Sunday, October 15, 2017

Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas: The Sickle (UPDATED)

 "You noticed them, and they noticed that you noticed them." 
Alexander Leek, Mothman Prophecies

OK, we have a lot to go through here but I've finally cracked the code. This post will surely be updated but I want to just lay this all out for you because literally everything I've been trying to untangle since May all comes down to one thing.

One word actually. And I'm not entirely sure it's a very reassuring word at that.

I'm going to try to bring this all back home, so bear with me.

First, let's get to the star of our show, and I mean that quite literally. This comes from Goro Adachi's Super Torch Ritual:
Regulus the heart star of the celestial sphinx (Leo) was precisely at the north-south meridian of Las Vegas at the moment the mass shooting started at 10:05 pm PDT, about 42 degrees below the horizon due north. Go back or forward two minutes and there wouldn’t have been this alignment. It was precise and existed only at the exact time the massacre commenced. 

This is no small detail here- Regulus is a very important star:
 It’s the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion, depicting the Lion’s heart. This blue-white beauty of a star is the only 1st-magnitude star to sit almost squarely on the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the constellations of the Zodiac.
Note that the heart of the Sphinx is looking straight at Las Vegas Village, where the Route 91 Harvest Festival is held. And just to let you why this is such a big deal, look at the history of Regulus:
Throughout history, Regulus has been associated with royal power, and to the ancient Babylonians was known as Sharru (the King), to the Akkadians as Amil-gal-ur (King of the Celestial Sphere), and to the Persians as Miyan (the Centre), or as Venant, one of the four “royal stars” that watched over all the other stars in the form of a Fixed Cross, the others being Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, and Antares. In old India, the star was known as Magha (the Mighty), while the Greek astronomer Ptolemy used the word Basiliskos (“little king”) to describe it, which was later translated into Latin by Nicolaus Copernicus as Regulus.

UPDATE: This story first went live the day before Las Vegas.

Twin Sphinx, Twin Star, Twin date-10/01

And twin rainbow over Las Vegas, the day of the Eclipse. 

Then this...

Twin stars. Destroyers. Kronos. Saturn. 10/13.

Researchers from Princeton University in the US confirmed that the widely separated pair about 350 light years from Earth are in fact a binary pair.

Princeton. Huh.

Rēgulus is Latin for 'prince' or 'little king’.


Bear in mind the heavenly bodies are very important to all this, largely because of the Great American Eclipse. Which seems to have down what eclipses have commonly done throughout history and that is to presage disaster. The Eclipse bisected the continental United States roughly in half and the southern half has had quite a bit of trouble ever since.

And throughout it all, only one star was visible- The Heart of the Lion.

Soon after the eclipse we saw more signs in the heavens- a major lunar occultation, involving three planets and a bright star. That star?


Apparently this isn't all that rare, because it's about to happen again on Sunday. But Regulus is very rarely occulted by a planet. 

The last time it happened was - wait for it- 58 years ago:
Located only 0.46 degrees from the ecliptic, Regulus is regularly occulted by the Moon, but less so by the planets Venus and Mercury, and even less frequently by asteroids. Nonetheless, the last occultation of Regulus by Venus occurred on July 7th, 1959, and the next occultation by Venus will only occur in October of 2044. Due to the nodal positions of the other planets, including that of Mercury, Regulus will not be occulted by any planet for at least the next several millennia.
J.Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book wrote a major paper on the 1959 occultation. Not sure if he was involved with Blue Rose.


July 7th is an interesting date since it's the day in 2016 Afghan War veteran Micah Johnson climbed to the roof of El Centro College and shot several people, including five policemen who were fatally wounded. 

This happened just a few hundred feet from the Killing of the Divine King of Camelot on 11/22/63.

Micah Johnson was from Mesquite, Texas, where accused Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock kept a residence. 

"The All-Important 2044"

The year 2044 (Twin-ten Twin-four) seems to have some significance since there was such a big deal made over the number 2044 when the Apollo 11 engines were found a few years ago.

The exact date of the 2044 Regulus occultation? October 1.


But according to some astronomers Regulus might not make it to the occultation. There are claims Regulus is spinning apart and will self-destruct.

Well, Regulus A that is. You see, Regulus is actually a twin star. 
Regulus A is a binary star consisting of a blue-white main sequence star of spectral type B7V, which is orbited by a star of at least 0.3 solar masses, which is probably a white dwarf. The two stars take approximately 40 days to complete an orbit around their common centre of mass.
Twin. Twins.

Now I had assumed the premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery dealt with Sirius, since it was about the collision of a binary star. 

And you know what they say about assuming anything.
The stardate is 1207.3, or May 11, 2256 in Earth terminology. The Shenzhou has responded to a signal from a damaged relay and arrives in order to make repairs.  
The relay is located in a region of space in close proximity to a binary star system in a state of stellar collision, and the collision has created a large debris field.

Might this somehow be a reference to Regulus? Let's see....
Gamma Hydra was the primary of its star system. The star was located in a region of space near the Federation-Klingon border and the Romulan Neutral Zone, in the Gamma Hydra sector. It was located six light years from a binary star system, where, in 2256, the first battle of the Federation-Klingon War occurred. 
Well, seeing as how Regulus the closest star in the closest major constellation west of Hydra, I think it's a pretty good chance it is. In light of all the rest of it.


But Regulus is not only the heart of Leo, it's part of The Sickle, formed with three major stars with Arabic names.

The Sickle. 


Is the Sickle the "dark secret" of the Harvest Festival?

