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Lucifer's Technologies: Hoyle's Hypothesis

Pazuzu installed at the ICA 
in 2008.
For real.

"Suppose we are actually living in a multi-dimensional time track with the same space, including a young primeval world, our own and a much older world with advanced technology, all ageing and developing side by side, conscious and sometimes stirred by the presence of the others - strange ships in the sky, images of ancient creatures, the imprudent antics of poltergeists and strange noises like the creaking of bedsprings from an empty room.  
"These time tracks spin around like separate grooves of a gramophone record, each playing a different score until given a sudden jolt when the needle jumps a track, imposing for a very short period an unintelligible tune upon its neighbour before being returned to its own groove again."
 Wing Commander Sir Peter Horsley, former Equerry to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip


As we've established, the figure of Lucifer seems to be a demonization of several ancient gods and heroes, including the civilizing figures such as Oannes, Prometheus, Osiris-Dionysus and most important perhaps, Cadmus. 

But the term 'demonization' itself is revealing since the ancient Greek conception of daimones was identical in most ways to the Judeo-Christian conception of angels, particularly guardian angels.

In most ways, but not all. The term daimon originally referred to a spirit that was both protector and bringer of knowledge. The Romans called the daimones genii, the root of the term genius. You've probably heard that if someone was particularly gifted a Roman would say she had a genius, not that she was a genius.

Church fathers like Augustine dismissed the distinctions pagans made between good daemons (eudemons) and bad ones (kakodemons), though the idea of heavenly angels and fallen angels already existed as a corollary (particularly in the Book of Enoch).

But Augustine in particular was deeply influenced by the stark, simplistic dualism of Manichaeism, the Mesopotamian Gnostic faith he held before his conversion. Splitting hairs just wasn't his style.  

Another Apeulius quote by Augustine may just shed an important light on all the information we've just covered here:
The same Apuleius, when speaking concerning the manners of demons, said that they are agitated with the same perturbations of mind as men; that they are provoked by injuries, propitiated by services and by gifts, rejoice in honors, are delighted with a variety of sacred rites†, and are annoyed if any of them be neglected.  
Among other things, he also says that on them depend the divinations of augurs, soothsayers, and prophets, and the revelations of dreams, and that from them also are the miracles of the magicians. 


There are those who believe the Roswell event was real but don't believe it had anything to do with extraterrestrials from another star. 
The so-called Collins Elite, the alleged secret society within the Department of Defense, have an entirely novel take on the crash:

Beyond any shadow of doubt at all, the strangest belief of the Collins Elite was that relative to the Roswell affair of July 1947. In what is certainly a unique fashion, they came to believe that nothing - extraterrestrial or otherwise - crashed at Roswell. 
Rather, the group concluded that the event was "staged" - a "Trojan Horse"-type event provoked by demons trying to deceive us into accepting the idea that vulnerable ETs had crashed at Roswell, and were responsible for the wave of Flying Saucer encounters that gripped the nation in the summer of 1947. 
For the Collins Elite, the "alien debris" and "memory metal" said to have been recovered at the crash site on the Foster Ranch, New Mexico (which is shown above, in a photo I took in February 2011), were nothing less than the result of diabolical "demonic alchemy." 
In other words, the group formed an opinion that these strange entities "weaved" the materials, then had them manifest on the Foster Ranch, thus creating the image of a crash of something exotic from the skies. 
But, what of the bodies said to have been found at the site? Well, the Collins Elite had an answer to that issue too.  
Their members claimed to have read reports suggesting that no literal bodies were ever found at Roswell - at all. Rather, they maintained that certain "biological materials" were recovered.

Although comparisons have been to the Golems of Jewish folklore, what this all sounds like are variations on the homunculi, the artificial beings created in the Alchemical legends. See if a couple of names pop out at you here:
The guests thereupon ascended to the sixth floor, where stood a small altar resembling that in the King's throne room. The bird drank from the little fountain and was fed with the blood of the white serpent which crawled through the openings in the skull. The sphere by the altar revolved continuously. 
The watch struck one, two, and then three, at which time the bird, laying its neck upon the book, suffered itself to be decapitated. Its body was burned to ashes, which were placed in a box of cypress wood. 
Virgo Lucifera told C.R.C. and three of his comrades that they were lazy and sluggish "labourators" and would therefore be excluded from the seventh room.  
C.R.C. and his three friends were set to work moistening the bird's ashes with specially prepared water until the mixture became of doughlike consistency, after which it was heated and molded into two miniature forms. 
Later these were opened, disclosing two bright and almost transparent human images about four inches high (homunculi), one male and the other female. 
These tiny forms were laid upon satin cushions and fed drop by drop with the blood of the bird until they grew to normal size and of great beauty. Though the bodies had the consistency of flesh, they showed no signs of life, for the soul was not in them. 
The bodies were next surrounded with torches and their faces covered with silk. Virgo Lucifera then appeared, bearing two curious white garments. -- The Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz, as quoted in The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall
This of course was the foundational text for the Rosicrucians, who of course would later be identified with the rose and cross. Or should I say the Roswell-icrucians?

And wouldn't you just know it, another variation on the "Innovation Ring" popped up in another unlikely place*, in this case a collection of lectures on Rosicrucianism by Rudolf Steiner, published in 2000.


UFO lore is filled with speculation that Greys are in fact biorobots of some kind, if not in fact actual homunculi. The reported robotic movements and tasking that is cited in abduction accounts is used as evidence for this theory. But for some, such as the Collins Elite, those explanations are far too conventional.

