Monday, January 22, 2018

Stunning! PhilaeDelphi Vegas Go to Super Bowl! Surprising!


In a stroke of improbability so improbabilistic it has shaken the very foundations of Probabilism itself, the PhilaeDelphi Vegas beat the Twinesota Vikings and will be squaring off against Twin Brady and his New Atlantis Baphomets!

Where? Why, at the US Bank sport-team venue in the Cocteau Twin Cities! 

Twin Cities and logo embedding the Gemini icon? Where else can you be stunned out of your socks like this, sports fans? 

And now a word from our sponsors...

Take the family to see UFOsiris, now playing at the Temple at Philae! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll grovel! Good seats still available!

When you are ready for the best in psychic readings call the Oracles of Delphi @ 1-888-LFR-ASER! Pythias are standing by to sacrifice your spring lambs!  

Now, back to our program...

This just in: Vegas dominate! High priest coach undergoes weird ejaculation ritual victory Gatorade bath! Orange!

Coincidentally coincidental! 
IEDs go off at Eagle Ridge Mall Sunday night! Outside Tampa!

Eagle- 17!

Eagle, 17! Viva Los Vegas!

"Brady goes GOAT!" Try it at home!

Here's how! Good luck!

Redesigned NFL shield has football aligning with Lyra! Yes, Vega is that same constellation! Now hold on to your hats, folks; the five stitches correspond to five primary stars of Lyra! 

Amazing coincidence! 

Justin Timberlake will be giving halftime show! Check out his new videos! Woke!

Plus, Orange!

"Where's that," sportsfans? Why, Millington, Tennessee!

Go visit! If you're in Memphis, take at left at Q. Elizabeth Freeway, then follow signs to Wolf River. Turn right at third traffic light into Frayser. 

Then take Area- STS- US-51 straight on into Millington! Leave the light on for us!

UPDATE! Actually, here's the part of Millington where Justin's actually from! Directions from Wolf River Harbor via Frayser! 

The Secret Sun, always working harder to serve you!

This just in from the entertainment desk: Offhand remark by pop star becomes major news story for some utterly inexplicable reason! Experts baffled!

Stay tuned for the latest! Go NFLim! 

Horrors! A conspiracy theory? About the NFLim? Oh, the humanity! Thanks to David for the scoop.


  1. I'll bet that Mark Wahlberg won't be leaving the stadium at half-time this year.
    You would think with the Patriots maybe about to go back to back this year that Mark wouldn't be missing this final for 'All the Money in the World'. ;-)

  2. Lynn de Rothschild has been pretty vocal on Twitter in supporting the Eagles ;)

  3. Hi Chris. Gemini is ruled by *Mercury* which is Orange (Hod) in Golden Dawn Tree of Life QBL.

  4. On the subject of Timberlake, Wolf River and Minnesota, aren't the Minnesota basketball team named the Timberwolves?
    And with Justin celebrating his birthday on the 31st of January, which is the night of the Super Blue/Blood Moon eclipse, his half-time Superbowl show should be a real howler, I reckon. ;-)

    1. he's a re-heat do-over clone-splice twin brutha-from-another-motha of jackson in the first place, & jackson passed as a wolf-man in the thriller video, among other things, & as a (former?) mouseketeer (I would suppose It's like the mafia - a soul can never leave especially after having made a deal with the round-eared devil, presuming It was ever his choice to make) timberlake's quite the chimera, his surname compounds this as a hybrid elemental, & could be read as 'falling/fallen waters', what this augers Sunday will reveal.

    2. falling waters / fire rises?

      jackson himself was a sacrifice whose moonwalked journey to pain-medicated oblivion served as the model that 'caught the imagination' via thrilling Fascination of modern worlded pop-cult aspirants that played It's part in feeding into the degenerating gyre imploding all about us.

    3. I believe the Jackson being spoken about is Janet who one recalls had the famous clothing malfunction while singing with Timberlake at the SuperBowl if I rememeber correctly.

