Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dr. Steven Greer and the New Age of UFOlogy

Aside from the re-emergence of the abductee material in the media, the big news in the world of UFOlogy recently was the heated debate between Dr. Steven Greer and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot over Greer's remarks to the Barcelona Disclosure conference that all alien races in contact with Earth were benevolent.

I'll admit I've never been nearly as impressed with Project Camelot as they are with themselves. They lost me during their interview with Richard Hoagland, for which neither Cassidy nor her partner Bill Ryan seemed even remotely prepared (and you could tell Hoagland wasn't happy either). And it's a bit rich to see Cassidy going after Greer hammer-and-tongs when she treated Clifford Stone with such kid gloves, who seems every bit as starry-eyed as she accuses Greer of being.

That being said, I just listened to Tim Binnall's interview with the always-engaging Timothy Good, and I get the feeling he's not terribly impressed with Dr. Greer either. He was his usual diplomatic self, but he did make some dismissive remarks about people talking about benevolent aliens and free energy, so it's not hard to guess who he's talking about. Good - who's been pretty scathing about Stone in the past as well - himself talks about things that a lot of people might find ridiculous, but always qualifies his information as being what he has been told, and not necessarily what he knows or believes.

Good puts forth a scenario of alien races jousting over the ultimate fate of this planet, a theory which you will see Greer attack in Barcelona talk as being part of a "Project Blue Beam" kind of scenario on the part of what he identifies as a "cabal" within the government. Greer doesn't name Blue Beam (there's no evidence that any program by that name ever existed) but it's obvious that he feels that kind of scenario is plausible, and mentions Von Braun's theories of a staged series of ET provocations meant to turn people against the aliens and/or weaponize space. From my understanding space is pretty well weaponized, so I don't much see the need for further provocation. But what the hell do I know?

Greer's talk is very interesting because it presents a kind of quasi-religious take on UFO/ETs that I thought went out with Bo and Peep. Not only that, but Greer is obviously well-connected, well-off and presents an extremely seductive view of ETs as our psychic space brothers, standing by and waiting to welcome us all into the great Galactic community in the sky. With people becoming more and more disgusted with traditional religions, I could very easily see a charismatic speaker like Greer quickly attracting followers, particularly as our would-be messiah Barackobamun shrivels to irrelevance before our very eyes. Judging from the barrage of criticism PC took for their Greer interview, maybe he already has.

Now, I have no reason not to believe Greer isn't sincere and well-meaning, but I've watched one too many episodes of The X-Files not to find all of this a bit troubling. In fact, I'm almost tempted to whip up some XF fan fiction with a character loosely based on Greer who's actually an alien supersoldier (which the muscular Greer certainly resembles) lulling us all to sleep before the big invasion. Again, no judgment at all on the man himself, but any sci-fi fan can see where I'm coming from.

As for Good, his work interests me since I'm not necessarily looking to "believe" in UFOs (they either exist or they don't), but to find out what others believe about them, specifically those in positions of power. It's that information that I look for in order to plug into this entire matrix of symbolism, parapolitics, and Synchronicity which in turn is used to interpret all of the weirdness we're seeing in pop culture, especially this year.

In that regard, Good's claims of warring alien races certainly lines up with what we're seeing with films like Star Trek, Terminator 2 and GI Joe, as well as this constant theme of alien identification in films like District 9. Not to mention some of the anomalous sightings of flaming debris falling from the sky, or ships disappearing or colliding or planes being snatched from the sky. All of this could very well be part of the show Greer warns about, but all we can do is speculate at this point in time.

Where do I stand on all of this? I stand on the sidelines, scratching my chin in contemplation. I've not seen truly compelling evidence for either Good's or Greer's theories. I find both gentlemen intelligent and fascinating (unlike PC), but as I said before ETs are just part of my overall constellation of interest. As to Greer's warnings, I do think that any kind of fakery would have to be pretty damn grand to impress jaded folks these days, and I also think that people will quickly lose interest in this latest wave of UFOmania unless someone starts putting some good, solid proof on the table.

I'm old enough now to have been through all of this before and while I find this wave of daytime photos emerging pretty compelling, the problem is that there never seems anything much you can do about it. Greer seems to anticipate that, and is making audience participation a big part of his pitch. His presentation ends with some rituals that his group has held, allegedly summoning UFOs.

Which, of course, makes me a bit nervous.


  1. Entirely by coincidence I just mentioned Greer in a post on my blog this evening.


  2. Seriously, at first it's almost unnerving how buff he is.

    He also sounds kind of nervous. Given the subject matter it's understandable. Side note: Something about the name "Dreamland" is very disturbing (I read a little bit about it a while ago).

    I actually agree with a lot of his views, but something is off. It's what people avoid mentioning that I notice most, though this is most likely scripted so it sounds just a little robotic. Not to nit-pick or anything, I'm not done watching yet so I'll reserve my judgement for now... I can imagine it's a lot of weight to carry if any of his info is true.

    For some reason he reminds me of the alien character from American Dad.

  3. Pretty inspiring stuff. He echoes what Terrence Mckenna said about using psylocybin mushrooms to communicate with ET's. I myself have been using some really good mushrooms on and off for the last year and have been having some pretty weird experiences on them, but on all these experiences ET's seem to be a main theme. What is your perspective on this? Do you think it's safe to be using msuhrooms?

    1. yeah but where he differs from Mckenna, is that Terrence stated that these beings are DECEPTIVE, MISCHIEVOUS AND NOT FROM ANY OTHER PLANET, RATHER FROM OUR OWN PLANET. It took him most of his career to come to that conclusion.

  4. By the way, about the debate, my intuition says that there is a battle between the forces of good and evil. In fact, this is information I got in my last mushroom experience, but I was told that the war is almost over. A voice told me that the forces of evil are just playing their part in the drama and are just there to fulfill all prophecies, but in the end they will lose. Wether this information is valid I don't know, but this is what I was told on my last mushroom experience.

  5. Yup- That Greer: definitely an Alien Terminator. For some reason my connection wasn't the best, and the video stuttered as it went, giving me a series of still-frames. If you study his face in those frames, you can analyze his body language and that weird smile of his, which he seems always careful to display, as often as possible. His voice is kind of ....interesting, too. Is he trying to be soothing and reassuring? Uggh. But the big cause-for-pause here is his suggestion that we go out and Make Contact. Psychically. Yup. Anytime there are beings that you have to go out and 'summon' , or 'chant' to or ' pray ' to or 'visualize' to call them up, well, that's a BAD sign. I ain't saying they're not real. I"m saying if that's how you have to get their attention, they're not the kind of beings I want to share space with. I feel like the jaded Han Solo: " I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it isn't friendly".
    Just sayin'.


  6. Check out what this guy is saying on Alien-Earth.org - ZAKK: schonhans@yahoo.com
    He is claiming that the CIA has been using a public pool categorizing system to identify the public infested alien/lizard infestation:

    He has a grouping of 1-52 and above.


    2 = BLUE = CRYPTS

    3 = RED = BLOODS


    5 = ORANGE = CIA ( YES , THE CIA !!)


    7 = MAROON = ´G´ = GOD = GANGSTERS


    9 = YELLOW STRIPES = ELOHIM = FBI (hi fbi!)

