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Lucifer's Technologies: Fallen from the Sky

Technology rules our lives, so much so that some Futurists predict that humanity will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligences. How did we get here? How did we go from a world where technology remained essentially static for thousands of years to a world in which we've become slaves to our own machines? 
The Lucifer archetype has been associated with knowledge and technology since antiquity, in a positive light (the Prometheus myth) and a darker sense (Satan and the Tree of Knowledge in the myth of the Fall). Which side of this powerful archetype will triumph in the future?  
So, how exactly did this postwar technology boom come about? Nothing like it had ever been seen in human history and we're still sorting through the breakthroughs made in that era.

To be sure, there were a lot of very great (and very well-educated) scientists working for a lot of very big (and very well-appointed) laboratories and companies. But that had been true for some time. It's even more true today and yet the innovation machine seems to be sputtering to a slow march these days. Even Moore's Law is being called into question now.


So many of the breakthroughs that have been made through all fields of science and technology have come about through the computer revolution, a revolution that would have been impossible without a single piece of technology- the simple transistor.

We take it for granted today but before solid state technology everything- radio, TV, computers- needed to be powered by hot, heavy vacuum tubes. It's why the first calculator was the size of a house and today you can get a much better one built into a pen.

The laser has also played an outsized role in the technological revolution of the 20th Century. And oddly enough, both breakthroughs would share links with the year 1947 and with the legendary Bell Laboratories.

Younger people have no concept of how radical and extreme the changes have been in our technology. Older people, particularly those who were adults during World War Two, certainly noticed how things seemed to change almost overnight.

But even so, it took a long time for the ideas that were being explored in the 50s and 60s in places like Bell Labs and Xerox's PARC to come to market. Any engineer will tell you there's a chasm between concept and application.

When I was very young we had a vacuum-tube, black and white TV set that only got VHF stations. We had one rotary telephone. We had a couple AM radios and we also had phonograph player that was more a piece of furniture than a piece of electronic equipment. Later, we had Pong. Braintree didn't get cable TV until 1984.

The graphs you see in this piece indicate what investigators or intelligence agents would call a "pattern break," an indication that something fundamental had changed, something that the target was trying to conceal. And time and again we see a steady rate of technological change suddenly shoot skyward after 1947.


In 1997, at the height of the popularity of The X-Files, a retired military intelligence officer released a book that caused a firestorm of controversy. The book was called The Day After Roswell and seemed to confirm many long-held suspicions of the UFO conspiracy community, suspicions that seemed to reaching a boiling point as the book hit the stores:
Colonel Philip J Corso explains how he gained access to the Roswell files whilst working at the Foreign Technology Desk, R+D at the Pentagon.  Corso explains how the extraterrestrial technology was retrieved and reverse engineered by corporations who were granted the patents for such technology.  Corso also explains how an organization was set up within the government which would seal the lid on the extraterrestrial presence and make it inaccessible to future presidental administrations...
The book became an instant best-seller but many prominent researchers in the UFO field expressed skepticism about both it and about Corso himself, including Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins and Brad Sparks

The timing seemed suspicious to some. Here was a Lt. Colonel from the Foreign Technology Office telling UFOlogists everything they wanted to hear exactly when they wanted to hear it. And critics noted the book was rife with basic errors of fact.

Many of errors were curious- some had nothing directly to do with Corso's Roswell claims and were the kind of mistakes that could have very easily been corrected by his co-author Bill Birnes when the book was in the editing process.

A further controversy erupted when Senator Strom Thurmond -under whom Corso worked as an aide after he left the service- demanded his (rather glowing) foreword be removed from the book, claiming he wasn't aware of the book's subject matter (though a memo reprinted in UFO Magazine later showed that the foreword was for a "Roswell" book).

So what do we have here? A hoax? A delusional old man cashing in on the UFO craze of the time? A deliberate disinfo campaign meant to splash water on Roswell fever (which in many ways the backlash to the book did)? 

Michael Salla- whose resume is strangely more fitting to a Undersecretary of State than a UFO researcher- dug into the controversy over Corso's book and found than many of the claims made against his reputation and his credibility were either false or trivial. And Thurmond's introduction made it clear that Corso had been a highly partisan Cold Warrior in the 50s and 60s, which Salla claims had made him a lot of enemies.

Roswell's official city seal

Could this then have been what is called in intelligence parlance "cooked information," a sandwich of truth and deception? Or could it have a been a kind of inoculation, a way to seed shards of information to the public but do so through an individual who might easily be dismissed by most, given his fuzzy memory and outrageous claims?

Those claims were essentially as follows:

Together with his commanding officer, Lieutenant General Arthur G. Trudeau, Corso said he developed a plan to "seed" the technologically advanced artifacts to defense contractors who were already working on similar projects. But this had to be done, for the most part, without telling the scientists involved where the artifacts had come from.

