Monday, November 06, 2017

The Season of the Witch and the War in Heaven

Well, here we go again. Another mass killing, another day swollen with portent and history.  And another dead-eyed Joker. 

I can't see any reason to doubt the reports that Devin Patrick Kelley is the man responsible for the horrific bloodshed in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs, outside of San Antonio. But there are quite a few things that trouble me about the day this all went down.

Trouble me quite a bit, actually.

After what they are calling the worst mass shooting in American history (in Vegas) we see the worst mass shooting in a church in American history. 

Once again the symbols and the people of the Heartland were in the crosshairs of mechanized death. As I said, I see no compelling reason to doubt the police's narrative of the shootings (though I have to admit Kelley's dishonorable discharge from the Air Force raises a red flag or two) but you can't help but be struck by the Synchronicity there.

There are a lot more where that came from.

There's also the fact that this happened on the eighth (4+4) anniversary of the Fort Hood Massacre in Kileen, Texas, a relatively short distance from Sutherland Springs.

And of course November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, commemorating the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Catholic dissidents were accused of trying to blow up the British Parliament. It's become the date for an annual festival in England ever since.

 This year we saw Harvey Weinstein play the Burning Man in one British bonfire festival.

Like the Joker, the Guy Fawkes mask has become a modern icon for disaffected young men at odds with society. And do note that Alan Moore--a self-proclaimed wizard-- is largely responsible for feeding these altered egos into the mainstream with his 1983 series V for Vendetta and with Batman: The Killing Joke in 1987.

You see, Magic works, even inadvertent magic. 

Which is why it's still practiced.

Bonus factoid: many believe the Gunpowder Plot was a classic false flag operation.

But as you can see November 5th has been a banner day for History's ongoing churn, particularly in the past century (and change). 

Bonus factoid: Sidney Reilly was said to be one of Ian Fleming's inspirations for James Bond.

44. This particular event-- the Bombing of the Vatican-- is especially interesting in light of the Gunpowder Plot.

As well in the context of this story which hit the wires last week- the first Jesuit Pope is claimed to have abolished the Afterlife, negating two millennia of Catholic doctrine.

I should add that Pope Francis is also been prophesied to be the very last Pope by the 12th Century Irish Saint Malachy. 

It sounds as if he wants to live up to that honorific.

And on Friday, no less than the Paper of Record declared this to be the "Season of the Witch," as witchcraft and Satanism win the hearts and souls of Millennials. 

Lots of healthy young hosts for the Vegas to bind themselves too, I suppose.

Keep a close eye on all this. And don't pretend that witchcraft can't be weaponized.

In the spirit of the season, Cornell-- Cornell -- University puts its collection of witchcraft texts on display. Apparently it's the largest in North America.  

But what really caught my eye was this story of last night's occultation of Aldebaran by the Moon, now waning after a Supermoon.  I guess we can add another star to the roster then. 

An Orange star.

Of course Aldebaran is a frontline combatant in the War in Heaven. Namely the eternal struggle between Orion the Hunter and the Bull of Heaven, Taurus. 

This story goes all the way back in the books to the Epic of Gilgamesh, when Orion was known as the "True Shepherd of Anu."

November is the month Orion returns to our night skies- it rose on Friday.

Coincidentally, the new Orion moon mission was announced on Friday as well.

Aldebaran is also identified traditionally with the Archangel Michael, said to be responsible to the exile of the Fallen Angels in Revelation 12:4 & 9. Archangel Michael led the Heavenly Host against the Fallen Angels-- Vegas, Pearly Dew-Drops, whatever-- in Revelation as well.

So it seems like Sunday was quite the significant day for the Vegas, symbolically and synchronistically.

In fact, Aldebaran is called the "Eye of Revelation."

Or the "Bright Star." It seems to have a lot of names. "Eye of Illumination" is another.

As it happens Kelley is a variant of Ceallach, meaning "Bright-Headed." 

Alternately "war" or "strife" 

Or "church."

And it so happens that November 5th one of these bullshit, made-up observance days; in this case for for redheads or gingers.

Of course, they're actually Orange-heads.

Apparently, November Fifth was also twinned with October 1st in another tragic fashion: a benefit concert for victims of the massacre there was held at the Venetian Hotel.

Do note the rather obvious Sickle in the logo design. 

And please do note that Venetian is essentially the same as "Venusian," referring to the planet Venus, which will occult Regulus-- "the Heart of the Lion"-- on October First in the All-Important 44.

Remember too that Regulus is one of the stars of the Sickle in Leo.

Also note the Venetian's street address- 3355. The mathematical mean of 33 and 55 is 44. Or should I say "the All-Important 44." Bonus factoid: 3+3+5+5= 4 x 4.

Interesting to note that the Venetian's logo is a leogryph or winged lion, something we see echoed at Luxor Las Vegas.

Remember that Regulus was the only star visible during the Great American Eclipse and that Saturn- the Black Hole Sun-- was the only planet visible during October.

A brave soul named Johnnie Langendorff reported help bring Devin Patrick Kelley to ground after the massacre. As far as know, the Orange t-shirt is not in honor of Aldebaran.

Note that he does have a tattoo of a bull skull over the orange, though. Coincidentally, only the right eye socket is visible- the being occulted by Johnnie's beard.

Langendorf is a place name. There's one in Germany- note the Sickle in its coat of arms.

And another one in Switzerland. I did a double take when I saw its coat of arms- I thought that said "Hogwarts" at first.

I'm sure you can understand my confusion.


  1. Magic doesn't work at all.

    Liars (those divorced from the actual) just have set up a system in which they will always 'win', and it's kept in place by there "monopoly on violence".