    10 = BLUE STRIPES = RIGHT SIDE OF CRYPTS (cops , look who wears BLUE!)

    11 = RED STRIPES = JAMAICA!!!! = BLOODS...


    13 = ORANGE STRIPES = RIGHT SIDE OF CIA.. watch the AHA - TAKE ON ME VIDEO.. the hats with the 13s ... multidimensional entrapment.. come the frick on .... thats too obvious eh?



    1 yellow government
    2 blue crips
    3 red bloods
    4 pur royals
    5 orange cia
    6 green space
    7 maroon G
    8 black 8ball in charge
    9 eloheem FBI
    10 blue stripe crips
    11 yellow stripe jetpack
    12 purple stripe royals (latin kings)
    13 orange stripe cia (scream)
    14 green stripe space
    15 maroon stripe alien gangsters (dimensional gangsters from far far away)

    HE claims that the
    4s or 12s are Royal :
    5s and 13s are Spooks
    6s and 14s are Space orientated

    What do you think? Have you noticed anything like this?

  7. Since it is difficult for one to transcend its own subjectivity, a person sees what it needs to see. That's why you want to walk away with more questions.

  8. i have yet to breeze through your work today but had to share a 3/17 Jersey link with you.


  9. I'll be going to see Greer speak in Asheville, NC on September 11th (!!) and have been trying to come up with the best possible question to ask him, given the chance. I'm well aware of the debate over his information and intentions, but I feel a debt to him for having organized the Disclosure Project, which was what got me (and so many others) so interested in Ufology in the first place. I'd like to test him somehow, to determine for myself the actual size of the salt grain I should take his words with. Any suggestions?

    I share your concerns over PC as well...and I think this was "the interview that broke the camel's back" for a lot of people. There are interesting schisms in Ufology right now--between old-school astronomy-based Ufologists and the new-school Exopolitics movement, between the Greer and Sala/Project Camelot camps on the question of benevolence/malevolence, etc. Are these divisions resonating anywhere in the memestream? The parade of ET-related summer blockbusters, perhaps?

  10. I saw that Dr Greer interview with Project Camelot (interesting name) and I was kind of taken aback by the hostilty on Camelot's part, the female interviewer was really agressive and bizarrely unprofessional. It made Greer come across as incredibly patient, it was as if they wanted to make Greer look like the good guy, cos he really came off well in comparison.

    Ive been thinking about the good/bad alien question, and i'm thinking its possible that everyone is right. We've got the E.T/Contact peace and love aliens, then we've got the Independence Day/War of the Worlds aliens. Well if you take the physical obliteration of humans in those films as a metaphor for completely changing our way of life and our psyche's, then they could be both of those interpretations.

    Do we have to simplify everything and everyone into being either good or bad? Is that our thing?

  11. Guys-I'm super busy at the moment but there are some good questions here- anyone care to take a crack at them?

  12. Christopher:

    Thought you'd be interested in the youtube video trailer of yet another apocalyptic movie. This time is animated, with Elijah Wood:


  13. Sorry, I forgot to include the title of the new animated apocalyptic movie. It's "9" -- to be released Sept. 9, 2009, of course!

  14. Just Another Dick has some comments on the Watchmen film that have been moved to the Watchmen thread:


    Let's try to keep lengthy posts ontopic and/or in their appropriate thread.

  15. (This is a little off topic, but relating to a previous comment.)

    I checked out the trailer Eowyn linked to. Interesting. I copied the dialogue from the trailer, just to see how it sounded away from the bombastic imagery:-

    "We had such potential, such promise, but we squandered our gifts and so 9, I am creating you. Our world is ending, life must go on. Sometimes fear has the appropriate response. We awakened something, something terrible. 9 you shall protect the future."

    The number 9 has definitely been synching in a lot lately. I watched The Nines movie, recommended by Chris which was very interesting. Saw a news headline about 999 (uk's version of 911). Also The Beatles back catologue is released 09/09/09. John Lennon from that band was famously obsessed by 9's, including them in several song titles and was born and died on the 9th day (GMT). Also, District 9's obviously just been released. It'll be interesting to see if anything of note occurs on 09/09/09, probably not, nothing did on 06/06/06 (except the remake of The Omen!) or on New Years Eve 1999, but hey we'll see.

    Oh and if someone invents a Synchrosphere Oscars, the nominees for number of the year would have to include 17 and 9.

  16. One way to gain analytic leverage over the possible ramifications of the alien(s) agenda vis a vis humanity is to gauge the state of the human development to date. If aliens are actually here then its likely that there has been some involvement. So accepting these assumption, can we say that the human race has flourished and maintained its only known habitat in a sustainable way?

    Personnaly, I look at what the industrial/informational revolutions have wrought to the environment and our collective social conditions and think of planet-eaters and space vampires.

    Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether we have in fact been colonized and the corporate hologram reality in which we exist is a meatspace manifestation of a sophisticated control-system which is playing us up, down and around our entire hierarchy of needs.

    This corporatized reality is totalizing not just in terms of geography but also mediates our thinking, social relationships and menu for choices in our individual and collective life.One can no longer turn-on, tune-in and dropout. Its as if our indegenous psychic relationships as social primates have been hacked and rewired into a commercialized/commodized 2.0version that can more easily interface in the new depersonalized/dehumanized corporate medium. Indeed, resistance seems futile.

    Now, it can be argued if our new reality and consciousness is in fact bad. My primitive weltanschauung tells me if there were "good" aliens they would help alleviate suffering, famine and disease - but what does a bald-monkey like myself know. Maybe they are using us for research like we use the "lesser" animals of our realm? Maybe they are harvesting our souls as foodstuffs? Are we acting out the myths of yore as entertainment for the others - like monkeys or seals in a cosmic circus? Its questions like these keep me coming back to this always fascinating site.


    1. I align with your comments much more than others here. You're right, looking at the human condition currently and leading up to our present dismal situation, it points toward evil and very clever control. Add to that the ever tightening vice-grip control by the few elite humans at the top... Wes Penre spells this out very thoroughly. I'll take his research above all the rest. But I have the advantage in seeing all these voices play out now for awhile. It's Jan 1, 2018!

  17. exo, you just summed it up in relations to how i've been looking at it. i'm sure many others feel the same way

  18. I think I will throw in my half penny before I read your well informed blogger comments. I look out to the future of Feb. 14, 2010 which is "year of metallic Tiger". The best is yet to come.

    I think they have been faking alien/intercessors. They need to do that so they can point us out and say the aliens are among us.

    Overall, I think the project camelot interview was the best thing that Greer has done. Had "she" put her hands on me as many times as she did him, I think I might have taken her out.

  19. Exo said: I wonder whether we have in fact been colonized and the corporate hologram reality in which we exist is a meatspace manifestation of a sophisticated control-system which is playing us up, down and around our entire hierarchy of needs.

    Here are some thoughts:

    I think what you said is true. The whole idea is to keep us consistently operating on our base needs level so that no time is freed up for self-actualisation.

    This is especially true of the 'Money Matrix System' that keeps us tightly bound to a base existence. ie. I work, pay the mortgage, put food on the table and have no real time for anything else.

