Saturday, January 20, 2018

Go Home, Alternate Reality Construct. You're Apocalyptic.

I know what you're thinking-- is this a headline from 2009? Sadly, no. 

Yes, under normal circumstances, this nonsense would be as newsworthy as a Paris Hilton sextape but normal circumstances called in sick this year. 2017 is covering for them. 

So if you're still nostalgic for 2017, dig those fidget-spinners and pussy-hats out of the attic because there's loads more 2017 on the way.  

OK, I don't know if you heard, but all of the top pop sensations are getting themselves all woke! since the election. 

And so they're descending from their carbon-bombs private 737s like Olympians to create Twitter-stupid musical manifestos about how horrible the system that made them so obscenely-wealthy is. 

To show just how woke! they are, these superstars hire hundreds of the top producers, designers and CIA mind-control consultants directors to create music videos whose production and promotion budgets combined could literally feed every single homeless person in any decent-sized American city for a year or more. 

We shouldn't blame the pop superstars, though. Most of them have been raised like veal since before they lost their baby teeth. 

They are told exactly what to sing, say and wear every minute of every day. They have literal corporations that need to be kept afloat and scores- if not hundreds-- of people whose livelihoods depend on their continued mega-success.

Now, I've been telling everyone who will listen that this year's Super Bowl and Halftime Show are probably going to be extremely important insofar as messaging is concerned, and Justin Timberlake dropped his new single "Supplies" justin time.  

"Filthy," the previous single, had a Robot Apocalypse theme and so "Supplies" has an apocalypse-Apocalypse theme. Because 2018. 

"Supplies" is filmed by elitist's elitist director David Meyers-- who, shock-of-all-shocks, is a Loyola alumni. Meyers dutifully packs the spot with all kinds of radical-chic imagery in a distinctly MKULTRA-training-film manner.

Like pretty much every other music video these days.

The video even has Justin and his ass-kickin' fake girlfriend stick it to the Ruling Class, man, who are some kind of dumbass Fifth Element rejects. I guess all the Monopoly Man costumes had been rented for the new Coldplay video and they had to improvise.

By the way, Justin Timberlake and David Meyers? You know these pasty-white parasitical Aristocrats your woke! Ronda Rousey here is Nazi-punching? 

That's literally you. 

You do know you are the pasty-white parasitical aristocrats, right? You and pretty much everyone else you know or associate with? You are the Ruling Class.

No, seriously. Look it up.

Anyway, it all blows up into an apocalypse (I guess) and ends with an adorable little moppet channeling this important message from Timberlake and Co.: “Just leave. Die already.”

She's talking to you and me, in case that wasn't eye-stabbingly obvious already. 

What else is new, right?

Anyway, that little camera glitch-out confirms what I had suspected when I heard "Filthy"; someone in Timberlake's camp was poking around on YouTube for cabaret-shows and stumbled upon Cabaret Voltaire, the art-damaged British Industrial-Synthpop pioneers who Nine Inch Nails and Ministry were already plagiarizing over thirty thirty years ago. 

Thus, "Supplies" is rife with mega-budget retreads of the kinds of techno-apocalyptic imagery the Cabs pioneered long before Timberlake was even born.

Even this setpiece here, which some have compared to Bowie in Man Who Fell to Earth...

...strikes me as yet another Cabs rip, in light of the other evidence.

But in a shockingly non-coincidental coincidence, "Supplies" ends in a conspicuously Orange wasteland... identical Twin to the nuked-out Las Vegas of Blade Runner 2049. 

Stop, Justin. This is all too stunningly surprising. I have a heart condition. Please.

Stop. My heart. It can't take the strain.

And in the shocker of all shocking shocks, Timberlake flies the Orange on his new album cover. 

I know, I know; I was just floored when I saw that one too. Wow.

Let's move on before the angina kicks in again.

Proving he is either an Illuminist finger-puppet, Satanic jackanapes or just a pathologically attention-starved cringe-toaster, Marilyn Manson posed himself from the top floor of Mandalay Bay, overlooking the Harvest 91 Festival site.

Oh, Marilyn. Stop. You're too shocking for us, Marilyn. Stop. Please. 

I'm too shocked by your shockingness.

Speaking of Heaven Upside Down, the Vegas sideshow shambles on. 

Lacking a motive after several weeks of wacking off to Furry porn investigation, we're seeing all kinds of Hail Mary's thrown hither and yon, including a possible indictment against a mystery accomplice and the tried-and-true kiddy-porn two-step they shut Paddock's brother up with busted Paddock's brother for. Who happened to be hospitalized at the time. In traction.

I feel for LVMPD Chief Lombardo, I really do. It can't be any fun going along with this charade.

Speaking of blatantly-obvious fallen-angel rituals, you knew this was going to happen, didn't you?

With the ol' Westboro-styled "religious nut" protest seeding the field, they pulled out another trusty ol' monkey-wrench from the toolkit. 

Phylax --or Talos or Satan or whoever the fuck else these amateur-hour chuckleheads are pretending this lifesize Semjaza action-figure here is supposed to be -- was torn from his pedestal by what sounds very much like a military-intelligence special-projects squad (who showed up in a truck and two jeeps-- no, seriously) the other day.

