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Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre, pt. IX: The Othernet

Well, a lot of you have seen the BBC Superpowers promo by now. It's fascinating not only on the face of it - meaning the alien subtext - but also in that it implies a separation of the human race between those who use the Internet and those who don't. There's a powerful yet unspoken posthuman subtext, but also a kind of techno-utopianism that I thought went out with the Quadra.

But the spot also caught my eye since it seems to have been inspired by The Outer Limits, particularly the second series, which aired on Showtime in the 90s.

Especially this episode- "The Beholder" in which a blind professor's sight is restored using- of course- a drug using technology developed in space. The professor's sight is restored, but he also is now able to perceive aliens- a beautiful, red-headed alien stranded on Earth, to be precise.

That's a common theme on the The Outer Limits; alien contact that comes about through a transformation of the individual. Contact that is dismissed by everyone else as a hallucination. Well, everyone besides shadowy government spooks, that is.

In Hollywood Vs. The Aliens, researcher Bruce Rux argues that various Intelligence elements on opposite sides of the alien/UFO issue have used Hollywood to disseminate their pro- or anti-alien propaganda. Rux also claims that information from classified reports on alien contact have been leaked to film and TV producers for storylines, and cites the original incarnation of The Outer Limits as an example.

The series was the work of one of those great American eccentrics this country is no longer able to produce. From
(Outer Limits') pedigree was filled with the sort of disregard for convention its content implied. Independent producer and Wellesian whiz kid Leslie Stevens, who created the show as a forum for his oddball notions about science and technology, was variously a Broadway playwright, screenwriter, film director and New Age mystic. Stevens' dilettantish stamina resulted in so many projects before, during and after "The Outer Limits" -- including a film spoken entirely in Esperanto and a handbook for something called "electronic-social transformation" -- that he gave the term "line producer" a new meaning.
If anyone was connected, Stevens was (which doesn't necessarily he had access to classified UFO information, mind you). He was of that old Brahmin stock that was usurped from power after World War II:
Born in Washington, D.C., Stevens was the son of the late Vice Admiral Leslie C. Stevens, inventor of the arresting gear used to halt carrier-based planes.

Next, high school graduation, three years of summer stock and enlistment in the U.S. Army Air Corps (he reached the rank of captain at the age of 20), serving as virtually a one-man production unit in putting on shows to maintain morale.

In 1946, Stevens enrolled at the Yale School of Drama and the next year began a three-year stint with the American Theatre Wing in New York.
The thing about The Outer Limits in its first incarnation (under Stevens and partner Joseph Stefano) is that it's not the standard disclosure/invasion narrative you might expect from the Cold War era, it's about very intimate contact with Other, a contact that takes on a numinous tangibility to anyone experienced in Psychonautics (and takes on interesting undertones if you read between the lines of Stevens' bio).

There's also a very deep and powerful hallucinatory strain in the original Outer Limits, as well as many of the episodes in the second series. And as in "The Galaxy Being" that intimacy comes out of fringe technology, like a modern day version of Dee and Kelley and their angelic visitations.

Then again, history always has it that angelic contact is usually a quiet, intimate affair. The rest of us usually only see the footprints.

But both The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone have a predecessor, One Step Beyond, which set its foot squarely into the world of high weirdness with its "Sacred Mushroom" episode, which featured none other than Andrija Puharich himself. Apaprently the network forbade the episode from being rerun, but the series star John Newland (who underwent what was probably the first televised mushroom trip in history) told John Kenneth Muir it was a hit in the ratings.

Puharich is one of those idealistic fringe science characters who wound up in some very strange and dangerous company, nestling in some of the weirdest corners of the Intelligence community, eventually falling in Uri Geller and Lab-9. Puharich also seems to be one of the many inspirations for Fringe's Walter Bishop character- or maybe the William Bell character, even.

But if you've actually read Puharich's writings, it seems he crossed over into very strange territory. His Geller hagiography is filled his conversations with a VALIS-type orbital AI which filled his mind with the kind of florid religious language common with a lot of the early contactee cults. His view of aliens was not only highly reminiscent of Philip K. Dick, but also of Terence McKenna and John Lilly.

All of those men were extremely enthusiastic fans of hallucinogens and other mind altering substances. And as we've seen here, hallucinogens and alien contact may very well have a very deep pedigree - stretching all the way back to the Mithraic liturgy with its flying disks and tractor beams and all of the rest of it. It's also an integral part of many indigenous American traditions as well.