    Such systems nurture a state of dependance, fear and hopelessness. The individual becomes despondent - physical and financial security becomes the be all and end all. It pretty much crushes your Spirit.

    However, it is misdirection - designed to enforce the notion that power is external to you and does not come from within. The consistent theme is the appearance that something else 'out there' has control over your life - something other than you.

    It's all about a struggle for Power - the power to create what is real.


  20. Tip: on 8/25 a S. Korean rocket carrying a satellite that was to study the earth's atmosphere and oceans was launched. It failed to reach orbit and failed to deploy the satellite. The rocket was russian-made. You explored the synchonicity of the failed deployment of a US satellite with a similar mission in ...the spring? IIRC. Story here

    Thanks for the provocative story about Greer.

  21. Excellent post, Chris.

    I'm not sure that I buy into all the theories on Greer or on Project Camelot. But we all can't agree on everything, can we (smile). However, I fully agree with you as it relates to your thoughts on Good.

    Essentially, I see Greer as fraud. The episode with the alien baby is proof enough.

    Camelot to me is more about a aggressive and honest intellectual inquiry into the UFO phenomena and the counterculture. My mantra is to question everything, so I support them in that. My main problem, is their inconsistency as it relates to treatment of whistleblower testimony. In some way, I have put it all down to the continued preparation for what seems to be a coming great alien deception. After all the Camelot mythology revolves around the Arthurian legend of the King's return to establish a new Jerusalem.

    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
    Till we have built Jerusalem
    In England's green and pleasant land.
    - William Blake.

    We must note that great plans and preparation for the alien agenda is often disguised as exopolitical revelations and disclosure from purported whistleblowers.

    Perhaps, we can take a cue from one of the main songs that plays on Camelot's Whistleblower radio:

    "Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
    Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right. It's all right"
    - The Beatles


    I hope the book is coming along well.

  22. Interesting links you are coming up with lately Christopher.

    Dr. Greer's choice of 3 dots in a triangular formation and sky blue shirt may show his colors and fraternal blue lodge associations.

    Brother Blue if he was still blogging would have a lot of fun with Dr. Greer. Especially the ritual calling down of lights from heaven.
    Chris you've covered the 'concept here'.


    Now I like Greer, he falls into the classic contactee mold, except he is a medical doctor with very high level ties to important elite society figures.

    Dr. Greer talks a lot about lucid dreaming and consciousness, and he describes himself as a country doctor from Virginia.

    Virginia is also the home of Robert A. Monroe, the founder of hemisync, and the Journeys out of the Body series of books.

    Robert Monroe, and the Monroe institute he founded has been linked to the CIA, and various U.S. military organizations including project Stargate. Ufo's were a huge part of the public Stargate information as covered by researcher Jim Marrs and others.

    The Monroe books, and training methods,like Gateway are very good instruction manuals for psychics and Jedi soldiers.
    The Monroe technique has trained millions into the shamanic trance, body asleep and mind awake state.
    Lucid dreaming without the use of drugs. An advanced program opens up the individual to 'contact' with other intelligences, entity's out there.

    From what i remember of Monroe's contacts he saw the earth as 'having huge ancient pipes' to other worlds, like something was being taken from here. A valuable resource to alien worlds.

    Monroe's contact with a flying saucer in an out of body state showed 'humor', and human laughter as being important currency to the aliens and universe.
    Now Monroe is the best known 'consciousness' program out there but Greer has his own Cosmic Consciousness Zen Dome Meditation CD.

    Now i brought up Monroe because at 17 Greer had an out of body experience.
    Greer mentioning his friendship with Gene Roddenberry linking of course to the Nine.
    As Secret Sun has covered.

    I don't think Greer is an intentional disinformation agent. He believes what he says that aliens are "guardians of life", but i was seeing some synchromystic images playing in my head as i watched the presentation.

    As Thrace says "Yup- That Greer: definitely an Alien Terminator."
    The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Episode 13, had a story line of 3 dots leading to a UFO conference in desert canyon. A mysterious blogger named Abraham, that has information on 'the alien' ufo, california drones. Naturally it turns out the 3 dots are skynet, and their hunter killers. So Greer's 3 dot blue shirt in that terminator body building frame of his...
    End of part 1, 4096 character limit.

  23. Part 2, because of 4096 character limit.

    Now since there are 'ritual' calling down of aliens here i found myself thinking of the x-files episode of Crowley highschool. Amazing coincidence "Die Hand Die Verletzt" was season 2 Episode 14. The cards seem to be falling into a pattern here.
    A band of people go into the forest to do a magical ritual. The ritual works causing all sorts of unexplained demonic forces to invade the area. I remember Mulder and Scully watching the water spiral down 'reverse' at Crowley Highschool. A reverse or 'going downwards 'to all shamans is entering 'hell' or the abyss. Negative worlds, as that episode showed clearly. Aleister Crowley the British occultist links to the highschool and the various ritual magick experiments happening there. The episode ends with a vague ouija board message left by Mrs. Phyllis H. Paddock. "Goodbye. It's been nice working with you." on the school blackboard. Now i was puzzled why this Aleister highschool x-files episode came to mind? Dr. Greer's psychic alien contact episode's. Then I remembered in x-files mythology, season 2 episode 14 was the last one written by Glen Morgan and James Wong. Both men left the x-files to produce Space:Above and Beyond. The reptilian aliens, and lethal artifical cyborgs being the enemies of earth. Certainly I agree with the concept of not all aliens being friendly.
    Dr. Greer was a trauma doctor and that could account for the developing of his psychic skills, as did his 'shamanic' sickness and out of body experience at 17. Greer was 'chosen' to be a healer. Now doctors in trauma save lives, but they see a lot of death as well. It is documented that a lot of physicians and nurses at the patients death, experience or see the crossing over. Quite literally the doctor sees what the dying patient does. Other times the 'soul' or out of body light is seen, as well as brilliant white light or sometimes even 'various' entity's from men in black to death, to 'angelic' beings hanging around the hospital.
    So Dr. Greer having an new age optimistic view of the 'aliens' is quite possibly a way to deal with the future. He is a father and grandfather, and quite frankly no one wants to think of the possibility of apocalypse coming our way. Greer has some good ideas, i wish him well with the disclosure project.
    On a final note there is a lot of occult literature out there that deals with the conjuring of alien entity's into our reality.
    American Occultist Allen H. Greenfield wrote some intriguing books on magickal alien contact. Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts, and Secret Rituals of the Men in Black. Both deal with Aleister Crowley and the various contactee's linking to the willful calling of these forces into our reality.
    The fourth kind preview reminded me of the exorcist demon Pazuzu. The current Roman Catholic church is training a whole new batch of exorcists for the war with the 'demons'. In this final link i leave here, the Vatican trained exorcist says cryptically, the -demons have to be called, by ritual or some form of prayer. The possessed individuals are describes as 'lizard' like in their behavior.
    Waging a war with the devil or waging war with aliens?
    Part 1.
    Part 2.

    I find it interesting that along with abductions, exorcism is back in the media.
    For the first time the Vatican is admitting publicly that people have the ability to access these 'other' worlds. That demons have to be called into this 'reality'.