Unfortunately, there were witnesses-- and the Maxwell Smart-level ops guys forgot to gun them down-- so back into the old makeup-chest they went...

...and pulled out the old "Extreme Right" greasepaint. 

One teensy little problem: Greece's extreme right-wingers aren't Westboro-type agents provocateur Christian fanatics but...

...Neopagans. Oops. 

In fact, an Orthodox Metropolitan --or archbishop-- recently went after the Golden Dawn with hammer-and-tongs over their heathen idolatry. Plus, the Metropolitan was quoted as saying, you do know those Golden Dawn pussies like little boys too, right? 

Yeah, they like the little boys a lot, if you get my meaning. They like the little boys all night long.

And how about this beard, eh? Like it? Nice, right? Yeah, before I entered seminary I was in Europe's #1 ZZ Top tribute-band, "The Sharp-Dressed Men." I played Dusty. 

Know what else? I actually had this thing insured back then. No, seriously. True story.  

And there it is: the most 2018 headline I've seen thus far.

The tl;dr here is that Satanists believe that taking one's aggressions out on sex robots will relieve stress and make for a healthier, happier society. Sounds legit.

But I think this is a revised version of an earlier Church of Satan white-paper which recommended that nascent serial killers take out their psychoses on the pets in their neighborhood. The Church claimed that this will help a budding psychopath blow off steam and will curb his appetite for eventually trying his hand at slaughtering humans. 

Satanists. They fucking love science.

Of course, Psychosis is ecumenical, as you all know from this little horror story. 

But I can't help but wonder-- are those children or are they clones? Having grown up in Braintree, I know all about 'Irish twins', but unless these are all twins and triplets I'm having a wee bit of trouble with the age range here.

Reason I ask is that we also found out that the patriarch of this little brood worked for one of the world's top peddlers of mechanized murder, Northrup Grumman.  

God. The shocks. Can my poor heart take any more.

Yeah, that factoid got my attention. Call me crazy but I couldn't help but think of this photo here when scanning through shots of the Turpin clan. 


And this shot here-- where the Turpins are numbered-- and called Things-- doesn't exactly throw me off that scent.

I mean, military-industrial complex, CIA-spawned religious nonsense, weird psychological meltdown-- I mean, this all sounds a bit X-Files to me. 

And just like clockwork, we have a big Heaven or Las Vegas angle to this yarn. 

I mean, seriously-- did any of you out there expect that it wouldn't?

Bonus 2017 bonus: Elvis.

Can't wait for the horrifying exposé on this family and secret MK programs and/or genetic testing that we'll see on The Intercept or AlterNet once no one is paying attention anymore.

EXTRA: The new Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour is up! Raj and I dig into 'This' and 'Plus One' and ask the musical question, "Does the New Season of the X-Files Take Place in an Alternate Reality," 

Timely! Current!


  1. TFW your county is name-checked on The X Files.

  2. Golden Dawn are puppets.

    A real voice being heard over in that area is Aleksandr Dugin.

  3. Chris,I've been looking up a lot of Twin Peaks & Elizabeth Fraser articles lately. I kept seeing the group, Beach House & their lead singer Victoria Legrand mentioned.
    She is the niece of the French composer, Michel Legrand, who is best known for a number of movies from the 1960's on including the original Thomas Crown Affair. The group are considered dream pop & she cites Cocteau Twins as an influence. There is also a music video with Ray Wise. Then I saw this article.
    On the surface, there are a lot of bands influenced by Cocteau Twins, whether we would like to admit it or not," says Raymonde. "That's fine. I can listen to them all, and enjoy them all on a surface level and say, 'Ah, yeah, I recognize that guitar sound.' Or, 'Oh, that's cute, that sounds like one of our old songs.' I can sort of deal on that level."

    However, he notes that the band that he's found most in line with Cocteau Twins' spiritual inheritance, an artist that's signed in the U.K. to his Bella Union label, doesn't follow a similar sonic template.

    "I find it really hard to go to a Beach House concert," he says. "I see the way people look at Victoria [Legrand]. It's like I'm revisiting what it was like to see a sea of thousands of faces look at Elizabeth, just madly in love with her.... I think it's really emotional, their music. I can't say I ever felt that about our own music. I never cried at our own music, listening back to it, unless I was so frustrated because I couldn't make it sound how I wanted to make it sound. I know that other people did find our music very emotional. Now I kind of understand that better." Beach House "Wishes" Behind the scenes of the Beach House "Wishes" music video shoot, featuring Eric Wareheim. Directed by Jarred Alterman.

  4. Maybe it's just me though the first time I saw a Turpin pic he reminded me of Savile with his ridiculous hair. And nice point on the apparent similar ages of the kids. This looks more like a collection rather than a family.

  5. I JUST watched both Blade Runner 2049 and Millennium seasons 1-3!

    Blade Runner 2049: I started fast-fowarding through it and it was still depressing and boring as f***. Thanks for attempting to ruin the original, Ridley Scott & co. Make a sequel to Gladiator next, you've got nothing else left.

