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The Owls Are Not What They've Seen

During my Operation Trojan Horse re-read I kept seeing the year of my birth- 1966- recur throughout the text. It was a busy year for UFOlogists in general but for Keel especially, since it brought him to Point Pleasant, WV to investigate the Mothman drama, with its attendant aftershocks like the saucer flap and the MIB invasion.

1966 was a fascinating year in many ways- absolutely pivotal in a Secret Sun context, really. It saw the first landing of a spacecraft on another planet's surface (the Soviet Venera 3), the maiden flight of Skunkworks' SR-71, the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in China (which eliminationist ideologues like PZ Myers' wretched minions would desperately love to reenact in America) and the first craft to enter lunar orbit (the Soviet Luna 10).

Villas Boas, writ large

1966 also saw the premieres of
Star Trek, Batman, The Monkees, Dark Shadows, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas on TV, the first "new Doctor" (Patrick Troughton), the creation of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan (and the production and subsequent theft of Kenneth Anger's original Lucifer Rising, or so the story goes) and Timothy Leary's League of Spiritual Discovery, the peak of the original Hippie movement in San Francisco (marked by Ken Kesey's Acid Tests at the Fillmore and Grace Slick's recruitment to the Jefferson Airplane) and the rise of The Pink Floyd as "the soundtrack of the counterculture" in London. Not to be outdone, the US Gov't outlawed the use and distribution of LSD in 1966 as well.

The Secret Sun's sizable UK contingent surely remembers 1966 was also the first and last time England won the World Cup. 1966 saw the release of "Good Vibrations," "Eight Miles High" (and "Mr. Spaceman," to boot), Pet Sounds and Revolver, as well as the recording of The Doors and Sgt. Pepper.

Jack Kirby was absolutely on fire in 1966; that year saw the debuts of the Silver Surfer and Galactus in Fantastic Four and Ego the Living Planet and the High Evolutionary in Thor as well as the Thor/Hercules replay of the Eleusinian Mystery and the "Cosmic Cube" Alchemical drama in Captain America (which was later adapted in the 2011 film). It also saw the last Spider-Man and Doctor Strange stories Steve Ditko would ever draw and the last James Bond 007 stories Ian Fleming would ever publish.

You get the picture. Feel free to add your own 1966 milestones in the comments section, but the point is that it seemed to be a peak year in many ways. I'm sorry I was too young to experience it properly.

But there was another bit of high weirdness in 1966 that I wrote about here a while back, and I wanted to revisit it with my Trojan Horse re-read still fresh in my mind:

Here's just a small sampling of the owl imagery I grew up surrounded by. That's me, in a corner of the dining room, probably sometime around 1972 or 1973. Most of the imagery was in the living room- there was a kind of alcove set into the wall that my dad used as a bar and then my mother used as a kind of shrine, with all kinds of owl figurines there. Later we put the TV there.
Now, I have no reason at all to believe that my mother was an alien abductee, but there is one particular story I remember her telling me...

She said that just before I was born she put my sister down for naps and then would often take one herself. But she would have this recurring nightmare that a "witch" was on the porch and was trying to come into the house while my mother was asleep on the sofa.
That was the same exact spot I had the leprechaun hallucination you're all so sick of hearing about.
The typical anxiety of an expectant mother? Probably. But the recurring nature of the nightmare is a bit curious. I also remembered another nightmare my mother told me she had before I was born: she was on a plane with my sister (who was about 2 at the time). But they were standing, not sitting, for some reason. Suddenly a door opened in the floor and my mother watched in horror as my sister was pulled through it and fell through the clouds.

Stressful thing, motherhood.

Also curious is the fact that -- as I mentioned-- this was the same exact spot where I had my own encounter with high weirdness, though not the first-- or the last-- such encounter. It's also the same spot featured in a nightmare that I'm only 99.9% certain was a dream and not a confused memory of a poltergeist encounter (or should I say another encounter):
It's 9 o'clock at night. My mother tells me she has to run down to Weymouth Landing to the store. I ask here to take me with her, because I'm afraid to be home alone. She gets irritated and tells me she won't be long. She leaves and I sit in the kitchen alone.

