Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Snapshots from the Apocalypse: Transgenics are Go!

There are a number of emerging themes and a new palette of symbols coming out of the Great Unveiling, which is now well underway. Chief among them are transgenics, smart cities and the Automation Apocalypse. We're getting hammered with these themes in the news lately, all part of a conditioning program in its late stages.

The art world is increasingly the favored venue for feeding the new memes to the desired target audience. We're seeing art installations used to acclimate the new bourgoisie to the new ritualism, as well as to Satanism, black magic, cannibalism and other chosen themes, so Transgenics won't be too hard a sell. 

And of course, it's all draped in the appropriate intersectional buzzwords, so you can not only feel edgy, you can also vape a few hits of that sweet, sweet self-rigtheousness ambrosia when enjoying those hyper-real statues of Transgenic lamprey-wolf killfreaks menacing traumatized five year-olds in their underwear. 

Not only that but you can brand anyone who happens to question the subliminal agenda with the evergreen "Nazi" stamp. 

I mean, only Nazis have a problem with genetically engineering a Master Race of Transgenic rape-badgers, am I right?

Of course, the goal here is further drive a wedge between the moneyed class and knowledge workers and the rest of us. The overpaid have been methodically conditioned to accept a worldview that alienates them from mainstream culture-- whatever the hell that means anymore-- which in turn will reduce any empathy or compassion they have for the working and middle classes once the Automation Apocalypse really sinks its teeth in. 

Whatever shreds of empathy are left by the time the Trump psyop is over, that is. Y'know, those rednecks in Houston, they got what they deserved, right? You know, global warming and junk. Carbon or something. 

I don't know, I heard it somewhere. Twitter or John Oliver or something.  

So NGA throws down the gauntlet from the start: this acclimatization program disguised as an art exhibit will "shock you" and "challenge you". 

Sure, this sounds like tired old corn to most people but it's like catnip for the New Bourgoisie. They love to have their egos stroked as avant garde sophisticates who can handle "shocking" and "challenging" art. 

And questioning "the fundamental notion of what it means to be human?" Gah- they may as well be handing out free Spirit Cookbooks. The lines will stretch around the block.

Sure, it "may turn some people off"-- you know, those people-- but that's "exactly the reason" you should be excited for it. 

So excited for it.

And the Podesta Brothers' second favorite artist will have plenty of her own transgenic chimeras. She's just "holding a mirror up to society," you see.

And so begins the Transgenic Normalization campaign. 

True to form it kicks off with the requisite miracle-cure stories, such as the replacement skin created for a seven year-old boy born without epidermis. This is the de rigeur appeal to the therapeutic mindset so dominant in the world today.

"See? We're not breeding a new hybrid race of pig-bat-Velicoraptor murder-demons, we're helping people."

But do keep an eye on the NLP codewords. Topping the list is "replace," and its conjunctives. 

Because that is the ultimate endgame in all of this-- bioengineering homo sapiens sapiens' replacements. I have no idea how close that is to becoming a reality but I have no doubt that is atop the Agenda. 

So we're going to be seeing a lot of puff pieces on CRISPR and its promised health benefits. 

"CRISPR-carrying nanoparticles edit the genome?"" Jeez- that headline reads like a Transgenic Apocalypse MADLIB.

And of course we'll be seeing plenty of pieces on "controversies" and "protests." 

Controversy is always part of the Normalization process. The rancor eventually becomes numbing. We may even see a Westboro Baptist-type agent provocateur psyop stick their noses into the debate, if not actually see the nutty Westboro gang themselves. 

Speaking of which, we haven't heard much from Westboro lately. I wonder if they were all brought back to the base for a rinse.

And personality pieces are always on the menu. Very useful for Normalization. Keep an eye out for intersectional variations thereto.

And of course the pop culture tie-ins- Pinky and the Brain are old favorites so leading the reader to nostalgic associations of that nature always help grease the works. 

You're against Transgenics? Why, I loved Pinky and the Brain when I was a kid! How dare you!

And of course, NASA is always ready to step into any sciencey kind of story with their spitball MADLIBs. I Fucking Love Transgenics!

And hey, join the growing ranks of do-it-yourselfer Transgenics buffs. What could go wrong?

And attractive, faintly-exotic women with Orange hair and heterochromia iridium are always a surefire sell for any social engineering campaign. And for the inch-before-the-mile introduction of the "Chimeras are Go! theme."  