We also saw a motherlode of Saturn symbolism and the Sickle is also identified with the Black Sun and Chronos. 

We especially saw a lot of Saturn symbolism associated with Jason Williams, better known as Jason Aldean, with all his black sun symbolism and tattoos and all the rest of it.

Guess what, Jason? They know now.

I never heard of this guy until recently but holy crap, do his handlers pile it on thick. Note the Saturn hexagon in the center with the 33/66 dashes forming the rings. That's Jason singing inside the hexagon.

And there's Saturn's hexagon.

Jason's big hit is "Burnin' It Down" so he plays up the fire symbolism. And the twin symbolism, since I'm guessing Saturn and Regulus are somehow connected in some people's minds.

I can't believe this guy is a Country star. 

Every time I hear Aldean, I think "Aladdin." As it happens Aladdin is a variant on Al Din, pronounced-- you guessed it-- Aldean.

And of course Aladdin comes to us from A Thousand and One Arabian Nights. Or 1001.

Or if you like, 10/01.

In my post on Chester Bennington's death I specifically pointed to Las Vegas and Luxor. Why? Because all of the signs I was following left me there. Do note that Jimmy Kimmel made a big splash with his anti-gun monologue after the Las Vegas shootings.

Its demolition was a major news story in 1998. 

For a couple years there, it was the best-known controlled demolition and the example people pointed to when the topic came up.

Yeah, there you go. 


And then we see Building Seven, which...yeah.

But as it happens, sickles- particularly antique sickles look an awful lot like 7s. And September means "seventh month."

Reminded me of NASA's Mercury patch, which incorporates the 7, ostensibly in tribute to the original seven astronauts. This was design after the program was completed.

And strangely enough, only 6 astronauts actually went up for Mercury.

But another funny thing about Regulus....

The six stars that form a backward question mark are more popularly known as the “Sickle” in the constellation of Leo, the Lion.
 The Sickle is an asterism — a noteworthy or striking pattern of stars within a larger constellation. 

And not only did the Challenger explosion form a giant Y in the sky, Mandalay Bay does as well. Funny that both directly involve Stephen Paddock.

And there's also a Y suggested by the Route 91 Harvest Festival favicon.

Why? I don't know Y.

Of course we looked at Marilyn Manson and his mishap in New York while he sang his cover of "Sweet Dreams"* by Scottish duo Eurythymics. Scottish

Marilyn Manson was famously paired with Rose McGowan back in the day and as such is also connected to the Hurricane Harvey Weinstein mess.

Heaven Upside Down is a fascinating title, since it connects to the ideas put forward by people like Graham Hancock, who claim that ancient megalith builders were trying to mirror the Heavens.

Or twin them, if you prefer.

And of course it was the Cocteau Twins 1990 album Heaven or Las Vegas that started this entire mess. 

Now we before we get into the homestretch let me just explain this whole fixation. You see, I got a couple Cocteau Twins EPS in high school and loved them, but I was more into punk and hard rock at the time so I kind of dropped it for a couple years. It wasn't until I met this singer from Queens in 1986 and he gave me a 90 min cassette with The Pink Opaque and tracks off Treasure and Echoes in a Shallow Bay that I got back into them.

Which is kind of putting it mildly.

It was more like I became convinced that this music was literally from some other reality and the mere fact that I could listen to it here meant the goddamn Apocalypse was upon us.

I'm not remotely kidding. And now I'm beginning to believe my first impression was correct.

And I guess it had the same effect on David Lynch too (Elizabeth Fraser was said to be his favorite living singer at the time). Twin Peaks, Las Vegas? Hello?


But we haven't gone into the man who the band was named for, French artist Jean Cocteau (specifically his novel Les Enfants Terrible or The Holy Terrors). As it happens he, like Elizabeth Fraser, believed he was simply a channel for his art and that heavenly forces were driving him. Tracy R Twyman writes:
Some of Cocteau’s more “secret-laden” works may have been, in fact, made at the request of the Priory of Sion. Cocteau repeatedly insinuated that his poetry and artwork came to him from somewhere else: either a divine entity, or a secret organization posing as a divine entity. He once said that he was, “only a medium, a hand that carries out instructions”, and that his murals for the Chapel of Saint Peter were “the work of a medium.” His poem L’Angel Heurtebise was written, according to Emboden, “under a mysterious spell… He believed that it came to him by a kind of divine revelation.”

And of course one of Cocteau's most famous works depicts a conspicuous Black Sun.

UPDATE: Here is the real meaning of "Cocteau Twins."

Cocteau's most celebrated film is Beauty and the Beast. I can't speak as to the veracity of this but this aligns with the September 23 meme which was supposed to be a fulfillment of Revelation 12: 1-2 (those twin numbers). An alignment the entire Internet was talking about.

There we see Beauty and the Beast: Virgo and Leo. 

And this now-iconic shot of the Beauty and the Beast of Las Vegas.

Beauty and the Beast also corresponds to the Eclipse. Of course, the Virgin Queen was Elizabeth the First.

Bonus Factoid: Beauty in the 2017 live action Disney adaptation is played by Emma Watson. 

She also starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which has the Cocteau Twins' "Pearly DewDrops Drop" in the soundtrack. She symbolically identifies herself with Elizabeth Fraser in the above clip. Note ram's horns.

Now, I'm not going to re-litigate my case here but I strongly believe David Lynch and I weren't the only ones who took Elizabeth Fraser at her word. And I strongly suspect that someone wanted to rub some of whatever she was hosting all over their own workings.

Or put simply, this woman is a genuine oracle in the classical sense, others have realized this and used her to bolster their own manufactured prophecies.

