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Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre, pt. II

In the first installment of this series- which I had not intended to be a series- we looked at the book and film Altered States, and its references to the work of John C Lilly. The premise of Altered States dealt with a Harvard professor who believed that genetic memory was stored in our DNA, a theory that's gaining wider acceptance these days.

I was reminded of this when re-reading parts of Picknett and Prince's The Stargate Conspiracy, particularly the afterword where the authors speculate on the connection of the ancient gods to shamanic experience, particularly that involving entheogens. Stargate is not up to par with their other work - the "conspiracy" is entirely circumstantial and speculative, and their critique of AAT and alt-history is numbingly parochial (and a bit petty) - but it tied into my own research on the historical connections of the ancient mystery cults to psychedelic compounds.*

Squint and tell me what that looks like.

I'm certainly not the first to note that ancient encounters with gods or spirit beings have a lot in common with modern alien encounters. There are two opposing camps in dealing with encounter experiences- one has it that these were literal encounters with nuts-and-bolts aliens and another that this was a type of visionary experience possibly connecting to some kind of non-physical entities. There is, however, a third option.

Which is this- psychoactive compounds may trip something some kind of neural programming in our DNA that connects us to these long-gone alien entities. Who were responsible not only for engineering human intelligence (such as it is), but also creating this parallel program in which we are somehow able to access these genetic memories (or perhaps even some psychic connection to distant entities) through some unknowable, alien, psychic wetware.†

Perhaps AAT and psychedelic research are not mutually exclusive at all. Perhaps in fact they are intimately co-dependent. Look at the Stargate sequence in 2001, look at Jack Kirby's AAT (and prophetic) visions. Maybe the way to actually access the gods is through a totally new concept of our consciousness. Maybe they are in there waiting for us, as so many esoteric systems have taught.

It is my feeling that we need to go beyond entheogens even, since we obviously have not reached the core of this mystery. Possibly some hybrid technology, including electronics working in conjunction with psychoactive compounds. Like in Altered States.

All of this connects back to my eternal obsession on The X-Files' "Biogenesis/Sixth Extinction" storyline (continued in "Provenance/Providence"), which we'll be seeing retconned into the Transformers universe next month. That storyline in turn has powerful symbolic connections to the Egyptian mystery traditions, which I've written about in great detail.

Although AAT first crept into The X-Files in "The End," it wouldn't really become explicit until the end of the sixth season. But it wasn't until just the other day that it hit me like a ton of bricks- The "Biogenesis" AAT storyline was immediately proceeded by "Field Trip," a brilliant episode written by Hancock co-author Vince Gilligan in which Mulder and Scully are trapped within a giant fungal organism that uses a hallucinogenic compound like LSD to induce visions in its victims while it consumes them.

The genius of the episode is that the organism repeatedly allows the agents to believe they've escaped, with the fantasy becoming more and more convincing with each repetition. But Mulder and Scully are always able see through the illusion, until you're left at the end wondering if in fact they did escape in the end:

Mulder: Look at me. I'm here.

Scully: How did you get here?

Mulder: Aliens brought me back here.

Scully: From North Carolina direct to your apartment door? Mulder, you don't remember getting here, do you? Neither do I.

Mulder: It doesn't change what happened.

Scully: Mulder, why did you knock? This is your apartment. And you don't seem the least bit surprised to find me here. And what about the Schiffs? I mean, if they're alive, as you say, then... then where are they? Where'd they go? Mulder, five minutes ago... this room was filled with people attending your wake.

Mulder: Well, what can I say, Scully? I'm here. I'm real.

Scully: Mulder, this is not reality. This is a hallucination. It has to be. And either I am having it, or you are having it or we are having it together.

Mulder: Brought on by what?

Scully: Something that we found in that field, Mulder, because that's where it began. Wild mushroom. Wild mushrooms, Mulder. They were growing there. I stepped on one, and it gave off spores. Several varieties of... of mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic properties. If... if we inhaled it...