According to Corso, he eventually did figure out where to take much of the debris for reverse engineering. Companies like Bell Labs, IBM, Dow Corning and Hughes Aircraft subsequently managed to create new technological breakthroughs that gave the U.S. a decided edge in a projected military response to the aliens.
Among the products that Corso says resulted from the Roswell debris were: 
Image intensifiers, which ultimately became "night vision,"  Fiber optics, Supertenacity fibers,  Lasers, Molecular alignment metallic alloys, Integrated circuits and microminiaturization of logic boards, HARP (High Altitude Research Project), Project Horizon (a military base on the Moon to compete with both the Russians and the aliens.), Portable atomic generators (ion propulsion drive), Irradiated food, "Third Brain" guidance systems (based on the headbands reportedly used by the aliens), Particle beams ("Star Wars" antimissle energy weapons), Electromagnetic propulsion systems, Depleted uranium projectiles
That's quite a list- interesting to see the EM drive on there, which you're suddenly hearing quite a lot about these days. But it doesn't end there:
Corso maintains that the implementation of the "Star Wars" project led to the end of the Cold War. And, while neither Reagan or Chairman Mikail Gorbachev said so publicly, the U.S. and Russia now present a united front against the common alien enemy. The paranoia that had existed between the two countries since the end of World War II had now given way to a determination to fight together for the sake of mankind as a whole.
In his original manuscript Corso claimed the aliens were not smiling space brothers: 
"They have violated our air space with impunity and even landed on our territory. Whether intentional or not, they have performed hostile acts. Our citizens have been abducted and killed" (Dawn of a New Age, p. 77).

"The above are acts of war which we would not tolerate from any worldly source. It also appears they do not tolerate any such acts on our parts on their bases." (Dawn of a New Age, p. 77)
... the aliens have shown a callous indifference concerning their victims. Their behavior has been insidious and it appears they might be using our earth and manipulating earth life.  (Dawn of a New Age, p. 98)

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer claims that The Day After Roswell had a revelatory effect on him, particularly after he called a friend who had been a General in the US Military. Hellyer claims the General told him:
 "Every word of it is true, and more." We then spoke 20 minutes or so discussing the "and more" to the extent he could without revealing classified material. What he said was just as fascinating and compelling as the book. UFOs are real as the airplane flying overhead. That is my unequivocal conclusion..."
Critics countered that many of the technologies Corso cites were already in development, which Corso already had acknowledged to a degree. However, if you look carefully at those claims you'll find that most of what was being worked on was either theoretical science or crude prototype projects that actually bore little resemblance to the technologies as they finally emerged.

But the fact that some of these technologies were being conceived- if only theoretically- seems to fit a very old pattern, one we'll explore in depth in future posts. After all, you don't give a toddler the keys to your Lamborghini, do you now?

And almost without exception, all the big breakthroughs with actual working patents came in the period Corso cites (the 1950s and 1960s) and through the companies he claims were seeded with materials to experiment on. 

So if Corso were making it all up he certainly did his homework. Back when his original manuscript was written that would entail a lot of research, probably a lot of trips to the library. Corso never gave the impression that he was up to all that. Note that Corso did admit that he came into FT late, almost 15 years after Roswell.

Fiber optics is an interesting case- the science was worked on in Japan and Germany (both firmly under the US's thumb then) and England in the 1960s (many of the scientists seemed to get awards for their work in the 1970s, strangely) but was still classified when used by NASA in 1969. It was refined by Corning Glass in 1970 and apparently made ready for commercial use in 1986 by who else? 

Bell Labs. 
Huh. Go figure.

One of Corso's most controversial claims is that the transistor- the basic building block of the entire technological revolution- came from Roswell. Critics responded that it had been in development long before.

But the truth is that the paper trail on the transistor is shockingly thin. Here's what the Wiki has:

 The thermionic triode, a vacuum tube invented in 1907, enabled amplified radio technology and long-distance telephony. The triode, however, was a fragile device that consumed a lot of power.
OK; this is a fucking vacuum tube. Why is included in the history of the transistor? Maybe this is why:
Physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfeld filed a patent for a field-effect transistor (FET) in Canada in 1925, which was intended to be a solid-state replacement for the triode. Lilienfeld also filed identical patents in the United States in 1926 and 1928.
Well, that seems pretty weak. I mean, there's got to be more evidence than a couple lousy patent forms, right? There's got to be some kind of paper trail that can be conclusively dated, establishing the timeline of the development of this world-changing technology.
However, Lilienfeld did not publish any research articles about his devices nor did his patents cite any specific examples of a working prototype.
Oh. So in other words, all the stuff that couldn't be faked doesn't exist. Even a bio of the scientist claims the history of these devices is "sketchy." The Wiki, again:
Because the production of high-quality semiconductor materials was still decades away, Lilienfeld's solid-state amplifier ideas would not have found practical use in the 1920s and 1930s, even if such a device had been built. In 1934, German inventor Oskar Heil patented a similar device. 
We'll learn more about the problem of semiconductor materials in the next post. It's no small problem.*

Be that as it may, it stands to reason that in between 1934 and 1947 there's gotta be a MASSIVE paper trail, right? I mean, this is the TRANSISTOR, people, the Holy Grail of modern electronics. What's the next step in the official history here?
From November 17, 1947 to December 23, 1947, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain at AT+T's Bell Labs in the United States performed experiments and observed that when two gold point contacts were applied to a crystal of germanium, a signal was produced with the output power greater than the input. Solid State Physics Group leader William Shockley saw the potential in this, and over the next few months worked to greatly expand the knowledge of semiconductors.
Oh. Guess not. But Lilienfeld's work served one important purpose:
When Brattain, Bardeen, and their colleague chemist Robert Gibney tried to get patents on their earliest devices, most of their claims were rejected due to the Lilienfeld patents.
Translation: A paper trail documenting the development of the Bell Labs transistor needn't be produced because of these alleged patents.

