Sunday, October 15, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: The Sickle

OK, we have a lot to go through here but I've finally cracked the code. This post will surely be updated but I want to just lay this all out for you because literally everything I've been trying to untangle since May all comes down to one thing.

One word actually. And I'm not entirely sure it's a very reassuring word at that.

I'm going to try to bring this all back home, so bear with me.

First, let's get to the star of our show, and I mean that quite literally. This comes from Goro Adachi's Super Torch Ritual:
Regulus the heart star of the celestial sphinx (Leo) was precisely at the north-south meridian of Las Vegas at the moment the mass shooting started at 10:05 pm PDT, about 42 degrees below the horizon due north. Go back or forward two minutes and there wouldn’t have been this alignment. It was precise and existed only at the exact time the massacre commenced. 

This is no small detail here- Regulus is a very important star:
 It’s the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion, depicting the Lion’s heart. This blue-white beauty of a star is the only 1st-magnitude star to sit almost squarely on the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the constellations of the Zodiac.
Note that the heart of the Sphinx is looking straight at Las Vegas Village, where the Route 91 Harvest Festival is held. And just to let you why this is such a big deal, look at the history of Regulus:
Throughout history, Regulus has been associated with royal power, and to the ancient Babylonians was known as Sharru (the King), to the Akkadians as Amil-gal-ur (King of the Celestial Sphere), and to the Persians as Miyan (the Centre), or as Venant, one of the four “royal stars” that watched over all the other stars in the form of a Fixed Cross, the others being Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, and Antares. In old India, the star was known as Magha (the Mighty), while the Greek astronomer Ptolemy used the word Basiliskos (“little king”) to describe it, which was later translated into Latin by Nicolaus Copernicus as Regulus.

Fomalhaut is also called "Albemuth."  

UPDATE: This story first went live the day before Las Vegas.

Twin Sphinx, Twin Star, Twin date-10/01

And twin rainbow over Las Vegas, the day of the Eclipse. 

Twin stars. Destroyers. Kronos. Saturn. 10/13.
Researchers from Princeton University in the US confirmed that the widely separated pair about 350 light years from Earth are in fact a binary pair.

Princeton. Huh.

RÄ“gulus is Latin for 'prince' or 'little king’.


Bear in mind the heavenly bodies are very important to all this, largely because of the Great American Eclipse. Which seems to have down what eclipses have commonly done throughout history and that is to presage disaster. 

The Eclipse bisected the continental United States roughly in half and the southern half has had quite a bit of trouble ever since.

And throughout it all, only one star was visible: "The Heart of the Lion."

Soon after the eclipse we saw more signs in the heavens- a major lunar occultation, involving three planets and a bright star. 

That star?


Apparently this isn't all that rare, because it's about to happen again on Sunday. But Regulus is very rarely occulted by a planet. 

The last time it happened was - wait for it- 58 years ago:
Located only 0.46 degrees from the ecliptic, Regulus is regularly occulted by the Moon, but less so by the planets Venus and Mercury, and even less frequently by asteroids. Nonetheless, the last occultation of Regulus by Venus occurred on July 7th, 1959, and the next occultation by Venus will only occur in October of 2044. Due to the nodal positions of the other planets, including that of Mercury, Regulus will not be occulted by any planet for at least the next several millennia.
J.Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book wrote a major paper on the 1959 occultation. Not sure if he was involved with Blue Rose.


July 7th is an interesting date since it's the day in 2016 Afghan War veteran Micah Johnson climbed to the roof of El Centro College and shot several people, including five policemen who were fatally wounded. 

This happened just a few hundred feet from the Killing of the Divine King of Camelot on 11/22/63.

Micah Johnson was from Mesquite, Texas, where accused Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock kept a residence. 

"The All-Important 2044"

The year 2044 (Twin-ten Twin-four) seems to have some significance since there was such a big deal made over the number 2044 when the Apollo 11 engines were found a few years ago.

The exact date of the 2044 Regulus occultation? October 1.


But according to some astronomers Regulus might not make it to the occultation. There are claims Regulus is spinning apart and will self-destruct.

Well, Regulus A that is. You see, Regulus is actually a twin star. 
Regulus A is a binary star consisting of a blue-white main sequence star of spectral type B7V, which is orbited by a star of at least 0.3 solar masses, which is probably a white dwarf. The two stars take approximately 40 days to complete an orbit around their common centre of mass.
Twin. Twins.

