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Lucifer's Technologies: Horned and Hidden

Looking back on the events of 1947, you are struck not only by how many brilliant scientists there were floating in and out of the story, you're also struck by the apparent high ritualism at work. 

This might seem like a wailing contradiction to our dumbed-down, disenchanted, postmodern culture. But it makes perfect sense when you take those two bricks-- cutting-edge science and ancient ritualism-- and seal them with the mortar of the secret societies that were - and still are* - pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

The secret societies were the bridge spanning ancient magic and futuristic science, from elite groups like Skull and Bones and other invitation-only "senior societies," to more esoteric groups like the Rosicrucians and various Kabbalistic sects, to the Freemasons, the largest, most visible, and arguably most influential of them of all.

Ritual wasn't a bug for this crowd, it was a feature. It was built into the business plan.

Although in steep decline todayº, the Freemasons were at their apogee of power and influence in the United States during World War II and in its aftermath. They had one of their own sitting in the Oval Office (Harry Truman) and a who's who of major players in the military as well, including:
• Arnold, General Henry “Hap” – Commander of the Army Air Force
• Bradley, General Omar N. – First Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
• Byrd, Admiral Richard E. – Operation Highjump, other expeditions
• Doolittle, General James – Commander, 8th Air Force
• MacArthur, Gen. Douglas – Army Chief of Staff during World War II
• Marshall, General George – Roosevelt's chief military adviser, General of the Army
• Murphy, Lt. Audie – Most decorated soldier of WWII, major movie star later

But when looking at famous names associated with World War II and Freemasonry, one name stands out: Vannevar Bush. 

Here's a partial excerpt from his CV (his accomplishments would take up an entire post):
Bush was appointed chairman of the National Defense Research Committee in the year 1940. He was Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development in 1941. The first electronic analogue computer, the differential analyzer, was developed by him. 
Bush taught at the University and later at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge. He also served as president from 1939 to 1955 of the Carnegie institution and chairman from 1946 to 1947 of the Joint Research and Development Board.
UFO researchers know Bush's name well. One reason is that he's associated with the controversial Majestic 12 memos, particularly the so-called Eisenhower Briefing Document, which claimed a working group was ordered by Truman to study the UFO phenomenon in general, and the crash at Roswell in particular.

Bush is crucial to this story because there would be claims that he was tasked with running the R&D program that would sort through the material allegedly recovered from crashed saucers. 

Or did the technology reach us through different channels altogether? We have very good reasons to believe that there actually WAS a Majestic-12 group (whatever it was called) put together to study UFOs but that there was NEVER a recovered alien craft at Roswell.

So the question remains; what was Roswell really all about? It about something, I have no doubt of it. There's far too much smoke for there to be no fire here.  

There's also the flaming-hot red flag of the missing Roswell files.

In you're not familiar with it already, this is one of those blatant hoodwinks that bureaucrats now pull on a regular basis and get away with, thanks to a pliant media terrified of being toe-tagged with the "conspiracy theorist" label.

The issue emerged when the 
General Accounting Office was working on its own investigation into the Roswell crash, something then-President Clinton was keen to dig into. Nick Redfern wrote in a report for Mysterious Universe:
During the course of their search for records to try and better understand what took place at Roswell in early July 1947, the GAO learned that the entire outgoing messages from Roswell Army Air Field generated during the period that the event occurred were missing, and under circumstances that could not be fully determined and proved.
But as it happens, it wasn't just the period of the "crash" in which the records were missing, it was nearly a five-year span, from the end of the war on up: 
“In addition to unit history reports, we also searched for other government records on the Roswell crash. In this regard, the Chief Archivist for the National Personnel Records Center provided us with documentation indicating that (1) RAAF records such as finance and accounting, supplies, buildings and grounds, and other general administrative matters from March 1945 through December 1949 and (2) RAAF outgoing messages from October 1946 through December 1949 were destroyed."
But Redfern seems to side with Roswell skeptics when he argues:
"(I)f UFO/Roswell researchers wish to maintain that the missing files from 1947 point to a specific cover-up of the Roswell event...then they have to provide a viable reason as to why documentation dating back as far as March 1945 was pulled too, and why (documentation) remains missing from as late as 1950..."
Well, Nicko my boy, I'll take a crack at that right now. Why are the Roswell records missing from 1945 to 1949? 

