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Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: The Ultimate Lifeform

My recent Operation Trojan Horse re-read wasn't merely on a whim- it was inspired by a brief passage in Nick Redfern's new book The Pyramids and the Pentagon, almost an afterthought in the context of the book.
But it tied back to research Nick has done on the topic of "sentient ghost lights," which he wrote about on Mysterious Universe last year.
The report says that on rare occasions plasmas can cause responses in the temporal-lobe area of the human brain, leading observers to suffer extended memory retention and repeat experiences. This, the report’s author believes, may be ‘a key factor in influencing the more extreme reports [that] are clearly believed by the victims.’”

Dr. Greg Little, commenting on such unidentified balls of light, says: “Persinger’s primary interest has been in the nearly unbelievable effects the plasma’s magnetic field has on human consciousness…Persinger’s research indicates that people who come into close contact with these charged plasma forms experience altered states of consciousness producing a host of strange visions,” including UFO abductions.
Now I knew this was nothing new, but I'm fascinated by the fact that many skeptics will acknowledge that these fireballs exist and may indeed have a powerful effect on human consciousness.

The difference being is that skeptics believe it's all some kind of fluke-- some big ol' misunderstanding, you understand-- while a considerable body of thinking in the alt.UFOlogy world sees these beings as sentient, perhaps interdimensional life forms of almost unimaginable power and influence. And so I went back to Keel and then Vallee to refresh my memory on this phenomenon.

Now with Keel you have to expect a bit of blarney, a bit of bluster. But few others took the time to catalog UFO reports and interview witnesses first-hand. And after reviewing thousands of reports, Keel came to a definitive conclusion as to what the UFO phenomenon was and what the phenomenon was not. From Trojan Horse:
Most of these were of luminous objects that behaved in peculiar, unnatural ways. The great majority of all sightings throughout history have been of "soft" luminous objects, or objects that were transparent, translucent, changed size and shape, or appeared and disappeared suddenly. Sightings of seemingly solid metallic objects have always been quite rare...The scope, frequency and distribution of the sightings make the popular extraterrestrial (interplanetary) hypothesis completely untenable.
Ufologists have constructed elaborate theories about flying saucer propulsion and antigravity. But we cannot exclude the possibility that these wondrous "machines" are made of the same stuff as our disappear­ing houses, and they don't fly-they levitate. They are merely temporary intrusions into our reality or space-time continuum, momentary manipu­lations of electromagnetic energy.
Jacques Vallee was another heretic to the ETH priesthood. In his 1989 book, Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact Vallee wrote, "To put it bluntly, the UFO phenomenon does not give evidence of being extraterrestrial at all. Instead it appears to be inter-dimensional and to manipulate physical realities outside of our own space-time continuum."

Vallee expanded upon Keel's basic theories on the UFO phenomenon and its effect on human consciousness (much to Keel's consternation, at least in the early days), bringing a greater understanding of science and physics to the table. From an interview with Vallee:
(The UFO Phenomenon) seems to involve a lot of energy in a small space; it seems to involve pulsed microwaves, among other things. There isn't much that is known about the effect of pulsed microwaves on the brain, so it's quite possible that some of the stories that you get from people are essentially induced hallucinations in sincere witnesses--the witnesses are not lying. They really have been exposed to something genuine but there is no way to go back to what that thing was, based on their description, because their brain has been affected by proximity to that energy.

Having said that, I have plenty of colleagues in science and technology I respect who tell me this could be a natural phenomenon--this could be an undiscovered form of energy in the atmosphere. We don't know much about the effect of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system. We're going to be discovering that as we go. So, it's quite possible that there could be a phenomenon like that, a very spontaneous thing. Or it could be artificial. If it's artificial it could come from another form of consciousness, which may or may not be extraterrestrial.
Whatever the ultimate source of the phenomenon, there is one thing that many alt.UFOlogists and even more impartial observers agree on: this phenomenon not only has the ability to interface with human consciousness (reading Keel put my own catalog of weird experiences in a whole new light), it has the ability to disguise itself, to change its shape, to take on a number of forms and identities whether through the control of human perception or through an ability to shape-shift using means we can hardly even speculate upon. Vallee again:
When I went to the Soviet Union, I met a man named Vladimir Azhazha, who is head of the research committee on UFOs in Moscow. He said, "You know, one of the most important aspects of this whole phenomenon is that it’s polymorphic." I wasn’t sure my interpreter was translating accurately, so I had him repeat that. He said, "It’s polymorphic; they change shapes. An object will appear as a disc and as it’s moving through the sky it will change into a cube or into a pyramid or it will vanish on the spot."

If it changes shape, if it can appear out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere, this is not just a bunch of spacecraft. This is a much more interesting technology that manipulates dimensions. It manipulates space-time. And if it can do that, then it can be from anywhere and anytime.
Vallee also touched upon another immutable constant that comes to characterize the pursuit of Alt.UFOlogy, as well as related and tangential fields. Of course, I am talking about the phenomenon of Synchronicity. Vallee, recounting his discussion with the Soviet chum regarding the morphology of UFOs:
I showed him an article where I had said essentially the same thing. He looked at me and he said, "You know, it’s as if you and I had been working together for the last ten years." This shows something rather remarkable about the phenomenon, which is that two people who have been studying it in earnest in completely different parts of the world under completely different conditions will arrive at the same conclusions about it.

Now I bring this up because literally as soon as I was wrapping up my Operation Trojan Horse and supplemental material re-read, Paul Weston emailed me out of the blue about Andrew Collins' new book, Lightquest, which not only seeks to describe these beings but explain how the reader can interact with them.

Jeffrey Pritchett interviewed Collins about the new book.
Collins expands on Keel's and Vallee's work, offering a synthesis of Keel's theory of UFOs as living plasma entities with the ability (and desire) to alter human consciousness and Vallee's theory of UFOs as being essentially an interdimensional phenomenon:
I propose that during UFO close encounters we enter what might be described as isolated bubble universes, or drive-through universes, where the interaction between human consciousness and plasma-based environments come together to create virtual worlds of our own making, based on our present conception of what we expect to experience under such traumatic and otherworldly circumstances.
As with Keel and Vallee, Collins believes that the contactee/abductee experience is essentially a kind of induced virtual reality, though he doesn't necessarily agree on the exact mechanics of these experiences:
(The) good explanation would have to involve a progressive understanding of quantum entanglement, i.e. non-local communication, in which whole systems of twinned particles are able to transfer information back and forth in an instant of time.

Under such conditions a shifted reality that might present itself as the interior of a spacecraft, the realm of faerie or even the heavenly paradise, might come into being, and be very real indeed. Yet in fact it is a mental projection existing temporarily within a higher dimensional reality attached to highly energetic light forms.
Collins argues that plasma is in fact an excellent medium for life and especially intelligence. If his theory is true, it gives new meaning to the Navajo term "Star People," in that these beings would be perceived as coming from the stars and be made of "star stuff" themselves!
Can such light intelligences, if they exist, inhabit balls of light and UFOs of the type so frequently recorded both in the past and since the advent of the flying saucer age? Many UFO researchers have concluded this fact across the years...the greatest pioneer in this field of study is writer Trevor James Constable (who) has proposed that UFOs are amoeba-like animals or “critters” that inhabit the upper atmosphere.

In his opinion, these “plasmatic” “sky-creatures” exist in an invisible form, but very occasionally shift in frequency to become visible as shimmering disks, lights in the sky and glowing balls of energy.
Now you can take the word of your scientists and your researchers and your PhD's and that's all well and good. But this is The Secret Sun (not to mention the "Wizards..." series) and when in doubt we consult the work of the great seer Jacob Kurtzberg (1917-1994), better known to the world as Jack Kirby. Kirby's work is filled to the brim with aliens and ancient astronauts; what did he think of this idea of sentient plasma beings?

The answer-- hiding in plain sight-- was stunningly definitive.

