Sunday, November 05, 2017

Stranger Things: The Viper's Nest

Gordon White of Rune Soup, Raj Sisodia of Amid Night Suns and I have a round table on Stranger Things 2, which-- spoiler alert-- none of us liked. I was particularly disappointed by this season because I was very much hoping they would push the issues raised in the first season to the next level. 

It didn't work out that way, did it?

What's more, we were all rather concerned over the growing sexualization of the characters and the actors who play them.

As I wrote before I thought it was particularly unfortunate timing that this series landed smack dab in the middle of the Kevin Spacey and Corey Feldman media wildfires as well as the overall issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the media in general.

And as you can see that concern on our parts is particularly well-placed, given the way the actors- Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown in particular-- are being sexualized by magazines and on social media. Gordon argued that what we are seeing is the Overton Window being moved on this issue and I have to concur. It's what I am concerned about when I talk about the normalization process.

Also, I appeared on The X-Cast recently to discuss the episodes "Red Museum" and "Excelsius Dei" with the great Darren Mooney, which are somewhat related to ST2. We explore the issues of MKULTRA and radiation experimentation in hospitals and nursing homes as well as other issues of systematized abuse.

Fortunately, there has been pushback against this trend on many sites.

Elite-pet/art-fraud Marina Abramovic

And the storm over Hollywood predation shows no sign of slowing down

But the sexualization of these young actors is very real.

Yes, indeed it was.

And then you have fucked up shit like that...