Because A., the Roswell event was in fact planned long in advance, and B., though what people like Philip Corso and Jack Shulman said may or not be true, the atomic-armed Roswell AAF Base seemed to be the focus point for some kind of exchange

There were all kinds of activities taking place in Roswell's wake that had everything to do with the dissemination of science and technology to places like Bell Labs and Hughes and General Electric and so on, and perhaps even companies and universities in Europe and Japan as well. 

In that light, activities that might have seemed unremarkable to personnel on-base at the time would later provide a treasure trove to researchers trying to reconstruct the Roswell story, an act that may well have led them to very different conclusions as to the nature of the event and the reality of contact with beings we seem to have had a very long history with on this planet.

I've suggested that Project Diana and Operation Crossroads were the prelude to Roswell, but certainly the Maury Island incident and the Kenneth Arnold sightings helped set the table for public interest in the UFO topic. 

And sure enough, in the weeks before Roswell we would also see one of the most remarkable meeting of scientific minds since the war's end: the Shelter Island Conference, which took place on the first weekend of June of '47.

And wouldn't you know it, Rockefeller fingerprints were all over this little get-together:
The idea for the conference was hatched by Duncan MacInnes, a physical chemist with the Rockefeller Institute and Karl K. Darrow, the permanent secretary of the American Physical Society. 
Of course, you'd need Rockefeller kind of money to assemble the kind of talent that showed up at Shelter Island:
The conference featured a veritable Who’s-Who of the physics community, including Edward Teller, David Bohm, John von Neumann, John A. Wheeler, I.I. Rabi, Richard Feynman, Willis Lamb, Linus Pauling, Hans Bethe, and Julian Schwinger (and) discussion leaders J. Robert Oppenheimer, Victor Weisskopf, and H.A. Kramers. 
This conference included not only many of the Manhattan Project's heavy hitters, it also included a legendary scientist (Teller) who'd somehow find himself mixed in the Roswell saga when the Bob Lazar story broke in the late 80s.** 

The thing, though, is this: for such an important conference such as Shelter Island, the proceedings available seem rather...light. 

One of the papers would be Willis Lamb's report on stimulated emission in hydrogen spectra (written immediately after the conference) which would soon lead to the development of the maser (at Bell Labs, of course) but what else did all these great minds discuss?

Here's the official story:

The scientists addressed an obstacle in particle physics theory that they had faced for the preceding decade: although the basic concepts of QED (Quantum electrodynamics), which governs how electrons and photons relate, were well known, there was still the important matter of why “as one went beyond the lowest order of perturbation theory, the predictions ceased to make sense...”   
Well, apparently they worked it all out and everyone lived happily ever after, Amen. Or should I say Amun?


Well, that's all jolly riveting, I hear you say, but what's the connection to this whole situation with Roswell and so-called reverse engineering and all the rest of it?

Well, not only did the Rockefellers have their fingers in this particular pie, so too did Bell Labs:
Karl K. Darrow began his career as a research physicist at Western Electric in New York City in 1917.  When the company incorporated as Bell Laboratories in 1925, he continued his employment there as a science writer through his retirement in 1956.  He produced more than 200 articles for professional and technical journals, including many for the Bell Laboratories Technical Journal.
Getting the picture now?

Let's just say that given the fact that quantum mechanics played a major role in the emerging Technocracy (like with, oh, say, little trifles such as the development of the solid-state transistor and the laser, not to mention quantum computing and nanotechnology), it's probably a safe bet that these gentlemen- who already proved they could keep secrets- were briefed that major changes were coming down the pike. 

In, like, a month or so.

Oh, I almost forgot: as "chance" would have it, the ball initially got rolling for this conference on the same day (Jan 4, 1946†) another legendary scientist- Jack Parsons- began his notorious Babalon Working, on the other side of the country.

How's that for a "synchronicity," eh?

I'll tell you what; I'll throw in another.

The Shelter Island Conference took place at the Ram’s Head Inn, aside from being a conspicuously inconvenient location for such a collection of luminaries, was also "a new hotel that was explicitly opened early to host the gathering."