Note also that Dick, McKenna and Lilly lived and worked not too far from that locus point of human evolution where SRI was exploring remote viewing and other extreme possibilities, IONS was creating a curriculum around transpersonal psychology and other proto-New Age disciplines, and the early hippies were dabbling in an extremely powerful new hallucinogen called LSD-25.

And right in this neighborhood Xerox's PARC was laying the groundwork for personal computing, and various corporate and collegiate concerns were laying the ground for the ARPAnet, the Department of Defense project we now call the Internet.



  1. Wow, thanks for sharing the awesome One Step Beyond (?) show link and the BBC thing. The link between alien intelligences and psychonautics/telepathy must be further explored!

  2. Aliens running Hollywood!?

    It's so obvious!

    No entity of this Earth would greenlight a Rob Schneider film! [Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,

    The Hot Chick, The Animal, etc.]

    Sarcasm aside, there's a frightening parallel between our modern worship of movie stars and the Ancients' fascination of the Heavens.

    Disney Channel's most recent Television Movie, Starstruck, played said sync straight.

    A song in the film, “Something About the Sunshine” [catchy beyond belief]:

    “Every day's a dream in California
    Every night the stars come out to play
    Wish that I could always feel this way

    There's something about the sunshine, baby
    I'm seeing you in a whole new light
    Out of this world for the first time, baby
    Ohhh it's so right”

    A duet, the main characters sing this song while visiting all the Hollywood tourist sights.

    During the first chorus, the boy [a rich sheltered movie star that doesn't know anything about the real world] tries to buy a pair of sunglasses from a street vender. He hands the vender a hundred dollar bill.

    The vender can't give him change, so the girl [a poor, normal girl] grabs a MAP from the stand and an armful of APPLES. [what strange merchandise for a souvenir vender]

    The second chorus, they're standing outside the BABYLON GATE of the Chinese Theater. [Literally, during the lines “There's Something About the Sunshine” there's a long pause of just the Babylon Gate, without even the characters in it!]

    Sunglasses, Apples, a, heading East of Eden?

  3. I have read about the "One Step Beyond" episode before but had not thought to have a look for it, so really appreciate the posting here - very fascinating. In the interview you link to, Mr. Newland seems to say that he experienced no ESP events on his "trip" - wish the interviewer would have pressed.

    Your discussion of Contact as an intimate and individual encounter makes me think of it in terms of a more ongoing and immediate thing than I usually do. Peculiar, because you might remember I mentioned once having experiences that a Dr. actually diagnosed as a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening; I experienced this as negative events though and am glad they are behind me . . .perhaps it is time to rethink them.

    Also sync-nificantly, I mentioned Contact and telepathy already tonight in a comment at Michael Schacht's latest post - his post brought to mind for me William Golding's THE INHERITORS, and I think 2010 might be an opportune time to reread it - so I will throw out the suggestion to your readers as well if that alright with you Chris.

    Word ver - entizies - ha!

  4. Wow, I've been working on a piece on Puharich. His Round Table Foundation days really did remind me of Walter Bishop. His story is fascinating stuff.

  5. B.e.a.u.tiful! I haven't been commentin but stiLl follow u religiously. Exceptional. U r exceLlin. Excellent work. Ima watch the fourth kind and intimate wit myself.

  6. I am reading a book from one of my favorite authors, Colin Wilson. In it he mentions the Kahuna is a shaman that at one time was world wide, the sea peoples powerful medicine man. In Mexico they were called Huna. In the excellent vids provided by Chris, in part three there was a Kahuna(last of) from the islands. The same person was mentioned in Colin Wilson's book Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals. What great brain food Chris. Synchificant to the max. Dennis (fun-gus among us)

  7. perhaps this is a more relevant place to post these links. I'm not sure how aware most are of this story...

    and here are some links to essays by Carmen Hermosillo (aka Humdog)...

    I think her and her story could help us further understand the complexities of Virtual reality and the real world and the affects on self

  8. Puharich also had an influence on a cartoon i remember as a kid. It was a japanese anime, recut for U.S. Eyes. Battle of the Planets. Bird headed gods, and a 'computer' type mechanical star villain spectra. They roared around in a spacecraft called Phoenix.
    As for the remote viewing stuff, Ingo Swann's Penetration has some great links to BSG, and Caprica. He claimed that moon based aliens had created a machine 'cyborg' beautiful alien to 'kill' earth psychics. Swann was also a 'magician' character in Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions. That movie started out strong, but you could tell, where the studio pulled the funding. The is 'ritual' magic real concept was intriguing. On a final note i see Jack Kirby is back in the news.
    -regards Pavel.

