Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ten Thirteen Addenda: Touched by an Alien

When I began working on my analysis of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, I was a bit hesitant. What I was writing about dealt with abduction phenomenon, something I am resolutely agnostic about and also something that hasn't had much resonance in the Memestream lately. But since I posted the first part of the X-Files article last Monday, abductions are suddenly in the media again. I was wondering why I'd put off talking about the film in detail for so long (it's been out over a year now) but maybe I was subconsciously waiting for the right time. Either way, the synchronicity of it all is fascinating.

Since then, the trailer for The Fourth Kind has garnered a lot of attention and ABC aired a special Dateline on abductees/experiencers (I haven't watched it yet) on Tuesday night. As I mentioned, I was struck by the owl symbolism in TFK trailer, given that a posting on owls sparked a lot of discussion here in July. And though Touched has been out a few months now, it just caught my attention now.

Is this all being orchestrated? It's certainly possible. The interest in abduction is usually how the media responds to UFO flaps. On one hand, reporting on abduction humanizes the issue, but it also allows generous servings of fear and ridicule to be injected into the whole UFO subject (meaning those who don't fall for the fear angle will buy into the ridicule, and vice versa).

Abduction phenomenon is deeply personal and subjective, whereas the waves of sightings and photographs are not. There's nothing for the media to argue about, outside of the usual shills lecturing us that there are tens of thousands of UFO hoaxers out there faking it all. The media might hype things like the UK opening its UFO files, which sounds impressive until you realize the material released is usually ridiculous. Five minutes on any reputable UFO website will blow these so-called "disclosures" out the door.

And it must be said that while I believe that many abductees/experiencers are sincere, intelligent and honest, too many are not. And those are the ones that the mainstream media will eventually focus on, which ends up humiliating genuine experiencers and discouraging others from coming forward with their stories.

UPDATE: Well, I watched the ABC special and it was pretty much what I expected. If I were a committed skeptic on the issue, I would come away completely unshaken. There were the usual media tricks- obvious hoax photos and footage cross-cut with cartoons and toys of Greys and the usual amateurish drawings. I did find the sleep paralysis explanation interesting, but am always frustrated that no one ever stops to ask if this itself is part of some sort of remote contact. One of the subjects I found to be completely non-credible, others seemed sincere but not particularly compelling.

In short, it's specials like this that very skillfully claim to be objective but actively promote skepticism through selective presentation, juxtaposition, subtle ridicule and poor follow-through.


  1. Check out this random 17 I came across and look at how many comments were left, lol. But there is also a 23 there for me.

    As you can see it was on Diggs front page.

    Ever since you set me straight on the whole Bohemian Grove/Owl/Molech thing a while back (thanks) I came across Stolas (the Owl demon) in a book not to long ago, any thoughts?

    Wiki on him: In demonology, Stolas is a Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons (twenty-five to other authors), and teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. He is also known as Stolos and Solas.

    Description: He is depicted as either being a crowned owl with long legs, a raven, or a man. Stolas has beautiful long dark brown curly hair and blue eyes. His wings are cream colored and laced with gold trim. His wings are like a Griffin's wings.

    Also on the X-Files thing. I personally am going to have to agree with 'The Celtic Rebel' (a great blog if you haven't been. In a recent podcast he talked about how he can't trust X-Files cause of that whole FBI hero angle. Personally that's how i feel when I watch the show.

    PS Since I watched a few X-Files and nothing for me was really resonating I decided to get the whole original Star Trek series. I am on the first episode and to my surprise the original Captain is a guy name Chris (mine yous and a few others first name), this show on the other hand for me anyway resonates alot.

    Peace TQO

  2. Dunno if u caught it yet but Michael Jackson will be buried on his 51st birthday [ were he alive ]


  3. As in David Lynchs Twin Peaks
    "the owls aren't what they seam."
    As you know, this "tv show" have: Bohemian Grove/Owl/Molech/black lodge thing, abductions, child abuse, alien signals, FBI heroes with strange investigating techiniques, Agent Mulder as drag queen...

  4. If only the skeptics would be as skeptical about the B.S. that gets us into wars, jury rigs government, etc.

  5. you know if they say that a person is "touched" its juss another way of saying they are crazy or in very few cases, they have special gifts, ie. psychic phenemona!

    A friend of a friend was touched, and the last he was seen or heard from was in downtown Omaha, in 1995.

    Also, there is a urban legend that people who would go around saying they were touched or blessed, ended up missing, kinda like Tom Waits song, "Big Joe and Phantom 309." Thats on the Nighthawks at the Diner.

  6. C- Well, I hope you enjoy the Rebel's podcast. Maybe he can answer some of your questions there.

    Ferrie- It will be interesting to see if they toss MJ's doctor in the pokey on the same day.

    Watchie- Yeah, I gotta rewatch those. I haven't seen them in years- The Mighty X is very much the Jesus to TP's Baptist. I just thought it suffered without Lynch's direct involvement.

    Justin- I'll save that if I do another week in 17. Cheers.

    Mark- Right on. Skepticism is highly selective.

    Justuss- Very interesting. I'll have to watch that whole doc now.

  7. Wow that was some awkward responses to me just being honest. I didn't know you would get so touchy about me just saying the show doesn't resonate well with me.

    After those two reply's I really wouldn't want to visit your site anymore anyways. I am at a lose for words, wow that's really insane IMO, to be like that.

  8. Relax. You prefer the Rebel, go for it. I got no problem with that.
    My first reply was tongue in cheek but I was rightly afraid it would be misinterpreted.

  9. I didn't say anything about preferring anyone's blog over another, I don't even know why you thought that? from what I said? To be honest his blog is a total different thing to me.

    I think maybe the one thing we would all have in common is maybe we all admire Michael Tsarion and sort of think on that similar wave length sometimes.

    I try to even throw in some e-prime when speaking on things I like and dislike, nor did I even say I didn't like the X-Files (happens to be the very opposite). My point was that it doesn't resonate well with me (as far as syncs etc), "I think" everything is very "in your face" about that show and even when I was a youngster watching the show "I got it", for me there is no "extra layer" to be unwrapped like some shows and movies I watch.

    I am honestly done posting on your blog ,cause I feel I may be misinterpreted. I will continue to visit it. I wish no hard feelings, it is just a principle (a rule or code of conduct) thing with me.

    Sorry if you misunderstood what I was saying. My parting advice would be read some Robert Anton Wilson on reality tunnels or something.

    Peace TQO

  10. Well, "C" ya around then. I'll keep the porch light on if you change your mind.

  11. Heh, it's not only abductions that are back in the news. Cattle Mutilations are back too.

    The name of this newspaper is star phoenix.

    I would say the entities were interrupted because a pool of blood was left behind. Or they are leaving 'blood' sacrifices to mark their territory:>)

    It's too bad John E. Mack died while crossing a street in England. He came in from 'outside' the field of Ufology, and shook it up.

    Whitley Strieber did much the same thing. A best selling writer questioning realty. The Communion book resonates with 80's culture.
    He did pay a price for his research.

    Budd Hopkins was an outsider as well being from the field of successful New York modern art.

    As far as researchers go, all three have created unique views on what these contacts are. The world is better for it.

    Popular culture is the real driving force behind 'alien' contact. Secret Sun is pushing the envelope.