What else is curious about Lilienfeld is how he seems to fall off the radar in 1935 or so. He's said to have moved to the Virgin Islands (where he was said to have moved to get away from wheat allergies he was suffering in...the metropolitan Boston area) but there doesn't seem to be much of a track record on him from that point forward. A very mysterious story for such an apparently important scientist.†


Whatever it was exactly, something happened after Roswell- the data, the paper-trail, the radical changes in technology bear that out. Whether or not it had something to do with Roswell is another story entirely but the event did seem to act as a harbinger of major changes to come. 

But that's the UFO paradox; at the same time UFOlogy is a minefield of hoaxery and humbug, UFO events so often act as powerful augurs of change.

Of course, the major problem with the Roswell narrative- and other UFO crash stories- is that we're led to believe that such an advanced technology could be defeated by primitive radar systems or electrical storms. But then again our own advanced aircraft often crash in storms or in strong winds or even when birds fly into the engines. Nature is an infinitely powerful force- don't believe otherwise.

However, I have a feeling that something else was afoot and that the alleged 'crash' may in fact have been a cover story for something far stranger- and far more complex.  Something that may in fact happened some time before Roswell. 

A lot of people will cite the influx of German scientists into the US through Operation Paperclip for the radical changes in technology. But the rocket scientist Hermann Oberth has been quoted as saying in 1972, “We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.”


The levels of deception┬║ over Roswell are deep. So much so that I have trouble believing any of the interpretations of the story, whether from skeptics or believers. I think something did crash, but I suspect that it was neither an alien spaceship or a weather balloon but something actually created to crash. I'll explain why in an upcoming post.

What's more the fact that a General was actually flashing a memo to reporters that contradicted the story he was telling at the press conference (and a memo I'm quite certain he was disappointed no one deciphered until fairly recently) says to me that a very complex intelligence strategy was unfolding over this event.

Corso died a year after The Day After Roswell was released (in Jupiter, Florida, of all places) and the buzz and the controversy over the book soon died down. Or at least seemed to. In UFO circles the fire was still burning because another insider came forward and told a very similar story to the one Corso had.

But his story went into depths of detail Corso barely scratched at.


* It's at the heart of the matter. After all, there's a chasm between an idea and an application. Men were contemplating traveling into space a long time ago. It took a long time to do it.

† What else I find curious- if not actually suspicious- are these narratives from Bell Labs about the development of the transistor I've seen in some books on the subject. This was a very sensitive project with major implications for the company. Knowing what I know about my grandfather's work at MITRE I am willing to bet that any discussion of the project would be kept within the actual working group, especially during that paranoid "Reds under every bed" postwar period.

┬║ And outright nonsense- see the "Roswell Slides" psyop.


  1. And here I thought the last few posts were knocking them outta the park. :) *This* one is a Grand Slam!

    Breaking down that slight paper trail on the Transistor is an epic piece of work, Chris. The "paper trail" is always the Go-To argument against the
    "Alien Tech Boost" theory, but I think you have pretty convincingly demonstrated that the backstory on the transistor is suspicious, and reed-thin.

    I dunno - we could be looking at the End of Big Progress, or we could be looking at ET Tech Disclosure, and a brave new universe of Fusion-powered starships and all that yang. Either way, living as tech-serfs to the Uberrich, or watching the Uberrich Breakaway to the stars, these options are equally unappealing to me.

    I can't wait to see the next installment. :)

    1. The paper trail on the transistor actually shocked me. Especially when this so-called smoking gun from the 30s is admitted to be sketchy. And this guy leaving the country for very odd reasons. And Shockley being anything but a genius, based on his career following the transistor. The next post will get more into the science behind it. It's a lot more complicated than people think. And then when you get into the symbolism- my god. The symbolism is going to knock everyone's socks off.

    2. Yeah, Shockley....I actually have an ancient 'Playboy' where they interview him, he was a piece of work :p

      I can't wait for the next piece, Chris. :)

    3. David Plotz's The Genius Factory is quite an eye-opener:

      Shockley's fairly wretched behaviour was responsible for some of the first silicon valley startups. Figures like Gordon Moore & Bob Noyce broke away from Shockley Semiconductor to form their own companies.

    4. Shockley's psychology will be discussed in the next installment...

  2. That is the EXACT stereo console we had when I was a kid! Loved that thing.

    1. We had a similar one. In the Owl/Leopard room.

  3. Part of the cause of the technology revolution comes from internal rather than external factors. I can't be sure if it was a deliberately created scenario, but a consequence of the Second World War was the baby boom, where people put off starting their families until after the war and the post-war austerity/rationing were over.
    This mean that women who might otherwise have given birth in their early twenties waited till their early thirties. The next generation then grew up with the pill and the sexual revolution, so they didn't even expect to reproduce until they were good and ready financially, in their late twenties or even later. This present millennial generation is mostly not even considering starting a family till their late thirties or early 40s, obviously socioeconomic factors permitting.

