Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 6 - Indiannunaki Jones

No matter how far afield things might get here sometimes, I want to reiterate that The Secret Sun is a pop culture blog, that explores esoteric topics in the context of entertainment. Why do I cover political topics here? Well, I agree with the late Frank Zappa, who said American politics is the entertainment wing of the military-industrial complex.

It's no surprise then that all of the strange symbolism we've seen in entertainment over the past 30 years or so begin to manifest itself in the political realm, as we explored in the Very Sirius Election and Stairway to Sirius series. Of course, that process has gone supernova with the rise of Barack Obama, or Barackobamun as he's known around these parts.

Now, the symbolism behind the Obama election got me looking at Sirius symbolism, which led me to study the Masonic tracing boards. Yesterday, I showed you that that the tracing boards seem to mirror the basic steps of ancient astronaut theory- arrival, DNA manipulation and departure and legacy. I say 'mirror' rather than 'symbolize', because the Masons have a totally different explanation as to their meaning.

The funny thing is that all of this sprung from two strange UFO-type events- the appearance of strange orbs over an Obama rally in Philadelphia and then the blue spiral over Norway before Obama's Nobel speech. All of this has been surrounded in time by all sorts of semiotic insanity. As I've said the ripples are always bigger than the splash.

Now, it seems like forever ago, but at the same time that Barackobamun was nearing victory in the 2008 Democratic primaries, the long-awaited Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiered in theaters. The film was savaged by some critics (and fans) but was a monster box office smash. And as we discussed here the film was a Synchromystic goldmine- Roswell, remote viewing, interdimensional aliens, AAT, you name it.

But there was another aspect to the film we looked at here, something not in the script itself. And that was the weird parallels of key plot points in Crystal Skull to, yes, the Masonic tracing boards.

Only in reverse.

The reversal motif always fascinates me, since it was an important part of the rituals of the Shemsu Hor- guiding the soul of the Pharaoh backwards in time to the Zep Tepi, or first time. As Hancock and Bauval wrote in The Mystery of the Sphinx:
An awareness of the effects of precession on the part of the ‘Followers of Horus’ (and the later priests of Heliopolis) would have included an intense focus on the stellar background at the vernal equinox and an understanding that the sun’s ‘journey’ towards Horakhti-Leo, as calibrated at this ‘governing moment ‘ of the year, would by definition have been a journey backwards in time through a succession of ‘world-ages’—i.e. from the Age of Taurus, circa 3000 BC (when the sun on the vernal equinox rose against the stellar background of the constellation of Taurus) to the Age of Leo, circa 10,500 BC, when the sun on the vernal equinox rose against the background of the celestial lion.

So when we read in the Pyramid Texts that the ‘Followers of Horus’ are urging the Horus-King to travel from Taurus to Leo it is possible that they may have had in mind something rather complex and clever.
This 'reversal in time' motif is not unique to the Egyptians; the Greeks had their obsession with the Golden Age, Dicoletian sought to restore the old Rome with its Imperial cult of Jupiter, the Jewish messiah was to restore the throne of David, Christians have their New Jerusalem (in which Christ- the new Adam- rules the earth as Jehovah once did), radical Muslims seek to return to the Caliphate and radical Jews and Fundamentalist Christians have talked of rebuilding the Third Temple. We've seen that return motif in any number of artistic and cultural movements. In this context the reversal literally leads to the ancient gods, who just happen to be aliens.

So here's what we looked at in Crystal Skull article- this version of the Third Degree board...

...mirrored by this notorious scene (the "nuke the fridge" scene), complete with what is called a "deathtrap" coming open, revealing Indy. Note the parallel flashes of light and the branches as well. It's important to note this is a nuclear test here, something that UFO cultists in the 70s and 80s claimed attracted the attention of the 'space brothers'.

Counting down, we have the Second Degree board, which has the water and a the spiral staircase inside what looks like a temple (Solomon's Temple - revered by the Masons - was said to have a "winding staircase").

In Crystal Skull, we also have a memorable waterfall sequence, where we are told "three times it drops". This eventually leads Indy and his entourage to....

...a spiral staircase.

Last but not least, we have the angels/aliens descending their staircase from Sirius to Earth- and straight into a Masonic temple, so it appears.

Completing this reversal motif we see the aliens, now back atop their staircases, ready to return to their other-dimensional realm. In other words, the reversal of time symbolized by the backwards journey through the tracing boards takes us to, yet again, alien gods.

As silly as this story may present itself as being, there's a whole host of very obscure occult and esoteric doctrines being played out here...