    Millennium seasons 1-3: More prophetic now than ever, 20 years later. S2 episodes "Owls" and "Roosters" feel like a backstage pass to the Hillary/Trump occult bulls**t parade. And how disturbing is it that X-Files S10 ended the exact same way Millennium S2 ended, with a plague-apocalypse manufactured by a secret elite to depopulate the Earth?

    1. Do *not* fast-forward through any movie that you suspect has occult themes. I know everybody nowadays think they can absorb information in bite-sized chunks and still "get it". Sorry, it doesn't work like that. If you decide you don't like Blade Runner 2049, fair enough. Stop watching it. But don't think that fast-forwarding to the "good bit", whatever you may think a "good bit" is like, will actually be of much use.

    2. Ridley Scott did not Direct BR2049.Blade Runner Director Dennis Villeneuve announced his next project will be a remake of "DUNE" described as 'Star Wars for Adults.JT "Man in the Woods" syncs back to the Beauty and the Beast / Wild Man story.

  6. Maybe I'm just crazy but that video for "Supplies" strongly reminds me of the movie "The Ninth Gate" with Justin playing the Johnny Depp role. In the movie the mystery woman who was kicking ass turned out to be Lucifer and I see a strong correlation with the woman in this video. She is the one in red and black driving the Jeep/Hummer, she sits in the red throne/chair holding a sceptre, she sets the pyramid on fire, and she consummates her relationship with Justin in a ball of fire and sparks. I think they ripped of the movie when doing this video, they weren't subtle about it.

  7. I also found his other new single titled ''Filthy'' very apocalyptic. The video portrays JT as a steve jobs type character and he introduced not the Iphone (which has caused huge problems to developing children) but an Orange robot that dances. The video ends with JT (HUMANITY) disappearing....

    I also heard him say the word the ''Beast'' which freaked me out abit since our lady rides on a beast.

  8. Millennials just want everyone older than them so they can take over. But you can't bill this as social justice as it would just really be the largest generational transfer of wealth and privilege in history. Maybe they will get their own president who tells them the obvious lies they want to hear. After they will have a big party with some black female pop star throwing a concert but that's about as radical as you can expect from these hyper conformists consumers. Eh.

    1. FYI, Others noted a similar wealth transfer (even the same "largest generational transfer of wealth" language was used by reporters) in the late 90s from the Boomers to their kids (iirc). In my cynicism I mentioned to friends that "if you think Wall Street doesn't have it's eye on that money you don't know Wall Street." Sadly I had no idea how they would pull it off (draining home equity and recapturing the price rises after foreclosure) and was caught up in the wreckage like many many others. So...if you're seeing something similar we should all beware. Vampires don't stop until they're stopped.

    2. When the world is ending, it is every missionary's duty to asset strip all and everything, diverting proceeds to the mission, but with such extraction moderated below the threshold of rousing the masses into revolution.

      It is at this point, with money being ephemeral, that you don't 'follow the money', but follow the buildings (no, not skyscrapers).

    3. Millennials... I don't see how things can get much worse in terms of moral consciousness. Anchor-less, heart-less, robotic and completely alienated from other humans.

      We Gen Xers mostly just WANT to assume that deep down, there is goodness and decency in everyone. Boy, how wrong I am often proven. The Islamic vision of Agog and Magog - essentially, Satan's children flooding the world in the End Times - seems so much closer to mark.

    4. Saw an incredible story in a Czech newspaper today. A 21yo Czech girl got arrested at an airport in Pakistan for acting as a drug courier. But wait; that wasn't the story... The real story had to do with every last one of her BFFs back in Europe basically telling the media, "this is how much $$$ it's gonna cost you to speak to me"; going on Instagram en masse; and just milking their accidental 15 minutes of reflected fame in every conceivable and inconceivable way. Their friend who's meanwhile languishing in a Pakistani jail? Owh... Her...

  9. Chris,

    There is NO WAY any of those kids are over 20 or even 18 in that wedding vows photo. No way! Add to that the fact the photo is just from 2 years ago and it still comes up way short of the 'oldest was 29' baloney. Malnutrition would have made them look scrawny as all get out and if, as we are supposed to believe, some were in their late teens or into their 20s, again, how the hell would lack of nutrition shrink them down into the Munchkins of OZ in 1 to 2 years? I also saw some reports with witnesses saying the kids were marched around late at night on the 2nd floor in front of the windows. The problem there? IT'S A 1-STORY HOME!!!! Then pictures show 4 - count 'em - 4 vehicles in the driveway. Assuming a couple aren't press or police who was driving these other cars if the kids weren't allowed to go anywhere? Then again, I guess if the TV newscaster a.k.a. The Great and Powerful OZ decrees all is as it really is than it is so, right?

    I gotta say, the dumbing-down of society is totally complete as the the cover stories get weaker and weaker with each new 'event' that occurs and the public contests squat. Critical thinking and opinion are now an archaic, ancient concept that may one day be unearthed long after our society crumbles.