  5. Hi Chris,
    It's 10 years since Heath Ledger died while he was filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Mount Parnassus towers over Delphi.

    "In Greek mythology, Python was the serpent, sometimes represented as a dragon, living at the centre of the earth, believed by the ancient Greeks to be at Delphi."
    Terry Gilliam directed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and he was in Monty 'Python'.

    In the film Heath's character is found hanging under a bridge just after Christopher Plummer's character draws the Hanged Man card.
    (While there is a connection with Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers which is about drug addiction ( Heath Ledger apparently died of drug overdose) the real meaning is actually referring to the 1982 hanging of Roberto Calvi (dubbed “God’s banker” due to his relations with the Vatican). The hanging took place under the exact same bridge - Blackfriars Bridge.

    Batman - New York;
    "In its *17th* issue, dated November 11 , 1807, Irving affixed the nickname "Gotham" — an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "Goat's Town" — to New York City."

    The Joker in The Dark Knight is caught by Batman and he is hanging upside down at the end of the film - The Hanged Man. Heath Ledger was from Australia (Down Under- Hanged Man is depicted upside down)

    The Joker is at the top of a 'Tower' when Batman captures him - which connects us now with Donald Trump (Trump Tower) and Barack Obama.
    The Batman / Obama references have been made before what with him being depicted as the Joker and also to the release of the Nolan films;
    Batman Begins 2005 - Obama elected U.S. Senator
    The Dark Knight 2008 - Obama elected President
    The Dark Knight Rises 2012 - Obama re-elected President

    In The Dark Knight - The Joker robs a bank and in general the theme of the film is about a large amount of money that the gangsters/police are trying to find.
    Now conveniently it was Bush who signed off the banker bailouts in 2008 just before Obama became POTUS. The 2007/08 crash was essentially a huge bank robbery by the bankers as well as the QE stimulus that followed.
    The day before Ledger died (January 21 2008) stock markets around the world plunged amid growing fears of a U.S. recession, fueled by the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis.

    The name 'Ledger' means a book or other collection of financial accounts and also a flat stone slab covering a grave.

    The poster for The Dark Knight features a 'Tower' on fire which is what the tarot card The Tower depicts and of course The Economist featured the tarot cards on their 2017 magazine cover.

    Trump Tower was on fire recently - Jan 8th 2018

    There's also a connection with Gary Oldman here. The costume he wore in Bram Stoker's Dracula looks like a medeivel Batman costume - notice the helmet.

    In Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Oldman is seen constantly flipping a coin at the start of the film which connects to Two-Face *Harvey* Dent. Oldman also played Lee *Harvey* Oswald in JFK (USA President connection again). Oldman's latest film is "Darkest Hour' (Dark Knight) about a Prime Minister/President - Churchill (Nolan's latest film is Dunkirk)

    Johnny Depp, Colin Farell and Jude Law acted as Heath's double after he died to finish the film.
    Shortly before his death, he posed for this artwork painted by his friend Vincent Fantauzzo.
    And the most recent episode of X Files involving the Hanged Man game and the victim's 'doubles' connects as well.
    The recent 'hoax' missile in Hawaii (Obama's birthplace) also resonates with the Obama - Joker.

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  6. Lets also remember that until 1993 there was also a Minessota North Stars NHL team.

    1. Who are now the Dallas Stars, and were the very first team the brand new Vegas Golden Knights played in the regular season following the Vegas shooting.

  7. ok, the twin thing didn't really resonate until you mentioned gemini. correlating the bible with the zodiac, gemini was the corresponding zodiacal age for the time of adam and eve. also the time of nimrod (ninurta in babylon) he of the sickle shaped sword. nimrod's coming back?

    1. Nimrod is coming back? This reminded me that a remake of the acclaimed Sony game is due to be released soon. A very unusual game, where the player is encouraged to commit a series of murders of "Collosi" in a forbidden holy land. I.e. murdering gods in heaven. And the shadowy fractured entity commanding the killings? Dormin.