See? There are all kinds of chimeras out there. Look at this hot Orange-head. She's a Chimera. Aren't those eyes hypnotic? 

Hey, what would you say if we gave you and your partner a few routine injections before you start in with the baby-making? No, it's nothing serious. It's kind of like vitamins. Hey now--hot chicks with different-colored irises--huh, huh? What do you say? 

And who doesn't love a cat jpeg? Nazis, I bet. Fucking cat-hating Nazis.

So feast your eyes on Quimera the Chimera. Ain't she just the sweetest thing? It's like if Two-Face weren't a hideously-disfigured supercriminal and was cute. Plus, a cat. And who doesn't love cats?

Yeah, chimeras are an anomaly. Well, for now. Wouldn't just you die if you could have a cat-pug chimera? Why, the very idea of it is a "Like" magnet. Hey, tell you what- we'll give you one for free. Sure, take it. 

By the way, would you mind if we extract a spare ova or two? You're not using it, right?

And the Endless Mer-March of the Mermaids shows no signs of slowing down. Why, if you're young and fit you might be able to become a professional mermaid. Fill out an application on our site. 

While I think of it- what's your inseam? Oh, just curious.

"You will have to be a people person" to be the "chosen one," however. You know what they say; people-persons make the best chimera-persons. 

Meanwhile, check out Mermaid fitness. Yeah, it's a thing. No, seriously. 

Mermaids are fit.

And kindness begins with Mermaids. Fit and kind- that's the Mermaid way. We just need to run a few tests first. Nothing crazy, we just want to take some blood and tissue samples. What are you more partial to-- salmon or tuna? 

Oh, just asking. Let's talk about it later.

And it appears they've already turned bears and otters into Mermen. I guess the Transgenics program is farther along than we thought. 

Of course it's all for a good cause. Gotta squeeze in those causes. The Bo-Bos eat that shit up with a spoon.

Another Secret Sun MADLIB. Pick your own color, as the white girl chimera flanked by two black girls seems to have done. Plus, fish. 

Plus, Orange. 

And count on Starbucks to keep pushing the Mermaid theme, as you see in this mural from a Starbucks in Georgia. It's a twofer- the Siren and the Stars!

And of course, count on Starbucks for the big story in horrible fucking drinks this year. Talk about Cups of Abominations.

Keeping with the constellation theme we have the Ursa Major blend. Try our Polaris-mocha latte.

And the Revelation 12 special with the Dragon and the Siren that sitteth alongside many waters.

Incidentally, that's a new Pantone color on the bag- it's called "Blood of the Saints Red."

And in case you missed it, Amtrak-- the nationalized railroad here in America-- is getting in on the Transgene hijinks with this new advertising campaign.

It even pushes the Transpecies meme with this ad, where a green Grey morphs into woman and a cellphone. CRISPR CAS9, take me away!

Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on the "The Microbes are Ready" theme, watching stories on antibiotic resistance -- or the Antibiotic Apocalypse-- and the Plague story on the east coast of Africa. I'll keep you posted if anything concerns me more than normally.

And as a followup to the Sutherland Springs massacre we hear now that the Army is opening its doors to cutters, the mentally ill and drug abusers to meet new, higher recruitment targets. 

That just sounds like a bloody wonderful idea, doesn't it? Why didn't I think of that? 

I'm sure all the cutters and tweakers will just thrive in the stress-free environment of the military and become assets to their communities when they finish their bits.

I mean, look at Devin Kelley. He really flowered in Project Bluebird the Air Force. 

And hey; I hear they're real easy-going when it comes to felonies and imprisonment and domestic assault and junk. Plus, using dogs for target practice. 

Totally mellow. Don't sweat it.   

And what's a Social Darwinist desensitization program without a dash of Satanism? 

The Satanic Temple's tireless drive to get their talons on pre-pubescent children was kicked up a notch with the old "I'm not a pedophile, you're a pedophile" routine, in honor of Judge Roy Moore. 

It was a real showstopper back in the old Evening at the Improv days. Jay Leno used to just kill with that one.

Yep, those Satanic Templars have been busy little beavers lately. Gotta love that NLP. 

Speaking of existential evil, a reader pointed me to this story: all of George Bush's thirty-three---33--- original paintings went online. Including this very Orange portrait of Saddam Hussein. 

A good example of Bush's fabled "John Wayne Gacy period."