    It's funny in a way. You're right in that the dawn of the millennium changed our world forever. 9/11 - being a Roman numerical symbol for Saturn - ushered in the age of fear for the god that was known to reign by it. Naturally, being a tribal species people in every nation huddled tighter together and embraced anything which tightened them even more so a la smartphones, social media, etc. Now, with so much information and communication at our fingertips that tightness seems to be causing extreme anger as everyone is on a cause for the slightest issue (some are good, some are bad, and most are just....why?) and everyone is steadily getting at each other's throats more and more. The sheep are getting annoyed with each other and see the oncoming cliff, but the circling shepherd dogs just won't ease up on them.

    It's almost seeming like - why worry about WWIII when the Event Horizon is finally in sight and the T.P.T.B. can get the populations to rip each other apart on their own?

    1. Watched S2E2 of the original Twin Peaks tonight. What a brilliantly truthful depiction of the child abuse ecosystem - complete with piano lessons and little girls who do really well in school.

  10. Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth...a slip i make all the time. Peace CLK ✌

  11. Milleniumistic is the right word. These two were top graduates from Lucy Butler’s School With No View. Makes me wish their love was still blue and not so terribly orange.

  12. They're framing this whole Timberlake thing as a "return to his outdoorsy roots," as if he was just a regular Huck Finn building forts in the woods in between stints as a dancing Disney monkey.

    He's feeding people fried crickets at his shows.

    Bringing sexy back to the future primitive.

    The ads promoting the Super Bowl feature NFL stars roasting meat over campfires in a frigid wilderness, clad in rough animal skins, questing their way towards USBANK Stadium. It's ostensibly Game of Thrones, but then the last season of Game of Thrones ended with an apocalypse of its own. And all the players in the ads are African-American. "Sorry, guys. It was fun watching you all these years, but we've got to be going. If it's any consolation, you running backs should be able to tackle a deer, maybe even an elk, if you can drive it into a deep enough ash heap. Best of luck!"

    If the Vikes and the Pats make it to the big game, and the Vikes win... well, then we'd have a horn-headed underdog overthrowing the GOAT's dynasty. An underdog that's been waiting a long, long time. What a cathartic coincidence that would be. On the flip side, if the Pats win, you could take it as a re-assertion of the old authority. Assuming they both make it there, of course. But I smell a cosmic drama... a twin to the Olympics?

    1. Maybe JT is just getting out in front of this, since I'm sure he got the memo already:

    2. Never mind. The Vikings are finished. Oh Well.

  13. You're going to get blamed for everything that happens no matter what you do, white boy. So why not be the villain these guys don't want to see in the world?

    1. Weaponised-social-justice is the ultimate social-construct-blind inclusionary, project(ed)-guilt must derive from a sense of self-loathing at failing to embody worth, no matter how diva'd as empowering, hence the need to act in ways that doom humanity to oblivion, there's no equality but in death!

    2. I honestly don't get why all those white men panic about possibly ending up dead or worse. Realistically, the very worst that might happen (and it isn't looking very likely at all to me, but let's look at a worse-case-scenario) is that they become an oppressed minority. And oppressed minorities generally don't end up dead or worse. You just have to look around to figure out what happens to oppressed minorities. If you are going to be paranoid, at least be paranoid about something realistic. Like, being given the worst jobs. Don't bother worry about losing whatever you call your identity. Being an oppressed minority does wonders for your collective identity, if nothing else.

    3. that's nonsense in regards to your collective identity.

    4. No, "Maria," I rather don't think we are going to become an oppressed minority.

  14. Its all so blatant & in-your-face-now that Alex Jones looks positively well-adjusted by comparison. I keep thinking back to something you posted a while ago, about how the fringes of society incubate all the weird memes that the mainstream can't handle (at first), & which then migrate towards mainstream acceptance, usually thru art or pop entertainment vectors. & here we are in 2018 with a former vat-grown boy band member in a music video with illuminati & occult symbolism & overt apocalyptic references, the kinds of things being discussed on "Coast to Coast AM" & 20 years ago...

    Plus this weekend, the divisiveness in society feels like its been turned up to 11: govt. shutdown, right vs left, repulicrat vs democan, huge womens marches, including in my neck of the woods; speaking of which--today I saw giant signs in a local shop window display proclaiming that the "future would be female". It even had a mermaid as part of its decor, color me surprised! Yeah, lately, it ALL feels like an op.

    1. 'The Future is Female' is the 'How to Serve Man' for the final decade of humanity.

  15. I really like these recent posts. A little sarcasm and joking around doesn't take away from the topic. When it gets really heady around here my public education fails me. Keep up the great work.

    1. Plastic chemicals contamination oua food and drinking water change genes of males into female

  16. Some further fuel for the current mermaid track:
    Several comments have noted the use of the mermaid tattoo as a sign for pedophilia in Russian prisons.

    Here we have a Dec 12/24/17 article on treating molesters with child sex robots. It also notes the first commercially available sex robot has an option for mermaid scales.

    More intriguing is this paper presented at the international 'Love and Sex with Robots" conference.(This is a serious academic affair the proceedings of which are published by Springer's AI series.)