And for others, the cosmology leapfrogs over the relatively typical demonology of the UFO Demonologists and heads straight for Hypostasis of the Archons, the ancient Gnostic text that makes the Collins Elite look like starry-eyed optimists. 

Archon theory would come from the most unlikely of sources one fine spring day- in fact, it would be stated with great authority and confidence by one of England's most respected scientists.....


Sir Fred Hoyle was a British mathematician, astrophysicist and astronomer best known as the foremost proponent of the steady-state theory of the universe, that being that the universe is constantly creating matter to keep its density constant as it expands. Hoyle was no toiler- he was the cream of the crop (he's credited with coining the term "Big Bang"):
Hoyle was educated at Emmanuel College and St. John’s College, Cambridge, and spent six years during World War II with the British Admiralty, working on radar development. In 1945 he returned to Cambridge as a lecturer in mathematics. 
Hoyle was elected to the Royal Society in 1957, a year after joining the staff of the Hale Observatories (now the Mount Wilson and Palomar observatories). In collaboration with William Fowler and others in the United States, he formulated theories about the origins of stars as well as about the origins of elements within stars. Hoyle was director of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy at Cambridge (1967–73), an institution he was instrumental in founding. 
He received a knighthood in 1972.
Hoyle received a knighthood after calling a press conference on May 10, 1971 and making the following claims to a startled press corps:
“Human beings are simply pawns in a great game, being played by alien minds, which control mankind’s every move. 
“These alien minds come from another universe, one with five dimensions. Their laws of chemistry and physics are completely different from ours. They have learned to shatter the TIME/SPACE barriers that restrict us."
These super-intelligent entities are so different from us that to apprehend them or to describe them in human terms, is impossible.
These entities seem to be totally free from any such physical restrictions as bodies, and they are more like pure intelligence. 
They seem to have the ability to be almost anywhere in the universe in a matter of seconds.
These aliens are everywhere—in the sky, on the sea, on earth. They have been here for countless eons and they have probably controlled the evolution of Homo sapiens. All of what man has built and become was accomplished because of the ‘tinkering’ of these intelligent forces.
Try to imagine a prominent scientist giving such a speech today- the firestorm would be unquenchable. Good luck getting tapped for a knighthood, he'd be drummed out of the business entirely. But as we saw with men like Horsley and Goddard, this was no obscure clockpuncher, crunching numbers in a back office somewhere. Hoyle was at the top of his game.

How similar this all sounds not only to the wildest speculations of left field UFOlogists but also to the Caxton Hall speech given by Goddard in 1969, which we encountered in our post on Rear Admiral Herbert Knowles.

What got into these men, by all measures at the summit of achievement in their respective fields, that they make such seemingly incredulous public statements? What exactly did they have to gain?

Although Hoyle gave no indication that he was sourcing from Hypostasis, this was a great refinement of Archon theory from the Gnostic days. Hoyle's ideas wouldn't make much of a mark on the world of science, unsurprisingly, but in the world of occult UFOlogy and UFO demonology Hoyle's pronouncements can't possibly be understated.

John Keel would be paying attention and Hoyle's words would have more of an impact on his 70s and 80s work than he would probably have wanted to admit. 

Friends of Keel would note that he became increasingly paranoid and pessimistic throughout that time and some have speculated that he may have had an upsetting encounter or event that deeply shaded his thinking.

Archon theory seems to have had an influence on Alchemical thinking as well, probably absorbed through anti-Gnostic tracts from early Church fathers. 
Hall would write this in 1928 in Secret Teachings of All Ages, telling much the same story of Yaldabaoth only with Lucifer in the villain's role:
In another part of his writings von Welling also says that there was no material universe until Lucifer, attempting to perform the cosmic alchemy, misused the Schamayim, or the Divine Fire. 
In order to reestablish the Schamayim which Lucifer had perverted, this universe was formed as a means of liberating it from the dark cloud within which it was locked by the failure of Lucifer's attempt to control it. These statements clearly emphasize the fact that the early philosophers recognized in the Bible a book of chemical and alchemical formulæ. 
Here is the Gnostic fall, from Divine immateria to the Hell of the material world. And although you might hear all kinds of nonsense to the contrary, the magic at work here seems to be distinctly anti-Gnostic, a rush to embrace the material, to embrace incarnation. Salvation through the material, literally so; running through materialism into a kind of immortal materialism, the promises of immortality of Transhumanism, of cryogenics, of gene editing.

All creating a new kind of pyramid cult, a doctrine of immortality dependent on a powerful priesthood. The new moguls of Silicon Valley seem particularly fixated on the idea, as if their wealth and power can defeat the Great Equalizer. 

What is far more likely to happen is that they will find out that their wealth and power will be as fleeting as human life itself and that they offer nothing that can't be copied by a new ascendancy, which is actually already beginning to take shape. Very little of what the new moguls proffer is truly essential and all of it is vulnerable to cultural backlash.  

The inarguably brilliant Ray Kurzweil clings tightly to the belief that bodily immortality- whether biological or via some kind of electronic intermediary- is inevitable and indeed, imminent. But there's still not a glimmer of evidence that this immortality will be made manifest any time soon. If at all.

Now we hear the increasing drumbeat of artificial intelligence and robotics, but is this simply a repeat of the revolutions that neuroscience and nanotechnology were supposed to bring about 25 years ago? Or is this in fact the ultimate endgame of the postwar technological revolution? 

Is replacement by intelligent machines the endgame of Humanism, after all? Or is there another game at work, one running in a parallel track to the brave new world of Darwin, Dennett and Dawkins?

