Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Star Dogs and Sun Gods (Updated)

Note: Dang! My apologies to Skaggsie and whoever else may have tried to comment- there was a scheduling glitch (meaning, I'm an idiot) and a post went up that was supposed to go up tomorrow. I wanted to wrap up a couple loose ends with the Carpenters/UFO issue before I launched into what will be a pretty heavy week of posts. So anyone online earlier got a nice sneak peek at the next installment of the Stairway to Sirius series, which will be up at midnight (Tuesday the 2nd).

Man, they're continuing to work the Obama/Dogstar link. Of course, you have the usual manufactured controversy to ensure everyone pays attention. This cover was done by the same artist who did the Obama as mujahadeen (and Michelle as Angela Davis) New Yorker cover. Of course, the implications behind this cover are all the more profound, aren't they?

Speaking of profound implications, Burger King has hopped on the rising sun bandwagon, and are now decorating their food packaging with this enigmatic symbol. Here's a bit of background detailing how many major corporations have recently altered their logos to include the rising sun. A symbol of the coming Global Economic Singularity or something even more profound? Stay tuned.

Maybe we can ask these people, a well-funded online "psychic" operation advertising on Yahoo! and other major sites.

Or maybe this old music video- the Carpenters singing "Top of the World, looking down on Creation" can enlighten us. The 70s- great music, dreadful production values.

Speaking of world domination, I found it fascinating that E! chose our friend Crypto-Mithras for an establishing shot of Masonic Manhattan.

Here's an interesting logo- this is the bank whose ad sported the Paul Williams jingle "We've Only Just Begun" that rocketed the Carpenters to overnight superstardom. An apt metaphor, since Paul Williams' brother John was a NASA rocket scientist. I wonder if he knew Jack Parsons? Paul Williams also did a lot of acting, including a guest spot on what sounds like a truly stupifyingly heinous episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

And speaking of unspeakable rites, "Crocker Bank" is also presciently apt for the androgynous brother/sister act, since that's the surname of Internet transgender star Chris Crocker.

Since we're nearing the Solstice- the time of the Sun's resurrection- let us be thankful for this wonderful story. A three year-old girl who spent 17 days on a respirator after surviving a hundred-foot fall in a department store. Little Evie Parry looks resplendent in her appropriately Osirian green sweater, decorated with the five-pointed star of Sirius. Someone up there must like this adorable toddler. Evie comes from the Hebrew Eve, meaning to breathe, or to live. Again, very appropriate.