Friday, March 05, 2010

John C. Lilly and Extreme Psychonautics

John Cunningham Lilly was the inspiration for the book and film Altered States, which we've looked at in great depth in the Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre series. Here he talks with Jeffrey Mishlove, who also interviewed Michael Talbot on the holographic universe theory.

Mishlove has to work a bit harder with this interview, since Lilly was somewhat older and obviously firmly planted in another realm not quite our own (which Mishlove can't resist mentioning).

But Lilly was exploring so many of the strange memes playing themselves out today- and in the Star Trek eps we examined on Thursday- that it's worth your time to watch this and do a little reading on the man. 

I see a lot of Lilly in Fringe's Walter Bishop, that much is for sure. Particularly interesting are his thoughts on Synchronicity as an integral aspect of the Divine Plan, as is his definition of Gnosticism. Also fascinating is Lilly's fixation on dolphins, which are obviously important symbols in the Aquarian transitional phase we are in..

Don't forget to read Adam Gorightly's fascinating piece on Lilly, posted at Terry Melanson's Conspiracy Archive. 

SYNC LOG POSTSCRIPT: Tonight the missus and I watched a Star Trek that I'm not sure was itself not a hallucination.

It seems to combine the holographic reality and the orbital machine intelligence memes from yesterday into one episode, revolves around the dream reality of an artificial intelligence (which has to be decoded symbolically), suggests that understanding holographic reality is the key to consciousness, tosses in some random Masonic symbology and also begins with an enactment of a "Neoplatonic magical rite" which I'm pretty sure the episode itself was designed to be. 

It also had an artificially-induced earthquake, which is certainly a hot topic of conversation these days. And if all that weren't enough, it featured a near exact replay of a scene I watched in an episode of Deep Space Nine I selected completely at random this afternoon. 

Both episodes (different years, different shows) are linked through some very interesting numerology that's been popping up repeatedly in my personal studies this past month. I'm so stunned by all of this I actually feel a bit blank. 

Which is usually a good sign my subconscious is working furiously to connect the dots and putting my conscious mind on standby. Lilly would understand. Hopefully I'll be able to post on this soon, if for nothing else than to work out the math on all of this startling synchro-strangeness.