Long before Operation Trojan Horse, long before Dimensions, Kirby was writing about UFOs as the product of sentient light beings. Given Jack's voracious appetite for reading-- especially paranormal and parapolitical literature-- and his lifelong obsession with the UFOs it's tempting to say that this 1957 story- 'Fireballs' from Alarming Tales #2-- was inspired by the work of Trevor James Constable.

However, it was published more than a year before Constable's first book They Live in the Sky.

The mystery deepens: in the foreword to the 1978 collection UFOs and Related Subjects: An Annotated Bibliography, editor Lynn E. Catoe wrote of a phenomenon that wouldn't surprise a first century Alexandrian familiar with The Book of Enoch or The Mithraic Liturgy:
A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities, as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestations and possession . . .

Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demoniac possession and psychic phenomena which has long been known to theologians and parapsychologists.
And in 'Fireballs', one of these beings takes possession of (read: walks-in to) a reporter in order to communicate with the meat puppets, claiming that the atomic testing brought the insignificant little water planet to their attention. (Note that Kirby was also writing a number of stories about interdimensional travel at the same time he was processing all of this.)

The experience here is cautionary, educational. But as we saw before the concept of possession is a thorny one, not least because no one wants another entity to take control of their body. Or don't they? Inviting possession was a feature of the ancient Mysteries as it is with their modern descendants such as Santeria and Pentecostalism.

As Jung pointed out about the UFO phenomenon in general, the Walk-In phenomenon hinges entirely on the beliefs and attitudes of the experiencer. Atheists (not to mention Baptists or Presbyterians) are rarely- if ever- possessed by demons whereas adherents of authoritarian religions will use possession as an excuse to break temporarily free of their programming, even if it often ends in their murder at the hands of an "exorcist." Keel again:
This mental (and also emotional) manipu­lation is the key to our mystery. Possession occurs in both good and evil forms. Possession is part of the overall manifestation. Many contactees display the classic symptoms of possession.

Arthur Ford, the medium, was possessed on one level; Dr. Newbrough, author of Oahspe, on another; contactees on still another. All are subjects of the same phenome­non-phenomenon that is not bred in the reaches of outer space but which has always existed with us here in our own immediate environment.
I'm sure I could find a number of stories Kirby did on this theme, but I wanted to revisit the endlessly-unfolding occult grimoire/prophetic codex that men call Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #30 (published March 1975).

The first Jack Kirby comic I ever bought (At Valles News) is not only ripe to bursting with High Weirdness ('UFO: The Wildest Trip on Earth'- what was Jack trying to tell us there?) it also features a UFO abduction (which begins with the mind-altering ray so familiar to contact stories from the Fifties (not to mention "The Cage"), it also features an alien which is nothing but sentient bio-plasma using a suit to take human form.

If all that weren't enough, the issue ends with the Bio-Plasma alien taking possession of Kamandi's Gus Grissom analog, Ben Boxer. Then of course the American invasion of Iraq, only in funny animal form, drawn in 1975.

And just as Vallee and his Soviet general friend agreed, the alien "can be many things," meaning take many forms. "It's living energy. The ultimate lifeform."

The "energy alien" uses Kamandi's old friend Doctor Anubi... er I mean Canus, to take form using the machinery she built while tooling around in its space suit. Note Kirby conflating the terminology of "fireball" (or foo fighter?) and BIO-PLASMA. Interesting that the alien takes human form after modeling itself after Kamandi, yet another of Jack's idealized, androgynous blond man-children.

Indeed, that same archetype would appear as Ikaris in The Eternals (originally called Return of the Gods), which Kirby began work on shortly after finishing Kamandi #30. And as we saw going back to the 50s, this would be another immersion into Kirby's ancient astronaut obsession (which I guarantee you is as much an influence on Prometheus as Von Daniken, since the first Alien raided Eternals #1 for imagery and the second Aliens film is a virtual rewrite of the first Captain Victory storyline).

But there was something quite interesting about these particular ancient astronauts.... Pyra, the Gods were energy beings encased in giant armored suits. As we saw in this story, they also had the ability to create illusions in men's minds, convincing Russian generals that a missile the Soviets had launched at it had reversed course back to its silo.

We also saw the Celestials' true nature in 'The Astronauts', which we looked at in context of the 1986 Challenger disaster.

Now remember, this is a guy who one journalist compared to the assistant foreman in a girdle factory. Who Art Spiegelman (aka Gummo Bubbleman) called "an idiot savant obsessed with orgasm." Who Jim Woodring said was a very strange little man "hermetically sealed" in his own imagination.

A man who didn't have a driver's license because he was unable to focus on consensus reality long enough to avoid driving off the road. A man whose most interesting resonant stories were all commercial flops since he needed guys like Stan Lee to bring his imagination down to Earth long enough to tell an accessible narrative for the mainstream.

So the question raises itself yet again; what the hell got a hold of this guy? What undetectable signal was he tuned into?

More importantly, how do we tune into that signal ourselves?


  1. How do we tune in, you ask? Mysticism. Ego-death and rebirth. Entheogens. Yoga. Fasting. Meditation.

  2. Crap! I just finished writing a long analogous blah, blah about the similarities in allegories between Kirby, The alien entity Authors, and Carlos Castenada. Somehow when I went to post it disappeared! Anyways.Hi Chris I really like your blog, and have you have read any of the Don Juan stories? First-time Mick

  3. Crap! I just tried to post a comment on some analogous blah blah about the interesting similarities in the stories written by Kirby, The alien entity Author's, and Carlos Castenda. Suddenly the post disappeared. When all I should of asked - Hi Chris I really like your Blog and have you read Castaneda's books about Don Juan. Thanks- my first time post- Mick

  4. There's this, from today's Guardian, may be highly relevant:

    Frances Ashcroft: We are controlled by electrical impulses
    Memory, personality, hormone regulation, our senses – all are governed by currents within our bodies

    Ion channels are little gated pores that sit in the membrane of every one of your cells and of every organism on Earth, whether it's a giant redwood in California or a simple bacteria. They govern everything we do. So your ability to hear and see, to think and feel, to move your arms and legs is due to the electrical activity that's taking place in the nerve cells in your brain and the muscle cells in your limbs and that, in turn, is down to the opening and closing of ion channels and that, in turn, is down to the opening and closing of these little ion channels. . . .

    Each of our senses is regulated by ion channels. For example, when we see, the ion channels convert the information that arrives at our eyes in the form of light energy into electrical energy in the form of nerve impulses. It's exactly the same when you listen to me, the sound waves that reach your ears are converted into electrical impulses in your nerves. . . .

    Ion channels are truly the "spark of life" for they regulate the activity of our brain cells. They are intimately involved in learning and memory, in the control of movement, in our thoughts and feelings. Consciousness arises from the electrical activity of the nerve cells, which, in turn, is generated by ion channels. Most general anaesthetics work by interacting with ion channels. We even define death as when the electrical activity of our brain ceases. I think Percy Shelley put it rather well when he stated that "man is no more than electrified clay".

  5. Chris,

    It really is a signal, not a transmission. I believe and hope to know, that it is always there. The work that Persinger has done with the Shakti helmet, may offer a tool for some.

    That is why the question remains. What do you do for your meditition work?

    And now the synchro aspect of today. I read this online somewhere today.

    Magnetism: the Sun itself with its flares, may not be internally caused but external magnetic forces maybe inducing such events.

    Then if you read any of Robert Monroe's books, He would work with entities that when needed could leave their body skin / suit behind and just be light beings.

    Be well


  6. The idea of atmospheric intelligences goes back well before the 1950s. It features in Heinlein's "Goldfish Bowl" from the early 40s, which starts off with mysterious disappearances accompanied by fireballs and winds up with two men imprisoned in a formless space, apparently by advanced beings of some kind whom they never see. They speculate about the nature of these "X creatures" for a while, consider the possibility of Martians, and then one of them arrives at a different theory:

    We aren't the latest nor the highest stage in evolution. First the oceans were populated. Then lungfish to amphibian, and so on up, until the continents were populated, and, in time, man ruled the surface of the earth--or thought he did. But did evolution stop there? I think not. Consider--from a fish's point of view air is a hard vacuum. From our point of view the upper reaches of the atmosphere, sixty, seventy, maybe a hundred thousand feet up, seem like a vacuum and unfit to sustain life. But it's not vacuum. It's thin, yes, but there is matter there and radiant energy. Why not life, intelligent life, highly evolved as it would have to be--but evolved from the same ancestry as ourselves and fish? . . .

