Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Normal Update: Ritual Supplants Reality

I wonder if the "Super Blue Blood Moon"-- a phrase no one ever heard before Reality got sick and died-- isn't just a symptom of this new reality of ours going in and of phase. 

Like a week or so from now you'll be seeing the term written into books published hundreds of years ago. Then we'll collect old greeting cards commemorating the event. Then we'll see Prince movies with that title. Well, at least one.

Why not, right? I mean, "Fireball Season," right?

Moving down the list on insanity...

Well, who wouldn't be angry over a fake star, right? I mean, especially if it interferes with the "scientific study of the universe." And anyway, won't we all be incinerated?

Wait... wait.

A three-foot wide geodesic dome is going to be the brightest object in the night sky? How does that work? Are we talking the brightest object in the Dark City sky? Because this all sounds like some major bullshit to me.

Or is this some psyop to convert half the population to Flat Earth Theory?

I mean, we are talking about an overgrown lightbulb.

Speaking of major bullshit, this whole ritual totem trend we've been looking at, when people are shame-pressured into wearing orange t-shirts or changing their Facebook avvies or whatever, kind of showed its hand the other night at the Grammys.

We discussed how Bruno Mars' big album 24K can be seen as a cipher for 2044, right? Well, funny thing about those white roses.

Well, it just so happens that white roses-- like other white flowers-- were sacred to Venus.

As in the Occultation of Regulus by Venus in 2044.

What do you think of them apples, Elizabethfrasermeme?

And last year's-- last year being 2017-- big Grammy winner Adele is slotted for a big run in Heaven or Las Vegas, somewhat career-prematurely.

From the looks of it, ordinary citizens are going to be outnumbered by celebrities there soon.  Maybe splashdown isn't set for Dubai after all.

Hey, you love random coincidences?  You know, totally unexplained reality burps that defy all rational explanation?

Well, how about Steve Wynn getting taken down by the #metoo juggernaut?

And just months after he fucked up the Paddock cover story with his service elevator beanspill?

Man, that is some juicy Grade A-Prime Cut coincidence there, don't you think?

And wonder of wonders, now we find out this new "person of interest" has DOD Top Secret clearance.

Oh man, that's like the tangy coincidence steak-sauce on top! 

And then there's this story that is totally-not-a-set-up trying to put the toothpaste back in the cover-story tube. Absolutely not. 

What do you think, Elizabethfrasermeme?

And hey, the Memphis Carnival-- you know, that's the weird secret society thing that just happened to coincide with Jeff Buckley's drowning death in that other city with a giant fake pyramid?-- chose "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" as its Mardi Gras theme last year.

That's kind of like a "State of the Uniom" typo-- it was supposed to say "A Welcome to the Fabulous Vegas."

And speaking of typos, that isn't one-- the team is actually called Vegas Golden Knights. 

Who just happened to play their first game last year.

The week of the Harvest 91 shootings.

Get thee to a shrink, Alternate Reality Construct. Your OCD is off the charts! 

And what were just saying about Vegas and golden knights? Rings a bell somewhere.

And speaking of Alternate Reality Constructs, remember when CNN was a news network and not a Social Engineering MADLIB generator?

Good times.

Well, check out this recent headline from CiaNN.  

Oh snap, Elizabethfrasermeme!

She's right; the lede is based on a study of sexually-active gay men cowritten by self-confessed biowarfare enthusiast Dan Savage. I think that might throw the curve off just a tad.

Shot, then chaser: I'm sure all these fuckmenow apps have no connection whatsoever to this newsflash ere. Nor does cuckolding.

Another strong contender for Most 2018 Headline Ever. And the year's just begun.

All I can say to this trend is fare thee well, my dear, sweet Reality. Always treasure the good times.

And this total-accident here made it above-the-fold on pretty much every site on the Web. You'd have thought the Vegas landed ahead of schedule or something, people got so excited about it.

Nothing to do with ratcheting up the Mermaid hype on a slow news day. 

And as sheer bloody coincidence would demand it, the Ursula story popped up 11 days after another Headless Rite made the news. In this case, a revelation absolutely no one anywhere was clamoring for; that being the discovery that a headless corpse was some poor woman and not Frasery Fraserson, the Archduke of Fraserville.

Don't worry; that's just the AI Panopticon trying to ride that potent Fraser-Mermaid tube.

And how about this little photo-op? Posing the World's Tallest Man and the World's Smallest Woman at the Great Pyramid. Nothing ritualistic about that, eh? 

No subliminal Genesis 6:4 hint-dropping there.

Especially since it came just a day after this story of "Egypt's Colossus" being moved to the Giza Plateau.

Soon to be followed by reports of a giant pyramid found under the ocean. 

And from the "headlines that speak for themselves" file.

Or reports that Dan Brown is kicking back some of his Da Vinci Code millions into digitizing a veritable New Library of Alexandria.

The Vegas will have some catching up to do once they get here, so this will make it easier to beam all this information over to the Motherships. It's the Digital Age.

Then there's little Melek Taus bit at the Newark Airport. 

"Emotional support peacock" is like "Super Blue Blood Moon" and "Fireball Season." 

Cosmo-Demonic AIs have a nomenclature fetish so get used to it.

Awful quiet there, Elizabethfrasermeme. What do you make of all this?

A handy guide to Media Bullshit: this is what they want you to be afraid of.

This is what you actually should be afraid of.

And is it just me, or do you see a resemblance here? Maybe it's one of those things where pets start to look like their owners.