You start to notice all kinds of odd little things after a while and believe me, this band is most certainly not a semiotic superstore.

Things like that cover date (on the Robert Maxwell-owned Melody Maker; Maxwell would drown by the end of the year), which is the exact day this happened:
January 12, 1991 - United States Congress granted President George Bush the necessary authority to wage war to end Iraq's occupation of Kuwait.
For you keeping track at home that is the actual birthday of the New World Order.

Rupert Murdoch's SkyArts hired Fraser to compose the soundtracks to their Nightmare Worlds of HG Wells series.

What I was saying about rubbing some of that magic off on their own spells...

Or this in-between-trauma-hospitalizations story, dated September 11. (1993 was also the year of the World Trade Center bombing).

Or the fact that she was hired to voice the character who blows up the Towers of Babel in the British Government's absolutely insane Millennium Dome Show, LA Marzulli's worst Nephilim/Genesis 6:4 nightmares come to life and played twice a day for the entire year of 2000.

Fraser's character is the Eve of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men. Who blows up the tower(s).

No, I am absolutely fucking serious.

Still not convinced? How about his inexplicable event that brought the reclusive singer out of hiding for another British Government production in another domed London building.º

On the First Day of Leo. Of this year. 

Heaven or Las Vegas, baby.


The image up top is from The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, the TV movie adaption of the Thomas ("Twin") Tryon novel. 

Here's an interesting factoid for you- Bette Davis (also known for her eyes) was born Ruth Elizabeth Davis and Elizabeth Fraser was born Elizabeth Davidson Fraser.

Davis means "David's Son."

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home.

The woman wielding the Sickle in the cap from Harvest Home up at the top (she was taking part in fertility ritual strongly echoing those of love goddess and her doomed consort) of this was also named Elizabeth and was played by Joanna Miles, who also appeared in Judge Dredd...

Which I believe is the only movie the Cocteau Twins ever contributed an original song (music biz code for "leftover") to.

The song was called "Need-Fire" in reference to a custom depicted by conspicuously body-stockinged actresses in The Wicker Man. A rather unsettling connection in light of the deadly "Radical Ritual" at this years Burning Man and the deadly wildfires in California.

Speaking of fire, guess what casino the Cocteau Twins played on their Heaven or Las Vegas tour?

The Aladdin. 

The Bagdad Showroom.

During the run-up to war with Iraq. 

See what I mean now?

And the unglamorous studio rats posed for a photo op in Caesar's Las Vegas in front of one of those Apollo statues I mentioned before. 

You know, the ones the Elvis statue on the Wolf River are based on. The one in the building directly overlooking the spot where Jeff Buckley drowned.  

You can't miss it- just take a left at the giant pyramid.

And wouldn't you know- Jeff Buckley is mentioned in the article, though only as "Tim Buckley's son" and "a big Cocteaus fan."† This might be his first mention in a major media outlet.

Weird thing about Aladdin though...

And a funny thing about Heaven or Las Vegas...

Those swoops of light not only remind of ones based on Saturn's rings you see in corporate logos, they're also in the shape of a sickle blade.

And as blind chance would have it there's a Saint Regulus. His feast day is October 17. That's his 33 meter tall tower next to twin towers of the ruins of Saint Andrew's Cathedral. 

It's about an hour's drive from Grangemouth.

UPDATE: Check out The X-Cast with yours truly guest-hosting. 

Talking about 'Conduit' and 'The Jersey Devil', which very much tie into many of the themes we've been covering here.

POSTSCRIPT: Braintree gets a shoutout on Jeopardy, which went up the day after Las Vegas.

*"Sweet Dreams" was rearranged to sound like a Cocteau Twins song for the Sucker Punch soundtrack.

† Elizabeth serenaded her future lover with a whole medley of personalized death omens such as "Blue Bell Knoll" (show opener), "My Love Paramour" ("Two different fates/ My love paramour, ooze out and away"), "Wolf in the Breast" ("I'll revenge all I need that day") AND "Road, River and Rail" AND "A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat".

º One which seems to have been facilitated by the prominent British composer and conductor Jules Buckley. No, seriously- his name is Buckley.


  1. You should consider the "fidget spinner", which did much to enter the three pointed star into the public psyche over the past 6 months. Coincidence?

  2. Oh yeah. I just haven't worked out a good angle for its inclusion yet. I'm taking suggestions.

    1. The strophalos, or iynx (jinx).

    2. triskelion, sicily, ceres, hexagonal tower in the heart of enna

    3. "The Ancient Greeks called Triangulum Deltoton (Δελτωτόν), as the constellation resembled an upper-case Greek letter delta (Δ). It was transliterated by Roman writers, then later Latinised as Deltotum.[3] Eratosthenes linked it with the Nile Delta, while the Roman writer Hyginus associated it with the triangular island of Sicily, formerly known as Trinacria due to its shape.[4] It was also called Sicilia, because the Romans believed Ceres, patron goddess of Sicily, begged Jupiter to place the island in the heavens"

      flag of sicily is a triskelion, which could also be seen as three 7's

      777 - luck in gambling (and more)


      i am from the netherlands which has been gripped by a story involving the disappearance of a girl named anne (enna in reverse, central point of sicily, with the tower as its heart), she disappeared (?) on sept 29th which is Michael's day (harvest, too), found(?) 2 weeks later, killer's name is Michael, through a published photo of the girl i thought of sicily and arrived at the above symbolism
      symbolism in the two week drama was loaded with references to the god Pan (also first part of killers (?) last name, plus Saturn's moon), the goddess Ceres, bicyclesymbolism and so on
      long story, but it struck me how the same 'shapes' seem to be involved

      then there's ophelia.. and the film geostorm just now coming out here... etc etc

  3. I think Goro nailed it with the time rivers, Mars/Cairo connection and the splitting of humanity into a space fairing race. The nuclear symbol is a three pointed star too, and represents the splitting of the atom. The Flux Capacitor in BTTF represents a splitting of the timeline, and the fidget spinner coincides with the social schisms that we're going through. Its crazy stuff!

