Friday, November 10, 2017

"Full of Ritual"

I'm not sure why The Guardian chose to write about it now, but the city of Perth has its arts festival coming up in February. And apparently the program for the festival is-- and I quote-- "full of ritual."

Of course it is. Because sooner than you think, everything will be. 

In this case, one of the rituals in question will be the citywide performance of  an installation involving hundreds of loudspeakers blasting out a sonic collage that sounds very, very much like an outtake from Victorialand.

"Siren Song" was performed this past June in Hobart on the island of Tasmania for the Dark Mofo festival. 450 speakers and a helicopter were deployed to bathe the streets in the Siren's call.

The work was performed at dawn and at dusk throughout the riverfront city. 

As you can tell it was very, very loud and very, very eerie. The piece is essentially a drone with a soprano singing wordlessly. Other sounds are heard- the soprano breathing heavily, some various dissonant noises, and so on and so forth. Très Fraserique.

You can see the helicopter flying over the harbor in this clip. 

There it goes. Wave.

And if you've been following this Siren archetype for the past several years here you know exactly what happens next...


Because the Siren's Song is deathAlways has been, always will be.

Corbin, an accomplished pilot, was pivotal in "Siren Song" performance of this piece and now his death leaves behind a grieving family. Yet again.

Yet again.

I keep saying this and people keep laughing at me: The Siren is Abyzou, the Siren is Tiamat, the Siren is Derceto. Admire her beauty if you like but back the fuck away. 

Sure, Mermaid-Mania is cute and fun and charming and oh look at the little darlings swim and all that. But what we are really seeing is a ritual summoning-- all across the world, every minute of every day-- of a force that was impossibly ancient before us hairless apes starting roaming around.

None of this is going to end well. I just want to go on the record about that, right here and now.

Which brings us to Tampa-- yet again-- and the death of All-Star pitcher Roy Halladay ("King's Holy Day"), who crashed into the Gulf of Mexico in his semi-experimental ICON A5 racing plane.

It appears Halladay took the ICON out for a spin for the first time on October Friday the 13th, which I would have never recommended. He tweeted this prophetic shot here. 

This culture really needs more symbolic consultants.

A lot of people have written about this situation and Doc Holliday of OK Corral fame but I was more interested in the sync of this Roy Halladay and another pilot- Roy Halliday, the British fighter pilot who also crashed into the ocean, though he survived. And was rescued by none other than Prince Phillip.

And there we see that shape yet again. 

Which we were reminded of the same day as the crash when NASA released footage from the Juno probe.

The Halladay death didn't seem to garner all that much attention until this Boston sports talk host whipped up a controversy about it when claimed Halladay got what was coming to him for his recklessness.

I may have to coin a new Knowles' Law for this one.

And the Tampa Son of Son of Sam case seemed to heat up again in local media for some odd reason, though no new deaths have been recorded.

As then there's this case, about a Neo-Nazi-turned-Muslim named Devon Arthurs who murdered his roommates who he subsequently claimed were part of a shadowy cell called the Atomwaffen. 

As it happens several documents pertaining to the case have been "heavily redacted," which in plain English means "classified."

"He didn't feel like a monster but he doesn't feel sane."  Right

Well, we know the name of this tune, don't we?

I wonder if Devon Arthurs suffered from chronic ABS, as Devin Patrick Kelley obviously did.

ABS is short for "Amy Bishop Syndrome," an acute disorder that causes dangerous psychopaths to "slip through the cracks."

Kelley was court-martialed, imprisoned and institutionalized-- not necessarily in that order-- for a number of major crimes. But wouldn't you know it, someone in the Air Force forgot to make note of all this on his military record. 

Maybe we should start a GoFundMe and get the poor Air Force some computers so they don't have to bother with all the carbon paper and index cards they use now. Or at least get them a refurbished mimeograph machine and some nice pencils.

That way they won't let any more "serious problems" slip through those cracks.  

And as we saw before, Kelley was stationed at Holloman AFB, right outside the Trinity Test Site.

Which brings us back to Garlands, of course. Because everything does eventually.

It just occurred to me: the cover art looks a lot like an editorial illustration for an article of ULF mind control.

Something along the lines of this. Weird, huh? 

Go figure.

Interesting though that we looked at another Kelly-- the Orange Appled NASA twin, Scott Kelly-- so much in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

Kelly is still on his book tour, incidentally.

