Wednesday, November 29, 2017

All That Was Hidden is Now Being Revealed

We're at the point where every major news story needs to be tested for any perceptible ritual meaning. The walls of separation between ritual and reality are crumbling, as are those between Synchronicity and sorcery. 

Although most people don't really believe in magic-- even many of those who call themselves magicians-- the fact is that magic (particularly ritual magic) actually works. Which is why ritual magic continues to be practiced and why it's so common among the upper echelons of the Archonic control system. 

The rituals of government and royalty are all based in ritual magic somewhere down the line, whether or not they're still recognized as such. And we've seen-- and are seeing-- magical processes recast in secular terms such as "propaganda", "industrial psychology" and "advertising."

"Fallen Angel," indeed.

And so we see what seems to be the most earth-shattering event of our times plastered all over the headlines; a Victoria's Secret model stumbling momentarily on the runway at an event in China. 

Will the world ever recover from this trauma? Think of the children, for God's sake!

I haven't seen anyone trying to sneak a reference to Vega in any of these stories yet, but I suppose they really didn't need to.

The outfit here is especially fascinating. I mean, who exactly do they expect to actually wear this getup? 

The answer, of course, is nobody. This outfit is entirely symbolic. Do note her chest piece here- it appears to incorporate the Phoenix and the All-Seeing Eye. And of course, we also see the garlands of white roses as well.

Ming means "shining," giving us another angelic reference. 

As well as a reference to the passage in Isaiah often identified with the fallen angel Lucifer and translated as "shining star" more recently. 

Bonus factoid: the passage is in Isaiah 14 and there are 14 discs sewn into Ming's bootstraps.

And Ming is also the name of a popular variety of pearls. So we have a pearl dropping as well as a fallen angel encoded into this complete and utter non-story. 

Well, a nonstory on the face of it. It's probably a bit more momentous in the context of the Never-Ending Ritual.

And there it is again. I keep meaning to get to this song and it keeps getting bumped. But take note of the pearl motif because I believe it's going to pop up more and more in the days to come, just as it did with Trump's visit to Japan.

Also make note that the cover to the "Pearly Dewdrops Drops" single has a woman staring into a crystal ball.

Got kind of a Peacock Angel vibe out of this outfit, worn at the show by Alessandra Ambrosio, who has the most fascinating name-- a gender-swapped variant of the great apostle of the Hidden God (and patron of would-be world emperors) and the "Food of the Gods," often linked to amanita muscaria by ethnobiologists. 

Ambrosia also raises all kinds of Transgenic possibilities, perhaps some kind of serum that could transform a mortal into a god. I'll get back to you on that one.

Speaking of Transgenics, Ambrosio has a very odd look, almost coming across as some kind of hybrid. And that's just her photos, which never give you the full impact of the sheer oddness of these women. 

I used to see fashion models in New York all the time- they really do look like aliens in person. Very unsettling.

Also kind of weird was that the story of the Fallen Angel here was accompanied by an ad for Abbott Laboratories, that is just jam-packed with star magic, Siren and Abyss symbolism. Watch the whole thing here.

Here's a weird image that strongly evokes some ancient pagan ritual you probably wouldn't want to be the featured attraction of. Interesting that Melania here is wearing a white and gold tunic, more than a little reminiscent of a Greco-Roman priestess.

By my count, there are 18 planters in this corridor.

And the other great story of our times is the firing of Matt Lauer from The Today Show. Surely this is a day that will live in infamy. I can certainly see why AOL made this their top story today. Oh, the humanity!

One of the stories on the firing had this shot of Lauer and a scarlet-clad Katy Perry-- who looks like she just got a fresh brain-rinsing down at Fort Meade-- in Rockefeller Plaza in 2009. 

Note also the dice motif here, a reference to Perry's single, "Waking Up in Las Vegas."

A Spanish reader pointed me towards "Danielle", a featurette promoting Espana's Christmas Lottery. 

The story, kind of a spin on 1984's Starman, features an Angel of Light who falls from the Heavens (part of a collective Heavenly Host) and takes the form of a human woman it sees on a billboard. The Angel of Light then meets a young man named Daniel while in line for the lottery. 

Not understanding human language, the fallen angel identifies herself with him, hence the title of the film. Come to think of it, there's quite a bit of Splash! here too.

The Book of Daniel is where we first meet the Watchers, the fallen angels who interact with humanity before being plunged into the Abyss. Note the Aramaic form of Watcher is Qaddiyish. 

