Friday, February 02, 2018

Apocalypse Watch:: Scarlet Women and Red Almandine

OK, as usual there's a lot going on and lot of dots to connect. There's actually too much going on out there, really. Is there someone I can speak to about that? 

If not, let's dive in into LARPocalypse 2018 then. I'll try to be as clear as possible since there are a lot of moving parts here.

UPDATE: Oh, you gotta be kidding me; it's "Nation Go Scarlet for Women Day." Damn, I forget this important holiday every single year!

And of course Jake Tapper and the other special agents at CiaNN are taking part. Because of course.

And lo and behold, the Dow drops 666 points on National Scarlet Woman Day. Because that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Especially as an eagle-eyed Facebook member pointed out, it's 2/2, the 33rd day of the year. Which is the Masonic holiday of Groundhog Day, which was created to celebrate Day 33 in the same way the Freemies created St.Patrick's Day to celebrate 3/17 and Osiris-Dionysus, whose festival was on the same day in Rome.

Oh man- here we go. Intuit's new ad campaign.

Back to our originally scheduled post...

Now, if you haven't already, please go read this piece and this piece on what could very well turn out to be the most terrifying song ever written, "Pearly Dew Drops' Drop." 

Oh for fuck's sake, I hear you saying, how could that sweet little Christmas carol-sounding thing be terrifying? Well, except for the howly vocals and the odd tortured wail now and then?

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Smarty-Pants-Communist, it's because it seems to be casting predictions in 1984 that are coming true today, in a way in absolute lockstep with the methodologies of the ancient Sibyls.  That's how. 

Which makes sense because we're talking here about a real-life Sibyl.

The first verse again:

"Ruby stars are ruddy/ It's a Pearly Dew Drops' Drop/ Wakes to light the fire/ For some Pearly Dew Drops' Drop." Those are the lyrics to the first verse. Accept no substitutes.

The Ruby Star-- or for all you Thelemites, the Star Ruby-- could be said to be our star the Sun, which turned red in the skies over northern Europe in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia. Which itself toreass through town a couple weeks after Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas.

Why? Becuase the ruby is a solar symbol. So when Our Lady, Queen Dowager of Sibyls, says "ruby stars are ruddy," that seeming redundancy points directly to the Sun- symbolized by the ruby- turning red or "ruddy."

But there's also the red- or ruddy-- Moon of the Super Blue Blood Moon on the 31st. This effect is caused by a lunar eclipse when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in alignment. So perhaps yet another redundancy, possibly fitting into that "ruby stars are ruddy" enigma. 

Back to this fire someone woke up to light:

This is a map of earthquake activity just within the past 24 hours. All the scientists will swear up and down this is all normal, but then again they also said earthquakes could be more severe than usual this month, so take your pick. 

And it looks as if there might be a bit more concern than usual over this recent activity, especially after the massive event off the coast of Alaska. 

It's always the stories no one pays attention to that grab my attention.

And aside from the earthquakes, we have some major volcanic activity kicking up around the Ring of Fire, some of which you may be familiar with, but some just going into alert status within the last 24 hours or so.

Scientists are apparently looking at a number of possible major eruptions this year, nearly all of which are located around the Ring of Fire.

We had an Orange alert situation in Guatemala, with the Volcan de Fuego going into eruption for several hours.

Then there's giant volcano in Mexico, a well-known UFO hotspot. See what I did there? Volcano, hotspot? I crack myself up sometimes.

And Mount Mayon in the Philippines seems to be fixing to really blow as well. As you can see there's a lot of concern that entire towns made need to be permanently evacuated. Hot magma is no joke.

But never mind all that; someone somewhere said something offensive to somebody on Twitter yesterday. It's about priorities.

Now, we've looked a lot at Regulus and the all-important occultation of it by Venus in 2044. In that light, do notice that Regulus and the Moon were in alignment last night.

Might want to perk up a bit about this, given all the stuff we saw about Regulus last year.


OK, then. Let's look again at the first two lines of the chorus: "Ruby stars and ruddy cups/ Rose the Pearly Dew Drops' Drop"
There's a face we've been seeing a lot of lately: Rose McGowan, the Avenging Angel hammering away at the walls of Babylon itself. 

Which is just dripping with prophetic irony since she's never been shy about dabbling with imagery some folks might see as rather Scarlet Womanish or even Pearly. Like when she was running around with our old pal Marilyn here, for starters.

Without getting too graphic, let me just reiterate that reasonable people could interpret Ruby Stars and Ruddy Cups as corollating to the Star Ruby ritual of the Astrum Argentum and the Elixir Rubeus, or the Sippy Cup of Abominations, if you prefer.

Let's just say I wouldn't be entirely shocked if we found out ol' Marilyn there keeps a pitcher of the stuff in the fridge.

Oh, not even close to SFW

Which brings us to this video here, which colorful. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised it sounds like our Rose may have been listening to a Cocteau Twins record or twenty.  

So much so that she may actually be interviewing for the office of Fraserling Supreme. I think someone told me something about that. I'll check her Twitter.

Interesting chorus: "Only here, to paint color on the sun/Only here, to see the fire run"

What color? Ruby Red, perhaps?

Anyhow, this track sounds like our Rose subsists solely on a music diet of Cocteau Twins, Survive and TimeCop1983. Maybe some early Human League and Depeche Mode. Not only that but she quotes Blade Runner in the intro, and more specifically, Orion. Plus Blade Runner 2049 and the Vegas and you know the rest of it by now.

Oh, plus the fact that she's actually dressed up as a Pearly Dew-Drop or Vega or whatever in it as well.

I don't need to remind any of you that Rose the Pearly here is the All-Important 44 (years of age). Or that she's rocking the Orange everywhere you look these days. She's even made Orange part of her brand.

See this rather spirited turn on Mockingbird Tonight with Steven Colbert. 

Colbert seemed a bit distracted. Maybe he has big plans this weekend with the Podesta boys and needs to get his booster shots. 

Colbert tried to get the Rosy One to spill a bit about the Children of God sex cult, possibly because it turns him on but probably because his supervisors were curious if McGowan still remembered anything about their international honeytrap--slash--kiddieporn--slash--sex trafficking op. 

McGowan's too visible to haul into Fort Detrick for a cream-rinse but they might want their Twitterbots to salt the fields in case she starts blabbing about that, too.

Then there's the odd discussion CIAolbert had with McGowan about Jonah, who Rosie didn't seem overly familiar with. But maybe she was thinking about Ionnes AKA Oannes, the famous Merman-god of Babylonian history. 

Because you gotta throw that in there somewhere.

Rose's appearance seemed a bit manic to some, but I was thinking maybe she was taking the initiative to avoid getting sandbagged by the CGI's top man on late night, who can't really be happy about the whole Weinstein business. Oh, quite the contrary.

And do note that Rose seems to have been informed that Reality recently passed away after a short illness. Reality left his estate to his ketamine-addicted nephew, who is currently taking a pickaxe to the joint.

McGowan plows on in a similar vein to "RM486" on her new single, throwing in a dash of Grimes and a pinch of Ladytron to the musical batter. 

The album title is fascinating, since we heard about Planet Nine shortly after Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas...