Speaking of Orange, another reader posted this snap on the FB group-- an Orange transgenic octo-man imprisoned by a robot. 

The piece is called The "Twenty-First Century in Twenty-One Words or Less."


  1. Right on, and thankfully, funny too. These times will make Twains of've done such a fine job of cataloguing and delving and interpreting here, for sure. What a massive, in-our-faces level of campaigning this most certainly is. Combined with the syhthetic/syncretistic campaign to fluidly and woke-fully cleave the genders together through any number of dank memes and cues from on-high culture, one is very hard-pressed to deny any of what youre getting at here, lately, and imo, altogether. Even the nationally beloved soft child smut, Stranger Thangz 2 contains these themes, it appears to me. So much normalization. Incidentally, i was "Mer-man" for years before coming around here... ;)

    1. Cheers, Merman. And yes, so much is being normalized now that there is no more actual normality. I'll have to see what the latest is on the cyborg front next.

  2. How unfortunate that 'man' might actually think that he might better him/herself by merging with "AI".

  3. what totally insane times we live in... downright scary.
    keep up the good work. make your new books, novel and all, available soon, wanna read 'em all:)

    1. Hopefully be able to start working on those soon. Thanks Zombie.

  4. A while back there was this report released by the pentagon that pretty much confirmed the future is going to be some sort of horrifying cyber punk dystopia. There will be mega cities, filled with millions and millions of people, most of the people will live in slums, and the government will have little control over the various gangs that inhabit the city. I mean, if you live in abject poverty why not join a a gang. I could see religion coming back big time, maybe you could become a monk too, they will teach you how to read and educate yourself. You think about that, and you think about the idea of AI, automation, lots of people are going to lose their jobs, and it wont just be lower class proles this time having their jobs stolen by mexicans, its going to be white collar middle class people having their jobs stolen by robots. The very idea of the worker would become obsolete, maybe even capitalism itself. But what comes next? Maybe some sort of neo feudalism, globalist feudalism, you live on their land are given a pittance of a universal basic income, the elite are protected by a guard of mercs (knights), have a slightly better life than the peasants.
    They live in their various high rises, mansions, gated communities, (castles).

    Maybe the only way to make money would be through some sort of human hospitality type job, the commidification of human contact, interaction, well prostitutes already do that. But dont you find it interesting a few years ago there was a big deal about professional cuddling, not even sex, just fucking cuddling. Maybe you will have to pay money to have friends in the future too.

    The keyboard cowboys fighting the government and corporations already exist, hacking them, stealing their info, probably will grow in number.

    Chris, going to be honest, not really into this chimera fluff. If that happens probably wont be till at least 100 years from now.
    I think maybe they would start out with the idea of cutting off ones limbs, adding robotic parts, that type of stuff.
    I think humans will be encouraged to become part of the AI, the robots. Going to see a lot more cyborgs before you see beast men roaming the mega city slums.

    I feel like the 2000's was still sort of the 90's in a way, still the 20th century. When smartphones became ubiquitous the was the first sign of the 21st century rearing its head.
    And what have we has since then, self driving cars, 3d printers, drones, augmented and virtual reality, streaming, accesses to infinite music and info online, etc.
    The world has changed a fucking lot since i was a kid. When i was a very little kid i remember my family had a rotary phone still.
    Now you have phone in your pocket that can take pictures, surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, and connects you to the hive mind.
    When i was a teen i was the quiet one who didnt talk. Then the phones came in and now everyone is looking down and never talking all the time. I feel like a twilight zone episode.

    Who knows how the future will actually be.

    the world went from having to wait a week for the next episode, only being able to listen to the music programmed for you on the radio, only getting the news from corporate media
    to live streaming the latest episode, listening to every recorded song ever made for free, and getting live updates from a twitter feed from a man on the ground.

    so yeah, i grew up having to listen to acdc and drowning pool on the local rock station and ended up in a world of nameless vaporwave and city pop music uploaded to youtube and soundcloud.

    okay how about another scenario:
    in the future there will be indoor mega cities controlled by the elite, they will be uplifted from the ground and you will be monitored at all times. The world outside will be ravaged by global warming. Oxygen tanks will cost 50 bucks a pop.
    But its all cool cause you can watch cat videos on your phone.

