Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Never-Ending Ritual: Ka of Hathor-Isis on the Mall

"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun..."

Well, this week began with a mass shooting event that just happened to fall on the Occultation of Aldebaran (identified with the Archangel Michael), then saw Trump and Melania's weird diplomatic rituals in Japan (that just happened to symbolically harmonize with an astral Journey to the Underworld), the Masonic Tercentennial, the opening of the Bloomberg SPACE Mithraeum, the "Scream at the Sky" ritual lament and the announcement of a performance of the deadly "Siren Song" mass ritual in Perth next February.

What can this week possibly do for an encore?

Well, it is 11/11, so you just knew it had to be something big and showy and grand. 

And here we go- the third annual Catharsis (read: "the Ka of Hathor and Isis") on the Mall rites. This little fete is kind of a spinoff of Burning Man, only more explicitly religious. 

And of course the explicitly religious content is all draped in the intersectional guilt-trip type of camouflage we saw with the Orange rituals (and will be seeing a lot more of in the future). 

It's actually a very effective tactic; it allows the goalpost to be moved further and further afield while neutralizing any reaction that doesn't gush

Templar Cross, aka Babylonian Solar Sigil

I'm just not sure if all the festival goers realize what all this is ultimately leading to.   

"And it performed great signs, even causing fire to 
come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people."

Under different circumstances I'd have no issue with any of this-- it's probably a lot of fun. But the same can be said for a lot of very dangerous drugs. They're a fucking blast at first. So is that delicious hunk of cheese the mouse just happens to find under the sink. However did that get there? 

My point is that you don't lure people with something ugly and offensive. You do so with something attractive and appealing. 

But why are they following this Book of Revelation narrative? To be provocative or is all this not actually what it seems?

And I can't help but ask myself one important question -- who is paying for all of this?

47, you say?

And right on schedule, the Trump Administration plays its assigned role as the Typhon of this open-air Mystery Play by denying a permit for installation of the Isis-Hathor-Venus statue on the Mall for four months. 

"The Veil Lifted"

That way the festival-goers can pretend they're sticking to the Man and pretend that this is not all being orchestrated by the same people the Trump Administration answers to. Win-win!

Works in the same series as R-Evolution

Some Evangelicals are alarmed by the blatant ritualism at work, noting the symbolism being used from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12 in particular. 

And well they should be-- it's all being thrown out there on Front Street, as Kevin Smith would say...

The woman...

...the Dragon.

This is the same symbolism we saw during the September 23rd alignment, which I think will come to be seen as a bit more than just a footnote in the annals of failed Apocalypse prophecies.

Quite a bit more, in fact... 

Of course, this is all astrological symbolism denoting the End of the Age of Aries. Revelation is essentially an alarm clock, describing the War in the Heavens-- ie., among the celestial bodies-- that will take place when the old Age finally ends. 

You certainly don't have to buy into the Evangelical worldview to recognize that. Or to recognize the catastrophes these changeovers always bring. 

The prerequisite Orange

And given how young the Christian movement-- History's first social justice warriors, don't forget-- was at the time of the writing of Revelation, it's likely that this astrology was ingrained into the overall culture of the time, particularly within the nexus of Mystery cults that were all the rage in the Roman world.

As to the Burning Man connection, do note that a lot of people are very concerned that is being appropriated in the same exact way Bohemian Grove was a century ago. 

This is the same process we saw time and time again with countercultural appropriation and with gentrification-- weird artists create their own little world and play with potent symbols. 

Then the moneymen swoop in like vultures, take over, purge all the weirdos and outcasts, and weaponize what they created. Rinse and repeat.

Seeing as how we're in the middle of an international astro-ritual, which I am still very much concerned is leading up to something very big and very bad, I thought we might want to take a closer look at what's actually being said with this symbolism. 

This isn't the old Illuminati stuff we all got so sick and tired of. This is different.