Mulder: Whatever happened to the most logical explanation?

Scully: This is it, Mulder. What if we're still there? If we're still in that cave in North Carolina — that we're not here in this apartment right now?

Mulder: Whoa, Scully.

Scully: No, Mulder, bear with me. I think this is making sense. I think that Angela and Wallace Schiff were digested by that substance that I found all over that field. That they were dissolved and then expelled up out of the ground. What if that substance and this hallucinogen are — are from one and the same organism?

Mulder: A giant mushroom?

simulated reality...

So have they finally escaped the mushroom when the wheels come off of their reality conception in the following AAT storyline? Or were their brains blown open enough that it attracted the aliens' attention? Did they notice Mulder and Scully noticing them, in other words?

Navajo medicine man Albert Hosteen was a central figure
in Biogenesis/Sixth Extinction
Chris Carter once took part in a Navajo peyote ritual

The genius of it all is that the third chapter "Amor Fati" likewise plays with your head, presenting three separate realities: Mulder's Last Temptation of Christ fantasy in which he and Diana are married and raise a family, apparent consensus reality in which Scully is confronted with the astral projection of a Navajo shaman, and a third dream-reality in which Mulder encounters his future son William on a beach, building a life-size replica of the God-ship out of sand.º

So here we go- as in 2001, as in Indiana Jones, as in Jack Kirby's work - psychic and/or psychedelic visions precede or accompany humanity's encounter with their alien foster parents/genetic engineers.

Pop culture piffle, you say? Perhaps, but just two more pieces of the puzzle of the intimate connection of the frontiers of human consciousness to our very mysterious origins. A puzzle that I believe we need to be a lot more urgent in solving, considering how the wheels seem to be coming off our current paradigms at an alarming rate.

The African Godship took human form as a tribal shaman in "The Sixth Extinction." Use of mushrooms in ritual was known in the Ivory Coast, where the story took place. I'm sure Chris Carter knew this when he wrote the story.

† Perhaps- as Graham Hancock says - there are other means than hallucinogens to access these entities, perhaps through sensory deprivation tanks, extreme physical pain techniques that some cultures have practiced, or in my own case, high fever. All of these methods seem to be only partially effective- we need to develop more dependable methods to access these mysterious parts of our brain if we're going to realize this potential.

* Or more modern variants- Stargate takes a jaundiced look at Andrija Puharich, who introduced Middle America to the thrills of magic mushrooms on One Step Beyond in the early 60s.

º O
f course, you'll never get a straight answer from Chris Carter or Frank Spotnitz that that's what we're seeing, but take my word for it- in Provenance and Providence we see William psychically controlling another God-ship.


  1. Fascinating! You may be on the verge of finally uniting materialism - that the aliens actually exist - and idealism - that the aliens ARE the gods, the gods are the higher intelligences.

    A book called the Secret History of the World goes to great lengths to show how great discoveries, and commnuication with disembodied beings, are often achieved in conjunction with altered states (usually involving hallucinogens). In the ancient world that's how the adept-priests communed with the "gods".

  2. Alien psychoactive compounds, in their embryonic spore/seed state, floating in space, become trapped by earth’s gravity well. Drifting down through earth’s atmosphere, the alien spore embeds and grows on the planet’s surface. As it grows into its fruit phase, just as it enters its reproductive stage and prepares to release new spores, it is ingested by earthling hominids. Sensing an opportunity, the alien spore enters into a symbiotic partnership where it provides illumination via synaptic communication for several hours in exchange for the use of the hominid body for the same timeframe. Both entities benefit from this close encounter.

  3. I’m really glad you brought up the Stargate Conspiracy book. As far as circumstantial evidence goes- that’s all we have for AAT, and all we have for UFO’s! At least as far as aliens being in those UFO’s!

    But we have real evidence for mind-control. Secret societies (some) are mind-control societies. Some good some not. Their association with military intelligence must be ancient, and has been pervasive in the west since John Dee and Queen Elizabeth started England off toward Empire. Manipulating public opinion seems to be the goal of intelligence operatives, and to that effect, they are huge in manufacturing pop culture. For this we have real evidence, not circumstantial.