Then a knock comes at the back door but I don't see anyone there. I'm scared shitless. It comes again. I sit there terrified. Again. And then it stops.

Then all at once all of the doors and drawers in the house begin opening and closing by themselves, violently and rapidly.
That one still gives me chills, most of all because it was so un-dreamlike. But there's another puzzle piece to the story, one that I caught a glimpse of Trojan Horse and then corroborated in Passport to Magonia: There was a major UFO flap in eastern Massachusetts in the Spring of 1966. From the NICAP site:

March 29, 1966; Haverhill-Merrimac, MA
9:15 p.m. EST. About 15-20 miles southwest of Hampton, New Hampshire, several professional people including a deputy sheriff and a teacher saw a pulsating luminous white object moving back and forth.

March 30, 1966; Rehoboth, MA
8:00 p.m. EST. Three separate groups of witnesses had a series of sightings over a period of nearly two hours, including an object with amber body lights that passed over a car and hovered just off the road.

April 12, 1966; Dorchester, MA

7:45 p.m. EST. Witnesses reported a low-flying oval object with dome on top and colored lights around its perimeter, circling over a schoolhouse and bobbing up and down. Coincident power failure (EM effects) in nearby Roxbury.

April 12, 1966; Brockton, MA

1 0:00 p.m. EST. An elongated elliptical (or cigar-like) object with a bright red-orange light at each end was seen hovering off Route 24.

April 16, 1966; Sherborn, MA
7:55 p.m. EST. An elongated elliptical object with bright red light on each end and blue lights along its perimeter was seen hovering off Route 16.

April 17, 1966; Danvers, MA

7:15 p.m. EST. Several groups of witnesses reported an elliptical object with rotating white lights around its perimeter.

April 17, 1966; Peabody, MA

7:30-7:45 p.m. EST. Fifteen minutes later 5 miles south of Danvers, a series of sightings was reported by independent witnesses.

April 17, 1966; Wakefield, MA

8:30 p.m. EST. About 9 miles southwest of Peabody, witnesses reported an oval object making a humming sound.

April 18, 1966; Peabody, MA

7:15 p.m. EST. Several witnesses reported an oval object with blue glow, reddish-green flashing lights on each end. The object hovered, and sped back and forth several times.

April 19, 1966; Sharon, MA

12:15 a.m. EST. Citizens and police called to the scene to investigate saw an oval or egg-shaped object with a glowing rim that looked like lighted windows, and a steady red light on each end. The object hovered, then disappeared when an aircraft approached, reappearing after it left.

April 19, 1966; Peabody, MA

12:00 p.m. EST. On the north-northeast side of the Boston metroplex, witnesses reported an oval object with red, green, and white body lights, oscillating up and down when in motion.

April 19, 1966; Bellingham, MA

10:00 p.m. EST. Two hours later about 80 miles east-northeast of Hartford, an elongated elliptical object with bright red lights on each end flew low, hovered, and made a hissing sound when moving. A separate report was received of a "piercing, humming object" two hours earlier at Stoughton.

April 19, 1966; Quincy, MA

11:45 p.m. EST. Several persons saw a large disc-shaped object accompanied by two smaller discs that flashed red and white lights, hovered and swung back and forth like a pendulum.

April 22, 1966; Halifax, MA
Time not reported. About 60 miles south of Beverly, three women saw a round object with colored blinking body lights pace above and ahead of heir car. A low humming sound was heard. (NICAP report form.)

April 22, 1966; Springfield, MA
Time not reported. About 110 miles west-southwest of Beverly, a teacher and a boy saw a dome-shaped object with three lights on its underside hover, then accelerate away.

April 22, 1966; Beverly, MA
9:00 p.m. EST. Police and citizens saw three oval or elliptical objects flashing blue, green, red, and white lights circling low over the local high school. A humming sound was heard.