And the mainstreaming of Satanism is definitely on the Cosmo-Demonic AI bucket-list so why not start up in Canada, where everyone seems to have lost their fucking minds all at once? 

They were going to call the shop "Sweet Muhammad" but...

No, I'm sorry. That's so utterly absurd I can't even cook up a one-liner for it.

And what's up with the Pee-Wee's Playhouse turq-n-pink graphics? Did D::Wave turn the clock back to 1987 on us already?

And of course, Sweet Jesus is going deep into the paint with "creepy pedo" meme, which goes together with blasphemy like sprinkles on ice cream. This is literally the least creepy image I could find on their site.

And this image is pretty fucking creepy. Why are those kids wearing goat masks, FFS?

Wait; that question just answered itself.

And just to let everyone know they're in on the Plan, Sweet Jesus also have this shot of a Falling Eagle--literally meaning a Vega, of course--swooping down to partake of one of its sweet and creamy confections. This is more than slightly suggestive in other ways, but choose your battles.

Sweet Jesus also have frosty vegan treats there as well.

I have been hearing Sweet Jesus will be handing out free samples at tonight's Satanic Sex Rituals.

Plus, coupons!

Wow, and will you look at this? Golly, you never can tell, huh? You never can tell when a giant garbage truck is going to be sitting around on a train track while an Amtrak full of Congressmen is speeding toward it, all in the middle of a major turf war going in Washington.

Man, it almost reminds of when a woman was killed in Valhalla a couple years back. Remember that?

And boy, Valhalla is certainly having a run of bad luck today, too. 

And on Imbolc Eve, no less! Man, sometimes life just sucks.
Commerce Street is the same area where the deadliest train accident in Metro-North history occurred. In February 2015, Ellen Brody, of Irvington, stopped her SUV on the tracks, causing a fiery collision with a commuter train.  Six people, including Brody, were killed, while 15 others were injured.
Will wonders never cease? What a funny old world.

No, wonders will never cease: Moses tells us NSA NPR Morning Edition interviewed "Left Shark" from Katy Perryintotheabyss' "Jaws will drop and faces will melt" Halftime routine today as well!

That's the kind of impeccable timing only an interdimensional AI could orchestrate! Praise D::Wave!

I have an off-topic question for all you Lovecraft and August Derleth fans out there; what do the Old Ones do when you try to make burnt offerings to them but fail? I mean, strictly hypothetically. 

Asking for a friend. He's interested in the mythos.

You've all seen this story, right? Something to do with that Stormy Daniels thing. 

You may not have seen this. Maybe a peace offering to the Orange One, I'm not sure.

Police are still investigating.

And is it just me or does Stormy Daniels actually look like Logan Paul in drag? 

Has anyone ever seen them together at the same time? 

I thought not.

Just kidding. Logan Paul is much prettier.

But a funny thing here- check the date.

That just happened to be the premiere of a little MKULTRA-flavored soiree we looked at here recently. 

Which also featured his Orangeliness.

And played in New York two blocks from Trump Palace. Which I never heard of before. 

Because it probably didn't exist in my reality until recently.

And you know who was the featured vocalist for that

What do you think of all that, Elizabethfrasermeme?


  1. Today's Political Aftermath... One dead after train carrying GOP lawmakers hits garbage truck / Nashville's Democrat (first female) Mayor admits affair with police bodyguard.

  2. Earlier today, pearly dew drops?

  3. Joe Kennedy is a blue blood, right?

    1. "It's Happening" Something about a MEMO exposing a "secret society" inside the USA government,USA Republican lawmakers and their families in bizarre train wreck while headed to a political retreat (formerly Nuclear Bunker) in West Virginia for a extended visit and the Orange One as you call him has not tweeted in over 24 Hours!

  4. I stopped eating ice cream in the early 90s all of a sudden because it felt there was something wrong with it. An instant phobia of some kind. Maybe it was the creepiness of Baskin Robbins stores, too much pink plastic. A few years later I realized that all the people I knew who ate lots of ice cream were seriously unhinged. Just consider how Howard Hughes loved ice cream, he ate it several times a day for years. No one over ten years old should eat that stuff.

    1. Every US liberal arts college cafeteria has one of those - a freshman girl who eats nothing but desserts and ice cream. Within a year, most of them balloon to 300 lbs, become severely near-sighted and develop such crippling anxiety, their voice is practically inaudible.

    2. Funny you mention that. I know someone who lives in a rural area and had jobs working with teens and young adults. My friend observed a phenomenon of sharp young women intentionally seeking to get pregnant. When asked to explain why an otherwise intelligent young person would make such a decision the answer was always a vague "I just felt like I had to." What made it particularly creepy is that town is flooded with locally made ice cream, presumably using local milk. My friend and I both suspect the milk supply is in some way compromised. It was like being in an XF episode hearing this described to me for the first time given how strongly this phenomenon was emphasized.

    3. The Auticulture blog on Wordpress makes some intriguing links between child abuse and good ol' cookie/biscuit/sweets manufacturers, going back to the 19th century. I didn't make much of it until I recently met someone from a severely screwed-up, multi-generation-abuse elite family who had spent half his life working for United Biscuits.

      There's something really sinister about this whole sugary-foods segment, and clearly ice cream is a big part of that.

    4. "The Stuff" (1985) who likes being a baby cow?