And, oh look - yet another new ritual. 

This one is called "Scream at the Sky" and was held on the first anniversary of Donald Trump's election. It should more accurately be called "Scream at the Stars," since it took place after sunset. 

But maybe that would be a bit too on-the-nose.

The name comes from the iconic footage of a Hillary supporter of indeterminate gender screaming into the air when Trump was elected. Apparently Yoko is involved in this somehow but whatever. Yoko.

But wait- what's that image at the bottom there?

The Siren? What's she doing there? The link offered not a single clue.

Well, since every event of this kind has to be assumed to be the revival of some arcane ritual until proven otherwise, I wanted to see what all this may be in fact reviving. 

Just because I like to know these things. 

Also because all this shit will be mandatory sooner than you think. 

And I didn't have to look too far: 

Ritual Laments have an interesting history. In Laconia- which is to say Sparta- there was a ritual lament for Hyacinth, one of Apollo's catamites. 

Y'know. Because Sparta.

But a curious little detail popped out at me while researching the ritual laments:

They were referred to as alyros, or "lyreless."

And it just so happens that November is the month when Lyra begins to fade from the sky in the Northern Hemisphere, not to return until the Month of Aphrodite.

Same month all those Shepherd Boy consorts were said to return from the Underworld. 

With their lyres.

I wanted to look further into this but a strange thing happened when I did a search on this:

"Scream at the Sky" results came up instead. 

Gotta love those syncs. 

And sure enough, hot on the heels of the release of the Masonic Tercentennial stream and the opening of the Bloomberg Mithraeum, the all-new, all-transgendered Doctor Who (Enigmus Nymphus) was shown off to the world, wearing Masonic-Blue and Gold and a Rainbow on her tunic. 

Get used to it.


  1. channeling my inner Dave McGowan, since the topic is serial killers, underage gamers receiving paramilitary training et al, I feel like we shouldn't forget Tampa is home to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM):

  2. The lament of all laments, on a par with Fraser's Song to the Siren is Adam's Lullaby:

    With lyrics "Live son of Adam, listen to me son of Adam, Live son of Adam", it should be clear to any student of the esoteric that this is a lullaby for mankind upon his great sleep, in Earth's immanent and traumatic transition from yin to yang (or vice versa).

  3. I'm surprised you didn't mention this. "Big burly men" dressing as mermaids

  4. Another instance where the "Y" symbol appears is in connection with "Janet" airlines.

    "Due to the airline's secretive nature, little is known about its organization. It is operated for the USAF by infrastructure and defense contractor AECOM through AECOM's acquisition in 2014 of URS Corporation, which acquired EG&G Technical Services in 2002, as derived from URS's history of providing this service to the Air Force and job openings published by URS."

    This is their logo:

    "Atomic Firing Mechanisms

    The work by Mr. Germeshausen and his colleagues in high-speed photography and stroboscobic devices, and in generating and measuring short-duration, high-energy pulses, proved to be basic to the development of radar modulators and firing mechanisms for atomic weapons."

  5. On 11/11/17 the UAE continues its quest to become the crown jewel of the 21st century. The 23 galleries of the Louvre Abu Dhabi have their grand opening ceremony - Promising to 'See Humanity in a new light'.

  6. That ritual lament with stylised movement is David Bowie's Blackstar video. It also has a prominent circle and triangle when the men do theirs.

  7. Actually there is more than meets...or should I say meats...the eye with the 'Dark Mofo' festival this year, as I wrote about in this post -
    Because they slaughtered a bull and then painted with it's blood.
    Mithras in July maybe?
    Don't get me wrong, as I love 'Dark Mofo' and was down there in 2016 for it.
    I signed a petition though this year that got about 25,000 signatures to stop the bull being slaughtered, but it went ahead anyway.
    I went down there in 2016 to see Chelsea Wolfe play there and I see that she filmed a song with Myrkur in a hotel room just before the Las Vegas shootings called "Funeral", which I also wrote about in this post -
    I'm in no way implying Chelsea is in on anything here as far as the shooting goes, as she is a lovely person with a good heart.
    There are obviously deeper forces at work here and we are all swimming in those same deep waters unfortunately.
    The bull slaughter was bad form though and I let David Walsh (the organizer of 'Dark Mofo') know what I felt about it.
    And I love a good steak.
    I still like Walshy though, as he is a pretty good bloke for a self confessed atheist who has a personal car space marked GOD for his car only.
    While he does have a good sense of humour, that is the sort of thing that could get him killed in a humourless world.
    If I have the money and time I'll probably head down there next year for 'Dark Mofo' depending on the program.