April 22, 1966; Beverly, MA
9-9:45 p.m. Witnesses including 2 policemen spread over a distance of saw a platter shaped object the size of a large automobile, with 3 red-green-white lights, no sound, hover over Beverly High School then depart to the SW. A

April 22, 1966; Wenham, MA
9:30 p.m. EST. Several witnesses at a college saw an orange circular object approach to within 600 feet at about 100 feet altitude. The object made a right angle turn and moved out of sight behind trees.

April 23, 1966; Randolph, MA
8:40 p.m. EDT. Police and others in a rural lake area sighted an "elongated egg-shaped" (elliptical) object with white lights around its perimeter, colored flashing lights on its underside.

April 23/24,1966; Dorchester, MA
10:30 p.m. EST. Members of a family about 13 miles north of Randolph, Mass., saw a disc with dome on top and blinking red lights around the edge, and a brilliant yellow light on top of the dome, bobbing up and down as it moved. The yellow light blinked or flashed alternately with the red lights. The object stopped, hovering over a building. After a

April 24, 1966; Dorchester, MA
5:00 a.m. EDT. The same family as in the previous entry saw an identical oval or discoid object with dome and yellow light on top and red lights around the edge. flashing in the same pattern as the night before. The object emitted a humming sound and "weird, whirring, mechanical noises" as it bobbed around apparently close to the building. An explosive sound was heard, the windows rattled and furniture shook, and the lights went out. The family German shepherd dog whined and scratched at the door (animal reaction). The start of a power failure, which affected about 2,500 homes in the area, was officially timed at 4:57 a.m.

April 24, 1966; Ashby, MA (BBU)
6:10 p.m. 2 men saw a silent object with a bright blue light on top dive within 100 ft of their car, then suddenly accelerate, and was lost to sight toward Mt. Watatic.

May 1, 1966; Watertown, MA
10:00 p.m. EDT. Four witnesses saw an oval object with bright rotating red, green, and white lights pass over the Watertown Arsenal.

June 11, 1966; Westport, MA
3:45 a.m. EDT. A disc shaped like two plates one on top of the other, with a dome on top, white, yellow, blue, and green flashing lights around the circumference (body lights), buzzed over a car and hovered ahead over the road.

There may be more but you get the picture. There were scattered sightings later in the year but the bulk of them were concentrated in the Spring. Note the instances of power outages as well as all of the multi-witness sightings. Something was definitely going on in the skies over suburban Boston in 1966.

Now this is all pretty stunning because I never remember hearing about a single UFO sighting when I was growing up there.
There are UFO hotspots to be sure, but I never thought of Massachusetts as one of them. I remember a lot of ghost sightings and other general weirdness, but I can't remember hearing any UFO stories at all. This is particularly curious given that there was a Naval Air Base near my house and you figure just plain mistaken identity would play a part in local lore. But this stuff from 1966 is a total shock to me.

Either way, it can't help but make me wonder about those nightmares, never mind the parade of weirdness I have more tangible files of pertaining to that area. I've told you about Braintree being the Twin Peaks of the South Shore (even if none of the NICAP reports came from Braintree proper) and I meant it. Note that- like school shooter Amy Bishop-- Mark Zuckerberg's new wife herself hails from the 'Tree.

I can't help but think of Braintree native Steven Ivens, better known as the missing FBI agent from the Hollywood field office. They said he went up into the mountains over Burbank and disappeared-- did he find the Black Lodge there? Or had he found it already in his old hometown?


  1. LINK:

    This posting has Owls and Comic books and Alien Abduction.

    This guy's site is pretty cool, he is documenting his experiences. It is sort of paranoid and at the same time really creepy.

    He is part of a crew of bloggers who are sharing thier first-person experiences. He is very formal in his documentation, making it all the more strange.

    Mike C!

  2. Dear Maestro Loring! :) I really enjoy this post. I want give you somes insights in change.

    First, when I saw your photo in companion of the halloween birds, I thought about your red T-S "What happend between owls and Harvard?" I found this:

    A cute Owl Club in Harvard! Nice! :)

    And then I suddenly pay atention to your surname "Loring". I´m Spanish, I live in a sunny City, Málaga, near from another City Marbella, where Sean Connery was living for a few years. Anyway, the person who put my City, Málaga, in the industrial revolution, maybe was an honorable antecesor of you, Mr Loring!:)

    George Loring James. Born 18 november, 1771. until 1843 in Málaga.

