Monday, March 08, 2010

Stairway to Sirius: The Oscars, the Sunrise and the Spiral Staircase

NOTE: Any newbies unfamiliar with all of this symbolism are recommended to head over to the Solar Seminar and read the Stairway to Sirius, Revisited. We'll still be here when you get back. For deep background on Oscar symbolism, start here or scroll down to Sunday's megalink post.

3/9: Scroll down for updates...

The festivities opened with this interesting shot, giving us the blue and gold motif of the set and showing us stagelights vaguely reminiscent of an Udjat...

Then two motifs well familiar to Secret Sun readers- the sunrise and the winding staircase. A double staircase in fact, bringing us back to the exploration of the spiral staircase and the DNA double helix. And look, here comes the ubiquitous Doogie (Doggie?) Howser...

The two blazing stage lights motif appears again, familiar to us from Pink's performance at the Grammy's.

Then Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin descended from the heavens in what looks like the most extravagant gay wedding cake ornament ever...

...and performed their entire standup routines in front of the rising sun. That bubble motif is interesting, too. We'll get back to it in a bit.

There was also this interesting design, that reminded me of a bunch of interlocking eyes, but I'm not married to that interpretation.

The two lights again, and a beauty shot of the deep blue curtains, which could either suggest the ocean or the night sky. That's James Van Der Kirk introducing District 9.

And just as we saw with Pink...

...we also have the goddesses descending the Golden Stairway, in this case the spritely Carey Mulligan and zesty Zoe Saldana (note pink dress), giving us the requisite sugar and spice.

There was also this arch design, which was strongly reminiscent of the goddess Nut (or Nuit)...

...who represents the arch of the heavens, as you can see here.

Here's a full shot of the stage, giving you the winding staircase in glorious blue and gold.

That shot makes me wonder if those lower stairs are meant to be a waterfall... we see here, again with the goddesses from the Golden Stairway.

Now let's say a quick word about the best pictures, because they fit into this symbolic narrative as well. The best documentary feature, The Cove, about activists fighting the slaughter of dolphins.

The producer? Fisher Stevens.

The The Hurt Locker, a story about the invasion of Babylon (literally "The Gate of the Gods"), now known as "Iraq." Reader Agonus reminds us that the Iraqi National Museum opened shortly after last year's Oscars/Ausurs/Anshars/Ahura Mazdas. This is the first film directed by a woman to win Best Director, in this case the winner is Ka-Hathor-Ein Bigelow.

UPDATE: Don't forget William Henry's work on the Babylon Stargate. Between CERN, all of the Stairway/Sirius symbolism and now this victory (for a film that only grossed $21 million) there seems to be an interesting narrative developing out there in this, the year we (are supposed to) make contact.

UPDATE: Since I've been on such a major William Gibson kick lately I found it interesting that Kathryn Bigelow also directed Strange Days, which was Lightstorm's cyberpunk move. I always thought Ralph Fiennes was badly miscast in this film, but by this point I'd given up on Cyberpunk translating to film. The best Cyberpunk adaptation IMO? 'Killswitch', the episode of The X-Files written by Gibson himself.


  1. Thanks for posting a link to The Cove.

    As we look into the oceans for evidence of Cryptoterrestrials we may learn that cetaceans are even more evolved than we can imagine.

    We all need to watch this movie and learn how we can help.

    We will kick ourselves in the @$$ if we someday learn that "aliens" were here all along on earth but we did not recognize them for what they truly are--dolphins and whales.

    Great post as always Chris! Thanks. David

  2. Is there a basic primer of all these gods, their roles and their stand-ins in other mythologies that you can link me to? I'm not sure how trustworthy Wikipedia and Google are, considering, you know, who owns them.

    What is the significance of the Hathors? The trouble with blogs is the data is a little scattered, but from everything I've read you seem to be talking about them negatively. Got any thoughts on what's up on Tom Kenyon's site?

    It's strange, I've always felt that anything John Cusack or Charlie Kaufman were involved in, I'm sure to like. Then I had my awakening, and the fact that Cusack stars in the 2012 movie is... curious.

  3. Oh my... the illustrious Mr. Knowles referred to me in his post (blush)...

  4. Watching Jordan Maxwell's "Dawn of a new day" before Oscars is not much of a sync because i knew that some rising sun/eye will be there.
    It was already "womens day" here 3.8. at 6 am when Bigelow won. Little copy/paste
    Monday March 8

    The Greeks are having their Festival for their Goddess Artemis today. Artemis is honored today for protecting animals and or crops.

    And in Welsh -land today is Welsh Witch Day–when women who were of magic walked among the common folk being able to do so without finding themselves recognized or harmed.

  5. It certainly would be fascinating to get in touch with the creative talent behind some of the spectacles we've witnessed lately. With such a staggering array of symbols bombarding us a question that plagues me is how are they arriving into human mind and what is the process they undergo to reach physical manifestation. Where exactly are these symbols welling up from and what can we learn from the people who channel and bring to the world what we're seeing unfold? Maybe the artists and architects have stories about how and why they created what they did that would add dimension to these discussions.

  6. Curious Chris... What was your take on the uniform blue gowns worn by Oprah, Monique, and Gabourey Sidibe?

  7. Well maybe the aliens come to visit their dolphins doncha know.

  8. DDJ- That's an interesting take- reminiscent of Star Trek IV, no?

    Pstonie- Try your library. Online stuff can be hard to wade through sometimes. I couldn't get Tom Kenyon's link to work. Care to give us a thumbnail?

    Agonus- It's a yay day for you!

    Watchie- Right- another interesting juxtaposition., just like last year with the museum.

    Firey- It's not my first explanation, but there's always the possibility that they have no idea. As these patterns continue to multiply they could take on a life all their own.

    Deadprez- Dunno for sure. Maybe a sisterhood/solidarity thing? I do want to see that movie now.

    Song! - I hope someone is looking out for those poor little souls. I can't believe people eat them. Barbaric.

  9. You are so kind Christopher. That is what comes across through this virtual world, that I call "you" .

    Here in Phoenix right now, I have feral lovebirds in my backyard...a long way from home they are aren't they? captured and released. I guess it is up to us since we live here to take care of the precious beings.

    as for the dolphins? Yes, they belonged to the ET's...but they are not the ET's.

  10. Thanks for reinvigorating my desire to see Strange Days! The original reason I wanted to see it is because one of my favorite bands - Prong - had a song on the soundtrack when I was a college DJ. You may be interested to note that Prong had Paul Raven of Killing Joke as their bassist for 2 of their albums, and both Raven and Prong's Tommy Victor played on Ministry's final album The Last Sucker. You would appreciate the inside cover artwork on that one...

  11. Great post...and BTW "The Cove" is one doco worth seeing.