    1. There's a story that I heard about Leonardo da Vinci, probably not true, but interesting still. When he was a very small boy, he saw a real salamander in his home fire. You know, one of those mythical lizard-like creatures that can live among flames. And his father smacked him as hard as he could. The boy was really upset, and asked: "Why did you hit me?" And his father said: "Because you are really little, and I want you to remember this salamander, and at your age, you will only remember things if they hurt." He did remember the salamander, but he never knew if he remembered the salamander because of the smack, or the smack because of the salamander.

      And that's why bulls have to be slaughtered, in a nutshell.

    2. Sounds like a lot of bull to me;-)
      I always cheer for the bull in a bullfight BTW.

    3. The Australian Prime-minister's surname is TurnBULL funnily enough.
      How Mithraic is that?-)
      And how appropriate is that surname for politics?
      Now where did I put that golden shovel of mine?

    4. Maria Rigel, you're spot on as regards the story; only it wasn't DaVinci, it was his younger contemporary, Benvenuto Cellini. Celllini's autobiography is well worth reading; not just because it paints a really vivid of life during the Renaissance, but because it gives a really revealing glimpse into the mind of the hangers-on to the Archons. Cellini boasts of his alliances with high-price prostitutes, his revenge murders, the time he and a few friends, with a renegade priest, summoned a congress of demons; and of how he once seduced a 12-year-old girl. He also was a believing Catholic who felt no guilt for any of this, since he had performed the proper rituals for forgiveness, and had gotten absolution from the Pope himself. Without people like Cellini, it would be impossible for the Archons to pull the strings to rule this world.

    5. Well, thank God for kiddie fiddling priests then.
      I'll bet they are stopping those sick Archon f#cks, too.

  8. Oh, and that cenotaph that you have pictured right at the top of this post with the four red crosses on it will be used tomorrow for the 11/11 Remembrance Day (Poppy Day) ceremonies.
    Remembrance Day falls on a Saturday (Saturn's Day) this year also.

  9. Hyper liberal louie ck went down for sexual harassment, hyper conservative roy moore gone down for being a pedo. Found it interesting two political polar opposites socially sacrificed at the same time. Meanwhile in the background the war drums are beating for Lebanon, Israel and the saudis having lost in Syria seek to start another proxy war against Iran and Hezbollah. will Russia intervene like in Syria? What will america do? The next war is going to be a real doozy

  10. Adam's Song by Tom DeLonge
    (alone, bedroom, childlike reasoning /immature stress response leads to destruction)
    Kadmon's bong cool chill one out
    But is THC actually 5g friendly, right in time for mass roll out (of both legalization and 5g)?

    Are you still Anti-Anti Mason?

    Is the low level still local LARP to you?

    I propose you more aptly coin this as Walter Bishop syndrome. It's more encompassing, and points to the culprit source, not deranged victim.

    As always, take her slow... I know you are swept up and compelled... I could blerf about how yr only normalizing this, but I don't see how that could be. Maybe it's just you through whom truth will out.

    SecretSun could be the True Nasa

    Now A Straight Answer, from CLK, heroic citizen, of The Secret Sun.

    Also woke up this morning thinking about my lyre/guitar (Alice), but the thought in full will only serve to affirm what I can only assume you may be formulating in toto re the sync community, magic community, and even our own roles in it, though I would also be pointing to saying that maybe we are really caught up right now, and no matter what happens, we maintain kindness and civility and living a dignified while fulfilling life...

    I embrace my desire to
    Swing on a spiral of
    Our divinity and
    Still be a human~

  11. Remember when NASA called it quits a few years ago?

    Apparently, they will no longer defer to Musk.

    Now they're building a rival Swingin' Dick, or, you know, "Big Fucking Rocket." Guess what color they're painting it?

    The CGI takeoff video sure has an epic score. Is the trajectory arching into a sickle formation as the clip fades to black?

    The article specifically states the rocket will be "taller than the Statue of Liberty" and capable of carrying "12 fully grown elephants." Taking elephants into places where they don't belong makes me think of Hannibal.