    He was in Harvard College! Maybe he was an proto Owl man! (The Owl Club was founded in 1896)

    wikipedia doesn´t have too much about him, but he really shapes the city. There is a lot about his son: Jorge Loring.

    He comes from the Thomas Loring family tree: Thomas Loring Born in England, Devon, Axminster, 1575, until 1661, in Hull,Plymouth, Massachussets.

    Thankyou again!. I wish you the best! :)

  3. I´m sorry for post again! But I think you NEED Know about this in this days!: There is a criptic leiv motiv in the coat of arms of the Loring Family: "FAIRE SANS DIRE"

    With my best will, Chris! ;)

    A friend.

  4. Great stuff, Altair, but Loring is my middle name not my surname!

  5. I would keep an eye out for other folks born in that area in 1966. Not sure if anyone else will emerge, but it is my initial gut reaction to this set of UFO sightings.

  6. Hey Chris,

    Fascinating stuff. Especially your mother's dream of the witch, in context with the MA ufo sightings. It makes me muse on something I've always wondered about.

    If the intelligence behind many ufo accounts is connected to a Watcher race - is it possible that they have a roster of people who are literally just watched and observed? I mean, you read about abductions being a generational thing. Is it possible that there are other families and individuals who are observed but never actually interfered with as such?

    If this idea does have merit, then I think you could make an argument that this quiet observation might be picked up on by sensitive individuals, through a strange kind of weirdness/synchronicity/dreams interface.

    If the ufos are capable of manipulating subtle, psychic energies as the virtual-abduction concept suggests, then it doesn't seem too outlandish to me that some kind of psychic bleed-through might occur in cases where people are just being closely monitored.

    This might me intentional, as in "Make them pseudo-aware of our presence, but nothing more"...or it might be some kind of unintentional side-effect, just the result of engaging with a form of sentience that is ill-understood.

    Just food for thought. Great work, as ever.


  7. Fascinating about the UFO activity near your old stomping grounds. I was inspired to check my own birthplace and hometown......virtually nothing, just one incident a couple months after I was born in 1969, in the town I was born in.

    Anyway, fascinating stuff, as always. I guess the typical explanation for some people experiencing physical abduction and some just having dreams and 'feelings' would be that some are experiments and some are control groups. Of course, that is a very human way of thinking, but I guess there are those that believe that UFO abductions are actually carried out by humans for experimental reasons (the kinds of experiments that the public is kept from knowing about). Personally though, I lean more towards your elusive companion hypothesis. Interesting stuff.

  8. Hi Chris,

    Fascinating post!! I love this Secret Sun topic -- and your childhood stories. Rings so many bells.

    Owls were a big presence in my childhood too (b. 1963) and I have always been interested in the UFO phenomenon, not because I had encounters, but because I always felt like I didn't belong here and was waiting for my real family to come get me (yes, Escape to Witch Mountain was a favorite movie, as was Chariots of the Gods).

    And having spent my adolescence and early adulthood in Boston -- and the Braintree-Quincy line for three years married to a 1966 Quincy guy, I am also surprised to hear about so many UFO sitings in Beantown. When I lived there I never discussed this stuff and rarely met anyone with similar interests. Artists, witches and Salem yes, UFOs no. Although I had an Irish father, I did not experience any Leprechaun entities; but I did spend many nights "dreaming" about exorcising demons when we lived in a crazy house in Newton.(And no I never saw the Exorcist or the Omen -- still haven't because I'm a wuss.)

    When you mentioned that you were born in 1966 my astro-obsessed brain immediately saw a stellar connection between 1966 and 2012. The eclipse points, nodes, were in the same signs. The nodes return to the same sign every 18-19 years and effect life on a karmic level. The recent Venus transit occurred after an eclipse cycle (solar and lunar) with the south node/Ketu. Ketu is most associated with owls. So if you were born in 1966, your natal south node (past lives, previous karma) is in Taurus and has been triggered by all the recent planetary lineup.