    "The Cyborg Mermaid (or: How Technè Can Help the Misfits Fit In)"

    Notably it sets forth the idea that mermaids should be a driving symbol for cyborgization. Also that those who are neuroatypical or into kink are part of the human transition to cyborgs.
    If you don't want to read it the papers cited keywords can spell out the general direction.
    Keywords: mermaid; cyborg; more-than-human; practice theory; autism; BDSM; hug machine; pegging

    As speculation for a mega-ritual that may have initiated this mermaid phase I offer this:
    Eve of the Vernal equinox 2011 Operation Odyssey Dawn began the invasion of Libya (2003 Iraq war also began on eve of equinox). 'Operation Mermaid Dawn' 8/20/11 (as Neptune was entering opposition to the sun at the height of the Perseids) began the invasion of Tripoli (known traditionally as the 'Bride of the Sea' or 'Mermaid of the Mediterranean'.
    So we have the heroic falling stars of Perseus, in opposition to Poseidon, liberating the Bride of the Sea from Heiros gamos to the monster Cetus (on northern horizon 8/20/11 Tripoli dawn) in Libya (part of classical Aetheopia, Kingdom of Cepheus.

    1. The strongman was "died" unleashing the flood he warned of, 'fighting age men' by the millions swell to occupy the degenerating 'camp of the saints', one of the solutions offered to the soy-effette'd masses: 'become mermaids so as to transcend'.

    2. This has just reminded me of a couple of things:
      1. The Winter Olympics in South Korea, that by the way have the motto "New horizons", just like the probe that went to Pluto last year, are also happening around the time of the Chinese New Year, which comes close to the time of Mardi Gras this year as well (favorite date of the LGBT community, of course).
      2. The national symbol of Ukraine is a trident, which goes with the Neptune/mermaid theme.

      I don't think it's any coincidence that the two most likely flashpoints for WWIII have good connections with the current never-ending ritual.

  17. re FRASER

    from Guardian article (Jan 19):

    Headless body is not C18th Scottish clan chief, say experts
    Tests show remains were those of woman and not Bonnie Prince Charlie supporter Simon Fraser

    Official accounts maintain the remains of Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat known as the Old Fox, were buried under a chapel floor in the Tower of London after his execution.

    But members of his clan say Fraser’s body was “intercepted” by his supporters and returned to Scotland in a casket.

    The mystery deepened after the discovery of a headless body in a damaged lead casket in Wardlaw Mausoleum in Kirkhill, near Inverness.

    A team led by the British forensic anthropologist Prof Dame Sue Black carried out investigations including DNA testing to determine whether the body was that of Fraser.

    Black, the director of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at the University of Dundee, said: “We can say with absolute certainty that these are not the remains of the Old Fox.

    “The area of the body most indicative of whether remains are male or female is the shape of the pelvis, and two areas of the pelvis in particular. In both areas, these remains were very feminine. There is no way that these were the remains of an 80-year-old 6ft man who suffered from gout and arthritis.

    “We estimate these are the remains of a young woman, probably aged 25-35. We understand that there are some possibilities that she might be a member of the Fraser family, and further DNA testing is being carried out.

    “We simply don’t know what happened to the head, but it may be that it has been taken as a trophy many years ago.”

    Fraser supported Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was defeated at the battle of Culloden in 1746 and sentenced to death for treason against the crown.

  18. Using OnDemand to watch ep 3 of latest season and the programming/advert in the background said' this reality split in to two' as I was cueing it up - just as the show loaded that line was the final piece to be cut off.
    Recall Futurama where they said 'there is only one other parallel universe'.
    Which Fringe claimed as well. Fringe is autobiographical - CLK has some county name check, Fringe uses my literal neighborhood for the climax of one of their eps. The other syncs going in to this are getting absurd. Philip K Dick is rolling in his grave.

  19. The Turpin clan story has already started the predictable culture war maneuver of legislation for direct oversight of home-schools.

  20. Thing about the apocalypse is that it's always just...over... the horizon. That is to say, it's all in the anticipation. And fears about what machines will do to humanity have been around as long as machines have been around. There's no end date either. It's a gradual, ongoing process. So there's really nothing new here, and it won't be over soon.

    1. Oh and and as for the migration of fringe topics into the mainstream, I see that as a symptom of the increasing fracturing and multiplicity of people's sources of information via the internet. The real problem with the mainstream media is the centralization of ownership, now the centralization of concepts. To the contrary, the increasing appropriation of fringe and occult topics is an indication of the mainstream's diminishing relevance over the public's imagination and a desperate but likely doomed attempt to remain relevant in the face of change. In other words: if they're reptilians, they're dinosaurs about to go extinct, not all-powerful puppetmasters.

    2. oops typo: "not the centralization of concepts"

    3. Along your line of thinking, which I share, is the fact that the endless focus in the mainstream culture on "the end of humanity" is really just a projection of what the power structure is reckoning with.


    4. Agreed, and I suspect that a lot of the topics discussed here represent signs of a mainstream which is losing the battle for control, not winning it--so for the cause of the liberation of humanity this should be a reason for hope, not fear.

      (That's me from above btw, adopting a nickname though not a terribly creative one I know)

    5. Agreed on the hope not fear. While there is reason to be concerned about irrational acts, the general level of incompetence all around (crapification as I call it) will presumably mitigate the damage they can do inadvertently or otherwise.