Hoyle didn't stop at extradimensional aliens when it came to blaspheming against the totalitarian dictates of the Scientistic elite. Along with Chandra Wickramasinghe, Hoyle went straight to the heart of the Holiest of Holies, the untouchable dogma, the new Divine Right of Kings.
Yes, Hoyle rejected Darwinian evolution in favor of a radical kind of  panspermia, most notably spelled out in the book Evolution from Space. Hoyle would state that the idea of life arising ex nihilo was nonsense, claiming "there is not a shred of objective evidence to support the hypothesis that life began in an organic soup here on Earth." His co-author would write:
The facts as we have them show clearly that life on Earth is derived from what appears to be an all pervasive galaxy-wide living system. Terrestrial life had its origins in the gas and dust clouds of space, which later became incorporated in and amplified within comets. 
Life was derived from and continues to be driven by sources outside the Earth, in direct contradiction to the Darwinian theory that everybody is supposed to believe. 
It is believed by neo-Darwinists that the full spectrum of life as we see it today as well as in the past is accounted for by the steady accumulation of copying errors and the consequent development of variety as a primitive living system is copied billions upon billions of times. 
It is stated according to the theory that the accumulation of copying errors, sorted out by the process of natural selection, the survival of the fittest, could account both for the rich diversity of life and for the steady upward progression from bacterium to Man. 
In our recent book Sir Fred Hoyle and I have argued strongly against this proposition. We agree that successive copying would accumulate errors, but such errors on the average would lead to a steady degradation of information.  
What the fossil record does show beyond doubt is that new properties of life at the level of expressed genes have been introduced by successive experiments. Only when these experiments were successful did the changes endure. Lines with unsuccessful or inoperable gene additions simply died away.
With this Hoyle and Wickramasinghe placed themselves in a small but potent camp of secular dissenters against Darwinist, and as such naturalist and mechanistic, determinism.

It should be noted that another scientific luminary went even farther in his theories of the extraterrestrial origins of life. One with a rather unique qualification to speak of such things.

Author Michael Drosnin, who pioneered a postmodern kind of Kabbalah with his bestseller The Bible Code, made a remarkable discovery while applying his software to a passage in Genesis:
Francis Crick’s directed panspermia was used by Michael Drosnin as scientific support for what he read out of the “Bible Code” in the following encrypted message from a block of type 32 characters wide by 12 high from Genesis: “DNA was brought in a vehicle.” This message is crossed by another: “your seed.” Nearby is the message: “In a vehicle your seed.” From this Drosnin concludes: 
When I found that encoded in the Bible, I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like science fiction. DNA, the molecule of life, sent to Earth in a spaceship.
I wondered if any reputable scientist would even consider such a fantastic idea.
Drosnin went straight to the source for corroboration, Francis Crick. A Nobel laureate and the co-discoverer of DNA, one of the great breakthroughs of the post-Roswell era, Crick also drifted away from Darwinist dogma later in his career.
“Is it possible,” I asked Crick, when I reached him at the Salk Institute in San Diego, California, “that our DNA came from another planet?”
“I published that theory twenty-five years ago,” said Crick. “I called it Directed Panspermia.”
“Do you think it arrived in a meteor or comet?” I asked.
“No,” said Crick. “Anything living would have died in such an accidental journey through space.
“Are you saying that DNA was sent here in a vehicle?” I asked.
“It’s the only possibility,” said Crick.

The "only possibility." Rather definitive, don't you think?


* Members of the Facebook group have found some strange examples of the Innovation Ring used in unlikely, distinctly un-Zen places. 

NOTE: In yet another one of the amazing coincidences that fall like raindrops all over this story, Shelter Island attendee Linus Pauling was also hot on the heels of discovering DNA and might have beaten Watson and Crick to the finish line but was hampered by security issues related to his antiwar activities.


  1. Awesome. As you say, it can't be overemphasized - Hoyle, Wickrahmsingh, Crick - these are *giants* of their fields. IMHO, Gnostic beliefs are a good fit for the evidence that life is showing me, perhaps these great scientists felt something similar?

    Maybe I'm just an old Trekkie, but when the H+ movement, Silicon Valley, et al. talk of immortality and all, I feel a combination of boredom & horror. I don't think it can or will happen, and I cannot imagine a worse fate than if it did. I'd like to believe that there is something beyond death (resurrection? another turn at the game?) but even if death is final, I still prefer it to bodily immortality. What would be immortality but endless eons of boredom?

    1. haha, I've been telling people that since I first started reading about Kurzweil's ideas a few years ago. Who actually wants to live in the same body for all of eternity? Not I.

    2. Right? That sounds like someone's version of Hell to me. I think it's more important to make the life we *know* we have count for something, rather than worry over pie-in-the-sky rewards or possibilities.

    3. And, on the note of Immortality, a dose of Reality:

      Mother Jones reporting that a strain of e coli that is resistant to *every* antibiotic is now being found in the US.

      Immortality? My guess is that by 2030-2040, average lifespan will be back around 60 years.

    4. Transhumanism seems to be trailing off as the science just doesn't seem to be coming through. There's too many issues with the immune system and sci-fi just doesn't always translate to science. I think all this body hacking is going to cease once you start to see infections start, especially if we see a new generation of antibiotic resistant germs. That's another problem the Transhumanists don't seem to take into account, expecting science to take care of it. Sadly, Nature is faster and smarter. As to the upload theorizing I've read credible reports that it's simply impossible.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I'm enjoying the unfolding on this doctorate-level thesis of Luciferian currents. Those pronouncements of Sir Fred Hoyle are something else.... one would think Sir Hoyle had an encounter spiritual entity who is a member of the Q Continuum

    1. Hoyle was definitely tuned into a different channel. Skeptics could say he lost his marbles but that's just sour grapes. He was quite clearly in command of his faculties, he just left the fold. Of sheep.