    Suppose the X creatures are too high up, or too tenuous, or too fast-moving for us to notice them. Even a thing as big and as solid and as slow as an airplane can go up high enough to pass out of sight, even on a clear day. If X is tenuous and even semitransparent, we never would see them--not even as occultations of stars, or shadows against the moon--though as a matter of fact there have been some very strange stories of just that sort of thing.

    And though Heinlein's story may have been the chief influence on Kirby, it wasn't the first. The theme goes at least back to Arthur Conan Doyle's proto-Lovecraftian short story, "The Horror of the Heights," published in 1913. I don't have a copy, but as described by Wikipedia:

    Joyce-Armstrong, a brave aviator, had been curious over the deaths of certain aviators who tried to break the current height record of 30,000 feet. Recent casualties involve some strange deaths. One, Hay Connor, died after landing while he was still in his plane, while another, Myrtle, was discovered with his head missing. Joyce-Armstrong speculates that the answer to these deaths may be the result of what he calls "air-jungles".

    Joyce-Armstrong takes his monoplane to a height of 40,000 feet and is nearly hit by three meteors. It is then that he learns that his speculations are right: entire ecosystems (air-jungles) exist high in the atmosphere, and are inhabited by huge, gelatinous, semi-solid creatures. After going through a flock of jellyfish-like and snake-like beings, Joyce-Armstrong is attacked by a more solid-looking but amorphous creature with a beak and tentacles, which he narrowly escapes from. He then returns to the ground.

    The aviator writes he will be going up again to the air-jungle to bring back proof of his discoveries, but here the fragment ends, save for one last sentence which reads:

    "Forty-three thousand feet. I shall never see earth again. They are beneath me, three of them. God help me; it is a dreadful death to die!"

  7. Re:
    " A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities, as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestations and possession . . ."

    It's funny you write that because I'm presently half way through a book called
    "How to Do Automatic Writing"
    by Edain McCoy.
    Plus I'm reading Lyall Watson's "Supernature".
    (I just saw his niece's play "Motherland" on Friday night and she was in attendance,and there was syncs galore...which is always a sign [to me anyway]that I'm on the right path)

    My interest in reading your blog has always been from day one about synchronicity,not UFOs or comics,but they have been an interesting side attraction for me and have led me down some very interesting rabbit holes,which all seem to link up...eventually.

    This post here was like hitting gold to me,because a year ago I had the most strange experience when I went for a walk along a beach and it culminated in me catching an orange orb with my cell phone.I always thought orb photos were a joke until then,but that orange orb has been continually on my mind since that day.

    Also while going back into my archive I came across this post about the TV show "Carnival",
    which a post from your blog must have drawn my attention to.

    I still haven't bought a copy of your Rock&Roll book,but I will...when the timing is right.
    Carnival is a great show,which I might have to watch again,soon.

  8. Everyone owes you a huge debt for bringing the total amazement that is Kirby to a wider audience. He was tapped into something and seeing it parceled out like you have done here Chris is a testament to the existence of an authentic reality that we may, perhaps, be able to reach or get in touch with ourselves. How? I suspect that the most direct route will turn out to be quite easy once one knows the way, but finding that will require time and experience.

  9. Andrew Collins' work is particularly interesting. I think he's pretty much alone in the tact he takes on the UFO phenomena and ancient civilizations.

    As far as the idea that UFO's could be a strange meteorological phenomena, I found Jenny Randles book TIME STORMS fascinating in its detail and theories. Essentially, she also believes that UFO's are atmospheric storms in relativistic spacetime that pull contactees into a temporary bubble universe.

    Now, here's an interesting theory I just pulled out of my butt, but given synchronicity, maybe it applies-

    As has been noted here as well as all over Keel and Vallee's work along with many others, certain contactee experiences share traits with ancient myths and folktales. Ezekial's wheels. Rip Van Winkle. Etc.

    Now, as has also been noted in psychedelic studies, certain hallucinogenic experiences share traits with ancient myths and folktales as well. Naturally, in many cultures, the use of serious mind altering substances was a part of the ritualistic communion with the deities and spirits.

    Now, here's where I'll leap off the cliff - the only thing that we know these events share is the human mind of the contactee. Mind is the link.

    Now even if the UFO's are time storms - random cosmic phenomena - they seem to impart some sort of reality altering capacity to the person encountering the phenomenon. There are physical and mental effects that occur before, during and after contact.

    Now, here's the strange thing - what if the archetypal constructs of the human mind - our gods and demons - actually survive inside these bubble universes? If we are generating tulpas by interacting with the plasma field of the atmosphere?

    Now, to go a completely unfounded step further, imagine Alan Moore's concept of The Green in Swamp Thing. In the comic, the Green was a kind of cyberspace generated by the biosphere of the planet's vegetation. At the same time, it also bordered the afterlife, including Heaven, Hell and the realm of the Faerie or Sidhe.

    It's a fascinating, thrilling and frightening concept to me that perhaps there is some kind of actual - not metaphorical - afterlife in both relativistic alterations formed by the plasma of our atmosphere and possible the entire cosmos, especially from our Sun's flares, interacting with the vast bioenergy of the planet.

    If that's true, then we certainly had started taking better care of life here on Earth since it literally is our afterlife we are decimating.

  10. I have to say also that I'm drawn to that book "Lightquest" like a moth to a flame.
    Blue aliens have always resonated with me subconsciously for some reason or other
    (just read through my blog)
    ...I guess that's what drew me to the "Blueman group"...because they look like blue aliens.
    So I'm ducking over to Amazon and getting a copy of "Lightquest" ASAP.
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention Chris.

  11. I only just realized that this is the same Andrew Collins whose stuff on the Nephilim and Cuba-as-Atlantis I was reading back in the 90's. Now I can see I'll have to check his more recent works. So thanks from me, too, Chris.

  12. Great post Chris. You need to do a post of Kirby, P K Dick and as one commentator above reminds me, even Carlos Castaneda - all in one melange. Maybe you've done it and I missed it. Of course Castaneda was a trickster, he was writing fiction, just like Kirby and Dick. Yet just like them he touched on deeper truths and archetypes, at least initially before he got swept up by the darker side of the Trickster.

    I'm in 90% agreement here on this living plasma that interacts with ourselves. Yet that interdimensionality, its manipulation of space and time and our experential reality, I feel we are all missing something. Inevitably so, since it is all so mysterious. Yet if the collective unconscious has or appears to have an interdimensional aspect, not bound by our own limited ideas of time and space; then perhaps these mysterious UFOs do not merely interact with the collective mind, the animus mundi, they are it. That is they are born out of it - our group mind/noosphere - via some kind of PK or more accurately sociokinesis. This is also an idea that has some currency with a number of thinkers.

    The phenomena may ironically be substantially, even fundamentally of this earth and of ourselves; yet the fundamental mystery of our earth and of humanity in body and soul, means we constantly misinterpret something intrinsic to both. Well maybe.

  13. Guys, I'm super busy this week but I will get back to your comments as soon as I can. As always, the sheer quality of the feedback here blows me away. I'm so used to seeing either digital graffiti or egocentric navel-gazing on comments sections- after two decades on the internet I almost gave up hope. You guys restored it. No small damn feat, believe it.

  14. While reading the article I was reminded of a curious little book I found at the library last summer titled, "The Archetype Experience: Resolving the UFO Mystery and the Riddle of Biblical Prophecy Using C.G. Jung's Concept of Synchronicity." Published in 1984 it had a fantastic cover ( and posited the intriguing idea that UFO phenomena represent manifested archetypal splinters - essentially energy forms with independent qualities that also change according to the witness’ psychological state. Or something like that.