    1. Don't be too dismissive of the chimera concept. 'Beast men/Man beast' won't look outwardly different at first.
      Porcine & ovine organ/cell transplants already in use clinically or in trials with humans:
      Heart, lungs, kidney, liver, pancreas, & cornea.
      These are now being augmented with human genes to enhance immunocompatibility.

      Some choice quotes from journals such as 'Nature' & 'Cell:
      "Producing human-animal chimeras has been controversial for several reasons, including worries that human cells could boost the host animal’s intelligence or develop into sperm or eggs."
      "Then the researchers tried combining human induced pluripotent stem cells (reprogrammed adult cells that have regained the characteristics of embryonic cells) with pig embryos. After they implanted the chimeras into surrogate mothers, they let the embryos develop for just 3 or 4 weeks, to check whether and where the human cells were contributing." ...

      and this doesn't even scratch the surface of research & commercial level genetic engineering in non-human life.

      In addition DARPA elicits a plethora of genetic engineering projects (
      it is also investing in countermeasures to disasters spawning from such efforts (
      Let's keep in mind that DARPA is in the habit of doling out 20-30 year old miltech for public consumption.

      In addition to the impact of AI on global politics you are going to see this on the radar with increasing frequency -

    2. Yes, chimera stuff would seem fertile ground for all kinds of "super-soldier" projects. What better guard-being to defend the elite than one that is not quite human. They'd get along great!

    3. Yes 'they' are attempting the 'blade runner' scenario, and others of course.
      But we do not have to play into this.
      LOOK PLEASE beyond what you 'see'!
      Smoke and mirrors.
      "Not quite HUMAN"

    4. Commerce is just an exchange of energy.
      On a "SOUL" level??
      That is MAJOR!

    5. I wouldn't be too dismissive of Chimeras either. They're not pushing this stuff now in anticipation of it all coming to fruition in a hundred years. I get the feeling we may see something rolled out of the showroom sooner than later. This Mermaid thing is totally contrived and top-down-- I imagine there has to be something on the tail end of it all.

  5. Fantastic post - I was cracking up all through it.

    So, I stumbled upon this video today. This programmer thinks that cryptocurrencies are being used to construct a global AI neural net and that it either is already self aware or will be soon. And then finishes by considering the ramifications of such a global AI, which would be its ability to construct and control our reality. ... Now I dont know that this guy is or isnt legit, but its an interesting and compeling watch really either way.

    1. Cheers Brian. Yeah, I'm not too keen on the crypto currency thing. Something has a strange odor there.

    2. Crypto-Currencies break the day some clever 12 year old with a quantuum computer figures out how to break current ECC encryption. Probably within 15-20 years.

      So, yeah... 21st century tulips.

      (My own take is that it's a Honeypot, intended to trick people into sinking real-world assets into them, only to disappear in some crypto-catastrophe like that #300mil that disappeared in Ethereum the other day).

  6. Staying humorous while reporting the facts of the matter, despite it's ugly nature. Sincere thanks for an excellent analysis! Much appreciated Chris!

    1. You gotta laugh, y'know? It's the only way to stay sane in a mad world. Thanks.

    2. Those who laugh are the worst of the worst and are no longer human at all, having destroyed their souls even while still 'alive', thinking this is How they 'survive'
      And no longer capable to see the ill-logic of that

      They're far worse than even this

      And with no way to return (save a true miracle)

  7. Replace (2017)
    "Young and Beautiful Kira is afflicted with a strange disease: her skin starts to age rapidly, dry out and crumble away. When she discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else's, she has to choose: watch her own body wither and die - or give in to temptation - whatever the price."

    Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Production Co: Sparkling Pictures

    The New SpotMini

  8. This reminded me of:
    Neolution is the progressive scientific organization marked by genetic meddling and physical alterations, among other scientific developments, set on self-directed evolution. For decades, they have been secretly maneuvering the experiments on Projects Leda and Castor through Dyad, Topside, and the military.

    1. I've never seen that show. Now you're making me want to see what's what. Thanks.

  9. So much self destructive life denying cold cynicism. That's certainly NOT what it means to be human.
    Glad I left.
    I prefer being by myself any day, if that's the choice.

    Just because they are, you don't have to be..!

  10. In a recent episode, the “original Castor” was found. But this original Castor turned out to be a woman with two cell lines, one male and one female, making her the original Leda as well as the original Castor and reminiscent of the original original Leda in Greek myth.