    Perhaps, it would be instructive to decide what is real evidence, such as Nazi flying saucer construction, and Nazi mythology and the prevalence of UFO’s after WW2, and the intensely human desire for world domination, and see how that might tie into an AAT/UFO pop culture mythology. Paradigm spinning out of control? That’s seems to be happening by human design.

    It’s always interesting to see where people are skeptical and where they seem credulous. Hard core materialist realist scientists believe with all their being that the Big Bang is some eternal truth. Or that a super massive black hole sits at the center of our galaxy. The evidence for both is purely conjectural and filled with absurdities and anomalies that get ignored. One man’s trash is another man’s gold.

    Maybe it’s because Ya gotta believe in something.

    There seems to be no seam between plant DNA and human DNA. Mushrooms create vast fields of recently discovered subterranean awareness and communication that boggle the mind. See “The Lost Language of Plants” by Stephen Harrod Buhner


  4. On the subject of pain-
    I'm reading Kushiel's Dart by jacqueline carey, and in that book there is a whole religious tradition based on bdsm and sacred sexuality.
    Also remembering the scenes in battlestar galactica when gaius is tortured, and his devoutly religious cylon girlfriend teaches him how to see the pain as an ecstatic energy to be transcended. After which, he bedded the two most devout female cylons.

  5. "Possibly some hybrid technology, including electronics working in conjunction with psychoactive compounds."

    That Reminds me of the egg of ong's hat:

    " At this point a Fellow of the ICS is prepared for work with the device we call the "egg." This consists of a modified sensory-deprivation chamber in which attention can be focused on a computer terminal and screen. Electrodes are taped to various body parts to provide physiological data which is fed into the computer. The explorer now dons a peculiar helmet, a highly sophisticated fourth-generation version of the early "brain machines," which can sonically stimulate brain cells either globally or locally and in various combinations, thus directing not only "brain waves" but also highly specific mental-physical functions. The helmet is also plugged into the computer and provides feedback in various programmed ways. The explorer now undertakes a series of exercises in which the theorems are used to generate graphic animations of the "strange attractors" which map various states of consciousness, setting up feedback loops between this "iconography" and the actual states themselves, which are in turn generated through the helmet simultaneously with their representation on the screen. Certain of these exercises involve the "alchemical" use of mind-active drugs, including new vasopressin derivatives, beta-endorphins and hallucinogens (usually in "threshold" dosages). Some of these tinctures are simply to provide active-relaxation and focused-attention states, others are specifically linked to the requirments of "Cognitive Chaos" research."


  6. Excellent! Guitar solo!

    I think sensory deprivation tanks along with a monitor/sitter would be a pretty stable way to access altered states. See John Lilly again, and Joe Rogan ;). There's one in Antwerp I may go try some time. Or build my own! Peace.

  7. Eat a heroic dose of psilocybin,DMT, ayahuasca. You WILL make contact. I guarantee. Be prepared to have the sh*t scared out of you though.

  8. drinking/injesting caffeine helps!

  9. It reminds me of the goop-filled dream chambers from the Matrix, also the eXistenZ drug/game, and Phillip K Dick's disconcerting Palmer Eldritch story.

    I guess in a certain sense, we'll always be slowly dieing / slowly eaten alive by life and time (or "aging naturally" as we prefer to call it) while chasing new and enticing self-created mirages unless and until we start trusting in the intelligence of the heart as opposed to cerebral intelligence which although useful to a point is ultimately founded on individual speculation or else collective suppositions such as the "knowledge" of good and evil.

    There are adepts of the standardized version of cerebral consciousness (Skullys) and adepts of the occult version of cerebral consciousness (Mulders), but even the most earnest "seekers" will be chasing at shadows until they follow the trail back to Egypt. Or something.

