Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: Transgenics are Go!

There are a number of emerging themes and a new palette of symbols coming out of the Great Unveiling, which is now well underway. Chief among them are transgenics, smart cities and the Automation Apocalypse. We're getting hammered with these themes in the news lately, all part of a conditioning program in its late stages.

The art world is increasingly the favored venue for feeding the new memes to the desired target audience. We're seeing art installations used to acclimate the new bourgoisie to the new ritualism, as well as to Satanism, black magic, cannibalism and other chosen themes, so Transgenics won't be too hard a sell. 

And of course, it's all draped in the appropriate intersectional buzzwords, so you can not only feel edgy, you can also vape a few hits of that sweet, sweet self-rigtheousness ambrosia when enjoying those hyper-real statues of Transgenic lamprey-wolf killfreaks menacing traumatized five year-olds in their underwear. 

Not only that but you can brand anyone who happens to question the subliminal agenda with the evergreen "Nazi" stamp. 

I mean, only Nazis have a problem with genetically engineering a Master Race of Transgenic rape-badgers, am I right?

Of course, the goal here is further drive a wedge between the moneyed class and knowledge workers and the rest of us. The overpaid have been methodically conditioned to accept a worldview that alienates them from mainstream culture-- whatever the hell that means anymore-- which in turn will reduce any empathy or compassion they have for the working and middle classes once the Automation Apocalypse really sinks its teeth in. 

Whatever shreds of empathy are left by the time the Trump psyop is over, that is. Y'know, those rednecks in Houston, they got what they deserved, right? You know, global warming and junk. Carbon or something. 

I don't know, I heard it somewhere. Twitter or John Oliver or something.  

So NGA throws down the gauntlet from the start: this acclimatization program disguised as an art exhibit will "shock you" and "challenge you". 

Sure, this sounds like tired old corn to most people but it's like catnip for the New Bourgoisie. They love to have their egos stroked as avant garde sophisticates who can handle "shocking" and "challenging" art. 

And questioning "the fundamental notion of what it means to be human?" Gah- they may as well be handing out free Spirit Cookbooks. The lines will stretch around the block.

Sure, it "may turn some people off"-- you know, those people-- but that's "exactly the reason" you should be excited for it. 

So excited for it.

And the Podesta Brothers' second favorite artist will have plenty of her own transgenic chimeras. She's just "holding a mirror up to society," you see.

And so begins the Transgenic Normalization campaign. 

True to form it kicks off with the requisite miracle-cure stories, such as the replacement skin created for a seven year-old boy born without epidermis. This is the de rigeur appeal to the therapeutic mindset so dominant in the world today.

"See? We're not breeding a new hybrid race of pig-bat-Velicoraptor murder-demons, we're helping people."

But do keep an eye on the NLP codewords. Topping the list is "replace," and its conjunctives. 

Because that is the ultimate endgame in all of this-- bioengineering homo sapiens sapiens' replacements. I have no idea how close that is to becoming a reality but I have no doubt that is atop the Agenda. 

So we're going to be seeing a lot of puff pieces on CRISPR and its promised health benefits. 

"CRISPR-carrying nanoparticles edit the genome?"" Jeez- that headline reads like a Transgenic Apocalypse MADLIB.

And of course we'll be seeing plenty of pieces on "controversies" and "protests." 

Controversy is always part of the Normalization process. The rancor eventually becomes numbing. We may even see a Westboro Baptist-type agent provocateur psyop stick their noses into the debate, if not actually see the nutty Westboro gang themselves. 

Speaking of which, we haven't heard much from Westboro lately. I wonder if they were all brought back to the base for a rinse.

And personality pieces are always on the menu. Very useful for Normalization. Keep an eye out for intersectional variations thereto.

And of course the pop culture tie-ins- Pinky and the Brain are old favorites so leading the reader to nostalgic associations of that nature always help grease the works. 

You're against Transgenics? Why, I loved Pinky and the Brain when I was a kid! How dare you!

And of course, NASA is always ready to step into any sciencey kind of story with their spitball MADLIBs. I Fucking Love Transgenics!

And hey, join the growing ranks of do-it-yourselfer Transgenics buffs. What could go wrong?

And attractive, faintly-exotic women with Orange hair and heterochromia iridium are always a surefire sell for any social engineering campaign. And for the inch-before-the-mile introduction of the "Chimeras are Go! theme."  

See? There are all kinds of chimeras out there. Look at this hot Orange-head. She's a Chimera. Aren't those eyes hypnotic? 