Always look first to the stars. And as it happens we're seeing a conjunction of Spica- in the constellation of Virgo- with Venus. 

So we have Virgo- the Woman draped in the Sun of Revelation-- and the Dragon...

...the Many-Headed Dragon, or the constellation of Hydra. Literally "the Water Snake." 

The "many-headed" water snake.

Water---Snake. "The Dragon is Life." 

Welcome to the Great Unveiling.  

And right on schedule, we see President Jupiter the Pyramid King pose with the very same Dragon we are seeing on the Masonic Mall this weekend. 

For no small purpose, either. 
Revelation 19:19--Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and his army.

This little photo-op is starting to make a lot more sense now, don't you think?

When looking at Catharsis on the Mall you might want to ask yourself how an arts program you never heard of can afford to take over a vast expanse of real estate in the very heart of the Nation's Capital and use it for very odd and esoteric programs.

There's your 49. Or your 4:9, I should say.

And this very pearly Raise/Raze installation. Rose the Pearly Dew-Drops Drops and all that....

And there is the inevitable Lute (Spica)- Lyre (Vega) symbolism in the hands of a Scarlet Woman.  Also known as "Teri (Earth) Gender-Bender."


  1. What is so funny (and phony) about all this is how christians do not seem to have any idea about how their religion is just the latest iteration of ages old sun cults from all over... They perform their rites like sleepwalkers, oblivious of the consequences. I recently attended mass for the first time in many years and was appaled by the torpor of those present, including the priest. When the things taking shape now finally happen most people are going to be taken totally unaware of what they will witness.

    1. When I was a kid I remember tuning in one day to watch Dark Shadows to see what all the hoopla was all about. Hell, there were Dark Shadows magazines, books, posters and even bubble gum cards! After a few minutes I changed the channel because I could not believe how incredible it all seemed, like - "How the hell could all that weird crap could be going on without the town people wising up to it? No way that could happen!" I'll be damned, here we are some 45 years later and the things going on now without the town people wising up make Barnabas Collins look like the easter bunny! Dan Curtis truly knew how the world works.

    2. You can't blame people for the BS called 'Religion'.
      It is TPTB, and 'other' intelligences that promote this; It, religion, is just a control system.
      See they understand that we are physical, mental, and 'spiritual' beings, so they manipulate and control all aspects of the system designed to further their goals/agendas.
      But is this absolute?
      NO I do not think so, but it can seem that way.
      Perhaps we must allow our own inherent 'divine SPARK(s)' to guide us.
      Perhaps we do NOT have to exist in a reality driven by darkness.
      But how do we achieve this goal?
      Well one researcher has suggested that it our 'imagination', our 'creative impulses' that may be the key to this unraveling.
      Which seems to be in line with quantum physics; 'particles' reacting to 'thought' energy resulting in 'form'.
      Simple yes, but possible?
      I guess we will see.

    3. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:29 AM, November 12, 2017

      What I find funny is what people see on the exoteric and believe it to be the esoteric.

    4. It's presumptuous to think that some Christians aren't at your level or even beyond your level.

    5. But it is not presumpteous to conclude that religion makes people stupid. And stupidity spells danger and all kinds of harm.

      Religion is a much wider thing than what is called "religion". The entire phoney system is nothing more than a huge cult, in fact the cult of cults.

      I am so very tired of stupid people. I'd be so very happy to meet one who isn't! Only one...

    6. Ah, beware of ideologues religious or non-religious.

    The creator, Sam Esmail was on the after show talking about how real life protests and events like in the show can be orchestrated by the same people they're against.

    Chris, that made me think of what you said about the festival at the Mall in this post. They also talked about how the character, White Rose is working behind the scenes to get Trump elected. The show is set in 2015 at this point.

  3. First, thank you for breaking down the word catharsis. That makes a lot of sense and I never considered it before.

    Second, magic(k) ritual doesnt burn things to let them go. Oh no no no. You burn an image / representation of something to set it forth in motion into the karma / whatever one would like to call the actionable part of the otherworldly aether. This is akin to the lament screaming at the sky. Basically, lets magically charge your pain and let it loose en masse. Seems like a really bad idea to me.