Qadesh is also the name of a goddess adopted into the Egyptian pantheon, who was always depicted in the nude and usually on the back of a lion.*

A motif we saw Katy Perry pay tribute to in the Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show, which kicked off with an alien-themed Pepsi commercial.

Our fallen angel in 'Danielle" is played by ---wait for it-- Charlotte Vega. I mean, did you really expect anything but Vega at this point in the timeline?

I'll be returning to this fascinating film in the near future so please stay tuned.

We also saw NASA and SpaceX team up for a news conference on the upcoming mission to the International Space Station aka ISiS. Apparently, we need to be reminded that they'll be using a Dragon cargo ship and a Falcon9 booster for this entirely-ritualistic little outing.

Note that Isis was traditionally identified with Virgo and that Hydra is the Dragon. For ritual purposes, Corvus the Raven can stand in for the Falcon. This little corner of the sky seems to be of the utmost symbolic importance to this whole narrative,  for reasons I'm still struggling to figure out.

Do note that Ming not only symbolizes pearls it's also closely associated with a celebrated kind of vase, giving us a nice little reference to Crater for our troubles.

This is just too funny- Amazon's new VR program is called "Sumerian." 

Because who doesn't immediately think of an ancient Bronze Age culture when you speak the words "virtual reality?" 

Keeping in that vein we have this story about this newly discovered geoglyph of a killer whale in Peru. Are you starting to sense a subtle theme developing here?

In case you didn't, Live Science informs you this glyph is older than the Nazca Lines, which are situated nearby. 

The timing here is a bit curious as well, seeing as we just saw the full moon- or Beaver Moon- in the tail of Cetus, formerly a sea-monster and now a whale. Especially since the geoglyph was actually discovered back in January 2015.

Bonus factoid: the next full moon will be a Supermoon, the only one this year. Mark your calendars.

Getting back to this Osiris story, I should remind people that the first big unveiling of what was alleged to be Osiris' tomb also took place during a full moon, back in 1999.

Now we see this symbolism again, which longtime readers might remember seeing back in 2010. I can't imagine this is actually a news story-- these discoveries seem to have been made a while ago-- but serving some kind of ritual purpose.  

Like this not-news, informing us of a highly-ritualistic discovery they've already made a documentary film about. You really see this a lot on science sites that dip their toes in ritual waters- they're telling us about discoveries that can date back years.  

This particular story seems very Osiris-centric, as you can see from the headline photo. The language here is rather loaded- Osiris being the god of the Underworld, the Dead, transition and resurrection.

"Transitions." "Resurrections." Huh.

The very fact that we see that rather striking and powerful image of Osiris feeling the deep makes me wonder if this is some kind of reference to the Angel of the Abyss, famously cited in Revelation 9:11.

There's also this passage about the Angel who seizes the ancient serpent and casts him into the Abyss, or perhaps back into the Abyss, however you choose to interpret it.

In the Astrological context of Revelation-- meaning we are seeing a certain time period being prophesied-- Revelation 20:1-3 seems to be a reference to Ophiuchus, which we have entered now. 

Ophiuchus being depicted as a giant seizing the serpent, in this case the constellation of Serpens. Stay alert.

We also saw this not-news story-- of the dating of the Tomb at the Holy Sepulchre to a highly Osirian 17 centuries ago.

This follows on the alleged discovery of the Tomb of Osiris, which made the news on January 7th (1/7) of 2015 (2+15=17).

Note also that discovery took place in Luxor, which may ring a bell or two for some of you out there.

And remember that the other Tomb of Osiris (he was dismembered, after all) in Giza was found to be flooded, giving us that all-important Abyss symbolism.

Come feel the Deep, indeed.

And to get in on the nutty pagan revanchism fun, the United Arab Emirates is currently displaying a statue of Athena/Minerva, a 3D-printed replica of a piece that was destroyed at Palmyra, at the United Nations.

Something is headed our way. I can't quite figure out exactly what yet, but I do sense we're not seeing all this high magic thrown at us to whittle away the time. Something is being communicated here, and I believe it's incumbent on us to figure it out. 

I have a funny feeling it's not something we want to be surprised by.

* Qadesh was also a term ascribed to the transgendered temple prostitutes of the various Semitic religions of antiquity, a practice dating back to Sumer and Akkad. Given how many different names these priestess-prostitutes were given, I'm beginning to suspect they were the rule and not the exception in the various religions spreading across the Near East from the Fertile Crescent.