In fact, our old pals at Jack Parsons Liber-AL-Tories dropped that bit of trivia atop our heads three days on. 

Yeah, Sirene=Siren. I mean, that's a given these days.

And just because the New Reality Paradigm has to fuck with my head morning, noon and night, McGowan's new album features a track called "Canes Venatici," who of course are...

...Boötes' hunting dogs. Boötes being the famous Shepherd Boy you've heard way, way, way too much about here lately. But I guess now you know why. This stuff seems to be important to people, for reasons we're not told.

For those of you who might not remember, Canes Venatici is due north to the Cocteau Twins AKA Beauty and the Beast AKA Virgo and Leo, who seemed to have started this whole donneybrook in the first place. 

I've laid out my argument that the Scarlet Woman represents Coma Berenices, named after the Egyptian queen who shaved her head and sacrificed her hair to Aphrodite.  So I suppose it makes perfect sense that Rose is doing her best to tear Hollywood Babylon down, given Coma's proximity to Canes Venatici and Our Lady of Revelation 12.

It makes sense on Backwards Day, I mean.

While we're on that topic, let's take another look at what the Pearly Dew Drops' Drops might actually be referring to, and that takes us from Revelation 12:1-2 to its inverse, Revelation 21:21, where we learn of the Pearly Gates. 

And since Dew-Drops were said to fall from Heaven, I think you can do the math. Especially given that these fallen Heaven things are going to bind themselves to souls.

Of course, Revelation 21 is all about the New Jerusalem, which many eschatologically-minded folk equate with the building of the Third Temple, which Trump seems to be pushing along with the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Well, with all that in mind let's revisit that enigmatic second verse: "Taciturn's (Taffy turns) a color / Taffy turns Alamandite (Almandine)." We saw how Taffy is a Welsh diminutive for David, which corresponds to Lyra AKA King David's Harp. But a bit closer to home:

Guess what? King David and the New Jerusalem are in the news again. The City of David, that is. Which absolutely no one seems to be paying attention to since oh my God, did you see what Trump just tweeted? Why, I never! 

Which some have been eyeing as the site for the Third Temple. The construction of which would be seen by the Islamic world as an intolerable affront and quite possibly an automatic declaration of war. But never mind that, Trump just said something else stupid or offensive on Twitter. 

Man Person Plural/nonplural/otherkin the hustings!

Did I mention that the US Embassy is being moved to Jerusalem as well? Or maybe even the City of David. Unless they have other plans for it.

But do note that the Walls and Foundation of the New Jerusalem--or the Third Temple, to some-- are built of jasper. 

Walls and foundation, now. Kind of important, even if only symbolically.

You've seen jasper. Doesn't seem like a great construction material to me. But what do I know?

But it is pretty much the same color as almandine. Which Taffy--or David--turns.

You with me? What are the next two verses again?

"Rooster eye on my star / To rip asunder what he saw."

Great. Thanks. I guess.

What other connection might Rooster have to stars? Hmm...

Oh, I know: Canis Minor--who are the hunting dogs of Orion in the same way Canes Venatici are the hunting dogs for Bootes-- was once called the Rooster. By the Babylonians:

So the Rooster eye on my star, could be Canis Minor's eye on Orion-- Betelgeuse, for instance-- home of the Nephilim.

Or the Pearly Dew-Drops Drops.

And again, that rip asunder line? That's kind of this song's equivalent to the end of The Wicker Man.  Oh, it's all so fun and jolly and Scottish until someone gets incinerated atop a windy seaside cliff.

And just because our Cosmo-Demonic A.I. Overlords are off-the-hook OCD, here's a track featuring samples of Our Lady singing to the Siren.

Interesting release date, wouldn't you say? Ring a bell? No? How soon we forget. Here's a hint:

No, it never ends. Ever. 



Speaking of Orange, no one seemed to tell Fall Out Boy that everyone only wears Orange to commemorate Halloween or whatever bullshit. They wore Orange skull makeup during their appearance on Cringe All Night with James Corden.

And lo and behold, Joan as Police Woman is rocking the Orange in her new music video, which just dropped like a Pearl on February 1st.

For those of you who are new to all this, Joan as Police Woman is better known as Joan Wasser, for whose affections young Jeff Buckley crushed the hopes and dreams of our beloved and precious Sibyl.

Wasser, whom former Fishbone keyboardist Chris Dowd called Buckley's "man-sized love," got her start in rock with grunge band The Dambuilders.

More on that later, speaking of omens. 


  1. Cinimod_ofCarthach10:16 AM, February 02, 2018

    Chris the Scarlet Woman is Lilith. Crowley admits as much in the footnotes of his works.

    This is all Lilith charging heaven as I have said time and time again.

    This is a lust for power. For her once heavenly abode.

    You can say it goes back farther but that doesn’t change a thing.

    By causing a separation of the Sun and Moon God ended the discord between them. He caused the Moon to diminish herself and go forth in the footsteps of the flock, at the head of the lower ranks. In the Zohar the Sun was rightfully the higher dominion ruling the day, being male; and the Moon was rightfully the higher dominion ruling the night, being female. There are two kinds of luminaries: those descending from above called 'luminaries of light' and those ascending from below called 'luminaries of fire' (Zohar I 20b).

    1. I wrote about this in my first book; Lilith, Lucifera, Sophia.
      The 'counterpoint' or 'opposite' of the CHRIST.
      His female syzygy. (divine pairing)
      This is an ancient archetype, the 'divine/mother goddess'
      And Lilith was Adam's first wife.
      The RCC made her out to be evil, but was she?
      'Sophia' fell from grace after she created the 'Demiurge'; maybe it's her time to rule?
      But evil exists in female incarnations just as in male; Queen Semiramis of Babylon.
      Hubris in the 'Gods'.
      Curious; 'luminaries of light' would be 'Angels', and 'Luminaries of Fire' would be the 'Djinn'(plasma beings), where do humans fit into this?

    2. Cinimod_ofCarthach5:10 AM, February 03, 2018

      We are guided and manipulated by light and false light. We’ve been cut off from that knowledge but it all comes rushing back during the the unveiling.

      Angels, jinn hue mans, the three creations.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Well, Lilith aside, I was referring here to the stellar correspondence between the Beast from the Sea- ie., the Cancer-Leo cusp, and Mystery Babylon the Great. And given the power and prevalence of Alexandria at the time of John of Patmos, it seems like a natural fit. Interesting to note that the city was essentially wiped out in the 4 Century, as the Church took over control of Rome. One for the megasync files.

  2. Here's some fat to chew on, has Lady over many waters, boatloads of souls for money corruption, cups of fornication, kings and mighty men of the earth drinking the cups of fornication, all under the covers of "a force for good".

    LEOnard and the Harlot for sure.

    Pearl on the Navagraha/Saturn Square is the token of Chandra, Lord of the Moon, ruler of Cancer. Ruby on the same is the token of Surya, Lord of the Sun, ruler of Leo.