    Which is sort of what happened during season 7 of the X-files (per my understanding of your X-files Exegesis material).

  10. AP- I don't know what I'm on the verge of! Every mystery is like a hydra- you solve it and a dozen more pop up in its place. But stay tuned for the next entry.

    Sensei- That could very well be. The challenge is to separate illumination from mere hallucination. It's a very dangerous path that's thrown some very wonderful minds off the rail.

    Pygmy- Check out Philip Coppens site- he was P/P's researcher and he wrote a very lengthy rebuttal to Stargate. The mistake some conspiracy researchers is assuming that these secret societies you mention are not themselves in search of these answers- which is a self-defeating mistake to make.

    Here's a thought for you to ponder- maybe the control mechanisms- which includes all of the conspiratainment gurus, incidentally- these groups utilize are created so that they can get to the answers first. That would be my theory. To assume that these people are not themselves true believers is ill-advised, to say the very least. I would argue that they are the truest believers of all.

    Mark- Believe me, I know all about pain. It's probably what I know best in this life. Still waiting for the ecstatic energy part.

    Goatchild- It's all about the egg? Interesting crossover with Crowley there. Thanks.

    Droidy- My goal in life is building a tank!

    Anony- Hmmm. Can I try other methods first?

    Justie- I got that one covered!

    Palisade- Maybe we'll be chasing it to Ceres!

  11. Chris…

    In reference to my earlier comment…
    First let me say that I whole-heartedly agree with the need for caution… a dangerous path indeed. Meditative pathways are preferable to me. With that said, I like the fact that the above scenario isn’t dependant on technological artifacts, extra-terrestrial or otherwise. 100% natural (if you will)!!!

    - Sensei

    PS – I continue to value your wonderful site… How about a reciprocal link?

    PPS – I already have included you on my resources section. - S

  12. Absolutely, Sensei- I thought I added that link ages ago. Weird- same thing happened with Strangey. My apologies, whatever happened there.

  13. The apology is mine for link mongering… ;-)

  14. Interesting you mention the Stargate Conspiracy in connection with this as I found so many things I was looking at intersecting it I had to give it a solid read. I suspect they are more right than they are wrong and there does appear to be a group pushing the idea of the Nine. I am unsure how much of a "conspiracy" there is (motivation is perhaps the most difficult thing to nail down and some, I believe, are less evil masterminds and more people who have been swept up in it) but there are people deliberately manipulating (and creating) belief systems as we see at Ong's Hat and with UMMO and somewhere at its core I think there is something fishy at the Nine. It is also increasingly dawning on me that the ETH (at least as most people understand it, with flying saucers and aliens being dicks) may be the biggest example of this with a number of groups tinkering with it (for a range of reasons) - the Pentacle Memorandum being an eye opener.

    I've become increasingly interested in areas where the ETH doesn't have such a strong influence. There is an area where encounters with "entities," shamansim and other odder areas (there are weird similarities between UFO encounters and Bigfoot) blur together suggesting some underlying unity to a lot of strange experiences. I've also been looking at pre-1947 reports that would tend to fall into the purview of Ufology (although out at the edges any attempts at classification break down). I have a few things in the pipeline but one thing I've been meaning to blog up for a while are two odd accounts from the 1920s and 1930s. These days they'd be scooped up as UFO encounters (and I'm sure with a dose of hypnotic regression they'd end up singing from the abduction songsheet) but they are far closer to visionary experiences.

    I have been toying with a gnostic metaphor to describe the problems the ETH causes as I don't feel we can really get close to what is happening to people until we can free ourselves of the "conceptual cage" - it filters how we interpret the experiences, effects how we retell them and how the audience receive them.

    However, in one of those reports (if I remember correctly) the woman reports changes in her thinking and the possible manifestation of paranormal abilities. These seem to have been untested and perhaps the enormity of the experience broke her like a dry twig but typing this reply, after reading your post it makes me wonder if there might be more at work. Three years ago (so my thinking on the topic has... matured) I suggested such strange encounters might be a way of upgrading your head, with an eye partly on the idea that the bizarre and self-contradictory/falsifying nature of these events is a form of zen koan and you can throw in NLP, General Semantics and the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis to this. This might suggest a more literal gnostic interpretation - that ideas like the ETH are actually holding us back.