  9. Speaking of US militery kids in the 50's and 60's, take a look at this:

  10. Love that McKenna psychedelia. I know he said in the past on DMT, that he thought within a year of his experience that there was no way the powers that be could keep the lid on it. But somehow it seems only a very small group is interested in using the drugs, and a very small but powerful group wants to keep them hidden. Without the proper setting and reverence, the plants are pearls before swine.
    Got to tip my liberty cap(worn by lady liberty on the old US silver morgan dollars) to McKenna and the rest of the early psychonauts who tried storming heaven.

  11. Off the hook post Chris. Dennis very timely comment also...
    ...Colin Wilson has a brilliant take on the transpersonal psychology of Maslows work and makes a case for its purpose in the Philosophers Stone , explaining the drive of those dedicated towards self-evolution through meaningful perception of the other..not simply a google-eyed random ecstasy, but one with a purpose to bring mans powers into a realm of higher-consciousness of distinction. As 77 mentions, the value experience, a heightened awareness of the energy and intensity of life -both the precursor and partner to extra sensory perception- is only available to those seeking to break habit and open up into the possibilities of is not all inclusive and would indeed cause some to abuse and effectively de-value, or devolve as a result of inability to maintain a high value system when introduced, due to the extreme stimulation factors involved in such practices. In other words, a good, strong focus on the enhancement process and what it can teach us may be more useful than to simply bow down to the pleasure principle with no value system whatsoever to guide it. Hope that makes some sense!

  12. Here Here Orgone, keep the faith

  13. Mars as you've never seen it before: The colossal ice walls that show another side of the Red Planet

    "It looks like a filmmaker's apocalyptic vision of Earth following a devastating natural disaster.
    But this colossal ice formation is actually a portion of the wall terraces of a huge crater on Mars.
    Approximately 37 miles in diameter, a section of the Mojave Crater in the planet's Xanthe Terra region has been digitally mapped by Nasa scientists.
    The fans and channels hint that impacts such as Mojave's may have unleashed water or water-ice from the subsurface to flow across the surface and, perhaps, condense as rain or snow for a brief period of Martian time."

    The first thing I saw when I looked at this was not "an apocalyptic vision" but a future space port. Then....more Mojave

    Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo made its first captive carry flight early this morning at the Mojave Air and Space Port. SpaceShipTwo, which was christened the VSS Enterprise at its unveiling in December, is being carried by WhiteKnightTwo on its first test flight.

  14. Hi Chris

    A news story from Australia


  15. Chris,

    Do you or anyone else here know which sacred mushroom Puharich ingested in that episode?

    To 77Meridian at 3:26:

    Your comment on "pearls before swine" is more accurate than many realize. I'm researching the use of psychic enhancement techniques, crystals and drugs favored by the Elite and it's clear that the ones that are truly significant are not known to the main populace. As with anything, these techniques, crystals and drugs can be used for both positive and negative outcomes. And I DO believe that introducing their energy to "the common man" is pointless if that person does not understand the power and point of their use. The old comment that "Well, the Indians did it so I will do" is so absurd because "the Indians" (the Ancients I mean) didn't use the substances to "get high" but to seek wisdom and connect with higher portals of understanding.

    Interesting how the sacred mushroom that Puharich ingested created the same effects of the drug DMT in relation to the geometric shapes and vivid colors that he wanted to "dive into." It sounded like the info was coming at him so rapidly that he could not metabolize it with words.

    Great post, Chris!

  16. Hi Chris,

    The use of hallucinogenic drugs, regardless of the fact that they apparently generate similar psychic events for unique individuals, is a bit disturbing.

    Obviously the collective exists but IMO, it exists similar to the neurological facts that brain receptors exist for morphine, benzodiazepines, etc. It's just all part of basic human neuro-anatomy. Yet, no one would want to deliberately take morphine just to "alien dream".

    You wrote:

    "Note also that Dick, McKenna and Lilly lived and worked not too far from that locus point of human evolution where SRI was exploring remote viewing and other extreme possibilities, IONS was creating a curriculum around transpersonal psychology and other proto-New Age disciplines, and the early hippies were dabbling in an extremely powerful new hallucinogen called LSD-25."