      And CRISPR has an ironic bright side despite its potential horrors given how it sounds like the ultimate bio-weapon against a very genetically inbred group of people. If the various theories of the true "hidden hand" are correct the handing over of such a weapon to potential enemies is rather remarkable. Either that or someone already knows it doesn't work as advertised.

  21. And this year Justin Timberlake gets to celebrate his birthday on the Super Blue/Blood Moon eclipse on January 31st.
    He'll be able to invite all of his Blue Blood friends to his little shin-dig.
    Everything seems to be lining up for Justin in the heavens for 2018 it seems.

    1. Born: January 31, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

  22. How about the insipid Illuminti Taco Bell commercial?!! SOme half bright dingdong must have gon hrough one of richar Belzer's books on conspiracy theories and fed it all into a sript generating algo! Very similar to so many of the 'artsy' an 'edgy' and 'provocative' uses o such occult imagery in pop music an sports - will these totems lose their poer through saturative over exposure?

    1. It provoked, or fed, Charlie Daniels, of the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” fame, to state:

      'The illuminati is not a frivolous subject'

      to much snarking from the msm & realworlders

      'MSN reported that Taco Bell had not yet responded to its request for comment on Daniels’ tweet, “possibly because they’re awaiting guidance on a response from the Lizard People who control the Pentagon.”'

      nevertheless the statement was given much amplification.

      Speaking of Illuminist/NWO/MKUltra/revelation of the method predictive programming I noticed earlier that oprah's network is named 'OWN', nop need for a run on the presidency then.

  23. Here are the articles I found when I was looking up Twin Peaks & Elizabeth Fraser.
    I've always thought it was kind of fitting I first really got into Cocteau Twins after finishing David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks. Perhaps it's because the tone of their music so closely matches the tone of that series. It's alternately dark and heavenly, making beauty out of the purgatory we most often call the planet earth.

    Like Twin Peaks, Cocteau Twins always feels too off-kilter to be familiar and too comforting to be foreboding. Cocteau Twins never so much mapped out a new sound as they did use a sonic palate that was limitless and infinite. They paint with the kind of colors that fall outside the spectrum we're used to and make us feel like we're reaching beyond ourselves into some transcendent mystery. At the center of their music is Robin Guthrie's eternal and effects-laden guitar work and Elizabeth Fraser's angelic, delicate and difficult-to-understand vocal style. Together, they created music as vast and awesome as a stormy ocean and as bizarrely meaningful as the night sky's constellations. There are songs on the first couple records which sound so foreboding that they could've been played with the tentacles of Cthulhu but by the time you get to albums such as Treasure or Heaven or Las Vegas, they're coming up with tracks which would inspire Kevin Shields, Robert Smith, and God himself alike. The Twin Peaks Sound Has Influenced Everyone From Kanye West to Beach House May 17 2017
    That was another great podcast with both of you.

  24. I think it is rather ironic that Timberlake plays the lifeguard in Woody Allen's latest movie 'Wonder Wheel', where the official story-line summary on the movie's IMDB page is -
    "On Coney Island in the 1950s, a lifeguard tells the story of a middle-aged carousel operator, his beleaguered wife, and the visitor who turns their lives upside-down."
    It also stars Kate (Titanic) Winslet as his love fixation.
    She who survived the sinking ship while Leo was lost to the deep blue of the cold ocean.
    And it's even more ironic that after starring in this Woody/Timberlake production that he turns up at the GGs wearing a "Times Up" pin.
    Maybe his idea of "Times Up" is a lot different to what the movement's idea of "Times Up" is ;-)

    1. When #Time'sUp has OWN herself say how It is the message is clear: 'nevermind obscenity & degeneracy here's WOKE'd revisionist movie after movie etc. to act as reparation' #YesSheCan even though #SheKnew

      & oprah's been defending woody the past week, that mudslide must have got to her more than she let on.

      Mixed signals always ac to twist the knife & the damaged the entertainment industry make use of are so deep in It & so far gone they believe they're righteous even as they further perversion to It's ultimate degenerate end.

    2. I don't know if it's true for other parts of the world, but to have a "woody" is slang for having an erection.
      So Woody seems to have a name that suits him ironically enough :-)
      And I like Oprah BTW.
      She would get my vote over Donald Dick/Duck any day.
      So maybe you're lucky I can't vote in the next election.

    3. Katt Williams, in his 'American Hustle: The Movie', had this to say about the saviour:

      “Oprah, you already own everything else, don’t take “ni**a” from us!”

      '**' from sourced article:

      which also goes onto say:

      'American Hustle will straight up molest your funny bone'

      there's no saving there then, all within the pop-cullt sphere is degenerate.

    4. Katt's just being Katty.
      I spent an evening with Oprah when she came to my hometown about a year ago and she is as down to earth as you will ever get.
      Trump on the other hand I wouldn't go see if he paid me to.

