Monday, November 06, 2017

Joker Watch: The Season of the Witch

Well, here we go again. Another mass killing, another day swollen with portent and history.  And another dead-eyed Joker. 

I can't see any reason to doubt the reports that Devin Patrick Kelley is the man responsible for the horrific bloodshed in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs, outside of San Antonio. But there are quite a few things that trouble me about the day this all went down.

Trouble me quite a bit, actually.

After what they are calling the worst mass shooting in American history (in Vegas) we see the worst mass shooting in a church in American history. 

Once again the symbols and the people of the Heartland were in the crosshairs of mechanized death. As I said, I see no compelling reason to doubt the police's narrative of the shootings (though I have to admit Kelley's dishonorable discharge from the Air Force raises a red flag or two) but you can't help but be struck by the Synchronicity there.

There are a lot more where that came from.

There's also the fact that this happened on the eighth (4+4) anniversary of the Fort Hood Massacre in Kileen, Texas, a relatively short distance from Sutherland Springs.

And of course November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, commemorating the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 when Catholic dissidents were accused of trying to blow up the British Parliament. It's become the date for an annual festival in England ever since.

 This year we saw Harvey Weinstein play the Burning Man in one British bonfire festival.

Like the Joker, the Guy Fawkes mask has become a modern icon for disaffected young men at odds with society. And do note that Alan Moore--a self-proclaimed wizard-- is largely responsible for feeding these altered egos into the mainstream with his 1983 series V for Vendetta and with Batman: The Killing Joke in 1987.

You see, Magic works, even inadvertent magic. 

Which is why it's still practiced.

Bonus factoid: many believe the Gunpowder Plot was a classic false flag operation.

But as you can see November 5th has been a banner day for History's ongoing churn, particularly in the past century (and change). 

Bonus factoid: Sidney Reilly was said to be one of Ian Fleming's inspirations for James Bond.

44. This particular event-- the Bombing of the Vatican-- is especially interesting in light of the Gunpowder Plot.

As well in the context of this story which hit the wires last week- the first Jesuit Pope is claimed to have abolished the Afterlife, negating two millennia of Catholic doctrine.

I should add that Pope Francis is also been prophesied to be the very last Pope by the 12th Century Irish Saint Malachy. 

It sounds as if he wants to live up to that honorific.

And on Friday, no less than the Paper of Record declared this to be the "Season of the Witch," as witchcraft and Satanism win the hearts and souls of Millennials. 

Lots of healthy young hosts for the Vegas to bind themselves too, I suppose.

Keep a close eye on all this. And don't pretend that witchcraft can't be weaponized.

In the spirit of the season, Cornell -- Cornell -- University puts its collection of witchcraft texts on display. Apparently it's the largest in North America.  

But what really caught my eye was this story of last night's occultation of Aldebaran by the Moon, now waning after a Supermoon.  I guess we can add another star to the roster then. 

An Orange star.

Of course Aldebaran is a frontline combatant in the War in Heaven. Namely the eternal struggle between Orion the Hunter and the Bull of Heaven, Taurus. 

This story goes all the way back in the books to the Epic of Gilgamesh, when Orion was known as the "True Shepherd of Anu."

November is the month Orion returns to our night skies- it rose on Friday.

Coincidentally, the new Orion moon mission was announced on Friday as well.

Aldebaran is also identified traditionally with the Archangel Michael, said to be responsible to the exile of the Fallen Angels in Revelation 12:4 & 9. Archangel Michael led the Heavenly Host against the Fallen Angels-- Vegas, Pearly Dew-Drops, whatever-- in Revelation as well.

So it seems like Sunday was quite the significant day for the Vegas, symbolically and synchronistically.

In fact, Aldebaran is called the "Eye of Revelation."

Or the "Bright Star." It seems to have a lot of names. "Eye of Illumination" is another.

As it happens Kelley is a variant of Ceallach, meaning "Bright-Headed." 

Alternately "war" or "strife" 

Or "church."

And it so happens that November 5th one of these bullshit, made-up observance days; in this case for for redheads or gingers.

Of course, they're actually Orange-heads.

Apparently, November Fifth was also twinned with October 1st in another tragic fashion: a benefit concert for victims of the massacre there was held at the Venetian Hotel.

Do note the rather obvious Sickle in the logo design. 

And please do note that Venetian is essentially the same as "Venusian," referring to the planet Venus, which will occult Regulus-- "the Heart of the Lion"-- on October First in the All-Important 44.

Remember too that Regulus is one of the stars of the Sickle in Leo.

Also note the Venetian's street address- 3355. The mathematical mean of 33 and 55 is 44. Or should I say "the All-Important 44." Bonus factoid: 3+3+5+5= 4 x 4.

Interesting to note that the Venetian's logo is a leogryph or winged lion, something we see echoed at Luxor Las Vegas.

Remember that Regulus was the only star visible during the Great American Eclipse and that Saturn- the Black Hole Sun-- was the only planet visible during October.

A brave soul named Johnnie Langendorff reported help bring Devin Patrick Kelley to ground after the massacre. As far as know, the Orange t-shirt is not in honor of Aldebaran.

Note that he does have a tattoo of a bull skull over the orange, though. Coincidentally, only the right eye socket is visible- the being occulted by Johnnie's beard.

Langendorf is a place name. There's one in Germany- note the Sickle in its coat of arms.

And another one in Switzerland. I did a double take when I saw its coat of arms- I thought that said "Hogwarts" at first.

I'm sure you can understand my confusion.