Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Never-Ending Ritual: The End of Days Buffet

Since Las Vegas we've been seeing portent after portent and omen after omen being rolled out and placed on our tables like an End of Days buffet. If my model holds true I'd say we are due for some kind of major event before the end of 2017, probably something that will really shake people up. 

Just our luck, right?

The problem is that it's tough to separate signal from smokescreen and reality from ritual. No doubt that's intentional, kind of a way to overwhelm that small number of us who are actually still paying attention. So seeing as how my readers are uncommonly insightful and perceptive I thought I'd point out some of the stories that are grabbing my attention and open up the floor for your opinions.

Roll that beautiful bean footage....

The big story this week is the eruption of Mount Agung on the island of Bali. I don't know how significant this actually is outside of the obvious impact on people in the area but it certainly resonates quite deeply on a symbolic level.

It's believed that Mount Agung is the earthly expression of Mount Meru, the center of all creation and all dimensions of being. Its eruption here-- it last erupted in 1963-- couldn't be more resonant in that regard. 

Bali is also a predominantly Hindu island in a predominantly Muslim nation so it resonates on that level as well. Lot of history there.

Volcanos and volcanic eruptions have always played into prophecy, dating back to antiquity. One theory has it that the Plagues of Moses in the Book of Exodus were inspired by the eruption of Santorini, which many have linked to the legend of Atlantis.

It could be that these stories were passed down in oral traditions and then written into Exodus, but it's highly likely that Moses was a literary construct based on Mesopotamian emperors like Sargon and the Exodus itself was entirely fictional. 

Even so, the power of these stories can't possibly be overstated, particularly the influence they had on the Book of Revelation.

Speaking of which, 33 year-old Harold Hewitt (aka Prince Horus-y) announced his engagement to an American Catholic divorcee, actress Meghan Markle. Note the reference here to elite star magic, a signal to high initiates that this is all part of the Never-Ending Ritual.

What stars might Harry be referring to exactly? As if you had to ask....

Harry met Meghan in July 2016, when Vega dominated the night sky. So there you have it. The old Heiros Gamos routine. Let the festivities begin!

Loren Coleman asks the musical question, "is Harry flashing the sign of distress?" It's possible but I think it's more likely he's flashing the Hidden Hand.

As to the End of Days Buffet, it should be noted that some have tagged Harry as the Antichrist, so much so that it autofills on a DuckDuckGo search.

And you also have this secret decoder ring kind of exegesis adding Harry to endless shopping list of 666-people out there. For all I know, Harry could have crawled out of Ninth Circle of Hell and taken human form but I generally don't really go for this kind of thing. But it is out there, so we should factor it into any analysis of the Great Unfolding here.

Speaking of volcanoes, we're still hearing "supervolcano" talk concerning Yellowstone and the old "it could happen any day now" warnings. It's been said that a Yellowstone eruption would essentially decimate most of North America west of the Mississippi. It could, but this is pretty low on my probability scale. 

If you know better, please chime in.

And the old "close shave" meme is popping up again, this time in connection to the alleged Phaethon asteroid. 

Phaethon has been linked both to Lucifer and the constellation Cygnus (next to Lyra) so I can't quite decide if this story is some weird Mystery play in the Ritual. We hear these stories so often and really have no real way of verifying them, so I'm not really losing any sleep over this one either.

I don't know what to make of all this either. We've heard a lot of these stories in recent years. It even worked its way into an X-Files episode. So it could be a sign, or it could be just the latest provocation. I think it's interesting either way but I need more information. 

If you have any insights on this, please share.

And, of course, more signs in the Heavens. We keep seeing this kind of thing and keep hearing it's perfectly normal, even though no one has seen anything like it. This could well be some kind of HAARP-like experiment on the upper atmosphere, which itself has apocalyptic implications. 

Either way, I simply don't buy the quote-unquote "rational explanations" we hear about this stuff.

Then there's this little item, which feels like some kind of whitewashing or seed-planting. Is lightning flooding our skies with antimatter? You gotta think you'd have heard something about it before. 

I'd say it's likely again that some exotic variety of ultra-high technology is generating antimatter in the atmosphere and this is all some kind of disinfo. This worries me a bit because you can't help but wonder what they might be up to here.

We've seen some stories to this effect, some kind of revelation that is presented as old news even though no one can remember ever hearing about it. 

My favorite example of this is "fireball season," the ridiculous concoction dreamed up a couple years ago to explain away all of these slow-moving hunks of flaming metal falling out of the sky. 

An advanced search shows that fireball season either did not exist or somehow flew beneath everyone's radar in a 20 year period from 1990 to 2010.  I think most reasonable people realize it's total bullshit. "Fireball season" never existed until a few years ago when people started asking impertinent questions about all this flaming slag traipsing through our skies at a fraction of the speed most meteorites are clocked at.

And if they would lie about that, what do you make of this? 

Not Actually a Space Agency using the Great American Eclipse to float deadly bacteria into the upper atmosphere? Yeah, that's not disturbing at all. 