    1. Excellent- thanks, Karin. I'll have to see if this fits into the model here.

  11. There are only two degrees of separation between Marion Zimmer Bradley and Michael Aquino. Maybe one.

  12. Holy crap, that was funny as hell and provided some much needed laughter in the face of the abyss-dark horizon we are being marched towards. Here's a paranoid fever dream from a prisoner of London: the transgenics thing is already well underway. Crispr tech is just the tip of the iceberg. Transgenic 'therapies' have already been covertly and illegally tested on all the usual victims for a number of years. Civilian populations, prisoners, the homeless, vulnerable children in care. Standard procedure with the MK programs and standard procedure here too. We should expect nothing less. Transgenic technology is far more advanced than most could bare to consider, in my oponion. Frighteningly so. We've already been tweaked and altered in many subtle ways through a multi-levelled attack that includes food, water and pharmacuticals. Its only because the tech has proved workable and usable that we're seeing this push now. This kind of money and coordination isn't rolled out for theoretical tech that may or may not work. So yeah, fun times. The real agendas behind all this stuff are so bone-chillingly dark, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to any competent student of history or the elites interests in the occult, or intelligence agencies and the numerous SAPs they have running in league with some of the most powerful companies and groups in the world. Its all one hideous chimera at War with itself as well as with us. Eugenics never ended. It just spliced itself with all kinds of noxious shit and called it evolution. But folks shouldn't lose all hope. There are still people out there trying to secure a healthier, brighter, kinder future for all of us. As we move into 2018 I'd hope that people don't take anything coming from officialdom at face value. Seriously, question literally every single part of the narratives and assumptions and 'incidents' that emerge in the mainstream as we move forward. Just one guy's opinion of course. Keep up the great work, Chris.

    1. Eugenics not only never ended, it's barely begun, Raj. It just got a makeover and a fresh head of steam. Your point about transgenic experimentation is especially chilling, especially in light of all these stories we keep hearing about homeless people disappearing from major cities. As always, insightful thoughts, sir. Thank you very much for raising these issues.

    2. You're both talking about something that desperately needs to be more widely discussed. While it's true that eugenics never went away, since WW2 it's been something that isn't really discussed among anyone but the Archons...until, in just the past half decade or so, it's exploded into mainstream discourse and pop culture; to the point where a lot of ordinary people are convinced that everything about a person- from the major life decisions they make to their minor personality quirks- is hereditary. Hence the sudden popularity of commercial DNA-sequencing. And it's pretty obvious why the Archons are so keen to spread this idea: it makes the perfect basis for a caste system. (Same with the idea of karma; ten years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find an ordinary working-class American that was even familiar with the idea; now it's everywhere. And, again, it's obvious why the Archons

    3. True apologies! Not sure why my phone decided to post that comment while I was still typing.
      But anyway: it's easy to see why the Archons have sold the idea of karma so heavily: not only does it mean that whether you're on the top or bottom, you're right where you deserve to be, but it also leads people to be passive: if someone is wronged, they'll accept the abuse, sure that sometime, somewhere, karma will kick back on their abuser.
      As for homeless people disappearing: it's not just in large cities. Here in central Appalachia, there are frequent stories on the local news about how this or that town has solved its homeless problem (almost always via increased police harassment). And the question sometimes comes up: if most of the homeless are gone from Town X, but the surrounding towns haven't reported any increase in *their* homeless population, well, where did these folks go? And the answer is usually: these must have been folks from out of state, who, when the cops burnt out their tent city for the second time, decided to go back to where they came from. And maybe in some cases that's true.. It's the other ones that make me shudder...
      Apologies for the length of the comment ; will try to keep it briefer in the future. And, as always, thanks for the invaluable research you do here!

  13. its soooo idiot to focus so much on changing us, when we can prevent a lot with love, healthy eating, exercise... but they insist in poison everything and curing a lot of very preventably deceases.... do we really get to love our golden cage? that question is for some, the slaves in places like bangladesh not even have voice, less vote.

    1. Cinimod_ofCarthach3:46 AM, November 16, 2017

      While i agree to the love extent a bit your missing something very important. Truth.

      We can't have love without truth. If your love is false and non forgiving then you don't have love at all. People don't want the truth they want the fastest answer that resonates with their worldview.

      See we trie to kill the truth a long time ago. Thought we did. But the truth seems to be coming back with a vengeance.

    2. Why go through the hard work of all that when you can just inject someone with goat-rat-spider DNA and let Unnature take its course?