  4. i remembered Jodorosky "psichomagic" with the ritual of burning bad thing away... And if the clock is marking some awful times ahead... maybe we should prepare accordingly?

    1. Don't worry, those with an eye on the pyramid have been preparing for a very long time.

  5. I had to look up this "Teri Gender Bender"on wiki & an image, not having known of her before...........da hell is with the glow around her legs?
    I can't see why anyone would take the time or even bother with such an effort.

    1. Not to mention the red shoes.....


    2. "da hell is with the glow around her legs?"

    3. Gender is a bullshit concept.

      Heterosexuality as a concept was invented not very long ago. As are all the "other sexualities". Look it up.

      There is SEX. Meaning: a. the human being is either a man or a woman (except in some very rare cases) and they are DIFFERENT yet each as human as the other, only together they form the species, 50/50 B. procreation in the human species happens sexual, and c. the sexual union between one man and one woman

      No one needs any "gender" at all.
      And "heterosexuality" is of course a tautology.

      Besides that, to suggest that one can "prefer males" or "prefer females" is a bit weird too, since how are you going to ever have sex with (a) "women" or (a) "men". The interest in the other sex usually happens naturally and doesn't require any special "preference" at all. It's the default.

      Preference or choice is when it gets personal: out of all women or all men you only desire for yourself this particular woman or man. That's choice.

      Evolution took care of it that there's pairbonding, sexual jealousy, parental care, and so on.

    4. Heterosexuality is no more a tautology for anything than it is redundant, which its not, unless there are no people inclined to the opposite sex. It's what's called a classification.

      Listen, don't google a five-dollar word to justify your opinion and then misuse it. You're preoccupation with titles reveals the superficiality of your own stance.

      As for the erasure of gender distinction, you'll be happy to know that asexuality will be an official classification before you're 35. Of course I'm projecting this estimate based on your statements, which are dangerously post-literate, pompous and emotional, which puts you in your twenties.

      I know you neo-liberal black shirts want to smash the patriarchy or whatever but you should start by getting your facts straight. Thanks for chiming in, brainwash.

    5. Look, you got literally everything wrong.

      But to address one point: why does the fact that some humans lack the impulse toward the other sex require that (in this regard) Default-I needs to be 'classified' and 're-classified'? Give me one good reason!

    6. Get off this frequency and go plug yourself. The Matrix needs more batteries.

    7. So you cannot give me that one good reason.
      I knew that of course. But thanks for proving my point.

      Also many thanks for stating so candidly who you are working and recruiting for.

      Sorry to be such a disappointment, but really, no chance I'll accept your offer. No chance. Can't help it man! What can I do?!

    8. "Preference or choice is when it gets personal: out of all women or all men you only desire for yourself this particular woman or man. That's choice. "

      It also saves you a lot of trouble (if you get it right)!

  6. Just watched that bullshit movie Terminator Genisys.

    "..while time traveling, Kyle had received memories of the altered timeline where he was given a message that "Genisys is Skynet" and that it could be stopped before it was born in 2017. As a result, Kyle and Sarah instead used the time machine to travel forward in time to October, 2017"

    So Skynet is now 'Genesis' and comes online Oct 2017.

    Sarah Connor is played by Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen - the Dragon Queen in Game of Thrones.

    There's also a not so subtle moment when Kyle Reese says 'Jesus Christ' when talking to John Connor.

    1. I watched that movie when it came out, and back then I wasn't switched on to syncs, so I missed on the date. How interesting! I'll add it to my mental list of "movies to watch again".

    2. Terminator has always been about BS, fascist BS. Any tale in which salvation is based on a messiah is fascist. So 99% of SF and Superheroes movies are fascist. There can be non fascist heroes like in Dark City where the hero is not a chosen one but an average person who finds himself slipping through the cracks of reality. But Cameron prefers messiahs.