  4. Now human biology doesn't like being distrupted like that very much, there is a natural hormonal cycle at work in both males and females, and the longer you leave it to have kids the more androgenous or queer they come out.
    This is a cumulative effect, a late born female being more masculine runs with a higher testosterone level, and the children she carries come out even further switched around. This is what is creating the present situation with Autism, PCOS, LGBT.., possibly eating disorders, depression, spree shootings, you name it.
    Androgynous people have conflicting emotional drives and don't mix as well with their more straight peers. Hence a burst of cultural expression, music, arts and technology and general geekery. There being such a social stigma on outright LGBT expression until recently people had to adapt and maximise thier talents in other fields. Like people cluster together, feedback effects are cumulative, a lot of the really 'genius' level pioneers of the computing age were LGBT, publically or not.
    Many of the key ideas from which our computer systems are built do not spring from the ether, but are garbled up versions of our normal neurological processes of social psychology and human behaviour. The structures of our operating systems are the structures of our societies are the structures of our minds, and queer people are the vector by which these structures become externalised as physical/technological artifacts in an ever expanding repeating fractal pattern at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels.

  5. That's fascinating, Edward, but did you actually read this piece? Did you study the charts? Have you looked into the technological explosion following WWII, or more specifically following Roswell? Forgive me, but this sounds like a hobby horse you've been waiting to ride. Please stick to the topic at hand.

  6. Ramble ahead. Please excuse the lack of brevity!

    Heh, I bought an early edition of the Day After Roswell, complete with the Strom Thurmond Foreword, back in '97. It is a very puzzling tome. There's definitely some fairly obvious mistakes in there & it looked to me almost like two works mashed together - Corso's recollections, together with additional writing by someone who was fairly well acquainted with the history of computers (if I recall Bill Birnes had written computer books previously). At the time it seemed like some kind of strange disinfomation ploy & I thought that perhaps someone from the intelligence community had come to Corso and asked him to do 'one final job' & they'd sort out his family financially. The book appeared to be more than a 50th anniversary cash-in, but clearly falls apart as any sort of speculative scientific history (no index for one, or decent references).

    The other 'big' UFO title that year was Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda. Like Roswell it was published by a large company and contained a similar mix of interesting and useless information (Was kind of amused at the remote viewing part that hinted at aliens appearing at one of the Solvay Conferences to give out ideas on quantum theory). Corso was an ultra-conservative military type, Jim Marrs seems like a John Bircher masquerading as a libertarian (like many on the conspiracy scene - see also Bill Cooper) & both had a research interest in the Kennedy assassination.

    Going on to the main body of your post it really is an incredible puzzle how the WW2 and after period saw such a vast leap in technology. Conventional explanations (accelerating returns on previous knowledge, the ruling classes of the world facing the real possibility of their obliteration, the rules of capitalism effectively being suspended for decades as governments threw vast resources into scientific projects) sound fairly convincing at a superficial level, but there was clearly something unprecedented going on; today we have more scientists, better equipment & half a century's additional knowledge but can't seem to produce any real fundamental breakthroughs. We've been making incremental improvements and over time they've given us some pretty cool tech, but I suspect the majority of us would happily make do with not-so-smart phones in return for a cancer cure, or Alzheimer's treatment or a chance to fly to Mars, like we were promised in more optimistic days.

    1. You hit the nail on the head- we have more labs, more computers, more scientists, more money than any time in history and what we're seeing is fraud, irreproducibility, entropy. SpaceX just announced they're sending a capsule to Mars, but where are the manned missions to anywhere outside LEO? One of the giveaways is that the Elite seem to be aging just like the rest of us, if not worse. If there was some kind of genius hidden technology or medicine you think they'd fix that, right? How about turning off the gene that gives our pets such short lives? You think that would be a no brainer. You see, this is what I'm saying about understanding the science but being unable to apply it.

  7. A conventional but conspiratorial explanation for the transistor could be that the idea was based on captured German technology. The Germans were knowledgeable about electronics, chemistry and quantum theory - the three required pillars of semiconductor production. It may be that the Bell staff were given translated papers to look at. But y'know sometimes my poor brain entertains the idea that we were inspired by 'something' else.

    On the other hand is interesting to note that just before the discovery of the transistor, Vannevar Bush wrote 'As We May Think' which pretty much predicted the Internet (albeit in an analog sort of way). Bush was a pivotal figure in the development of computers and, most notoriously his name popped up in the original Majestic Twelve documents. Whoever faked them put in some serious research time.

    One of Bush's students Claude Shannon later went on to give us Information Theory that provided the theoretical underpinnings of modern electronic communications & data compression. He published his paper 'A Mathematical Theory of Communication' in 1948 while working at Bell Labs*.
    So you had transistors, the basics of computer science & some working machines (from the likes of Turing & Von Neumann), the idea of an electronic archive of accessible knowledge and the core maths for making that network a possibility. But there was a problem - in the late 40s transistors were still expensive to manufacture and there were huge problems with impurities in the raw materials.