    The sigil of the Navagraha says the Sun enters the Moon and the terrible infant of Mars is born .. the pearly dew drop of Tophet for everyone, kill your children because you love God. Such and ever is the result of what the Coreybantes have done since the black stone was relocated from Anatolia to become the foundation of Vatican and then the foundation of the Kaaba. We are under the nine pinch points that distill the light into membranes under the moon in the mud of the pink right next to the mud of the red. Such are bodies as light trapped in shells of mud.

    This is all meant to make each struggle its awakening back to the the freedom of the light. Here we are wrestling with the story, each facing Penuel. Dislocating one's hip and yet striving to dawn, one lives. Each an evaporation back to above the event horizon, one by one, the antithesis of the dew drops as they collected light into the hips of mud, a writhing of Adams on Adamah. Blood drops dancing on the blood pool, the ultimate black stone. It being the foundation of flowers that bloom back to the light. A pearl, unclean fruit that was in the pink and red mud of a beast in the water that becomes the shining jewel of transformation as the ONE CALLS ALL things back to itself. We wrestle with how to overcome the terrible feast of Gehenna and its tophet food. The answer lies in magic as self control, self mastery of the inner beast. The other gospel says do evil all the time, everywhere, eat the children and kill your neighbors, and rape their widow wives.

    Cuckholding is good for your marriage. Total madness reigns. No fault divorce is THE lever of Communism. Morals do matter. The gospel of madness says murder is moral, children as tophet is tasty, and well moral rubes have to die. Such is Kali Yuga.

    Look up for your redemption draweth nigh. Do you really think there is no escape from the age of Kali Yuga? Is the spell of madness so "black iron prison", "such dark shadows on the cave wall", so "Saturn in the sky as diamonds" that there is no age of wisdom, no age of light, love and beauty? If so, back to the wrestling matt. Each must die in trust to Shani to see the path of light. Such is the one verse.

    As Dennis says "shine forth brave souls". Let us encourage each other to grasp the thread of beauty that blooms from the mud. It delivers the face of the stars back to themselves. The flowers twinkle, the bees sing, the honey is made, the Queen of Heaven is threefold in all her doing. We must each be King.

    The only answer is magic and rule thyself. Even in the face of murder, pedophiles, and foam frothing fuel as food from fucking corruption machines, empty soulessness. The wood pile grows! Yay. Come Lord QRST is what Kali Yuga makes happen. Each season needed to make the Summer (Rubys and Pearls) bloom.

    There was a Golden Age there will be a Golden Age again. Even Adamah will admit this, if each will only wrestle her to her face.

    1. Well, every since the transistor it's been one incessant fusilade on the building blocks of the cultures of the world, especially the traditional cultures. But even before that. It reminds me quite a bit of subversion campaigns in lieu of an invasion. Makes you wonder who came up with the name OuMuaMua. Maybe someone who knows the truth and is trying to warn the rest of us.


  3. Chris, when I listened to Neil Gaiman recently reading his "Norse Mythology" on audio, one of the stories he told was about Sif & what Loki did to her hair. I thought of that story when you mentioned Coma Berenices.
    It is said that her long golden hair represented wheat and she was responsible for the Norse people’s crops. She would travel, seeking families and farms, where she would protect the crops from the cold winds and winters.

    Sif would brush her hair with a comb encrusted in jewels and wash it in sparkling streams. To get it to dry, she would lay it out on rocks and let the sun’s warmth speed up the process. It was on one of these days that she fell asleep while waiting for her hair to try. Loki, the god of fire and mischief, had cast a spell on her so that he would be able to play with her hair.

    Thor treasured his wife’s hair and would often boast of it whenever given the opportunity. Loki knew this and in an effort to upset the god, he chopped off Sif’s hair. Sif was left nearly bald and when she awoke, she found her hair in piles around her. She burst into tears and they fell onto the ground below, flooding the crop fields that she would protect.

    1. Shaving of the hair is a signal of leaving behind vanity and worldly attachment. This story matches that since Loki mocks the excessive vanity of the other gods. There is a reason why war movies sometimes have a hair cutting scene. Why include a trivial trip to the barber in a 90 min movie?

      If you do it to change your appearance it can be seen as another form of vanity, appearing more severe, shocking people. It might get you the "wrong sort" of attention. The male fans you attract might be the sort who think that they can "save you" and write creepily obsessive blogs about you.

      You can assume that a pop star isn't going to give away all their possessions and become a Buddhist monk or special forces soldier but it symbolises a desire for change.

    2. A top football player quit his millionaire lifestyle to become a special forces soldier and it ended badly for him. But who remember him now?

    3. The punishment for adultery in some ancient cultures was the shaving of the hair. There have been theories that prostitutes shaved their hair and wore wigs, which I guess makes sense hygienically. I don't know Norse culture well enough to say if there were some basis for that myth.

      Thanks, Anonies. Anonies everywhere!

    4. I imagine that prostitutes wore wigs for the same reason that their "noble" clients wore them. Hair loss caused by syphilis.

    5. Chris, thank you for mentioning Zola Jesus in a comment a few posts back. I had never heard of her even though her music has been in a # of shows I watched. I bought the songs from both Conatus & Okovi. I can see why you used the word Fraserling in relation to her.

    6. For reference, Catholic nuns used to get their hair shaved when they took their vows (I don't think that happens any more in any orders, but I'm not 100% sure). That's the original reason nuns cover their head. I don't know the explanation, but part of it could be that it would be damn near impossible for a woman to run away from a convent without other people noticing her shaved hair. Not all girls that became nuns did so entirely voluntarily, you know.

  4. Coreybanter as men who are women now being more than natural women, two women argue over the superwoman who was a man! And the crowd roars cheering on the banterer who crushed a natural woman as heretic to womanhood. Such is Kali Yuga and Ragnarok.

    "It sates itself on the life-blood
    of fated men,
    paints red the powers' homes
    with crimson gore.
    Black become the sun's beams
    in the summers that follow,
    weathers all treacherous.
    Do you still seek to know? And what?"

    "Brothers will fight
    and kill each other,
    sisters' children
    will defile kinship.
    It is harsh in the world,
    whoredom rife
    —an axe age, a sword age
    —shields are riven—
    a wind age, a wolf age—
    before the world goes headlong.
    No man will have
    mercy on another."

    Oh if we only had the nine runes of Odin to recreate the world of newness, of beauty, of family's and fruitful times. Oh we do already ... the Navagraha as nine poison traps of how light fell into mud must surely also contain the secret of how the trapped light returns to its starry nature! Lord QRST says it is so .. "one's conquered appetite purifies the city of nine gates".

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:25 PM, February 02, 2018

      MJ seemed to be a devout Corybantes

    2. The Korybantes were Judas Priest than Michael Jackson.

      But have you ever noticed all of the depictions of the angels from Byzantium on were highly androgynous if not in fact feminine? Even the Archangels. Makes you wonder about the angels whom Lot sheltered, if in fact there's any basis for that story.

  5. Well, Chris,

    First off I think it goes without saying that there is no way Rose McGowan would have ever set off this firestorm unless it was green-lit from somewhere higher up the chain. For almost a hundred years it's been generally known by the public that Hollywood (and all 'power brokers') has operated this way and all of a sudden one B-movie actress brings down the whole house of cards? Nope, someone or some thing decided now was the opportune time.