    Again I don't see a conspiracy per se - most things come to simpler motivations and could just stem from our innate primate curiosity (even if it has led us down dead ends before) but for now the why might not be as important as understanding the limitations such belief systems impose on us. Embrace the unknowing.

    Anyway just a few provisional thoughts - I'll be chewing this one over some more and poking it with a stick and seeing what comes of it. I reserve the right to contradict myself at any point in the future.

  15. Empie, Stargate's argument that Lab-9 was all some mind control op has very little support in the facts- this was actually a very private, exclusive project for over 25 years. Even when they published they really didn't put too much effort into publicizing themselves, particularly in comparison to the Ramtha and Seth and other channeling movements that got a lot more publicity, attention and followers.

    And all of the money and time spent on all of this over the past sixty years pales in comparison to the money a single Evangelical denomination will spend (or receive from the government in tax breaks or grants)in a six-month period.

    My opinion is that the Lab9 was a very elitist operation. Those people believed they were really onto something- and weren't terribly interested in sharing it until very late in the game. The whole operation went back underground almost 20 years ago and hasn't been heard from since. And as far as I know it's only this blog that's traced their possible footsteps in the current situation.

  16. Soon as you mentioned 'inside of us' and in this context, I immediately thought of Miticlorians...which hadn't crossed my mind in years :)


  17. Speaking of Stargates and aliens:


  18. "Hmmm. Can I try other methods first?"

    Well, you certainly can... but if you want quick & direct access to The Other, entheogens are pretty reliable. Mind you-- they're certainly not for everyone, and I don't recommend taking them without a sitter.

    I wrote a "report" on a psilocybin experience I had back in November. The experience involved contact with something I can only call Other. It did not have the quality of a hallucination. It felt very real and extremely strange. My guess is that it taps into some kind of "hidden" code in our DNA. Anyway, if you're interested you can read it here:


  19. Very interesting and enlightening stuff, Anony. Let me just add that I am by no means anti-entheogen. But I am against entheogen abuse- whether that is overuse or recreational use. I have seen too many people mistake navel lint for stardust- it's really depressing. Which is why I try to treat this topic gingerly.

  20. CK: Yep I don't buy the conspiracy and mind control angle - if it was then it must be one of the worst around and is contradictory. If it is all run by the CIA then they really need to pull their socks up.

    It is difficult to tell who believes what and why (and it is likely this changes over time - some might have got in to manipulate people and ended up swallowing the lot, others might go the other). I'd bet Puharich believed in at for a while - you can even see where he made a fundamental error in his hypnotic regression of Geller (which shows how these ideas can be self-reinforcing unless people are careful).

    In some ways conspiracy theories are the easy way out as these things are usually like out of control trucks barrelling down a hill. I find that idea a lot more scary than the idea a group of CIA puppetmasters is manipulating everything (presumably badly!!).

  21. But one thing it does tie into is this idea of all of this information being stored in our DNA. Perhaps there is a basic truth beneath all of the hucksterism in channeling- maybe we have this information- or at least certain individuals do- locked in our neurons somewhere.

    Our speculation on these topics always seem to lag behind our practical sciences- maybe we need to jump several steps ahead in our blue sky conjecture. Maybe we have these terrabytes of information and an intercosmic modem encoded into our DNA and we can only access it once we've earned the right to.

    Maybe the door just swings open a bit when we fool around with some of these chemicals- or if our brains are just wired for it naturally- and we get a peek behind the curtain at all the gears and levels behind the illusion.

  22. Hi Chris. This is personally interesting for me as I had my one and only encounter with 3 greys at the time I was reading The Stargate Conspiracy.

