Saturday, August 21, 2010

Appearances Can Deceive

So after all the shouting and controversy, could it be that the "Ground Zero Mosque" is a hoax? Nothing would surprise me these days, but you gotta love Huffpost's beauty shot of the Stairway to Sirius here, especially given the site's penchant for super-loaded symbolism.

Speaking of which, there's also this story from out friends at the Yahoococultismus News Service. Is that Aires or Ares? I report, then I drop all sorts of cryptic yet leading hints and then you decide.

Speaking of occultism, Crowley admirers Iron Maiden recently dropped in on NAZCA NASA. I wonder if they showed them this video. One of 17, apparently.

Speaking of 17. Those UFOs remind me a lot of Adamski's light fixtures.

I'm not going to say what the Louisiana Superdome reminds me of.

Funnybook flop Scott Pilgrim is rockin' the T-town vibe, reminding that there's no point in a dome without an obelisk.

And whoever designed this record cover was quite prescient themselves, rocking the psilo sci-fi vibe. Pity about the song itself.

Speaking of sci-fi, this new Air Force ad is interesting, with their logo evolving into an outright winged sundisk. And then there's that other symbol, which I can't decide is a circumpunct, a Black Sun or a solar wheel (aka swastika). Either way we are witnessing the rise of the supersoldiers, which has sorts of deeper ramifications.

Appearances do deceive, and this can't be what it looks like, surely. Never mind the "Touch Me Ministry" moniker.

Here's a little smorgasbord of symbols for you, courtesy of an artist who obviously read a lot of Moebius comics. Remember album cover art? Gosh, wasn't that a time?

UPDATE: Did someone say circumpunct?

Or dome and obelisk?

This one I'm filing away with that Yogi Bear poster.

This I found in an old Space:1999 comic book. I found other interesting things there too - watch this space.