    Searching around just now I discovered this book was written by Gregory L. Little - who also wrote the introduction to Andeew Collins’ new book. I’m definitely going to have to read Little’s more recent books to see how he further developed his thesis.

  15. Too long comment part 1:

    I suppose I should not be surprised that an idea I have been tossing around lately, that plasma life forms may be behind the core UFO phenomenon, should turn up as a post on The Secret Sun - synchronicity central. Anyway, I was recently taking another look at Albert Budden's work. Budden argues that alien encounters and other paranormal occurrences such as poltergeist activity can be explained by the interaction of the human nervous system with high energy fields. The source of these fields can be natural, e.g., ball lightning, or artificial, e.g., radio transmission systems. He makes a convincing case, and he demonstrates that many locations where anomalous activity takes place, oftentimes regularly, are situated in "electromagnetic hot spots."

    A typical alien encounter might go something like this: While driving at night, someone notices a glowing ball of light approaching his vehicle. The engine stalls, the headlights go out, and the ball of light, which now has a solid, possibly saucer-like appearance, lands. The driver feels disoriented, and proceeds to have a telepathic conversation with "aliens." After the "saucer" departs, the driver's vehicle ceases to malfunction, and the driver continues on home, possibly with missing time and strange burn marks on his skin. Budden would argue that this was an encounter with a high-energy plasma, and the vehicle's electrical malfunction and the burn marks on the skin are easy to understand in this light. The apparent transformation of the ball of light into something more substantial, and the subsequent interaction with aliens, along with disorientation and temporal anomalies, Budden would explain as the plasma's high energy field directly affecting the person's nervous system. In this state, material from the unconscious mind is accessed and projected into the external world. The event is an hallucination, and when multiple witnesses are present, a group hallucination (the high energy field allows multiple minds to hook up), but one which is not completely insubstantial. For instance, indentations might be found in the ground where the landing took place.

    This makes a lot of sense. Certainly, Persinger's research with the "God Helmet" lends support to the ability of electromagnetic fields to alter consciousness dramatically. Interestingly, Tesla, who spent most of his time surrounded by high voltage equipment, claimed to be in contact with Venusians. Also, Robert Monroe, whom Laurence mentioned in an earlier comment, was involved with radio engineering and broadcasting, and was certainly surrounded by electronic equipment for a great portion of his life.

    I cannot help but wonder if there might be intelligence within the energy fields, though. Much of the information that comes from strange encounters seems too "alien" to simply be regurgitated unconscious material. Philip K. Dick's encounter with the plasmate entity VALIS comes to mind. When recently viewing a video about interstellar electrical phenomena, I was struck by an image of a double helix of plasma extending through the vastness of space. Later that same day, I stumbled upon a diagram of the structure of ball lightning, and found the image to resemble a diagram of a living cell. I wondered if plasma resembled biological life in any other ways, and after a quick Google search, discovered that I was not the first to think in this direction. Jay Alfred notes several parallels, including the self-organization of electrons in a plasma gas, plasma's ability to regenerate itself and to seal off impurities in a wall, and the ability of helical structures within plasma to divide, form copies, and evolve.


  16. Too long comment part 2:


    It is interesting to note that the entities who communicated with the classic contactees often warned of the threat of our nuclear blasts destroying the universe. Perhaps a few too many atmospheric detonations would destroy the ability of plasma life forms to live, thus ending their universe. It may be no coincidence that the heyday of the contactee movement roughly coincides with the period between the White Sands experiments and the beginning of the international ban on atmospheric nuclear testing. And then there are the reports of glowing orbs creating crop circles. Oh, and that whole pesky soul thing...

    Clearly this is a fertile area for more investigation. I am looking forward to checking out Mr. Collins' new book, and finding out his thoughts on the subject of living plasma.

  17. I should make it clear I'm not trying to diminish Kirby's accomplishments in any way by pointing out his sources in the science fiction he must have read between about 1930 and 1950. The most creative people are not isolated geniuses but almost always turn out to have absorbed the broadest possible range of influences as kids and young adults, recognized the elements that had a special quality of meaning and mystery, and brought those pieces together in innovative ways to create something unprecedented.

    This is particularly obvious in music. If you read interviews with Bob Dylan or John Lennon, it's clear that they grew up listening to every genre of music that was available to them and had a much broader range of influences than their less creative contemporaries.

    I think Kirby must have been like that with science fiction -- reading everything, finding something strangely compelling in certain themes, and absorbing any expression of those themes he came upon. This gave him the equivalent of a musical vocabulary that he could draw upon in later years as needed.

    And there's an additional factor -- which is that the science fiction of the 1930s and 40s was chock full of traditional occult teachings and mythic archetypes that had been shoehorned into a rational and materialistic framework that could never completely contain them. You can see the resulting tension all through the UFO saga, with a rationalistic surface (aliens! spaceships! super-technology!) floating atop a vast and ancient ocean of stranger and deeper materials.

    Kirby's special gift, it appears, was a kind of polarized sunglasses of the mind that enabled him to see through that surface and glimpse the strange life-forms swimming around underneath.

  18. When I was in England last year, I took a short trip to Salisbury to see Stonehenge. As I approached the area, I definitely felt that something there was different, and it saddened me to see all those people just passing along, never stopping to really feel the place. I sat down for a moment, and realized that, though this is really hard to describe, it was as if thousands of tiny specks of light, of the smallest size possible, flickered in my sight. It was really something special. Then, as I was walking around, I caught in the corner of my eye a ball of light moving really quickly in a wide parabolic path. Naturally, when I looked, it was gone, but it was truly a striking experience.

    And recently there's been a wide media distribution of new theories concerning the origins of Stonehenge. I feel like I understood Stonehenge better when I went there than all these scientists who spend years there.

  19. Reading Budden's books on the electrical aspects of UFO's about ten years ago was for me rather akin to Saul's interrupted journey to Tarsus where he was literally electrified by a revelation.

    Having already read Keel and Vallee and having digested their theories thoroughly at the time, I remember all but jumping out of my chair when I realized WHY the UFO people were always telling their contactees and abductees to stop with the nuclear proliferation.

    What disrupts electromagnetic energy? Atomic blasts. UFO's classically seemed to emit EMP's which disrupt car engines, boat engines and interfere with the electrical grid as well as with television reception--which supports Keel and Vallee's assertions that they must be either made of electromagnetic energy or are using it in some way.

    Well, now, if we are dealing with electromagnetic plasma energy beings, who are essentially sharing our planet wouldn't you think that they'd want us to stop with the nukes? I mean, why would extraterrestrials give a rat's hind end what we did with our own planet? It makes no sense.

    Nope. It makes more sense that they are from here and have always been here and so want us to stop mucking up our shared ecosystem.

    Those thoughts raced through my head and I felt like I just knew everything.

    William S. Burroughs even touches on this in his novel, "The Western Lands:" "Can any soul survive the searing fireball of an atomic blast? If human and animal souls are seen as electromagnetic force fields, such fields could be totally disrupted by a nuclear explosion. The mummy's nightmare: disintegration of souls, and this is precisely the ultrasecret and supersensitive function of the atom bomb: a Soul Killer, to alleviate an escalating soul glut."

    Of course the skeptics and the ETH believers will have nothing to do with these thoughts.

  20. Many interesting comments above. The problem is there is simply too much ground to cover, never mind that it is terra incognito.

    Re John Henning's comment on Jenny Randles's 'Time Storms'. It is a wonderful book, one of her most important, and we cannot get to grips with this mystery until we get to grips with its bizarro temporal aspects. Jenny Randles is also such an important writer and researcher in Forteana/ufology. We talk about Vallee, Keel and others yet Jenny Randles is right up there, even if I hardly agree with her on everything and she appears to shift her position quite a bit. Then again that's a healthy thing.