    The only thing that "works" about magic, or that makes the 'magic' "work", is that people do actually believe in that nonsense.

    "Take, for example, the "legal argument" as explicated by Robert Canup in his work on the "Socially Adept Psychopath." The legal argument seems to be at the foundation of our society. This amounts to little more than con-artistry: the one who is the slickest at using the structure for convincing a group of people of something, is the one who is believed. Because this "legal argument" system has been slowly installed as part of our culture, when it invades our personal lives, we normally do not recognize it immediately.

    Human beings have been accustomed to assume that other human beings are - at the very least - trying to "do right" and "be good" and fair and honest. And so, very often, we do not take the time to use due diligence in order to determine if a person who has entered our life is, in fact, a "good person." And when a conflict ensues, we automatically fall into the cultural assumption that in any conflict, one side is partly right one way, and the other is partly right the other, and that we can form opinions about which side is mostly right or wrong. Because of our exposure to the "legal argument" norms, when any dispute arises, we automatically think that the truth will lie somewhere between two extremes. In this case, application of a little mathematical logic to the problem of the legal argument might be helpful


    This highlights one of the unique things about the psychopath: their seeming inability to conceive of the abstract idea of "the future."

    It has often been noted that psychopaths have a distinct advantage over human beings with conscience and feelings because the psychopath does not have conscience and feelings. What seems to be so is that conscience and feelings are related to the abstract concepts of "future" and "others." It is "spatio-temporal." We can feel fear, sympathy, empathy, sadness, and so on because we can IMAGINE in an abstract way, the future based on our own experiences in the past, or even just "concepts of experiences" in myriad variations. We can "predict" how others will react because we are able to "see ourselves" in them even though they are "out there" and the situation is somewhat different externally, though similar in dynamic. In other words, we can not only identify with others spatially - so to say - but also temporally - in time.

    The psychopath does not seem to have this capacity.

    They are unable to "imagine" in the sense of being able to really connect to images in a direct "self connecting to another self" sort of way.

    Oh, indeed, they can imitate feelings, but the only real feelings they seem to have - the thing that drives them and causes them to act out different dramas for effect - is a sort of "predatorial hunger" for what they want. That is to say, they "feel" need/want as love, and not having their needs/wants met is described as "not being loved" by them. What is more, this "need/want" perspective posits that only the "hunger" of the psychopath is valid, and anything and everything "out there," outside of the psychopath, is not real except insofar as it has the capability of being assimilated to the psychopath as a sort of "food." "Can it be used or can it provide something?" is the only issue about which the psychopath seems to be concerned. All else - all activity - is subsumed to this drive." (

    The liar uses his imagination for entirely different purposes.

    1. Psychopathy really does suck when you encounter it in your life. I was lead to read Malignant Self-Love by Sam Vaknin about 5 months in advance of my own experience with dealing with a psychopath. The preview on Amazon is pretty lengthy and lays out narcissistic psychopathy.

  2. This happened at a close relative's church. They stayed home yesterday morning, which is a very rare event. I posted a few comments here the past few days and read through most of the back articles last week.
    In a random wierd synch, when I finally went to bed last night I put in the movie "Bobby" to watch on DVD.
    It's a Weinstein movie and it features the track "season of the witch" fairly early on.

  3. Are you following the headlines about Saudi Arabia the past couple of days? I read that 11 princes and 38 high ranking officials were arrested for corruption. Then a helicopter crash killed 1 prince and 7 other high ranking officials. Maybe it's nothing, but in light of desert heavens and robot citizens, I wonder...

    Also, have you read Patricia Cornwell's Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert? In it, she discusses the content of the Ripper letters and notes that several of them use "ha-ha!", which she says was uncommon in England at the time. The taunting ha-ha made me think of the comic book Joker and made me wonder if Jack the Ripper is an manifestation of the Joker archetype.

    1. Alaweed Bin Talal (recently arrested on corruption charges in Saudi Arabia) owns the top floors of Mandalay bay as well as a Private military company in Vegas.

      He also Sponsored Obama's education through Harvard U Muslim Alumni (HUMA) which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      He also donated 25M to the Clinton Foundation.

      Trump tweeted about him before the election saying that the "Dopey Prince" was buying US politicians and Trump was going to put an end to it when he was elected.

      Vegas was an attack by this rogue prince on Trump and he just got snatched up.

  4. 1a - if you can, find a large photo of Langendorff take a look at his neck tattoo. It may or may not have any significance.
    b - according to him he was driving by and saw two many shooting at each other, then one jumps in a vehicle to escape. Based on that how does he know which, if either, of the men is the good guy?

    2 - remember that lunatics also use the internet and that many of them are drawn to "fringe" views. So it's likely that some intentionally seek out symbolic dates, place etc to unleash their atrocities.

    1. 1a. It's a cattle skull with angel wings underneath on the center of the throat. He has more underneath that which are not visible in any photo online. It appears he has quite a few tattoos.
      1b. I would imagine he saw the person he had seen before in the area, the older gray haired heavyset Stephen Willeford (he said as much in an interview) and assumed that between him and the guy wearing all black ballistic gear and a skull mask that option 1 seemed safer than 2.

  5. Baptism = keyword >> 'born again'

    You are being 'converted'... hocus pocus!

    All natural births are seen as signifying 'death', you only become 'living' (i.e. of use) once "initiated", meaning becoming a citizen, a slave, a cog in the machine, introduced into the 'community', part of 'society', productive, a child of the system, property of the Law, a believer, whatever

    you have to DIE to your nature and become "something wholly new" - screw that!