  8. Philadelphia ... interesting. Both the City of Brotherly Love and "eagles" have been syncing up with me quite a bit of late. Looking back in my RDR archive, I'm stunned how many times Philadelphia pops up. Boston, not as much. I note Philadelphia quite a bit in this post, from 2014: "And for weeks now, Dust Devil Dreams readers have been undoubtedly been noticing a theme, a narrative developing, as I have right along with you. Bears (Russia) rising. Eagles (America) falling."

  9. Used to be a HUGE football fan but finally stopped this year. The politics, the obvious rigging, etc. It all became too much, not to mention the 'in your face' selection of the Patriots as the impossibly perfect and all-mighty team in the new 21st century era where "Patriot" instantly became a buzzword after 9/11. As you point out, Chris, the NFL and other pro sports, for that matter, have only 2 objectives - occult ritual and acquiring the money to continually enact them. I have studied them from an occult point of view and they all seem to be stories of the gods at war and even the acronyms like NBA or NHL or MLB have ties to names of ancient gods if they're researched enough.

    On another note, for the record, I will point out that on the Eliphas Levi Baphomet goat image if one draws an imaginary horizontal line from one horn to the other just below the center flame the goat suddenly becomes Uncle Sam with stars and stripes top hat and similar facial expression complete with goatee.

    1. Uncle Sam's Top Hat is White with a blue band and white star

    2. Potatoe or Potato. Symbolic semantics.

  10. And there's always "Goat Yoga"!

  11. Damn, when I was trying to figure out the "villa of ormen" stuff I skated a lot around Pythia. Also the "eagles in my daydreams" phrase seems to be dropping now. The whole thing about women kneeling and smiling contra metoo, I don't even want to go there. It's scary funny how different mirrors (you have the twins, I have the knife) reflect the same stuff. BTW, saddest name for a career spanning compilation: Nothing has changed.

    It's happening now.

  12. And that's not even mentioning the whole creepy dog mask thing going on in Philly:

    Eagles players and fans have been wearing dog masks supposedly because they have been 'underdogs' despite being the #1 seed. In a wacky coincidence, one could see Canis Minor prominent in the sky at kickoff, close to the constellation of Gemini.

    The Eagles quarterback is #9 Nick Foles. St. Nicholas, of course, was the patron saint of wolves. 'Foles' refers to the plains of Lancashire, home of the Lannisters, I mean, Lancasters of the red rose. Foles is playing for injured youngster #11 Carson Wentz, whose family's coat-of-arms features two dogs. 'Wentz' has the same origin as Wenceslas, tying us back to St. Nick. Wentz was also born 5 days after Christmas.

    The opening lyrics for the famous Christmas Carol:
    "Good King Wenceslas looked out
    On the feast of Stephen"

    - Bruno

    1. And on a different altar, dog masks are worn by models at the Paris men's fashion week.


    2. Its also the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac.

      There is something about dogs this year. Or underdogs.
      Like trump. No one thought he would win and then out of nowhere he does.

      Is the theme things are going for this era?

      Time will tell.

    3. I believe there is an ancient Roman holiday called Lupricallia that was held mid February. Had to do with wolves, and its coming up.

  13. Someone already mentioned Dan Simmons' Hyperion in the comments on a previous post, with it's AI controlled teleportation web, chimera-like Ousters, and inhabited planet in the Vega system called Heaven's Gate. The Heaven's Gate cult seems to be in a certain way gaining attention right now, with several podcasts and things coming out about it. Among the many nicknames Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles had for each other? Bo and Peep.

  14. Do you bet on the games...

  15. Interesting piece, as always, Chris. So, I am not a sportsball guy at all, and could not care less about the outcome of the upcoming spectacle of noxious ritual and bad taste, but if I can make a bit of cash betting on this thing . . .
    Who do you think is going to “win” this thing?
    I’m guessing the Vegans/Eagles over Baphomet/Patriots.