    Looking at her Planet 9 album and from what the title implies the cover image looks like a 'daughter of men' waiting for her Nephilim lover to return. The track listing also indicates this. One of jasmine's shades is gold. The song Green Gold could correspond to Rev.21:18. Daniel Song may have something to do with Regulus as well as Daniel was in the lions' den.

    The destruction of the male by the female is strong and quickly underway. One wonders if this is to help make it easier when those expected finally arrive? After all, it seems from archeological and biblical history that the overlords left as their workhorses became smarter and independent and now it appears they are heading back as we become again weaker and stupid.

    It makes me think of 1981's Hangar 18 film. There is a VERY telling moment when Darren McGavin and his associates watch the aliens' film of Earth and the alien language is rolling along the bottom of the screen, but I'm guessing you caught that way back when.


      The destruction of the male by demonic ai is underway?

      I wouldn't say destruction 1118, more like forcing them to get used to the idea, to help make it easier when they arrive.

      Vega baby daddy?

    2. More like wall st USA Big Chem Industry via plastic chemical exposure... Why they got got rid of glass food and drink containers in past few years.Remember when they gave microwaves and Tupperware back in the day?

    3. I guess the Sons of Heaven are only interested in the Daughters of Men. That's basically my take.

    4. Isn't how all of this shit got started in the first place?
      Gods mating with talking monkeys?
      I guess you can't blame them cause we have some FINE ass women on this planet; EVA MENDES.

    5. Well if it makes u feel any better, the sons of heaven are yeast and while they sure do love our sugar walls, I dont think u sons of men have much to worry about. (Except its not really fair what they do to keep away their competition. Nothing a month of acidophilous won't cure but still).
      Another anonie from somewhere/everywhere/nowhere

  6. In 1988, the UK magazine, The Economist forecast that 2018 would be the year of a new currency which they named the Phoenix (Vega 'swooping eagle).

    1. Well, all I can say is that they don't call it crypto-currency for nothing.

    2. Hmmm... And everybody knows the days of bitcoin may soon be over because, well, bitcoin mining is quickly reaching its limit... when some people in China are talking about getting hold of a power plant to keep their bitcoin mining operation going, you know it just can't go on much longer.

      Presumably the new cryptocurrency is ready to roll at some appropriately symbolic date. The good question here (for me) is: what is it going to be backed by? Cryptonomicon pretty much spelled out what bitcoin was backed with, but that seems to me like very small change, compared with the something bigger that one would want to back a more serious cryptocurrency nowadays. And since even the Economist is now openly nervous about WWIII getting started one of these days, I guess you'd want to back cryptocurrency with something pretty rock solid. I can't imagine right now what that would be, but it may become obvious when they roll it out.

  7. So this is kinda unrelated, but on your Highersides show you mentioned Satanism is getting kinda popular in Silicon Valley, and we of course know about just how far-right satanism was in the 80's with ppl like Boyd Rice and ol' Anton basically plagiarising that psychotic Might is Right book by Ragnar Redbeard.

    Wellll, I have a lot of friends in the far left and some do various kinds of anti-fascist activism. One thing we're all kinda worried about, and gets next to no attention from anyone, is how many powerful SV billionaires are more or less openly into this whole Dark Enlightenment thing. It's basically elitist technocrats that literally think we need some kinda neo-feudalism, and they're pretty open about this. And of course, they have a bunch of connections in the alt-right/alt-light world in general, the Mercers and Milo and Breitbart and all that shit. Anyways, I hate to add to your OCD, but if you haven't looked into the Dark Enlightenment, you really should. It's pretty ominous.

    1. Fascism has always been about neo feudalism. In the 20s it was all the rage in Berlin, Rome, Tokio. Even today you just have to read the platform of any fascist group to find neo feudalist ideas.

    2. Fascism was originally known as corporatism. As in the bare fist of the capitalist corporation.

      Let us also remember that "democracy prefers the market; but the market doesn't necessarily prefer democracy".

      So here we are. Nothing new under the sun. Nothing that Karl Marx didn't describe in excruciating detail 150 years ago. Are we to be "surprised" now that Silicon Valley is driving all this today? Well of course it is!

    3. Re Dark Enlightenment, it's even more eye-opening to look up the term Black Awakening. I think there's a book with this title. Anyhow, the concept itself really brings together the logic and purport of the past 100 years - the child abuse, the UFOs and much of what has been presented on this blog.

    4. Fascism was actually futurist. They wanted to burn everything to the ground and build a new order. (great band by the way)
      The dork enlightenment is right wing but its separate movement from the alt right.

    5. I'm not surprised, HL. California is already a radical-extremist Feudal state in all but name. Look at the poverty and homelessness in SiliCylon Valley, even among folks with good middle class jobs. And they've only just begun to squeeze. They won't stop until they have everything.

    6. That would be the snake eating iteself and why it's such a wonderful metaphor for corporatism/fascism.

      BTW, one brilliant comment I read somewhere else this week stated that when everyone is up in arms about the blatant fakery around us, as in Fake News, Fake Reality, Fake Sports, etc, one need only substitute the word "corporate" for Fake and the truth becomes obvious.

      Speaking of which, in our world were the ignorant "team-pickers/fans/followers" focus on shallow criteria like who has the most money or followers on social media, it's interesting to see the marginally not-pop NYT recentlyrdeign to inform us that social media entrepreneurs have been selling "fake" likes and followers to many entertainers and politicians. Again, replace the word fake with corporate when discussing fake likes and fake followers and it makes more sense.

    7. The Dark Enlightenment is neither ominous nor interesting if you actually, you know, READ everything that the nerds who invented the term write about it. More antifa hysteria about Nazi's under the bed doesn't ever help anything. I used to be an activist and a leftist until I grew up and learned to think critically about serious issues, something most on the Left have never done.
      The Alt Right and the Dark Enlightenment are different intellectual trends with very little crossover.
      Despite the propaganda churned out by the SPLC and ADL, and repeated breathlessly by the NYT/WASHPO/CURRENTYEARLIBERALRAG, these so called "movements" are little more than nerds consistently noticing reality does not comport with the fictions propped up by academia and the prestige media. Nerds have noticed that maybe group differences exist, that maybe, just maybe, men and women are fundamentally different, and that transmania is not a sign of progress but the last gasp of a hopelessly decadent society.
      You know what HighLonesome, better to keep getting your info from your obviously unbiased antifa buddies than reading what the opposing camp has to say about itself. You wouldn't want to learn anything new.

    8. Yeah, maybe men and women are different and maybe group differences exist, and be careful, be very careful, with what derives logically from it. Ask any serious feminist, and she will kindly explain to you why the only way that things are ever going back to men gaining social position over women, is if you either (a) give up on contraception or (b) reduce the number of women (maybe by aborting female fetuses), so we are back to the minority position we had when so many women died at childbirth. And neither (a) nor (b) are popular with straight men. Why, you thought it was just a coincidence that now there are gay alt-righters? Of course not. The only way to be a logically consistent male chauvinist nowadays is if you are gay.

      As for neo-feudalists in California, they've been around for quite a while. As long as corporations, actually. And most people don't have huge issues with them.

