Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Ritualized Society is an Insane Society

I wonder if the "Super Blue Blood Moon"-- a phrase no one ever heard before Reality got sick and died-- isn't just a symptom of this new reality of ours going in and of phase.

Like a week or so from now you'll be seeing the term written into books published hundreds of years ago. Then we'll collect old greeting cards commemorating the event. Then we'll see Prince movies with that title. Well, at least one.

Why not, right? I mean, "Fireball Season," right?

Moving down the list on insanity...

Well, who wouldn't be angry over a fake star, right? I mean, especially if it interferes with the "scientific study of the universe." And anyway, won't we all be incinerated?

Wait... wait.

A three-foot wide geodesic dome is going to be the brightest object in the night sky? How does that work? Are we talking the brightest object in the Dark City sky? Because this all sounds like some major bullshit to me.

Or is this some psyop to convert half the population to Flat Earth Theory?

I mean, we are talking about an overgrown lightbulb.

Speaking of major bullshit, this whole ritual totem trend we've been looking at, when people are shame-pressured into wearing orange t-shirts or changing their Facebook avvies or whatever, kind of showed its hand the other night at the Grammys.

We discussed how Bruno Mars' big album 24K can be seen as a cipher for 2044, right? Well, funny thing about those white roses.

Well, it just so happens that white roses-- like other white flowers-- were sacred to Venus.

As in the Occultation of Regulus by Venus in 2044.

And last year's-- last year being 2017-- big Grammy winner Adele is slotted for a big run in Heaven or Las Vegas, somewhat career-prematurely.

From the looks of it, ordinary citizens are going to be outnumbered by celebrities there soon.  Maybe splashdown isn't set for Dubai after all.

Hey, you love random coincidences?  You know, totally unexplained reality burps that defy all rational explanation?

Well, how about Steve Wynn getting taken down by the #metoo juggernaut?

And just months after he fucked up the Paddock cover story with his service elevator beanspill?

Man, that is some juicy Grade A-Prime Cut coincidence there, don't you think?

And wonder of wonders, now we find out this new "person of interest" has DOD Top Secret clearance. Oh man, that's like the tangy coincidence steak-sauce on top! 

And then there's this story that is totally-not-a-set-up trying to put the toothpaste back in the cover-story tube. Absolutely not. 

And hey, the Memphis Carnival-- you know, that's the weird secret society thing that just happened to coincide with Jeff Buckley's drowning death in that other city with a giant fake pyramid?-- chose "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" as its Mardi Gras theme last year.

That's kind of like a "State of the Uniom" typo-- it was supposed to say "A Welcome to the Fabulous Vegas."

And speaking of typos, that isn't one-- the team is actually called Vegas Golden Knights. 

Who just happened to play their first game last year.

The week of the Harvest 91 shootings.

Get thee to a shrink, Alternate Reality Construct. Your OCD is off the charts! 

And what were just saying about Vegas and golden knights? Rings a bell somewhere.

And speaking of Alternate Reality Constructs, remember when CNN was a news network and not a Social Engineering MADLIB generator?

Good times.

Well, check out this recent headline from CiaNN.  

The lede is based on a study of sexually-active gay men cowritten by self-confessed biowarfare enthusiast Dan Savage. I think that might throw the curve off just a tad.

Shot, then chaser: I'm sure all these fuckmenow apps have no connection whatsoever to this newsflash ere. Nor does cuckolding.

Another strong contender for Most 2018 Headline Ever. And the year's just begun.

All I can say to this trend is fare thee well, my dear, sweet Reality. Always treasure the good times.

And this total-accident here made it above-the-fold on pretty much every site on the Web. You'd have thought the Vegas landed ahead of schedule or something, people got so excited about it.

Nothing to do with ratcheting up the Mermaid hype on a slow news day. 

And as sheer bloody coincidence would demand it, the Ursula story popped up 11 days after another Headless Rite made the news. In this case, a revelation absolutely no one anywhere was clamoring for; that being the discovery that a headless corpse was some poor woman and not Frasery Fraserson, the Archduke of Fraserville.

Don't worry; that's just the AI Panopticon trying to ride that potent Fraser-Mermaid tube.