    I did a short blog (Aliens in My Room) on it on March 27, 2009. I don't have a direct link but you can click on my name link above to read it if you like.

    From that experience I guess I concluded that ET's are nuts and bolts real - it's just that they primarily come from another dimension. I'm thinking some hallucinogens possibly allow you to literally see that other dimension - hence see ET's.

    I would think that there are many plant 'spirits' living in other dimensions, as well as even our own personal guardians. It's just that you need to tune your mind into that place to be able to perceive them. We're locked into this dimension (reality) usually, however could it be that we once were able to see these other dimensions more freely?

    Possibly we had enough personal power to shift our assemblage point more freely but had that taken away from us by the intervention (the ET's envy of our inherent divinity prompted them to trick us out of it - the serpent in the Garden of Eden as it were).

    Another good book on the DNA / inner wisdom subject is The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby.


  23. Wow- thanks for that, David. Very interesting indeed.

  24. Hi Chris!

    Great stuff as usual and again you prove how connected you are to the Source.

    I was just on Sir Richard Branson's Twitter page. That is, just before I read this post. So you can imagine how amazed I was that you are again discussing AA as was Branson as well...well sort of:

    From Branson's Twitter page just 4 hours ago from Bahrain.

    From Branson's blog page:

    A bit of the blog post:

    "Heat, a little space dust and a 3rd win!

    After a couple of weeks watching from the sidelines it was great to be back trackside to cheer on the team in the heat of Bahrain. Temperatures were meant to have topped 50c on parts of the track and I hear Jenson burned his backside on part of the car.

    Burns aside, what a race and result for Jenson - three wins out of four races is an amazing achievement at the start of any season. Rubens also finished in the points and Brawn GP is leading the constructors by a mile.

    Eagle-eyed supporters may have noticed we changed the logos a little for this race and the cars sported the Virgin Galactic brand. We have some of the space team in the Gulf talking about our venture to prospective astronauts."

    Space team in the Gulf near Bahrain? So we're talking what Gulf of Oman or Persian Gulf that some AA theory note as an ancient landing area?

    To use your term, Chris, unbelievable!

    Oh and yes, I follow Richard Branson on Twitter and generally elsewhere because he seems to be the closest to the actuality of space travel and if one examines what Branson's up to you will see that this is beyond an obsession for him. He sees space travel as a reality and is pouring his all into it...to the point of jettisoning much of his other interests both person and professional in favor of Virgin Galactic.

    Thanks, for all you do, Chris!

  25. Holy smokes, Soapie- that is amazing!

    What is going on in that piece of real estate? Curiouser and curiouser...

  26. All very interesting comments. I think the CIA pierced the armour that is loaded into the DNA with the introduction of LSD into the mix of the "Medium is the Message". The crack in the cosmic egg was their goal and the manipulation of culture was the tool. The curvature of space/time is mirrored by DNA. The forgetting is point A to point B but point B is around the curve. Our perceptions are real enough but we need tools to see around the corner. With the introduction of LSD as a "medium" the egg cracked for all to see.

  27. Perhaps the aliens are "already there" in the sense that they are cellular or molecular entities rather than multi-cellular. The idea of cellular or genetic memory is fascinating, and I often wonder if our conscious minds were actually the puppet manipulations of cellular urges - basically reversing the concept "as above - so below" to identify multi-cellular macrocosmic behavior as the expression of microscopic activity preponderate over a massive scale - would we be able to discern this manipulation? Since everything from what we perceive of our environment to the actual thoughts forming in our consciousness, the answer would have to be that no, there would be absolutely no way to tell if we are actually being manipulated unconsciously by our very genes or by cellular material in our bodies regulating the organic foundation of what we consider to be our personalities.

    Take John Carpenter's film The Thing, for example - a very good adaptation of the short novella Who Goes There? I'm sure most people here have seen it - essentially the Thing is a being that acts as if it is a colony of independent cellular beings - personally I think it is based on the Shoggoth of HP Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness - this Thing essentially digests and then mimics other organisms in a sort of invasion of the body snatchers pod-person way.