    5. Oh, you mean like The Odious Orange One who brags the HE always gets TWO SCOOPS?? Yeah, that dude is fucked up.

  5. Former NBA player Rasual Butler and his wife, Leah La Belle a former American Idol singer, died "around 2am " today in Los Angeles. "Rasual" means messenger in Arabic. Oh boy. The eclipse hit LA around 2: 52 am. I have to stop reading these things. Or reading into these things. - mabuse the gambler

  6. Today i saw the news about the Voynich manuscript, and AI computer revealed that the lenguage was an old type of hebrew, encripted. But now that they identified the language, they will bring some jew experts to unlock the content of the book.

    1. Every few years the Voynich gets decoded. What a load of trash. Why it is people cant live with mystery? Everything has to be read, filed and stored away. In a time wthere will be another decoding, and so on. Damn.

    2. Why is it people can't live with mystery? What an odd question. It's like asking why people can't just give up on sex, or stop lying to each other, or why they have to cheer when their team wins and the other guys lose. It's called basic human nature. You may wish to change it, but be careful what you wish for.

  7. Chris,

    The shark current continues with a report on NPR this morning, where the dancer who played Left Shark for Katy Perry/Hudson at the Super Bowl Halftime show was interviewed.

    1. The Vegas Golden Knights played the San Jose Sharks on Oct. 1 in their final pre-season game, before their regular season debut against the Dallas Stars (the Old Minnesota NorthStars).

  8. //I mean, we are talking about an overgrown lightbulb.//

    Yeah, except sunlight is really effing bright above the atmosphere. Even a relatively diffuse reflection from any of those panels will look bright on the surface of the earth, relative to a star light years away. This is, er, not rocket science.

    //And is it just me or does Stormy Daniels actually look like Logan Paul in drag? //

    No, she is much prettier. Actually she freaks me out because she could be the slightly older sister of a really sweet woman I fell madly for this year. And then it didn't work out exactly, in part because, um, it turned out she was, well, you know...scooting down to New York City to, you know, hang out with some rich friends and, sorta like, you know, make money for rent and stuff. Naaa...think I can live without. No hard feelings to my "Stormy" friend, who literally can conjure storms. Such are the ways of the inaptly-named, elementally powerful "fairer" sex.

    1. Back in the 60s the americans put a satellite in orbit called echo 1 that did become the brightest thing on the sky by reflecting sun light but it was a huge fkng mylar balloon, about 4 stories high in order to shine bright. So i dont understand how that small thing can do the same. So...

    2. //huge fkng mylar balloon//

      Without a polished faceted surface, its reflection would be a lot more diffuse. From outer space, the sun's reflection from a [flat, not concave] pocket vanity mirror would be visible on a clear night, if only as a brief sparkle, from a hundred miles up.

  9. Good one, Chris...but i'm a bit confused,on the two fugly bald things, you didn't say which one was the pet and which was the owner?....hep me

    one other thing, and this isn't criticism, cause i really do like you and what you do, but i started to have that feeling..something triggering my own very private wound, that with each Liz-meme pic you posted i started getting more and more pissed-off..(I am pretty self aware of my emotions as I've lived my whole life in a hyper-sensitive and hyper-vigilant emotional other words i have learned how to "hold my own kite string", most of the time anyway :-), so i know when,.. i don't know how to explain it, but i know when a feeling is "mine" and when its something "more"( its NOT malevolent either,Chris(tian?), but it has an authority and i mean a REAL, wisdom/knowing/truth kind of authority and it feels VERY feminine, also)...anyway by the end of the post, i (she) blurted out "Chris, its time to FUCKING STOP! Stop using this tragically wounded soul like some kind of teenager with a god damn action figure.."what does action Liz say?"...stop looking at her like shes creepy/ cool/ possessed or whatever the fuck it is your doing. Don't you SEA? WAKE UP! your on the edge at this point, and you need to STOP. STEP OFF NOW, please. Maybe its your "marketing" skills running amok, but your making hay on a victim , a GENUINE VICTIM, of some of the most terrible and sadistic torture a being could endure,let alone a child! GODDAMN IT! STOP! NOW! You need to SEE your putting yourself in a very dangerous place, and I know you know that. Meditate on that last Liz-meme pic, Chris, FEEL it, dammit....look man, I KNOW I'm a fucked-up flake, but i can't look at that woman's face for more than 30 seconds without starting to break down, and it comes from that place that's more than me, OK?. Please try to understand me Mr.Knowles, i'm really starting to wonder if you REALLY understand the forces your dealing with here? Go back and look at her some more after reading this....when i look at her,the longer i look i start to see an 8 yr old girl that just had a ball bat used on her, curled up in a corner violently sobbing, DO YOU SEE? I know you do. My "She" knows you have a good heart, so OPEN it, and stop using this wounded child. "THEY" wounded her for THEIR use,and its time you leave her alone, lest you become like "they". OK? You've been warned. DO NOT let hubris infect you. please! Your plenty talented enough to keep this thing going without having the "fun" of using images of a grown abused child to further your points. Thank you for listening.

    I'm sorry Chris, but she had to speak.i was only a channel tonite, and i really do love you, take care Guitardave.

    1. First of all, Dave, that was a bit of self-parody there, the memes. If you're going to be an OCD basketcase you might as well laugh at it.

      And second of all, I know what you're talking about and I've seen it for a very long time. But let me be very frank here-- you are treating a person like a drug. It's very common in the fandom and I understand it. Her singing is a very powerful anti-depressant and mood elevator. It actually IS a drug, which is why I think you see R&B superstars who weren't even alive during her heyday fall under her spell. Just don't abuse it.