  24. One last thought about exorcists coming back into fashion. The links i left above say there are 15 exorcists in the U.S. 2 in Canada.
    So North America has 17 exorcists currently active...:>)

  25. Thoth - Anyone can do astral projection and induce lucid dreaming. I'm living proof of that. It can be used for many positive purposes, and the only downside is that you'll have so much energy you won't know what to do with it. The fact that Steven Greer is interested in it doesn't phase me in the least. You don't need occult connections to learn how to fine-tune your dreams and consciousness.

    I've heard dirt on both Greer and Camelot, but they came from the same place (ATS) so I'm not sure how trustworthy that info is. Supposedly the Camelot people were behind Project Serpo, which turned out to be a hoax.

    I actually think he's right about extra-terrestrials being unthreatening. If there's any truth to what he's saying, that's it. There is no telling how long humans have actually been around (or at least our consciousness) so the truth could very well be the last thing you'd expect...

  26. Tommy, "Thoth - Anyone can do astral projection and induce lucid dreaming. ", yes but most of us, myself included learned how to do it from the 'occult' section of a library.
    A library like the first ones in Alexandria are all links to occult society's. Unless you are located a strictly 'bible' or 'liberal' area, there is going to be a well stocked ufo/ghost/mystery-occult library in your area.
    Robert A. Monroe was the first out of body traveler known to a great majority of people. His method of energy waves worked in my first experiments, aged 14 or so.
    We all have occult connections, or there would be no interest in the phenomena. Greer's experiments to call aliens work because they have always worked. I've met academic anthropologists which like a good deal of synch scholars were just studying the myths & symbols. They fast learned that just by entering the 'field' something or someone noticed the interest. They had paranormal experiences that went beyond dreaming or coincidence. It's not about 'believing' when you see something lift up and slam books across the room. Knocks on your door in the middle of the night. Being 'prodded' or poked awake in your bed at night. Or the classic glowing potato headed visitor. Blue-white beams of light shooting into your house. Shadowy forms seen around the house. This is all possible with interests in this field.
    Colin Wilson's the occult is a great text on the process. He writes of trying out an ancient egyptian ritual to 'thoth', and something happening. It worked, i've gone to various get together's where everyone is a Richard Dawkins follower, a skeptic, intelligent and educated, yet when enough spirits and herbs flowed. Pretty much everyone in the room had participated in some form of occult experiments in their lives. Had a dead relative contact them, got spooked in a strange area or house. This type of contact is human nature. Now whether or not 'proof' ends up for the scientists at the end of the day? who knows. Jacques Vallee in his books always writes about this 'disclosure' is one step away. It happens every decade or so, the 'alien' tech, information and government' knowledge will be revealed. Then -nothing. As for disclosure or camelot? It looks like camelot wants to 'take' the fire from Dr. Greer's project. Just the name Camelot should ring the alarm bells of anyone linked to occult organizations that they are playing with the myths of the brotherhood.
    I have done a lot of experiments in the 'occult' field and they have always worked. A few friends that mocked my interests or 'finding' fraternal brothers and organizations at all levers. Later ran into those same brothers at work. At social gatherings who would -out of the blue, literally say, -are you a witch or abductee? because i see many spirits around you. The man telling her this would be a very high ranking Mason who was also her boss. Now that woman was a tarot reader and psychic at carnivals. No one knew what she was doing in her nights. The mand and his wife became good friends and they were heavily into the esoteric world. So you see that the 'occult' is alive and well.
    It's not that you need 'occult' links to make this work, it's that the occult links later find you.

  27. I had my fill of Project Camelot when they brought Miriam Delicado and her Hopi prophecy crap on board-- instead of at least making an attempt to be respectful and actually interview Native American elders (like the folks Nancy Red Star interviewed in her books), they settle for some white woman living in Canada pushing a concoction of various foreboding dreams and disaster-scenarios, which she has tried to make plausible by coating them with an 'I am one with the Hopis' veneer.

    To put it bluntly, PC cherry-picks who they interview, and they do push the 'aliens are scary' and 'there will be another armageddon' memes-- you can see the slant in their interviewees.

    It also interests me that they seem to be 'going after' Steven Greer. Carol Rosin has stated that Wernher Von Braun told her that the bogus enemies (conjured up by the rogue world-government folks) would be 'Russians/Terrorists/Asteroids/Evil Aliens' in that order. Dr. Greer is certainly a potent threat to the 'evil alien' meme, and if people find out they themselves have the power to call in and interact with the Skypeople (only in part due to Dr. Greer's workshops, etc.) then they will know the truth, which is that the nature of consciousness technology makes lying and hidden agendas very difficult to maintain...

  28. Interesting post and take on Greer. This was my take on the same interview done last week.

    Rick Phillips

  29. Thoth - Apologies if I seemed at all harsh.

    What we're doing here making all these connections is pretty much occultism. A big part of learning about the occult is self-control. I know a chaos magick visualization that would get me any girl I want, but I don't use it ever. This is the same as me not focusing so much on negative entities while meditating. They aren't really there, they're in your mind, and you can clear your mind with a little work... This is the same way I consider "debt", at least in USA, in that it's not really backed by anything valuable, so what do you actually owe? It's an illusion. Keeps us in line.

    I am very much aware that "the occult is alive and well", as in the so-called "hidden" aspects of life and existence, which we experience most often in our dreams. Ishtar eggs are what we find in our waking density... "Sunny side up or scrambled?", says the corporate media. Too late to incubate some of those eggs.

    You raise a lot of interesting points, thanks for taking the time to respond.

  30. tommy no harshness perceived at all.
    i knocked out that reply too fast, typos, bad paragraphs and all.
    Occult is not so much self-control as unlimited possibilities.
    Tommy you said,"I know a chaos magick visualization that would get me any girl I want, but I don't use it ever. This is the same as me not focusing so much on negative entities while meditating. They aren't really there, they're in your mind, and you can clear your mind with a little work..."
    I'd use that 'visualization' to get the girl you want. That is how chaos magick caught on in the first place -sex sells. No seriously women these days like their hairy potter, twilight, Paulo Coelho the alchemist, yoga, meditation, save the planet.
    The only rule of the occult is once you 'use' it, the power, the woman will know it. It will make you stand out. She will be intrigued by the dream, the vision the feeling, you have to go with it. Naturally you will let her figure out that maybe you 'did' something but don't admit it. Lovers usually develop psychic links anyway, you're just using a bit of energy to get things started. If you play with this stuff long enough you will run into women that use it. That is amusing to see the look on someone's face in the dream worlds when they are not in control, and there is a 'lucid' fighting back.
    As for negative entity's all in your mind, that is not always so. Strange things do happen to those that try this stuff out. You see things, dream things, run into strange people and just plain weirdness, but well it is the red pill. A pack of tarot cards does come in handy to 'see' what your chaos, or meditation experiment can do. So i'd use the magick while you can, at worst you'll get a very 'dark' look and pissed off woman next time you run into her...lol. If she's into the occult you could have an all out war on your hands, with things getting stranger and stranger. The trick is to have fun.
    It is as simple as sending out the 'situation' you want to happen at the point of a dream, that sinking feeling, not force it. Whether it is lights in the sky, a monster in the neighborhood, shadowy figure at an enemy's bed. Why i like Greer he has figured out one of the old secrets, -it's about lucid dreaming. Taming the subconscious dynamo that 'creates' reality. When your magick works it opens up more questions but well at least it's not the boredom of the 'real' world.