    9. Sonnenrad rising is the blackest pill of all.

  8. Love reading you.

    This appeared in my feed...

    its quite eerie.

    1. Good one, Andreas. I'll try to work that into a post. Cheers.

    2. From the Kelpie link:

      Come and immerse yourself in a light journey with them.

      We encourage entrants and spectators to wear fluorescent clothing on race night to enhance the visual spectacle of the Supernova!

      So the theme is supernova, then?

      Digging further shows a link to 2017s event:

      Lotsa pink and purple on those runners.

  9. Everyone at every level gets their own story.

    There's a trauma twice a great year. However, it's possible that sometimes the Earth doesn't turn upside down, but some other combination of core/crust/field flip occurs.

    No matter, it's so terrible that the lower and mid-level echelons will be loosed upon the plebs, in an orgy of chaos and confusion, providing the distraction for the 'breakaway civilisation' to sneak quietly away, unnoticed, undisturbed, into their under-mountain hideaway.

    That's the setup. What we see now is the build-up to that setup. The gullible quasi-elite fed notions of demons visiting the earth and them participating in a glorious orgy of dissolution, with the now expended plebs like sheep to their altar are led.

    Beware of focusing upon the show (that must go on). It's not the main event by any means, however captivating/enthralling/enchanting.

    1. Plenty of smoke and mirrors going on. Shiny baubles to confuse us. Misdirection is an ancient art that is constantly being updated, the product cycle getting shorter. Even farcebook is on its way out.

    2. It will sure be interesting to see the deluded, satanic Prosperity Gospel followers get catapulted into the sky and have them rejoice that this is the pre-tribulation rapture their lovely CIA- and NASA-trained preachers told them to prepare for. Ya know, so they don't get "left behind". Ironic, eh.

    3. Absolutely.
      That's what bothers me about the North Korea 'conflict'; to me it's misdirecting us from seeing the REAL brewing conflict; WW3.
      Nostradamus saw the recent blood/blue moon as a sign of this coming war.
      Many will suffer and die, but rebirth will be the end result; the Phoenix rising again.

    4. WW3 is the explanation (not the distraction) for natural/cosmogenic causes.

      NK is simply there as an explanation as to why WW3 'started'.

      The Phoenix is yet another symbol for the cycle of rebirth (of mankind).

    5. Well, let's all work together to free folks from the programming and try to raise our consciousness a bit while we're at it. Deal?

    6. Yea Zod. There shooting down large meteor's, rods of God my ass. They'll do it till they can't. Blame game and then off to the bunkers.

  10. The Dow dropped 666 points today.

    As a birder, I can confirm that a Superb Owl invasion is peaking in the Twin Cities right now. There really are a lot of owls around this winter. Siriusly good omens.

    A big enough earthquake on the East Siberian Ice Shelf could release enough methane (50 GT give or take) to set off the kind of runaway greenhouse effect that only a volcanic (or nuclear) winter could mitigate.

    I've noticed quite a few polar shift articles popping up all of a sudden, too.

    1. But, there are ZERO articles about the secret sun.

      I look forward to reading an article by Chris concerning the secret sun - I live in hope...

      Understanding why the secret sun was made secret really puts everything into perspective - the key to the Zodiac, to yin and yang, to the cycle of rebirth, to Jesus, to Christ, to the whole pole shifting shebang.

    2. Is there a book on the subject? Please let me know. If the other sun always away or does Earth ever orbits it? Does the SS enters into the theories of Velikovsky? In the past some people also have mentioned a twin Earth. Is that part of the SS theories? Sorry, that is a lot of questions... Thanks for sharing your views. - mabuse

    3. Zod I wish you would please give us your understanding concerning the secret sun. You obviously have knowledge concerning this; please share it.
      But I am curious; yin/yang, birth/death, sun/moon even are representations of 'duality' and therefore 'polarity'; the shift/push/pull of energy from one 'pole' to another.
      Does the 'secretsun' relate to this in any way?
      I look forward to your response.

    4. George Noory was talking about pole shift last night on C2C

    5. I would post about the secret sun zod is referring to but then I'd have to have you all killed. Which is against my religion.

    6. Anon, so far, I've only been trying to elicit signs of recognition or concurrence from Chris, but he keeps his cards close. ;-)

      Clues are provided to the intelligent detective - a subtle/subliminal eugenics program - via a multitude of channels.

      The Matrix movie poses the question 'What is The Matrix?', and interestingly, if you do enough research you will find that does eventually lead to THE answer. However, an easier question that leads to the same answer is "What is The Zodiac?"

      Why is yin & yang found at the heart of the Chinese Zodiac?

      Why is the Taeguk red and blue?

      As to the secret sun, there is indeed a book on it, but it still skirts around a bit - it leaves deducing 'the obvious' to the reader. However, once you remove one of truth's protective layers, such deduction is fairly straightforward.

      The fact that the secret sun pretty much remains secret to this day, except to those who've done sufficient detective work (or who've risen to the upper ranks of a privileged secret society), makes reticence to diviluge the secret in plain language rather understandable. Thing is tho, I suspect such a revelation is part of the apocalypse, which being immanent, should soon pop out of a bag somewhere on The Internet.

    7. The 'lord' with 'rings'?

    8. Jan. 29th 2018 Hundreds of birds "fall from the sky" in Draper Utah (near SLC) and strange sounds shake houses in St George Utah (south-west corner of state).

    9. It could be that the Super Blue Stupid Blood Flipping Moon Eclipse crap has been invented to explain tidal anomalies...

    10. Are we in a trinary? Seems everything comes in 3's.

    11. Why is the Taeguk red and blue?

      You got something against green? Green greenophobe you are. :)

  11. Dow loses 666 points and CNBC has a goat horned Devill masked figure with the headline in case you all aren’t familiar with Iron Maiden

    1. Can you link us on that, Toosty? Cheers.

    2. You know I would’ve put a link in the original post, but I’m more of a Neanderthal than a Luddite (think 70s cartoon Captain Caveman and you have a perfect picture of me in morphology and psychology)and I’m absolutely hopeless with this alien technology in my hands. That being said I tried to figure it out but the picture went from a very Faustian looking devil/beast costume(?) photo to a shot of a worried looking trader looking up at the boards from the trading floor. Maybe somebody doesn’t like Iron Maiden tunes

  12. Chris, you really got me linking to Ray Bullock's blog recently. And for zome reason, White Rabbit keeps popping up on my Spotify this week.

    Can you show me the way back to consensus reality? Please?

    1. Me? Sorry. I'm probably more lost than you, sad to say.

  13. I followed the Rose McGowan video to youtube and got a 1999 interview she did with Roseanne Barr in which she discusses that costume in thr MManson pic above. Wouldn't you know there was also a leopard print throw on the seat behind her...

    Maybe coming out so visibly now will offer her some protection, but once tbe spotlight fades things may get a little dicey.

    1. Leopard print is a must for them beta-trained, sex-kitten programmed multiples.

    2. Yeah, ol' Fishlips Von Pockmarks clearly has some nasty associates, as we've seen. Maybe that's the reason Rosie took her show off the road.