    PLUS as Venus/Inanna (in her bird form she is called Nin-Ninna --owl goddess -- the Sumerian word for owl is ninna) did her shamanic transformation of evening star to morning star during the Venus transit, just after an eclipse with Ketu, these themes resurface.

    No doubt from the work you do, your Ketu is probably prominent in your chart (as it is in mine). I know you're not that interested in astro babbly stuff, but I still felt compelled to share these owl themes with you.

    Thanks again for sharing your process and amazing insights with all of us!!


  9. Hey again, Chris

    Just wanted to elaborate on your post a little. I'm sure the semiotic resonance of the name 'Braintree' isn't lost on you or any regular Sunners. It made me think of your recent re-post of Andrea Springer's sextet of images, that compare cosmic structures to biological structures. For those who haven't seen it, they can find it here:

    Comparing a brain cell to the structure of the universe, the birth of a cell to the death of a star, and the iris of an eye to a nebula. I think this is far, far more profound than a simple visual correlation. I think the 'As Above, So Below' hermetic adage is in this case a plain-sight key in hiding (or a plane-sight key).

    I think once the human race possesses a keener and more nuanced comprehension of DNA and cosmology incredible vistas of revelation will present themselves to us. If we don't completely wreck our chances before then, obviously.

    It is my suspicion that an advanced 'alien' culture would perceive neurology, cosmology, chemistry and physics as profoundly interconnected. I think herein lies the path to a breakthrough that could potentially allow Faster Than Light travel, or at least a very sophisticated understanding of the fractal pattern-fields that generate three-dimensional Time and Space.

    The reason I say this is that in our art it is ALWAYS implied that reality-manipulation comes about through a greater comprehension of the properties of Sound and Light. Kirby, Star Trek, Star Wars, Twin Peaks, TTZ, TOL and The X Files all imply or directly suggest this notion. It seems to be one that artists - especially sci-fi and visionary artists - consistently gravitate towards.

    And now it seems that science is beginning to catch up. Quantum Physics, Bell's Theorem, as well as new research in biology that might suggest that DNA is a crystalline receiver-transmitter - more sophisticated that any imagined Artificial Intelligence from the pages of sci-fi.

    So...Braintree being some kind of Twin Peaks type nexus? Perhaps not too far-fetched.


  10. possible new twist in the Suicidal/Rogue FBI agent:


  11. You might want to watch this doco if you are looking for UFOs in 1966;

    Westall UFO 1966 -Mass sighting at Westall High School - (Full Length)

  12. I find your mom's plane dream intriguing because (1) they were standing up and (2) a cargo door opened. I have one similar vivid childhood dream that seemed so real.

    I was in an aircraft with a group strangers, both adults and kids. We were all standing in line and there were two humanoid robot-looking people (a male and a female) coming down the row touching each person with a device. I started shaking the people behind and in front me telling them we needed to run but everyone was in a trance except me.

    When the female robot noticed me moving she signaled to the male. There was no sound but I could hear what they were saying in my mind. She came at me with the device and touched me in the stomach with it. I got a sensation that i can only describe an extremely violent tickle.

    I started running for the back of the aircraft which was open like a huge cargo bay door and as I got closer I saw we were up in outer space. I looked back and the robot female was pursuing me. But the male seemed curiously interested that I wasn't affected by their device and I heard him tell her to let me go. I either jumped or got sucked out of the back of the aircraft into space and woke up in my bed.

  13. Chris, what's your birthday? Who else was born exactly on your birthday?

    Yes, the spring of 1966 was, as we Forteans like to call it, a time of "high strangeness."

    If 1966 harmonically strikes a cord, how do you think it feels to be born almost on the threshold of UFOlogy, on July 12, 1947, near a major American Naval base, in Norfolk?

    Eight Kenneth Arnold-like flying saucers were photographed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on my exact birthdate. On July 12, 1947, Kenneth Arnold sent a telegram giving his permission, for the first time, to General Twining to disseminate information about the June 24th sighting to all military commands.