    Replace reality. Live a lie. Believe in all their bullshit stories. Behave according to THEIR rules. Advance them! Fight for them. Die for them. Kill for them. Work for them.

    And LIKE it!

    If not, you're dead! You won't 'have a life'.

    Sounds familiar?

    Of course this was not some spontaneous out of the blue act of violence. This was yet another one of their very special 'ops'.

    War = peace
    Freedom =slavery
    Ignorance = strength
    And Vice Versa
    And most importantly: Life = Death , Death = Life

    But hey! We have to "protect our way of life"! It's under attack by "evil forces". Uh huh.

  6. Devin Patrick Kelly reminds me of David Patrick Kelly as Jerry Horne on Twin Peaks.

    David Patrick Kelly played Luther in Walter Hill's 1979 Warriors movie AND a character named Luther Hill's 1982 film 48 Hrs.
    The Duffers noted that the much maligned Ep 7 of Stranger Things directly references the Warriors.

    Luther -> Luthier (a maker of stringed instruments) -> Lyra?

    1. Another sync from the Warriors:
      Luther kills gang leader Cyrus, and blames the Warriors. The Warriors are, of course, led by Swan (Cygnus?) played by Michael Beck. Beck played a character named Abel Horn (a Martian terrorist) on Babylon 5 tying him back to
      David Patrick Kelly's Jerry Horne via the name. The Warriors is an adapted telling of Anabasis, the story of a Greek army's march out of Persia back to the sea, and their home.

  7. Aldebaran is often featured in works of science fiction, including H.P. Lovecraft’s The Cthulhu Mythos (1921-), E. E. “Doc” Smith’s Lensman series (1934-1948), Leigh Brackett’s novel The Starmen (1952), Alfred Bester’s classic The Stars My Destination (1956), Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Lathe of Heaven (1971), Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War (1974), Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1979), Frederik Pohl’s Narabedla Ltd. (1988), and Kim Stanley Robinson’s Blue Mars (1996). The star is also featured in Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira’s comic book series Aldébaran (1994–1998).
    There are also references to Aldebaran in episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Enterprise, and also in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
    Aldebaran is also mentioned in several classics outside science fiction, including Thomas Hardy’s novels Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) and Tess of the d’Urbervilles (1891), James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922), and George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London (1933). The star Borgil in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955) has also been positively identified as Aldebaran.

  8. Aldebaran is also the Evil Stepmom in Snow White - if you follow the plot, it's obvious why. Snow White is Betelgeuse, the Seven Dwarfs obviously the Pleiades, and the date is winter solstice.

  9. My odd takeaway from the event are the Gaelic origins of Devin Patrick Kelley's name... Servant (of) Noble/Patrician Warrior. Maybe that "12 months of confinement" after assaulting his wife and child while in the Air Force cast a spell on this twisted soul. Maybe more than seeded hatred for his wife's family?

  10. Texas shooting same day as Paradise Papers (leak revealing secrets of the world elite’s hidden wealth) were released.

  11. Unrelated but this has my blood on full boil:

  12. So a week ago I was working on my podcast and had to look for music from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And came across this
    Song Of The Siren is used in the trailer of the remake.. and the movie was produced by Micheal Bay (which sounds a hell of a lot like Mandalay Bay) and I told my wife a week ago “if there is a massacre in Texas soon I’m sure Knowles is in the know.” And sure enough sir you are jacked in. Your right, it goes on and on and on.

    1. I figured Tx chainsaw massacre would be brought up. Supposedly it happened not too far (Kosciusko) from where the church shootings took place.

  13. It just never ends, does it? But these shootings do seem to be oriented towards both repetition (obviously they want to drum a feeling of helplessness & confusion into our heads) & a sacrificial ritual of some sort to...what? Amass power?

    Regarding Aldebaran, I've brought this up in a different context but its worth revisiting; there were important ties between the "Eye of Revelation" & the Vril Society in Weimar Germany (not saying I agree with this article, but it raises some interesting points):


    "According to the legend of the German Vril society, a fateful meeting was held in 1919 at an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgaden, where Maria Orsic presented to a small group assembled from the Thule, Vril and Black Sun Societies, telepathic messages she claimed to have received from an extraterrestrial civilization existing in the distant Aldebaran solar system, sixty-eight light years away, in the Constellation of Taurus.

    One set of Maria's channeled transmissions was found to be in a secret German Templar script unknown to her. A second series of transmissions appeared to be written in an ancient eastern language, which Babylonian scholars associated with the Thule group, recognized as ancient Sumerian.

    Maria Orsic along with Sigrun, another of the Vril Society's female mediums, began the task of translating these transmissions and discovered they contained instructions for building a circular flight machine.

    However, it should be important to consider the possible motivation behind the Aldebaran civilization's offer to assist the Vril Group and Germany.

    Researcher Wendelle Stevens tells us that, rather than a militant gesture of aid to aggressive Nazis, the Aldebarans perceived an economic disparity in Earth cultures that fueled perpetual wars and conflict.

    To alleviate this disparity the Aldebarans reasoned that by offering 'free-energy' technologies, used to create affordable mass transportation devices, a new innovative generation of industries, promoting prosperity and greater peaceful interaction between nations might result; thus diminishing violent wars.

    Clearly such a plan resonated with members of both the Thule and Vril Societies and their dream for a utopian New World based on 'alternative science'."

    Umm..Er...You say utopia, I say dystopia...Anywho, Eternal struggle? War/strife? Some things never change. From my perspective, seems like the more we deal/bargain with things not of this world (willingly or otherwise), the more conflict we get dragged into. & who knows what doors we're opening now, between CERN & the pharmacopeia of drugs our society in on, I kinda wonder if the "mass shooter" isn't the new face of the walk-in.