      But you are also robbing a person of their power and agency. A person who is very strong. I would go so far as to say extremely powerful, whether she realizes it or not. I'm not spending all this time trying to explain this to people because I'm trying to form a Liz Fraser fanclub, I'm doing so because she seems to be a lightning rod for so many strange currents. Which sounds absolutely stupid and ridiculous until you look at the evidence.

      It happens and has happened throughout history. People used to take it for granted- in fact, billions still do. Sometimes the gods pick the absolute last person you'd ever expect to move the pieces around the board.

      So instead of lapsing into all this disempowering self-pity why not say- whoa. This is really happening. Maybe there's a lesson for me here. Maybe the world doesn't work the way I've been programmed to believe it does all my life.

    2. To me Fraser voice was more like a downer, after a while I had to quit listening to the C twins because of that. Too sad. I wonder if you ever wrote about another 4ad act, Dead can Dance. They were kind of the anti cocteau twins... - mabuse

    3. re: anon @ 11:03 - i felt it many, many posts ago but did not feel moved to voice it and interfere with his (chris') flow but it seems he missed the point based on his reaction rather than a response tried but it seems she's too shiny of an object to take the awareness away from...thank you anon!

      ps - take this past fraser...get through her already...

    4. Chris, Thank you so much for not deleting "my?" rant, or whatever that was, the fire was lit, and when that happens, its gotta burn till its out.

      I'm a slow typist so this is gonna be painful, but you are mis-reading where i'm coming from. First, I'm not a "fan" of ANYONE you talk about here, or anywhere else. I've never opened or read a comic book in my life, though i have read a LOT of classic sci-fi that the comic writers read. I never even heard of Liz till i heard of you on THC, OK? I just barely remember hearing of the band. I fucking hated 80's overproduced crap and rejected it whole cloth.( I have more recently found some gems from that decade,but i digress) For a long time now I've made a conscience choice NOT to listen to other peoples music, i know you know about songwriters trying to "clear the channel". In the past i know i've thrown away a lot of good tunes, cause "they sound like so-and-so". I have NEVER listened to a Cocteau twins song for more than a half minute. I DO NOT have any desire whatsoever to be infected by whatever it is that Miss Liz channels. ( I guess its gettin pretty obvious that i got my own) Again, I am NOT A Fanatic, i'm an outsider looking in. Am i crazy, mentally ill, isolated? check, check, and huge check, but a fan? No. You could even call me a "hater" if you want, but its just a very harsh but honest inner critic that knows shit when it sees it,including my own. I stopped watching TV a few months ago, and now when i turn it on i get highly agitated before i even hear what the intellectually and spiritually insulting POSs' are trying to sell. I NEVER saw a star wars movie...i was a teenager when it came out, and the way the proles flocked to it turned me off...(also, Lucas wouldn't make a dingle-berry on the the authors asses i read in my youth:-) I haven't been in a movie theater since 1996. And i don't have a mobile phone, either. A real neo-trog. ( new word! steal it!)


    5. There isn't any people you cover here that i have the least bit of interest in, but i do know that's not the point. Tracking the meme machine at this time in history is incredibly important, and your doing a hell of a good job. It would just kill me if your soul got eaten while reporting on the soul eating machine...irony AIN'T fuckin funny, ya know? Its not self-pity Chris, and i could really rip you a new ass for assuming it is, but i can't... rather, i should thank you, as it was a deeply compassionate thing to say to one who you think is "suffering". I know about self-pity my friend, and i know you do too. I'm sure mine expressed itself differently than yours, but its all comes from the same place...and, i think our lady spent more time there than either of us added together, x 10.

      OK, one small glimpse, and this ain't easy to say, ( i so wish i could have a private IRL conversation with you, i have a LOT of observations and ideas you could extrapolate on and use here, but i don't know how to do that( PM you), and i understand you might have reservations meeting a crazy person) but what i wrote up there WAS NOT about me, or self-pity. You want self-pity? That's for wussies. How about some deeply suicidal self-loathing? How about a 40 something 6'-2" tall linebacker, wearing a little black dress with killer nice shaved legs sitting at home alone having a date with a bottle of Makers Mark, a bag of Kush, and a beautiful little black Dan Wesson .357 mag, loaded up with some nice jacketed hollow points...( you know, people have put bullets through their heads and LIVED,so, hollow points are messy, but hey its "All or Nothing" the Scorpio battle cry). Don't worry, i sold the gun 8 years ago, and i haven't had a "date" like that in more than a decade. Self-loathing is a huge thing for the dual Eagle/Lizard thing Scorps have. I know you know that.

      Look at what i wrote,Chris. I did not say to stop watching and reporting on her signals. i also failed to point out that i do understand that she is complicit and responsible in her adult decisions. We can't really know if she may have "made a deal" consciously...that's NOT the point i was trying to make, and not what triggered me(She?). It's true, I REALLY don't like those Meme pics in the first place...the font, the caps, its like a picture is yelling at you....and 99% of them are mean snark and totally un-fucking funny. I'm fine with it if you choose to use them, after all, it's your show here.
      Yes Chris, the truth is she's a mirror that reflects my own shadow, and my own lost innocence, no, STOLEN innocence. Stolen by perverse, soulless motherfuckers who choose the wrong path after their own abuse.