  3. check out Britan's giant leap forward in bomber technology from 1945-1947

    1. Something seemed to happen to the tech, no?

  4. I've read two of Keel's books (Mothman Prophecies and Eighth Tower), and I'm not surprised if he became paranoid. People tend to fixate on the monster sightings and forget or ignore things that happened to the people involved afterwards. As for Hoyle, I had no idea he said those things. Shows what a grip evolution has. And as for robotics and Kurzweil, I have an uncomfortable feeling there are classified labs making advances far beyond what we've caught glimpses of --- and we will be horrified if it's unveiled in our lifetime.

    1. I have a feeling there isn't. I'm sure there is still some technology that still left over from the Big Bag (as I call it), Gordon spoke of some of the things that are left to rolled out on his recent THC appearance. But the EM drive for instance was spoken about by Corso vis a vis Roswell, and the rest of it seems to be stuff that's been in the works for a long time but hasn't been perfected yet. There's talk of cold fusion and other kinds of energies (all hobbyhorses of the UFO crowd) but I think the dirty secret of robotics- and many,many other fields- is how little they can actually do and how far the gap between theory and application really is. If you look closely at all those videos it's all remote control. They're no closer to automnobots than they ever been, never mind androids.

  5. At least this post worms into the deal I made with the devil, sort of accidentally on purpose. There are those cursed to never split hairs; there are those cursed to split all too many. Take any hair, split it deeply enough, and you'll see the whole universe. I can't help but think there's something demonic in that knowledge.

    1. Certainly the way it's been applied seems to bear that out. Like I say though, it's still an open question where exactly this is all going. I have no doubt the present bunch of technopashas and moguls are all going to be betrayed and replaced by a new generation. And the same thing will happen with the next generation after that.

  6. Just this week, while I'm enjoying this ongoing thread of "Lucifer's Technologies", Marvel Entertainment's big news story is that our beloved Captain America is slated to be written as a Hydra Agent (evil bad guy team) in upcoming comics. I wonder if this is due in part to get people ready for some revelations/disclosures that some of the "good guys" were/are up to some daemonic activities that produced some impactful results.

    1. I wouldn't read too much into the world of comics as far as wider cultural impact. It's a closed system with its own internal logic. Gimmicks like that tend to come and go.

    2. Back when comic books were something you bought at the grocery store, they used to be a pretty good note of where the popular Zeitgeist was. The turnaround time was fairly quick, and many of the creators were attuned to things, even if they were often pie-in-the-sky Lefties.

      With the modern market though, it's just fanboys writing for a diminishing group of other fanboys, IMHO.

  7. Hi Chris/fellow commenters. This is the link for Crick and Orgel's short paper on the Directed Panspermia hypothesis:

    Looking at the more blue skies side of Nanotechnology research, is easy to reach the conclusion that the concepts we're researching (assemblers, molecular computing, microscopic power plants) have already been done via DNA and proteins. Then it gets more puzzling when you look closer and note that DNA itself looks less like a miracle from God or a random hodgepodge of interacting chemicals but more the product of a technology - the redundancy, the error correction, the use of a pseudo digital code to represent complex information and so on.

    Few scientists will openly speculate about these things for fear of attracting the fundamentalist baggage of the various intelligent design movements, the ones that do are of an age when they're pretty much beyond worrying about their careers stalling or receiving peer opprobrium.

    1. It is a truism of mechanistic materialism that if consciousness is reducible to simple, repeatable systems the whole thing (reality) can be simulated. Thus, arguably we could be fully simulated, and somewhere, some ironically-god like intelligence is running the simulation.

    2. I too was turned off by the religious patina of the Intelligent Design movement until I investigated some of their arguments, some of which really bring Darwinism up quite short. There are some real scientists presenting some compelling evidence that will give any reasonable person pause. I can't say who or what the designer is myself, but I can say that I do not believe the Darwinist argument past the post of simple adaptations and varieties of microevolution.

  8. Fred Hoyle was a fascinating character, his autobiography Home is Where the Wind Blows gives pretty good insights into the man and his unrepentant iconoclasm.

    Hoyle wrote sci-fi novel The Black Cloud in the 50s, where an interstellar dust cloud turns out to be a form of disembodied superintelligence (daresay the concept was borrowed for Star Trek: The Motion Picture).

    He also was the co-writer of A for Andromeda, where scientists receive a message from space that gives them instructions on how to build a machine that allows for the creation of a living being (played by Sixties goddess Julie Christie in the original BBC show). The Species movies homaged - or ripped off - the idea.

    This might also be of interest - an audio lecture featuring Hoyle talking about his ideas on life:

    1. Interesting this was given in Sri Lanka. In Asia, it's no paradox for scientists to be devout Hindus or Muslims or Buddhists. In the dying West, you have to embrace the anti-adaptive philosophy of Scientism in full or be run out on a rail. It's interesting to see science and technology worship being put forth by the elites today- it exactly mirrors what the Soviets presented as a substitute religion in the Brezhnev and Andropov eras. They too pushed this whole concept of space colonization as the Next Great Step. And we all know how that turned out.

    2. I'm only an amateur historian, but I grew up in the Eighties, and more and more 21st Century America seems like it's a re-run of terminal-stage Soviet Union. Laughably false propaganda calling itself news, groupthink agendas, collapsing infrastructure, and military overspending.

      Do all Empires fall thusly?