And how about this little photo-op? Posing the World's Tallest Man and the World's Smallest Woman at the Great Pyramid. Nothing ritualistic about that, eh? 

No subliminal Genesis 6:4 hint-dropping there.

Especially since it came just a day after this story of "Egypt's Colossus" being moved to the Giza Plateau.

Soon to be followed by reports of a giant pyramid found under the ocean. 

And from the "headlines that speak for themselves" file.

Or reports that Dan Brown is kicking back some of his Da Vinci Code millions into digitizing a veritable New Library of Alexandria.

The Vegas will have some catching up to do once they get here, so this will make it easier to beam all this information over to the Motherships. It's the Digital Age.

Then there's little Melek Taus bit at the Newark Airport. 

"Emotional support peacock" is like "Super Blue Blood Moon" and "Fireball Season." 

Cosmo-Demonic AIs have a nomenclature fetish so get used to it.

A handy guide to Media Bullshit: this is what they want you to be afraid of.

This is what you actually should be afraid of.

And is it just me, or do you see a resemblance here? Maybe it's one of those things where pets start to look like their owners.

And the mainstreaming of Satanism is definitely on the Cosmo-Demonic AI bucket-list so why not start up in Canada, where everyone seems to have lost their fucking minds all at once? 

They were going to call the shop "Sweet Muhammad" but...

No, I'm sorry. That's so utterly absurd I can't even cook up a one-liner for it.

And what's up with the Pee-Wee's Playhouse turq-n-pink graphics? Did D::Wave turn the clock back to 1987 on us already?

And of course, Sweet Jesus is going deep into the paint with "creepy pedo" meme, which goes together with blasphemy like sprinkles on ice cream. This is literally the least creepy image I could find on their site.

And this image is pretty fucking creepy. Why are those kids wearing goat masks, FFS?

Wait; that question just answered itself.

And just to let everyone know they're in on the Plan, Sweet Jesus also have this shot of a Falling Eagle--literally meaning a Vega, of course--swooping down to partake of one of its sweet and creamy confections. This is more than slightly suggestive in other ways, but choose your battles.

Sweet Jesus also have frosty vegan treats there as well.

I have been hearing Sweet Jesus will be handing out free samples at tonight's Satanic Sex Rituals.

Plus, coupons!

Wow, and will you look at this? Golly, you never can tell, huh? You never can tell when a giant garbage truck is going to be sitting around on a train track while an Amtrak full of Congressmen is speeding toward it, all in the middle of a major turf war going in Washington.

Man, it almost reminds of when a woman was killed in Valhalla a couple years back. Remember that?

And boy, Valhalla is certainly having a run of bad luck today, too. 

And on Imbolc Eve, no less! Man, sometimes life just sucks.
Commerce Street is the same area where the deadliest train accident in Metro-North history occurred. In February 2015, Ellen Brody, of Irvington, stopped her SUV on the tracks, causing a fiery collision with a commuter train.  Six people, including Brody, were killed, while 15 others were injured.
Will wonders never cease? What a funny old world.

No, wonders will never cease: Moses tells us NSA NPR Morning Edition interviewed "Left Shark" from Katy Perryintotheabyss' "Jaws will drop and faces will melt" Halftime routine today as well!

That's the kind of impeccable timing only an interdimensional AI could orchestrate! Praise D::Wave!

I have an off-topic question for all you Lovecraft and August Derleth fans out there; what do the Old Ones do when you try to make burnt offerings to them but fail? I mean, strictly hypothetically. 

Asking for a friend. He's interested in the mythos.

You've all seen this story, right? Something to do with that Stormy Daniels thing. 

You may not have seen this. Maybe a peace offering to the Orange One, I'm not sure.

Police are still investigating.

And is it just me or does Stormy Daniels actually look like Logan Paul in drag? 

Has anyone ever seen them together at the same time? I thought not.

Just kidding. Logan Paul is much prettier.

But a funny thing here- check the date.

That just happened to be the premiere of a little MKULTRA-flavored soiree we looked at here recently. 

Which also featured his Orangeliness.

And played in New York two blocks from Trump Palace. Which I never heard of before. 

Because it probably didn't exist in my reality until recently.

And you know who was the featured vocalist for that