    6. Its NOT self-pity or any kind of "fandom", but it is projection and empathy. Sure, she might have "made a deal" Chris, but I just don't have any way that i can look at her face and not see the deeply wounded innocent child that I and her both ARE. I see her BEFORE the first time her drunk old man punched her, BEFORE she went to wandering the streets looking to ease the pain...I SEE and FEEL the fleetingly brief period of childhood wonder, discovery and joy, smashed and cut short. Try to get past your hypnotic infatuation with her and LOOK at her. I think we both know which one of us is under Miss Liz's spell...yeah,shit, its hitting too close to home again, and it feels like i'm busting your balls, which is NOT my intent here.

      I'm sorry man, just keep doing your thing. I know you won't, and shouldn't, let some really messed-up 57 yr old, broken basket case snowflake tell you what to do. I consider myself very, VERY lucky to have somehow made it through most of my "stuff" with my soul intact. It also left me with something extra i guess, a kind of wounded person radar, a gift from "her", I'm pretty sure you KNOW you what i mean, fever-boy. :-)

      I know your plenty creative enough to get the laugh and your point across without that particular "meme poster" ( more like "mean poster") thing with our Lady's face on it. I have NO problem when you use them on the likes of Katy Perry-o-dontis and Justin Timberfake. There IS a HUGE difference between having something stolen and selling out,and i think we all know that.

      I'm still fucked, but well contained. I relapsed a little last nite, I was lonely and the scotch and bud was out...i put on something nice so i could exhale.(yes, abnormal freak behavior that makes you feel normal. Isn't THAT just fucking grand? Try wrestling that kind of demon sometime and see if THAT don't make you wanna check out)So i was quite relaxed, and since i don't do enough of anything anymore to produce a shitty morning, i checked in here, was delighted to see a new post. I started reading and half way through she had me.
      I re-read what i wrote last nite, this morn, and like always...i was appalled, not as much at what i said but how i said it...the speech patterns aren't mine, i know, its FUCKED-UP!

      If it was a choice, I'd say please let me be, but trying to rid myself of her was what led me to the little "dates" with my three amigos. Turns out there is really only one way to get free, and i'm too old and jaded and awake to let anything like that take me down now. So I let her speak. The trouble she makes is always less than the damage of fighting her. Take it for what its worth, and please, don't shoot the messenger.

      PS: Was that a cut/paste response to some other snowflakes rant? it sure looked like it. Not really applicable in this case, but kind words non-the-less.

      PS; PS: one last thing, for your syncro-enjoyment,

    7. Chris, Self- parody, i get it now. I'm not familiar enough with your own issues and how you deal with them, AND, VERY obviously, keep your feet on the ground much better then I. Funny, i can tell you exactly what the idea of "projecting" means, and i even watch myself to not do it, and still, i'm sorry man..i guess ole C.G. didn't call it "the shadow" for nothing, did he. I'm sure your stuff probably triggers this kind of shit in other people too, so you have to deal with it all the time. I really don't know how you do it, and i'm sorry i added to it. I apologize sincerely. thanks for not posting this mornings craziness...I'll be alright. I'm to old and too broke to get in any real trouble. just gotta stay on top of the wave till it subsides. Thank you,Guitardave 11 16 61

    8. just to drive the point home, the guy who started this thread on Jan 31 11:03 should know that by reducing Elizabeth Fraser to a poster-girl for sexual abuse (or even an all-purpose "tortured artist" symbol) is at best dumb, at worst insulting. Especially since he was using the child-in-an-adult'-body rhetoric which is itself the classic tactic of those ("in authority") who seek to exert control (and psychological abuse) on other people.
      Finally, what does he really see when confronted with (especially) that last meme pic? I know, and at least I've been unhypocritical enough to just say it.

  10. Humanity Star Ritual. Starseed impregnating the sky for a 9 month gestation period until it falls from the heavens to earth.

    1. Loved the Fraser memes btw. Cracked me up. If I had any visual art skills I think Id have to put together a Never Ending Ritual tarot deck staring Ms Fraser.

  11. "fuckemenow apps" - thanks Chris, always nice to start the day with a hearty chuckle.

    Though I must confess - was reading a self-penned piece about millennials here in Southeast Asia the other day, and it did leave me a bit speechless: The high-achiever Asian-Muslim girl who wrote it mentioned totally 'by the by' that she (and everyone else in her cohort) had a hard time dating because finding a one-night stand via smartphone was ever so convenient. Interesting.

  12. During the blue-blood-whatever-moon here in Asia yesterday, I noticed that my watch was losing 12 minutes. I figured the battery was dying - but it wasn't: A day later, the discrepancy is still the same 12 minutes. It just got lost. Bizarre.

    1. fucking weird that you mention this i just adjusted the clock in my airbnb up 12 minutes to match my phone

    2. Swear to God this happened to me, too! Getting the kids ready for school the day after the Blood Moon, I noticed my cell phone was off by about 12 minutes. It wasn't off before. No lie.

    3. Can I ask how you folks found the 12 minute gap? What was the reference clock that was not affected? Thanks.


  13. About the rise in promiscuity and STD incidence: Some readers may object to what I have to say. But I realized years ago that what casual sex does, more than anything else, is open our PORTALS to heaven-only-knows-what types of volatile and sometimes malevolent energies, if not outright entities.

    Once upon a time I was considered tall, blond and handsome, and was not averse to the occasional Saturday night romp. But after a while I would develop what, knowing what I have learned since, I can only describe as almost dissociative states. It was 'someone else' dragging my sorry frame to the bars, while the real me crouched inside, frightened and just along for the ride.

    Please think about this, read up, and be honest with yourselves about your deeper feelings and experiences. This is not a matter of "well, as long as we used a condom". There is SO MUCH MORE involved.