    What did Kelly see up there to make Houston change its mind? And how long until Lil' Elon gets honeytrapped and run out of town on a rail?

  12. Newsweek reports that our recent celestial tourist has been named 1l/Oumuamua from the Hawaiian for “the first to reach out”, and that it may have originated from the area of the sky inhabited by the (Southern) constellations Columba and Carina:

    Both of these constellations have nautical associations. Columba, “dove,” was for a while called “Noah’s Dove,” and contains stars that were called in Arabic, “Dove” and “Olive Branch.” This constellation is known to contain a “runaway star” apparently expelled from the iota Orionis – Hatsya, “the bright one of the sword” – system. Another possible origina story for the “Columba” dove is the dove released by Jason and the Argonauts, which, helped by Athena,shut down the ship-crushing rocks of the Symplegades at the mouth of the Black, allowing the Argo to sail safely through.

    “Carina” means keel and is one of three separate constellations delineated from the Ptolemaic constellation “Argo”, Jason’s ship. Carina was the keel of the Argo. The second brightest star in the sky, Canopus, an F-Giant star, named for the chief pilot of Menelaus on the attempted voyage home from Troy. The milky way runs through Carina.

    So: Jason and the Argonauts and Siren etc.

    Two things right now in response to your work on “The Siren”: One of the things I struggle with as I follow the arcs of your thought is a sense of fatalism: -”The Powers that Be are spinning up all kinds of rituals world-wide, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”-

    Putting together some ideas from White’s “Star.Ships” and Adams’ ”*The Game of Saturn* I would submit that a reasonable response might be: Pick a star (with thoughtful intent) and get to work with it. The very idea of the War in Heaven reminds us that there are always factions. Figure out how to choose a side and practice some kind of allegiance.

    Second: I’ve commented earlier that the Siren seems to be ascendant because she’s getting fed. Part of that ascendancy, I think, is clearly the proliferation of electronic media that allows greater and greater concentrations of attention to be fed to her. That being said, I find it unlikely that, at any point in history, there haven’t been replays of her tragic story. It’s just part of what we do.

  13. Hey look!

    Now I dó happen to live by the sea. Lucky me! I couldn't do without, that would make me feel réally claustrophobic.

    Btw, time doesn't move. The living do.

    So, anyway. And here's the story of civilization, all words and stone. Good thing it's a really really short story, a mere episode, when viewed from above that is.

    Sorry. Just had to share. It was such a sheer coincidence to have both songs fall into my lap just like that! Even I couldn't ignore it..

    So I don't know how I ended up getting your mail, but here it is. No prob.

  14. The Hollow Men by TS Eliot first published in November 23, 1925. Contains a reference to Guy Fawkes. It is considered the most quoted poem in English. "This the way the world ends ..."

  15. "Scream at the Sky" being the new Two Minute Hate? Or a Two Minute Ritual Summoning (of things Man was Not Meant to Know)? One wonders! Things ARE changing though, that much is obvious. Like the weather for starters. Seriously, I do think the whole mermaid/siren thing is heavily linked to climate change. Out here in Western MA, we seem to have only two seasons now: summer & winter. & WTF is up with the insane winds we keep getting? Like low-grade hurricane-force winds (40-50mph) with massive 30-degree temp. drops. I know a lot of Native American eschatological prophecy, esp. the Hopi, spoke of these kinds of winds as a sign of climate change, which figures heavily in their belief system.

    Speaking of Native Americans, thought you might find these of interest--Native American mermaid legends. Might find some more syncs worth looking into:


    "An Ottawa tale tells the love story of Menanna and Piskaret. Menanna showed up at the door of an Ottawa warrior, covered in scales with twin fishtails where her legs should be. She told him she had once been mortal but longed to roam the heavens. The Great Spirit granted her wish, but she grew tired of wandering and was allowed to return to earth, though in a form “neither mortal nor immortal, neither man nor beast—the mermaid shape in which the warrior beheld her. In this guise she became the adopted daughter of the Spirits of the Flood.”

    The warrior took her in and the scales began to fall away, but she wouldn’t regain her original human form until she found love. When she did find love, it was with Piskaret, the son of an enemy tribe—the Adirondacks, who refused their love.