    After watching the film dozens of times, I started thinking about exactly what was going on with the thing. Essentially, it seemed as if the creature would have to basically declare war on the multicellular creatures it encountered - it's cells, like some sort of super-fungal infection would then dismantle the cellular structure of the host/enemy and one by one insert their own copies into the host until it had completely and perfectly mimicked the creature except with a great deal of "spaghetti code" in the cell as well that would remain dormant until something threatened its survival.

    This is a pretty normal "body snatcher" scenario up to this point, but in one scene, one of the characters has a heart attack. When the doctor in the crew tries to resuscitate the man, his chest turns into a giant mouth and bites the man's arms off. Now, there are other examples in the movie where the host must know that he's a thing, but that scene made me wonder does the host really know he's the thing in all cases? If some cellular society replaced you cell by cell with near-perfect copies that replicated memory and personality on the cellular level, wouldn't you think you are still you even though the "thing" in your molecular structure was really calling the shots?

    eriswan's idea above that LSD and psychedelics "cracked" the armor of DNA also brings to mind the idea that the people we are - we "think" we are - may be a projection of another deeper society active on another level in our genetic structures.

  28. Chris- Here's P. Coppens comment on "Stargate Conspiracy", which he did most of the research for: "Though the premise of the book was and is sustainable..."

    Jeff Wells at Rig. Intuition did a whole series on "The Nine" back awhile. Also Crowley and "the Greys". It turns out that the Nine love the Mormons! hmmmm......

    IMHO, Multiple dimensional entities are different than ET's. One would be angels, demons, guardian spirits, etheric level consciousness, etc. The ET's are spaceship riding conquerors. What's the dif? The spaceship riding conquerors are completely synonymous with our own technological development. One could argue for some overlap but that is usually reaching to fill in giant gaps.

    We have everything inside us already. That is where the true power resides, and secret societies have held a near monopoly on accessing that information for centuries. Only 1% of the egyptian population was allowed to learn how to read.

    That has changed. Good luck all you psychonauts.
    let freedom ring.

  29. The point is well taken, pygmy. And thanks...we psychonauts are gonna need all the luck we can get! ;)

  30. Just in case anyone is wondering, here's the rest of Coppen's paragraph:

    "...certain key ingredients suggested – or hinted – that
    it was not the full story. Because of time restraints and consistency of the book, those areas were not further
    Subsequent publications took Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett towards the mystery of Rudolph
    Hess and other political intrigues of the 20th century, but the inconsistencies kept nagging away in the back of
    my mind, whenever I chanced upon an episode of Stargate-SG1 on television, or other circumstances. I
    realised that there were both gaps in our understanding – hinted at by inconsistencies that had fallen by the
    wayside of that book – and our research.
    What was the problem?
    At a high level, it was this: if the government wanted to create a false belief in extra-terrestrials, several
    government projects that we know existed, were not required. The government did not have to spend twenty
    years of research on the remote viewing project to feign belief in ET. If anything, the project’s longevity
    softened the case for “the Nine”.
    In the case of Andrija Puharich, who had been instrumental in launching the
    belief in these nine entities, there would have been no genuine interest, passion or belief in what he did. But
    he did care. Rather, if it was a campaign “to make us believe” and nothing more, it would only take a small
    group of people, operating from behind the scenes, propagating material either directly in the press, or via
    other channels.
    Also, this clique would not have directly involved Puharich in the manner Puharich had been

    Though there was evidence that this was going on with the UFO-subject, the evidence uncovered
    during the research stage of The Stargate Conspiracy, had not unearthed such material.

