Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Feeding the Fish in a Never-Ending Ritual

Just in case you think you're still living in the same reality you grew up in, let me present you with Exhibit A of the new Bizarro World reality: the fact that Donald Trump feeding goldfish is a front page scandal all across the known lands and all ships at sea.

As you probably guessed, this is all part of the Never-Ending Ritual that seems to be pointing our attention to the Stars...

Of course the story of a mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX happened to be-- by a coincidence so coincidental I can't even think of a colorful allegory for it-- accompanied by the occultation of Aldebran, the Orange giant in the constellation of Taurus.

The War in Heaven, to borrow a well-coined phrase. 

This is all part of this psychodrama revolving around the brightest stars in the night sky and the most revered constellations throughout the entire history of elite priestcraft. Don't ask me to explain it all-- I'm still collating. But having wicked OCD, I know it when I see it. 

And I ain't never seen it like this.

And by a coincidence so coincidental it's not actually a coincidence, Orion re-emerged in the Southerly Skies just a few scant days ago. And this occultation coincided with the Hunter-Shepherd Boy's triumphant return to the Heavens. 

It's not enough simply to observe the decisive battle- this clearly calls for some good, old-fashioned religion, just like in the days of old. Fire up the tophets, Gladys!

Donald Trump took his entourage the Far East at the very same timing the easterly-rising True Shepherd of Anu got ready for his eternal grudge match with Bull of Heaven. And he just happened to kick it off in Japan, where ritual is life and life is ritual.

And as we'll see his trip has been shrouded in a flurry of the biggest batch of total bullshit news stories I've seen since Obama was stalking the pyramids. News stories so contrived and ridiculous they can't possibly be reflections of actual events. 

And as we'll soon see they-- by sheer coincidence, of course-- seem to make their way in a Southerly direction down the constellations from the True Shepherd of Anu.

For Orion, we have the String of Pearls, which was the archaic name for Orion's Belt. And of course we're coming to the end of the Orionids and entering into the Taurids.

And so in what seems to have to been the most earth-shaking development of our times, the Prime Minister's wife Akie Abe took Melania Trump to a famous pearl shop in the Ginza. Akie even sports a dress with a strings of pearls design.

Melania-- of course-- is wearing Orange. 

There Akie and Melania posed with two "ladies of the sea," just to fuck with the heads of Secret Sun readers.

So we have the Siren and the Pearly Dew-Drops in one fell swoop. 

I mean, I think I've run out of sarcastic rejoinders by this point. How many times do we have to see this-- and in how many different iterations-- before we finally accept this isn't a fad or a joke?

Because it's no joke at all. It's as serious as a heart attack. 

Then Melania and Akie went upstairs to a hidden floor-- read: the Freemasonic Upper Chambers-- and had a "secret meeting." 

And because Orion and Sirius are locked together in an eternal heavenly embrace we have this absurd story about a woman who found a cyst in her dog's ear that allegedly looks like Trump.  

And you can bet this nonsense is some kind of ritual sacrament because every news service on the planet front-paged it.

Moving Southerly from Orion -- to the Sutherlands, if you will-- we have this illustration for a piece blaming Trump on Hugh Hefner, written by the estimable James Wolcott. This runs in the brand new issue of the Eastern Elite's favorite house organ, Vanity Fair.

As far as I can tell this is the only existing image of Trump dressed like a Playboy Bunny and gives us the requisite nod to Lepus, the Hare.

Continuing in our Southerly direction we come to Columba, the Dove. Here BFFs Melania and Akie show off the word "Peace," which they totally made together. 

So check off the Columba box.

From Columba we move to Pictor, which is exactly what it sounds like.

And without fail we see every news organization in the known universe headlining this nonstory about a Picture of woman named Juli Briskman losing her job after a picture of her giving the finger to the Trump motorcade went viral. 

"Stellar content." 

Pictor: check.

Then to the most pressing issue of our times; Koigate. 

Trump and Abe dumping boxes of fish flakes into a special installation of oversized goldfish. This story is so ridiculous only a journalist could take it seriously. And so symbolically loaded it can only be part of some kind of ritual. 

Again, all of this is clearly part of a ritual- that's the whole purpose of these state visits, particularly with the ritual-obsessed Japanese. The question is simply what exactly is this ritual all about. 

My guess? It's not about Honda building cars in the US.

And like I said, we're talking about glorified goldfish.

Which brings us to the constellation Dorado, named for a gold fish.  And contains a gateway to another galaxy, the Large Megallanic Cloud.

But of course.

So call me crazy if you like but my take on Koigate? Not really about fish. Or Trump, for that matter.

And just to complete the gaslighting/trolling/star-cult ritual, Prime Minster Abe presented Trump with a table runner.

Yes, a table runner.

That completes the Sutherly journey through the constellations as we end up at the constellation Mensa, named for the Latin word for table.

Mensa International cleverly manipulates a M to resemble a table. Do note the date of their establishment.

And do remember to wear Orange for gun control. Or to stop bullying. Or to support the Astros. Or to worship the Nommo.

Whatever. Who cares.  Just put the fucking Orange on and shut your goddamned pie-hole.

Because they're watching.  

And just because Marilyn Manson all of a sudden has to make world headlines every time he wipes his ass, we see this total non-story. But it provides us with the requisite Double-Cross.

Which is also featured on the alchemical glyph for Sulphur.

Plot twist! Sutherland Springs is named in part for its sulphur springs. Which has absolutely no symbolic resonance with the Fallen Angels locked in the bottomless pit. 

Or the Orionids, if you prefer.

Or, you know, the whole Paddock/Heaven-or-the-Vegas issue.

Anyway, Kelley got his guns by mistake. The Air Force forgot to mention on his dishonorable discharge that he'd been court-martialed for child battering and shouldn't have been allowed a gun permit. And they forgot he'd been institutionalized, too. It happens.

I mean, you forget stuff too. 

Sheesh, go easy on the poor Air Force already.

And in light of the machine gun toting accountant in Twin Peaks, I should point out that Kelley was stationed at Holloman, smack dab next to the White Sands National Monument of Trinity A-Bomb test fame.

And just to add the cherry on top....