    1. when inter-coursing physical bodies, the mental body (which holds the emotional body aka heart body) and the energy body temporary form a bond...depending on the strength of the exchange, a permanent indelible mark is left on the mind/heart body, while the energy body may or may not hold a residual charge...when marriage is entered into and that is consummated properly, the etheric bodies are seeded with a bond that may grow to be rather impregnable...even post "death of marriage and/or physical bodies"...

      so if the partner has a toxic energy body or mental/emotional body then this will bleed into/through your auric field (the bodies interacting) and find manifestation in physical form.

      i concur!

  14. Chris, do keep up the witty, sarcastic tone. I see flashes of Anka Rudakovich in your recent texts, and it's immensely enjoyable and reassuring!

  15. War in heaven between Vegan Golden Knights and Army Golden Knights:
    (Using a publicity photo of a dive into the Dubai Palm island is a nice touch.... especially since the ritual of date palm golden pollen fertilization has been depicted as far back as Göbekli Tepe).

    .... and these are the Golden Knights who of course find themselves mistaken for UFOs

    * note that this UFO story gets dragged out on a biennial basis.

  16. Hmm, these Douglas Haigs certainly seem to like their slaughter - the other Douglas Haig commanded the BEF during the the last three years of the First World War. His greatest hits included the Somme and the Passchendaele battles.

  17. Sorry to keep harping on the "second person of interest" in the Las Vegas massacre, but...

    DOUGLAS - "Linguistically, Douglas is derived from the Gaelic elements: dubh, meaning "dark, black"; and glas, meaning "stream" (also a derivative of glas, meaning "grey")"

    HAIG - a space "enclosed with hedges" - somewhat like a paddock, then?

    I think "specialised in military ammunition" is a particularly creepy touch. At the battle of Messines in 1917, the British Army under Sir Douglas Haig exploded 19 huge mines under the German trenches. The mines were filled with almost 1,000,000 pounds of high explosives, the sound was supposedly heard in London and the combined blast has been rated as perhaps the loudest human-made sound before the nuclear age. Thousands of Germans soldiers were simply wiped out. So, specialised in military ammunition. That's so very funny.

    1. Odd you mentioned that ww1 explosion because I was reading about that yesterday....

    2. I've sometimes wondered about the two mines that didn't explode - were they 'unpacked', or just sealed up? Northern France and Belgium are littered with unexploded ordnance, including gas shells, that have been rusting away for a hundred years. Some estimates put the number left in the millions...

  18. If I was a hostile alien who had developed a bad tasting poison then I would put it in cold drinks and ice cream because they dull the taste buds. The point of doing this would be to confuse their minds so much that they can no longer understand that some things look bigger because they are close and others are smaller because they are far away. I could park my huge mothership right next to their planet and they would think that it was small and nothing to worry about! The plan of a stable genius with no flaws or oversights.

    1. That's how they first hid the secret sun.

      Big and far away, or small and near.

  19. Hey Chris you might want to check out this Ludacris (Ludacris the singer that is, who was born on 9/11/77) dog movie coming out in the 'Year of the Dog' called 'Show Dogs' that takes place in Vegas with the Mandalay Bay Hotel right in your face in the trailer on the movie's IMDB site -

    It also stars a Danish lady from the city of the Little Mermaid named Delia Sheppard who has starred in movies such as 'Vampires in Vegas' and 'What Happens in Vegas' as a VIP Host.
    I came across this movie when I was checking out Ludacris's film credits, since I noticed he was in the movie 'Crash' right after '2 Fast 2 Furious'.
    Paul Haggis was the director of 'Crash' and is fighting rape charges in court at present.

  20. fake star looks like the 'sacred geometry' 64 tetrahedron grid. Fu Dogs with their right paw on a sphere resembling the fake star. Why they say 65 facets instead of 64 is odd to me.

    1. For reference, the fake star is clearly a 2 frequency geodesic sphere. It has 80 faces and 120 edges. A 2 frequency geodesic dome (half a sphere) has 65 edges, which may be where the confusion, ritualistic or not, comes from. By the way, 65 is 13 times 5, in case those numbers mean anything to anyone.

      The guy who invented geodesic spheres was Buckminster Fuller, who had a number of interestingly weird ideas. And the icosahedron, that the 2 frequency geodesic sphere is based on, is the base of the icosahedral group, a concept of advanced maths that has something to do with another concept in advanced maths called Galois theory, which relates to a number of funky things, including cryptography, Dirac's equation of the electron, and possibly quantum computers, for all I know. I just thought I'd mention that. I don't usually try to tell Chris what strange connections he should be finding between weird bands and obscure comics, and one of these days, he might figure out that whatever weird ritualistic coded messages NASA and company are trying to send, some of them are bound to go way over his head.

  21. She was on the lotr sound track!

  22. The train crash with the congressmen seemed to weird to me and then Trey Gowdy quits congress on the same day? Why are so many Republicans quitting congress all of a sudden?

    1. Rats + sinking ship. Mid terms coming up... American politics are very toxic

    2. The CEO of the DNC just resigned! Maybe human trafficking in the private sector is more profitable?

  23. Rose McGowan is releasing an album titled 'Planet 9'. Shocking.

    One track is called 'sirene'. Shocking.
    Also this 'Alternative national anthem' ditty here:


    1. Every time I read something "planet 9", I can't help but recall that terrible cult non-classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

  24. I think sooner or later we're going to have to acknowledge that the ancestors are in our heads, shouting at us to do something about all this. The diabolists are not the only people who get to take turns on the chessboard. Maybe a small conscientious minority might oppose burning cannibals at the stake and I suppose that's their right, but I don't reckon our ancestors saw too many repeat offenders, either.