    Helpfully early transistor researcher William Pfann invented zone refining, allowing the creation of Germanium semiconductors of high purity. Henry Theurer used a similar technique that worked on silicon thus kicking the electronics industry into high gear.
    You can probably guess where they worked.

    *as you mentioned Bell Labs & Xerox Parc pretty much gave us most of modern computing - aside from perhaps Intel today's tech giants are merely repackaging the earlier work of these pioneers.

    1. I'll get into the germanium and silicon issue in the next post. That's a whole other story that Corso's book didn't go into it. I very much doubt the Germans had anything to do with the transistor-they wouldn't have let it go without taking the credit for it. As it was there was enough of a brouhaha over credit. But Oberth and Von Braun were both quoted making very suggestive comments about "help" so who knows what was going on behind the scenes?

  8. What's obvious is that _someone_ has been feeding us hints, prompts and outright gifts in technology and in social engineering for ages. You have Jefferson receiving the Great Seal from a "man in black", inventors galore finding the solution to a vexing problem in dreams, and good ol' fashioned visits from angels, gods and Magonians. Sure, some of these are bound to have been human agents, some of them. But, even then, agents of whom?

    But, let me see if I got this straight - are you suggesting the vehicle that was discovered at Roswell was a plant, not by US intelligence as a cover, but by forces unknown as a _delivery system_? Was it purposefully scuttled so we might find it and dissect it, giving us a huge boost in tech? If that's your theory, you've just blown my mind. In all my years I never even considered that as an option. No wonder it worked so well!

    1. It certainly seems like something is allowing us to advance via inspirational images introduced into the general consciousness at opportune times. That's basically the whole history of religion, we also see it in art and in science (i.e. George Ellery Hale and his 'elf' friend). Is this a side-effect of our neurology or an outside influence? There's definitely a mainstream human element in engineering culture (i.e. Hollywood promoting advanced military tech, advertisers selling us being spied upon as a cool thing) as well, adding to the confusion.

      One of the things which keeps me vaguely interested in UFOs is how the experiences seem staged in order to demonstrate some type of technology that is in rudimentary form or outright doesn't exist yet. Betty Hills amniocentisis-style operation, lasers, computers with large viewing screens, radar invisibility, implants...

      Consider the seemingly ridiculous ways UFOs behave during flight. They appear to defy basic rules of physics. Yet if you were able to create a kind of relativistic technology where gravity was controllable like any other electromagnetic wave the resulting hardware would look and behave almost identically to the ostensibly silly UFOs. When I read old cases where average people are talking about weird light-bending effects or craft that seem to distort the space around them I find it hard to believe these details could be invented by anyone who didn't have serious scientific knowledge.

      Perhaps some secret black op project figured out how to manipulate gravity and that's what witnesses are viewing.
      Or it might be another example of imagery that one day will inspire a scientist to conquer gravity for real.

      Remember in Messengers of Deception where Vallee is talking about the imagery of contactees - on the surface all love and light, but behind the scenes pushing the idea of planetary unification, totalitarianism and the abolition of money?

      Fast forward to now - we have a sort of planetary unification thanks to computers & associated telecoms. Meanwhile 99% of money is merely numbers in those very same computers; and the world's politics are moving from democracy to oligarchical rule backed up by massive computing power. The crazy cult beliefs have become everyday reality.

      A Roswell trojan horse has a certain appeal in these circumstances.

    2. I'm not saying that the crash at Roswell was a delivery system, I think it may well have been a cover story. I think there may have been a deal already struck dealing with an information exchange. But I also think the Trojan Horse story is a distinct possibility, given the way all of this has turned out. But Roswell itself was so drenched in high initiate symbolism that it may have been some kind of ritual working, which I'll explain later. And Rob makes a lot of points that I would have made myself.

  9. Replies
    1. That's the way we serve up the weirdly goodness here.

  10. Well obviously I can't know that much about the history of the transistor, you've looked into it much more closely than I have. I do know that a lot of these pioneers of the computer revolution both on the hardware and the software side, at Bell Labs etc. have androgynous brains, because well, I worked out what the two end of the human sexual dimorphism scale 'should' look like, so I know how to place each individual within that range. I have studied the history of the computer revolution quite extensively, both hardware and software and the people behind it.

    So when you say 'Lucifer's Technologies' you are right, but it's not in a spiritual/supernatural sense, it's more that 'Lucifer' symbolically represents the feminine subconscious process/psychology, and it's that that is being channelled into these computer system/software designs. It's just built into our brains from our genetic code or something.

    (OK, so that bit may be 'alien' Annunaki whatever in origin, a 'program' stored in our 'junk' DNA for thousands of years, ready to be expressed via dreams/inspiration/problem solving whenever environmental conditions are rich enough to allow, but it isn't nuts-and-bolts alien, it's more like 'Contact' alien, we have a kind of blueprint for a machine built in to our psyche, and we will eventually build it given the time, resources, and sufficient successive generations hell-bent on attacking the problem without being disrupted by a biblical flood / tower of babel type scenario setting us all back to year zero again.)