  25. 'These humanoids will be constructed as realistically as possible'

    So, actual human beings then, decades of pop-ocullt programming will be alchemically married with pervert-technologies and perfected mind-wipe methods to make sodom & gomorrah seem pure by comparison, perhaps this is what It's all about - ratchet up & facilitate obscenity to such an all pervasive degree that the only solution is to tabula rasa & not just for 'the greater good' but for 'good' to be possible at all? (At least that could be how the enema would be sold)

    Northrop is mentioned in this article towards the end:

    'A successor to the iconic SR-71 Blackbird could cruise at speeds near Mach 6—but is it a real plane or a pipe dream?'

    As for 'The X-Files' discussion examining alt-verse possibilities & twinning, the series had a twin all It's own back in 1996, 'Dark Skies', & It was pure Mythology, at least from what I recall.

    1. 'These humanoids will be constructed as realistically as possible'
      Has anyone ever considered that this above statement HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE; US!
      But TPTB need better 'meat sacks' to plant their sick ass 'minds' into, and for their vegan/fallen angel 'masters' of course.
      And they will jack US for THEM as well.
      A well known Native American Elder taught me years ago about the 'Destroyer'; a celestial event causing an MEE.
      I guess when TPTB head for their pimp DUMBS we should head for the hills. (wont matter at that point)

  26. Holy crap. Listening to Cabaret Voltaire for the first time...blown away by how much NIN sounds like them.

  27. Man oh man, Marilyn and Justin - so *eyes getting heavy* so *yawn* zeitgeist-y *passes out into a pool of drool*...I can't *snoring loudly* believe they went there...

    I mean, it gives me nostalgia for the ~subtle~ "illuminati™" provocations of Jay-Z, Rihanna or Lady Gaga from a decade ago. At least that LARPing was from a 'teehee, we're all in a secret society' perspective. That was AUTHENTIC man - not like the Illuminati™ LARPing of today - 2009s Illumnati™ LARPing had soul...which it promptly sold to satan.

    What really sicks out to me, though, is that within all this creaky Taco Bell secret society cringe, they've HEAVILY rolled out the newest viral-clickbait-agiprop - "Alt-Right" (scare quotes!) baiting. They very obviously want that sweet, sweet outrage promo from Richard Spencer types (and hopefully much worse) so they can spew articles like "White Nationalist Racist Trump Supremacist Racist Misogynist Racist MEN Hate The New JT Video - So Here Are 345 Reasons You Should F*CKING Love It!!! #theresistance™"

    Also, Justin sitting back while a Whedon-esque super girl - wearing a 'P*ssy Grabs Back™' teeshirt - single-handedly takes down the system (before Justin rewards her by making love to her in a circle of fire) seems market-tested to perfection to provoke each side of the raging battle of the sexes.

    BUT the saddest and most exploitative tell that they're attempting to provoke 'alt-right™' rage is that adorable muppet at the end telling us to "just die already". She's obviously mixed race (as are the other the other child...survivors?) and it's an OBVIOUS spin on the 'white people are going extinct / everyone will be mixed by 2050' meme that provocateurs on the far left and right love to screech about (from differing viewpoints). The fact that they're exploiting that little girl - who has ZERO context for what they're making her say - to try and nab an 'internet outrage cyle' or two by attempting to provoke racial tension is the actual 'most 2018 thing' about this whole video. Honestly, I'd say this kind of shit is the true satanism - division and anger via child exploitation. Like, damn...the nerve of these people...

    Thank God(s), then, that this zeitgeist-y wannabe provocative video has seemingly been passed over by the real zeitgeist. It's racked up 4.5 million views in 2 days, which is...not great for a JT video and especially one trying SO HARD to get attention ("maybe Trump will diss and retweet us!!!! yiiiiiii!"). Even 'Filthy' has only managed a relatively meager 30 million after 2 weeks. For comparison, Bruno Mars also released a video 2 weeks ago ....and despite the song being from a year+ old album and sounding like a mediocre early 90s filler track AND having a video that looks like its entire budget was equal to a single shot from JTs - it's racked up 104 million views.

    Turns out, in media-induced stressful times people want their popstars making pop they can actually ENJOY. Dumb fun to listen in the car or at the gym. Katy Perry's 'WOKE' phase pretty much halted her career. JTs 'WOKE/APOCALYPSE' phase looks to be the final nail in the coffin as his youthful looks have all but faded. All he needed was a simple retro ripoff like Bruno and he'd be ROLLING in views....but like you've been saying, Chris...that's probably not what he and the people who fund all this are going for.

    Too bad for them, the public at large seems indifferent.

    That Super Bowl Halftime Show will be a doozy, though...I have no doubt...

    1. $10 bucks sez JT gets a residency gig in Las Vegas within the next year. He has served his masters well…

    2. 'Whites' cannot be WOKE It's a genetically inherent impossibility embodied by 'White Privilege', Timberlake's always tired re-tread of michael jackson, curtis mayfield etc always set him up to 'just leave, die already', & btw 'Demographics are destiny'.

    3. 'Transgenics the coming demographic'.

    4. Gen Y + Fast Food + msm news / social media complex = Idiocracy

    5. I bet that capitalist swine JT or his minions read this blog. Hey JT, mixed race kids aren't a new concept, you people already can't handle it. Remember Becky with the Good Hair from your Mouse Club era? I do.