    Since I consider the collective mind the central hub to this mystery, such a theory interprets the contactee encounter with 'aliens' and the like warning about a nuclear holocaust, as fears and guilt from our own unconscious. Such warnings were particularly strong during the height of the Cold War. The same goes for the talk of ecological destruction from the 'alien' entitees. It is a conversation we are having with ourselves, our own guilty conscience.

    As far as Budden's work goes, yes very important and informative, yet perhaps confusing cause and effect. The same with Persinger. Their theories - brilliant as they are - I think touch the edges of the phenomena and are arguably too materialistic, the core to the mystery remains untouched. Of course we are all just skirting the surface. As I think the Mind is central to the phenomena and the human mind, so-called mundane perception (never mind ESP), the hard problem of consciousness and the mind's interaction with matter included, remains a mystery; it is to be expected that the phenomena associated with ufology remain an utter enigma.

    To Cory Panshin writing above, that's the Cory Panshin! I mean it's hardly the most common name, and you certainly know obscure treasures in the history of science fiction. To everybody else, Cory is a well-known figure in science fiction circles, her husband is Alexei Panshin, who wrote a famous science fiction novel, 'Rite of Passage'. Also together they wrote 'The World Beyond the Hill', a landmark history of science fiction.

    On the topic of synchronicity, after having posted my first comment above, I went to a cafe, a young man sitting at the table next to me was reading P K Dick's 'Valis'.

  21. "Today, at 83, TJ Constable retains the physical appearance and stamina of a man half his age. He recently collaborated with Jose Escamilla, known for his video taping of 'rods', to produce a documentary about a tentative connection between Trevor's larger (mature?) Critters and Jose's smaller (immature?) rods. The video will include footage shot by Trevor aboard airliners in the 1970's with his 18A optical filter which shows UFO's- in color- coming right up to the aircraft and flying side by side, unseen by other passengers."

    From yes he is still alive...

    Welcome Cory...!! And of course Valis is like a sine qua non of this entire discourse... The phrase from Timothy, in the Bible, re fables and endless genealogies... this sort of endless speculation, though sometimes interesting, only carries us so far..

    Barbara Fisher's comment about atomic blasts is intriguing... and to find a reference to Burroughs here is equally curious.

    It is all still very much Terra Incognito as Lawrence says... his synchronicity says it all... yet what does it say?

  22. Hi,

    According to Arno Gruen the normal state of the human being today is that of someone somewhat disconnected from his Unconscious, or inner world, feelings, intuition and so on. Extreme forms of that disconnection take the form of sociopathy.

    On the other extreme, because the world is made of such people, fixated on mind, appearance, the word, things get pretty fucked up and some highly sensitive people sensing the danger of that disconnection choose to sabotage their minds (the place of ego, the control pad for a stable, normal, safe experience) taking total refuge in the Unconscious: This leads to schizophrenia and other forms mental "dysfunctions".

    Interesting to reflect on the possibility of a relationship between schizophrenia and the shaman.

    Overcoming that layer of illusion the world imprints on our consciousness allows us to enter into a different relationship with reality. One will notice that the layer between internal and external realities fades somewhat.

    One might become insane, a prophet, a genius, a magician, artist, abducted or all of that together or not. It all depends on the level of madness/evolution you're at. The Universe will know what to do with you.

    Diving into the unconscious gives us the possibility to have a say on what will happen in our reality, or to know what will. But where is the line dividing creating reality and predicting reality?

    So it's no wonder that such people as Kirby seem to have had the ability to predict events, to understand the paranormal, to swim in those dark waters of mystery.


  23. Ah. There also seems to be a relation between trauma and schizophrenia. Ok it's obvious but I remember Kirby was in the second world war right?

    So that might have sent his normal mind/ego/reality tunnel to shreds, allowing him to open his Pandora's box.

    I also remember reading something (can't remember where) saying that most people who have experiences of abduction have some form of trauma during their childhood. Maybe that trauma (shadow?) that lies between the connection (sacred marriage/individuation) between Unconscious and Mind takes some form of extreme external manifestation such as abduction forcing the person to resolve the trauma. In this way maybe the abduction is not entirely real but only temporarily real.

    Maybe if the human race doesn't it's act together (overcome the collective shadow) the entire planet will experience some form of abduction or something to cleanse the Earth from deluded Ego/Minds (disconnected from Unconscious/source).


  24. Bruno, I can speak with a great deal of personal experience as well as study on the subject of trauma as it relates to different states of consciousness outside of what is known as "normal consciousness" or what neo-shamans call "ordinary reality."

    I have been diagnosed with PTSD and a dissociative disorder. Because my trauma was not a single isolated incident, AND it started before I was five years old and was pretty much a continual factor in my life until adulthood (in other words, I was traumatized over and over again), my brain developed differently than people who are not exposed to trauma like I was.

    I learned how to dissociate part of my consciousness from my body and the trauma and let my thoughts float away elsewhere. It was after this time that my visions, experiences with other intelligences, prophetic dreams and other odd experiences began.

    In my late twenties, I began training with a shamanic practitioner and found that I was quite adept at traveling astrally in the lower and upper worlds where shamanic "reality" resides. I never sought therapy for my trauma, but let the pain, shame, horror and--the worst-- rage live and simmer in my subconscious mind.

    During this time, interestingly, it was found that I could not wear a watch without it breaking. Proximity to me would cause electronic equipment, including photocopy machines and computers to fail, and I was constantly small electronic equipment like sound recorders VCR's and television sets. People teased me about it, but it was also found that when I became overwhelming angry I could stop other people's watches and more effectively break things. Also, if I was under stress, the electronic equipment went more haywire around me.

    I had dreams that were like watching a fascinating film. I saw and experienced strange things while in the company of others and they experienced them with me. Ghosts, the Good Folk, tiny balls of light dancing through my home, (which my cats could see and chase--that was weird) and other fascinating experiences occurred.

    However, a few years ago, a great big trauma happened, and I could not control my mind's comings and goings. I started dissociating all the time--and just "wasn't here." In fact, my husband said it was like someone or something else was living in my body. Poltergeist activity began to happen. Bottles jumping off counters and shattering. Things falling off of shelves near me. Voices were being heard around my house and odd ghostly presences were being felt.

    It turned out that it was that rage from the abuse I survived from childhood from my family was finally starting to leak out into "ordinary reality" on a more regular basis.

    I went into therapy. It's been three years. I do not dissociate as a matter of course, bottles stay where they are sitting, disembodied voices no longer ring out through our home, and I can finally write on a computer without burning it out. I'm calmer, happier, and I feel safer than I ever have in my life, BUT--my relationship with the other realms is severed.

    So, now, I am working on re-opening that relationship, but this time, without the baggage of unexpressed rage, fear, terror, and pain.

    We shall see how that goes.

    All of this was in answer to your question if Kirby's traumatic experiences could have opened his mind to a larger reality?

    In one word: yes. I know, because that's how it worked with me.

  25. Wow... that was quite interesting Barbara... but I thought that comment of yours from your other post...

    "What disrupts electromagnetic energy? Atomic blasts. UFO's classically seemed to emit EMP's which disrupt car engines, boat engines and interfere with the electrical grid as well as with television reception--which supports Keel and Vallee's assertions that they must be either made of electromagnetic energy or are using it in some way.

    Well, now, if we are dealing with electromagnetic plasma energy beings, who are essentially sharing our planet wouldn't you think that they'd want us to stop with the nukes? I mean, why would extraterrestrials give a rat's hind end what we did with our own planet? It makes no sense.

    Nope. It makes more sense that they are from here and have always been here and so want us to stop mucking up our shared ecosystem."

    Yup ... all that... was like a fascinating insight... One of the things I have often wondered is why dont we have communications from 'them' that are more to the point... that point the way to some item of knowledge not within our ken... like Fermat's proof of his last theorem... or a million other things... yet 'they' dont really seem to be interested in that... do they?