    1. Just published by NASA, a fidget spinner in orbit - got to keep the bifurcation symbol in the psyche ...

    2. Yes indeed- drilling that symbolism into your head. That's how it works with these things. Not exactly subtle.

    3. Today I saw the new "figit spinner" advertised for autism, ADHD,'s a CUBE puzzle.

    4. Focus Cube, Magicfly Fidget Cube For Anxiety Stress Relief Attention Focus Cube Toy For Children / Adult Gift ADHD

    5. 'the devil makes work for idle hands'

  4. PS. The Mars/Cairo connection being the point where the Nile splits

    1. In Illinois, Cairo is where the Mississippi splits.

  5. Surat 91 in the Quran is called the sun

    chapter 91 sura ash-shams the sun
    In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.
    1. By the sun and its radiance.
    2. And the moon as it follows it.
    3. And the day as it reveals it.
    4. And the night as it conceals it.
    5. And the sky and He who built it.
    6. And the earth and He who spread it.
    7. And the soul and He who proportioned it.
    8. And inspired it with its wickedness and its righteousness.
    9. Successful is he who purifies it.
    10. Failing is he who corrupts it.
    11. Thamood denied in its pride.
    12. When it followed its most wicked.
    13. The messenger of God said to them, “This is the she-camel of God, so let her drink.”
    14. But they called him a liar, and hamstrung her. So their Lord crushed them for their sin, and leveled it.
    15. And He does not fear its sequel

    Another interesting Surat is 55 (23+32)

    15. And created the jinn from a fusion of fire.

    33. O society of jinn and humans! If you can pass through the bounds of the heavens and the earth, go ahead and pass. But you will not pass except with authorization.

    1. Thanks, this is interesting.

      I'm relatively new to all this, so the Islamic stuff goes above my head. But I have at least noticed that there is an Islamic thread going on here. There's Aladdin. There's the sickle, that does an appearance in the flags of just about every Muslim majority country. That sickle supposedly represents the moon, but if you look closely, it doesn't look like the moon looks at any time. What it really looks like is a solar eclipse. There's Fatima, that isn't just Our Lady of Fatima, but also the name of the daughter of prophet Mohamed.

      And there is even a Blade Runner connection. Muslims consider themselves descendants of Abraham, but according to their tradition, he did sacrifice his son (there seems to be some fudge factor here, but I'll leave that to any Muslim scholars around). And in Blade Runner 2049, the head of the Wallace corporation, in what I found the hardest scene to watch, knifes and appears to kill a replicant just brought to life. Effectively sacrificing his own creature.

      To tie it all to the Las Vegas shooting, it isn't hard to imagine why a country fan could be upset and disturbed by Islamic symbolism, if they noticed it. I'm not saying that's exactly what happened there.

      I still think the most likely explanation is that Paddock was some sort of criminal, probably a gun runner, with some sort of friends in high places, that had outlived his usefulness for the high ups. He suspected he was about to be forcefully retired, but he wasn't sure. Cops about to retire a guy who owns an awful lot of guns are aware that the operation can get ugly and they may need reinforcements. And you can't all that easily bring lots of cops to a place out of the blue without attracting a lot of attention. The solution is obviously to organize the trap operation next to a place that is going to need lots of cops anyway... in case somebody snaps, for example. All of which doesn't exclude that Paddock could also have an axe to grind about the festival, of course.

    2. It's pretty clear that Paddock was running guns and it may well turn out that MGM knew about it and was in on the action. I doubt he was doing it on his own either.

      As for the Islamic symbolism, look at the numbers and look at Aladdin and then look at the twin implosions of the Aladdin and Dunes casinos. There is something going on here. Some kind of very subtle insinuation. 1001 Arabian Nights. 10/01. Route 91 10/1. All this twinning over and over and over. Now Virgo-Leo- Beauty and the Beast twinning. Twin Saturns. Twin sphinxes. Over and over and over. Something is going on here I just can't put my hands on it.

    3. Then there's the sickle in the flag of the USSR...

    4. The sickle is often seen as the a visible portion of a ring of Saturn.

  6. See any connections to Blackstar or to Bowie in general? A lad insane, Running Gun Blues, Valentine's Day etc. etc.

  7. Hurricane Ophelia to hit UK on 30th anniversary of Great Storm of 1987

  8. Brilliant Chris, and I assume you've seen Jean Cocteau's film's. It's been years since I've seen his Orpheus but I recall it being loaded with symbolism

  9. Then there's Ophelia, headed for Ireland.

    1. Bowie? Not sure yet. Hurricane Ophelia is very concerning (and Ophelia sounds like a song from Treasure).

      Unknown- I haven't watched any of Cocteau's films in a very, very long time so I am overdue for some rewatching.

    2. The harvest theme is quite heavy in the end of Blackstar - the reaper with sickle hands slashing the men while the women are doing their thing between the rings of saturn.