    I remember posting months back that the general ancient Egyptian populace stayed basically "high" all the time on a form of beer that they drank instead of polluted water. Also, on Natgeo the other night, I saw that one of the Chinese Emperors and entourage drank from ceremonious bronze goblets constantly...highly tainted with lead from flawed bronze making techniques. Modern lab testing on the goblets found that the rice beer in the goblets leeched out more lead than usual to the point of 25 times a lethal dose. Yet, this group showed no sign of lead poisoning on this outrageous scale except for early death around age 35 which is not too untypical for the Bronze Age anyway.

    My point is that human reaction to hallucinogens, poisons, or mushrooms apparently vary throughout history. This makes one wonder if the scientific information we have today is valid or skewed to prevent or mask possible psychic reactions by the populace. Medical use of marijuana and prosecution for possession comes to mind as such a scientific disparity.

    Interesting note: I found that "alienist" is an archaic term for psychiatrist. In fact, Wiki sends you to "psychiatrist" when the term "alienist" is entered.

    Thanks, Chris

  17. SoapFan:

    I concur that the path to true enlightenment is NOT by the use of hallucinogenics but by training oneself via meditation and ancient techniques to open the pineal gland and allow the flow of information in.

    I once heard a lecturer speak on how the use of DMT to create the altered states of consciousness was "cheating" in that you got to that destination not by enlightenment but by pharmacy.

    I'd have to agree. The yogis of old and now don't use drugs to create the effects of astral travel and psychic awareness. They have honed their practice from YEARS of study and mastery.

    The use of drugs to attain this "wisdom" tends to dampen the journey because once the high is over, it's often impossible to get a person to truly integrate what they saw and experienced with words or examples. Most of the time, they can't remember anything after an hour or less of coming down off the high. I'm talking here about DMT trips as well as mushroom trips.

    I've had the opportunity to be around those who get to those destinations via expert use of their mind with no drugs and they are infinitely more engaging to deal with when they aren't "traveling" then the ones who use drugs to attain their insight. The later tend to be easily irritated or seriously lacking in enlightenment when they aren't on their drug of choice.

    I think this is an important facet here because the ultimate point of "ascension," "enlightenment" etc. is not through drugs, machines or bizarre surgeries that seek to create the effect. The entire point is to get there through earnest practice, devotion and study as well as the respect, maturity and understanding to handle what you see once you get there.

  18. Hi LD,

    Thanks for the reply!

    We all know however that the scientific community, on which our very lives have recently come to depend, has not been the most forthcoming institution.

    We depend upon medical science...literally...with lipid statins, beta-blockers, blood thinners, etc. unquestionably saving millions of lives from stroke and heart attack. How much power over our health should pharmaceutical companies hold? I know I would want to take any medication that might extend my life well into the age of 90 or even 100.

    But what if the natural state of humans is to be "high" on some sort of naturally occurring hallucinogen? Perhaps it's some way to be "jacked" in to our environment...a way to manage it perhaps as we saw the Na'vi "hooked" in to their world in Avatar.

    We ruminate here on this blog about the "alien" world we live in and how it's apparently hostile to it's very nature. Maybe natural hallucinogens migrates/merges us into a perfect state with the Earth.

    And whose to say the pharmacological "giants" don't know this and are keeping it from us? And are rather deliberately pumping us full of pharmaceuticals that act on our systems to distance us even further from that state of "perfection" with our world? It would give new meaning to "fall from grace".

    Similarly, who's to say that perhaps an alien entity that regards this Earth and us as a farming "project" and left it in the Garden state of Eden might not have also left a natural hallucinogenic substance in place as an aid to navigate our world and communicate with them on some level. This too could be hidden from us and part of the "mystery" we seek.


  19. Soapie and LD- I'm going to weigh in on all the comments later, but this discussion especially. I'm not an either/or guy, I think you need as many arrows in your quiver as you have available. But I am more in line with McKenna's thinking on yogis and swamis and the rest of it. I'll elucidate on that later.

  20. Chris,

    When you elaborate, please explain what McKenna thought re: the yogis, et al.

  21. SoapFan,

    I'm not a fan of Big Pharma. The statins, etc. may short circuit a problem but they are rife with side effects that will not contribute to a longer life. In fact, these supposedly life saving drugs will more likely shorten lives. Statins are also now linked to early onset dementia.