    As a wealthy/complex civilisation moves from a subsistence level existence to a high fat / carbohydrate diet it changes body chemistry and behaviour from masculine energy to feminine energy, or at least is able to devote a portion of the population to more feminine administration, arts and sciences rather than farming and fighting. The richer the civilisation the further the swing, and it's a self-reinforcing feedback cycle.
    America is big, and fat, teeming with LGBT, and well you have 330 million people, many with too much free time on their hands..
    They first build a big library, then they build a big tower, then they build a big machine.. then bang..

    Well usually they collapse under their own weight/complexity/dysfunction before they get as far as building the big machine, but with the computer+internet the information is rapidly spreading right round the planet from one civilisation to another so the usual gradual cycle of widely geographically separated civilisations which rise and fall breaks down as the whole planet starts to speak the same language.

    So yes, I think there is some 'seed knowledge' being used, I suspect the Nazis tapped into it first, Germany pre-WWII had a thriving homosexual population...

    It's built into our brains, so it isn't a big secret, it's just that only certain people figure out how to tap into it in waking life. People like Nikola Tesla etc.

    1. I think you have a lot of ideas here you may need to spend more time developing and working out so they're a bit more linear. Starting your own blog might be a good first step.

  11. Funny- I stubbed my toe on that book this morning- it was knocked off my table by my cat. The book itself jumped off the shelf at a flea market. (That happens a lot in my life, believe it or not...)

    I had a similar HiFi in my house as a kid, too, along with the tube-driven Curtis Mathis TV. I thought what was happening with the tubes in the back was more interesting than what was showing on the front.

    I'm really enjoying this series, Jason. Lots of thought-food, and echoes of some of the things I got to piddle around with in my USAF days. I was at a base where we'd get prototype things to try out, fresh from the labs at HP, Lockheed, Bell Labs and other places. Some of that tech is in our pockets now. I remember when it was classified. And I remember the "UFOs are real, the Air Force is a hoax" bumper stickers, too. And Bluebook, and Stargate...

    Still, my big question is: Who's our Prometheus? Who is slipping this stuff over our transom? And why?

    1. Well, that's the question of our times, isn't it? The one we're constantly being distracted away from asking. There was once an entire organization of stooges created to keep people from asking questions like that. The other question I have is- who is Jason?

  12. I'm digging your article! "I want to believe", but Truth Vs Hoax keeps me conflicted. My dad was an aeronautical engineer for 3 major defense contractors from early 50's until the 80's. I asked him about UFO's and he just gave me a poker face response with twinkle in his eyes!

    1. Well, not knowing your dad how did you read that? Was that a certain code he used?

  13. Succinctly:

    -1904 was also the year quantum physics was born.

    -Quantum physics is a 'thing'. As in an egregore. Which (in the animist sense) would have a soul and mind and purposes of its own, once released.

    -The FET (and the later BP transistors) fall naturally from the study of quantum physics in various materials over time. No UFOs required. Really.

    -Frater Gordon's main point is that after ages of watching and calling to the stars... the stars called back.

    -So why should we be surprised that when we monkeys found the ability to peer DOWN... instead of "up".... that something else didn't answer from that direction, too?

    -Everyone assumes it was the nukes that attracted the 'roswell aliens'. But no.

    It was the computers.

    1. Yes we have had quantum mechanics since 1904 but it seemed suddenly become useful after 1947. The same goes with lasers as with the transistor. And the next post will go into the chasm between theory and application, especially as it applies to the transistor, which needs highly conductive materials in very small quantities. That's one to theorize and another thing to create. We've had a lot of scientific theories about a lot of things for a very long time and we haven't done anything with them because we simply can't make them happen in the real world. Here's an interesting link if you have some time to waste:

    2. And I must disagree, in light of the evidence I think it was the nukes. But I don't think we're talking about aliens as Hollywood presents them.

    3. On point #2, we are in total agreement.

  14. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity….. anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”
    Ben Rich, former Head of the Lockheed Skunk Works

    1. And yet we could make the SR71 in 1966 and now we're making the F35, which is being called the world's worst warplane. It reminds me of Egypt after the Great Pyramids. Something got lost somewhere.

    2. When you think about how AWE-sum, Gee-Whiz the SR71 *still* is, it makes me wonder.

      Either Greer, Dr. Farrel, etc, are right and we have a whole hidden Space Force of Gee-Whiz tech up there, *or*

      ~it's over, and the great days of aviation, technology, innovation, and "The Right Stuff" are gone.

    3. As much as it pains me to say it I think it's the later. And did everyone see this story?

    4. Wow! I hadn't seen that story, one wonders what they had happen now?

      And yes, as much as I would hope for something more, I'm feeling that humanity had betters learn to live with what we have on *this* planet.