"Ram's Head."

"Explicitly opened early" for this conference.

OK, let's just stop right here; Now do you see what I mean about ritualism here? 

No? OK, read on...


Amun was one of the Ogdoad, or Eight Founding Gods of Ancient Egypt. He was the biggest, baddest god on the block for a long, long time, and ended up absorbing the attributes of other gods into his portfolio. His priesthood became so powerful that they could unilaterally decide that all the other gods were just 'aspects' of Amun.

Amun was often depicted as a ram, a universal symbol of virility.

Put it this way: when Akhenaten went on his crusade and started upsetting the applecart, he was basically on the warpath against this priesthood. But as time went on, Amun's worship evolvedAmun and Ra were recombined into a new kind of supergod, Amun-Re, or Amen-Ra. Ra, for those of you who might remember, is the other alien Egyptian god. He of the green ringed sun :
The worship surrounding Amun, and later, Amun-Re represented one of ancient Egypt's most complex theologies. In his most mature form, Amun-Re became a hidden, secret god. In fact, his name (Imn), or at lest the name by which the ancient Egyptians called him, means "the hidden one" or "the secret one"
Or "elusive one." I mean, if that's your thing. 

Over time, a powerful and widespread cult combining Zeus or Jupiter with Amun into a new horned -- or ram-headed -- god called 'Jupiter-Ammon' developed.

Herodotus reported that a Phoenician cult of the horned god established an oracle at Siwa, which Alexander the Great, the role model for all would-be world conquerors, consulted with before a battle. It apparently made quite an impression:
Alexander visited the oracle, asked his questions and received information. It is not known what was discussed, but it is certain that after the visit, Alexander started to worship Ammon. He also wanted to be called 'son of Zeus' or 'son of Ammon', which amounts to the same.
Which also amounts to the same as Serapis, who Alexander also prayed to Zeus-Jupiter-Ammon as. Serapis who is kind of the same as (the original "star sailor") Osiris, who was often identified with Ptah, who himself is like Hephaestus but also kind of like the Cabiri.

Which just goes to prove that ancient pantheons are almost as complicated as the DC Universe. 
But there's another epithet Alexander knew this god under:
So he sought out the all-seeing god. Then he constructed a very great altar in front of the Herōon, which is now called the altar of Alexander. 
All-Seeing, as in "All-Seeing Eye."

And just so we're clear, Jupiter/Amun/Serapis/Whomever is the god who puts the Annuit in our Coeptis

That's on the Great Seal, of course, which was put on the dollar on Vice President (and 32nd Degree Mason) Henry Wallace's suggestion who in turn got the idea from Russian occultist Nicholas Roerich, who had a remarkable "daylight disc" sighting 20 years before Roswell.

Well, that's all absolutely scintillating, I'm sure you're saying, but what does this possibly have to do with Roswell? 

Well, Jupiter (or alternatively, Ra) also puts the Ba'al ("Lord") in Ba'albek, the impossibly mega megalithic site*** that just happens to sit on the exact same latitude as the Roswell "crash" site.

And as fate would have it, Baalbek ties into (son of ram-headed god Jupiter Ammon) Alexander's story as well.

The ram would take on another guise over time, and eventually evolve into a darker archetype, one that has very much been in the news lately. It all has to to with a god that was sometimes associated with everyone's favorite space-truckin' deity, Osiris:
During the late period, Banebdjed was referred to as "the goat of Mendes" by the Greeks who mispronunced the phrase Ba-neb-Djetet ('Ram lord of Djedet') and named the city Mendes. "The goat of Mendes" has been linked by some esoteric scholars to Baphomet (the "false god" the Templars were accused of worshipping) and transformed into a satanic stereotype by others.   

The only slight problem with this is that Banebdjedt was not a goat, but a ram, and he (or she) was not considered to be evil or even aggressive. 
Ah, details, details. But for our purposes -- and perhaps for the purposes of the planners of the Shelter Island Conference -- Benebdjed was known under another name as well:
Banebdjed was given the epithets "Lord of the Sky" and "lord of life" echoing the titles of the sun god Ra.
Note also that Greeks renamed Ba'albek "Heliopolis," after Ra's sacred city in Egypt. Heliopolis was also the cult center of the Shemsu Hor. It was also the center of the powerful priesthoods who controlled the ancient sciences of Egypt.