Now I had assumed the premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery dealt with Sirius, since it was about the collision of a binary star. 

And you know what they say about assuming anything.
The stardate is 1207.3, or May 11, 2256 in Earth terminology. The Shenzhou has responded to a signal from a damaged relay and arrives in order to make repairs.  
The relay is located in a region of space in close proximity to a binary star system in a state of stellar collision, and the collision has created a large debris field.

Might this somehow be a reference to Regulus? Let's see....
Gamma Hydra was the primary of its star system. The star was located in a region of space near the Federation-Klingon border and the Romulan Neutral Zone, in the Gamma Hydra sector. It was located six light years from a binary star system, where, in 2256, the first battle of the Federation-Klingon War occurred. 
Well, seeing as how Regulus the closest star in the closest major constellation west of Hydra, I think it's a pretty good chance it is. In light of all the rest of it.


But Regulus is not only the heart of Leo, it's part of The Sickle, formed with three major stars with Arabic names.

The Sickle. Harvest.

Is the Sickle the "dark secret" of the Harvest Festival?

We also saw a motherlode of Saturn symbolism and the Sickle is also identified with the Black Sun and Chronos. 

We especially saw a lot of Saturn symbolism associated with Jason Williams, better known as Jason Aldean, with all his black sun symbolism and tattoos and all the rest of it.

Guess what, Jason? They know now.

I never heard of this guy until recently but holy crap, do his handlers pile it on thick. Note the Saturn hexagon in the center with the 33/66 dashes forming the rings. That's Jason singing inside the hexagon.

And there's Saturn's "hexagon."

Jason's big hit is "Burnin' It Down" so he plays up the fire symbolism. And the twin symbolism, since I'm guessing Saturn and Regulus are somehow connected in some people's minds.

I can't believe this guy is a Country star. 

Every time I hear Aldean, I think "Aladdin." As it happens Aladdin is a variant on Al Din, pronounced -- you guessed it -- Aldean.

And of course Aladdin comes to us from A Thousand and One Arabian Nights. Or 1001.

Or if you like, 10/01.

In my post on Chester Bennington's death I specifically pointed to Las Vegas and Luxor. Why? Because all of the signs I was following left me there. Do note that Jimmy Kimmel made a big splash with his anti-gun monologue after the Las Vegas shootings.

Its demolition was a major news story in 1998. For a couple years there, it was the best-known controlled demolition and the example people pointed to when the topic came up.

Yeah, there you go. 


And then we see Building Seven, which...yeah.

But as it happens, sickles- particularly antique sickles look an awful lot like 7s. And September means "seventh month."

Reminded me of NASA's Mercury patch, which incorporates the 7, ostensibly in tribute to the original seven astronauts. This was design after the program was completed.

And strangely enough, only 6 astronauts actually went up for Mercury.

But another funny thing about Regulus....

The six stars that form a backward question mark are more popularly known as the “Sickle” in the constellation of Leo, the Lion.
 The Sickle is an asterism — a noteworthy or striking pattern of stars within a larger constellation. 

And not only did the Challenger explosion form a giant Y in the sky, Mandalay Bay does as well. Funny that both directly involve Stephen Paddock.

And there's also a Y suggested by the Route 91 Harvest Festival favicon.

Why? I don't know Y.

Of course we looked at Marilyn Manson and his mishap in New York while he sang his cover of "Sweet Dreams"* by Scottish duo Eurythymics. Scottish

Marilyn Manson was famously paired with Rose McGowan back in the day and as such is also connected to the Hurricane Harvey Weinstein mess.

Heaven Upside Down is a fascinating title, since it connects to the ideas put forward by people like Graham Hancock, who claim that ancient megalith builders were trying to mirror the Heavens.

Or twin them, if you prefer.

UPDATE: Check out The X-Cast with yours truly guest-hosting. 

Talking about 'Conduit' and 'The Jersey Devil', which very much tie into many of the themes we've been covering here.

POSTSCRIPT: Braintree gets a shoutout on Jeopardy, which went up the day after Las Vegas.

*"Sweet Dreams" was rearranged to sound like a Cocteau Twins song for the Sucker Punch soundtrack.