Friday, December 18, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Conclusion

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.
There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light. - Luke 8:17

This whole semiotic/synchronistic adventure started in Norway, with a strange aerial display and a host of symbolic aftershocks in its wake. It should be no surprise then that on the 17th we found ourselves in the ancient waters of Egypt, lifting up a stone pillar from the Gate of the Gods. The symbolism is so potent, it almost seems surreal.

Some of you might have been confused about the Sirius themes we've been covering this past week, and I admit that the initial connections of the Dog star to the Norway event were more a matter of intuition than anything else. The subconscious is always making connections the conscious mind is oblivious to.

But there was a whiff of the ritual theatrics we saw around the 2008 election with the Nobel charade, and the presence of Will Smith turned out to be a synchronistic bridge between the symbolism we saw in I Am Legend and Hancock, both of which planted subconscious 'Superman' memes that bolstered Barackobamun during the campaign (and which Obama was certainly not shy about playing into himself).

But here we are - Isis-Sirius in the news on the 17th- exactly a week after Obama's Nobel speech. 17 is a number I've been talking about since the earliest days of this blog (and I still have no clue what the real meaning behind it is), but has certainly become more and more prevalent in the news in the past year.

We've also been talking about the strange symbolic conjunctions on the Yahoo! front page for quite a while now, and sure enough we see the gateway of Sirius and yet another fluff story about a dog. Moreover, CNN celebrated the 17th with a pictorial on religious stonemasonry, something we'd looked at just the day before.

The AP story itself is bursting at the seams with the kind of symbolism we've seen over and over this past year as well.
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Archaeologists on Thursday hoisted a 9-ton temple pylon from the waters of the Mediterranean that was part of the palace complex of the fabled Cleopatra before it became submerged for centuries in the harbor of Alexandria.
The pylon, which once stood at the entrance to a temple of Isis, is to be the centerpiece of an ambitious underwater museum planned by Egypt to showcase the sunken city...

"The cult of Isis was so powerful, it's no wonder Cleopatra chose to make her living quarters next to the temple," said coastal geoarchaeologist Jean-Daniel Stanley ...

(Egyptian authorities) are hoping the allure of Alexandria, founded in 331 B.C. by Alexander the Great, can also be a draw.

(Egyptian Antiquities honcho Zahi) Hawass has already launched another high-profile dig connected to Cleopatra. In April, he said he hopes to find the long-lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra — and that he believes it may be inside a temple of Osiris...

"If the study shows it's possible, (the underwater museum) could become a magical place, both above and underwater," Hawass said.

The underwater aspect of this story and it's connection to Sirius tie in with many of the themes we looked at this past week. Remember the links with Sirius to Oannes and the Nommo, the Sirens (Sirians) and all of the rest of water-beings Robert Temple wrote of in The Sirius Mystery. From

...Temple describes the Nommo as amphibious beings sent to Earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. They look like Merfolk, Mermaids and Mermen. They called the Nommo "Masters of the Water", "The Monitors", "The Teachers or Instructors", "Saviors", and "Spiritual Guardians".

The ancient historian Berossus wrote extensively of Oannes, who was based in the Persian Gulf, itself the center of so much excitement these days.

"(Oannes) was accustomed to pass the day among men; but took no food at that season; and he gave them an insight into letters and sciences, and arts of every kind. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge.
- Berossus, from Ancient Fragments
Berossus describes Oannes much the same way as Plutarch describes the worship of Osiris:
That when Osiris reigned over the Egyptians he made them reform their destitute and bestial mode of living, showing them the art of cultivation, and giving them laws, and teaching them how to worship the gods.
Plutarch reports that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians identified Osiris with all forms of water, and here again we see the identification of Sirius with water:
Of the stars, they hold Sirius to be Isis’ Water-carrier, they honour the Lion, and decorate the gateways of temples with gaping lions’ heads, because the Nile swells:— "When first the Sun doth with the Lion join."
Plutarch also notes that the ancients "hold and believe the Nile the issue of Osiris, so do they regard the earth as the body of Isis." And here a whole new kettle of fish is opened...

Isis-Sirius-Demeter, kept in a Vatican Museum (where else?)

Apparently the etymology of Ceres- the Roman name for Demeter (meaning "Earth Mother") is uncertain. But considering that the Greeks identified Demeter with Isis (the Vatican holds a statue of Isis-Sothis-Demeter from Hadrian's villa, Sothis being another name for Sirius), it seems pretty obvious to me that Ceres is a Roman adaptation of Sirius:


And apparently the rising of Sirius was celebrated at the Telestrion of Demeter at Eleusis. The Romans had a Sirius ritual to the goddess Robigo meant to protect the crops from wheat rust. Wheat rust is a fungal cousin of the rye ergot that some believe was the psychoactive component of Demeter's kykeon.

But some scientists today literally believe Ceres- the asteroid, that is - might in fact actually be the Earth's mother- that life was seeded to a barren, post-bombardment Earth from DNA-laden space debris arriving from Ceres:
At the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life conference in Florence, Italy, Joop Houtkooper from the University of Giessen divulged a theory that life could have originated on an object in the asteroid belt named Ceres.

Ceres was considered to be a planet when it was discovered in 1801, but it was later downgraded to asteroid status. With the latest planet definition from the International Astronomical Union, the round object is now considered a dwarf planet. Is there a chance that this exotic world is home to extraterrestrial organisms?

Whether panspermia or AAT, DNA is the great mystery here - it may in fact be a kind of cosmic pollen travelling the Universe in search of suitable hosts.

The entheogen-inspired discovery of this cosmic contagion (short version- Francis Crick was tripping on LSD when the inspiration for the helix came to him) has sent alt-historians looking back at all of the caduecii and the trees of life and all of the other intertwined spirals in ancient art. And it seems the earlier in what we accept as human history that you go, the more you seem to find these enigmatic icons.

As we saw, this is the earliest and the most compelling - the Sumerian god Ningishzida, the "Lord of the Good Tree," who is the god of nature and fertility and "messenger of the Earth Mother."

Which brings us back to the idea of DNA as the messenger of the Ceres asteroid
- or maybe some other, more exotic heavenly body that Ceres is just acting as a politically-correct stand-in for.

Francis Crick himself has been quoted as saying this:
“Life did not evolve first on Earth, a highly advanced civilization became threatened so they devised a way to pass on their existence. They genetically-modified their DNA and sent it out from their planet on bacteria or meteorites with the hope that it would collide with another planet. It did, and that's why we're here."
I have no proof as yet, but my gut tells me that a lot of powerful and influential people agree with Crick. Where this is all going, we may very well soon see...


  1. Chris,
    This was an amazing series. Thank you so much, I'm sorry to see it end. Keep up the great work brother.

    Add to today's Yahoo front page:

    An underwater volcano (pyramid of power) to go with the underwater temple

    "worst mistakes of the decade" featuring balloon boy next to the ritual wardrobe malfunction

    "A public spat between Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger illuminates a rift within the party"

    and, of course tiger woods, who fits in with my tiger/alien sync quest (2010 is the year of the tiger to boot) is on the front page of yahoo and the front page of the New York Post with the headline "Top Dog!"

    Click NYPost Dec 17th

    Oh, and now that I'm looking at The Post's website (to find you a better link) I find this great pic.

    With the Blue bear (Ursa Major?), The Virgin, Planet Hollywood, and "The Future of Power is Here" - all above the sacred #10 being ushered in on blue chariots.

  2. Correction. Make that masonic Blue and Gold chariots.

    Been seeing a lot of these lately. Tis the season.

  3. This whole series has been one incredible sentence after another.

    There appears to be a new form of energy that is just begging to be acknowledged. Actually, more like strong arming than begging. :)

    This roller coaster ride is just beginning.

    I'm glad to have found such a positively potent mind to point out all of the fun facts that seem to fly by in a blur of movement.

    Thank you good sir!



  4. Have read your whole series.

    Interesting and brilliant.

    Anyway, this is for you!

    The Dogons of Mali?

    They live on the 17th parallel on the Prime Meridian.

    Thank you!

  5. Chris this has been an amazing post. I wanted to write something clever to add here, but my mind is scrambling with all the connections right now. However, here are links that I discovered, seemed relevent for the series.
    Thanks much.

  6. i like the pulling ancient symbols out of the water--a jungian subconcious reference????

  7. Alan- Nothing is ending. This is a never ending story. I just had to wrap up this installment before it got totally out of control. Very tasty linx- that Times Squared shot is especially interesting.

    Toothy- You're welcome. Keep watching- there's no reason to believe to believe the syncs are ending. And just as I started to type that a song called "Egyptian Gardens" came on Technicolor Web of Sound...

    Song- Outstanding! Thanks for that very tasty factoid.

    Grey- Wow, that Water-earth story is amazing. Thanks for that. That'll go in an update.

    Anony- Exactly what I was thinking...

  8. Paul Shaffer on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, referenced 17 "code for something else" if you scroll to 28 minutes in this video.

  9. Awesome blog as always Chris.

    So this led me to watching David Sereda and George Noory on youtube talk about Amazing Water--Is It Conscious. Totally amazing stuff.

    A pop culture connection occurred to me. On part 10 they talk about the sun emitting green light and how that is the heart chakra color. It made me think of the song "Green Light" by John Legend featuring Andre 3000. I immediately looked up the song and it says nothing about the sun...but he does repeatedly say--"I'm ready to go right now"

    It seems to be a club dance song but the appearance of Andre 3000 of Outkast piqued my interest because of his unique career. (started out as player/hustler type rapper before going head on into the alien/mystical realm).

    Heres my question-is this stuff just popping up due to the connection to consciousness that we all share or are these guys also part of the hidden agenda being played out in movies/music right before our eyes?

    I have no idea but thought you might dig it. I love this stuff. David.


    That's a whole lotta green...and green hearts

  11. Hermes( Mercury the messenger to the Romans, on the US dime for many years)or Thoth to the Egyptians, was thought to have great knowledge of the gods and stars. Also" as above so below" of course being a major theme of Hemeticism, seems to be coming up a lot lately.
    Makes me think of how Mayan priests supposedly sat up high and tracked the movement of the stars in reflecting pools. And they considered the visible sky to be an underworld full of unfathomable possibility.

  12. umm chris.... more ufo related

  13. Chris,

    I've recently started reading your posts and have found them very interesting to say the least. In your final post to this series you mentioned that you have found a correlation between the number 17 and some of the issues that you discuss here.

    Well, over the past couple of years I've noticed something I find very interesting. Objects with a hexagonal, octagonal, and pentagon shape or pattern show up in everything from commercials,to cartoons,to evry type of movie and they each seem to have a relationship to a certain theme. The hexagon is most often shown in relation to life, most often intelligent life, the octagon is most often shown in relation to a change, mutation, or evolution in life, andthe pentagon is most ofeten shown in relation to symbols or objects of force, power or destruction.

    I have no idea what this means or what message is being conveyed, just noticed that they show up in much the same way as product placement appear in movies.

    My question is have you noticed this and if so what does it mean?

    Sorry, if this comment was to long. It's my first one ever on the web.

  14. Interesting- you must check Freeman on asteroids- claims that Werner Von Braun said that asteroids and NOT aliens are next up in the big show. some crazy crazy great stuff in here

    Obama's Space War

  15. Crick really said that? Wow...

    My Judeo-Christian take on 17: (correct if wrong)

    Jesus would've been resurrected on Nisan 17.

    Noah's Flood occurred on the 17th day of the month.

    Gen 7:11 - "the seventeenth day... THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN WERE OPENED."

    Wen Ho Li Phuq.

  16. Anony1227- AWESOME catch!

    DDJ- "Heres my question-is this stuff just popping up due to the connection to consciousness that we all share or are these guys also part of the hidden agenda being played out in movies/music right before our eyes?"

    My answer is both, and that the agenda you refer to is an attempt to somehow control and or profit from a much larger process that is beyond human agency. And that's an agenda that's been going on for a very long time. How effective that agenda is is another story- I very much have my doubts. I think a lot of what we see with some of this symbolism is intentional and some of it is subconscious and some of it may well be something else using us to tell its own story. That's something we'll be looking at in the future.

    Good rule of thumb- the more obvious the symbolism- such as the nonsense you see in the music videos and such- the less it actually matters. There's a lot of disinformation and distraction being pumped out there, and I think a lot of it is to keep all of the Con$piracy theorists distracted and chasing after red herrings. Much the same way with Copenhagen and the health bill and the tea party nonsense is being used to distract the mainstream media from the fact that Obama's agenda is identical to Bush's.

    Anony 125- Top video of the decade?

    77- Good points- especially about the pools.

    Sergio- I saw that! It reminds me of Immortel Ad Vitam.

    Infinite- It's not too long- you raised a good point. There's that giant Hexagon on Saturn- what does that mean? Whose message is that? Maybe it's like you said and it's a message pertaining to intelligent life from another race of intelligent beings- kind of like a gargantuan crop circle. It's something to consider.

    Anony159- Yes, I'm familiar with what Freeman is referring to. My only problem with it is that it's hearsay- this woman is telling us what she claims Von Braun said. It could very well be true, but I got a bit of a vibe from her videos. We'll see either way, right?

    Agonus- Very interesting. That's why I put the Luke quote up- there's a lot of interesting Mystery symbolism in the Bible if you read between the lines.

  17. Great post. One thing I would add-- while Crick did have a theory for directed panspermia, it was one of many theories. The quote, taken out of context, gives the impression that he believed it unconditionally. I'm not sure that was the case.

  18. Thanks for this. As for ET originating life - we must see how all cosmos essentially creates life that is Earth.

    God is everywhere.

    When we see this oneness, there is no more ET than the ET on Earth presently.