  31. I can easily say it has definitely gotten me into other realms. I know exactly what you mean, because I took some strange opportunities shortly after trying some astral projection meditations (I've since stopped, except for mind-clearing exercises and lucid dreaming, I've found that they help everything in general), nothing too special, but still significant in its oddness.

    Now everyone knows that I've only read the extreme basics of chaos magick (Liber Kaos and a few random online articles which don't go too deep), so I'll stop here... I've seen the visualization I was talking about performed in probably 1 or 2 music videos (if you want to know what it is, my email's in my profile), one is this video of the song "Oh Yeah" by Yello, which was featured in a movie by the recently deceased John Hughes. In the video he seems to be doing it to either the viewer or the child who is present. Creeee-py.

  32. Thoth_Pavel,

    You said something that made me sit up straight in my chair:
    "Blue-white beams of light shooting into your house. Shadowy forms seen around the house. This is all possible with interests in this field."
    Could you expand on the blue-white beams of light shooting into your house? I just ask because I had that EXACT thing happen to me. And I'm not crazy (no, really!). Thanks in advance for any help you could give.

  33. Anonymous, blue-white light, it's one form of the other reality coming into play. I've had friends in the middle of major city's get them shooting into their apartments. Others watching blue waves come into country home or cottage. It's usually at such an angle one would think it's some object, but the object is not always there, and the room can become 'like' some fantasy fairy land of dancing 'eyes' swirling like firefly's too.
    Usually the lights happen because the individuals involved are wondering about the world, or their place in it, reading occult texts, studying yoga,or have a stressful life crises. It leaves them wondering about what exactly 'is real'. Since this started over the ufo ideas, classic ufology.

    "Albert K. Bender, a UFO researcher, had been the first known victim ...he performed a certain experiment and the lurking horror came. It began with glowing blue lights. Then came the stranger with the luminous eyes in the darkened theatre, and later on a dusky street. It culminated when the Men in Black, three of them, paid him a visit ...."

    - Gray Barker, The Silver Bridge

    sorry anonymous the above Gray Barker concept is not meant to frighten ya. This type of phenomena like most is done because someone in your circle maybe yourself has an interest in contact or knowledge. My own 'blue light' happened with a friend on top of a mountaintop in early 90's in true -x-files fashion. The friend was a tech at a satellite relay station, and we were there after hours. Security did not care if you hung out in the non-classified areas. So we were using their 'telescope' to shoot the moon. On the way down the mountaintop, my buddy got into an argument with me over ufology, x-files etc. That it was stupid, science had nothing on this stuff. At that point the car engine started to drift off,the lights of the car failed, and -zing', blue waves of light and thousands of little like firefly points flew around the vehicle for over 3 seconds. The car started with a bang, i was amused, my driver was in shock. Naturally we saw nothing out the windshield, or in the sky craning our necks up. A skeptic the guy grudgingly thought it was hunter with a flashlight, a helicopter, (no noise), or me. I had a bunch of photo equipment so i rigged the flash to go off... neat trick, though a flash that 'shoots' from the internal car to outside in... Anyway, no harm came of it, not time loss, -no ufo. Electrical failure and a very strange white-blue field of light that vanished just as your mind locked on to the fact this was impossible. -yes this can happen to you, if you keep onto this research.:>)

  34. The whole "blue light" phenomenon reminds me of something a close friend revealed to me recently, though it's different from what has been described.

    After we visited someone's house, I mentioned something casually about it having a weird vibe. My friend replied that she sensed even more concrete phenomena. Among other things, she saw blue formations of energy in the house, one even appearing a few feet away from her. She told me that they were anthropomorphic, but with no distinguishing features; that they were best described as being similar to a certain type of Christmas lawn decoration (shaped like reindeer, snowpeople, etc.). If that weren't creepy enough, she also mentioned seeing dark shadows just outside windows at the house. Some of these experiences happened during the day.

    More recently, my friend told me that she has detected such energies for many years. However, the experience mentioned above is probably the strongest she has ever had. It is so strong that she doesn't want to visit the house again, though I'm not sure how we would explain this to the people living there.

    I will say that, since I've known my friend, she has more than a bit of the Scully in her. But now, it seems that she has more than just the obvious.

    A regular reader

  35. Thoth & Anon,

    Thanks for the informative comments-- it's interesting to know that other people have had similar experiences. I had an electric blue-white light explode in my bedroom (frankly, I couldn't tell if it was happening inside my bedroom or outside of the house). It was blinding-- like someone popped a military signal flare over my bed. I'm a very skeptical person-- I don't these kinds of things lightly... but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was real. And Thoth you are absolutely correct-- I had recently started to delve into occult literature-- dabble as they say. It's not something that I was ever really interested in, but i had been reading some Robert Anton Wilson and it grabbed me. I tried out a few rituals-- very basic. Just half messing around really. Anyway, when the blue light exploded I remember the very first thing that went through my mind, "Holy shit, this stuff actually works!" Blew my mind-- literally. I'm still coming to grips with the ramifications. Anyway, thanks!

  36. tommy,
    most occultist's got there knowledge through reading, many do not do anything but read, with some low level workings. Which is fine, just knowing that there is something else out there other than reality is enough.
    Twin Peaks, director David Lynch has been open about transcendental meditation. Though a lot of his films can be seen as almost Kenneth Anger type explorations into unseen worlds.
    There are a lot of good resources on the web including
    ebooks are out there as well. Though booksales, amazon have put back into circulation some great occult, esoteric texts.

  37. OK for those of you who like eerie synchronicity:

    I just read Thoth_Pavels comment and decided to Google Albert K. Bender and his Men in Black experience. I use Google Images to see if I can find any good pics. One of the first pics that comes up is a Jackson Pollock painting. I recognized it right away because I am a long time Pollock fan. So I'm wondering what the hell is the connection between Pollock & Albert K. Bender/Men in Black? Then I notice the painting is part of the Albert M. Bender collection. The name of the painting? "Guardians of the Secret." Check it out-- it's filled with strange Egyptian imagery and hieroglyphic like images:


    PS-- Pollock made his breakthrough into the famous "drip" paintings in the year 1947. Big year...

  38. Anonymous & Anonymous.
    This actually does hit the topic of Greer contacts, Houglands magicians, and occult knowledge. Psychotronic mind weapons, dark 'spiritual' shadowy entities, even Jim Keith Saucers of the Illuminati had a 'projection' of an alien in his bedroom with a government van outside.

    Jacques Vallee and John Keel referred to them as ultra-terrestrials and we probably will never figure out their game.
    The 'house' that has a connection to 'light' and shadow humanoid beings is quite common. The people living there either do not 'see' this or choose to ignore it. Also probably the real reason you were both aware of the shadows and the glowing figures is that they recognized you had the ability to see them.
    When seeing 'active' powerful phenomena it pays to 'google' earth the location, check out the address using gematria, look up the symbolic mythic links. See the area online about history, native legends. Also what 'do you feel' or see in your mind's eye when looking down on the 'satellite' photo? Instincts, gut feelings kept the smart ones from being eaten or slaughtered, it's good to keep those senses sharp.