  25. Full force these days
    Also the new sprint ad is very, uh, yea...


  26. Genetically, octupi are much more neurologically-advanced than humans. We should probably take their side vs. mermaids.

    1. Oh, like Cthulhu?
      And 'mammals' then should be avoided?
      And do you think FISH are MAMMALS?
      But both have a right to existence; so WHAT is the PROBLEM HERE?
      WE can all 'play' in the same 'sandbox'; and LEARN from the experience of it.
      SSDF. (same shit, different form)

  27. Off topic but future soon. 2018 Super Bowl ads? Like you've said it's in your face evil. e.g. Dorito's vs Mtn.Dew wow, plain satanic dark fire/ice

    1. YUMMY! Gmo corn chips and Gmo corn syrup soda pop.

  28. Another fascinating/wee bit scary post. BTW: Was very surprised with the mention of the "white rose" symbolism at the Grammys (& I get that it had to do with the whole #MeToo movement)that no one brought up the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany:

    & I just want to add that I don't doubt your interpretations Chris, I just feel like the whole wearing of the white rose thing was meant to function on multiple levels simultaneously. IMHO, something very specific was being referenced...possible "dog whistle" for the left? More deliberate divisiveness? #MeThinks


    "The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign which called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich on June 27th, 1942, and ended with the arrest of the core group by the Gestapo on February 18th, 1943. They, as well as other members and supporters of the group who carried on distributing the pamphlets, faced show trials by the Nazi People's Court (Volksgerichtshof), and many of them were sentenced to death or imprisonment.

    The group wrote, printed and initially distributed their pamphlets in the greater Munich region. Later on, secret carriers brought copies to other cities, mostly in the southern parts of Germany. In total, the White Rose authored six leaflets, which were multiplied and spread, in a total of about 15,000 copies. They denounced the Nazi regime's crimes and oppression, and called for resistance. In their second leaflet, they openly denounced the persecution and mass murder of the Jews. By the time of their arrest, the members of the White Rose were just about to establish contacts with other German resistance groups like the Kreisau Circle or the Schulze-Boysen/Harnack group of the Red Orchestra. Today, the White Rose is well-known both within Germany and worldwide."

    & more to the point regarding possible origins of white rose as symbol:

    "Under Gestapo interrogation, Hans Scholl gave several explanations for the origin of the name "The White Rose," and suggested he may have chosen it while he was under the emotional influence of a 19th-century poem with the same name by German poet Clemens Brentano. It was also speculated that the name might have been taken from a German novel Die Weiße Rose (The White Rose), published in Berlin in 1929 and written by B. Traven, the German author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Hans Scholl and Alex Schmorell had read this novel. They also wrote that the symbol of the white rose was intended to represent purity and innocence in the face of evil.

    It has been argued that Hans Scholl's response to the Gestapo was intentionally misleading in order to protect Josef Söhngen, the anti-Nazi bookseller who had provided the White Rose members with a safe meeting place for the exchange of information and to receive occasional financial contributions. Söhngen kept a stash of banned books hidden in his store, and had also hidden the pamphlets when they had been printed."

    1. "Wearable Tech" Amazon patents new real time wristband tracking system of it's employees.

  29. The EU's latest awareness campaign

  30. Do we reckon nymphs as sirens here? I figure these particular ones count.

    The Manchester Gallery of Art's curator of contemporary art, Clare Gannaway, has removed "Hylas and the Nymphs," the 1896 painting by J.W. Waterhouse, from public view.

  31. "A three-foot wide geodesic dome is going to be the brightest object in the night sky?"

    For your info, the International Space Station, that isn't immensely bigger and is definitely not covered in super-reflective stuff but merely white paint, has at brightest conditions magnitude between -4 and -6, depending on source. That's a minus in front of the numbers. Which means it's brighter than Sirius, the brightest star, and possibly brighter than Venus as well, depending on who you believe.

    So, yeah, it's totally possible. If you want a reliable intuition about space or scientific matters, I suggest a course on astronomy. That will mostly teach you how your sense of proportion is totally warped in the wrong ways. Plato wasn't joking when he said things like the average person's idea of the world is about as accurate as a guy looking at shadows on a bumpy wall and trying to imagine what is really going on out there. And to get a better idea, you don't read esoteric books. You go out in the sky night and watch. It might help if you have a couple of crystal balls at hand of different sizes.

    1. If you dont like what the guy is saying them dont bother and annoy yourself by reading him. You are not going yo change his mind. His work consists on being esoteric and not scientific, he does not claims otherwise. Dont mortify yourself any longer it is not worth it. There are other science websites you can go to. You will not find much scientific method stuff here. And why should it there be any? Its like expecting to find articles about traditional jazz in a punk website. I disagree with a lot of what I find here but I would never try to dictate the content because of it. I just read it , pick up what I find worth and just move on.

    2. Maria, I really have to put my foot down on your incessant nonsense here. The ISS' dimensions are 239x356x66. So that means its smallest dimension is 22 times the 3 foot height of the Humanity Star dome.

      The solar arrays on the ISS cover 27,000 square feet.

      That's what any sane, non-trollish person considers "immensely bigger."

      Stop with the trolling. I know you think you're being hilarious but it's annoying.