  9. There seems to be a lot more going on than we are told about. The different 'tiers' of the social hierarchy are essentially different sub-species of humanity, that don't (or shouldn't ;-) )interbreed. (I guess no one can prevent certain sperms and eggs getting mixed up in the wild)
    They have very different levels of intellectual capacity and different behavioural 'directives' built into them. It's a lot easier to look down on what the people below you are capable of thinking about and doing than it is to look up. So far as we know the people 'up top' may be capable of intellectually running circles around the rest of us. They can see into the workings of our brains in the way that we can't see into the workings of theirs. Hence the 'reality based community' stuff from the likes of Karl Rove.
    I don't know if there is a physical/spiritual controlling force above even people like that, perhaps there is...
    We are supposed to be fully satisfied only running through a little mental loop at our level of the process so that we don't go looking for answers too far above our station, or we should be satisfied with the explanations we are given.
    People who aren't satisfied can now just be labelled paranoid conspiracy theorists and locked away for their own good.
    There definitely seems to be a lot more technology in existence than most people are aware of. I guess that's the benefit of moving to cloud computing, the public doesn't get to look inside the data centres, nor do they have access to the server side portion of the codebase.
    Who knows, maybe they have these things running on quantum computers already, so long as the box still speaks tcp/ip we'd be non the wiser.
    The kinds of things people can now do with social network analysis tools are downright scary, but unless you are part of the high level academic or security service community you probably won't even be aware of the kinds of mathematical tools that even exist.
    I'm kind of a hanger-on in the software industry, so I know what I know, and I know what I don't know, and I can recognise that a hell of a lot of stuff is still way over my head and will probably be forever. You probably can't change your innate mental programming or frame of reference enough to even encompass the concept-space. Much more is possible than I am ever going to be capable of doing, even while I'm being given fresh levels of abstractions by Microsoft every few years.
    Things like the idea of the technological singularity are largely just techie propaganda to keep us all pointed in a particular direction and be prepared to accept the next thing coming down the pipeline. Those who know probably know all about different gene pools and haplogroups etc, and who is supposed to be doing what, it isn't random chance what lives we live or what jobs we do, as all the stories of identical twins, separated at birth, living similar lives in parellel will easily demonstrate.
    Who know how much more of the fundamental physics for the kinds of things we see in scifi movies already exists, with release dates slated for 5 or 10 years down the line.
    I do think there is a chance that the flow of time is already written in some sense, it exists, we just haven't experienced it yet, but certain people can somehow see what is coming down the pipeline.

    There was a leaked report about upcoming Microsoft advances that went round the web in about 2005. It showed 'Forteleza' glasses, which are essentially what they have now announced as the still yet to be released HoloLens. So if they are thinking that far ahead who knows what else they have lined up for us in their labs, and Microsoft are pretty public about the stuff they are working on, they are not exactly 'deep state' military industrial complex people, so far as we know anyway.

    1. Hololense is cool and I'll definitely buy one. But it doesn't produce real holograms. Just a new take on a very old idea. Pepper's Ghost Illusion.

    2. There's no doubt to the existence of various levels of technology the public has no idea about... in fact any tech that made public can be anywhere 30 - 50 years old and in some cases close to a century old i.e. Telsa-Tech (originally created by Nikola Telsa).

      However, this notion that the corrupt-elite somehow have superior genes that gives them enhanced intelligence than the masses is pure rubbish. That kind of ideology is straight Social-Darwinism which is the foundational basis of Eugenics that was once openly practiced within the United States and later adopted by The National Socialist German Workers' Party aka the Nazis. Also, such policies are nothing more pseudoscience rehash of "divine-right of kings".

      The real key to their success of the Elites has been generational wealth passed down through families and all the private/secret organizations and public institutions that exist to keep them in power. These institutions are societal feedback loops which merely reinforce the status quo and the only genetic lottery in that sense is being the sperm fertilizing the egg to continue the propagation of the elite-family lines whether one desires to do so or otherwise.

      Further proof of their absolute humanness is the fact they are suffering from low-sperm counts and even infertility as most other people within "modern Western society" due to every aspect of life being poisoned with their inorganic sciences.

      Even if there is some secret space program and the corrupt elite managed to space-voyage to an Earth-like planet leaving us "unworthy ones" behind on Earth they still would be doomed. Even if they found a habitable planet with no humanoids or other visible animal life who has legal claim, not that they would care anyway, there's still the issue of exobiology and those corrupt elite's compromised immune system, remember low sperm count, not being able to cope with unknown microbes never previously exposed to while on Earth. Take a wild guess that scenario is gonna unfold.

      Remember the corrupt-elites' immune systems just as compromised as everyone's else on the planet i.e. Steve Jobs died of Cancer a curable disease. Don't believe me that cancer is curable then look up Dr. Sebi and numerous banned cancer-cures but the elite are somehow intellectually beyond mere mortals. No that's call rigging the system to keep them on top but that thinking is actually short-term gain with long term consequences but their false-sense of entitlement don't allow them to fully comprehend long term consequences for their action effecting humanity and themselves.

      One more point to drive home the so-called elite actually being the antithesis of "elite humans" is this seldom appreciated fact; most have been catered to their whole lives and lack basic survival skills because someone else whose an expert performs even the most basic tasks for the upper crust. Could any of them survive a few weeks in a forest, or or rain forest, or desert, etc. if they had no one except their own wits and stamina?

      The corrupt-elite aren't Bruce Wayne nor Tony Stark types but more "Richie Rich" call the butler to press a button to have a robot do the task. The corrupt-elite can look down on the masses all they like but they ain't going anywhere and will share whatever fate awaits or unfolds for the masses!