    Run the address through english quabalah.
    The Allen Greenfield version of A=1, l=2, etc. Then use it with Aleister Crowley's 777 text to see if anything useful will come out.
    Also googling the final 'symbolism' of the address numbers can bring up some useful occult texts.

    Googling Roman Catholic holidays is useful as well. Hougland's theory that the Vatican through Spain kept those ancient 'comic' books of Mexico as keys to the stars is very interesting.

    I had friends rent a flat in Manchester U.K. where all hell broke loose literally on the feast of St. Michael the archangel. Naturally being atheists they did the one thing you are not supposed to do in 'demonic-daimonic-entity' manifestations. They like the 'fearless' vampire killers in lost boys scored a gallon or so of holy water, from church basin, and let loose, hosing down the place.
    It was like a sledgehammer of silence struck the house. Throwing holy water is like throwing gasoline onto an oil fire, if the beings 'called' up have a middle-ages grimoire existence. The couple woke up with deep gashes in the walls and bed frame as if from 'claws' or knives had carved them silently as they slept. Naturally they did what most people should do, when seeing activity like this, they got out of there fast. Strangely the 'landlord' would not set foot onto the property, and just hung his head when they described what they were seeing.
    Myself my advice was go slow, England has a great occult history, chances are someone had been playing over the years with these 'entity's. Since they were seeing a lot of 'manifestations of human type figures, dogs, electrical phenomena, movement of objects. I told em this is a 'tv' documentary in the making, get some high end HD camera's and document the 'stuff'.
    "Are you nuts?", we are biology teachers in a university, we would lose our jobs...
    Part 1, 4096 limit.

  39. Part 2 due to 4096 limit. thanks.

    Science, and the Academic world, here you have 'things going bump in the night for weeks, but no a couple of professors can't look at it. It doesn't exist because Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan say so.
    Anonymous #2, Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger probably did more to open people's eyes to the Sirius, alien, magick ufo potential than anything else. Half-playing around is all it takes. Theater and drama like the ancient temples were important to get the 'imagination' and the emotions all fired up. That flash of light was gnosis, or illumination, or kundalini serpent rising. Maybe even getting struck by a 'cosmic' particle that bombard earth by the millions daily. But it happened, to you. I've had startled friends that picked up a pack of tarot cards, some esoteric books, like even a 'simple' encyclopedia of angels, and it was enough to 'start' some weird things happening in their house. Bookshelves collapsing with the 'strength' to shake the house, yet, there was not enough weight to really do that. Getting touched on the crown of the head, by a female hand as sleep is coming. Lifting out the body, sometimes with 'help' by helpful' entity's only to panic and 'wake' up caught in the wall, or roof beams, and feel the 'atomic or molecular grid, also feel, the frequency of the vibrations lower, as you fell towards your 'body'.
    Which brings us back to Dr. Greer, and Richard Hoaglands views that it's just not about aliens and ufo's it gets bigger than that.
    The project stargate information that i found amusing is that the 'remote viewing random number generator Jedi soldiers were at war with the tarot reading witches. It's nothing new in the new age circuit, everyone has their method and their guru, -their god. It could get strange if they find temples on the moon and mars, along with library's and technology. One lucid dream i had of visiting the 'mars' face was, it was some 'shrine', and a classic 'blonde' greek type female, startled under the 'face' saying, earth? with fear, you should not be here. Now this was in the dream spirit worlds, but even Ingo Swann the creator of remote viewing writes about 'hostile' aliens fearing earth psychics in Penetration. Penetration also had the first 'cyborg' number 6 terminator assassin Ingo ran into, in you guessed it Los Angeles.
    Sorry Chris if we have gone into the outer limits with this. I shall soon fade back into following in silence. But these last couple of Secret Sun posts hit on things that really interest me, and others here.
    heh, Anonymous #3, cool, it's probably not the same bender but that is okay for the synchrosphere. I went to art school and apart from the 'fact' that Pollock was fueled by sex and alcohol as most artists. -I remember an account where his famous drip paintings he 'had the ability' to mentally control how the paint 'fell'. That his technique was unique, and there are more than 'passing' story's of the last 50 years of 'modern' art being totally laced with esoteric, and occult links.
    I think we've opened up the abyss of the occult that Freud was so afraid of Jung doing. Do not discuss the occult Freud would instruct Jung. Naturally Jung ignored that.

  40. heh Anonymous this was a good find.
    Greer mentions his Alien contacts as being the guardians of life.
    "Guardians of the Secret." by Pollock is crazy.
    A lot of the 'sigils' look like contactee alien script.

    1947 the death of Aleister Crowley.
    Budd Hopkins was also a modern New York artist. I've got his Art Life and UFO's book on the corner of my desk as I type this. Getting into reading it soon...
    One of John Keel's early ufo books had a lot of text on alien 'script' writing.
    UFO mystic has a modern day version of an interesting guy.

    Dr. Mario Pazzaglini wrote a book on 'alien' languages, privately published. Remember i said some 'researchers' use 'sigils' meditation to score 'rare' books?
    this would be one of them.

  41. More information about the house my friend and I visited seems in order. The idea of the inhabitants ignoring or not noticing the phenomena sounds apt. Both are widowed. The man's wife died four years ago, and the woman's husband died two years ago. They had both gone to school together many years ago, and they ran into each other a few months after the woman lost her husband. They decided to get together after that.

    The man moved into the woman's house just a few months before our visit. As an added twist, the man brought his wife's ashes along, and keeps them in the room where my friend and I slept. This was too creepy, and I don't doubt that whatever my friend saw (and I sort of sensed) might be connected.

    The house itself is not your stereotypical old house, either. It was built 15 years ago in the countryside, and it is quite large with a contemporary (well, for the mid-1990s) appearance. But, I suppose that doesn't matter, and it only enhances the creepiness level. For what it's worth, the area itself used to be swampland until roughly 150 years ago.

    A regular reader

  42. Thoth,

    Once again thanx for the feedback. You mentioned Kundalini-- I had never heard the word until I started researching the internet for answers to my blue light experience. Since then I've learned quite a bit and it certainly seems to fit my experience. I mentioned before that the light exploded in my room-- it was actually much more than that but I didn't want to bore people with personal stories. What I will say is that the light/energy actually shot through my body like a roman candle. For a moment I actually thought I had been struck by lightening (the mind races to fill in the blanks). Chris recently posted a film called Touched that deals with alien abduction. My experience was virtually identical to the girl Karin in the film. There was a beautiful blue/white light and then electricty was jolting thru my body like a thousand blue suns. HOWEVER-- and this is a big difference-- there were no aliens involved. As far as I know anyway. It was the strangest experience of my life.

    Chris I apologize if I'm hijacking your comments area-- I don't mean to distract from the subject at hand. It's just that this is the first place I've run into people who have heard of this experience-- I don't go around talking about this because people would think I'm doo-lally. Anyway, thanks for all the info-- very helpful.