...such as Irina returning the venerated Baptist head to the 13th alien (we've looked at Baptist motifs in sci-fi film here before. He we are back to the Oannes motif we looked at in the context of I Am Legend. Theosophist author G.R.S. Mead wrote this about the Baptist:
“...early apocalyptists and allegorists, who were probably Jews of the Babylonian or Syrian dispersion, could conceive of their preexistent Messiah as in such a way associated with the figure of the ancient Hani (Oannes, Iannes, Ioannes) and expected the Redeemer of Israel to arise from the depths of the great waters, it is not improbable that in those days when the interplay of mystical association was so prevalent and eagerly sought out some of the most enthusiastic followers of John may have believed that his baptizing ‘fisher of souls’ was the expected manifestation.”
Is this line the giveaway as to the "reversal of time?" The scientific name for the ox is bos taurus, which ties us back to the Shemsu Hor and their rituals tracing the Age of Taurus back to the Age of Leo. The Age of Taurus saw the glory days of Egyptian civilization, from the rule of the Horus Kings through the Pyramid Age and beyond.

We hear Indy explicitly reference the ancient Egyptians (and their beliefs) but more importantly, Egypt's early period. So "welcome back, Ox" has all sorts of interesting subliminal connotations in the context of this film.

It also saw the rule of Narmer, who we discussed in an earlier Oannes syncstream. Narmer may or may not have been the legendary Scorpion King, who we also looked at this year- and who himself has semiotic links to Obama. Above is legendary Narmer stele, whose tiered format brings us right back to where all of this insanity started...

...the Oslo mural.

The stele also gives us yet another ancient depiction of a double helix, using those strange, almost-alien animals.

DNA, yet again? Where it doesn't belong?



  1. I don't know about you, but I think Back to the Future had it all pretty much figured out.

    Cool post. I'm loving this thread.

  2. Wonderful stuff. Nice to see Eliade's "Eternal Return" is as eternal as ever!

    I'll never see Indiana Jones quite the same way again, which reminds me: have you investigated the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" film and album in light of the masonic tracing boards? The checkered floor, spiral stair and (if you buy into those ever-lurking "Paul Is Dead" rumors) coffined elect are all on display. Forgive me if you've delved into this elsewhere, but I think those lads (or their handlers) might have been up to something more than music after all...

  3. its getting better and better all the time. John Lennon

  4. You're on a role brother...
    Love it!
    Keep it f l o w i n g...!

  5. Amazing, your analysis is really ingenious. These kind of connections are mind-blowing.

  6. Thanks for this great series, Chris. I've been seeing many "17" synchs in the last few days and wouldn't you know, on the 17th December, Yahoo has a front page story about Egypt, Cleopatra's submerged city and underwater pyramids. I don't what this means, but the synching was interesting.

  7. Cool synchs Chris. In Hamlets Mill by Santillana and Dechend, the precession of the equinoxes, is indeed the facination and drama of earth religions. I am unclear on Oannes being of sirius perhaps the pleides? The towers Arabs use for prayer look alot like rocket ships? The summerians built huge platforms for their gods to live in.It is easy to envision AAT. What fun reading your astute essays and the intelligent discource in the comments. Dennis

  8. @arc

    Yahoo front page also gives us the Dubai palms, two different dog headlines, egypt gold (view that in context with the Bernanke nomination), and US missiles kill 17 in Pakistan.

    But, what extra meaning (if any) is there in "Obama won't break new ground at climate summit."

  9. chris man, Nice work. I don't kno how you can compress so much info in to meaningful syncs. Keep at it man.

  10. Some months ago I dreamt I was in the Age of Taurus near temples / megaliths and was reminded to wear my ankh (in waking life,) which I read up on " the Ankh, symbol of life, thoracic vertebra of a bull (seen in cross section)" Guess I'll put it on now. :)

  11. Arnolds one ring to rule them all.

    He loves that Blue Ring of power

  12. Chris:

    Speaking of Oaanes, Arnold speaks about "little mermaid"

    in the cop'n hagen climate change conference

  13. One of the things I have thought about is the talk of the ancients having carving, paintings, symbols, artifacts, etc, that hmmm ok...look like space ships? And even space suits with helmets

    That would seem to indicate life may have come here before potentioal by Space Ships. I don't know if any one has looked in to this before, but what if the possibility that these airplane shaped vehicles may not be SPACESHIP but UnderWater Ships! Why not? And the space suits could be diving suits or breathing devices for underwater as in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

    If a race like the Annunaki live in a water or fluid enviornment, then why couldn't these ships be potentionally for water use since our planet is over 70% water. With tales of Atlantis, this could make sense. Just a thought.

    What do you think? is a 17 date for those of you who are interested.

    Tuesday - November 17 – 2009 – 6.6 Mag.

    EQ – South Queen Charlotte Islands
    87 Days before the 2010 Olympics = 8+7=15 DEITY = 1+5=6 = SICKS
    At 7:30 am, a 6.6 mag.

    earthquake struck the Queen Charlotte Islands. The depth was 10 km., or 6.2 miles.

    7:30 am = 73 = 7+3 = 10 = INTENSITY
    73 coincides with 1 on the 7th clockface = 1+7 = 8 CONTROL



    17 = 1+7 = 8 = CONTROL

    17 coincides with 5 SACRIFICE on the 2nd clockface = 5+2 = 7 = COMPLETION and PERFECTION

    7+8=15 the Deity
    7+8+11=26 = 13+13 = 26 coincides with 2 on the 3rd clockface = 2+3=5 SACRIFICE


  14. I love the timespace reversal concept and agree that we may be reaching an "end of history" as Fukuyama declared a decade or so ago. Regarding the Masonic connection, I think you can make it less tenuous by focusing on Scottish Standard Ritual which employs flowing water as an important symbol in the second (FC) degree.