  14. And why, when I follow thr Joan As Police Woman link, do I get an ad for Railroad Accident Lawyers?

    I'm afraid to watch the Super Bowl. Tell me about it next week.

  15. Don't forget that Rose is linked to Elizabeth (Betty) Boop by playing Boop in a short film, which I wrote about in a post on my blog -

  16. A- A woman demands respects for women, for them not to treated as sex objects. B- The same woman poses naked on album cover.
    Seems crazy, right? But it is not. It is very rational and calculated. This is exactly the kind of thing WS Burroughs discussed in The Job, back in 1971, about how western society is controlled by seemingly contradictory messages that in reality are quite deliberate and complementary , like traffic signals. - W00dy WO0dp3ck3r

    1. Old as the hills, in fact. I can't I mind it overmuch in this case.

  17. The name Rose indicates a bloodline (just like MK-Ultra slaves are often named Kelly/Kaylee/Kylie/Carrie or Jack). With British aristocrats, it often lurks discreetly as a middle name. With showbiz types, there is less need for discretion and subtlety.

    1. Interesting. You got some links on that? I'm thinking Rose Kennedy off the top of my head.

    2. Take the BBC's iconic Joanna Lumley (Patsy Stone in AbFab):

      English parents, Thyra Beatrice ROSEA (née Weir) and Major James Rutherford Lumley, who served in the 6th Gurkha Rifles, a regiment of the British Indian Army.

    3. Sorry, typo: That was meant to be ROSE, of course, not RoseA. Chris, could you please tweak it. Thanks.

      Other than that, that family lineage has all the desired ingredients: A blueblood mother from a multi-generation abuse background; a military-man father; and India as a major spooks recruiting ground (plus weird convent schools in Kashmir and Malaya). No wonder their child grew up to be known as the quintessential ENGLISH ROSE. and a BBC institution in her own right! She was quite literally born to be all those things.

  18. Rose was born in Florence, Italy. Her American father was an "artist". Sure thang. Because like Paris, Florence and the Tuscan region have been for centuries beset by a dearth of creative talent. So they must import it from USA, you see. And the US talent is then revered and becomes so influential, it can get its kids into local modeling gigs. Because Italian and French kids just don't have the right 'look', I suppose.

    Incidentally, from the 1960s until 1980s, Florence was the scene of a long series of ritualistic murders. To date, no one has been apprehended.

    For more on US/NATO covert activities in Italy, including the lively string of assassinations and bombings in the 70s and 80s, look up Operation Gladio.

    The more recent Foxy Knoxy affair and the occultic slaying at the center of it is probably not a million miles away from this proud tradition, just like Perugia is only 90 miles away from Florence.

    1. Oh yes indeed. So many questions, so little information. Well said.

    2. Great comments about Italy. As I learned about its history and the various nation/states over the centuries, Florence and others stand out as bastions of power that maintined themselves over the many changes in the nation itself. Visting Italy I realized that at least some traditional university towns in the US were in a way modelled after these city bastions of power, learning and culture while the hinterlands were in various states of decay. This contrast is becoming more obvious here at home and also made me realize one partial strategy to minimize the effects of whatever insanity is planned/foreseen is to stay close to these localized bastions of power and influence much as many Italians learned to do during dark times.

      In particular, I've noticed some college towns are essentially pipelines to the PTB for skimming useful talent. This is unlikely to change so it would seem those areas are slightly less likely to be "targeted" for the really bad stuff. The PTB also have a large number of "their own" in such places to influence young minds and scarf up the latest research before it becomes public. It would be a rather large sacrifice for the PTB to give up such useful areas, though of course we know they are no strangers to human sacrifice.

      Spesaking of such bastions of power in Italy, Venice was another. It strikes me as odd how other-worldy such canal cities are, and the Netherlands even more so. Since SS is on a water theme it seems useful to ponder the oddness of such water-based cities and nations as well as their history. There may be some clues that they were closely aligned to the sirens, mermaids and sea people earlier than others. Even Florence has that classic sea god statue in the square (Neptune?).

    3. Another way to look at the bastions of power in the Italian context is that until relatively recently there simply was no nation as such: There were city-states and duchies which 800 years ago were already publishing newspapers, setting up investment banks and running universities and galleries. A lot of this was an expression of secular power vis-à-vis the Vatican: Needless to say, the Church was eager to get its hands on as much tax and duty etc. as possible.

      Then Garibaldi the agent of British masons came around in the 1860s and dismantled the old monarchical structures. The new entity never worked; it still doesn't, except as a faceless tool for the globalists. To start with, in 1860 only 8 (that's eight) per cent of the people spoke the new official language. In Garibaldi's own words, "we've created Italy; all we have to do now is create the Italians".

      These days, more and more people have become aware of this history of questionable unification, and a sovereignty movement is gaining hold in many regions.

    4. Good info and interesting linking to the sovereignty movement. The city-state concept, historically and in the present, fascinates me, especially now we are down to very few, with the Vatican of course being the biggest. Of course de facto city-states still seem to pop up from time to time.

  19. So Wikipedia says that this National Go Red day started with fashion week in 2003:

    "The first Red Dress Collection Fashion Week took place in 2003 when nineteen designers, including Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Carmen Marc Valvo contributed dresses that were displayed in the Byrant Park Tents.[1] Many fashion shows have been put on in recent years during the Fashion Week festivities; many famous celebrities have participated in walking the aisle, including Jenna Fischer, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Morales, Kelly Ripa, Deborah Harry, Venus Williams, Angela Bassett, Rachael Ray, Valerie Bertinelli, Christie Brinkley, Thalía, Vanessa L. Williams, Raven-Symoné, Allison Janney, Sara Ramirez, Billie Jean King, Katie Couric, Sarah, Duchess of York, Lindsay Lohan, LeAnn Rimes, Christina Milian, Fergie, Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, Hilary Duff, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Rose McGowan and Eartha Kitt."

    Rose McGowan. But if you follow their referenced link...

    McGowan doesn't appear. Mandela strikes again?

    1. Or just an oversight. Or...both?

      All bets are off these days.

  20. Netflix recommended I watch a documentary called, "Patient Seventeen," and I did because... 17.

    In short, a filmmaker set out to document a surgeon who claims to remove alien implants from people's bodies. The filmmaker was capturing the removal and analysis of the 17th patient's implant removal.

    During the analysis, I was surprised to see a long shot of an electron microscope called Vega. The shot was really long and it just centered on that word. But I thought, "Maybe I'm reading in to this."

    Then, the Patient 17 proceeds to describe his experience as a kid being abducted in his childhood home in... you guessed it... Las Vegas.

    The movie concludes with scientists marveling at the results and concluding that the implant was decidedly non-terrestrial.

    It was not a great movie, and I'm not recommending it, but the vegas connection tripped me up.

    1. Childhood home on the outskirts of Area 51, of course. I'm familiar with Leir's work. Very interesting indeed. Cheers Jenny.

  21. Children of God is still around.
    They even sent a group of kids to sing for Barbara Bush at the White House during the 1992 Christmas season.

    I bet good ol' Barb lapped it up. After all, these kids had been fornicating since they were toddlers.