  7. Look people offering up a handwritten note to the purifying flame is not enough!

    True penitents, or those offering up prayers on behalf of the sinning, remember this: 'actions speak louder than words', Aaron Mitchell showed us this true 'Burning (Wo/)Man' spirit.

    Found whilst searching for news on burning:

    'A two-time Burning Man Global Arts Grant recipient... The park is situated in a space formerly occupied by two dilapidated motels on Virginia Street near Fifth Street in downtown Reno.'

    (the illustration for this article includes a number of logos channelling 'oa', 'eldorado', & the nearby lake & mountains. (Last year 'the gateway project' was illustrated with an upside down Ω ('The Biggest Little Horseshoe on the Playa wishes the citizens Good Luck on their journeys on the playa and in life. It will be a great photo opportunity.')))

    + 2nd twin:

    'Alice Krueger loved seeking out waterslides—she was excited by the sheer thrill of doing what her body could not.'

    '“Second Life doesn’t open itself up to you … It presents you with a world, and it lets you to your own devices.”'

    'Rosedale predicts that we will come to regard the real world as an “archaic, lovable place”—no longer crucial... There’s something stubbornly beautiful about Alicia’s Second Life family, all four people wanting to live inside the same dream.'

    + It's been doing the rounds a while but:

    '‘Goat yoga’ is the newest LA thing'

    'At the event, described as a cross between TED Talks, Davos and Burning Man, attendees took part in “goat yoga... It is what it sounds like — doing a downward dog with an upward goat on your back. “My life is looking more like a zoo every week,” joked one guest on Instagram.'

    Goatta align those chakras.

    1. 'doing a downward dog with an upward goat on your back' ... 'It is what it sounds like'

      more chimeric splicing in honour of higher states of beings.

  8. A search using the right terms and just a few clicks away, this stock image appears in rhyme with the topmost image in the above post. Knew it would.

    Theory: Messianic Jewish sect infiltrated by the bad guys for its die-hard fan base and its obsession with an apocalyptic return- and it just got better the more conflated with the alchemy of state power the church became. They seed some iconography, talk to a few schizophrenics to keep the nerves raw. Later, 'They' looked at the numbers, saw the inherently sensational post-modern mythos of pedestrian Christianity and the energy the master controllers were willing to wield then came back to set up shop in the last century.

    What better way to guarantee the fulmination of a terraforming agenda than to manifest the paint-by numbers symbolism in the reigning eschatology to herald your arrival? People eat this shit up as if the possibility of an alien narrative is a working theory, rather than what it is: a solid premise. The anti-cognoscenti have a hard-on for symbolic triggers two dimensions thick. Always have.

    Manipulated technological timeline? More like horticulture 101. They just kept the trellis upright and waited for us to knock on that black door, I think. We're knocking on the heavens yet. Mars my ass. More like Earth 2, but only if you're flying business class.

    The problem with blobs and their Internets and their confirmation biases is that they mistake premise for theory and refuse to look deeper. Then they burn like good little straw men along with any legitimate journalistic intent amongst the sixth estate. As a result, important work like TSS is driven further into the 'upside down' of popular discourse- the flea to the Acrobat, walking along the underside of a tight rope everyone can plainly see and upon which the Acrobat is gingerly balanced. Things are clearly askew, even disturbing but the general public is by and large too blithely cynical to give a toss. And they don't want to travel beneath, with that flea. From upside down and backwards, Trump's overlords seem pragmatic. Restrained.

    The Acrobat will wobble on one foot, pointing to the war propaganda and the symbolic resonance like children playing Clue. All the blobs will be shrill as the Book of Revelations is perhaps manufactured in the context of liberation, while the silhouette of a post-modern prometheus burns before our sun. Don't look, it's too bright anyway. Just be prepared to don the uniform and prove your emotional purity or whatever when the light-bringers step back in through that flaming door.