Hey, what would you say if we gave you and your partner a few routine injections before you start in with the baby-making? No, it's nothing serious. It's kind of like vitamins. Hey now--hot chicks with different-colored irises--huh, huh? What do you say? 

And who doesn't love a cat jpeg? Nazis, I bet. Fucking cat-hating Nazis.

So feast your eyes on Quimera the Chimera. Ain't she just the sweetest thing? It's like if Two-Face weren't a hideously-disfigured supercriminal and was cute. Plus, a cat. And who doesn't love cats?

Yeah, chimeras are an anomaly. Well, for now. Wouldn't just you die if you could have a cat-pug chimera? Why, the very idea of it is a "Like" magnet. Hey, tell you what- we'll give you one for free. Sure, take it. 

By the way, would you mind if we extract a spare ova or two? You're not using it, right?

And the Endless Mer-March of the Mermaids shows no signs of slowing down. Why, if you're young and fit you might be able to become a professional mermaid. Fill out an application on our site. 

While I think of it- what's your inseam? Oh, just curious.

"You will have to be a people person" to be the "chosen one," however. You know what they say; people-persons make the best chimera-persons. 

Meanwhile, check out Mermaid fitness. Yeah, it's a thing. No, seriously. 

Mermaids are fit.

And kindness begins with Mermaids. Fit and kind- that's the Mermaid way. We just need to run a few tests first. Nothing crazy, we just want to take some blood and tissue samples. What are you more partial to-- salmon or tuna? 

Oh, just asking. Let's talk about it later.

And it appears they've already turned bears and otters into Mermen. I guess the Transgenics program is farther along than we thought. 

Of course it's all for a good cause. Gotta squeeze in those causes. The Bo-Bos eat that shit up with a spoon.

Another Secret Sun MADLIB. Pick your own color, as the white girl chimera flanked by two black girls seems to have done. Plus, fish. 

Plus, Orange. 

And count on Starbucks to keep pushing the Mermaid theme, as you see in this mural from a Starbucks in Georgia. It's a twofer- the Siren and the Stars!

And of course, count on Starbucks for the big story in horrible fucking drinks this year. Talk about Cups of Abominations.

Keeping with the constellation theme we have the Ursa Major blend. Try our Polaris-mocha latte.

And the Revelation 12 special with the Dragon and the Siren that sitteth alongside many waters.

Incidentally, that's a new Pantone color on the bag- it's called "Blood of the Saints Red."

And in case you missed it, Amtrak-- the nationalized railroad here in America-- is getting in on the Transgene hijinks with this new advertising campaign.

It even pushes the Transpecies meme with this ad, where a green Grey morphs into woman and a cellphone. CRISPR CAS9, take me away!

Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on the "The Microbes are Ready" theme, watching stories on antibiotic resistance -- or the Antibiotic Apocalypse-- and the Plague story on the east coast of Africa. I'll keep you posted if anything concerns me more than normally.

And as a followup to the Sutherland Springs massacre we hear now that the Army is opening its doors to cutters, the mentally ill and drug abusers to meet new, higher recruitment targets. 

That just sounds like a bloody wonderful idea, doesn't it? Why didn't I think of that? 

I'm sure all the cutters and tweakers will just thrive in the stress-free environment of the military and become assets to their communities when they finish their bits.

I mean, look at Devin Kelley. He really flowered in Project Bluebird the Air Force. 

And hey; I hear they're real easy-going when it comes to felonies and imprisonment and domestic assault and junk. Plus, using dogs for target practice. 

Totally mellow. Don't sweat it.   

And what's a Social Darwinist desensitization program without a dash of Satanism? 

The Satanic Temple's tireless drive to get their talons on pre-pubescent children was kicked up a notch with the old "I'm not a pedophile, you're a pedophile" routine, in honor of Judge Roy Moore. 

It was a real showstopper back in the old Evening at the Improv days. Jay Leno used to just kill with that one.

Yep, those Satanic Templars have been busy little beavers lately. Gotta love that NLP. 

Speaking of existential evil, a reader pointed me to this story: all of George Bush's thirty-three---33--- original paintings went online. Including this very Orange portrait of Saddam Hussein. 

A good example of Bush's fabled "John Wayne Gacy period."

Speaking of Orange, another reader posted this snap on the FB group-- an Orange transgenic octo-man imprisoned by a robot. 

The piece is called The "Twenty-First Century in Twenty-One Words or Less."