  43. One last thing regarding the Pollock painting-- Pollock was definitely influenced by people who were connected with the occult. Jung was a huge influence, as was the Mexican painter Jose Clemente Orozco. Pollock was also heavily influenced by a guy named John Graham who was totally steeped in Theosophy, Jung, tantric yoga, alchemy etc.

    When I think of the way Pollock painted, the word shaman comes to mind.

    PS the word verification for this comment is karinet. Karin ET (see my last comment)

    Oh the synchromystic hits keep coming!

  44. i went down this synch spiral only in that a lot of the new age, fraternal and secret society's plug a -matrix style prison of reality publicly. The atheist scientific mechanistic universe, while secretly their members have knowledge of these other levels of consciousness. The religions on the other hand go back to the 'devil' and affronting god, since they hold the keys to heaven and contact. The psychonauts, lucid travelers after their own knowledge have only themselves to go on.

    So i can believe in someone opening a psychic stargate or communication with interplanetary craft. Certainly the effects follow the methods described in the books.
    Anonymous, the house and location, along with the 'widow, widower' is classic haunting. The different types of entities could mean different levels. Usually the shadows are not that friendly.
    Classic clearing of mental white gold light sphere surrounding yourself as you enter the home is good protection. It's not just 'haunted' house. Visiting a hospital, puts you into contact with entity's no longer physically here but whose consciousness remains.

    Anonymous #2, I watched that documentary Chris posted too, and i had the 'energy' wave in bed as classic out of body process. Once you become proficient in that type of travel. You learn to see fast if there is anything waiting for you. White light, calling for 'help', prayer, just 'fighting' works. After a while you find that you are left alone. What else is there to do at night? sleep or let the body sleep and the mind wander.

    Anonymous number 3, yeah there is always something of the carny, smoke and mirrors about the modern art world. Self-proclaimed artist is one of the stupidest things you ever hear. Who decides what is art?

  45. He made a few bad hand signs,
    may be to make fun of the "other side" he made a few freemasoon hand signs but rarely and only when talking about certain people perhaps to tell US who they are...

    But then again maybe there are no Aliens at all and no Gods or Magic and no Demons or Haven or Spirits or Ghosts or Reptiles or anything but us Humans on a planet stuck in no where with these basterds in control.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. I was reading the above comments last night and found the blue/white beams comments very interesting.
    I had a thought that it would be interesting if the same thing happened to me, since im interested in the occult matters.

    Went to sleep and woke up early in the morning.
    I have been using a dream journal (where i write about my dreams) for a while now. Started to write about them and then i decided to see what time it is. I had my cellphone in the kitchen and i went there and saw that the clock was 5.45.

    Looked out of my window and there is a pretty clear view of the street on the left hand side. Saw a blue "thunderballish"(a ball lightning) object on the other side of the street. My rational mind said it was " a young guy going to work with a bike". But as i moved back to my bed i found it strange that the "person" was driving on the sidewalk (illegal) with a blue light on since it was pretty much morning already. the blue light wouldnt have helped shit in that light whatsoever. Let it be noted that i didnt have my glasses on at that time. Find it even stranger that
    i didnt "see" the bike or the person. I just assumed it, so it would fit in my "normal" worldview.

    The whole thing reminds me of the comment made earlier that it helps to be open to these type of things. Whether "i" created it for my own pleasure or it was somekinda intelligent being giving me a wink does not really matter. It just shows that world around is in a playful mood with all of us if we give it a chance. These experiences are really hard to describe since they seem so small of the grandscale. Therefore they can be easily dismissed.

  48. Having only just watched Steven Greer's Barcelona presentation, I was most impressed by the secret NRO/CSS doc he showed which listed a wealth of group codenames, operating locations...now if only he'd share what goes on at these locations...

  49. I just wanted to say that this has been one of my favorite comments sections since I started the blog. Great exchange here, guys.

  50. The whole thing about "Evil Aliens" is pretty bogus, I think. Even if they are evil, what the heck are you puny humans gonna do? Shoot them? Nuke them?

    We forget that these aliens are dimensional beings. Most of the aliens can disappear into thin air, or reappear at will. I have had an alien enter into my room and touch me in my hand while I was sleeping; but I was completely paralyzed, and could not move. The thing is if he wanted to harm me, he would have done that. Instead he just hold my right hand. I felt the coldness of his hand...the fingers were very long too.

    The other and particularly MOST important thing is that the aliens have always been here...Not just for decades. If they were to "Take Over" the world they could have easily done that by now. They would not have waited for mankind to develop nuclear bombs and develop ammunition and then stage an attack. They would have "Taken Over" the world when mankind was at its infancy.

    So, two thumbs down on Project Camelot on their fear-mongering tactics..Ain't gonna work, Kerry and Bill.

    If anybody truly wants to know what Bill and Kerry are trying to do; watch carefully their videos...and watch out for the eyes of the guests. You can tell a hybrid from their eyes and ears.

    Download the George Green videos of Project Camelot conducted in 2008 from the Project Camelot website. Watch how George Green's eyes morph at 7:06, 33:47, and mostly throughout the remaining interview. You will need to pay very close attention to his eyes and slow down the videos (use VLC). And George Green is one of them fear-mongers; with Bill and Kerry supporting him...Guess why, huh!

    Finally, to sign off, I am not against hybrids. I know a reptilian hybrid personally; and he is one of the best persons I have seen....very understanding, very intelligent...although sometimes without emotions.

    I think one of the reasons why the hybrids are in their shells and why they turn against humanity is because of the lack of understanding between humans, hybrids and aliens. Each will have to make an effort to bridge the gaps that exist among themselves. THAT is the way. Any other way will lead to division, and ultimately destruction.

    So, the bottom-line...I do not care if you are a human, an alien or a hybrid. As long as we all make an attempt to live peacefully with each other we can see a better tomorrow together. If we do not, we all suffer.


  51. according to mufon founder walt andrus, dr.greer was fired from caldwell memorial hospital for not showing up on several occasions.

  52. Dr Greer is quite right. ALL ETs are friendly and benign. They are here only to help and guide mankind (if we will allow them to do so).

    The Project Camelot people have been swallowing too much disinformation

    You can see more info at my site http://www.sentforlife.com/theufocoverup.html

  53. This is what confuses me: HOW are we supposed to tell a man-made craft from an 'Et' one?!

    In his talk Greer claims that there is this department called 'Dreamland MOC' and goes that "when you're on a man-made ARV and they go into that kind of transdimensional mode it is like your in a lucid dream state. It is real, but is very dreamy, because you have phased beyond the speed of light" and then goes on that this man from Lockheed said that "Anything you can imagine--like Startrek has already been doen, and we already have the technology to travel to the stars, and take ET back home"

    BUT at 41:00 says "If its interstella it's gonna be strange [ie, the craft and experience]. If it isn't strange it's probably a man-made device. If you see seams on it and rivets it was made by Lockheed [etc, mentioning other 'secret' facilities].
    NOW has everyone missed this--including Project Camelot? Greer seems to have contradicted himself. One minute claiming there ARE 'man-made' craft that are 'strange' and then claiming that man-made craft are NOT strange...?

    Can anyone help me understand this please?