  16. Chris,this is off topic but not really because it relates to most of the themes talked about in posts the last couple of years. I've mentioned in a previous comment that Mark Frost wrote the 1st book sometime before 2012 because of a dream he had. I've been listening to the 2nd book of 3, "Alliance", from The Paladin Prophecy series. He wrote these not too long before working again with David Lynch on Twin Peaks. Several elements in the books he incorporated into "The Secret History of Twin Peaks".

  17. The New England Patriots' logo also has a sync with Memphis as it's known as the "Flying Elvis."

  18. & of course, "conspiracy theories" (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) are flying that the Pats-Jaguars game was fixed:


    "While there isn’t a scintilla of evidence to suggest the Patriots’ comeback was in any way dodgy, the Jaguars players themselves appeared to allude to inconsistencies in the officiating after the game. “I’ll just say that’s self-explanatory. Interesting. That’s all I’m going to say”, Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack said in quotes reported by the Washington Post, referring to the two pass-interference calls committed by Jacksonville during the game. The penalties were, “Out of character for an elite unit that had accounted for just five such flags during the entire regular season,” the Post’s Des Bieler wrote.

    “The stats speak for themselves,” Malik Jackson, the Jaguars defensive tackle, said postgame. Jacksonville was penalized six times for 98 yards, while the Patriots had one penalty flag thrown against them in the game."

    Wonder what the odds in Vegas were...

    1. And especially if there were any prop bets on penalty yardage. If so, see if anyone hit big.

    2. These were the odds listed at CBS Sports Jaguars (+9) at Patriots. The Eagles were +3 over the Vikings. Those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, know the sports are fixed and money making ventures.
      Here are a couple of my simple observations

      Look at the penalties called against the Jags.

      The mortals (PATRIOTS) defeated the representation of the ruler of the Underworld in Mayan belief (JAGUARS) because of the rulings of the supreme overseer of the game (REFEREES).

      Lack of holding calls against the Patriots offensive line. The mortals held off the attackers.

    3. Curious if there's an AI behind this NFL/MLB gambling story:

  19. Hello, sir. This has nothing to do with this post. I was looking for an email to contact you but couldn't find any. I listened to your recent interview with THC a few days ago and later that day I started watching an anime called "Devilman, Crybaby" in the first two episodes the character that is possessed by Amon refers to himself as coming from the sea and being a mermaid.

    The anime is on Netflix but it's available on streaming websites like "gogoanime". Just thought I'd share since it was super weird that I was listening to you talk about mermaids (something that never comes up in my purview) and then suddenly in this anime about people being possessed by demons and the end of the world that mentions a demon possessed human as a mermaid? Ooookay lol. If you watch it you'll see how out of place it seems too. The anime industry is a massive untapped market of deeply symbolic esoterica and mental programming.

    The guy who created the original manga "Devilman" is one of the most impactful figures in the 20th century in my opinion. A culture creator. Here's an interview between him (Go Nagai)and another huge influencer Hideaki Anno (creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion).

    Thank you for your work and time. I thoroughly enjoyed your interviews with THC and will be looking into your blog much more.

  20. Why do archeologists prefer to date H.Sapiens as being nascent around 200,000 years ago, 'quickly' figuring out weaving, agriculture, etc. around 10,000 years ago?

    Because if you knew we've been on this planet for over 50,000,000 years, you'd soon wonder what on Earth we've been doing for 49,990,000 years. Even 190,000 years is a long time to fail to move beyond flint tools, but 49.9Myr is impossible.

    Ipso facto, what is taking the time, is figuring out how to escape the 12k cycle of rebirth.

    Imagine Groundhog Day, but where the 'day' lasts 12k years.

    1. If you go by Michael Creamo's work "Forbidden Archeology" then there is archaeological evidence tucked away in museums and universities around the planet that humans as a species has existed for at least a two billion years on earth.