  14. I’m not even afraid. These people are fucking idiots, trying to physically materialize the apocalypse: “if you can imagine being a merman, we can make it happen with genetics!”

    It’s like Neil DeGrasse Tyson read a copy of Promethea and completely missed the point.

    But that’s life when you’re surrounded by morons working with a profoundly flawed metaphysics and an inflated sense of their own intelligence.

    As for me, I’m going to keep on living and occasionally laugh at The End Times Shitshow.

    1. Sounds like a plan, Mike. There are no guarantees in this life. Enjoy what you have.

  15. Hi Chris - I can't help but think of that great quote from Issac Asimov's essay entitled, "Cult of Ignorance" where he states:

    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

  16. When I was but a wee lad and read the mythology's and also heard about genetics I pondered that perhaps there may have been a little experimentation going on far back in history,,,satyrs and fauns ,,,but of course we all know they were but barbarians long ago...still they new how to build things...

    1. Antideluvian genetic mods, eh?
      Perhaps there's a molecular biology lab somewhere that has long known this?

    2. A lot of people wonder the same thing. Who knows what could be hiding in the dim mists of the past.

  17. re: Nazis
    Alinsky 101 - a negative pushed hard enough becomes a positive.

    1. Let's also consider Michael Aquino's extensive writings admiring the Nazis. Hmmm. What about Hitler's connections to the Rothschilds? Rabbit hole goes deep.

    2. All the "cult of Kek" stuff that emerged around the Trump campaign has a very Acquino / ToS feel to it. Meme war and meme magic(k) is not a new idea. Read Acquino's writings on psychological warfare.

    3. Nah man Kek went rogue. Trump is the good guy here. Aquino The Baron of Rachane's (Rapine) dream is dying, his boss is Queen Lizzy the Pedophage Aka the Whore of Babylon who sits along many waters (British Commonwealth) and her time is coming to an end soon.

  18. "Death to Eloi scum!"

    -Morlock Liberation Front (now accepting new recruits)

    1. Oh, the Eloi are already among us. Most will probably scooped up and dumped in smart cities. The Morlocks will be disconnected from the Grid.

  19. A note the spleen drains the lymphatic system and is
    obviously connected to how the being calibrates challenges so if stress
    occurs the handling of toxins away from the body is affected.

  20. CRISPR makes me very nervous.

    1. As well it should. Especially with this DIY insanity.

  21. "The overpaid have been methodically conditioned to accept a worldview that alienates them from mainstream culture-- whatever the hell that means anymore-- which in turn will reduce any empathy or compassion they have for the working and middle classes once the Automation Apocalypse really sinks its teeth in. "

    I think the alt-right is a major element of this. If the working and lower middle classes are all racist Nazi bigots they deserve it, right? Not only are they dumb and poor but they're also mean bad people who want to send people to death camps.

    Just look at Reddit! None of those accounts are sock puppets and it's not like 90% of the activity is from a small number of trolls with too much time on their hands.

    I've been seeing this meme more and more lately. It's being pushed by both right wing and left wing media outlets and I've seen it showing up a lot in social media comments.

    This is classic bad jacketing and scapegoating of an underclass.

    Never mind that the actual alt-right is a tiny movement comprised of a few fanatics (many of whose leaders have weird spooky if you know what I mean connections) and edgy trolls on 4chan. All working class people believe this stuff right? The media says so and look at social media! (Not controlled at all.)

    I'm starting to see the whole thing as an obvious propaganda campaign to... as you correctly state... further isolate the moneyed and professional classes from the rest of society.

    It's also important to note that the alt-right are just another kind of identity politics "SJW". It's the second half of the Hegelian dialectic with both sides acting to reinforce and popularize one another. Identity politics of any form always has the effect of atomizing society into tiny little mutually antagonistic groups. Divide and rule.

    As you're fond of asking about the religious right and its kabuki theater cartoon nemesis that Satanists: who is paying for all this? How did these obscure movements suddenly get vaulted onto the stage with loads of money behind them? Why is the media giving them so much attention?

    1. I hear you. Does anyone think Richard Spencer threw all his degrees-- which just scream CIA-State Dept fast-track-- away because he had such a burning desire to get punched in the street by anorexic Trustafarians? We already found out one of these characters from Charlotteville had Top Secret ---TOP F-ING SECRET--- clearance and the ringleader there is a blatant sheep-dipped spook to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. It's a sick joke. And Trump is their Temple Grandin.