    3. Ophelia and the Elisa Day rape/murderstory ( and Cave&Minoque, 'where the wild roses grow') are obviously connected

  10. Another one for the syncs: The song that Jason Aldean was singing just at the moment of the shooting was "When she says baby", that contains this line: "Feel like runnin' my fist through the wall." Blade Runner 2049, that was released two days after the shooting, has at least two scenes of replicants punching their way through walls. Also, there is an event that keeps getting mentioned in the movie, the 2022 blackout, which is an attack on LA with an EMP nuclear device - if that doesn't count as a black sun, what does? Plus, there are so many hexagons in it and hexagonal stuff (beehives, snow) that it can't possibly be more on-your-face.

    1. That's a very weird co-incident there. Do we know if he sang those lines during the shooting?

      The Blade Runner twinning is very strange. 20-twin ten 49=7x7

      Twin Blade Runners- Gosling and Ford. Original and Sequel.

    2. In John Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies," Keel is convinced, as a result of his "communications," that the NE US will be hit with an "EM" event in Dec. 1967, when President Johnson lights the White House Xmas tree. But as Keel notes, as he and friends are watching footage of the lighting event, the news breaks in to tell of the Silver Bridge disaster back in West Virginia, where he had been all of that prior year. It was a tricksterish, sleight-of-hand move on the part of the entities hounding Keel and others. ANd regarding 9/11/01, the filming of "The Mothman Prophecies" took place in Feb and March of 2001, roughly six months before the attacks, and during the time period when the premiere episode of "The Lone Gunmen" aired (3/4/01). The theme of the film (which hit theaters the following January) is that you may know things are going to happen in the future, but there's not much you can do to prevent them.

  11. Oh and the Ophelia trajectory is making landfall in Scotland on... Tuesday, the 17th.

  12. Let me try to do this as briefly as I can

    Gordon's first article for me - 'Much Have I Travell'd In The Realms of Gold' - - is about Herschel's (German in England - look up 1984 band Bad Boys Blue) - and on 7/7 I travell'd to Hollywood - stayed with a fellow RuneSouper who had for over 20 years been planning to go to Griffith Observatory, and it turned out that we went together.

    Today is the Occultation of Regulus. The Star of the Eclipse. At Leo 28. Where my Moon is. With me?
    And the day it was last? 7/7.

    The day my friend and I went to Griffith Observatory, hiking through high noon desert heat with no water in that hellacious yet heavenly desert path to the stellar observatory on the top of the winding hill...

    That very day was 7/7/17

    In front of Griffith Observatory are three main statues - the foremost being Herschel, of Gordon's article, Gordon, who was the reason I was in Hollywood/LA in the first place. You know, the desert... the west coast...

    And of course if you're being good and following both Goro A (OA) and Tracy Twyman (TT/77) you'll note it was from both Mithras AND Uranos from/to/with whom she channeled her information, but that's just the cherry on the cake now, innit?

    1. And of course Elizabeth Fraser "has a thing" for sevens. Yes, we're seeing all kinds of synching here. It's going to spread all over the collective. And it's the tuned-in people like yourself that get hit with these things first.

      We'll be going into Mithras soon. So very, very important.

  13. The Cowardly Lion's speech in WOZ would've been the first place I'd ever heard the phrase 'The Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder'... I read a lot of Kipling while studying Imperial Propaganda at the Rocket Science Academy. Anyhow that led me to that LP of ELO's EL DORADO I'd gotten at the swapshop a coupla weekend back... the El Dorado being one of the original casinos suggesting semiotically that Vegas IS El Dorado, or at least one of the Seven Cities of Cibola... to quote NatGeo, "In the end, no cities of gold were found, and Coronado returned empty-handed and in debt. In 1539, Friar Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan priest, reported to Spanish colonial officials in Mexico City that he'd seen the legendary city of Cibola in what is now New Mexico..."

    1. The Southwest is a very strange and enigmatic chunk of real estate. El Dorado is definitely part of this entire Matrix, seeing as how it opens with "Can't Get it Out of My Head" which is a Song to the Siren. Boy Blue is interesting as well- the Adonis butterfly is blue and that connects to the Siren overmyth.

  14. Tom Tyron was also an actor whose most (in)famous role may be as an ET alien in the 1955 film "I married a monster from outer space"....

    1. I need to watch that too. Tryon also wrote The Other, which is about an evil twin.

  15. The cover to "Heaven or Las Vegas" also reminds me-- almost like a reverse... er, twin...-- to cover of "Ask Me Tomorrow" by the Cocteau Twins' 4AD labelmates-- Mojave 3

  16. I know everyone is a critic, and I appreciate that a lot of effort has gone into the new site design, but I have a suggestion from a usability standpoint. Would it be possible to NOT load posts in a separate window? It's so easy to lose your place when reading, listening, or commenting; if you accidentally click off the post pop-up while trying to find something off-page, you lose your place in whatever you were doing.

    Other than that, good/creepy stuff as always. Naturally they've changed the Vegas massacre timeline once again; it's amazing, all those security guards must have been using rotary phones connected to some time in the 1980s, and the surveillance footage must have moved in a truly mysterious way.

    1. I;m guessing the new design is loading a virtual machine that mimics the tablet/phone OS, so the new window is most likely unavoidable. :/

    2. I'm still tweaking the html. Be aware this is a stop-gap. I hope to migrate the blog to its own domain next year and use WordPress.

      The browsing should be simple- the x in the upper right takes you to the main page and the arrows in the upper left sends you forward and back to different pages.

      As for clicking out- use your "open post in new tab" or window option. It's control-click in MacOS and I believe it's left-click in Windows.

      You shouldn't see the header on the article pages. That's a glitch that I'm trying to iron out.