  31. quick question chris. you're quick to point out the "dangerous" qualities of entheogens, or more, the "abuse" of them. you speak of mistaking "navel lint for stardust". how does that sentiment not reflect back on your work? isn't that the point? to see that everything is connected? that navel lint CAN BE stardust? couldn't someone say the same thing about your work, that you're "just" "mistaking navel lint for stardust" just as easily as you can brush off ones shamanic experience because they're, well, not a shaman, or didn't take the substance with the right intent? you're quick to stress how "dangerous" entheogens are, while not mentioning how much more dangerous your work and the days spent in an irradiated room on it are on one's psyche. it can almost be the opposite effect of the surrender of ego that comes with the shamanic experience.
    i'm not suggesting you take an entheogen, it's just that you seem more afraid of these substances and what they could show you than you are worried about people misusing them.

  32. Kevin,

    You're totally misinterpreting what I said. I simply don't think people should play with powerful neurological tools like they are toys. I've seen a lot of drug casualties in my time, and a lot of acid casualties especially. I've seen people destroy their own potential, thinking that it's all a game for the privileged.

    If I'm going to talk in-depth on these issues I cannot in good conscience have people think I am condoning that kind of reckless, narcissistic misuse. Because it gives serious entheogenic research a bad name. Therapists have had very important powerful tools taken from them just because a bunch of idiot kids gobbled them like candy.

  33. Great work. A couple of items caught my attention in your AAT series the Stargate/Alien Contact/Stairway to Heaven Between Two Pillars/911 connections and the eXpert sKeptiKs "debunking" or poopooing of alien evidence. Because in the hypnotic arts we discover that in the unique language of the unconscious mind there is no concept of "not". Only is.

    So when a hypnotist says, "I don't want you to think of a pink elephant." to even consider this request the mind must form a mental image or at least the words "pink elephant". In fact the words and images have already been processed unconsciously "long" before they are heard consciously. And while the "not" part has meaning at the conscious level, it apparently has no power of negation unconscioously.

    Possibly because unconscious language is symbolic language and how do you have a symbol for "not"? I dare say that even the Do Not Smoke symbol causes a smoker to want a cigarette NOW!

    It's like if I were to say (I'm not saying this, just saying if I WERE to say), "I'm not suggesting that you can notice the warmth of the blood in your left ear lobe." How much mental work do you have to engage in to stop your awareness from going immediately to your left earlobe and not feel the tingling warmth of the blood flowing through it? Maybe not a lot, but go ahead now and stop focusing your attention on that ear lobe and that weird warm sensation, because I don't know how quickly it could begin to travel all over your ear and over to the other one...

    Now, I say all of that simply to say ignore the skeptics on any media PROGRAMMING you watch. They are there only to comfort the conscious mind so it doesn't freak out.

    Understand that if the programming says:

    Here is a picture of a ufo,
    and this expert says
    it is not real

    The actual hypnotic message is:

    Here is a picture of a ufo
    and this expert says
    it is real

    You may remember that shortly after 911 this video came out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQoJ5Qbjx_4

    THe original version released on the internet did not have the SciFi parts, and was presented as real, but was quickly shown to be an obvious fake, and yet as a hypnotic suggestion (especialy combined with the emotional power of the 911 event and the first time view shock (Was that REAL?) induction, we find 911 linked to aliens... stargates... contact.... at a deep unconscious level.

  34. Too much Lsd and or psilocybin is one of the worst experiences you will ever have.Just like the right dose is one of the best.If you are sane with a healthy brain I recommend staying away from them,and learning about the veil thru your dreams.It is much safer that way.After my bad lsd trip I didn't dream for over 10 years.Even now my dreams are not as strong as they once were.I did stop drinking afterwards though.

    My sketchy dreams are the best part of my life ,drugs interfere with them,even pot.

  35. I have done heavy doses and light doses of mushrooms and analogues. Not once did I see magical elves or aliens. The problem is that belief can twist the way that your frontal lobe works in pattern recognition.

    I saw shapes, heard music slowdown/repeat. But again, no voices talking to me or what not... And I was expecting this, because I do think aliens exist.

    But Terrence McKenna and others who spout this elf/alien crap are believers, whereas I am a practical skeptic who assigns probabilities. Think how Mulder wants to believe, yet Scully is open yet skeptical.