    And maybe it is because we are 'incommensurable' in an important sense... we may share some very deep qualities with them... we may be plasma beings ourselves .... but right now here... today... that doesnt mean much to them... what we think is important knowledge is ... well probably not on their list of priorities.

    Perhaps they are more like dolphins in the sea in their attitudes...

  26. James--thank you for your kind words.

    Why don't we have direct communication with "them?" That's one of the big questions. Keel, Hyneck, Vallee, Greg Bishop--and many other writers besides discuss the issue, though Keel particularly spends a great deal of time and many words on the issue of the trickesterish nature of these putative energy based beings.

    Why don't they just come out and say, "Hey, you meatheads! Stop with the global climate change. Quit with the nukes! We're right here alongside you dullards and you're messing up the whole ecosystem and it's really starting to tick us all off! Well, really some of the contactees have gotten just that message, though it's usually worded a bit less bluntly. Abductees have reported similar messages that are about as straight up and direct as you can get about that particular issue.

    But then, they get lots of weird messages, too. Like, "We're from this exact star over here," and they show Betty Hill a star map that she memorizes. Or Indrid Cold tells Woody Derenburger that he's from Lanulos where people walk around naked all the time.

    Or the three kids in Fatima, Portugal who see a vision of a Lady in a tree who never out and out says she's the Virgin Mary, but that's what they take her for. And she talks about the terrible consequences of humanity losing faith, and she tells the kids to pray.

    What is up with all of that stuff?

    And why am I mixing in a sighting of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

    Well, because we don't know if she's the BVM, we just sort of assumed it.

    And what does she want us to do?


    What for?

    She wants us to BELIEVE and pray--and prayer could be seen as a concentrated form of mental energy. As could belief.

    What do energy beings eat?

    What if they eat belief? What if they eat emotional, mental energy from humans? What if they induced belief in themselves as fairies, angels, demons, djinn, or the good old BVM as a means to provide themselves sustenance?

    Maybe that's why they never give us any good information.

    They don't want to have a conversation.

    They'd maybe just like dinner.

    Yeah, that's a little paranoid of me. But it's a possibility.

  27. You know I have heard of this connecrion with trauma-as a matter of fact i think Strieber contends there is an arm of our government exploring this avenue for its own ulterior motives...a very bad thing. And it is equally pathetic you had to endure this treatment.. I am sorry to hear that side of the experience... But your observations are eloquent.

    Of course i am reminded of Forbidden Planet..

  28. Lawrence - Thanks, but as "famous" goes, I think Alexei and I are definitely at the obscure end of the spectrum. We've both got our heads full of old science fiction stories, and we've spent years trying to get across the message that those stories are as deep and mysterious as it gets, but we've always had to deal with a conventional SF audience that thinks science fiction is about technology, or the future, or alternative societies and doesn't want to hear anything different.

    Chris's blog is perhaps the first place I've ever found a group of people who were prepared to take the occultism at the heart of the standard SF symbols seriously.

    Barbara - My grandmother never had your range of experiences, but she sure did jinx TV sets. My parents were always having the TV repairman in to work on her set. But the weirdest thing was that after she died, her TV wound up with us, and it was still jinxed. Any time somebody walked around in the room, the picture would jump and flicker -- but only for the first few months. After that, it seemed to quiet down and get normal.

    But I also want to mention one more point which seems highly relevant to this discussion -- which is the persistent notion that we ourselves are being of spirit, or of light, wrapped in a material body. From the most ancient times, there was a belief that human beings had a soul which was of precisely the same nature as the spirit-beings encountered by shamans. And occasional science fiction stories, though generally not wanting to use the "soul" terminology which has been so degraded by conventional religion, have suggested that our true inner nature is that of energy fields which operate through but are not limited to the physical brain and body.

    I make no claims about the truth-status of such assertions -- but they do suggest to me that it's incomplete to talk about hypothetical plasma beings as "them" without considering that they may also be "us." This is why I referred near the start of these comments to the Guardian article suggesting that everything about us is regulated by electric currents within our bodies. Especially when connected with what Barbara says about her effect on electronics -- and with poltergeist phenomena in general -- it seems absolutely central to the discussion.

  29. Hey Chris,

    This post is epic and awesome, and resonated with me very strongly. I think the idea of sentient light beings is not at all wishy-washy or New Age. It seems to make good sense to me for various reasons.

    Firstly, mystics and shamans have been saying this kind of thing for a long, long time. Secondly, in every realm we care to look we find life. Skeptics have said that no new creatures would be found in the jungles of the Earth - yet we are discovering new creatures there all the time. Skeptics said the same of our oceans; specifically that the deeper ocean trenches couldn't support life because photosynthesis is impossible at such depths. We now know that life can indeed exist in the absence of visible light due to chemosynthesis - absorbing chemical nutrients directly from the water.

    And there was a time that nobody believed in the existence of life at the microscopic level. Now we can better see those levels we realize that level of reality is positively TEEMING with life.

    Really, why should the realms of light spectrums be any different? Especially when you consider that the bulk of modern scientific thinking is only a hundred years old? Are we really still so doggedly arrogant and unimaginative?

    It's the beginning of the 21st century and we still don't even know what consciousness really is, or how it negotiates with the physical - so how can we say that a consciousness seemingly composed of Light is impossible?

    To digress slightly, when I was a little kid my aunt had this really old color TV that would switch channels whenever a set of keys were jangled. Something about a particular metallic frequency would cause it. It became kind of a game for us to see if we could reproduce the effect with other objects, specifically metallic objects. It only ever worked with keys, specifically three keys or more - and we found we could get out of the lounge and halfway up the stairs before the effect stopped.

    My point here is that my child's mind found this endlessly fascinating, and strangely metaphoric, yet it really happened. It made me fascinated with keys in a symbolic sense, and cultivated an interest in frequencies and electromagnetism. It was an important event that taught me that life is far stranger than people are readily willing to admit.


  30. This element you mention Cory, that all of us return to again and again, after all the other sides of this have been worn away, discussed ad infinitum, spaceships or plasma, dimensions or not, gods or ancient astronauts, element 115 or antigravity... well you get the drift... all of that takes second place to what the fundamental question seems to be... sometimes they know about the future. Poltergeists seem to be their friends... really they seem more like ghosts than flesh and blood... and they seem to be able to get into our heads..

    In Captured the author makes a reference to a friend of hers that thinks flying saucers are the link between the worlds of the living and the dead...

    The word we use for this side of it, occult, meaning hidden of course... Jack Kirby seemed to have a line on this... PK Dick definitely... really quite a few others. Chris has his own chapter in this 'book'... all of us probably have chapters... its one of the reasons, the reason we are here. Chris has helped create this little watering hole...

    How do the dead figure into all this... because without a doubt they are a part of this mystery.

    Keel had it right, a big puzzle piece has to do with possession, mediums, etc. Smack dab in the middle of the occult... exorcism, all that. And trauma is one of the catalysts that opens the door...

    Of course Science takes a back seat here, they don't want to have anything to do with this... too far out. Then again perhaps some of Isaac Newton's most interesting work is in Bible chronology... but he isn't typical of scientists these days.

    The interactions we have with 'them' seem parabolic and absurd, they don't quite make the parable league but seem stranded in a kind of twilight that leaves us more bemused than anything else. And there is mystique to all this as well...

    I wish I was going somewhere... to have a piece of the puzzle is a big thing. I think we probably have even the outline of an answer but it is drowned in so much disinformation we cant see it for what it is. We cant see the trees for the forest...

    I want to drag in Nasrudin... one of the Sufi teaching stories. He had lost his keys. It was dark and he was searching rather desperately in the light of a nearby streetlight... A friend found him searching. He asked where he had lost them and Nasrudin said in a nearby alley. Of course the next question is obvious: why are you looking here? Well the light is better here!

  31. Seems to me that one has to make a pact with the Strange in a way that is counter-intuitive almost, to the daily 'practice' of actual living in this reality/world whatever-it-is game. It's a commitment, really. My mass-program mindset has been undergoing an overhaul for more than 30 yrs now and I continually have to re-commit myself to the Strange, to not run from it, to even embrace it with courage and follow where it leads me... and man that strange gets REALLLLLY freaking weird at times.