    Menanna was so sad she left the Ottawas and rejoined the Spirits of the Flood, who vowed vengeance on the Adirondacks.

    “The Spirits of the Flood attacked the canoes of the Adirondacks, leaving few of the tribe alive. Piskaret was caught and shielded in the arms of Menanna, who drew him from his canoe and sank with him beneath the waters,” reads Sea Enchantress, The Tale of the Mermaid and her Kin by Gwen Benwell and Sir Arthur Waugh."

    Spirit of the Flood? Sounds familiar...

    This one takes a more global-comparison approach:


    "Among both American Indian and African beliefs is that the River Mermaids and the River People must be treated with respect and fear—for both of these creatures would often lure unsuspecting individuals to their deaths or to live the remainder of their lives under water. This fear is universal among the world’s indigenous peoples. Among the Udmurt people of Estonia, water spirits would drown those humans who swam at the wrong time or swam without wearing a crucifix.

    The Pascagoula Indians of Louisiana not only respected the mermaid—they worshipped one. According to E. Randall Floyd, “legend has it that an entire…tribe—the Biloxi, also known as the Pascagoula—marched into a raging river at the command of a mermaid-like sea-goddess and drowned.” This happened, according to legend, in the 1500’s. It was said that within a week after a white priest appeared to them, commanding them to “abandon their superstitions in an underwater goddess”, they disappeared in the waters of the Pascagoula River.
    Some Native American lore states that a merman actually was responsible for their arrival on American shores. According to Rappoport, such a creature led the ancestors of modern Indians from Asia to America when he took pity on them one day when they were suffering from hunger. “Following the fish-man” Rappoport wrote, “they ultimately reached the American coast.”

  16. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for this recent outpouring of posts Chris. The scales have fallen from my eyes and now I can see. Not seeming like a blessing, at this point, but I guess it's better to see it coming than to get blind sided.

  17. at a recent jamms ritual in liverpool yoko was represented as the starbucks siren:
    these were on sale for £20.23 on the first day . . . the next day you could get a cup of tea in one for £1.50 :) On the reverse it says ABOVE US ONLY SKY

  18. They of course want abyzou... They think the world is overpopulated. One thing just clicked with your wiki link.... If you know her 40 names you have power over her. You dropped 3 of her names there... What about the other 37? Could be that the whole mythology syncretism game is exactly what you need to master these entities/powers, knowledge of all their names and stories across all the cultures.

    1. I don't think you need all their names and stories. Just enough of them.

  19. Chris you will just love this news story that's making headlines in Australia right now.
    And bear in mind that in Australia we have a very popular saying about "Buckley's chance", which means no chance at all, or at least a very unlikely chance.

    Gavin BUCKLEY (from PERTH, Western Australia) landed in Maryland's capital Annapolis when he fell in love with his wife in the 1990s.
    Last week he toppled the Republican incumbent to be elected Mayor.

  20. And get this, Gavin BUCKLEY is the co-owner of Tsunami restaurant, which I found out about in this news story where he was being taken to court over a mural painted out front -

  21. I hope I'm not repeating this info. Roy "Doc" Halladay Born: May 14, 1977, Denver CO.
    Died: November 7, 2017, in the water off HOLIDAY, FL.
    Height: 6'6".
    Lots of 7' and 11's. Basic number symbols indicate; journey completion, perfection, endings, death, upheavals, new level. "All Star" sacrifice to the night sky? Icon; a representative example, a HOLY image worthy of veneration. "A5", I've noticed that European countries have their major highways named like that. Curious.

  22. Just wanted to say, thanks for the stuff about Liberty. I hadn't noticed before and I really like that as a fine example of how magic works. It simply can't get any more on-your-face. And there are all sorts of juicy connections, including of course a Nazi one (Berlin, 1936).

    So Progress is Liberty, then. And Liberty wears a red cap. You really couldn't make this stuff up.

  23. Sparta, '300', & for all the memeing It inspired, never divulged the "the most faggy goddamned thing" about it.

    & on that notion what larks are in store for 'Doctor Who' when she 'hooks up' with her wife 'River Song'? (A tale starring 'Song', titled 'The Time of Angels' introduced 'The Clerics' of 'The Church', led by a 'Father Octavian', their symbol incorporates a design so similar to that of the USAF (beneath an octagonal stargate/ arch / doorway / omega symbol) It boggles the mind.)