    I don't believe that we are meant to walk around high, using outside means to attain that high. I may have agreed with that notion 20 years ago but I've spent too much time with honest to God mystics who don't touch anything (including liquor) and they have such a clean essence versus the ones I've met who trip on mushrooms repeatedly and/or DMT.

    I do agree that Big Pharma is selling their crap to deaden the populace but I feel there is more of a hidden agenda with TPTB to create that outcome. Convincing the masses that depression is caused from a LACK of Prozac is absurd.

    But when you spend enough time rotating with the masses (which I do when I travel), it's amazing to me that there is any chance at all for evolution and enlightenment. I don't mean to say that in an arrogant manner. It's just an observation I've made over the last 10 years when I've traveled around the globe.

    Those masses, for example, would never understand Chris' blog. And the mere discussion of it with them would be the proverbial "pearls before swine" deal.

  22. Hi Chris

    More aliens in Australia

    Love your work, Mike

  23. LD,

    I appreciate your comments and I certainly don't want to take Chris' blog where it ought never go. But I cannot let your comment on the dangers of statins slide.

    Statins have kept many folks alive in this last decade and in fact CBS News news did a story a few weeks back on the medical progress made in heart disease research in the last 10 years and you've got to admit people are living longer. And the main reason for that is drugs to treat heart disease.

    I don't know your age, but when you hit 45 or 50, you'll need something to help your heart regardless of physical fitness and diet. Keep the old ticker going and you keep going! :)

    I'm a fan of alternative medicine and therapies as well as fitness and proper diet. I am also one of the most skeptical folks in my profession. In partial disclosure, I was with two of the biggest pharmaceutical giants out there in university hospital research that indicated that statins have saved lives. If I would ever advocate anyone taking any one drug besides aspirin, it would be Lipitor.

    There is some good medicine out there and some sincere people in the front lines attempting to make our lives better and longer.

    Tip: buy Pfizer stock!

    (No links but you can check the data out there)

    Pfizer: More Lipitor Cuts Heart Complications More

    Pfizer: Study Finds High Lipitor Dose Cuts Chances Of Heart Complications Over Low Dose

    Cholesterol Drug Lowers Blood Clot Risk View Photo

    Study: Statin Drugs Can Also Help Reducing Clots In the Legs, Lungs;lst;7

    How Cheney Survived 5 Heart Attacks

    Few People Survive 5 Heart Attacks; Cheney Illustrates Peril And Progress In Heart Disease

    Sorry for being off-topic, Chris!

  24. Chris,

    Ha! I included the Pfizer stock tip in my previous comment and then checked the boards.

    Pfizer stock closed today at 17.61 after a 17.7 high!

    Oops! Sort of on-topic.

  25. Elizabeth/SoapFan,

    With all due respect, I sincerely disagree with your assessment of statins. I have friends who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and they told me how studies were not disclosed on the long term danger of these drugs (just like studies were covered up on Effexor's addictive properties and Paxil's increase in birth defects for pregnant women.)

    I know this is off-topic but I hate Big Pharma for the lies they tell and the underhanded way they conduct their business. And I don't care how high a stock goes. I'd never invest in it if it's drug-based.

  26. LD, Mckenna stated that in his travels in the east he felt that the yogi's presented more of a shell game. Try to con you into believing they had major insight into your psyche, then hit you up for more cash if you wanted to see more.
    He said that in the amazon when he did ritual ayahuasca (dmt jungle brew) it was more real than real.
    Ayahuasca has influence the writing of David Icke, and Graham Hancock recently.
    I am a major proponent, and can see why Timothy Leary and others really believed they could change the world, by turning everyone on.
    I'm glad they tried, but from their efforts we have learned that it's not for everyone, and if used improperly can do immediate or lasting damage.
    The experience can change you forever and some people never get over reincorporating their new perspective with their old paradigm.
    My DMT experience is limited, but I would say that mushrooms seem alien and have a trickster component, and in high doses what McKenna called "heroic doses" or "ego flattening" doses, will blow your mind so hopefully you are prepared to never be the same.
    Anyone who wants an all american four aces peyote ritual, should check out the Peyote Way Church in Arizona. I'd give them the highest rating on my personal tripadvisor.

  27. 77Meridian,

    Thanks for you input.

    Re: ritual ayahuasca, I can see how this could be used in a ceremonial way with someone close by to guide you through the levels of consciousness. Did not know Icke was tripping on it. Any links to validate that? I know a few who have used ayahuasca in ceremony and had profound revelations. However, one of them told me that she was "out of her body for three months" after her supervised trip in the Andes and that after a few weeks, she couldn't handle the experience while trying to maintain her day-to-day existence (as a trauma therapist no less!)