And it's also not even remotely death-culty or ritualistic, right? I mean it's not eclipses were ever seen as harbingers of plague or anything. 

Take a chill-pill, Mulder.

Plus, it's all about Mars and junk. Nobody's planning to science the shit out of the Earth's population with airborne plague vectors. It's all about Mars, which is just lousy with earthborne bacteria, right? And has the same weather conditions and everything. 

It has nothing in common with the Fugu balloon bombs the Japanese developed in World War II, which were intended for use in biological warfare. Don't get all tinfoil hat on us, OK? It's purely coincidental. 

Speaking of Mulder there are plans to breed "gentle killer bees" to help stave off the Bee Apocalypse.  Gentle killers- talk about newspeak. 

You just gotta laugh. This stuff has gotten so ludicrously in-your-face that it's not even worth getting upset about anymore.  When you start ripping off old X-Files storylines you know you've lost the plot. 

Especially when you that kind of absurdity and this. Hey I have an idea- why don't you guys down in the labs engineer a strand of transgenic bee-corn? It looks like corn but it turns into killer bees in your stomach? 

Yeah, you're welcome. Get to work.

The Mermaid Apocalypse seems to be ramping up with a new meme. We saw this story out of England....

...and this story out of Miami. One-THOUSAND mermaids.

 Yeah, this all sounds like a genuinely terrible idea, but no one's asking me, right? Given the track record with these types of things, I'd keep a bugout bag packed and the car gassed up if you live in the Miami metropolitan area.

And there you have it- the girl becomes the Siren and boy gets eaten. You can really set your watch by this stuff.

And as I've been saying, this is a patently obvious conditioning program for the Transgenic Agenda. I actually thought all of this was still a ways off but I guess whoever is running this wants to strike while the iron is hot.

And wouldn't you know it; the National Institutes for Health (a major player in the bioweapons field during the Cold War) is quietly beginning to funnel resources into the development of human-animal chimeras, something that I believe we'll be seeing much sooner than later. 

A human-pig chimera has already been developed and it's just a matter of time before the combination of AI and CRISPR starts cooking up some truly grotesque creations. Brace yourself.

And there you have it- a director of the aerospace/deep sea diving concern Blue Abyss is predicting human beings will be outfitted with gills so they can breath underwater. 

I guess they called it Blue Abyss because "Tiamat" was already trademarked.

Ah yes- Humanity 2.0, yet again. An oldie but a goldie. And brain chips? Seriously, are these guys just fucking with us? Or are the Vegas already back in the saddle and ready to ride? It's a tossup.

Still, I wonder if there's a race between the microchip teams and the CRISPR teams to come up with the snazziest mind-controlled-zombie protocol? It sure as hell seems like it.

Recluse of the must-read VISUP blog drops this on us, part of the ongoing super-soldier program, this time powered by AI. 

Lockheed, of course.

This was posted in the FB group- funny, I don't remember giving this guy permission to modify my genes. How about you? And ODIN? Really? Someone might have a teeny god-complex going on here.

Maybe Zayner should read up on this...

I mean, who would have ever predicted this, right? I mean, random gene editing has a downside? Then what the hell are they doing encouraging dumb fucks to do it DIY? You'd almost think they're trying to bring on a genetic apoca....

Never mind.

UPDATE: Reader JT points to this plot twist, which seems to be getting lost amidst all the CRISPR hype. Of course, what this really means is that CRISPR hacking will go underground and into the black. And biohacking will take on that shiny "Resistance" glow. 

Back to the Antarctic Apocalypse, we're seeing all kinds of stories like this, jamming on that old-time carbon-credit ragtime-roll. 

It's all your fault, I hope you realize. It's not because the billionaires pimping this old cheese burn more carbon in a day than many mid-sized cities in the developing world do in a year.

Your fault. You. 

Feel bad.

I don't suppose any warming or melting has anything to do with the 91 volcanoes they claim to have found in the Upside Down. Or is this just more of that zesty Etemenanki ritualism? 

I can never tell which line of bullshit to believe.  

And speaking of ritualism, we have the mysterious disappearance of the San Juan, an Argentine submarine that allegedly experience an even-more mysterious explosion. All 44-- that all-important 44 again- crew members are believed to be dead.

And wouldn't you just know it? The San Juan launched from Ushuaia; the southern-most city in the Western Hemisphere, just a short jump from the frosty shores of Antarctica. 

Nutty coincidence there.

I can't remember Antarctica being such a big deal in the past- can you? Something very big is brewing down there and it seems to connect in some way to the Never-Ending Ritual. 

Plus, Vega. 

How ice could reveal a new physics is way above my paygrade, unless maybe there's an interdimensional portal beneath it. 

Actually, let's go with that until we hear otherwise.

And what's a new world order without a new world physics, right? Antarctica's Stargate may have to take a backseat to the CERNunnos Stargate. The way things are going I'd have to say I'm not quite ready for whatever new physics CERNunnous has up it's sweaty little sleeve. Certainly not after Gotthard. 

Yeah, 2017. What a year, eh?