    & sticking in these slippery waters 'Tessa Thompson' says she played 'Valkyrie' as bisexual, but a scene suggesting such was cut from 'Thor: Ragnarok', but never fear io9 states:

    'Thor: Ragnarok's Hela Is Inadvertently Marvel's First Queer Icon'

    'I’m referring to the subversive elements of a character that become readily apparent when they’re analyzed through a queer lens.'

    Taika Waititi wants 'Laura Dern' to play 'Cate Blanchett' playing 'Hela' in 'Thor 4', 'Dern's' likeness was recently to be seen promoting 'The Last Jedi', her hair a purple bob.

    I spied an orange hued poster for 'The Battle of The Sexes' ('He made a bet. She made history.') earlier today, due for release here, unless 'I Love You Daddy'd', Friday 24th November.

    Six dinner ladies scooped £25 million on the lottery here (the cheque dated the third of the month), 'Jean, who retired from the hospital last year after 38 years, has three children - and is also planning a trip to Las Vegas to play on the slot machines.', & of the six the winning numbers were chosen by a 'Louise Ward' (Louis Guard).

    The same newspaper I saw this in also featured an advert for the stage version of 'The Exorcist' at 'The Phoenix' theatre in London ('The Demon will be voiced by Ian McKellen.', 'Friday performances are at 6pm and 9pm.')

    More broadsides in The Star Wars:

    'The Corrs chat about new album Jupiter Calling on Good Morning Britain and they haven't aged a day'

    Jim Corr, the only bloke in the band (with his three sisters) 'is a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement and operates a website where he writes about the New World Order, including the notion that 11 September, 2001, was an inside job. At some point in September 2015, all conspiracy related content was removed from his site and the URL began to redirect to the main Corrs website. Following the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, Corr maintained that bin Laden had actually died 10 years earlier in 2001.'


    'New antiquities discovered in Saudi Arabia including oldest human bone'

    the '10 antiquities' emerged from a 'dry lake', 'part of human bones, precisely the middle part of a middle finger... dates back 90,000 years'

    (the video itself clarifies that this is the oldest human bone found in SA)

    Cheery prophet Stephen Hawking warns '"Ball of fire": Professor Stephen Hawking warns 'the end of the world is nigh' ...The Cambridge University-based genius claims we have got less than 600 years left as a species to do something before a “ball of fire” engulfs the Earth... To save itself, mankind must take a cue from American TV series Star Trek and “boldly go where no one has gone before,” he said in the appearance... Hawking sees an answer in Breakthrough Starshot, the $100 million research and engineering program announced in 2016.'

    & the 'shooting stars' of 'Encke's Comet' peak tonight, 'Roughly 15 meteors are expected per hour... Encke's Comet has one of the shortest orbits of any known comet, circling the sun every 3.3 years.'

  24. Chris have you heard about this Insane Cult NXIVM? This story is getting more and more insane by the minute. Now it's come out that along with Allison Mack, actresses Kristin Kreuk (Smallville) and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica, Hawaii Five-O) were ALL members of Pussy Branding Cult NXIVM.

    This is fucking insane.

    >The massive metal dragon, known as Abraxas, is itself a Burning Man veteran and will roll through the streets around the Capitol during a protest march at dawn Sunday. On Saturday night, a small wooden temple will be set ablaze under the close eye of fire marshals.
    Sure, just parade Abraxas through the capital, what could possibly go wrong...

  26. "Get used to it."

    You wish!

  27. "Get used to it"

    Habituation by exposure, eh?!

  28. Speaking of dragons and odd rituals, first it was Trump and the glowing orb he stared at with the Saudis. Now Macron is visiting from France and they gathereed around....this:

    Kelpie? Sea monster? And notice the orangy statue in the background. There's our gal!

  29. Corbin the pilot of the Red/Yellow = Orange helicopter, like Dallas Corben from The Fifth Element. Wow!

  30. All of these Siren and Mithras posts and I think I've finally got it. They are the respective "Archons of Gender" signifying male and female. Gender in it's alienated, loveless, dualistic representation. Mithras is a woman-hating/objectifying (literally) militaristic symbol. The Siren drowns any men she encounters, especially those that spurn her advances. If you take the Siren as part Tiamat, both Mithras and the Siren reproduce asexually. I'm sure there's more here, but this is a top-of-the-head shower-thoughts run-down.