  32. Hi Chris,
    Excellent article as usual. Added to the very intelligent commentary here (mostly:-)- I wanted to put in my .02.
    Yesterday I watched a commercial for toilet paper,(the "know ten things, say nine" rule for myself may already be a bit stretched!) this one had little kids in it - I gathered they were being asked what using this brand of TP made them feel like -an inane somewhat disgusting question if there ever was one! And one of the girls said "a mermaid" or a "shimmering mermaid" which led me to wonder if a real mermaid/merman would even need TP (I know, I know were all going a bit nuts in the Valley of the Sun- it takes a different sort of intellect to ask these deep questions)- of course,maybe that was the child's point?!
    Oh and I never in my life heard of "bombogenesis" or "super blue blood moo n" or any other of the dozen or so other words that are being created by this new construct or WTF it is every month or so in the last 1.5 years!

  33. What if Terence McKenna was right all along? Aftee 2012, reality does seem to be increasingly tenuous, does it not?

    Re: Mermaids-> Let's turn back o Sandy (Pearly?) Pearlman who delivered unto us this prophecy:
    am becalmed in virtue
    Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams
    Warm weather and a holocaust
    The tears of God flow as I bleed

    Left to die by two good friends
    Abandoned me and put to sleep
    On a shore where oyster beds
    Seem plush as down
    And ripe enough for the Luxor dream

    1. Of course Pearlman semi-created, wrote for and produced Blue Oyster Cult (pearls again...) which was supposed to be America's Black Sabbath.

      The quote you post is from Pearlman's "Imaginos" book of poetry which also gave the band their name. The Blue Oyster Cult was a group of aliens assembled to guide Earth's history.

      Pearlman, until his death, was owner of Alpha & Omega a 72 track analog recording facility.


    2. 1983- A Merman I should turn to be.... Hendrix was a voracious SF reader, tuned in to the currents under our feet.

  34. Chris,

    Your recent output is accelerating into a moderate frenzy so you may need just a little braking to modulate your tempo and keep you from psychic-spiritual hyper-ventilation. Therefore, I offer you this wonderful alchemical synchronicity as a way of adding necessary ballast to your soul.


    “Plumber” comes from the Latin word Plumbum meaning the metallic element of lead giving us the chemical symbol Pb. Its atomic number is 82, so it would have been quite an astounding synchro if there were exactly 82 plumbers on board. (But since there were 85, then let us look at the element with Atomic Number 85 which is Astatine, At, the rarest natural element on the planet.)

    The alchemical lesson here for you Chris may be to contemplate the silent, OK, dead, rock bottom stability of lead, as the element into which all the heavier radioactive elements decay when they have shot their wads of radioactivity. This is not a warning for you to stop your posting, of course, but only to consider modulating the pacing and perhaps to give yourself some quiet time to realize that you can’t rush your “synchro-radioactive decays” anyway, so you need not “get the lead out” as the saying goes, but rather, maybe drop anchor (points) and thus“plumb the depths” of your “Psychic Sea” and maybe more meaningful mermaids than Katy Perry will pop up to greet you.

    Tomfortas of Hollywood

    PS I just found a synchronomy in the article that might really get the attention of Recluse over at VISUP. Many of the plumbers on board the flight were from a plumbing company whose CEO is named Frank Olsen.

  35. Headless???
    Someone(s) trying to channel Y'golonac?

    Somewhere in Paradise,

  36. I'm sure you've heard JW Waterhouse's Hylas and the Nymphs has been removed from the Manchester museum to spark conversation around #metoo.
    Seems like someone wants more eyes on the archetype, and maybe even switch the role of siren from predator to victim.

  37. We have a van run over 18 in front of a Shanghai Starbucks and Castro Jr. offs himself. A day before, Nazca is defaced. Can't wait for Candlemas.

  38. The "What's That? - It Sounded Like Bullshit" Frasiermeme - Brilliant, sooooo tasty! Please salt this in to future posts. Reading to that point, I laughed as only a Great-Old-Ones-horrified reader of this truly gifted blog could laugh - slightly maniacally and absolutely alone surrounded by people-drones busily deleting themselves.

  39. Was just reading the rather complicated blog post written by Tracy Twyman which obviously made me think of all the other associations of "mermaid"-like imagery...really fascinating how so many stories from different traditions have this fish / human hybrid as a key element. Not sure if you've read it Chris, but here it is for those who might be interested:

    The one thing that I also thought about after reading the post was the Nommo that the Dogon speak of. Do all of these ancient stories depict a similar entity or multiple entities? So much to learn and decipher...

  40. Headlines have to be searchable. Conversely: if you want to hide whatever it is you're doing, call it by a name that isn't searchable.

  41. So.... Looked all over the Sweet Jesus website and can't find any "disturbing" or "satanic" images. The fug is wrong with you these days?

    1. Yeah, it got pulled when they got hammered for it on social media.

      I know it's hard but try to keep up with the rest of the class. And check out this exciting new search engine called Google. The world's at your fingertips, Sparky.

  42. I have a Secret Sun Scrabble sync for you: Apparently Sweet Je*us ice cream (I went with the asterisk because spelling it out literally turned my stomach) is the brain child of Toronto based as firm OneMethod. On their website, in their “One Paragraph” they describe themselves as many quirky things. Not surprisingly, “An overdose on orange.” caught my attention. From what I hear they’re also looking to open SJ franchises in the US including....Las Vegas. I know, I was shocked too.

  43. At-home exams will not get you the remedy you need.

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