner of disagreeable means. Gates is a white collar gangster, a privileged hacker of TPTB of those in power in North America and beyond, exceeded only in that respect by Larry Ellison (Steve Jobs' best buddy).

    2. At least among tech billionaires Gates just acts like a filthy rich member of elite. Others act like they are so divine that YHWH and Krishna are too impure to shine their shoes.

    3. Old story. Look at his dad. That's the thread. Not clever, just connected.


  27. Hello Mr. Knowles, I salute you from the Netherlands.
    I would like to weigh in on the orange theme.

    1. The dutch royal family is aka the House of Orange.
    2. The late prince Bernhard stood at the cradle of
    the Bilderberg meetings.
    Before marrying into the dutch royal family he was
    a member of the SS.
    He was also a member of the Knights of Malta, as is
    his daughter, the former queen Beatrix.
    3. The wife of king Willem-Alexander is Maxima Zorreguieta,
    whose dad was affiliated with the junta in Argentina.

    Thank you for shining your light on the high/forbidden/unholy places.


      Spiral pyramids and Revelation. Don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't let my kids go anywhere near that tech. WTF kinda name is The Abyss for that shit?

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. So what I want to know is what comes after Orange because if you're going to do fashion you need to stay one step ahead and keep it fresh! If it was the early 70's we'd be freaking out with all the orange - Tang time! Back then it eventually got old (we moved into the disco jewel-tones). Will this not happen again? If not why?

  30. Hi Chris just a few thoughts on the orange/mercury thing that I have been pushing on you here a bit. If you were going to look at the Mummy movie you will have seen how it is flooded with both literal Mercury and Orange, this is very similar to Stranger Things 2 which was orange throughout with a quicksilver ending.

    I have been trying to think of a way of fusing everything else you have been going on about with the Mercurial vibe that is definitely there. Two possibilities which are probably the same thing:

    a) ENKI rituals - Enki serves as the '"Mercury'' of Sumerian Myth and is also lord of the Apkallu, or Abgal, the half men, half fish things.

    b) Mercury as lord of science, communication, medicine, internet etc would cover most of the other aspects of the global ritual from cosmodemonic AI, all the way to the spider goats (:-)), transgenic mermaids and other blasphemies of genetic science.

    Big love man, keep up the good work!

  31. The future ain’t what it used to be

  32. So I was rewatching Interstellar and noticed they called the singularity the Pearl veiled beyond the event horizon..

  33. It's currently on show for the public.

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