    We COINTELPRO'd ourselves a long time ago and still march in a kind of blue pill parade. Thank you for reminding the people of their culpability in this psychological coup against humanity and for not shrinking away from the truly astronomical dimensions at play in the coming regime change. Stay frosty, sir.

    1. Man i wish I was smart enough to understand what the heck you are talking about. I follow this blog and I read all the comments but honestly most of it goes right over my head.

  9. I find it interesting that in one of your previous articles recently one of your commenters shared that mason birthday link video and I skipped to a particular timeframe out of curiousity and their word is 'everyman' which is NOT one word but two and they have spelled it out as one word but what I thought was so ..... when the 'all worshipful grand master' (whatever that means)....says...something like (to the new initiate) 'what is your core heart wish' and what I was expecting to hear was Love

    but no... it was light?




    not Love? not Hope? not Freedom?

    pardon moi?

    if I were asked that question I would say Love.


    Freedom from the bonds that have tied me here.

    I would not be thinking 'light' and I find this very telling.

    The only counter to this is Love. Nothing else will work.

    Love of you, us, them, all of it.


    1. "Love"; yes.
      Perhaps the original intention of the originator was this?
      And how does that relate, in any way, to what we encounter now?
      My personal opinion; IT DOES NOT!
      Sorry for the 'caps' and 'quotations'!
      Just trying to make a point, and LOOKING for answers.

    2. I do not understand what you mean... not fully. If you want me to understand clearly what you are saying, please expand on the topic ?

      Light ... Love.... and using everyman as one word. Intentions are on the inside unseen to my eyes or your eyes much less our ears. You can say one thing but mean it another way and say it nicely so no one is for the better.

      If one means Love, one says Love. Not Light with its intent to be Love. If I told my mother "I light you" she would not understand my intention. So I speak clearly so there is not confusion.

      Light has many dimensions leaving the concept veiled. Light is not a harmful is your intentions are pure. I could mean sunshine, clarity, a star, illumination but when you say "Love" that is fairly clear.

      I am responding also to perhaps a misundertanding of what you typed out earlier.

      If there is hate, you counter it with love. If there is hate, and you try to counter it with anger or hate, you will get more hate or more anger and probably confusion.

      No need to apologize for caps when speaking to me *S* I get it.

      Also in some other posts I mentioned a number and I traveled to that number in the video for inspection. Otherwise I would have not found that "light".

      If they are searching for light the only way they are going to get it is by communing with the Inner Self. Not some 'grand worshipful master'. Period end of story.


    3. Communication with the inner self; yes.
      I agree completely.
      Let me put it this way, and I am coming from my own unique perspective; 'Light' is a 'thing', a vibrational expression of the construct.
      It is related to 'sound' in a 40 octave relationship; sound of course another thing, vibration.
      This 'whatever' I am calling 'Love' is beyond that in my opinion; this love relating to the 'Originator' (prime creator)
      Love and hate are also emotions, a state of mind and expression but the essence of love is something more than that; unexplainable.
      Countering ONE with another is 'Duality' being expressed; we exist in duality, and therefore polarity which is once again 'this' countering 'that.
      A play of particle movements.
      Intention and especially the WILL of such intention sets these particles in play; enough, and strong enough intention results in 'form'.
      Simplified yes, but once again I see 'Love' transcending all of that.
      Thanks for your response and I will think on your words.

  10. "We have such sights to show you... "

    -Pinhead the Cenobite, after being summoned by a Lament Configuration

    1. "This is NOT for your eyes" Pinhead the Cenobite again...

  11. There is this odd bit in Revelation, after all the odd specific numbers all over the text, it says "silence for about half an hour". I'm beginning to wonder if the exact number is 24 minutes, or maybe 38.