  17. And Donald Trump is a Gemini with Regulus rising conjunct Mars. The eclipse was right on his ascendant :)

    1. Holy fuck. I knew that the eclipse was on his AC, but he's a Gemini (twin) with Regulus (success + loss with hubris) conjunct his Mars (going to war)!!!!

  18. This is nearly to much to digest for me. My personal sync is overflowing. To be precise I do research on binary star mergers at the moment.

    My last comment here was taken down by blogspot bugs it seems.. I was a real Star Trek nut in eighties and I mostly agree on what you say about Star Trek: Dickcheney. But as the comment is gone to whereever.. what are your ideas about the proposed "Bene Gesserit" sercret matriarchs of the Klingons? Also why tardigrades now Dune like Navigators? I propose the new spore technology is nothing else but Spice mixed with Quantum Entanglement dreams.

    Back to my crazy personal sync (to end this): Aladdin occured in my music listening searches on Youtube like crazy with this song ( since the maker of the song is not affiliated with song at all.

    I hope the comment comes thru this time ... I still have alot more syncs I still have to digest on this. Hope I can comment again..

    1. The comments are still in the queue. I'm hoping they end up on the pages eventually.

      Like I said, this is a stopgap solution. The problem I was having was that the old format was making the older posts inaccessible. The posts were getting bigger and bigger and making the main page a mess.

      As to the Klingons and STD I have some catching up to do. But judging from Our Lady of Oracles I'm sure Dune is a major part of all this. This "Aldean" thing is making me nuts. Especially with all this Saturn business.

  19. Hi Chris, great article, but I've got a bone to pick with the claim that only Regulus was visible during the GA eclipse. The entire panoply of stars was visible to varying degrees (around the edge of the entire 360 degree horizon there was a ruddy sunset glow, so less was visible down there.) I was in Oregon, full totality. However, I wasn't personally aware that Regulus was so close to the Sun / Moon - 1 degree away - and that seems like the important fact.

  20. You know, as I read these things and hunt down further scandalous evidence of the 'elite' and their plans to do whatever it is they think they are doing, that whole Aladdin connection just pisses me off. I mean, come on. The Tales of The Arabian Nights is a really big book of stories that are told as a literal distraction and enticement to the Sultan in order to slowly alter the type of person he is.
    They are just spitting on our faces with how surrounded we are by their influence.

    Great article as always, Chris! You are so on top of it with the Vegas thing.
    I watched a news broadcast where the news anchors were mocking how silly and inconsistent the information about the shooting is and said that they think it's legitament for people to start getting into conspiracy theories.

    I wonder if they are noticing how trendy conspiracies have been the past few years and are trying to make everyone into a theorist so that while they are distracted with trying to figure out whats going on they aren't actually doing anything about it.

    Sometimes I wonder if they just put out any old numbers and symbols just for the purpose of catching people who are on guard and confusing them.

    1. Anony252 - I can't really speak to that. I'm just going by the news reports, which could be entirely manufactured.

      Anony526- I don't think this is all done at random. It's done for a very specific purpose and meticulously planned over spans of decades. By whom exactly I don't know. But this is all very high magic we are looking at. Ask anyone who really knows their business on the subject.

      It gets to the point that it almost becomes impossible to separate sync from signal and I believe that is exactly the point. This is a very weird dance between high magicians and unseen forces. It's been going since Project Diana if not actually well before that. So no, I don't think this is about confusing people.

      This probably sounds crazy to people in your circle who don't do the math. But I've been at this for 20 years now and it all gets so predictable it's just a question of which rite is actually being worked.

      And that's why this stuff is done- it works.

    2. Tried posting before and got interrupted so sorry if this is a double....

      The real question to me is whether these workings are starting to work less well? I'm reminded of the XF episode set in a small New England town and school founded on evil The leaders and teachers had grown lax, sparking a return of their evil founding source. Similarly, whoever our spell-workers are seem to have lazy shitified brains just like most all the rest of anyone or anything touched by our craptacular culture.

      The concept of the simulacra comes to mind as well, where one thing eventually morphs into a mere shadowy attempt to be the original thing itself once corrupting outside influences disturb the essence of the original thing (cargo cults being one obvious example). The point to this rambling is a personal sync I stumbled across a couple of days ago about another appropriate goddess who seems quite fitting for our failing nation:

      She sounds a bit like a female Saturn as well, I noticed.

      Continuing on, if the siren/mermaid is based on Ioannes, then WHO TOOK HER LEGS AND FEET? Are we not seeing some element of vengeance or lashing out against her crippled state? (and what are MK victimes like Fraser if not emotionally crippled?) Female archetypes through history have been twisted in many ways and symbolicly laming a women is rather telling. Another angle of approach is to look at the Mithras cult as the reaction to the Lysistrata empowerment of women over war. What happened? Men started playing with each other and decided raping women was easier. Sound familiar?

      Yet another disempowerment/laming theme that seems to recur is the oddly noted transition between the traumatic 60s and the subdued 70s (there's a big fat secret seven). Speaking with a friend about this he mentioned the very brief moment of "I am woman, hear me roar"...and then nothing but a flood of cock rock, disco, cocaine, date rate drugs, and norming of gayness, all by some of today's most famous old celebs. Mission accomlished!

      Looking on the bright side, though, this still looks like a bothched job and a botched working, however planned out it was intended to be. For the last 10 years or so I've felt as if a battle were taking place on another plane or level and following these threads has not changed my mind. I'm not buying that we're all doomed because we're not as magically accomplished as our enemies. They seem just as incompetent as the average person, if not more, and somehow Paddock really threw a wrench in their works.