    In my view, however, this bizarre world of not-our-normal-reality stuff is where the true reality lies and I for one am keen to get acquainted with it as much as possible so that when my body-life is over I still know WTF is going on. I suspect many are just programmed to think that once we die it's all roses and glory but really I sense that our reality changes yes, but we are still swimming through a confusing muck of crazy unless we have a solid footing within our own Individual Energy System that transcends all boundaries of life/death cycles.

    I am always interested to see where your journey takes you... your posts are so engaging sometimes; so enjoyable and engaging to read, causing all manner of reaction from my own inquisitive mind. The curious among us... the obsessively curious even... comfort my own oddball journey which can be lonely at times and just downright baffling.

    The thing is, over time and experience... long long time and experience... something does happen doesn't it. We know more.. we are more in tune to the Strange whatever-it-is that fuels all this reality stuff... we become intuitively in sync with it and can position ourselves better within its waves of complexity...

    anyway... my two cents ;)

  32. Cory--

    I thoroughly agree with you that it is quite possible that the "them" is just "us" in a different form. Perhaps, they are human souls that have decided not to incarnate into bodies. Maybe they've evolved beyond wanting bodily existence. Maybe they've achieved nirvana, and are like non-corporeal Bodhisattva helping incarnated humanity evolve as well.

    That, too, could explain the ecological messages to contactees, abductees, spiritualist mediums, shamans and visionaries. If the electromagnetic energy beings are our own souls waiting to reincarnate, or they were human beings, but are not now, yet still have compassion for us, then it makes sense that they'd be wanting us to get the idea that we should take care of our biosphere and not muck it all up.

    Why then do they not just land on the White House lawn like in a b-movie and tell the powerful folks the message? Maybe because only some humans can interact with them, and it's generally not the ones who have spent their time accumulating material wealth and political power? Maybe they're too stuck in "ordinary reality," and cannot see beyond the material world. So, for all we know, maybe they've tried that and it didn't work because no one could see or hear what they had to say.

    But yeah, I don't know if the energy beings are just a different form of "us" or if they are a "them."

    Whatever they are, I am sure that they are from here, or at least they might be from a dimension that connects to our Earth, but that they are most certainly not ET's. They might want some people to believe that's what they are, but I have never believed it myself. They seem too connected to our planet and ourselves to be truly alien.

    One more thing--your grandmother's TV set--televisions back in the forties, fifties and up through the seventies--along with telephones--seemed to act weird in the presence of UFO's. People used to be able to predict when a UFO was in the vicinity of their home by how the TV and/or the telephone acted.

    Now that everything is digital, I haven't heard as many reports that include this element to the story.

    I find that fascinating.

  33. This exchange, I think it is partly the result of Chris' last couple of posts, but also what is going on with all of us here, anyway this seems to be a rare thing to me.

    I have only been part of an exchange like this ... ummm not really like this... Although I have checked in with Secret Sun off and on for sometime I refrained from making comments for a long time. Now this... well maybe this will teach me a lesson. Still this is kind of unique... dont u think?

    Barbara's comment about the old TV's etc and Raj's comment about his keys and Isa's comment about making a pact with the Strange have gotten entangled in my head.

    TV has always seemed like a very strange thing to me indeed. Literally, or rather the old model, a ray gun. I always thought The Outer Limits exploited this TV siding with the Alien in an unusual way. Here, to remind everybody, cause I kinda assume a lot of you know it, courtesy Wikipedia...

    There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to — The Outer Limits.
    — Opening narration, The Control Voice, 1960s

    How unique was that... they are controlling their ray gun... what could be more natural?

    The jangling of the keys changing the channel... well in the updated version of that Sufi teaching story perhaps Nasrudin would indeed find his keys, under the streetlight... courtesy The Outer Limits. Courtesy the Enigma. Our pact with the Strange.

    There is nothing wrong with your mind. Do not attempt to adjust your vision. We are controlling transmission.

  34. Barbara - My grandmother died in 1974 so yes, definitely pre-digital.

    James - The thing about Nasruddin stories is that most of them can be taken in two opposite ways. In one, he's demonstrating the folly of ordinary human attitudes -- and the story with the keys would be about how silly it is to look to normal daylight consciousness for what can only be found in the dark places of the mind. But in the other, he's offering an example of higher wisdom and suggesting that no matter what it is, and no matter where you lost it, it can only be found in the Light.

    Two perspectives, both valid. Flipping back and forth between them is probably the best way to keep reminding ourselves of higher things while never forgetting that all of us are still merely human.

  35. Cory, on the margins of the SF community is where you want to be. Chris has actually mentioned what you have re the SF community, namely that however it may have been decades ago, the general ruling philosophical view is a materialist one. Most of the writers, editors, fans would think we were all loco. For the most part they have no idea who the likes of Keel, Vallee, J Randles and others are or what they are saying, and they don't want to know. They hero worship the new atheists. Of course you know all this, just for other readers here.

    The likes of P K Dick was very much an exception. Ian Watson is another notable exception. His 'Miracle Visitors' is in fact very much a Vallee/Keel inspired take on ufology, with an unashamed mystical/shamanic philosophy and would interest all readers here.

    I also agree with you Cory that we ourselves are the phenomena, not only inseparable from it, but we are it or it is us. The Elusive Strangers may be our shadow selves (although how this is remains mysterious). Naturally this is just speculation, and yet it has a lot going for it. Whatever the truth is, it is stranger than science fiction.

  36. Lawrence - The relationship of the SF community to occultism back in the 30s and 40s is complex, and I can't say I've got a clear sense of it. Some SF writers (like Jack Williamson, author of Darker Than You Think) didn't believe in occultism but were fascinated by it and were happy to use it in stories. Others, like Heinlein, took occultism more seriously, though Heinlein was never actively involved in occult practices. But both Heinlein and Williamson and a number of other SF writers who were living in Southern California just before World War II were also hanging out with L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons. So questions of who actually believed what and when get very, very tangled.

    Add to this that there were issues of both genre and respectability. Pulp magazines were a very niche market and needed to brand themselves. The science fiction magazines were expected to be "scientific" and tended to get complaints in their letter columns if they ran too many stories involving Atlantis or other occult themes. When John W. Campbell became editor of Astounding Stories in 1937 and changed the name to Astounding Science Fiction, he kicked out all the old-fashioned occultism. But then two years later, he founded Unknown as a magazine of modern fantasy -- which meant that occult stuff was okay as long as it was rationalized with appeals to Rhine's telepathy experiments or quantum physics. And by then Weird Tales was on the skids, so authors who might previously have submitted their work there -- like Fritz Leiber -- became more inclined to clean it up a bit and send it to Campbell for Unknown instead.

    After World War II, though, things took another turn. On one hand, SF had hopes of finally getting out of the pulp ghetto and being taken seriously. But in 1947 the whole UFO flap began -- and that swept much of occultism up with it, so that, for example, mediums who would previously have claimed to be in contact with ancient Atlanteans or Native American spirit guides shifted to claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials. And the SF community was absolutely terrified of that turn of events, because it threatened to undermine their dreams of being considered as serious Atomic Age literature.

    I think that's where Kirby and comics in general really come in. Comic books in the 1950s and 60s were in many ways the true heirs of the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 40s. They were able to publish any damn thing and get away with it -- partly because they were too infra dig for anyone to take them seriously. (And of course, the suppression of sex and horror by the Comics Code made occult themes more appealing as a way to offer readers the bizarre and mind-bending without infringing the Code.)

    Even in the 50s and later, there were still SF writers (and artists) with an affinity for occultism. But like Phil Dick, they had to disguise what they wrote as science fiction and cast it all in terms of psi powers, mind control, alternate universes, or mutant superpowers. And they couldn't stray too far off the quasi-scientific reservation.