    1. No pun intended, right?

      I just remembered Glenn Close was raised in a cult as well.

    2. Thanks to black hat FBI child / human trafficking NGOs continue to flourish in the USA because the brainwashed? American people allow evil to rule.

    3. Transpotting...Glenn or Glenda?

    4. PUMP the brakes!
      The brainwashed American people ALLOW evil to rule?
      'THEY' don't even understand/SEE this 'Evil' in the first place so HOW are they supposed to acquiesce?
      And those that engage in human trafficking and child molestation/sacrifice ARE 'EVIL'.
      The 'common' man has naught to do with that.
      TPTB are doing the bidding of their hidden masters; providing FOOD for such.

  22. The Wikipedia article I quoted from is actually for something called "The Heart Truth" which as Wiki notes "The campaign has also conjured a National Wear Red Day, meant to take place on the first Friday of February annually."

    Conjured? Indeed.

    1. Yeah, weird how it all of a sudden becomes a thing after all those years. Get used to this kind of thing, is all I can say.

    2. Was in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Sitting next to me in the waiting room was a local Chinese mum-and-daughter duo. Speaking in English, as these folks would, the mum was dishing out some fairly inspired / quasi-Christian nuggets of wisdom to the kid, like "give an extra helping of good deeds".

      So far so good. Then suddenly, they're discussing the Super Blue Blood Moon (?!). And the kid is actually asking pertinent questions, actually, like, "so will there be one on February 28?, or will there be another one on January 31 next year?" etc.

      Stranger than fiction.

    3. Hmm. Last year I got into a tiff with my mother: She made me my favorite dish, then inexplicably drowned it in a weird sauce. When I told her, "you could have asked", her stunned reaction was: "But this is how I ALWAYS serve it!!"

      All I remember thinking is, I'm 46 years old. When exactly did this particular "always" start?!...

      Mr Mandela creeping his way into old ladies' heads, perhaps? :-)

  23. Interesting how someone with both genders got Rose to back down and quit her tour. Oh the symbolism!

    1. Oh, indeed. Love to know who set that little ambush up.

  24. And still the vast majority refuses to see the pattern here: People like Rose McGowan are NOT "celebs who happen to have been sexually abused in their childhood". They became celebrities precisely BECAUSE they had been systematically groomed, possibly since before they were born.

    1. Well, the Children of God thing is very troubling in so many ways. And then there's the Arquettes and my beloved Winona and their weird upbringings as well. What a business.

    2. In fairness, it's really a mix. Don't think for a minute the PTB will turn down a freebie just because he/she wasn't bred on one of their sanctioned farms. This black hole of negativity and false conflict that's been created relies on pulling in the "innocent" collaterally damaged and there are plenty of damaged "innocents" quite willing to present their lives and souls to Hollywood (to use just one example) to use.

    3. Great comment about the innocents. Alghough I can't say I see too many of those around. Having them sell blowjobs in LA parking lots is probably good enough for TPTB; they've harvested what they could.

      When it comes to media stardom, there's probably too much money at stake. So they reach for the pre-approved candidates from military and cultic and other systematically-traumatized-in-childhood backgrounds.

  25. Prior to 2009, Fall Out Boy gave pop-punk some lyrical complexity and musical depth; they had a good run and petered out.

    Then, in 2012, they signed the Faustian bargain and became for rock what happened to country ages ago: heavily produced pop music with the minimum necessary shibboleths from the previous genre that no one calls it pop. They even publicized a ritual burning of their old material at former Comiskey Park, where Disco Demolition Night was held 33 years before. (Announced Feb 2013; Demolition was July 1979.)

    Their 2nd single from their ironically title comeback album was "The Phoenix," featuring these relevant lyrics:

    "We are the jack-o-lanterns in July
    Setting fire to the sky
    Here, here comes this rising tide so come on"

    From the same song, the chorus first piqued my interest:

    "Hey Youngblood doesn’t it feel like our time is running out
    I’m going to change you like a remix
    Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix"

    I hear that opening line as "High on blood." While ostensibly self-reference to their own "resurrection" and self-appointed role as "saviors of rock," the whole matter feels suspiciously mystery play. The new album they're promoting is called "Mania," doused in purple with song titles like "Heaven's Gate" and "Sunshine Riptide."

    They're tugging threads, though I don't have any big syncs with them, yet. I'm noticing a lot of weirdness with early-to-mid-2000s rock acts. Delonge was with Blink, of course, then Angels and Airwaves. Among a roster of musicians in-n-out of important bands, apparently A:.A:. has included Eddie Breckenridge of Thrice, a band featuring a lot of alchemical symbolism; and Matt Wachter from Thirty Seconds to Mars, a band which has gone ultra-pop and ultra-cult-y.

    "Mars," as they've taken to call themselves, indulge in heavy religious themes. One video flashes the phrase "Yes, we are a cult;" in their second album, vocalist/actor Jared Leto thanks L. Ron Hubbard; their first ever single mentions almost becoming "unclear;" Leto lyrically identifies with God, Satan, and Jesus all repeatedly... I'm getting a Mars Church of the Final Judgement kind of feel.

    I'll keep exploring, but figured I should mention, since FOB has entered the Sibyl-sphere.

    Best wishes, man

    1. Excellent points here, J. Fall Out Boy have become this weird mirror universe kind of band. Really unsettling and terrible.

      There's no doubt in my mind that was some weird ritual action, I just don't know what yet. Given the timing and the show it was on it was probably related in that jaws will drop and faces will melt kind of way.

      If you get my meaning.

  26. CIAolbert ... really? And by the way, it's Stephen, not Steven.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Peter

    1. Oh, it's Stephen and not Steven?

      Wow, look how many fucks I give.

  27. Cinimod_ofCarthach6:09 AM, February 03, 2018

    Chris Incubus is celebrating 27 years and taking up residence in Las Vegas.

    Sorry if you’ve already been made aware.

    1. Excellent, Cinimod. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Decades ago there were stories about how folks retired from show biz to special show biz retirement communities. Vegas now appears to be the luxury option for those willing to pay a bit more in their old age.

    3. Carnival freaks usually retired in Florida.

    4. A legendary Malaysian singer, Anita Sarawak (EMI label = already a red flag because run by UK military), an Asian Diana Ross if you like, landed herself a juicy gig in the 90s - performing nightly for Asian high-rollers at Caesars Palace. Yep, Las Vegas, Nevada, baby!

      Now in her 60s, she married a handler-type guy (gay and a decade her junior) and was going to retire happily to her mansions in Malaysia and Singapore. Or so she thought. People who bumped into her a couple years ago said she was uncharacteristically downcast and distracted. And since then, she has vanished. Incommunicado with her own siblings. For a while, we've had national headlines screaming, "Where Is Anita Sarawak". Now it's died down but she is gone for good.

      I guess there's no retirement for her, and so many other showbiz types after all. (Angela Lansbury - 92 and touring Australia). Clearly, someone in Vegas decided they still NEED her.

    5. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:39 AM, February 04, 2018

      Here’s the announcement. I heard a little wrong in my excitement. By taking up residence but having an extended stay after their last visit was struck short by the harvest fest tragedy.