    1. In recent times most cases of supposed ET communication have been reveled as frauds, psyops operations or both. Think Adamsky in the USA/50s or the UMMO affair in Europe in the 60s/70s. The Vril case may very be the same. Also it carries too much of a late Spiritualist aura to it, the kind of thing Madame Blavatsky used to write in the 1870s just with some early 20th century SF added for color.

  14. The sickle is related to the scythe, which has been an ancient symbol for death. All the shootings... There was another shooting at a church Sunday morning in California with two persons wounded and one dead.

  15. The word "Vorwärts" in the Swiss coat of arms means "forward".
    Here is an interesting orange tsunami on this weeks frontpage of "Der Spiegel". It reads: Washington, a year after.

  16. The suspect had a licence to work as an unarmed security guard, a job that police described as "similar to a security guard at a concert-type situation".

  17. Ahhh what interesting and strange portents continue to burst forth from the collective consciousness. That term “Season of the Witch” evokes numerous synchronicity/synchromysticism meanings that worth closer examination.

    There's the iconic 1966 Song by Donovan released the same year as the founding of Anton Lavey's “The Church of Satan” but that's just a coincidence and all right. Actually I rather enjoy that song and made me develop an interest to explore even more psychedelic rock music.

    There's a Nicholas Cage movie (shudder) called “Season of the Witch” released 2011. Have not seen that one yet I have to truly mentally prepare myself to set through one of Francis Ford's Coppola's nephews' movies.... it's a true psychological endurance test.

    However, returning back to our main theme is hands down our clear winner. “Season of the Witch” is also the 2009 - 2010 theme of Ultra-Expensive European Luxury Lingerie BRAND Agent Provocateur. While Agent Provocateur is a much younger brand than the much more widely known “Victoria's Secret” that British Lingerie house wears are exponentially much more costly.

    Agent Provocateur's clientele is truly aristocrats, old money, new money, and professional high class courtesans. Which is reflected by the decadence saturated o̶r̶g̶i̶e̶s̶ (ahem) modeling shoots that company holds for each fall line. One could even say that each year their doing ritualistic witchcraft hidden in plain sight as lingerie model shows.

    1. Oh I forgot to add that one of the founders of “Agent Provocateur” lingerie brand is named Joseph Corré who is actually the son of the late Malcolm McLaren. McLaren was the manager and promoter of the Sex Pistols one of the most infamous Punk Rock bands in world history. Talk about “Anarchy in the U.K” right?

    2. Don’t forget about the movie Halloween 3 Season of the Witch. It is about an Irish Novelty company that makes Halloween masks. Check out the plot here:

    3. 1973, Season Of The Witch directed by George Romero. ....who just passed away, what are the odds..?

    4. Thank you both Mooncub & Anonymous for both of those add-ons for the "Season of the Witch" theme de facto hyper-sigil. Oddly enough both of those movies was panned by critics for various reasons. It seems using that specific title "Season of the Witch" in movies may be a curse in some ways.

      I suspect against those movies may be a combination of fear and guilt stemming from collective ancestral memories of the "witch burning times" along with "Salem Witch trials" that keeping film makers from making any good films about witchcraft. Likewise those same ancestral memories may be subconsciously preventing the critics from liking such movies.

    5. I adore the Agent Provocateur perfume, never knew about the rest of the range. Wow! Thanks.

  18. For anyone reading the details on this case, I noticed the town of New Braunfels, part of the Texas "hill country" with a strong historical German presence, was mentioned. New Braunfels is where I saw my first water park mermaid show at Aquarena Springs, which also served as the setting for the grade B Jaws ripoff called Pirhana.

    1. Good ol Ralph the swimming pig. Yes, New Branunfels.. Very close to Randolph AFB. Great Nazi drop off location ala project paperclip

    2. Yup i live there, most of the white people here are of Germanic decent. The German presence was so strong there was even a type of spoken German called "texan german". It mostly has died out after the wars. And well, where did you think mexicans found out about the accordion from....

  19. Chris, I wanted to thank you for posting a link to Ursula Le Gun's "Lathe of Heaven" in your Sunday Matinees in 2010. It helped my understanding when I saw references to her in "The Exegesis of Philip K Dick."

  20. Again, Chris thanks. While you inspire me to do my own research I only got as far as the Guy Fawkes sync.

    IMO, there's too much syncy stuff tied in with this "event" to be natural.

    A civic ritual need not have actual victims, virtual images are sufficient to create a psychic reaction in the sheeple/golem.

    1. Our 'Civic rituals' lead to death and destruction all the time. And we all (are forced to) participate...
      And most see no problem with that at all, they actually are shitscared of the alternative
      Including probably you and at least 90 % of the other people reading this

    2. I'm curious, is your cape orange? You've recently swooshed in here with your apostrophes and ALL CAPS, and your comments offer little actual insight, or add much to the conversation. It must be so very lonely up there on your high horse, with all your inside knowledge. You bring an arrogant vibe to a respectful gathering (not a 'group') of intelligent commentators and contributors, and you're disrespectful to the author of this blog. Kudos to Chris for showing you respect by publishing your *yawn* replies to other people's comments. I sure as 'hell' wouldn't.

  21. Down in a Hole is the debut studio album by actor Kiefer Sutherland, produced by his longtime friend Jude Cole from the label Ironworks which Sutherland co-owns. The album was released on August 19, 2016

    Part of the lyrics from the singele 'down in a hole'

    "I could hear the sirens wail
    The gravedlgger comes and puts you to bed
    The bottle don't claim another one dead
    The pain and suffering, is gone from your head
    Could have been cool, but you dead instead.
    Now you're down, Down in a hole
    Yeah you're down, at the end of road
    I can't hear your shout, causes no way out for you"

    And if that is not enough: Sound of the sirens supported Kiefer Sutherland on his UK tour last June.