  12. Hi Chris-- Your link to a 2008 article got me skimming through your older posts. Relatively new to this all, but wonder what your thoughts are that Saturn was the old sun, aka the secret sun? After watching the Thunderbolts documentaries and reading the Saturn Death Cult blog, so far, it is the only thing I've read that makes sense of the Saturn worship that is in our faces daily. Another thing I've been wondering about is Graham Hancock being dismissive about Freemason's considering their worldly influence. They seem to have their hands in everything; rituals, symbolism, power, etc. I guess I don't have a specific question, but it is another thing I find puzzling.

    1. Hancock, like many, is obliged to adulterate, and like Dan Brown, will deprecate the existence of those to whom he is obliged.
      You, on the other hand, are supposed to be intelligent enough to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    2. Thanks for your reply, anon. That is my inclination, but I find the partial truths frustrating. It's even more frustrating coming from someone I respect. Take a piece from here, one from there and try, as you said, to sort the wheat from the chaff and build the bigger picture. Sorting through all the disnfo, misinfo, bullshit, fake news, etc. is daunting, exhausting and surely, by design. *sigh*

    3. Designed for veritable honey bees in the 'field of Boliauns'.

      Only a few will then, for example, connect Göbekli Tepe with the Great Year - and the name of this blog.

    4. Thanks again for another succinct and thought-provoking response, anon. I keep buzzing along.

  13. The inaugural installation in 'Bloomberg SPACE' is titled 'Another view from Nowhen', comprised of two pieces, 'The Barely Perceptible Vibration of Everything' ('a vibrant, hand-tufted tapestry... Making dramatic use of the exhibition space, this soft, expansive tapestry, describes the physical and historical layering of the location as a narrative of cosmic proportions.') features a gaping orange haloed maw, other aspects in the vicinity of this detail are suggestive of other facial features.

    + more siren insanity:

    Overheard on the radio Thursday 9th, the singer 'Paloma Faith' (new album due next year titled 'The Architect'), who is raising her child of 15 months as 'gender neutral', stated that:

    "Modern life is insane."

  14. Charles Manson 11/12/1934

  15. Gender neutral.... Oh my. How about this? Have the kid choose a favorite toy and rise them according to that. That makes as about sense as trying to be "neutral".

    1. Children have a biological sex but are not sexual beings yet, only potentially so, they shouldn't be messed with. Not by denying their biological sex and not by forcing on them all kinds of adult pathology.
      Let them develop organically, nature knows perfectly well how to do that and does not need all this harmful interference.

    2. Pft. Some children are different from your concept. You would be harming them. If you are against harmful interference, fight against ABA. Fight against hatred.

  16. Great stuff as always Chris.

    To understand the stuff with Trump and Saudis we should link Yemen, Iran, and North Korea.

    Did you know that the Coup in Iran started the same day as the end of Korean War? Operation Ajax.

    Who overthrew the Iranian Gov? Same Agency involved in Yemen, North Korea somehow?

    Was ISIS supported by Iran/Yemen? Perhaps they are connected.
    How did the Yemenis get a Ballistic Missle (recently shot down before it hit Saudis).

    To understand the coming war these dots need to be connected.

    1. Yeah and why was a certain (John M-----) US senator photographed with the founders of ISIS?

  17. Chris, I recall you making note in previous blog of "witches" that attempted to hex Trump. Well such magickal/sorcery/withcraft attempts at a̶s̶s̶a̶s̶s̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ (ahem) "binding" hasn't stopped.

    "Transgender Makeup Artist Leads Thousands of Occultists in Monthly Hexes on Trump"

    "Nowadays, Leftists’ attempts to bring the president down veer into the ridiculous. A group of hipsters in Brooklyn are now meeting regularly to put a hex on Trump. Yes, you read that right."

    "Over at the New York Times, a writer named Michelle Goldberg detailed a meeting at an occult store called Catland. A transgender former makeup artist named Dakota Bracciale, who recently raised thousands of dollars with multiple GoFundMe campaigns, leads the hexing sessions. Bracciale, who refers to himself as “they" and calls himself a "queer, non-binary witch living in Brooklyn" in on of the GoFundMe campaigns, claims to have grown up in an evangelical household “between ‘Jesus Camp’ and snake handlers” (news flash: not a typical Christian childhood) but left it all behind to pursue the occult."