  28. I just felt like pointing out that big pharma has destroyed the quality of life in America in general by over prescribing drugs and "hooking" many misinformed people on treating their symptoms rather than making an effort to get to the root causes. This kind of backwards approach has landed people in a mentally crippled hot seat after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution WITHOUT vaccines or modern drugs.

    The question is, why does living longer matter at all, if its the "Pearls before Swine" approach is simply saving cretins like Dick Cheney who have done nothing but a disservice to the human race.

  29. David Icke

    Graham Hancock

    Both clips on Ayahuasca

  30. Orgone:

    Since you mentioned Dick Cheney and he only appears in my comment, I assume I can reply. First, let's not try to equate someone's personal behavior with their right to live or die. I mentioned Dick Cheney in the purely medical sense of having survived multiple heart attacks ABSOLUTELY due to medical advances in heart disease...and having ACCESS to it.

    General comment:

    As I mentioned above, I know no one's age here and hopefully everyone here wants to live a long and prosperous healthy life.

    I had a friend who hadn't seen a GP in years for anything like a simple cold or sinus infection...that is until it progressed to bronchitis. He called me up and immediately related how fascinated he was to know that the days of cough syrup and bed rest were gone. He bragged on the tiny globules that controlled a cough for nearly 20 hours, new pain medications that didn't leave him groggy and a prescription expectorant that worked immediately for him. He was better in less than 18 hours.

    Why do you think the U.S.S. Comfort is praised every time it docks in a third world port? (Never mind the politics). Why do medical professionals participate in Doctors Without Borders? Why are all those ambulance and EMT truck sirens often the best noise you ever heard in your life?

    No one here is an infant. C'mon!The United States is the most medically advanced nation on this planet. Some would do well to get up to speed on the medical advances out there rather than cowering in a cave and ranting and raving against something about which one has no or limited understanding.

    My grandfather had a saying when we kids joked about old people and their health problems. He'd reply, "Well, just keep living." It's hard to perceive the illnesses that plague the human body as one ages especially for those who are young and currently healthy.

    All of you will one day have children or loved ones that you will inevitably enter an emergency situation with and in which case you will be happy to see a medical professional coming.

    And as for all of us personally, well, that "will to live" does kick in.

    I know from experience that you'll want every pill, IV, injection and high-tech procedure that modern medicine has to offer during a medical emergency. You'll cry later thanking that ER surgeon for pounding on your black and blue chest for fifteen minutes to revive you.

    So, in my opinion, it's unnecessary to make comments disparaging medical professionals and research pharmaceutical corps that go hand-in-hand with life-saving advances in medicine.

    Sure there's lots wrong with every institution but let's not get too detached from the REALITY of THIS LIFE in search of another in the ether or elsewhere.


  31. SoapFan,

    I have to respond here.

    The medical profession you hold in such high regard helped kill my grandmother with their "medicine." My step-daughter has been addicted to Effexor and Prozac for most of her adult life (when she attempts to get off Effexor she goes into psychotic breakdowns). My mother, who never touched a pill from Big Pharma, was convinced to take blood pressure pills at age 90 which created two side effects, so three more pills were added to counteract those effects. She was then put on statins which THE DOCTOR ADMITTED INDUCED A DEMENTIA-LIKE disorder which they still cannot diagnose or treat. At age 92, she is now a shell of her former vibrant self and it's very sad.

    Don't get me started on allopathic cancer care.

    I'm 49, by the way, and have used natural medicine my entire life, practice meditation, believe in the mind-body connection and ALWAYS treat the ROOT cause of any disorder/disease with either herbal or homeopathic medicine or cutting edge vibrational therapy (which I won't even begin to get into here.)

    I don't believe as you do that I'll be chomping at the bit to have people save my life as I progress. I've had two near death experiences and they were fabulous. I've held the hands and the bodies of three family members as their souls left their body in this life. I don't fear death. Death is being reborn into the Infinite. I'm not religious by the way, so don't worry there. But I speak from non-drug experience of death and the afterlife and fear is not part of it.

    You seem like such an advocate for Big Pharma that it's almost cult-like. Drugs, alas, are flawed and you might want to throw off the blinders and do some research.

  32. Take it easy, LD. You're among friends here.

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