Saturday, April 04, 2009

Masonic Manhattan: Golden Lady

Synchronicity is a funny old thing. I've been knee deep in research this past week for my next book, reading about Cybele and her mind-bogglingly crazy cult. On Friday I had to drag my tired, old, aching carcass into Masonic Manhattan for a documentary interview. The location for the shoot was up in the air, but finally I was called up to the Empire Hotel near Columbus Circle.

The last time I was up in that neck of the woods was last Beltane, which I wrote about here. But coming back from the interview I was stunned by this bizarre alignment- as you come down Broadway, the Trump International globe lines up with the Cybele shrine (also known as the Maine Monument). And in that same northwest orientation we see in the Stairway to Sirius- and the Atlantis Palm.

And as Thuthie wrote recently, this type of globe (modeled on an armillary sphere) is eerily similar to the Stargate in the movie version of Carl Sagan's novel Contact. And just to add even more Synchromystic incestuousness to it all, Loren Coleman had recently asked me about these globes (there is one theory that Baphomet was actually an armillary sphere).

Since I only saw the Cybele shrine from a distance last time, I moseyed over for a closer look. Quite a beautiful piece of neoclassical art. All sorts of gods- Poseidon, Osiris-Dionysus, etc.- are depicted, but right there on the masthead is none other than our old chum Harpocrates, who we recently looked at in relation to U2. Note that U2 are now indelibly inscribed into the Manhattan landscape.

Note how he is situated near the eagle's head, foreshadowing Horus-Apollo (look at another view here). Is that the message of the statue itself? Or could this juxtaposition be identifying Harpocrates with Ganymede, who ascended to heaven on the wings of Zeus and became the celestial water-bearer? (Note: if you haven't already, check out the Ganymede symbolism in The 40 Year-Old Virgin here).

This would makes sense in light of the water/nautical symbolism of the shrine. Is the Magna Mater -the Star of the Sea- steering the godship towards the Aquarian Age, as symbolized by the fountains that lie directly in her path?

The Trump globe is at top, Harpocrates points to the west on the Maine Monument
at right and fountains and point-in-circle obelisk are at center.

I can't help but sense a deeper message- even an agenda- in this enigmatic piece of art and these strange alignments. Particularly given the profoundly significant piece of real estate it sits on. It certainly has nothing to do with the sinking of a battleship, which it was supposed to commemorate. It's interesting to note that the Circle was designed by a Bonesman, William Eno.


  1. Great post! I've also seen the armillary sphere connected to the Pineal Gland (I think David Wilcock said something about it but he's not too popular 'round here), and the one you took a picture of sitting on the pillar reminds me of a pineal gland and brain stem.

    The fact that these are placed like subliminal hypnotic reminders of subversiveness to "gods" makes me scratch my head...

    It's pretty interesting going out and seeing all the stargates the corporate esoteric world has on their buildings and signs for all to see (more like see straight through since no one actually takes notice, which I think is intended, they are sucked straight through). They're all over Atlanta... Torches, pillars, stars of Isis, you name it.

  2. Quite intriguing.

    You got me researching more information on the Maine Monument, plus posting some copyright free images of it.

  3. hi chris

    off topic but you gotta see this website

    and this photo from it

    rothschilds cattle

  4. Hi Mr. Knowles: I really like your book Our Gods Wear Spandex. It's a great overview about the influence of the occult in comics. I have to point out though that you make two mistakes in discussing Alan Cabal on page 197-198. Cabal never wrote for Village Voice and his ex-wife's name is Bonnie Wilford (not Wilfrod). Could you in turn correct these mistakes by doing a short interview with Alan Cabal by his email A Wikipedia article is being written about Alan Cabal here:

    Your interview would help to bolster its existence which at the moment only exists in userspace. Please and kindly interview Alan Cabal about the occult and his journalism so that your interview can then be used at Wikipedia. He's a very colorful creature and I would really appreciate it! Thank you for listening.

  5. Thanks for the link to "The secret history of the world and how to get out alive." That book is awesome!

  6. Raymond, thanks for the info on Cabal. I had tried to contact him for an interview for Spandex but couldn't reach him. My schedule prohibits it at the moment but I would like very much to speak with him in the future. "Doom that Came to Chelsea" is a landmark. As for the errata, that's the nature of the beast- as you wrote in your wiki discussion, the Voice link was put out there by another writer.

  7. Hi Mr. Knowles: Thanks for the prompt reply. I have regularly conversed with Mr. Cabal by email about his involvement in the occult. If you could question him as to how he came to OTO and then later the Temple of Set in 1995, that might be interesting. Though, I'm sure you have your own interesting questions to ask.

  8. Chris,

    Here's something else to check out.

    I was watching an interview with Charismatic Preacher Joel Osteen and his eerily beautiful wife a few months ago. It was like 60 minutes or something.

    He is a BIG deal in the Christian World. A new Pat Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, etc.

    They cut to his church and being the good symbol-searcher I try to be, I couldn't help but notice there was no religious inconography on his stage. No christ. No cross.

    Just a big globe.

    And even better, here:

  9. @Thuth:

    Are you at all aware of the campaign Rev. Moon ran to replace the cross symbolism with the crown?

    It's things like that, and this globe, that make me question how much of this is consciously directed by humans and how much is "the crew that never rests". I for one find it almost impossible to believe that Donald "Hey Dad, Can I Borrow A Couple Billion?" Trump and his toupee are meeting in the basement of the Masonic Hall with some other white guys who spend all day on the phone.

    Maybe his architect is, though.

  10. Let's not forget that your Cybele on the monument is my Venus/Columbia, facing and blessing Christopher Columbus after his murderous plundering, leading to ultimately world-domination.

    Harpocrates, as son of Isis, is also then Jesus, seen in the monument reborn, in front of the pieta like embrace directly behind him.

    How A. Crowley can claim Horus as a god of war must indicate only his own sick psyche. Horus, as a sun god was not war, but maybe light and warmth and fertility.

    "Horus and Set fought for the rulership of the word, the kingship of Egypt and the function of Osiris. In this battle Horus lost the light of his eye, and Seth the semen of his testicles. Seth, god of exuberant male sexuality, not yet channeled into fertility, induced Horus to take part in pederastic acts and homosexual violation. The fruit of their relationship was the moon god Thoth, the son of the two lords. Horus as the royal god and prototype of the Egyptian gentleman always comes first, and Seth as the spirit of disorder comes second...they were separated, reunited and reconciled."

    The Ancient Gods Speak" pg. 165

  11. Wait until you see what's going to built when they get around to tearing down that monstrous museum on the south end of the circle.

    I'm around.