Clown Show 2008: Doing What Comes Naturally

Telling bad jokes, that is. Interesting to note that McCain can't help but be bitter and Obama is his usual detached, deadpan self.

One thing that strikes me when reading up on the bios on these guys is how the powers-that-be usually choose charming mediocrities for the Oval Office.

EDIT: Holy Smokes, I was in such a rush to post this video and then avoid it, I forgot to mention it was the whole "I'm from Krypton" bit that caught my ear in the first place. Such a loaded comment, no?


  1. It was the old dude that kept eating behind them that realy creeped me out!

  2. Obama's comedy writer budget excels McCain's.

  3. The overarching point is that these politicians are all funny clowns. And we're clowns for believing that these "lawmakers" even read the laws they "make", never mind write them.

  4. Chris, what did you think about Obama's Greek Column comment? And when he said he wasn't born in a manger, he was actually sent here by his father Jor-el, "The Gods Wear Spandex" came to mind. In that short span, Obama brought to mind Hercules, Jesus, and Superman, the last character being one that you had compared to the previous two. I even thought for a moment that maybe Obama had hired you to write the jokes! lol

  5. To be honest, Ed, I try to avoid listening to these clowns as much as possible. I didn't even watch the whole video. I'm allergic to politicians- something about them all gives me the heebie jeebies.

  6. I understand. But it was kind of spooky that I saw this on MSNBC, Obama made me think of "the Gods Wear Spandex", then the next day the speech is on the Secret Sun. It would seem that Obama is syncing with you.


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