  21. And then NASA dropped this on us last week. Planet 9 is most likely real.

    The Black Hole Sun / Black Star

  22. Al Din: the way,creed,judgement is represented in Kabbalah as the fifth sephirah Gevurah which is 'the essence of judgment (DIN) and limitation, and corresponds to awe and the element of fire'.
    On the Tree of Life Gevurah represents Mars.

  23. Regulus was the name given to the first US submarine launched nuclear cruise missile. It was used from 1955 to 1964.

  24. The meaning of Campos and Paddock are also pretty similar.

    Both are sort of Harvest connected just in the names alone..

    Where is Mr Campos anyway?

    Hey where is this Campos character now anyway?

  25. I just found a Rare Cocteau Twins song "Dials." URL= The lyrics according to URL=:

    "Unfurl, I am far
    Come from ascending sea.

    Land, Land....
    Land in places so dry.

    Long, and I long.
    Floatboat, bring my lover back!

    Try, and I try.
    Send boat of love..
    Send, Float Leiber Boten

    Try, and I try.
    Send boat of love..
    Send, Float Leiber Boten"

    1. SynchroMystery: Yeah, NASA dropped a lot on us last week. Major major stuff. 1001 is binary for 9 and Orion Krause is from the town where the 9 were channeled. Planet 9? Of course.

      Corvendralia- Of course. Because what we are seeing is a religion at work and its adherents are more fundamentalist than any religion we actually know about. I've been saying this for years now.

      Anony841- Of course it was. It had to be. And Twin DeLongeisland's Blink 182 partner was the son of a Navy missile designer. 18 divided by 2 is 9.

      SynchroII- Jesus? Leaving Las Vegas.

      Anony445- I'm not really sure about those lyrics. A lot of the Cocteau lyrics you see online are sketchy at best.

    2. @The Secret Sun

      True, a lot of the Cocteau lyrics you see online are sketchy at best. But maybe the song's worth a listen:

      “’Dials’ originally appeared on the promotional release single for Heaven or Las Vegas, and was used as the prelude music for the 1990-91 Heaven or Las Vegas Tour.” -

  26. i was waiting for rev 12:1 to turn up in your discussion. this actually occurred on June 19, 2015. i stayed up to watch it and it was amazing, literally (i was dumbfouned, awestruck). soon after pope francis was elected to office. i've been waiting for the other shoe to drop but didn't ever notice anything that fit the rest of that chapter. reading all the syncs, how about this one "a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns" (17!). that's all i got.

  27. Fuck. I always roll my eyes when people talk about ‘things speeding up’ and ‘something is coming’. We literally are past that now, it’s real time. Nice post, great work Chris!

    I really need to go back and re-read your last 4 or 5 posts tonight… you know, after the sky in Edinburgh looked like fucking blade runner all day and the sun was blood red. Apparently the UK is being blanketed by ashes from wildfires Portugal and Spain. Nice sync up on independence there.

    Chris you regularly say it’s all so obvious. I was like 90% in agreement but now I’m full on, way way way beyond agreement… I mean Ophelia, really? Hurricane Harvey? Male and female named weather patterns characterising a celebrity hollywood shit storm that’s being brewing for how long?

    Whats next? Prince Phillip gets a groin wound, Prince Charles goes fishing and Prince William needs to heal the land?

    Ophelia is about to bring the Tempest down on Grangemouth tonight faster than we can Shake a Spear at it.

    Man I hope the Siren isn't riding this wave back to my parts… the next few days should be interesting here.

    Keep it up Chris, love the blog.

  28. Amazing connections as always! Unsettling though how everything keeps coming back to Saturn...

    Regarding that live action Beauty & The Beast film from Disney, did you happen to notice who plays the Beast with the rams horns? Its Dan Stevens from Legion.

    Also, did you catch this story about the child prodigy who thinks CERN already destroyed the world & we're living in some alternate dimension/timeline?

    There was an article about it too, interesting connections to the "Mandela Effect" & other things. Also, this kid invented a free energy device apparently:

    & now to add to the Saturnian theme, high weirdness & paranoia, we're hearing warnings from the Pentagon about North Korea's new EMP superweapon that could wipe out the US:

    Because the apocalypse never gets old!

  29. Oh crap, forgot to post this. Wasn't sure if anyone saw this story or not:


    "A woman by the name Kymberley Suchomel, 28, who attended the Oct. 1 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, passed away Monday at her Apple Valley home just days after she had survived the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history unscathed, reports say.

    Suchomel, who posted her eyewitness account of the Las Vegas massacre in astonishingly vivid detail to her Facebook page on Oct. 4, subsequently passed away in her home on Oct. 9 from what reports are claiming were ‘natural causes.’

    Shockingly just days before her death, Suchomel posted key details about the shooting to Facebook contradicting the official narrative that Stephen Paddock is a lone gunman.

    “From about 50 feet in front of us, and a little to the right, fire crackers were set off. Let me repeat that… FIRE CRACKERS WERE SET OFF. I verbally stated “some asshole just shot of fire crackers in close proximity to so many people”. I was literally pissed off. You could see Jason Aldean look to his left kind of startled by it, but he was also clearly irritated. I would say about 15 seconds later, the first volley of gunfire was released,” the eyewitness wrote."

  30. There is a minor post ironic meme on 4chans music board that pops up sarcastically proclaiming jason aldean the greatest musician of all time (the board is filled with hipster scum who hate everything....its funny ba dum tss)
    It was pretty odd. cause it was random as fuck meme but then one day he gets caught up in this shooting. I also came across a schizophrenic on 4chans /x/ board proclaiming that all the secret hidden messages are coming from country music currently.