  54. Its nothing like a nation heading in the right direction, many people are aware more and more everyday I would say I can imagined when President Obama releases this information to the public, I bet it's not going to happen because he does not want the trouble either. This is why i blog myself about it.


  55. Greer has absolutely no credibility left in my eyes. Take a look at the purported et photos on his website. The man has taken a very long fall from grace since the disclosure press conference. Watch Greer strut his stuff at conferences, watch and study carefully; his body language, and how he talks down to "his" "audience",its easy to see how he regards the public at large. You have to be really blind not to see this man is nothing but a shameless egotist willing to charge people extortionest prices for his "truth". He has zero cred left, and will, in the future, really expose just how crazy he has become. Mark my words! LOL

  56. Clifford Stone? Starry eyed? Sgt Stone can hardly be compared to Greer in his appraisal of ETs and their intentions.
    Greer hasn't had any "one on one" contact with Extraterrestrial people but Stone has actually had contact with a couple of individuals and it's upon this knowledge that he bases his evaluation of them.
    I agree that Greer has a generalized opinion but Stone has never made such generalizations he merely comments on the guys he's met, surely he can't be criticized for any opinions he's formed about actual people.
    The concept that consciousness is linked to advanced technology and that both depend on each other makes perfect sense to me, look at humanity with it's primitive technology which is about to destroy us and we've barely got off the planet. It seems quite a credible idea that if we had the sort of technology required to travel across the galaxy then then we'd destroy ourselves with it before we'd develop any sort of vehicle, we're so damned obsessed with using it to make weapons.
    Stone, I believe is fair dinkum but how can we know what disinformation has been fed to him during his time in the military.

  57. If I ask you to prove what Stone is saying what will you do?
    Isn't it all just words?
    Either he is telling the truth, OR he is lying, OR he is delusional.
    How can we find out?

  58. The Change is Coming11:41 AM, February 27, 2011

    Drop these fantasy-minded, know-nothing idiots (Greer and Good) from your inquiries and study seriously the findings of Jacobs and Hopkins. These two abductee researchers have put the disturbing picture of the truth in focus. Read The Threat by Jacobs. You'll review the best existing anecdotal evidence available to gain the insight and understanding that you seek. The picture isn't pretty, folks. Neither are the conclusions that follow.

  59. I distrust Greer I admit. For various reasonsone being that according to this fairly convincing video documentary, the maker and narrator Andrew Johnson calims that Greer is one of a group of disinformants, along with Beardon, because they divert attention away from authentic radical new energies--in Greer;s case he had one company asking for money for people to bring ideas, and then makes a clone company but with different name asking for the same--MONEY, and yet has ZILTCH to show for these enterprises. ETC

    Good seems to be a major dissemintaor of the disinfo about 'MJ 12; according to Robert Hastings (Google Operation Birddroppings)

    As for the ones you recommend. I am also though extremely suspicious of what I term paranoia-ists. Those who claim we are on the verge of Alien takeover, and/or the universe is hostile. ONE thing I DO know is this: the psycho-mechanistic-mindset running this planet is the fkers to look out for, but you dont have to look far--they in yo face everytime you put on the TV!

  60. The Change is Coming7:51 PM, February 27, 2011

    muzuzuzus, I agree with your suspicions regarding the paranoia-ists. Being paranoid is not a viable way to live one's life. Well prior to developing an interest and knowledge of the abduction-by-extraterrestrials phenomenon I wrestled for years with the questions of how and why humans are regularly so cruel and violent towards one another. I have made many observations regarding these questions--often very subtle and complex--yet have only ever been able to arrive at genetics as an explanation. I see us all (me included) as a limited and generally failing hominoid due to our genetic propensities. Too few Einsteins and Teslas, way too many Bundys and Gacys. And, greed and egotism are high on my list of human issues for examination as well. I could go on and on. Nonetheless, I have found that the investigations of Jacobs, Hopkins, et. al. tragically support the theory of flawed genetics of humankind in that our alien interlopers seem to be engaged in an enterprising project of genetic re-engineering. I wish this wasn't the most obvious conclusion reached by the regression of abductees. And, when I first learned of the reproductive procedures being conducted on unwitting humans I dismissed the idea with contempt and not a little anger at the proponents of such seeming mularchy. But, the evidence (albeit anecdotal) has become somewhat preponderant if not already overwhelming. I feel for the abductees--what abject terror and invasive trauma they are subjected to rather routinely. I cant help but see this cold lack of regard for us humans as imbedded verification of goals otherworldly and unattenuated to humankind. We seem to be lab rats this past century or so. I can't see this ending well for us. But I reserve the right to be wrong about it, too. If I am right (along with others who share the same conclusions) let's hope that the insertion of the new hominoid onto this earth en masse is done gently and kindly with regard to the hominoids that are already here.

  61. I very much distrust the belief in 'flawed genetics'--All of that is connected with the REALLy flawed 'science of Eugenics' which inspired the Nazi camps!
    It 'replaces' the myth of 'original sin' where only those deemed 'saved' were suprior and rest were 'damned'.
    So I strongly recommend the sloe srutiny of the existing flawed MYTHS into which the 'ET' phenomena manifests

  62. The Change is Coming11:08 AM, February 28, 2011

    Can you elaborate for me on the "flawed MYTHS into which the 'ET' phenomena manifests"? I would be grateful.

    I perused your own site for the first time very recently. I found it to be very erudite and edifying (aka. cool).

  63. Thanks very much for your compliment :)

    By flawed myths I am meaning the very paradigm which is patriarchal and mechanistic, but yet 'unconsciously' still has its roots in the patriarchal religious divisive symbolism. hence the 'spirit nature divide' of Christianity becomes the 'mind body problem' and also the 'mind/brain problem' etc

    And within that myth is the myth of mental illness which I agree is the central social controlling myth which has taken over the Church's role of main social oppressor. A really good book to go into great depth about this is The Manufature of Madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement, by Thomas Szasz
    In this myth the bio-psychiatrists and bio-psychologists become the new 'priests' whose job it is to make sure we are 'reality-tested'

    I also came across this website by chance yesterday and it JUST hit the spot at the right time and inspired me to pick up the guitar and create two spontaneous songs THE PATRIARCHY MATRIX It was this quote that did it:
    “What is the Patriarchy? Control. The Patriarchy is a male-generated dream world built to keep us under control.”

    There is SO MUCH WE DONT KNOW. With know is always unknown which means we can NEVER really know everything.
    We dont KNOW what consciousness is nor what matter is. But what we do know is that this 'real world' is fucked UP. This is very clear. But the guys you mention are blaming the 'aliens'...? Me thinks they are barking up the wrong tree

    For all we know the high strangeness, traumatic stuff going on in the ..errrr underthink is some form of shocking to awake. I dont know but am speculating. I have heard ETs warn of the same stuff that shocks me, but which some people are just not awake to.

  64. Heres a fine example of spiritual / new age ufology:

    http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_68/8996000/8996684/1/print/8996684.pdf (free)

    The text is divided in two parts, one detailing a collaborative visualisation technique and one talking about various entities of the "extraterrestrial deamtime". It reminds me of Terence McKenna and Graham Hancock and Jaques Vallee.

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