    3. Well, like I keep saying and keep writing about, there may also be a lot less in the pipeline than people think. Much, much less. And I think that's a major part of out problem right now.

      You would think the first thing they would work on is anti-aging technology but as far as I can tell the elites seem to age faster than the rest of us.

      Richard Dolan cites the issue of computer speeds in the 60s not being matched publicly until the 2000s, but we all knew there were Crays and other supercomputers so I don't really see that as much of a revelation personally. And we had the SR71 in 1966, which no one today can figure out how to match.

      As I keep saying there's been an epidemic of outright fraud in science and technology and we also have the issue that while speeds have increased and things have gotten smaller, you haven't really seen any significant change in the essential structure of much of what's out there. We still haven't seen anything like a classic flying saucer being rolled out and the examples of prototypes were either hoaxes or simply not airworthy.

      We're coming back down the hill, if you look at a graph. There was this steep, vertical ascent after Roswell but the truth is that we're at the end of that process, however you choose to explain how and where that technology came from. Like I said, Gordon explained on THC that there may be a few surprises left to roll out, but all of the ones he described are concepts that have been worked on for a very long time now.

      In my own experience, I can say that while my computer and modem are faster and my hard drive has more storage, nothing of what I'm doing today is conceptually different than what I was doing 25 years ago. The software programs operate on the same basic principles. There are certain efficiencies and conveniences that I didn't have in say, 1989, but it's still the same basic process. This is why we still don't have genuine Virtual Reality- because all of those environments still need to be constructed. Maybe they'll design AIs to speed the process along but AIs still need a lot of babysitting. Robots do too. Fast-food restaurants may replace minimum wage workers with kiosks and robots but have they considered they will now need costly onsite IT talent for when the machinery inevitably breaks down from overuse, heat and moisture? What happens if McDonalds Burger 3000 breaks down when they have 400 people in line waiting for their lunch? Have they thought of that eventuality? They probably haven't because the salesmen pitching them on all this hardware don't tell them about the downsides of the technology.

    4. Chris, I take issue with your assessment of laggard tech. Half of the population on earth has a cell phone in their pocket, ram jet tech is getting incredible speeds for airframes.The human genome is mapped, driverless cars, telescopes are being built that are nothing short of amazing. Cloud computing, quantum physics. Most of the tech from Roswell is redundant now. How can modern tech be lagging in any sense of the word? I know it may not have the super powers of comics downe yet, but me thinks things are at warp speed. Respectfully, Dennis

    5. I've exhaustively detailed my arguments about why we have passed the peak and are now on the downslope in other installments of this series. Avail yourself of the links I've included in which much more qualified commentators than you or I spell this phenomenon out in exacting detail.

    6. From my pov, the main motivation behind cloud computing is simply to persuade people to store what is on their computer on someone else's hard drive. Corporations want to establish a gate between people and everything they "own", a gate which can be opened and closed. The ideal of all corporations seems to be a world of myriad unnecessary gates, with a troll at each gate collecting a fee.

    7. You're not the only one, Brandon. You're in the company of people like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who was declaring cloud computing to be a "nightmare" back in 2012. And the Fappening scandal was a direct result of the security issues related to the Cloud.

    8. Well I don't know about a 'divine right', coz I don't think of it in terms of spirituality, just genetics, though I may be wrong. But I do think in terms of there being very different genetic castes with different abilities, which a person of a 'lower' caste has no possibility of learning, or possibly even imagining, since without the required genes they don't posses the neural components which even make it possible.

      From my own experience, I know I can sometimes shift into a very different mode of perception, sometimes only briefly as I have yet to determine the necessary factors, but in one sense I'm then seeing everyone else as deterministic clockwork automatons, an intuitive sense of others only following simplistic patterns of thought, much like watching a hamster or something. (Ok, that just sounds like paranoia or something, but it's happened several times)

      Obviously I'm not very adept at using it, since I'm hardly of 'royal' bloodline, but I kind of know it's there, and I imagine that anyone with the full set of wiring would essentially be able to jedi-mind-trick everyone else into obeying their every whim if they wanted, with the other party powerless to resist.

      Presumably these upper castes have to keep interbreeding to keep the gene pool in the family, and that's also a weakness due to accumulated detrimental mutations.

      To us they are a corrupt unaccountable elite, perhaps to them they are the only 'real' people, and everyone else is a stupid ape, which they have to keep institutionalised for their own good, and it's their 'duty' to curb the excess population by whatever means they deem necessary.

    9. Edward, I have to say I utterly and completely reject that notion of genetic superiority. It's ugly and dehumanizing.

      Certainly, I think we are seeing the effects of a dumbing-down process, poor education, poor diet, and daily brainwashing on the mass of people. There seems to be a rule of fear, propaganda and other systems designed to lower human consciousness and response. And many of the trolls I personally encounter that object to my sexuality and lifestyle seem to be cognitively impaired.

      But no, I don't think there are genetic levels of superiority. Only a type of rich folk that use their resources to harm others. I think we can all improve ourselves, raise our consciousness & cognitive levels, and become more than we are. "Superiority" and "being inferior" just sound like more Divide-and-Conquer nonsense to me.

    10. Edward your reply is basically Social-Darwinism within a nutshell as I stated within my previous comment. Furthermore, the ideas of Social Darwinism is basically a modern-revamp of “Divine Right of Kings” placed in a scientific-sounding or better stated pseudoscientific context to rationalize classism, racism, and sexism. It’s one thing for an individual to believe such abhorrent-ideals to each his own. However, history has shown numerous disastrous outcomes when people at the top i.e. elites within a society tries to institute such beliefs as national policy. The horrific acts of genocide committed by the Nazis and United States, dropping the atomic bombs, are fairly recent examples in modern human history.