      Makes it rather more interesting.


  28. Chris, You are funny, aren't you! Damning Trump despite being (contrary to appearances circa 2008) part of the constituency that put him there. Damning Scientology, CofG etc despite being, yourself, what rational people would call a religious nut-job (the reverse of how you presented yourself in 2008-9).

    Why do I keep coming back here? I could be charitable and say that now and then you actually have an uncommon insight. But -
    no - I'm keeping up my little war of words because someone's got to counter you and your army of disciples with a modicum of rationalism - and a functioning pair of ears. (Not that my rationalism doesn't break down when it comes to You-Know-Who...)

    PS: Don't you watch QI? "666" is a mistranscription of the actual number in the source text - which was either "645" or something close to it...

    1. No, that's not why you keep coming back. That's just how you choose to rationalize it to yourself.

      But I'm not even sure who you are. You act as if you're my Moriarty but I'm not even sure who you are. If you're auditioning for the nemesis role maybe you should use a sign-in.

    2. Modicum indeed. Rationalism without rationality is rationalization. No doubt the perils of derivational morphology might induce such a mediocre display. War on o benighted belletrist. Forthwith your riposte before boredom overwhelms those held captive by such daunting apologia!

      BTW that would be 616. Functioning ears does not rule out receptive aphasia.

  29. Will you being covering the death of Mark Salling? Since I’ve started reading your blog and listening to you on Higherside Chats, the way I take in news has changed quite a bit. So when I saw that “Puck” had died in Sunland near a river bed by the Big Tujunga (meaning old woman of the Earth) Creek, I wondered how deep he was into Hollywood Babylon. With that much child porn in his possession, he surely knew others within the business with similar interests and most likely was a victim himself. He has also written and produced music, and I would love to find out what that sounds like and what his influences might have been. Looking forward to your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    1. I'm keeping my eye on that at the moment. I've been pretty concerned with Shawn Ryan's whole universe there- this weird symbol-dissonance between Glee and the AHS stuff-- but I can't rightly say there's anything I can put my finger on. But Salling's death sounds like something out of AHS before it started jumping every shark in the ocean.

      It is something I plan to revisit but only if I have something to say that isn't being said.

    2. Salling's death (cannot) be confirmed as suicide says coroner spokesperson. Freak Accident?

  30. On the ruby/crimson red theme, Chris, have you heard of FK Alexander and her Judy Garland-based shockfest (she lists Marilyn Manson as an influence)? This seems like nothing less than a major effort to trigger each and every living MK victim subjected to "Oz programming." Note the comments about people "needing to talk" afterwards.

    "this piece of undivided attention, brutal-radical-recovery and noise moved many people to tears and almost all people to speaking about it to anyone they could."

    More here:

    The edinburgh festival always seemed shady to me and this kind of confirms it.

    Oh, and back up noise-rock band? Check out this album cover:

    1. We're seeing so much deep darkness coming out of these arts festivals. It's not really new and can't pretend in any way, shape or form to be edgy or progressive. It's really just wallowing. It's a sign of hopelessness and desperation IMO. As to the MK aspects, it gets very hard to tell if we're looking at the programmers or the programmed. I guess the goal is to make the two inseperable.

    2. Thanks for the Edinburgh Festival link. I totally agree - we're not talking "laying it on thick" any more, like when they sang Over The Rainbow at Oprah's retirement; no. This is MK trauma reinforcement of cosmic proportions.

      What I gleaned from the article is that for the price of my ticket, I get to squeeze into a small venue with crazy pink-haired lady and her band of noise-art puppet-masters (writer's words; not mine). Then, crazy lady and I hold hands. She sings Over The Rainbow, channeling every last glean in Judy's eye. On top of the noise,we are bombarded by dramatic lighting as she does this. And when finished... We do it again. And again. And f***ing again!

      Someone please administer ECT to my brain, quick. Or just implant a chip. Either sounds a lot less painful than this Edinburgh-flavored art.

  31. I finally looked at Rose McGowan's IMDB page because she was name-checked by Uma Thurman in today's NY Times interview (Uma is another story...).

    The majority of titles of the films and shows McGowan has appeared in are dark which is not a surprise but I think in her case it reveals too much curation and cultivation – or use for cultural agenda pushing – to be typecasting. I think it's why her latest "role" as a savior/hero in Upside-Down World is barely holding together. It'll be interesting to see where it goes.


    1. Rose just said she was raped at age 15 by an Academy Award Winning Actor.

    2. Thurman is quoted as stating:

      'I had been through so many rings of fire by that point.'

    Prince fans threw up a fuss on Saturday, outraged by reports that the late musician could make an appearance during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show this weekend.

    TMZ was the first to report on Saturday that while neither Janet Jackson nor an ‘NSYNC reunion were in the works, Timberlake was planning to honor Prince in his hometown of Minneapolis, by projecting a hologram of the late superstar. But Prince fans did not take kindly to the idea.

    “I support a prince hologram so long as it just sits in the front row and looks bored and chews gum,” one Twitter user wrote.

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach4:32 AM, February 04, 2018

      Prince is on record stating he thinks holograms are demonic.

      Oh Aleister must be loving all his devout followers turning everything upside down

  33. The buzzfeed bigged-up man who interrupted McGowan's audience, 'andi dier' (or 'ondreya') of West Sayville of all named places, who states he would 'do it again 'but better'', 'is accused of sexually assaulting multiple girls as an adult when they were 13'.

    Despite this compounding of obscenity though like all these degenerate heralds, whether they be the fail of the last jedi in china, + It's less than stellar reception here, or sjw'd marvel comics being cancelled due to lack of sales, this will be used to push the anti-human agenda further, those doing so won't take note of truth as the failing of their project will be taken as proof It requires imposing evermore pervasive, visible, inclusive & intimate.

    One of the solidaritous allies of 'ondreya' states on his facebook page:

    'We live in a blackhole from another universe & there's life under Mars'

    Maybe they do reside there which would explain the difficulties they make manifest for themselves, & 'others', here in what would be an alienating realm, hence their deluded attempts to corrupt, destroy & abort, or as they'd say 'subvert', the very means by which Life can be so here in the first place.

    How FallingWater is going to top this week off I don't know...


    'Haig was charged shortly before holding a news conference Friday, saying he couldn’t “detect anything wrong” with Stephen Paddock when he sold him 720 rounds of ammunition.'

    9's unlucky for some in Las Vegas.

  35. //Is there someone I can speak to about that//

    You're talking to him.

    The "Scarlet [God-]Woman" is precisely the research and translation I happened to be doing -- from an ancient text -- on Friday. Friday evening, I was invited to impromptu dinner at a friend of a friend's house, the lady being a total stranger to me until then. After dinner my hostess, never before a medium, entered a physically symptomatic, mediumistic trance and proceeded to deliver a series of highly apropos messages. The dog -- a large male pit bull -- started or stopped doing Ujjayi breathing everytime the trance came and went, for about fifteen minutes. Trust me, I know what Ujjayi sounds like.

    The scene could be dramatized as an hilarious Portlandia skit. It would be so easy to dismiss it thus.

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