    Well not to be out done, the Nonwhite Witches also want a piece of the action; "WITCHES OF COLOR ARE GATHERING IN DC TO CAST SPELLS ON TRUMP’S ASS ON INAUGURATION ANNIVERSARY"

    "On Jan 20, 2018, witches of color from across the country will gather in Washington, D.C. to protest Donald Trump because it is our sacred duty to protect marginalized peoples from the shadows of oppression."

    Hey I get it "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." and all that jazz. However, I also think that there isn't any exit strategy if there hexes should succeed.

    Bonus pop-culture tie ins: Will Smith popped up in search results for a youtube video titled; "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and after his segment 4:50 - 6:40 is followed by an segment about Marilyn Manson's Satanism (ooh spooky) 6:40 - 7:19.

    But in keeping with the them of real live Burning Men Sacrifices now this happened; "Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot refuses to make sequel until producer Brett Ratner ends involvement"

    I must admit this years JASON Rituals started off kinda slow but they are ending with a bang. And Jason being from the Argonauts but it's also an acronym for July, August, September, October, & November. Which are High Ritual Season for public rituals starting with the heliacal rising of Sirius usually around July 23rd and concluding with annual Spica in the night skies. That's also why so many Holy-Days are during this time of year.

    Y'all know we not remotely in Kansas anymore when Witch-Wars is now becoming news items picked up by mainstream media. Isis Unveiled indeed.

    1. We're all initiates to some degree or other as subjects of the NER but It sounds like this 'Dakota Bracciale' was initiated into the art they practice by the very jesus camp/snake handlers they've 'left' 'behind'.

  18. Pleased to have something to add to this conversation, since it relates to Revelations and also involves a satanic guy (IMHO) who's popped up 'round these parts before.

    Marilyn Manson's new album: "Heaven Upside Down"

    "Heaven Upside Down"'s opening track: "Revelation #12"

    Here's the song w/ Lyrics:

    Is this going to culminate with the death of tens of millions of children? Is that what he's saying?

  19. More excellent work, Chris. I'd humbly suggest that occultists keep in mind the fact that their occultism is not the occultism of these well-financed predatory elites. Those elites most certainly don't give a damn about human empowerment, feminine or masculine or anyone in between. They care only about power and appetite and satisfying their numerous pathologies. Twas always thus. In this timestream anyway. Don't let the haters get you down, my man. You're doing useful and noble work, as ever. Keep shining that light.

    1. A sync for me is that 'The Darkest Timestream' meme was posted in commentry on a jezebel article titled 'These Dildos are Recording Orgasms'.

      & related: the 'Bad Dragon' ('Altporn awards 2016 winner') rendered 'Demorgorgon' dildo retails for $55, & although it may not be usb/wi-fi compatible/app bundled (yet(?)), considering Its channelled reference Its sending something somewhere & acting to add to the murk of the stream we wade in.

    2. "Don't let the haters get you down, my man. You're doing useful and noble work, as ever. Keep shining that light."


      "And yes
      I must react to claims of those who say that you are not all that huh, huh,


  20. Oh yeah since the star of Wonder woman has appeared like the Star Spica in the Celestial Heavens. There's an interesting connection between that movie character and the Tom Cruise's cult oops Church of Scientology (58:50 - 1:00:13)

    Interesting Gal Gadot's sheroic declaration for zero tolerance for Brett Ratner while the Church of Scientology is under fire again for covering up alleged rapes of one of their esteemed actor members specifically Danny Masterson.

    Then again Galdot is just an actress right and has no idea what that symbol on Wonder Woman's Diadem means right? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

    1. Thank you the Celestial Heavens for The Wayback Machine aka The Internet Archives because websites can become discontinued or pages INTENTIONALLY PULLED to hide information like the following gem.