  28. Yeah, the Cabs used to have banks of TV sets in their live shows.

    1. FWIW, Laurie Anderson has also been a pioneer of TV monitors onstage for many many years. In way, she was doing multi-media agit-prop long before regular musicians got sucked in. And she seemed to do it willingly.

  29. Banks of tv sets? The Architect or father of The Matrix

  30. Your suspicions seem well-founded seeing the family history in more detail here (first half only, the rest is an old pasteup)

    And on the subject of evolution this is an excellent look at the latest understandings (and resistance to them). It's kinda tl;dr so the summary is this: evolution is not just natural selection over generations, it can be within a single generation via epigenetics. Some might even say we are no longer in a survival of the fittest contest, we are in a "mess with the parents and see what kind of "evolved" kids we can quickly produce" stage of evolution. Sounds kinda like MK. Anyway, here ya go

    “Predators reclaim their ocean” and “vicious” is an adjective they use to describe their show.
    Lovely. Can we go back to the cutesy aquatic matriarchal hipogriffs of My Little Pony 2017 Movie? At least they’re fighting with the mean ol goat horned god.
    Not sure what to make of this semiotic soup force fed to us but I’m drilling holes in my spoon and looking for some absinthe...and the name of the star that fell was wormwood.

    1. Wormwood; the name of the 'fallen angel' (star) that brings plagues to earth.
      Please notice these are names of DEMONS.
      It has bee said that there are actually no demons; they are 'angels' whom 'fell' (lost their 'grace')
      This can be seen alchemically; a lowering of frequency therefore form, like 'light' back to 'sound'.
      And just what is in the 'middle' of this; US!
      The 'talking monkeys'.
      But do humans really come from monkeys?
      I think not.
      Perhaps 'we' are an attempted 'synthesis' of 'angel/demon'?
      And the 'second war' in 'heaven'?

  32. The musician Seal said Oprah has been part of the problem for decades.After that an old incident came up and Seal is now being investigated for sexual battery from 2016.

  33. So, heres a short video. Normally videos like this are about like picking up a copy of the weekly world news was for me in the late 90s. But this one caught my attention. Twins/clones and mkultra type glitches. The twins/clones part starts midway through.

  34. Back in the early 80s there was a rumor about how the smurfs were an evil ploy to make children used to see blue beings among us and accept them as normal. Back then I thought it was ridiculous but lately it has come back to bother me, not just for the blue beings but because it was the first time I heard about a manipulation/normalization program being conducted.

  35. Slightly off topic for this particular post but in keeping with the wider themes of the blog of late: I've been re-reading Paul Morley's 1986 book of interviews with musicians, Ask: The Chatter of Pop recently; in it he describes the Cocteau Twins as 'fragile water babies'.

  36. Jodi Benson who voiced Ariel for disney was born on 10/10 19/61 😨 hows that for twinning..? 👭

  37. Chris, I listened to the latest Higherside Chats podcast. You are so good at connecting dots and explaining them. I've recently started reading Gordon's "Star.Ships" and I agree it helps to make sense of so much of what you have been writing about over the last year.


    Making plain the Tophet of Gehenna.

  39. I think you'll enjoy this: American Satan | Faust and Selling your Soul to the Devil ▶️️

  40. The apocalypse seems like its manifesting in the zeitgeist through the collective unconscious. Or maybe its all orchestrated.
    You know i think this is kind of obamas fault. He didnt bring hope and change. It was just the same shit but also he took your money and gave it to the banks and society turned into a fun house mirror version of itself filled with tribalistc outrage.
    I think that is inherit of how nihilistic society has become. People arent hoping for some sort of miracle.
    They are hoping the world ends.


    Of course it would suck having to scavenge for food, fight other people. But you wouldn't have to go to your day job...
    There wouldn't be hoards of left wingers moral policing everyone about being PC.
    There wouldn't be nazis.
    There wouldnt be a lying media.
    It would be simple.

    I read some article that hypothesized that the individualism of the the post 60's era is over. Rather that we have entered the age of the crowd. Social media. People get it trending. Tell them you are mad at the Illuminati taco bell....

    I think americans are exhausted.

    Ive been listening to this tom waits song. Its perfect.

    1. "I think americans are exhausted." Yet they sem to have plenty of energy to invade and bomb dozens of countries at a time.
      "'You know i think this is kind of obamas fault." Yeah, sure, all the others before were innocent babies. Keep up the faith.



    This story on the cover of my local papertoday. The second photo in the slideshow at the top of the page is of the deceased as a young child in the Dahmer/Podesta "arch of hysteria" pose


  44. Jung called it the collective unconscious. We know it better as high strangeness.

  45. Dude, if you're seriously watching Justin Timberlake videos, you'd better be real damn careful. Honestly, if you need a hobby, take up glue huffing or maybe freebasing. You'll kill less brain cells that way. Personally, I'd rather mike a woodchipper through a Marshall stack than listen to Justin warble anything. Ever. So, you'll have to excuse me if I don't tune into Justin TV for the full effect. I'll just have to take your word for it on this one.

  46. Conspiratainment and entertainment are in it together. You can't make a pop culture artifact without throwing in an "illuminati pyramid" to intrigue and mystify the morons. It's just so boring.