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 1 OF 6

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 2 OF 6

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 3 OF 6

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 4 OF 6

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 5 OF 6

      Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Part 6 OF 6

    2. Ah Justine you sly dog kidder you. Are you implying that either your ex or Gaga is up for being made a sacrifice in some Illuminati ritual?

      Speaking of upcoming upcoming ritual sacrifice it was announced another royal scion is getting married at the same chapel as Meghan Markel & Prince Harry but at a later date. Hence we have another "Twinning" happening with the English Royals.

      "Another Royal Wedding Alert! Princess Eugenie Is Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Jack Brooksbank"

      ^^^Taking place in the same Chapel that Meghan & Harry getting hitched that's tied to Harry's sacrificed mother.

      Oh yeah speaking of the upcoming Markel & Prince Harry Wedding date it's not remotely auspicious day to be betrothed.

      May 19th 1536 – Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII of England is beheaded.

      5/19/18 Meghan Markel's Royal Wedding

      May 19th 1568 – Queen Elizabeth I of England orders the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots.

      5/19/18 Meghan Markel's Royal Wedding

      May 19th 1962 – Marilyn Monroe sings "Happy Birthday" to U.S. President John F. Kennedy (Camelot - America's Royals)

      5/19/18 Meghan Markel's Royal Wedding

      and finally the most disturbing sync for that date

      May 19th - Feast Day of St. Joaquina, Patronage of Abuse Victims, Exiles, & WIDOWS

      5/19/18 Meghan Markel's Royal Wedding

      Now if anyone think I'm reaching that Markle's reign at ending good fee l free to present your counterpoints.

    3. Thanks Emmanuel.

      It is pertinent to this blog (though I've yet to find Chris's explanation for his use of 'Secret Sun'), because it's another clue as to why there'd have been such pains taken to hide Earth's second sun, and its great year (2x12k) orbit with The Sun.

      It also supports the need to obtain a more holistic
      appraisal of the mysteries surrounding H.Sapiens - in order to discern the powers & principalities from the chaff of their distractions, deflections, and deceptions.

      Chris does an excellent job catching and analysing the chaff (and chaff-like).

      Nevertheless, chaff doesn't necessarily indicate that the emitter doesn't want to be noticed or understood...

    4. Powers and principalities are angelic orders; lower one's but angels regardless.
      So we have 'factions' in conflict with each other; sound familiar?
      So the 'Fallen EAgles' are warring again against their old rivals again?
      Factions fucking with other factions for more power, control, sacrificial victims, ect...
      Seems we are witnessing an old rivalry here.
      Distractions, deflections, deceptions?
      Without question; well stated Zod.
      And yes the chaff is still part of the wheat.

  21. In spite of the fact that i have 0 time for men who play with balls, another cool post Chris, thanks.

    Nothing to do with this post, but i was thinking about " the Muse chooses broken vessels" thing you point out so well...and, being a B.V. myself, my lovely little Muse (and no, she doesn't have a fish tail!) said to me " tell that sweet cipher..Of course! How else am I TO GET IN?"
    Love ya man, Guitardave.

  22. The Eagles band have been in the news lately, about lawsuits and an upcoming tour. The 70s are still causing damage.

    1. A few months ago on a blind was posted about 70s rock band scandal that was going to be refreshed.

    2. & 'The Eagles' 'Journey of the Sorcerer' was used as the title music for 'The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy', I did see something the past week or so reeeeeeeeeee: some claims about Don Henley but didn't look into It & haven't seen anything else about It since.

  23. Amazon Go opened in Seattle. It's really just a high tech automat, but wouldn't you know it the staff on hand at the big opening were wearing orange. For visibility, no?

  24. Lot of stories about the steep, accelerating slide in the NFL's ratings, too. Liberals are tuning out because of the concussions and general brutality of the sport, conservatives are pissed at Kapernick, cord-cutters in general are increasingly interested in a wider variety of subcultures... The mass effect of the Superbowl on the public's imagination is smaller than it's been in years.