  15. Awesome thread! Keep the ideas flowing. One thing I noticed though when I saw the name 'Ox, for some reason I thought of 'Oz', where the X is pronounced like in 'Xerox'. I thought I was reaching pretty far though, until the next picture was the mural in 'OZlo', which to me, synchromysticaly reinforced my reading of 'Ox' as 'Oz'. So could Indy really be saying, "Welcome back, Oz". I'm sure it wouldn't be a far stretch to connect this thread to 'Oz' considering all the work that Jake has done on that theme. Are we on the verge of our return to Oz? Will we find the wizard or the conman? Which one is Obama? Like I said, a far stretch, but it got me thinking.

  16. Michael- Spielberg again!

    Anony128- You know I'm a big Beatles fan but the bad rep MMT has always scared me off. I've done some interesting stuff on the Beatles but this is my favorite-

    Few Shots, Justie, Transcend, enigma- Thank you, my friends.

    Arc- Yep -we're looking at those tomorrow.

    Dennis- Yeah the pyramids are really the tip of the iceberg. Good points, there.

    Alan- I can't count how many "17 killed" headlines I've seen this year. And the weird thing is that the counts are almost always amended later. Weird.

    Anony1224- Cheers- and there's more to come!

    Anony101- That is a very cool dream!

    Anony101B- Man, I'll say! What is that thing?

    Anony116- Did they call it COP15 because it's going to lead to a police state?

    DS888- You're right- who knows what's under those waves. Interesting that our bodies are the same amount of water as the planet. Do a search on that David Sereda vid where he talks about Sirius and water and the rest. If you havent seen it I think you'll really dig it.

    Living- Cool, thanks for the tip.

    Superjudge- Oz isn't too much of stretch given the whole journey and revelation arc of the Crystal Skull story. Interesting parallel.

  17. today, on the front page of is a video about the history of Rockefeller Center. It's not very interesting except that it came on the heels of your mentioning it.

  18. The first scene in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is actually the infamous 33º ritual of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, wherein the candidate drinks wine from a skull—of the Baptist, presumably. Although the rite hasn't exactly been a secret, It's somewhat strange to consider that there's now a good chance that Mary Jo from accounting now knows what it is.

    The Gnostics also identified Oannes with the first Adam (the "second Adam," as you mention, is "the Lord from Heaven"):

    The Assyrians say it was with them Ōannēs, the Fish-eater; while the Chaldæans [say that it was] Adam.

    And this Adam they [the Chaldæans] say was the man that Earth produced—a body only, and that he lay breathless, motionless, immovable, like a statue, being an image of that Man Above...

    In order, then, that the Great Man from Above ... might be completely brought low, there was given unto him Soul also, in order that through the Soul the enclosed plasm of the Great, Most-fair, and Perfect Man might suffer and be chastened.

    "But underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man; and we are that man." —PKD

  19. Some more viewpoints on the spiral via RedIce



  20. STS 75 Jelly fish in space experiment.

    this is amazing

  21. At the beginning of Indy 4, the "hounddog" song ( hund in german means dog ), so the "dog-dog" song is connecting the prairie dog to the five-pointed yellow star painted on the military car.

  22. you call this symbolism and meaningful conincidense?

    Its too shallow. Not to be rude but c'mon ???

  23. Alan- Excellent- thanks for the links.

    Eleleth- Great Mead quotes. You're right about the Masonic thing- none of it is really secret, is it? And there's so much of it out there now. Which, of course, raises my suspicions...

    Anony1133- Cool timecode. I wonder what Jeff Wells thinks of that story.

    Anony201- Good one! You get star of the day!

    Anony- "Conincidense?" I'm not familiar with that term.

  24. Hi all,

    just thought I'd mention the first letter of the Herbrew alphabet being Aleph, which means Ox. Also, Ursa Major, and more specifically the part of the constellation commonly known today as the 'Plough' or the 'sauce pan' was known to the Egyptians as an ox leg.



  25. I think my favourite stealth news story can be summed up as Indiana Jones Goes to R'Lyeh, George Lucas visited Nan Madol (which means "Places In Between") after the release of the IJ film, the real-life location woven into the location of R'Lyeh. Lovecraft pretty much lifted this from Abraham Merritt's The Moon Pool and, to bring things full circle, it has been said that without Merritt there would be no Indiana Jones (Merritt was well read in the esoteric fields, friends with occultists and an early member of the Fortean Society).

  26. Absolutely brilliant. You're making so much sense here.

    By the way, did you notice the Google logo today? It has a river in the shape of an 8. Maybe you can still see it here.

  27. A continuing delight......The Meme just keeps rolling on.
    Had to send you this to view.....not visibly related to anything other than Freemasonry on the Water! (ie, note the symbol)

    Cut and Paste, of course: