Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: The Moscow Pyramid


The excitement of the Norway "missile" was such that a lot of people overlooked another event that may or may not have occurred at the same time - a pyramid-shaped UFO floating above Moscow in footage taken on a cell-phone (allegedly). 

William Henry and I were talking tonight about the Norway thing and how it's suddenly be thrown down the memory hole, dismissed as a failed missle test. That could very well be true, but on a gut level something seems a bit off to me. 

Not being a rocket scientist, I can't really speak definitively on it, but it certainly kicked off a week of weirdness culminating in that Stargate ritual archaeological media event in Egypt.

I wanted to quickly revisit the pyramid UFO, since it was straight out of a movie regular readers all need to see: Enki Bilal's Immortal aka Immortel Ad Vitam. A pyramid UFO is at the center. The film is a bit tough to navigate on first viewing- it seems clunky and melodramatic. It reveals itself on repeated viewings. 

And as you can see from the trailer it hits on many of the themes we've explored in other films in the text and not the subtext, which is kind of refreshing.


 Postscript: Was the pyramid footage actually taken the same day as the Norway spiral? Veteran UFOlogist Michael Salla smells a coverup:
The Moscow UFO pyramid appeared for several hours on December 9 and raised the possibility of a link with the Norway spiral lights. Was the failed missile test caused by extraterrestrials wanting to signal to the Russian Federation that nuclear weapons development was not in the best interests of Russia or the world? 
Did the extraterrestrials responsible for the failed test and/or linked to the Norway light spiral, then appear over Moscow’s seat of political and military power - the Kremlin? The alleged failed missile test, the Norway Spiral lights, Moscow UFO pyramid, and Obama’s Peace Prize speech, point to a startling conclusion. Extraterrestrials have begun to openly act in ways that directly influence the national security policies of the world’s two major nuclear powers: the US and Russia.
Whether any of this is true or not, it most certainly puts the events of the past week in a whole new context. UPDATE: How can it possibly end? It turns out all of the Oannes and water symbolism wasn't idle chatter after all. Michael Schact reminds us that the official symbol of Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid:
The Little Mermaid is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Denmark. The statue, situated on Copenhagen's waterfront, is a national landmark and synonymous with the city.
Here's info from Great Dreams on Sirius and the Mermaids.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser- photos of a Baikonur rocket test. Not much of a resemblance, but look further:

At 05:14:37 Moscow Time a space logistics spacecraft Progress M-03M was launched from the Baikonur launch site.

The objective of the launch is to provide support needed for further functioning in orbit of the International Space Station (ISS) in accordance with the Russian commitments under the ISS project, as well as to continue developmental testing of the logistic spacecraft of the new series.

So, we see what may well be a test of a rocket for ISiS (see similar footage from other tests here) on the 9th and on the 17th (numbers well familiar to longtime readers) we see the retrieval of part of the gate of the Temple of Isis (Sirius). That fascinates the hell out of me. 

UPDATE: Mike C! notes that the Copenhagen mermaid (flipped here) is oddly reminiscent of the statue-looking object found a while back on Mars...
  I'm still agog that Copenhagen's city symbol is the mermaid. This series has been extremely sync-laden. To think it all began with my struggle with an I Am Legend post. But I have been told by an expert that what I'd described synchronicities are in fact precognition. 

Interesting theory, at least.