    But what I was interested was to discover the human link too.

    Bertrand Méhuest was born on July 12, 1947. Méheust's early work and first book, in 1978, were on ufology. Méheust's mentor is Aimé Michel, who would also be a powerful influence on Jacque Valleé (who, as it turns out, is a friend of mine and Chris'). It is a small world, after all.

    It is always intriguing to track the lives of others boron exactly on the same day you were born, and thus since you wrote so deeply of 1966, it was the next obvious question that popped into my head about you, Chris.

  14. So Chris, what do you make of the owl imagery in Scott Snyder's current run on Batman?

  15. Sorry, "Méhuest" is incorrect. Should be "Méheust."

  16. MIke- I haven't heard anything of significance in that regard. No Midwich Cuckoos running around.

    Raj- You and I are thinking along the same lines here. I didn't think anything about those dreams she told me until I started thinking about the owl obsession. Then add to that the UFO flap, and it's a very puzzling mystery indeed.

    Gus- The MILAB thing. I've investigated that and have yet to see any evidence of any seriousness. I don't discount it- I'm quite certain the military and intelligence were using some of the Contactees for various purposes, but I just haven't seen any evidence, never mind proof. But as you know I don't actually believe in physical abduction either- or at least I don't believe the bulk of legitimate abductee cases are physical phenomena. I'm with Keel on that.

    Star- You and I seem to have traveled on a parallel course in many ways. And as always you cough up the Grade A astro goodness! Venus/Inanna/Hathor is definitely a factor in the symbology here. And I believe that 19 year cycle you refer to is the Metonic Cycle, which takes us back from 1966 to 1947. I don't know what the exact significance is -if any- but my birthday is July 1 and the Roswell incident began on July 1, 19 years prior to my birth. So there's that Metonic cycle again. But not Midwich Cuckoos that I can tell.

    Andrew- Wow, there's a weird twist. Thanks.

    Darren- Yeah, I saw that doc. Good one.

    Sibyl- That's pretty powerful stuff. What do you make of it? What kind of weirdness has been connected to it? Let me know in a follow-up. There might be some clues here...

    Loren- Well, as I said 1947 and 1966 are linked by the Metonic Cycle. 1985 was a highly significant year for me for reasons of weirdness, how about you?

    I know Betrand- he was at Esalen for Jeff Kripal's first Superpowers seminar. I mentioned him recently in this post:

    I don't know about anyone born on my exact day, though- I'm mainly trying to get at my mother's experiences here. Specifically, digging at the fact she was having these almost stereotypical "abductee" dreams at the same time there was an unprecedented flap in Massachusetts. Add to that the whole issue of the Owl fixation and now the missing FBI agent and you have a genuine Mystery on your hands. Growing up in Braintree in the 70s, I can't say I'm surprised. The damn place was just wrong.

    Cat- I have no idea. I can't afford to read comics anymore. 3 bucks for a five minute is definitely not my best entertainment value.

  17. Hey Chris,

    I'm impressed that you know about Metonic cycles! Yes, they are the basis of eclipse patterns.

    Interesting connection with Roswell. I've never seen a chart for the incident, maybe because the date is shady -- do you have some info that confirms the July 1 date? I'll check with my astro buddies to see if they have anything.

    What is truly amazing is that both July 1, 1966 and 1947 had a full moon in the exact same sign and degree -- aligned with the galactic center. Depending on the exact time of your birth and the time the incident the moon was either in the late degrees of Scorpio aligned with Ketu (the owl significator) or the early degrees of Sagittarius that is also ruled by Ketu(by nakshatra). So that day in both years was under the high owly weirdness of Ketu.

    AND both charts have Ms. Venus conjoined the North Node/Rahu in Taurus (at degrees that aligned with the Pleiades). The north node is also associated with Owls, but not as much as Ketu.

    Your birth chart definitely have some cool astro similaries with the Roswell chart, including Mercury.



  18. A great post. Am in the middle of writing a book about pop music in 1966. So many amazing music, events and things happened that year. Thank you.