  22. A trick-or-treater came to my house on 31 October dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask. I said: "Oh Guy Fawkes - remember, remember the 5th of November." The kid took the candy and ran off, telling his pal - "That guy called me Guy Fawkes. Who is that?"

    1. The kids call the mask anonymous now, go figure

  23. Oh, and one other thing. Back in 2011, I looked into the Jared Lee Loughner shooting in suburban Tucson, Arizona. I discovered the young girl killed in the mass shooting, Christina-Taylor Green, was brought to the congressional meet-and-greet with "the astronaut's wife" by a woman named Suzi Hileman, who was heavily involved in Cornell University's "College of Human Ecology," purported to have strong "mind control" program links. Some reports linked New York State native Timothy McVeigh to Cornell-linked "Calspan."

    1. Cornell U. designed, built and ran what it used to be the world largest radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico from 1960 to 2009. It has been linked to all kinds of dark things. Even reading the wikipedia entry about it gives you a hint of how bad things were over there.

  24. Catholicism:
    Nov 5th - St Elizabeth (mother of John the baptist)

    The "First baptist" would either refer to the probably fictional John an/or to the jewish practise of tevilah with its washing rituals. The mikveh has to be (connected to) a natural body of water, i.e."Springs" or wells.
    John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan according to the story. South of the Jordan is the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the planet. It is currently drying up at an alarming speed. Its name in Hebrew is the Salt sea and because of its mineral composition no life can grow inside it.

    (South in hebrew btw is 'teman' meaning 'to the right'. This is because the orientation wasn't always to the north as it is now, one was 'facing east'. Look at ancient maps. Just as ancient cultures didn't always 'look to the future in front of them', they faced the past and had their "backs to the future", for a living example see the Aymara people)

    Sutherland Springs apparently is known for their sulfur springs that attracted many wealthy tourists until the Great Depression made an end to that flow of visitors and income.

    Tidbit from Wiki on the Jordan:
    "Because, according to Jewish tradition, the Israelites made a difficult and hazardous journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in The Promised Land, the Jordan can refer to freedom. The actual crossing is the final step of the journey, which is then complete.

    Because of the baptism of Jesus, water from the Jordan is employed for the christening of heirs and princes in several Christian royal houses, such as the cases of Prince George of Cambridge, Simeon of Bulgaria[13] or James Ogilvy."


    1. 'ancient maps', hebrew:

    2. ..and continuing that 'time/space' theme.. the pre-civilized people would probably have a similar perspective but with a deep understanding of what all that meant IN their lifetimes. They would not leave lasting structures, be it buildings or institutions, but would clean up after themselves. Whenever they moved, AND at the end of their lives. They would truly grant their children an open future. And share all their knowledge. And would still be 'present' in some sense even after they died. Each instance of each of their lives would be truly their own. Each part of the earth would potentially be truly open to them to walk on while they lived. Now that would be a long and fulfilling life!

      And different humans have lived like that for millions of years, in relative harmony with each other and all other life. Until.

      How ironic that "we" began to call ourselves 'sapiens' just as we completely lost our minds.

    3. There are no gods in the universe, no money, no politics, no rights, no witches, no borders, no nations, no rulers, no slaves, no work.....

      All that exists only in the terminally ill imagination of people. Civilization is the Cult of Cults. It has killed billions. Humans. Other animals. Plants. And it will keep doing so. Unless we come to our senses, each individually.

      Cause "we" won't. "We" doesn't exist. A group is just the name we give to individuals when standing together. If each walks away, there is no group. A group has no agency. A group, unless completely voluntary together with each free to leave at any moment, has "massmind" which amounts to each individual giving UP their mind... to some "higher goal". And WHOSE goal is THAT?? What are you sacrificing your very life to, and that of your children? And the lives of countless others?

      And if you can't walk away, ask yourself, why is that? Indeed, because TPTB will not allow you to... So, who the hell do they think they are?

      No child will ever be born with such crazy fantastical and brutal ideas. It is all forcefully planted into their minds. Our minds. It's terror. It's the ultimate betrayal. Of self and of other.
      And at the very least, we ought not cooperate.

      We can keep studying their dogma's, their scripts, their rituals.... but none of that will ever make it stop. And we should remember that THEY to do not believe in their own bullshit. THEIR "method is science". And their "aim is religion". So that YOU will believe in the Grand Fantastical Goal. While THEY scientifically and technologically manipulate whatever they can where- and whenever they can to achieve it. Over your dead body.

      If no one would support them in any way, they would be NOTHING. They'd be NOWHERE.

      If no one would BE them... even better.

    4. Thanks for sharing this, it sums up the problem very concretely. It is up to every one on its own to decide. No one else can do it for yourself.

    5. Regarding this the most important book may be Against His-Story, Against Leviathan by Fredy Perlman. It can be found online from various sources since it was never copyrighted, for obvious reasons.

    6. Thank you for this post, and I agree.
      There is no 'US', or 'THEM', or even 'THOSE OTHER ???'
      But TPTB certainly seem HELL bent on making 'us' believe.
      I myself have come to a certain understanding; based on my LIMITED 'perception'; WE are PARTICLES; as EVERYTHING is JUST PARTICLES!
      Quantum GOD maybe?
      So my question to you mate is this; what about LOVE?
      I have a WIFE; and SONS, and I LOVE THEM!
      There is NO 'Scientific' explanation that can 'explain' THAT!
      THEY are just MANIPULATING this BULLSHIT 'Manuscript' is how I 'see' it.
      "There is NO SPOON".