Note that though Ra is best known as a hawk-headed man, he also had a ram form.
No, I never saw that before either

So choosing the otherwise wholly-innocent Ram's Head Innºº - which opened early "explicitly" (!!!) for this conference - not only ritually links this little confab to Amun, the 'hidden god' of the Pyramid Texts, it links it to a late-model (and magically-oriented) version of Jupiter as well as to Alexander the Great, the patron saint of would-be world dominators everywhere.

That symbolism also happen to link this conference to Roswell via Ba'albek, which by some zany, wacky coincidence is on the same exact latitude as the so-called "crash" site. A "crash" which wouldn't actually happen for another month, in fact.

But that's not very convincing, you might think; how else does the "Ram's Head" tie us back to Roswell? 

Well, when UFO reports began popping up in the waning days of World War II, the Air Force chose a general from the ranks to be the point man in their propaganda war against the phenomenon. Roswell students will know this man well, from the infamous press conference in Fort Worth.

What they might not know is that this same general was previously linked to Roswell via his involvement in Operation Crossroads the previous July, where he was in charge of the Air Force unit. His name?

General Roger Ramey. And you guessed it, 'Ramey' is derived from 'Ram'. The family coat of arms even features a black ram.

So the "head" of the Roswell Working - still a month off, remember - is a "Ram."

The Ram's Head "was explicitly opened early to host" the Shelter Island Conference.

Add all this together and you got some heavy, heavy sympathetic magick going down there. I mean, if you believe in that sort of thing.

I mean, remember that the Rockefellers and Bell Labs were running this dog-n-pony show, and invoking the old gods was the way things got done. As anyone who's walked around Midtown Manhattan or looked into Project Nike will tell you. 
And I don't need to remind anyone how interested the Rockefellers have been involved in the UFO/AAT field over the years. .

However you choose to look at all this, the payoffs for Bell Labs would be huge, and alarmingly immediate. Tune into our next exciting episode when Vannevar Bush returns, and returns in a big, bad way.


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UPDATE: There was a full moon during the Shelter Island Conference. During Roswell, too.

POSTSCRIPT: This is probably a good time to mention two other famous Freemasons; Antonio Meucci, who invented a working telephone before Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, the world's #1 corporation

* To read about secret societies among the wealthy and powerful today, click here and here.

º For all its faults, Freemasonry has been wildly mythologized and demonized by Nazis, Communists, Fundamentalists of all stripes, etc. But what fraternal orders like Freemasonry once did was provide a venue for networking and ladder-climbing for ordinary citizens, who otherwise wouldn't have access. Who benefits if fraternal orders are hobbled? Only the already-rich and powerful. Cui bono, indeed.

** The Lazar story is another controversial topic and things are most definitely not what they seem. But I recommend this lecture by George Knapp and point out that many of his claims have been verified. Also that at least one scientist recently came forward and said he worked with Lazar at Los Alamos.
Welcome to the UFO Hall of Mirrors, where info is "cooked" for you hot and fresh...

† Which goes to show you how important this little get-together was, that it was a year and a half in the planning. Yet so little actual documentation...

ººI have no doubt the owners- past and present- were innocent of all this and that the remote and inconvenient locale for this crucial conference was chosen for its name. I'm sure Rockie money was spent to get it ready for the occasion.

*** Don't listen to so-called experts that tell you the Romans moved those stones and we know how it was done, bla bla bla. The Romans kept no record of this shining accomplishment (highly un-Roman) and the only argument in their favor are certain gaps in the historical record.

But those stones may not have been recorded earlier because they could have been buried, the Romans may merely unearthed them and may have moved some of the around a teeny bit (and left others in place, which too is very un-Roman- they didn't bother to break them up and use them for other projects, as if there were a sense of reverence attached to them).
Or - and this gets my vote - they simply could have found the megaliths that way and buttressed them with foundational walls to honor the high gods. Again, the stupid strawman of Reticulans with tractor beams obscures more complex possibilities.