      "Should the Simon Wiesenthal Center honor Tom Cruise?"

      "But even so, tapping Cruise with a “humanitarian” award still seems an odd choice, since one authentic and indisputable aspect of his image is as public champion for the Church of Scientology—and that impenetrable behemoth is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for alleged human trafficking."

      “Tom Cruise cannot be responsible for an entire religion,” film director Brett Ratner, who sits on the Wiesenthal’s board of trustees said to me by phone last week. “You can’t say he’s the reason the religion is doing what it’s doing. That’s like saying, ‘The Jews killed f———Jesus; why am I a Jew?’”

      ^^^^I believe we can consider that quote from Brett Ratner as independent confirmation that symbol on Wonder Woman's Diadem is indeed the same symbol used by the Church of Scientology.


      Apologies the one above is the correct address at the Internet archives for the article titled "Should the Simon Wiesenthal Center honor Tom Cruise?"

  21. "Asking for equal rights"

    Do people ever really think about all the nonsense they believe in?
    Rights is entirely a made-up thing. They do not exist! If you have any, who "gave" you them? Indeed,those who rule over you. They took the large part of YOU from you, and then they "grant you rights". "Liberties".

    Any sane human being understands that any other being is to be valued because of what they are, already. Do you speak because you 'have the right to', or would you walk freely wherever you want because someone granted you 'the freedom of movement'? No! It's what you are, it's what you'd do!

    Those 'rights-givers' do not give anything at all. They TAKE.

    Should I as a woman (or as a man, too) ever lower myself by begging anyone for "equal rights"? For "recognition"? For "Please don't hurt me! I would be so grateful." For being allowed to do things that should have never been taking from me in the first place? For being allowed to do things I'd never even want to do by myself? Come on!

    And yet that's how the ruler-people love to see it: On your knees!

    If I kneel it's because of love and respect, and for no other reason. When with a child for instance.

    Do we need 'rights' to make us all equally valuable? And how would that even work to begin with? How come it's not readily clear to us that we already ARE? Use your brain!

    1. You write as if I was writing; strange.
      YES; 'They' TAKE!
      And there is no such thing as 'rights'.
      It is actually simple; "I" can HARM 'you', or "I" can HELP 'you', or "I" can MANIPULATE 'you'...???
      Kinda pathetic.
      Perhaps we must come to understand that 'we' are already 'there'; everywhere.

    2. Blue, you write as if there is no you or I.

      But there is. And I would never make such a suggestion (that there isn't)

  22. Cygnus is the new capsule launched by Nasa to the ISS... the rocket containing the capsule is named Antares. So we have Cygnus and Scorpio, like in Mithras Myth?

  23. Awesome work Chris. I know your busy and these syncs won’t let you rest but this story and these comments seems like a good time to remind you about that Wonder Woman piece!

  24. Awesome work Chris! I know your busy and these syncs won’t stop but this story and some of the comments reminds me to remind you of that Wonder Woman Inanna piece!


  25. In the mid 60s Mattel launched am astronaut action figure toy series designed with cooperation from NASA. It was only discontinued in 1971 when interest in the space program waned. The toy sold millions of six inch tall plastic astronauts and their alien pals Callisto and Scorpio. Would you believe. the name of the astronaut was Matt Mason?

    1. Major Matt Mason, 'Ma-Ma-Ma', 'MMM'.

  26. Mermaids swallow seamen.

  27. One of many many syncs with this site...last night my 7 year old and I had on The Angry Birds movie while we multi-tasked, (building a lego set and cleaning). Near the end of the movie I sat down and read this article and quit paying attention to the movie.
    This morning she asked what Catharsis meant. When asked where she had heard that word she said that there was a part in the movie where a bird says, "I call this one Cartharsis" in regard to a painting he's done of a roasting pig on a spit.

  28. Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up
    the amazing spirit.