Monday, August 24, 2009

Newsweek: "Aliens Exist"

The article isn't as definitive as the headline, but it's certainly interesting to see Timothy Good's drip-drip Disclosure theory playing out on the cover of a major newsweekly. Click here for details.

UPDATE: Jack brings up District 9- yes, I saw it and found it extremely worship-worthy. It's the kind of film James Cameron would make if he were still young and hungry. And Sharlto Copley takes the Steve Carrell conceit to places you can't even imagine- a star-making performance if ever there was one. Make no mistake- this is the Golden Age of Geek. More on District 9 when the Muses will it.


  1. Chris…

    I saw District 9 this weekend. It is by far the best contact/disclosure movie out there. It also has one of the most believable storylines of the Sci Fi genre. If such events were (are?) to happen, that is likely how it would go down. Apart from the eye opening commentary on the treatment of illegal aliens (no pun intended), the film was ripe with intriguing synchs.

    The 9 in the title… the last number in our numerical system before it resets and utilizes two digits… signifying the end and hastening a new beginning, coupled with the repeated reference of an impending return in three years (2012) lit up all of my synchromystic lights.

    We have been doing a series called “Navigating the Apocalypse” @ Tekgnostics. We hold the gnostic view of Apocalypse being “a steady increase of light” rather than an end-times catastrophic event. How far apart are the concepts of revelation and disclosure?

  2. awesome stuff as jewelsual! 2 people i work with both liked the District 9 and i like what they do, so i'll have to check it out.

  3. Jack, the 9 appears in Avatar if you take the december 18 date into esoteric number systems.
    The stonecutters, Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry says that 9 "was consecrated to the Spheres and the Muses."

    also "the number nine symbolized the earth, under the influence of the Evil Principle" That kind of fits district 9 perfectly.

    Chris, the young hungry James Cameron
    current works.
    1988's Alien Nation which had a similar premise was produced by Gale Ann Hurd, James Camerons then wife, and co-producer of Terminator and Aliens.