      The genocides that took place in more recent wars Bosnia-Herzegovina War (1992 -1995) and Rwandan genocide (1994) are very recent examples of what happens when people who hold similar beliefs decide that certain people are somehow lesser and their lives have no value. Sadly those aren’t the only times and places such ethnic cleansing took place. Little remembered are the street children of Brazil killed by Death squads during the 1960’s into the 1980’s. They all have in common thinking similar to your sentiments expressed within your responses and that’s the end results of such thought processes.

      The impure or lesser humans must be cleansed because they may somehow contaminating the gene pool of the elite. Chris mentioned Shockley within earlier installments of this same series. Shockley’s mindset isn’t that different than your responses; because Shockley became an outspoken “Social Darwinist” and claimed that Black-Americans aka African-Americans were actually intellectually inferior to White-Americans based on “tests”. Shockley was debated by a Black-American Psychiatrist named Dr. Francis Cress Welsing (RIP) whom exposed the outright psudeoscience of Shockley’s theories. However, such theories like Shockley lectured about would resurface a few decades later within the infamous “Bell Curve - Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life” by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. Now what made that book so controversial was the authors are both Ivy-league Educated Phds who put forth the same kind of scientific-racism that Shockley was an outspoken advocate just a few decades earlier. It’s the same upper-crust disdain against the “lower classes” especially when they are Nonwhite citizens.

      Now people are entitled to believe what they like, freedom of speech for all. However, we wouldn’t be honest if we ignore how such modern views of race and intelligence/class and intelligence is nothing more than a rehash of the same twisted-sentiments which justified dehumanization of Black-Americans ancestors rationalizing slavery. Let’s also remember the Indigenous Americans Tribal Nations whom wasn’t seen as fully human and those sentiments justifying the theft of their ancestral land and their subjugation/genocide. Such thinking may seem to be unconventional inquiry but understand that history has shown time and time again how such thinking leads to horrific ends once put into practice.

    11. Well obviously I'm not saying that it's right to hold those kinds of attitudes, because I'm not a member of a Royal or historically elite family, I'm just a mongrel who may have picked up some of their genepool by accident. As such I may have some insight into their perception of reality.

      From our perspective such attitudes are 'wrong' or immoral, from their perspective it's just they way things are done, as their ancestors have been running things for hundreds if not thousands of years.

      It's like if you start with a couple of rabbits, and they keep breeding, and within a few generations you have thousands, then hundreds of thousands then millions. You work out how to train the rabbits, run tricks for you, build monuments to your glory, you set up one faction of the rabbits to police the other faction, you keep the rabbits occupied with continually playing games for monetary tokens, and putting on entertainments for each other. Eventually you realise that the situation is getting a bit out of hand, the 7 billion rabbits are now tearing up the environment across all the worlds continents, so it's time to thin the herd a bit.
      The rabbits might not like it, they might want to turn on you, but you still have a bunch of loyal followers who are so in debt to you that they remain desperate for those monetary tokens. So you can play one faction off against another while you stay carefully out of sight. Hardly anyone knows that people like you actually exist, and whenever anyone does bring it up they can just be accused of racism, or being a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
      Nowadays it's probably easier to convince people you are an entirely alien race, than that you are just a genetic variation that has been running things from the shadows for centuries.

    12. Just a suggestion for anyone, really: if you don't agree with racist, genetic-supremacist attitudes, it would be best to specify that, rather than using terms that are no different.

    13. I don't agree with people treating other people badly, but it inevitably happens anyway and I can't exactly stop it. I suppose I don't agree to people being blind to biological reality due to idealistic or moralistic reasoning, without realising that it's exactly that kind of reasoning that makes it so easy to feed the kind of propaganda down your throats that makes you feel good that you believe what you read in some book above what you actually experience in terms of world events.
      There are two kinds of intelligence, there's the geeky kind, look at me, look how many facts I know, how high my IQ score is, how many equations I can do in my head etc. and there is the far stronger kind which is about asserting your will over someone else, particularly if you can do so without their even realising what you are up to. I doubt people like Benjamin Netanyahu even bother getting their IQ tested, but they sure know how to get their way, and they are just the people that are in the public eye.

    14. Well, I see talking to you is a waste of time.

      Behavior is always a choice. We can act to build, or act to destroy. Another person's choice to destroy does not authorize or endorse your choice to do the same.

      I say again, if human beings don't start making better choices, and soon, then there is no human future.

    15. Well from their point of view they can't have 7 billion people making any kind of choices and still hold the planet together, so that's why they are doing the cull. When they get the numbers back down to something a bit more manageable like 500,000,000 then they introduce the automated post-scarcity utopian society we've all been dreaming about.
      Dunno how you get to be one of the lucky 500 million, but perhaps you have to suck up to the right people.

  10. We don't need to take Crick's opinion that DNA could only come in a vehicle as canon. There is verifiable evidence that bacteria and virus, etc, can survive in environments that are extreme. DNA needs to be protected from cosmic radiation. Several feet of rock would do the trick.

    1. I believe Crick took that into account. Plus you're looking at environments that are extreme on Earth, which has a shield against radiation and sources of underground heat and water, etc etc. Million year trips through frozen space bombarded by all that CGR? Probably another story. There's also the issue of bacteria and virus being distinctly unlike more complex lifeforms whose DNA is a lot more fragile.