    All life is ET and non-ET at the same time.

    The reason for Lemurian dolphin temples are practically still unexlored. The Delphi oracle in Greece was one such leftover - a reminder of how water ET or the spiritual masters within the sea actually create life on, literally, Earth.

    Will write more about this soon


  19. Oh man, why am I the guy that always messes up the "17 comments"?

    Chris, I know that nothing ends and your work continues - and for that I am grateful. Finding your blog has been a blessing. I was about a third of a way into writing a novel when I got bogged down in noticing heavy heavy unintentional syncs and symbolism in my own work. I took a long hiatus, trying to figure out what I was really doing without even realizing it. Your blog has helped me accept the ideas for what they are and to let them flow unhindered. For that, I cannot thank you enough.

    On Dec 17th the Queen made news by taking a commuter train. I have read many takes on the symbolism of the train (and train station) as a portal/stargate/etc. So is the news that the Royals and Elite are going to worlds beyond?

    If you let the video player continue, it gives you a story about what else, tigers and the virgin mother

    (And some hockey players killing a bat?? then a pig knocking over a nativity scene [which could mean nothing, but seemed like ritual fluff pieces alongside the other stories])

  20. Hello Christopher,
    To add to your astute and 'thrilling' blog, I 'wondered' at all the Circles and Spheres of the Copenhagen (Cop15) Conference....Obama made his speech tonight/today infront of a Blue Circle! Check-out this 'Circle of Blue' (group of journalists) at Please check-out the Absolute Hollywood 'World in a Giant Globe-G O or Global Observatry. In fact all the symbolism is full-on.
    Blessings, Flossy.

  21. Can't help thinking about Oceana, not the Ted Danson backed Charity but the 1984 State Controlled Utopia.......twas the 'Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences of the 'Circle of Blue'.....eeeek!


    Came to mind with the end of this post. Cheers.

  23. whats up secret sun!
    ive been checking the site out for a a huge jack kirby fan and my favorite writer/artist walter writing to tell Chris to check out Malachi York's books and the Nuwaubians.

  24. "That's why I put the Luke quote up- there's a lot of interesting Mystery symbolism in the Bible if you read between the lines."

    And there is an even more applicable quote from the Gospel of Luke:

    And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand. Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God. (Luke 8:10-11)

    Basilides explicitly connected the Parable of the Mustard Seed to the concept of panspermia. The scattering of the Logos plays a central part in Gnosticism, and perhaps even the Mysteries themselves.

  25. Chris,

    This series was one of your best.
    Can't wait to read your take on Avatar and the newly discovered water world.

  26. Chris...thanks for cooking up such a tasty feast.

    I found this article from a link off our local paper in Toronto and thought you'd dig it:


  27. Infinate E,

    The Hexagon (and Hexagram) are symbols assigned to the sixth sphere on the Tree of Life, the physical (and astrological) symbol for this sphere being the Sun. Deities are sacrifical/death and rebirth deities, e.g. Osiris, Odin, Dionysis, Jesus and many more

    The Eighth sphere corresponds to Mercury(so change, mutation etc are of a mercurial nature). Deities are Mercury, Hermes, Thoth, Odin.

    And the fifth sphere to Mars, the pentagram, pentagon, and deities are war gods like Horus, Mars, Ares, Thor, Sekhmet.

    Best thing I can suggest is find a copy of 'The Mystical Qabbalah' by Dion Fortune and '777' by Aleister Crowley.

    But then, perhaps you knew these correspondences already.



  28. Gong+AAT+manga animation.Made me think about your blog.
    ''how to stay alive video clip''

  29. "DRANK GOLD"...

    The STONE lifted from the waters

    lifting up a stone pillar from the Gate of the Gods. The symbolism is so potent, it almost seems surreal.

    There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.
    There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light. - Luke 8:17


    try a little writing exercise... Take a child's Marble (yes, the round ball) and write about it as though it was a living person - even go so far as to give it a name. Don't just describe it, use stories of actions that exemplify and portray your marble as though it was a living person.

    Let me know when you're done, or post your story online. But, be sure to write so realistically that to the average reader it would truly appear to be a story about a person and not a "thing".



  31. 7/14/10
    crick's theory -

    strangely reminiscent of the movie...
    'the last mimsy' :)

    don't know how i miss'd this post..... hmmm, ah well.

  32. Reading this lead me to have a may be a bit of a stretch but it was just a brainstorm....

    A fresh planet with no DNA or organisms gets hit by an astroid to preserve the DNA of another home world--the gist, yea?

    Soooooo, were they just gambling on the fact that anything good would come of it, or was is the point that it was predetermined we'd develop eventually? I sort of have a hard time buying either.