    So then the question becomes: if these highly dualistic symbols are being promoted, what's the end game? Is it just some form of Hegelianism? Or is this a set-up for another bigger ritual? And what role to the stars play in all this?

  31. It's a steganographic means of mass communication from the illuminated to the intelligent, whereby the enlightened enlighten the enlightenable.
    'End game' is one way of describing it.
    The name of this blog is a big clue - has it ever been explained here? Perhaps it's just a honey trap?

    1. God's barn.

    2. Occult means hidden, and TPTB use occulted symbol/sigil magic in everything they do.
      'Secret SUN' is something that is inherent to this, and can be described as an 'outside' influencer; it's location and true purpose also hidden.
      But 'SUN worship' is in our faces constantly; that much is certain.
      I would much appreciate someone 'in the know' to divulge TPTB's true connection and meaning of this 'Secretsun'.

  32. This story is quite old Jan 30 2016, but the "Light Beam" was made up with 33 lights.
    There are a few things to note, THERE WAS NO ANNOUNCEMENT PRIOR TO THE EVENT.
    The Light display commenced on Friday Jan 29
    The Media released the story on Saturday Jan 30 after thousands of local inquiries.
    NO LOCAL MAORI ClANS were involved in the project or were aware of the project at any stage, nor have they ever sort to celebrate their culture in such a way, they were bewildered as much as anyone else, I have this information directly from Maori work colleges who have relatives from the various local clans.

  33. I already tweeted you this, but just in case you missed it, or any non Brits missed it; Penny Mourdant.

    1. Sorry, Mordaunt.

  34. The outfit worn by the new, quirky Doctor in Doctor Who - rainbows, t-shirt, suspenders - evinces the late Robin Williams as Mork in "Mork and Mindy," a U.S. television series about an alien on an expeditionary tour here on earth. (Sort of like Jeff Bridges in Starman, or Kevin Spacey as the banana munching alien Prot in K-Pax.) Decades later, Williams is found, ostensibly hung by his own hand, like cornell, and bennington.

    I keep asking myself, why men like these, who have earned respect and authority in our culture, are dying so quickly and disproportionately. Could it be, these are the people a confused populace would unite under if something paradigm destroying happen?

    Kill the rams and the sheep are yours.

    1. With all due respect to the death, if people are so confused to flock to such men as leaders we are in worse shape that I could even imagined.

    2. Perhaps you might consider that 'cornell' and 'bennington' did not die by their own hand.
      And yes 'Aries' is making his stand.
      And the confused populace is obvious.
      Williams?? the same.
      Look at the proposed possibility; the OLD becomes the NEW?

    3. Have you talked to anyone out there lately? Innovative, deep thought is not currently in style. (Present company excluded, of course)

  35. hmmm

    Chris, wierd shit!

    and I will add to your wierd shit!

    Being a fan of Doctor Who I just want to mention that he makes a comment about him not being a redhead yet in the episode after he transforms from David Tenant into Matt Smith in a Nazi/Hitler room...just saying

    Also don't know if you saw the 4chan image but your three thing symbol sparked a link....
    4chan prediction:

    now they are saying this image was a fake image ...a joke...a prank ...yeah right...obsifucation of transparency ...propaganda

    Sutherland happened that was not fake or a hoax I know people that died and to see you talk about it here, I am floored. I have been coming here for years reading your blog you know that... and this? ugh the whole thing is just ....well I don't word a few words's horrific

    btw the symbol of the New Braunfels H.S. is the Unicorn :P to which I know you have spoken quite a bit about (Unicorn symbolism)


  36. also I just noticed a comment about The Fifth Element and supertorchritual talks about that .... when I came here and started reading about Sutherland you mentioned 11-5 being redhead day....well The Fifth Element is a redhead/orange head

    this is all so strange... its almost like they are looking for! Orion 'the hunter' blah


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  39. There s a ghost in my house cause my doors open randomly and they by no means do, how do i help my case?

    I m a kid and my mother doesn t believe me, There is
    nothing to get worried about. The house moves during
    the night just like all homes. If your home is subsiding
    a little, the doors may choose to be half open up.
    The hinges are interfered with during the night and that's your problem, subsidence.

    All structures have problems with it. Must admit, Gary k got a point there.
    Why bother when ghosts can go through a door.