    7. Blue, perhaps in the movie you can wish spoons away, but here on this actual earth real things happen with very realconsequences and only very real actions can cause change

      Why do you think they need so much violence and force ?

    8. And Blue, look at your marriage contract: there are three signatures there. You are married to the state and your wife.
      (Contracts are bullshit too)

      They will always demand being your 'first love'.
      And that's for real.

    9. AND Blue, actually science has explained 'love' to a great extent. On many levels. (But that doesn't make it any less special or even 'mysterious').

      You do not need a scientific explanation to be capable of love, or to experience it. And scientific explanations do not grant you such capabilities or experiences. But having knowledge and understanding of these certainly has its advantages today...

    10. Oh wait, now did I get Anonymous #such and such confused with 'Blue's' apostrophes and ALL CAPS. Anyway, I still think Anonymous #such and such is rude.

    11. I am not rude.
      I am just looking for answers; to questions that are just not asked.
      I spent my entire day pondering 'Anonymous'.
      And I was BUSY today!
      But I think this post holds merit.
      And really I do not care if anyone else thinks else.
      But NO; "I" am NOT a rude person.
      I work as a 'caregiver' and "I" care.
      But what of this love stuff?
      Obviously this is not science, but what capabilities or experiences are you speaking of?
      And how would you, or why would you use this as an advantage?
      See my point here is that this game is pointless, and that those whom seek to rule the game are themselves part of the game?
      The idea that all reality is based on thought energy itself??
      My question.
      I have seen in my professional career countless cases of those whom have been attacked by the forces of Negation.
      Seems life itself is questionable.

    12. I too don't think you are rude, Blue. Nor do I think I am. Okay, I might be a bit frank here and there... And that's not very much in fashion these days as far as I can tell.
      I also believe that you care. It shows.

      I think it's very stupid (that's an understatement!) to negate what can't be negated. Life can be put out, but (even then) you can't ever negate it.

    13. Thank you.
      It is difficult for me; living in this world but seeing 'it' as an illusion.
      And knowing that humanity itself is caught in that illusion.
      And knowing that it is intended; coerced by 'magic' and the like.
      Interesting is that quantum 'reality', whatever that is, seems to fit this well.
      All form, as I understand it, is based upon these 'particles'; which in a way are building blocks based on a symbolic/sigil language of sorts, but are really just vibrational expressions. (my understanding)
      So why would anyone wish to create that which utterly destroys?
      Seems like madness to me.
      I always come back to this 'Love' thing, because that 'expression' seems to transcend this, and maybe it is just science but I just do not see it that way.
      I think there are forces at work that are beyond our understanding, and I find that unsettling.

  25. The first screenshot you include of 'Johnnie' Hogwarts looks like some serious greenscreening is going on in the 'background', having said that though so very much looks totally artificial on digital conveyances.

    The Firework's Night Moon rose orange here.

    "When I'm lost at sea, I hear your voice & it carries me ... Baby I was afraid before But I'm not afraid anymore"

    sung by the oranger Belinda Carlisle (surely a (wannabe) witch 'Circle In The Sand' etc.) my sync of today.

    Aldebaren frequently reminds me of Alderaan, 'blue-green in appearance ... a terrestrial planet with humanoid inhabitants' (adopted home planet of jedi/sith seeded twin Leia Vader (Veda / Vega), destroyed by "That's no moon."

    'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit' was the debut novel by Jeanette Winterson, the plot:

    'The main character is a young girl named Jeanette, who is adopted by evangelists from the Elim Pentecostal Church. She believes she is destined to become a missionary. The book depicts religious enthusiasm as an exploration of the power of love. As an adolescent, Jeanette finds herself attracted to another girl, and her mother's group of religious friends subject her and her partner to exorcisms.'

    Regarding the 1990 television adaptation wiki states:

    'The allegorical fairytales that are woven into the novel do not appear on the screen. Miss Jewsbury's love-making with the underage Jess, which appears in the novel, was also excluded.'

    Winterson, another orange, also authored 'Sexing The Cherry', her wife describes herself as being 'post-heterosexual'.


    'Saudi Arabia hopes to rival Dubai as holiday hotspot with new tourist visas'

    'The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice currently reads: “Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country in which Islamic law is strictly enforced. You should respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do not offend.”

    It adds: “Homosexual acts and extra-marital sexual relations, including adultery, are illegal and can be subject to severe penalties.'


    'Stephen Hawking explains how we could reach Mars in less than an HOUR and Pluto in days'

    'The world-renowned physicist explained that the human race - much like Star Trek - has to “boldly go where no one has gone before” if it wants to continue on for another million years, he said on Sunday.

    According to Prof Hawking, the world will become severely crowded by 2600, when power consumption could turn the planet into a sizzling fire ball.'


    published today by 'Caitlyn Flynn' (of 'Refinery'):

    'This Hollywood Actress Spoke Out Against Sexual Misconduct Over 70 Years Ago'

    'In a 1945 interview with The Mirror, (Maureen) O'Hara stated that producers called her "a cold potato without sex appeal" because she rejected their sexual advances.'

    O'Hara was an orange-head 2.


    'Blue Planet II viewers can't get over baffling 'sea toad' fish which has transformed its fins into FEET'

    Perhaps Alan Moore should stop writing I mean Working? His twelve issue 'Providence' comic "my attempt to write what I would consider to be a piece of ultimate Lovecraft fiction... it will be a continuation of Neonomicon" came to a conclusion(?) April.