    Some interesting sky stuff, the red sun over Europe.

    all this sickle stuff but no mention of communism?,,

    On another note, personally not digging the new blog style.

  31. Roel- Get ready- you'll be seeing a lot of the old hits dragged out of mothballs.

    David A- I keep thinking about movies like The Quiet Earth. And remembering that some scientists believed atomic bombs would ignite the atmosphere.

    As to the witness who talked about the multiple shooters, I saw that story and saw the local newspaper story confirming it. Very weird and unsettling.

    Kim- Sorry you don't like the new layout. But traffic has increased exponentially on the site so I think it's doing what I intended. I'm taking suggestions for what people would like to see for Secret Sun 3.0. As to the sickle and communism the sickle predates communism by 10000 years or more so I'm focusing on the harvest and Saturn symbolism. I don't see anything remotely connected to Communism in any of this. If you do, please share it.


    A Tunnock’s teacake was launched into space by scientists who want to spark people’s imagination about science. The Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) team launched ‘Terry’ the teacake from Houston, in Scotland...The experiment was watched live by 33,000 people on Facebook.

  33. Truly excellent work, Chris. When you ask these kinds of questions and start walking in this hinterland you see things and notice things and quickly realize reality isn't at all what most people think it is. Stay strong, brother.

  34. Now it turns out that all De Longe is really looking for is not ufos but donations for his "institute". Guess the rock business is no longer working for him. The filthy lucre....

  35. OK I see the comments are up and running, very nice...I'm sure that was a bitch to sort that out (I was just complaining in a comment earlier - my first - not a very nice way to say thank u for hard work well done that someone has to do). And here's my thought...what about Harvey on the moon, and his co-crater possible twins to our super volcanoes, especially grand prism in Yellowstone and maybe one in korea, twin to kek on the moon. Controlled demolition is my thought. At least for the ones on earth. Hey, "we've been warned". Siren underground, coming up for air.

  36. There is a fair bit of biblical symbolism here too.

    "'Regulus has been associated with royal power, and to the ancient Babylonians was known as Sharru (the King)...'

    "...Jason's big hit is "Burnin' It Down" so he plays up the fire symbolism. And the twin symbolism, since I'm guessing Saturn and Regulus are somehow connected in some people's minds."

    " Twin stars. Destroyers. Kronos. Saturn.

    This directly ties to the Siren/Babylon-Rising symbolism, because this Babylon has a (coming) King. Regulus (i.e., King) is twinned with Saturn (see this by Goro), because it is the original planet (2001:ASO) to be ignited into a second sun/twin star, Lucifer... Babylon's king (Is 14:12). Beauty and her beast, the Destroyer.

    - - -

    "But Regulus is not only the heart of Leo, it's part of The Sickle, formed with three major stars with Arabic names.

    "...Every time I hear Aldean, I think "Aladdin." As it happens Aladdin is a variant on Al Din, pronounced-- you guessed it-- Aldean

    "...Speaking of fire, guess what casino the Cocteau Twins played on their Heaven or Las Vegas tour?

    "The Aladdin.
    "The Bagdad Showroom.
    "During the run-up to war with Iraq."

    And this just makes me very, very worried that the US is about to dramatically escalate things in the Middle East.

    Because 1) Burning Man Aaron Joel Mitchell, evokes the imagery of "Joel's Army" and destruction by burning found in the biblical book of Joel. Joel's Army is an extremist and militant teaching within Christianity about immortalized/deified rampaging superhumans. (There is also another plague of 'locusts' who have a king as well in Rev 9).

    And 2) in the poster for the Route 91 Harvest festival, (seen in the Loren Coleman post you linked previously), the top performers are billed as Church -- Hunt -- Aldean... Church hunt Aladdin? With the sickle formed of three Arabic-named stars and the history of Aladdin symbolism connected to a previous war in Iraq, it sure doesn't look good.

  37. Aldean isn't just a Country star - he is a Big Country star, the Biggest having (been) shot to the top during the pyramid sacrifice.

  38. 'Need-Fire' is featured on an unofficial collection of CT rarities titled 'Twin Eyes are Mosaics', & on the 'Dark Treasures A Gothic Tribute to the Cocteau
    Twins' compilation of various artists, the song is covered by an outfit by the name of 'The Machine in the Garden' whose 2005 album is titled 'Shadow Puppets'.

  39. Fourty years ago Elvis died by shitting, attempting to anyway... 16th August... 1977, the same year Star Wars was released on humanity - 25th May in The USA, this was also the year The Enterprise shuttle launched on It's first manned flight.

    1. & It's fourty years since the release of 'Suspiria', the remake will 'focus on “the concept of motherhood and about the uncompromising force of motherhood.”'

  40. Rick and Morty season 1 episode 10

  41. ^Maybe I should've included part of the synopsis. From Wikipedia "The show's original Rick is wrongfully accused of murdering twenty-seven Ricks from alternate dimensions and kidnapping their respective Mortys. The Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks arrests him and finds him guilty, upon discovering incriminating evidence which was actually fabricated to frame him." Also the 31st overall episode (S03E10) is titled "The Rickchurian Mortydate" aired October 1st, 2017. Forgive me if this doesn't add anything.

  42. in 2008 i made a sticker for the back window of my truck. a sickle and hammer. out of smaller usmc eagle globe and anchor stickers. these synchs you point out are insanely terrifyingly close to me.

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  44. That is positively a personal greatest for me.