  25. The Aztecs ripped teen age boy's hearts as sacrifice to their gods, Americans sacrifice teen age boy's brains to the god football. Progress.

    1. Yes as did the Mayans; brutal blood sacrificial rites to 'dark gods' whom FEED on this shit.
      But many cultures engaged in human sacrificial ritual/rites; it is still being done today.
      So the big question here is this; Are these 'gods' Philadelphia's 'EAgles', or Tom Brady's 'Baphomets'?


    Probably nothing but they went out of the way to mention the full moon in the title of the article. Meeting of the celestial celebrities by mere chance?

  27. Great post again Chris. Can’t wait to here your thoughts about the sinkhole in FRASER, Michigan. And Justin Timberlake is a dead man.. I imagine he will be sacrificied at the halftime show-in a glorious siren fashion!

    1. He is a (((()White Man()))) whose star shot was calculated upon the not so hidden figure of michael jackson (the blackman who wanted to be a white woman, or at least attempt to pass as one & who hocus-pocused three children to pass as his own), that jt's last super bowl appearance included janet jackson bearing a nipple occluded breast surely adds to the ticking-tock of Saturn's Scythe on his headlining of the big league in these #Time'sUp times, not that any revelation of his personal involvement with (other) sexual abuse would add to the hashtagalypse though as the avatar of timberlake has served as recruiter to reinforce a model of aspiration that can only come into being through the chanelling of youth & youthful energies into an anti-human enterprise which the superficialities of the showbiz life hide like the modesty of hastaggers on the red carpet.

  28. Explosive devices in Lake Wales turned out to be 2 marine flares. Drunk rednecks be my guess.

  29. English: in most cases of French origin (see Duval 1), taken to England by a Huguenot refugee from Rouen. It may also be from a pet form of an Old English female personal name, Dufe, meaning ‘dove’. According to Black, this is also found as a Swedish variant of Scottish McDougall.

  30. Kurt Russell Was the Pilot Who Reported the Phoenix Lights

    Kurt Russell discloses live on BBC that he was the pilot. That puts a spin on the Escape from New York plane landing scene on top of the Twin Towers.

    That clip must be one of the oddest moments on TV.

  31. Duval = dove
    Ha! speaking of drunk rednecks, many a caucasoid Jag fan were taken aback by the rise of the Duuuuval meme during the recent playoff run, "where did that come from?"
    Hey, Christian, flip that visor around and check out the Urban Dictionary for "da bangem".

  32. Yes, Jacksonville, "it's anything but ordinary"
    The history of the First Coast is quite the bloody battle of ideologies; why else would the sleepy town of Cowford change its name to honor our 7th Prez:

  33. I first saw the term "NFLim" in an email exchange with the author William Henry back in the Nineties after light-heartedly mentioning the significance of the names of the then two new franchises: Jaguars and Titans. At the time I thought it was just clever word-smithing.

    Last year, after yet another miraculous Brady-led comeback victory in the Super Bowl (over the Falcons), I cleverly coined the term "witchKraft" when congratulating some Patriots fans up in Mass.

    This year, as a long time reader of Secret Sun, drawn by the chants of Duuuval!, I joined the Jags fans in my living room to watch the 4th quarter of the Jags-Patriots game, only to keep repeating, "Too much time, Brady will bring them back." Of course he did, as per usual.

    Which brought to mind again the term "witchKraft," so I had to google it and was rewarded with this reminder of our own native son of "Tebow-time" fame:

    It's still a mystery as to why the Jags never selected TT; was it because of all that tebowing?

  34. Those oracles and their pythons:

  35. I'd have to favour The Patriots chances over the Eagles after reading this news story -
    'Minnesota Vikings' US Bank Stadium features sustainable design, but it has proven deadly for birds'

  36. Duval/Divel/Dibel is Romani for God - Divine.