    1. & 'urban dictionary' reminds me that 'fruit' can mean '1. some one who is a flaming flamboyant homosexual'.

      & regarding seasons, 'The Zombies', 'Time of The Season' soundtracks the trailer for 'All The Money In The World' ((current) US release date Friday 22nd December) a Ridley Scott directed kevin spacey (heavily disguised under prostheic make-up & cgi splice-fx) starring oscar bait, from the voiceover in the trailer:

      "...We look like you, but we're not like you... It's like we're from another planet... where the force of gravity is so strong It bends the light... It bends people too..."

      'variety' states:

      'With the Oscar hopes for the $40 million film dimming, the studio hopes that it can focus on positioning the picture for commercial success. It also believes that the work of hundreds of crew members shouldn’t be overshadowed or affected by the allegations against Spacey. In a statement, the festival echoed that point.'

      & that 'sony pictures' is 'weighing opening the movie in 2018'... 'weighing'...

      & remaining in the orbit of hollow-woe woody allen's 'Wonder Wheel' (Friday 1st December (the date of allen's 82nd birthday) (& 'One of five films released in 2017 with the word 'wonder' in its title, the others being Wonder, Wonder Woman, Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women, and Wonderstruck.')), promoted by a poster replete with an 'OA' at Its centre, stars that Heavenly Creature Kate Winslet as (an orange) 'Ginny'.

      Kate's made a splash today after she & 'Allison Janney shared a kiss at Hollywood Film Awards', 'the kiss':

      '...stole the limelight at the Hollywood Film Awards, the first major ceremony of the annual awards season... Winslet, 42, picked up the Hollywood actress award for her role in Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel at the event and referred to Janney in her acceptance speech... "Allison Janney is in this room, I know I don't really know you, but I just want to be you, I do,"..."Or just stroke you or something ... I mean, we could always kiss, maybe?"... Janney hopped out of her seat and ran to the stage as a delighted Winslet said: "Oh, it's going to happen!"... The West Wing star Janney, 57, then kissed Winslet on the lips and gave her a hug as the audience cheered... "Thank you very much," Winslet said. "Now I'm a little bit breathless."... Dustin Hoffman appeared at the ceremony to present his The Meyerowitz Stories co-star Sandler with the Hollywood comedy award, just days after apologising for inappropriate sexual behaviour... The glamorous event... is considered a forecaster to the Oscars, which take place early next year.'

      & on scythes & sickles 'Singularity':

      'In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars...' exterminating humanity, opened Its working Friday 3rd November.

      ('Kronos' is the name of a 1957 movie about 'Aliens from another world' (no less!) sending 'a huge robotic accumulator to invade the Earth and absorb all energy it comes in contact with.' ("we can turn matter into energy. But up there, they have the second half; they can turn energy into matter") & searching for details re: 'chronos' imdb returned 'sharon osbourne' as her 'self' starring on 'the view' as top name.)

  26. Those British writers that DC comics hired in the 80s managed to take over and finish mainstream comics in the 90s. They just replaced the old cliches with new ones. And if you think Moore is bad just consider his cohorts like Ellis, Gaiman, Morrison, Ennis, etc...

  27. I actually live in texas too. In a small town...just outside san antonio. So this was interesting being so close to home. A lot of places here are named after Prussian or German or Spanish places, a lot of the original settlers being from there.

    You can just look into that morons beady fish eyes and see nothing there.

    I never liked wicca, not because i think its evil. I think its stupid. It was invented in the 1950's by a British government worker. Nothing that modern could be good magik. My personal take is the occult is about the ancient, tradition. You should practice the pagan and magick of your ancestors. I think its probably better to be reading some ancient Grimoire than some "how to be a witch" post on tumbler. By the way, buying some cartoonish witch hat from an etsy or some shit doesnt make you a witch.....

    Typical american style to buy their identity instead of being born with one

    The left are always bad at spiritual stuff for the most part. They are materlists by nature.

    They arent always bad, those v from vendetta masks are an irl thought form created by alan moore an anarchist and magician

    1. I think the whole point of Wicca was/is to help us moderns find the paths and read the signs. If anyone is doing their Wicca strictly by any of GBG's framework, I feel it is essential to reach back - otherwise there is indeed the problem of dancing only one set of steps. Wicca done right is great, Wicca done badly is crap. Every Wiccan has to work out who they are, who they want to be, and remember the passwords.

      When one lives outside of the normal sense of time, it becomes about effectiveness rather than prestige of antiquity or novelty.

      Time is a really odd thing.

      All the tools of magic, and the keys to the kingdom, are within us.

      I am happy with a muddly neopagan magical tradition. I can also understand why many people aren't.

      Wicca without Doreen would probably have been dreadful.

    2. Modernism,liberalism, and capitalism have no place in spirituality.
      its about pushing your will and desire into the hive mind of humanity. Its about manipulating symbols and art and words and letting them leak into the global consciousness and then into reality.

      "I am happy with a muddly neopagan magical tradition"

      Of course you are happy with destruction, like all leftwingers you only know to destroy rather than conserve

    3. No, I can make jam.
      Have we met?
      Is it worthwhile continuing this conversation?

  28. Marilyn Manson again:

  29. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this
    topic to be really something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complex and very broad for me. I'm looking forward
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  30. One of Superman's former girlfriends is a siren, with L.L. initials of course, Lori Lemaris. L = 12 , so 12 12 or 144. She was introduced in Superman #129 in 1959.