      The whole SJW thing is another blatant op, designed to keep the managerial class in a perpetual state of terror. And that whole program seems to really be picking up steam recently

    2. What the financial class can't allow is for the professional classes or what I've heard called the "working rich" (rich people who actually do stuff instead of just shifting money around) to develop any sense of common cause with the working classes.

      The second thing the financial classes can't allow is for the working class itself to unify. So it has to be split along lines of race, religion, region, and culture.

      All this SJW stuff *and* all the alt-right stuff serves to accomplish both those things.

    3. BTW 4chan itself is owned by a Japanese nationalist with some strange connections. See: Trump/Saudi/Softbank. Softbank is a Japanese vehicle but it's all Saudi money and Trump is in those circles.

      BTW I've wondered if the Russia story isn't a ruse to cover up the real foreign entanglement of Trump -- Saudi money and Adnan Kashoggi's circle. Of course Putin is also a major financial player in the global finance-mafia-intelligence complex so maybe it's both/and.

  22. Loads to unpack here but you did provide some much-needed levity given the topic & the times. Transgenics seems like the literal embodiment of Leary's old slogan, "You can be anyone this time around". Might as well insert the words "and anything" in there too, right? Yet more transhumanist future shock & awe for the masses. A Warren Ellis-inspired Transmetropolitan clusterfuck if there ever was one. Where's Spider Jerusalem when you need him?

    Actually, speaking of comic books, surprised you didn't mention anything in that vein regarding pop culture. What with all the superhero & mutant-themed shows now on TV & cable/Netflix & how this all plays into the whole Transhumanist/transgenic agenda. Check this out:


    "We love these characters, perhaps because we fantasize about having their superpowers. Whether as a child, or even as an adult, everybody has wanted something. Maybe, you’d like to fly like superman or shoot silk from your body to fling between buildings like spiderman. Wonder Woman’s ability to stop bullets with those bracelets made of metal from Zeus’s shield could come in handy, or even better — Superman’s entire body suit was bulletproof and a lot less bulky than today’s standard bulletproof armor. Could that be possible? The pace of genetic technology today says that it very well could be, and better yet; the same genetic technology that could enable a spandex-like bulletproof garment could also create bulletproof skin, and here’s the secret ingredient: spider silk. The formula for its physical strength can be transferred into virtually anything alive and spiders would no longer have a monopoly."

    Wheeeeeee....Here we go kids! Now you know what to ask Santa for!

    Also, regarding society's vulnerable: I was just watching something the other day about how pot legalization in Colorado has caused massive gentrification in cities like Denver (esp), due in no small part to skyrocketing rents in the downtown areas. Needless to say, the poor & homeless are being literally pushed out. Homeless encampments are subject to random police sweeps, no affordable housing to speak of, & apparently, none of that $ the state is making off weed sales isn't going to help alleviate poverty one iota. Meanwhile, the trust fund hipsters are moving in in droves. Surprised? I do wonder though how this will all play out here in MA with legalization...I think I can guess. Homelessness is already pretty bad here. But then again, maybe all those homeless folks can make $ by volunteering for medical experiments, after all, DARPA has to beta-test for the future somehow, right? Now onward to Mars!

    1. Thanks for bringing that up, David. I didn't really go into the superhero stuff since the post was getting so huge already. I've been focused more on the special kid meme we're seeing so much of lately. We discussed that during the Stranger Things podcast and I hope to get a chance to watch more of the new stuff coming out on that theme soon.

  23. Just walking past a tv now. A docu about the porn-makers, apparently.
    The post-shocking era we're in, they say, and it's 'Parody'.
    "stretching anal orifices with multiple cocks... man! it's just hilarious!"

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Glad my sense of humor hasn't been poisoned like that. Totally intent on keeping it that way.

    Anyway, just a few more miles and I won't have to see all them horrors anymore. Just good things. And no screens and no "connection". Great!

  24. I have no inherent problem with the idea of transhumanism. Some transhumanists are nutjobs but that's true everywhere. If I thought the agenda were actually about legitimizing or popularizing self-enhancement with the goal of creating better humans I'd be open to it at least. I'm not sure if I'd do it but I don't have much of a problem with someone fucking with their genes any more than I have a problem with them getting tattoos.

    I don't think that's what it's about, and I think most of this tech is still very far off bordering on fantasy.