    2. Also, just throwing this in as well....a "vehicle" from an alien perspective could mean something completely different compared to the artifice we would imagine from our limited technological abilities. A vehicle could be some kind of engineered material that would appear to be a rock that encapsulated the DNA until it arrived in a less harmful and more suitable environment. The hard thing about talking "aliens" is that we cant help but project our own humanity into that conversation because we have no other reference. When we talk about aliens, we are usually talking about ourselves in this regard.

    3. Also, in the conversation in that last paragraph of this essay, I believe Crick was saying that DNA’s journey through space via a vehicle would be "the only possibility"... IF his theory is correct. I don’t think he meant that it was, in fact, the only possibility. At least that’s how I read it. And it seems like an important distinction.

  11. Thanks for replying, Chris and Anna. I'm surprised though, Anna, that would say that comic-book content was a greater indicator of the popular zeitgeist years ago, when right now Captain America is the #1 box office draw at the theaters, and Marvel's Agents of Shield is a popular weekly TV show produced by Joss Whedon. Plotlines in Agents of Shield involve Hydra operatives traveling to alien worlds in order to contact demonic intelligences and powers. I agree that Joss Whedon is by no means the sync powerhouse that Kirby was, but in this new content I see Marvel perhaps trying to address the controversial phenomena of Jack Parsons/Babalon Working (in a lighter-weight way) and also Operation Paperclip, with the notion that even flag-wrapped patriots sometimes might dabble in darkness in order to achieve certain goals.

    1. I don't know if comic book content has been an indicator of the zeitgeist since the 1940s. In most cases it's been a straggler and more recently it's been in its own reality. Most of the material that people are actually consuming in the movies and TV shows is based on decades-old storylines.

    2. It's not really that I disagree, but at least the comics I used to read regularly seemed to be "with it": 'X-Men' under Chris Claremont is an insightful examination of the Queer experience, and 80s "GI Joe" was as much an indictment of American overreach and Reagan-era policies as it was a printed advertisement for toys.

      I haven't seen any movie in-theater since "Iron Man III", I loved the Tony-with-PTSD stuffs, and the fakey-Mandarin plot was great, but those things are pretty standard Marvel. Hell, in the 70s Captain America implied that Nixon was leading a Fascist takeover. I'm glad people are liking the new movies and shows, but conspiracies of human, alien, and demonic origin are standard fare with Marvel. Perhaps the movies and shows are kind of distilling that feverish, conspiracy-minded storytelling that I always enjoyed about Marvel. Comic books kind of died for me some years ago, literally the only thing I've enjoyed in 7-8 years is the "Jem and the Holograms" series from IDW.

  12. That first quote reminds me of the TV series, "FRINGE." Love that show.


  13. Here's an article about neuroscientists trying to understand a computer chip and failing.

    There's a long bridge to gap in other words....

  14. I'm still catching up (nearly 2 months with no computer or tablet), but tardegrades have been known to survive the vacuum of space. We could all be descendants of tardegrades and their accompanying bacteria.

    And whether modern scientists and whatnot accept it or not, uncovering an intelligent force within or emergent property of evolution wouldn't be unscientific. Obviously, I'm no scientist, but of the people who read your blog regularly, I'm probably the biggest skeptic, and I've had an assumption that there will eventually be proof of either an emergent property of evolution that resembles intelligence (or is indistinguishable from something recognizable as intelligence), or that evolution is in fact itself an intelligent self directing process.

    And I can't find it now, but someone linked me to a study showing that DNA manufactures sequences in response to stimuli, which would indicate that it's not entirely random. Perhaps the end results appear random (this branch went with tentacles, and this one with wings because who knows why), but the steps getting there weren't.

    Sidenote: I feel like I'm the person typing the most critical notes the most often, but I myself don't identify as a materialist. I recently broke off a long time friendship with a person because he said I was one, and that he was going to have to start "cutting materialism from his life." So, while I'm not a materialist, I do want to be persuaded by available evidence, and I critique not to naysay, but to test the trustworthiness of information.

  15. Alien et angel mystery solved by me.

    The little gray beings are the spirits of fallen evil cherub angels. They do travel in plasma craft or saucers. Our government has even cloned them. Ive seen real ones up close.

    The larger betty barney hill aliens are rainbow body monks with demon or unclean spirits. They use plasma saucers too.

    Bloodviking, ufologist of 32 years. Spiritualist,wiseman,inventer.

    Pmd40 at live . Com

  16. glasncing so far at the concept of "demonization" seems that Augustine's take on things (which is actually not Manichaean when it comes to rejecting lucifer and demons but biblical) that Augustine was correct in viewing the "daemon" guardian angels of pagans as demons daevas in Persian. demons can be very deceptive and helpful like Gollum and psychopaths. the devil was once lucifer the most perfect and beautiful angel who fell in love with himself and tried to dethrone God and was cast down instead. pagan mythology retains some vague memory of things once known before paganism developed. demons can be very nice and helpful for a while, like Gollum in lord of the rings, or a psychopath. they have no good intent.

    I wasn't always a Christian. I am acquainted with your line of thought on this, but a little study of the occult literature will show that demons can be deceptive and even beautiful to lure to disaster of one sort or another or even immediate death or later damnation.

  17. I'm enjoying this series! I need to read me some Fred Hoyle - something of a childhood hero, until it became kind of ... unfashionable. Makes me think of Cambridge physicist Brian Josephson, who after inventing the superfast switch which bears his name, and being briefly feted and then dropped by IBM, set up shop in the basement of the Cavendish researching ESP.

    I think the esoteric question here is: what the heck has been driving Moore's law for seventy years? I have a strong suspicion that the answer might be 'Mammon'.