  31. A brave soul named Johnnie Langendorff reported help bring Devin Patrick Kelley to ground after the massacre. As far as know, the Orange t-shirt is not in honor of Aldebaran.

    langendorff hat band is native American coyote track
    Coyote is Aldebaran
    Trickster / clown
    Double headed coyote is red/orange
    Coyote feather on langendoff hat is hunter symbol.

  32. Another strange event that will take place is this:

    "(UPDATE: has confirmed that Northrop Grumman is the payload provider for Zuma through a commercial launch contract with SpaceX for a LEO satellite with a mission type labeled as “government” and a needed launch date range of 1-30 November 2017.)

    While nothing is known of the payload, what is known is that Zuma will use Falcon 9 core B1043 – a brand new core that was originally (as understood by intended for the CRS-13/Dragon mission."

    I looked up the meaning of Zuma and found this:

    "Zuma" is a name of Aztec (Nahuatl) origin, and it means "Lord Frowns in Anger". It's a name commonly given to girls." ... Lord frowns in anger... not an auspicious sign.

    It is also the name of this Filipino comic book character:

    "Zuma is a demigod and the son of the Aztec serpent god Kukulkan ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent"). He had been entombed in a buried Aztec pyramid until unearthed by an archaeological expedition team. Unleashed into the modern world, Zuma goes on a murderous rampage, preying particularly on virgin women who he rips and eats the hearts of."

    1. Meaning of Zuma in Zulu is "To sneak around at night with bad intent". or as a verb.... "to lie down in ambush, to take by surprise or to pounce unexpectedly."

  33. What everyone always forgets is that Jokers and Jesters, even as they seem to make fun of and criticize TPTB or the system are still employed by these same Powers. And very much part of that system and furthering its goals.

    1. Yes your right.
      But does that actually sanction TPTB goals?
      What are these goals?
      And why do they feel the need to further these goals?
      Are we just actors in the play?

    2. What makes you think that I would even entertain such a thought that TPTB and their destructive goals could ever be 'sanctioned'? Not ever!

  34. Used to be that all of Superman's girlfriends had L.L. initials, so - 12 12, 1212, 24, or 144. L= 50 in Roman numerals.

  35. Comments going missing again: Reposting:
    Kelley = Ceallach brings to mind the Cailleach ( Gaelic mythology (Irish, Scottish and Manx) the Cailleach (Irish pronunciation: [ˈkalʲəx], Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈkaʎəx]) is a divine hag, a creator deity and weather deity, and an ancestor deity. She is also commonly known as the Cailleach Bhéara(ch) or Bheur(ach). The word cailleach means "hag" in modern Scottish Gaelic

    The Cailleach is seen as a seasonal deity or spirit, ruling the winter months between Samhainn (1 November or first day of winter) and Bealltainn (1 May or first day of summer) - The Storm Hags, and seen as personifications of the elemental powers of nature, especially in a destructive aspect. They are said to be particularly active in raising the windstorms of spring, during the period known as A' Chailleach.

    So you have the Hag, the name origin, and the matching dates, not to mention the storms we've had this year, particularly in Texas


  36. Alan Moore spiced up 'V...' by including a lesbian-love subplot* (that is pivitol in inspiring Evie to see through what turns out to be her initiation), this seasoning was further potented in the wachowski produced adaptation by adding a dash of homosexuality to the tale (absent in the original) in the role performed by stephen fry (who is on record as having been sexually assaulted whilst at school ('Fry denies that the event had lasting consequences for his mental health.'))

    *so popular in sci-fi-fantasy as epitomised & further popularised by joss whedon's use of such in 'Buffy'.


    'Rosie O'Donnell Reveals She's in Love with a Younger Woman — but Won't 'Ever' Get Married Again'

    'O’Donnell is also mother to daughter Dakota, 4, with her late ex-wife Michelle Rounds, who died of apparent suicide in September at age 46... On the morning of Sept. 11, Rounds was found dead.'... O’Donnell also discussed her own mental health — “I have major depressive disorder — luckily, I’m medicated — and admitted to experiencing “suicide ideation.”... She then connected the sexual abuse she experienced as a child with her body-image struggles.'


    'Satellite images show ancient mysterious city in middle of ocean'

    'Nan Madol, which means “the space inbetween”, is 1,600 miles from Australia and 2,500 miles from Los Angeles.'

    'The city has stone walls measuring 25 feet high and 17 feet thick.'

    (Why was 6 afraid? Because 7 8 9. (& 7+8+9 = 24 & 2+4 = 6))

    'It was also compared to the island of Atlantis, which was speculated to have disappeared under the water.'

    to paraphrase Odin, Thor, Loki etc in 'Thor: Ragnarok', "Atlantis is not a place, Its a people".

    & The Siren gives sign of Itself in Saudi Arabia:

    'New Coke Ad About Saudi Women Driving Has People Feeling All Kinds Of Ways'

    but everyone HATED 'New Coke' right?

  37. No idea if this holds any weight but things in movies are specific and details are paid attention to.....

    So, I am watching the xfiles season 10 'Babylon' and towards the end when Agent Miller and Agent Einstein are sitting down in the airport in Texas and Miller says 'giving Agent magic mushrooms', and she says 'I was talking about Agent Mulder' he gives a face and lifts his hand to put headphones on and something drew curiousity toward his watch. I rewind hit play and pause on the time that reads 11-5 as the 9/11 terror and Texas terror play on the tv's in background to the song of 'Secret Heart'

    I found it rather ...synchy and profound.

    I could be stretching this a bit but..... when I think about the towers and the Lonegun Man ...which are present in this episode, my eyes dart about in total wonderment. wth?


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  39. Currently it looks like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform available right now.
    (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

  40. Just remembered swiss perfume maker Andy Tauer has named one his creations "Orange star".