    I agree completely with your core observation that this is about shock, division, and sensationalism. It's more about creating a scary edgy divisive mythology and using it to split society along class, religion, and racial lines than it is about any actual technology or anything else real.

    1. Sure. But Perry Farrell told us that nothing's shocking anymore thirty years ago and it's still true today. What concerns me more than the division is the desensitization. Especially since I see so much frothing hatred out there.

    2. Here's the thing.

      I've never been worried about Europe going Muslim. My worry has always been that a small number of Islamist morons (under likely direction from spooksville) would drive Europe to the hard right and cause a rebirth of fascism.

      This is exactly what we are now seeing. I was right! I was right! I wish I hadn't been.

      I fear the same thing about all this transhumanist shock art bullshit and AI fear-mongering. With the exception of loss of jobs due to things like self-driving trucks (a separate issue but one that plays into this in other ways) I do not fear AI or actual transhumanist tech much. I think most of it is still very far off and the rest is a lot less threatening than the fear-mongers think. CRISPR does have many legitimate uses in medicine too. I'd be happy to have my kid cured of their childhood leukemia with scary GMO tech.

      My concern rather is similar to my concern about Islam in Europe. This stuff is a fear campaign and it will be used to channel populist anger in decidedly totalitarian directions.

      What would the antidote to the evil transhuman dystopia be? A totalitarian dictatorship of human conformity, of course. Variation is not allowed.

      Phobia about transhumans (who mostly don't exist) could also be a stalking horse for hatred of entirely conventional humans of different races and ethnic groups.

      Got to have somewhere to channel peoples' anger when more limited but more real AIs like self-driving vehicles start really decimating blue collar employment. Better to channel it toward a cartoon image of something that doesn't really exist than to have it channeled toward the financial class who are hoarding all the wealth generated by these productivity gains. After all the problem isn't automation. The problem is the class of financial overlords who hoard the profits from it rather than reinvesting those profits in new things or distributing them to the people who made them possible.

      The peddlers of transhuman shock art are either idiots who don't know what they're potentially inviting, manipulated dupes, or agent provocateurs.

      I'm really starting to wonder if nutty old Dave Emory has been right all these years. Wouldn't that be funny.

  25. My two Song of the Siren syncs today:

    1) A friend is spending some time in L.A., visited Chris Cornell's grave and shared a picture on social media. At the time of his visit, the grave was COVERED in orange flowers.

    2) Turned on the radio to find NPR talking about Jeff Buckley - and I've never once heard about Jeff Buckley outside of Secret Sun until today! The show is "Re:sound" - the episode is #213. First aired Nov. 13, 2015.

    Considering the show number and date, that's even weirder... Take care, Chris

    1. Thanks, J- I saw the thing on the Jeff Buckley show too. Did you happen to have a link for the Cornell grave shots?

    2. Yeah - here you go.

  26. Great writing.... your inner Carlwood is blossoming :)

    BTW: you can always get the pulse of the culture from South Park and last night they were pushing Water Bears as a new replacement life form for NFL fans.
    Just can't make this stuff up anymore.

  27. So, on the series finally of HBO's Vice Principals, the protagonist's girlfriend is declared a mermaid, and then in the next scene a situation with a tiger is declared a "code orange."

    But the reason I'm writing this comment is a memory that popped into my mind while listening to you on Higherside (and I can't believe I didn't remember weeks ago when you started writing about it)...

    MORRISONCON. 2012. The Max Landis panel. Max Landis explicitly stated that the studios were going to be doing a hard push for mermaids, as a replacement for all the vampire stuff that was happening. I was unable to find a video of this panel online, but if you ask anyone who was at MorrisonCon, they will definitely remember. Find a video and you've found a smoking gun, lol. Or at least, a guy who's seen the smoking gun.

    P.S. I just watched the first episode of the new X-Men series, Gifted, and while it takes place in Atlanta, the name of the prison all the mutant kids are being sent to is... Garland. (It's a cool show, like if Smallville had been about beating up ICE agents. It's billed as a family show, but its very subversive.)

  28. Captain Future final episode shows the "chimeras" concept, this has been in the works for a while it seems. I just remember watching this episode in Spanish a while ago on Youtube and by reading your blog, it came back to my mind. Youtube has removed the complete series a while ago. I found this one but in Italian I think but you will get the idea if you watch it.

    *Beware for some unwanted pop ups ADS when trying to play it**