    5. The F-35 is the most expensive aircraft program ever. Do not doubt it's effectiveness. The F-22 however is only based stateside, complete air superiority. The treasure and innovation of our best tech wasted on killing machines. That focus must change. Dennis

    6. Seriously?

    7. Chris, I am confident the ptb's have a superior airframe. What is the crux is what configuration the Americans will install in the NATO versions. Do we share everything with our allies? Lot's of ink about the downe side of F-35, some dis-information me thinks. Think about it. Damn expensive program not to succeed don't you think. Dennis

    8. Chris it is foolish of me to comment anything concerning High tech airframes. I did spend 4 years in the Air Force, but hey I am a peace neck thru and thru. The dude at Auticulture has a great essay about trauma and nuclear weapons. It is insane the money diverted from human beings to the activity of warfare. Bombing people from the air is not what we are here to do. Aum. Dennis

  15. Chris, have you looked at Walter Bosley's work? His take (and Joseph Farrell's) is that what crashed at Roswell was created by a group of Germans continuing the work of a 19th century group NYMZA.

    1. It's an interesting theory but I really don't think that's what happened. I'll explain exactly why in the near future. I think this event was definitely anticipated and had to do specifically with very advanced ritualism.

    2. Looking forward to your explanation. You're on a great roll with this.

    3. Thanks, Diana. It's been a wild ride.

  16. Seems we will have a new boom from 2019 upwards...

    Chico Xavier was the best Brazilian medium.
    "Chico Xavier wrote most of 450 allegedly psychographic books. He never admitted to be the author of any of his books. He affirmed he would only reproduce whatever the spirits dictated to him. Being the reason for why he would never accept the money attained from selling his books. He sold more than 50 million copies in Portuguese; with translations in English, Spanish, Japanese, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Mandarin, Swedish, Braille, and others languages. He also transcribed around ten thousand letters allegedly from the dead to their families. The letters were declared legitimate by many people, and some of the letters were used as evidence in four criminal trials.[16][17] Chico Xavier granted all the copyrights to charity institution since the first book."

    In this video with English Subtitles
    "(...)the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier confided to close friends that, upon the arrival of man to the moon on July 20, 1969, occurred a meeting with the heavenly powers of our solar system to check on the progress of earth society. They decided then, provide mankind with a period of 50 years to evolve morally and coexist peacefully without causing a third world war.
    If up to the Deadline they could do so, mankind would, from then on, be ready to enter a new era of its existence and magnificent feats would be observed everywhere, and also our brothers from other planets would be expressly authorized to present themselves publicly and officially to the earth inhabitants.(...)

    1. hmmm, honestly ? I f humanity should have evolved, it should have done so together... someone who gives hints and clues only to a select few who then are to convey this knowledge to us "lesser humans", doesn t play with open cards, has himself an ulterior motive or is really in no way able to "lead" others... or is simply ficticious... How is humanity as a whole to evolve, if only a few get the knowledge ? why does it still reek of authority and severe "deus ex machina" thinking on our part ? NO one is going to fix the mess we ourselves created... no one will cry about that irradiated barren wasteland, void of life, we have caused... only the planet itself will...

  17. Well, here's hoping. We can use all the help we can get right now. And I mean that sincerely.

  18. @Pictus: Don't invest too much hope in that. As weird and resistant to "fitting into models" as They (whoever/whatever They are) seem to be, there is one area in which They are absolutely, completely consistent and predictable: They never, ever Show Up. Every time some poor "Chosen One" takes Them up on Their promise to descend from the sky to rescue us from our frailties and the plain old cussed ordinariness of life via some Apocalypse, Rapture, Landing of the Saucers, Return of the Gods, Age of Aquarius, Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness, 2012 Mayapocalypse or whatever and runs around spreading Their gospel, what actually happens is some variation on the theme of disappointed believers staring into the sky wondering why nothing happened, and their whole world laughing at them. Yet, no matter how many times They do it, They always seem able to find some new Charlie Brown willing to take a kick at the football. "Yoink! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!" It apparently never gets old for Them.

    I would like to think that at least sometimes when They appear to a prospective Chosen One in whatever form and "reveal" a date or time for Their Glorious Appearing, Their would-be mark replies, "Pull the other one, it's got bells on!" (or perhaps something less polite... ;)).

    1. Mmm, or let their concerns regards planetary unification, totalitarianism and the abolition of money and other things be known.

  19. Maybe this is old technology. Really old, old, old, old technology.

    1. Yes..very old and magick in many forms is way to connect to that old old old knowledge..

    2. Or maybe it's tech that's been found from the distant past. That's very possible.

  20. Your thinking is very US-centric. These ruling families have been running the world since long before the USA was even set up. They laid the foundations for a new nation, built up the infrastructure, and orchestrated the wars in Europe which made America a global superpower. The people who were once feudal system overlords realised that they could exert as much influence from behind the scene without their becoming the targets of the 'peasants' wrath. So nowadays it's all CEOs and bankers and all-pervasive control of the media.

    So erm yeah, a given civilisation/economy will eventually burn itself out, it's kind of by-design. But the knowledge/technology they develop can be quietly shuffled around the world to the next 'growth' economy who will continue to build on it.