  37. hi Chris! no time to read the other comments right now (sad face).

    But if you are seriously interested in this topic you would greatly benefit from reading Paul Devereux's book "Earth Lights Revelation: UFOs and Mystery Lightform Phenomena: The EArth's Secret Energy Force"

    lots of theory but even more witness accounts, alignment with various geological conditions,and aboriginal accounts of these lights. HE even recounts an experience he had with one of these lights and the particular way in which he experienced communication with the light. 1990.

    His books "The Long Trip: A Prehistory of Psychedelia" and "Shamanism and The Mystery Lines: Ley Lines, Spirit Paths, Shape-Shifting and Out of Body Travel" are also very worthwhile and quite pertinent to your current line of thought.

    i personally have been struck by the similarities between out of body experiences and the state in which much of (Not All!) alien contact occurs. Lucretia Heart of the blog At Spiral's End has extensive training and experience in various states of consciousness and has found that some alien contact (again - NOT ALL) takes place on the astral.

    FWIW, enjoying this series (tho i tend to skip over the comix stuff - sorry!) stpeh

  38. heehee, took a peek at the comments instead of doing laundry and taking out the trash! ha!

    Barbara, i am so sorry you went through that with your family. I dearly hope you continue feeling strong :)

    i can relate to stopping watches (mine and others), blowing up computers, etc. Strangely with me this tends to be strongly associated with longer periods of meditation and/or non-egoic states of consciousness.

    When i had a NDE 30 years ago i saw that every speck of the universe is saturated with consciousness, a fact confirmed by a rinpoche at the tibetan buddhist meditation center where i lived years later. Robert Monroe's works are a rich source of material regarding the number and variety of sentient beings out there, as well as some of the similarities between experiences with 'saucer occupants' or 'greys' and interactions taking place on the astral. The preponderance of sexual encounters/themes is dramatically apparent in both arenas.

    Monroe puts this down to release of societal strictures on the astral, but i don't agree. i think it has more to do with the ubiquity of the void, and the proximity of the first chakra (what keeps your soul connected to your body) to the second chakra (the physical creation/sex chakra). The first chakra has to work overtime when you're out of the body in order to maintain that body/soul connection, and i think the excess subtle energy spills over and activates the second chakra. That's not all of it, but i think it does account for a lot.


  39. May I second the suggestion of Devereux's books? All of them are fascinating, and now that I think on it, I should probably re-read them.

    Steph, would you be surprised to know that I just read about Robert Monroe in Jeffry Kripal's Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Super Hero Comics and the Paranormal? I had just been thinking to myself that maybe I should read his books, when lo and behold there you are suggesting them to me. This is the second time this week a significant coincidence has occurred in my life, which leads me to believe that my connection to "nonordinary or shamanic reality" is coming back to life. Perhaps now that therapy has helped me release the rage, I'll have a chance of controlling (to some extent) my interactions with it.

    At least, I hope I won't start breaking electronic equipment and watches again!

    Thank you for your kind words, Steph, you and the others who posted. I'm sorry that my family is mentally ill, but I don't regret my life. It has had trauma and sorrow, yes, but great joy as well, and as one shamanic teacher of mine told me, if I'd not had those experiences, I'd not have learned the things I learned from him. The old wounded healer/shamanic initiation through trauma theme....

  40. Cory thanks for all that, very informative, and just a few paragraphs!

    I didn't even know that Campbell was also running 'Unknown', how many hard SF Analog fans know that? As you say it's all so complex and tangled. I have noticed that a lot of SF writers who dismiss psi as bunk or pretend to, obsess about it in their writings and musings, as you say it comes out in SF tropes. A return of the repressed perhaps in an acceptable form (if SF could be said to be acceptable).

    And as Chris has mentioned here, probably a few times, how can we leave out Ray Palmer, who of course edited 'Amazing Stories' before moving on to start Fate, and we all know what that first issue was about!

  41. Lawrence - What you say about SF writers who dismiss psi but also write about it obsessively sounds a lot like the nominally straight people on the religious right who constantly obsess about gay sex. How many apparent skeptics are really closeted believers in the occult?

    Of course, this doesn't apply to Campbell, who was a firm advocate of psi powers (though always with a materialistic slant) and spent much of the 1950s running material in Astounding/Analog on Hieronymous machines, Dean drivers, and other fringe science. Bob Rickard is one Fortean I know of who explicitly credits Campbell with sparking his interest in Fort (, but I'm sure there are others.

  42. I only just stumbled across this blog last night. I've been reading non-stop ever since. Now there is something bright and glowing behind me that I am terribly afraid might be the mid-morning sun, meaning my clock alarm in the bedroom is about to go off and I will have to spend the day at work pretending that I am a responsible person who does not stay up all night reading blogs about occult subjects. Not on weekdays, anyway.

    I couldn't help it in this case. Excellent articles, every one that I've read so far. And the comments!! I like to think I have a fairly decent vocabulary, but I don't have the words to describe the astounding quality of the discourse extending below each post. This, sir, is something very special that you--and your readers--have built here.
    And it makes me ask myself, where the hell have I been this whole time? Slogging through the troll-infested underground of the 'net, looking for questions, looking for a place like this, continually distracted by attacks from people who thought I was poking around too close to this or that sacred cow(and those things are everywhere. If there's a conspiracy theory I really believe in, its that these disparate groups of Cattle Guards--despite the fact that they appear to be separate from each other, even going so far as to engage each other in endless conflict--are really all part of the same ancient order, the Milites Sancti Bubula. The Knights of the Holy Bovine, armed with their weapons Ad Hominim and Ad Nauseam. I know, it sounds crazy...but you'll notice that all those sacred cows just happen to be standing right on top of the most interesting places to investigate. Coincidence? I think not).

    So let's just say, I'm glad to have finally found this place. I was beginning to think maybe it didn't exist...but then again, I've never been very good at sussing out secrets.

    On topic(somewhat), I have to say that all of the speculation on what, exactly, the whole UFO thing really means is very interesting. I do not know anywhere near enough to speculate myself, at least not at this point when I should really be getting ready for work. The idea that seems to be prevalent in both the articles and the commentary seems to be that the best explanation is probably an extension of the Human phenomenon, or perhaps a terrestrial energy life form, and I have to say that it does seem to be the case, at least for most of the reports I know of.
    But I confess, it is a bit sad, a bit of a letdown, for me. Because that means we're not interacting with the proverbial Intelligent Life from Elsewhere, and are in fact only confusing ourselves by our lack of knowledge about our own natures. Business as usual.

    So I hope not.

  43. "So let's just say, I'm glad to have finally found this place. I was beginning to think maybe it didn't exist...but then again, I've never been very good at sussing out secrets.”

    Welcome Dr. Lloyd… my email informed me there was another comment to this post. The Secret Sun is a bit unique. You can search and search- I have been around- you won’t find many places like it on the net. I think everybody here knows that… I don’t wanna give Chris a big head or anything… but he does have a lot to do with it.

    Still he doesn’t have everything to do with it. We are talking synchronicity after all. We are all here for different but related reasons.

    “I couldn't help it in this case. Excellent articles, every one that I've read so far. And the comments!! I like to think I have a fairly decent vocabulary, but I don't have the words to describe the astounding quality of the discourse extending below each post. This, sir, is something very special that you--and your readers--have built here.”

    Nice to have yet another voice!

    “But I confess, it is a bit sad, a bit of a letdown, for me. Because that means we're not interacting with the proverbial Intelligent Life from Elsewhere, and are in fact only confusing ourselves by our lack of knowledge about our own natures. Business as usual.”

    Don’t be too let down. Something is going on. Without a doubt we are a big part of it. PsyOps and all that has muddied the water. All of us are here at this watering hole because we think we have a tiger by the tail... of course I cant really speak for everyone...

    Well some of us know we have a tiger by the tail. We have looked the other way far too long.

    Something is on Mars or was… and the Moon… We have a bit of a secret history… Whats that tiger? Tiger tiger burning bright… whats up tiger lily?