    You guys should pay more attention to what's happening in China or Isreal. That's where the new Bell Labs type places are running from.
    The latest low-power Intel CPU cores came from their engineers, and they have their own chip fabs etc.
    I guess the good people of Isreal aren't being bombarded with quite the same kinds of propaganda.
    Not that I think they are the ones that are actually on top of the pile, they just probably think that they are.
    So far as I can tell the world is actually being run from London still, as they can pull the various strings that make the other economies rise and fall on demand.
    How many centuries of geniuses does it take to make an iPhone anyway? How many ideas are already fully understood but haven't been productised yet, or at least not to our knowledge?

    1. I'm talking about the postwar period, which I think should be clear if you read the piece.

    2. Isreali chip designers are working for Intel by the way. I know the guy who tells them what to do.

  21. The Roswell logo is really something else, it's hard to know what to believe about the crash. I can imagine it being stolen goods that were too hot for some unknown forces to keep hold of yet to valuable not to drop into good hands, although where there is smoke. Some really interesting views here in any case.

  22. Ada Lovelace might of had something to do with the invention of the transistor.

  23. I should have been more clear about Israeli processor work. I know a top engineer for Intel here in the Pacific NW of the US. They're part of an effort (Samsung apparantly took an early lead in this regard, but it's a general movement in processor design) to lower power usage as much as possible. The main reason for this is that Moore's Law is breaking down, as Chris says and they need to have some reason for companies to buy new products. Computer manufacturers also need a reason for consumers to get a new laptop of whatever. Wouldn't you want your laptop battery to last thrice as long? And not burn your legs in the summer? All very useful and not at all wasted effort -in Israel, Beaverton USA or China or Germany or wherever. But the main point that the asymptotic curve is hitting a plateau remains even more valid. I'm told that alternate methods for processing information are always being explored (crystals, holograms, &c) but silicon is still the leader. Maybe it's like free energy- something the governments keep for themselves to bolster their power over the proles. Or maybe that's just where it's at for a while. Or forever. Maybe the movie "Brazil" is more a harbinger of our future than Star Trek.

  24. Chris, reading thru these comments your thoughts re Roswell as a ritual working are positively LOADED, and mesh completely with some of my thoughts. You don't even have to post this, but please take a look at this and tell me your thoughts. It would be a blast talking to you. I'm at

  25. Innovation springs from the mind tapping into something...a higher level of consciousness? A different plane?

    That's not to negate the creative talents of artists and inventors, which are immense, but I think we all make contact with something...what, I don't know. Many of us do so unconsciously.

    Philip K. Dick quoted John Denver as saying that, rather than composing his songs, they were "sitting in the air somewhere" and he "fished them in."

    My favourite group - the Bee Gees - used to speak of there being something akin to a psychic link between the three of them when they worked on songs. We're connecting with something else - no doubt about it in my mind.

    1. @Michelle Gibson - I agree with you. I'm somewhat artistic, more in hobby things, and when I really "get on a roll" creatively, it's like there is energy flowing into me. I relax, think more clearly, make some kinds of intuitive leaps, and my skills grow.

      I can't quantify it or control it, but it's a real thing.

  26. Here's a thing I find curious about this theory. Right now, we can fit billions of transistors on a chip the size of your pinky finger. With more advanced materials science (ie: being able to use diamond as a substrate rather than silicon) we could easily multiply that number ten, or one hundred times. Would Bell have had the technology needed in that time period to even be ABLE to reverse-engineer such a mysterious thing as an alien circuitboard? What would have made the transistor stick out at them in particular as being key to the entire enterprise?

  27. Well yes, but saying that the Israeli engineers are working for Intel, so they are just an offshoot of the USA is a bit of a misnomer. The concept/business of Intel might originally have been a US creation, but once these things reach such international scales they no longer serve the interests of their founding economy. Intel serves the interests of the abstract legal entity that is Intel, so if they find a country with more intelligent engineers they put their engineering department there, a country with lower wages/employee rights they put their manufacturing facilities there, a country with richer consumers they put their marketing and sales departments there, a country with multilingual pseudo-engineers they put their technical support people there. If one place starts to falter or becomes too expensive to operate in, just move the relevant department to somewhere new. Intel serves the interests of Intel shareholders, which are themselves mostly other abstract legal entities like pension funds, the rest are just paid employees of the system, executive level or not.
    The people that own real assets/land/minerals etc. outright are the only real winners here, the rest of us are just worker bees blown about by the winds of change.
    I guess the aim is just to make sure you get what you want out of the system, cos you just aren't going to end up dig any real money or power unless you are born into the right family.

  28. My daughter threw a rock and broke my laptop, so I'm only this far into this latest series, so forgive me if you address this: you quote a plethora of people who back up your opinion that we're about to see a decline in science and technology while also proferring up this POV that something crazy happened at Roswell. Yet, whatever happened at Roswell seems to be patently far beyond where we are today, so if the government were indeed parcelling out these technological revelations, we couldn't possibly be near the end of them. I mean, our best ships take people to the moon (40 years ago), and can send an inhuman observer to pluto, but we are far far far from building craft to take people to the nearest planet within in the lifetime of an entire civilization. Again, I don't know if you address this, but I don't think both these things can be true.

  29. I'm on Part 9 now. This is part 5. Let me know when you catch up.

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